AIC Track & Field – Villanova Training Sqaud

Please see below the Villanova ‘AIC Track & Field – 2019 Season Schedule’. This schedule contains all information pertaining to the AIC Track & Field season. Villanova staff members have invited all those who performed well at our Interhouse Track & Field Carnival into the training squad. Training begins on Tuesday 20th for all disciplines excluding the middle distance which commences on Monday 19th August. The full invitational list is found below.

Invitation Squad – Track & Field 2019

AIC Track & Field – 2019 Season Schedule

Training Schedule Term 3

Please go to the ‘Weekly Fixture’ section to view all game times and venues. General information pertaining to all sports is found in the ‘Locker Room’.

The Track and Field season commences with the annual Inter-house Carnival held on Ekka Thursday each year. From this carnival, we identify the College’s top athletes to join Villanova’s track and field squad.

Members of the squad train twice a week at the State Athletic Facility (SAF) on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons after school, beginning in the middle of Term 3. Training, along with organised Friday afternoon/evening athletics meets, continues until the AIC Track and Field Championships.

A dedicated group of coaches, consisting of College staff, Old Boys and professional external coaches, ensure our athletes are well prepared for the two-day AIC Track and Field Championships usually held during the fourth week of Term 4.

During the season, additional information such as training times, team lists, staff, schedules and results is available on the College website.


Location: Foyer, Goold Hall

Phone: (07) 3394 5621


Mr C Stariha | Director of Sport

Mr B McLauchlan | AIC Sports Coordinator

Mr C Everding | AIC Sports Coordinator

Mrs E Schofield | Sports Office Secretary

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