Parents and Friends Association

In the tradition and spirit of St Augustine, the College and the Parents and Friends Association share a common goal of providing a community for all Villanovans, staff, and their families that is, “of one mind and heart on the way towards God.”
About the Association

The P & F Association plays a vital role in the development of community, through encouraging parent involvement in school events and activities, coordinating social and fundraising events for the benefit of Villanovans and their families.

The P & F Association delivers several large community focused events in support of the College:

Villanova Carnival

Mothers' Night

Fathers' Night

As a parent your participation in college life is essential to the continued development of our community. Parents can get involved as volunteers, in several facets of the Villanova College community:


Become a P & F Office Holder or Parent Representative

Volunteer at the tuckshop, library, sports, music, arts, or events.

The P&F also supports the College as a channel of communication between school management and Villanovan families.

The P&F Association Committee
Mr Peter Roberts
Greg Wellspring
Mr Michael Cherry
Porent Representative Coordinator
Emma-Jane Harrison
Villonovo Carnival Coordinator

For P & F Association enquiries, please contact the Management Committee


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