At Villanova College, we are committed to providing our students with not just an education, but a transformative journey that shapes them into well-rounded individuals ready to navigate the complexities of life. This year, we are thrilled to introduce a special program in Year 9 Religious Education known as The Rite Journey.

What is The Rite Journey?

The Rite Journey is more than just a curriculum; it is a series of meaningful experiences crafted to guide our students through a memorable rite of passage into Year 10. Through engaging RE lessons led by our House Leaders and experienced teachers, students will delve into conversations that explore their sense of purpose, direction, and meaning in life.  The Rite Journey recognises the pivotal role of parents and mentors in helping our boys in their growth towards manhood.

Reasons for Introducing The Rite Journey

Holistic Integration: The Rite Journey allows various aspects of our College to synergise, creating a comprehensive Year 9 program that integrates our RE curriculum with our wellbeing and service learning programs, Augustinian values, and the new House system. Rooted in St. Augustine’s belief that true fulfillment is found in God, this program seeks to nurture each student’s restless heart towards a deeper understanding of their faith and identity.

Relational Pedagogy: The Year 9 RE classroom serves as a space for truly relational pedagogy, where learning is infused with the joy of the Gospel and a commitment to serving the community. By linking classroom education directly with our Catholic Christian faith and service ethos, we aim to inspire our students to live out their beliefs authentically.

Critical Age for Development: Research indicates that Year 9 is a crucial stage for adolescent development, presenting a unique opportunity for significant rites of passage. Endorsed by experts like Steve Biddulph, The Rite Journey harnesses the rebellious spirit of teenage boys to foster personal growth and character development. Through mentorship, gratitude practices, and community service, each student undergoes a transformative journey with proven benefits.

Join Us on the Journey

We invite you, our Villanova College community, to join us on this journey of growth, discovery, and transformation. Together, let us support and empower our young men as they navigate the path towards adulthood with courage, resilience, and a sense of purpose.


As we embark on this journey together, let us remember that The Rite Journey is not just about reaching a destination, but about embracing the process of growth, self-discovery, and contributing within and beyond our community. May this program continue to inspire and uplift generations of Villanovans for years to come. Welcome to The Rite of Passage at Villanova College – where every step is a celebration of the journey.

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