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Our Vision

Striving for excellence in boys’ education as an Augustinian community one in mind and heart on the way towards God.

Our Mission

Villanova College is a Catholic School for boys where education is the formation of the whole person within a faith community. Our staff, parents and students both past and present contribute their gifts and talents towards the development of young men of Gospel values who seek the common good. Our community promotes life-long learning through continually challenging itself in the restless search for Truth.

Operating Principles

In following the path of St Augustine:

We embrace the living traditions of the Catholic Church, enriching the mission of the Archdiocese of Brisbane with our Augustinian charism and organisational independence.

We witness to the Gospel vision of life, centred on Christ, and challenge those values of contemporary Australian society which erode the dignity of the human person.

We value and seek humility and interiority as paths for each individual to form, nurture and restore right relationships with themselves, with others and with God.

We assist our students to realise the fullness of their potential as they strive to integrate the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual dimensions of life and culture, in ways most appropriate to their particular stage of development.

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Our Values

Villanova College is committed to ensuring a vital and contemporary Catholic Augustinian identity is encountered, reimaged and explored in every aspect of College life. We have four key Augustinian values that, taken together, provide a particular lens through which to view the human person, their relationship with others, and their relationship with God. These five values develop a love of learning and living well:


Is the root of true charity; knowing and accepting oneself, and appreciating the needs we have for each other, and for God.


The inner process by which the truth of what is taught is tested by the ‘teacher within’: the presence of God within each person. 


Both the context within which teaching and learning take place and the beneficiary of the teaching and learning that occurs.

Restless Search for Truth
Restless Search for Truth

The quest not merely to discover the truth of what is taught, but rather a commitment to live out the truth of what is learned.

Ongoing Conversion
Ongoing Conversion

The growth that occurs in the continuing process within the context of community of humbly searching for truth, and reflecting on our experiences.

At Villanova these five values are known as ‘gateway values’.


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