Welcome to Harmony Week at Villanova College!

To celebrate Harmony Week, our community came together for a powerful assembly led by our YAYM students (Young Augustinian Youth Ministries), where a diverse panel of both teachers and students engaged in a thought-provoking discussion on confidently addressing casual racism. This event sparked meaningful conversations and showcased our commitment to unity and respect.

Led on the project by our YAYM group, our students and staff also had opportunity to leave their mark on a large banner adorned with handprints, symbolising our commitment to unity and respect. 

One by one, the boys made a pledge for Harmony, before displaying gold handprint on the 

This banner is now proudly displayed on 8th Avenue.

Img 3863
Img 8129
Img 3860
Img 8181
Img 3886
Img 8211v2
Img 8142v2

Over the course of the week, our students have been actively participating in various activities to promote unity and inclusivity within our community. One of these activities focused on character strengths, exploring their benefits and how to harness them effectively. Our Year 8s were challenged to pick three character strengths and demonstrate how they promote harmony. Below are some of their inspiring reflections.

Img 8148
Img 8149
Img 8150
Img 8151

For Harmony Week, we invite you to join us in celebrating the theme of ‘everyone belongs’.