Principal's Welcome

Dear Members of the Villanova College Family
Recently I presented to the College Board the College Master Plan and Financial Plan for the redevelopment of the College over the next ten to fifteen years as we prepare to meet the future educational needs of our community. As expected, the Directors had many questions and together we were able to work through the plans to ensure all matters were thoroughly considered and all contingencies covered.

It is our hope that Stage One of the redevelopment will commence early in 2019. Stage One will involve the building of a new Junior School in the area below the existing Senior School Precinct. Associated with the new Junior School will be an enlarged grassed area joining the existing Whinstanes area for students to engage in physical activity.

The new building will be multi-level, consisting of approximately five or six storeys with additional classrooms and specialist facilities for the Senior School. In the illustration below the concept for Stage One is shown with the expanded grassed area adjacent to the existing Whinstanes Oval.

Senior Schooling 2019-2020

Planning is well underway as Queensland schools move closer towards the introduction of the new Queensland Senior Syllabuses and new tertiary entrance system for Year 11 students in 2019. At Villanova College we have stipulated students will be required to study three core subjects during Years 11 and 12. These subjects are English, Mathematics and Religion. It is critical graduates from our College are proficient in literacy and numeracy as they move confidently into the world of work in the 21st Century. Having a thorough understanding of their faith and Christian beliefs will allow our young men to be literate in the Catholic and broader Christian tradition so that they might participate critically and authentically in faith contexts and wider society.

The new Queensland Senior syllabuses have been designed with a focus on the development of 21st Century skills, knowledge, and habits of mind for success in further education, work and life.

Mission Day

Last Friday our College community rallied together to raise funds for the work of AFAS in supporting communities in the Philippines. Mr John Holroyd and his team of helpers did an excellent job in organising a series of events that captured the attention of the students and made the task of giving generously an enjoyable experience.

Sports Luncheon

My thanks and appreciation to the Sports Club and the team responsible for the annual Sports Club Luncheon. A large contingent of parents, Old Boys and guests enjoyed a great lunch and entertainment to raise funds for the redevelopment of Villanova Park. The generosity of so many people will directly impact the students’ sporting experience now and in the future.

You have made us for Yourself O Lord,

And our hearts are restless until they rest in You.

God bless

Mr Mark Stower, College Principal

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Head of Junior School

Let’s consider the impact of a hero in today’s world.  The ultimate action, sacrifice or display of bravery right before our eyes.  For me this week, I’m hoping it’s going to be Hans Solo in the latest Star Wars series at the movies.  Since I’ve been a young boy I have been mesmerised with the battle going on in a galaxy far, far away.  The twists and turns of generations of characters, making choices that sometimes save the day, is still today allowing me to truly escape and give me hope that I might too, be able to go at warp speed.  Hans Solo appeals to me because he’s got the resilience to stand by what he believes.  He is swayed only by money to keep his beloved Millennium Falcon going (not unlike my Cervelo road bike) or to help his closest friends (that he will pretend to a point that he doesn’t particularly like).  He’s old school with core values and doesn’t need ego, envy or power.  In fact, he would rather be left in peace.  I am really looking forward to seeing this movie tonight and wouldn’t mind a little inspiration.  I’m anticipating that Hans Solo has some witty one-liners as well as some quick decisions to make.

This morning I saw a hero in Paris, scaling the walls of a building to save a four-year old who was dangling from a balcony railing.  There was no time to think.  Rather, this individual did what he could to save an innocent life.  Now rock climbing is one thing, but what this man did was another.  No safety helmet or harness, just the gear he had at the minute he looked out the window and saw the situation at hand.  His agility was second to none, but of course the media has given him the name “Spiderman”.  The president of France has apparently met with him and indicated he will be given citizenship and a job with the fire department, not that this reward was on the table at the time the hero set his mind to rescuing the child.  He did it because his heart, compassion and human connection was stronger than his sense of self.

Last weekend I read about a teacher who put himself between his students and an intruder in a school in America.  This teacher took three bullets and is now recovering in hospital, having saved the children he instinctively knew to protect.  A split-second reaction.  A moment in time that could have meant so many other alternative endings.  No motive apart from respect and honour.

One of our Junior School staff has recently been part of a professional development course where Nathan Wallis (Neuroscience Educator and Researcher) explained the complexity of the brain in infant, child and teenage development.  It is astounding as to how human beings are “wired” for building, sustaining and managing relationships throughout a lifetime.  Our connections in the first 1000 days of life can almost determine our future trends for survival, communication and efficiency in the world around us.  Establishing trust through our first dyad (main point of verbal communication) as an infant, leads the brain to developing an untold number of myelin covered neuron paths that increase our potential exponentially in academics, social and cultural measures.  I wonder if heroes – people who go above and beyond social courtesies – have a common element in brain function?

Having a hero, whether sporting, real-life, fictional or otherwise, is important for us all.  We should be in awe and wonder of the people around us.  We should be inspired by the actions of others.  Time should be made to reflect upon the potential we all have, not to put ourselves in danger unnecessarily, but to be ready.  To be aware of our surroundings and the possibilities for the people we work, socialize or live with.  There would be many unspoken heroes amongst us.  People who make the time to promote the best in those around them.  Who give thanks for the simplest things in life.  Who are happy with their world, just as it is, for this moment in time.  Junior School boys, I would love to know who your hero is?  Let me know the next time you see me, especially if it’s a character from Star Wars!

Mr Stephen Rouhliadeff, Head of Junior School

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Head of Middle School

As we all know, adolescence is a time of great change. Some of the physical and hormonal changes we see; many of the cognitive and neurological we don’t.

This week I met with a Middle School student and his parents as a follow up to an initial meeting we had in January. Just some four months later, and I found myself being served with a timely reminder about the fast pace of growth and change that these young men can experience.

In this circumstance I’d certainly witnessed physical growth, but also an emotional maturing and greater self-awareness.

Over the course of the ‘middle years‘ parents and teachers will watch our young men experience a vast array of challenges caused by these rapid developmental bursts.

For some, this will include expanding, changing or limiting their friendship group. Some will show a greater conformity to expectations, other will push boundaries and take greater risks. Some will display an increased commitment to their academic studies, while still others will waver.

As Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings hero Frodo discovered, the journey through Middle-earth is not necessarily a simple or calm one.

Therefore, the support provided by parents and teachers is so critical. The unwavering love and nurturing we provide helps create the balance and stability they desperately need. We need to be sensitive to the challenges they face, but at the same time we also need to help them regulate the roller coaster of emotions, and enforce the necessary boundaries that keep them safe from unwarranted risk taking.

Thankfully for Frodo, Cate Blanchett’s prediction that “even the smallest person can change the course of the future” did eventuate; our young men too will always benefit from the trials, tribulations, and lessons we teach them along the course of their journey.

For those parents who have concerns about their son’s progress through any aspect of their journey, and would not themselves mind a little help and advice, I would strongly recommend that you contact your son’s Pastoral Area Leader:

Year 7:  Ben Lynam –

Year 8:  Matthew McGrath –

Year 9:  Peter Simpson –

Mr Greg O’Neill, Head of Middle School 

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Head of Senior School

Adolescent Brain Development
One of the websites that I frequently visit is MindShift, which explores a variety of pertinent issues on the contemporary educational agenda including teenage neuro-science, social and emotional learning, student engagement and mental health. There are several articles which provide parents with purposeful insights about supporting their children through their schooling journey. The link to the website is:

The leading article this week is entitled Why Teens should Understand their Own Brains and investigates the working of the brain during adolescence where social awareness, risk taking and peer pressure are all heightened during this period of self-discovery. According to Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience at University College London, Sarah-Jayne Blakemore, teenagers should learn about the science happening in their own brains, especially with respect to their mental health:

‘They should understand why they might be particularly self-conscious or susceptible to peer-influence, or more likely to take risks. The teenage years are a really important time in terms of vulnerability to mental illnesses. We know that most mental illnesses first appear during adolescence; at some point before the age of 24. It’s important for teens to understand the biological reasons and the social reasons why that might be, in terms of trying to cope with different feelings and possibly mental health problems.’

Our College Social and Emotional Learning Framework and Personal Development programs are cognisant of the importance of providing our young men with strategies to mitigate their vulnerability to risk taking and peer pressure during their adolescent journey towards manhood.

Grooming and Hairstyles

I would like to reinforce the College’s expectations pertaining to grooming and hairstyles. This follows an increase in the number of Senior School students who are disregarding the specifications outlined in the College diary.

Students are expected to have their hair clean, brushed/combed and of a length that is neat and tidy at all times. Teased or untidy hair and outlandish styles are not acceptable. Faces must be clean shaven. Side burns must not extend past the ears.

For Villanova students, the following examples are unacceptable:

  • Hairstyles that draw undue attention to the student (e.g. undercuts);
  • Lines, patches and patterns cut into the hair;
  • Cuts which make the scalp visible (Blade 1 and 2 cuts are unacceptable);
  • Styles that fall below the eyebrows or below the collar, or hair which needs to be brushed behind the side to prevent it from falling below the eyebrows;
  • Hairstyles with sudden graduations in length; and
  • Hair that is coloured or bleached.

I would appreciate the support of parents to ensure that your son is compliant with the College’s expectations.

Final Home Game of Trimester Two Sport

This Friday afternoon and Saturday marks the final home fixture of the chess, football and rugby season against St Peter’s Lutheran College. For those Year 12 students playing football and rugby, it will be the final time they will have the opportunity to play at their beloved Villanova Park. Following the outstanding performances of our First XI and First XV teams against Padua College last round, the anticipation and enthusiasm for this weekend has been fervently permeating the College throughout the week. I would strongly encourage as many Senior School students not playing to find the time within your study schedules to attend as spectators to create a great Saturday afternoon atmosphere.

‘The brain is like a muscle. When it is in use we feel very good. Understanding is joyous.’- Carl Sagan

Mr Matt Levander, Head of Senior School

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Curriculum Update

Performing Arts News: Aladdin – QPAC
On Wednesday 23 May, the Senior Performing Arts classes (Music and Drama) viewed the Disney musical Aladdin. The level of professionalism in the production was brilliant and the students enjoyed every minute of this acclaimed musical from floating magical carpets to golden caves. The students appreciated the high energy performance skills, professional musicality through the quasi Arabian Swing Jazz numbers especially after their own experiences in presenting our musical Footloose earlier in the year.

I would like to acknowledge and pass on a sincere thank you to Mrs Danielle McGuckin, Ms Christianne Kemp, Mrs Sophie Kenny, Mrs Gina Ellis, Mrs Katie Dauth-Sousa and Mrs Belinda Tucker for accompanying the students on this excursion.

The Longest Minute

“Rugby league breaks your heart” or so the protagonist in Queensland Theatre’s performance of The Longest Minute discovered.

Based on the Cowboys versus Broncos Grand Final, this show provided the Year 11 and 12 Drama classes of 2018 with an amazing experience in the form of a Brechtian convention-filled performance, which challenged societal norms in a unique and entertaining way. We were surprised by the level of audience interaction the actors gave, remaining in character while providing an emotional connection to the play, introducing common “rugby colloquialisms” to entice and entertain the audience. Its continual nods to the history of the Cowboys and the historical jokes made around the team gave the audience something to relate to, having grown up around the history of the Cowboys provided the audience hints of nostalgia, gratification and enjoyment.

Audiences were enticed and astounded by the emotional connection they felt towards the characters, with emotions ranging from joy to sympathy. Each character gave their own perspective towards their situation, humorously “taking the mickey” out of their own situation while maintaining their composure and “tact”.

Robert Kronk, Nadine McDonald-Dowd and Bridgit Boyle create a piece well suited for the Villanova men who attended, giving us all insight into the world of theatre, political correctness and the laughing stock that was once the Cowboys.

Belinda Tucker, Junior, Middle and Senior School Performing Arts Curriculum Area Leader



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Mission Day Report
An exceptional day in which the whole College comes together to create community, learn with the heart about our Filipino sister schools, and raise funds for them.

This was the vision for Mission Day developed in conjunction with the students who co-led the day. There were many places around the campus where snapshots of great learning could be seen:

  • The Junior School building shanty huts according to profiles which exactly matched the families we donate to
  • The Middle School listening to assembly guest, Luke from Blind Eye Ministries, explaining his life story – he came home aged 12 to find that his mother and step-father had moved. From that time until age 17, he was homeless
  • The Senior School meeting members of the Filipino community, who came specially to roast a pig – a speciality of a Filipino feast – and to sell religious items.
  • For the Seniors who went deeper into “Filipino World,” there was many letters and videos of ‘thank you’ from the scholars and their families we assist. Even listening to one or two enables you to realise the difference that paying for high school makes for these families.

Mission Day Carnival:

It is difficult to get to every aspect of the Carnival. Where you do go, you find over-achievers in many places. Four Year 11 students sold 400 raffle tickets for prizes they helped to source. This initiative was a great success as it allows boys to use their last tickets. Many staff donned their sports kit to take on students in netball and touch footy to provide friendly rivalry. Likewise, staff entered a debating team to argue that “Teachers should be paid according to student results.” There were new stalls which were very successful, such as the Mission Day “show bags” run by Ms Warren’s Pastoral. Many familiar favourites returned, ranging from beat-the-goalie to ping pong and handball competitions. A photo gallery  can be seen on Facebook.

I spent most of my time in the 4 Fortnite rooms. Four Year 11 students volunteered to bring their X Boxes in for students to play the game which currently has them gripped. Each of the rooms was packed, with students from Year 7 to 12. The atmosphere was intense, with Year 7 student Will McCann winning the prize. Like many adults, the phenomenon of Fortnite intrigues and puzzles me. What I did see was a large amount of camaraderie across the year groups. If Pope Francis had been on campus, I am sure he would have been drawn to this room. I sense also that the students would have given him a turn and explained how it all worked.

A final highlight was the Year 12 mullet men (every free dress day, Year 12 students decide on a shared theme). The return to the stereotype of 1980s Aussie male only served to emphasise that these students have turned into a group of fine young Villanova men.


Is it a perfect day? Far from it. At times the consumption of Krispy Kremes and pizza – through which money is raised for AFAS – seems to work against the learning part of the day. There are many stalls and activities; it is hard for students to experience them all. Where Mission Day does appear to have some merit is in allowing students to lead a complex and ambitious event. This same opportunity also is replicated at the level of each Pastoral, with many students going way beyond the call of duty to serve others and create fun activities. I would welcome any feedback from students or families. If we are to put so much into a special day, it is important that the boys come away with the “exceptional” experience aimed for.

Thank you:

  • Firstly, the team of parents who cooked then served a hot Morning Tea created a positive and generous tone for the day.
  • To the many boys with left-over tickets – for your donation.
  • To the parents who bought the tickets.
  • To the key staff who organised the day: Mrs Melissa Wilson, Mrs Casey Ouston, Mrs Dot Blair, Ms Sally Byron.
  • To the many community organisations who donated prizes or offered generous terms: Dominos Pizza (Coorparoo), Copper Blue, Villanova College P and F Association and Athletes Foot (Carindale).
  • To Tom Balshaw, Ministry Captain 2018, who coordinated the student efforts.

Mr John Holroyd, Dean of Mission & Identity


AFAS Elders Commit to another Building Project on Kinatarcan Island 

After the success of the inaugural 2016 AFAS Elders Exchange to Kinatarcan Island in which they assisted with funding and construction of a hot house for the drying of the moringa leaf, this December, Tony Hindmarsh, Juanita Jacobs, Peter Jacobs, Liam Edgerton, Campbell Muir, Tom Merrin, Angus Tracey, Matt Davies, Mark Edgerton, Bruce Stuart and Mark Stuart have committed to another project.

They will assist with the construction of a building to house the production area for mat weaving where machines and the rest of the production line will be installed. At present, the mat weavers are making use of their individual homes as production area.

Proposed Design

This building is part of a long-term development plan that the Filipino Augustinians and Fair-Trade Philippines have designed and will benefit all families on the Island.

As the total cost of the complete building exceeds the Elders budget, the 11 Elders have committed to fund the costs associated with the slab and construction of the exterior of the building (approximately $8000 Australian). This will make the building operational and the remainder of the interior will be completed in the future.

If you would like to assist AFAS Elders in attaining their target of AUS $8000, you can donate the cost of any quantity of the building materials required (e.g. one bag of cement or one kg of assorted nails etc), contribute towards the wages or transport costs required to get all materials to the island.

Please see the building costings 

Help us with our Fundraising:

To kick start the appeal and in conjunction with the 70th Anniversary Concert, $10.00 from every Augustine: The Way CD sold, will be donated to the Elders Appeal. (CD cost is $20.00).  If you would like to pre-purchase a CD, orders and payment can be made through Flexischools.

Alternatively, you can make an individual Donation:

Donations may be transferred/deposited into the following account:


BSB 064-786

Account Number 019232109

When making deposit/transfer, please put ‘AFAS ELDERS’ in the description as well as your name and what item you are donating:

e.g.     Smith      concrete

If you would like to remain anonymous, please put “anon”

It would be appreciated if you could email Tony Hindmarsh at -confirming your kind donation so that on behalf of the Kinatarcan community we can acknowledge your donation and add your name to the donation plaque to be attached to the new building.

Unfortunately, AFAS is not a registered charity, so donations are not tax deductible, however if you require a receipt, please email me at the above address.

Mr Tony Hindmarsh, AFAS Elders Coordinator

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Aldo Rodriguez Delgado – Workshop and Concert
On Thursday 24 May, students from Villanova, Loreto College and Anglican Church Grammar School joined together to perform with Cuban guitar sensation Aldo Rodriguez Delgado.  The event was very well attended, and I would like to thank our broader community for supporting this concert.

Aldo had spent the week previous workshopping with the students in their schools, preparing repertoire and refining technique in readiness for this event.  Both students, teachers, and Aldo appreciated this opportunity for musical and brief cultural exchange.  The first half of Thursday’s concert featured much of the work prepared during these sessions.

After intermission, Aldo performed a variety of solo guitar repertoire, sharing the history and the musicality of the guitar from Spain through to Cuba.  It was a great opportunity for our students to witness such a fine performance in their own theatre.

Thanks must go to the administrations of all schools involved for supporting this event.  Thanks also to the students and parents who invested their time and effort preparing for our concerts.  On behalf of our community I would like to thank our Music Support Group for preparing refreshments for our concert, and thank you to Mr Russell Neville for driving this opportunity for our young musicians.

Junior School Chamber Evening

Some of our fine Year 6 musicians shared their Semester 1 work with family and friends at our second Junior School Chamber Evening.  With the back drop of city lights, the Senior School Terraces were transformed into a fantastic performance space.  Students performed in small groups, assisted throughout by our Senior Students, to great acclaim.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mrs Sleep in organising this event, our staff who assisted in preparing our students for this event, and for the preparation of the venue for our musical offerings.  I would also like to thank the Music Support Group for their assistance again in the provision of refreshments for our gathered public.

We look forward to future performance opportunities such as these – it was quite an event!

Music Support Group Assistance Required – Augustine:  The Way

Our Music Support Group are selling refreshments before and during the intermission of both performances of ‘The Way’ this coming Friday and Saturday evening.  We are seeking assistance from members of Villanova Music families to assist in this great fundraising opportunity for our program.  Please contact Maria O’Leary for further information –

Entertainment Books

All Year 5 students are asked to return any unsold Entertainment Books to the Music Office in the book’s original envelope.  This envelope allows us to identify whose book has been returned and therefore avoid confusion when completing our stocktake.

If you have purchased books, these are available for collection from the Music Office.  Books and digital memberships are still available for purchase either online or through the Music Office.  Please contact Alison on 3394 5691 or email for further information.

Rehearsals and Lessons to End of Term

All lessons and rehearsals will continue as per usual through to the end of term.  As we are now in a rehearsal period leading up to QCMF, we expect members to be present at all sessions unless previously arranged with your ensemble director.  As per program policy, we do require all Seniors to attend during exam block – we expect that study arrangements can be made around the time gifted away from school during this period.

Grandparents’ Morning Tea

Our Year 5 musicians will be performing for Grandparents as part of our annual Grandparents’ Morning Tea on Tuesday 5 June.  Students will be required for rehearsal before school as per usual (regular Tuesday rehearsals) – students in Year 5 who perform in Year 6 ensembles will be notified rehearsal arrangements for this event.  We look forward to sharing the work we have completed over the past term with our families – it is going to be great fun!

More information regarding the event aside from the musical performance will be distributed through the Junior School.

Music Support Group and QCMF Meeting

Our next QCMF / Music Support Group meeting will be convened on Monday 4 June.  The meeting commences at 7:30pm and will be held in the Music Classroom on level 1 of the Augustine Centre.  Please come along and learn a little more about how our group supports your son through his music experience.

Date Claimers

As per tradition, we cast our eyes over the coming term.  Please note the following in your diaries:

Term 2
Week Date Activity
7 1 – 2 June Tony MacPherson – Augustine: The Way Concert.
8 Monday 4 June Music Support Group/ QCMF Meeting – 7:30pm
8 Tuesday 5 June Grandparents’ Morning Tea (Year 5 Ensembles)

Mr Michael Jones, Director of Music

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It was another huge round of rugby, football and chess fixtures over the weekend as our boys took on Padua College. I was extremely proud of all the boys as we won the round in rugby, football and chess. Furthermore, it was pleasing to see our First XV rugby and First XI football teams win, with the open chess boys drawing their games.

For me the game of the week was the First XV rugby match. There is no doubt in my mind, that for me, our performance ranked as one of the best if not the best-ever performance that I have seen from a Villanova First XV team since my time at the College. Against a solid team our boys gelled together to produce a very entertaining game of rugby. All players on the paddock contributed equally to gain a massive 50-14 win over the opposition. It was pretty to watch!

I congratulate all members of our College community who did their part to ensure the round of fixtures was relatively trouble free. I thank all members of the ‘Villanova Sports Club’ and their helpers, who do an outstanding job each home game to man the canteens at Villanova Pk. These people provide such an important service to our own community as well as showing a sense of hospitality to our guest Colleges from week to week. I encourage as many parents as possible to spend some time serving in the canteen, as it is a great way to build community spirit and it is an ideal way to make new friends. At times the canteen did need the help of parents to serve and cook last weekend as other parents had to get away to watch their sons play, this left the canteen under staffed from time to time. If all families could lend a hand for 30 minutes prior to the commencement of their son’s game, it would be most helpful.

On behalf of the College, I thank the Sports Club for their organisation of the annual Sports Club Luncheon held last Friday at the ‘Gabba. We thank the members of the organising committee consisting of Jon Winsbury, Leo Wallin, Eddie Harris, Damien Carter, Ian McGregor, Deanne Perrier, Lisa Gilhooley and Robert Abraham as well as Sports Club President Jeremy Meredith for all their hard work. Not only is this a great community building event, it is a way to acknowledge Villanova’s sporting greats and to raise funds to improve and upgrade the College’s sporting facilities. The work and level of support the Sports Club offers the College is outstanding. Be assured that every cent raised from canteens, mega raffles, the luncheon etc. goes directly into these sporting facilities. Little things like assisting in the canteens for 30 minutes each week is a way that all parents can put their shoulder to the wheel and support the Sports Club in their fund-raising efforts.

It is extremely pleasing to report that all 200 mega-raffle tickets are now sold. I thank Mr Jeremy Meredith and his Sports Club team for the enormous amount of time and effort they have put in to this project. The raffle will be drawn at half time during the First XV rugby game played against St Peter’s Lutheran College this Saturday at Villanova Park with the winner receiving $10 000. 

Much planning and preparation has been spent as we look ahead to the Trimester 3 sport program. Please read the relevant sections below which outline further information pertaining to the trial process in each of the AIC sports offered in Trimester 3. Please encourage your son/s to become involved in these trials and for him to showcase his talents to our school. As College policy dictates, those with special gifts and talents are encouraged to represent our College, furthermore, please be aware that participation in school sport does take precedence over other sporting interests and commitments outside of school (College Diary P18). As paraphrased by St Thomas of Villanova – our gifts and talents are not for us alone, they are to be shared with others for the good of our community.

The Year 7 – Year 12 and Year 5 and Year 6 cross-country squads have been in training for a couple of weeks now. I encourage all students to keep up the attendance and efforts at training, we need as many boys as possible at training to ensure Villa produces its very best on the day of the AIC Championships held in Week 4 of Term 3. The annual AIC Cross Country Camp will be held at Currimundi during the last week of school this term. At this stage all places are taken, and we have a waiting list. All information regarding the camp has been emailed to all families who indicated they wish to go. It is a great camp!

Villanova Park will be used this weekend to host most games from Year 9 – Year 12 plus some other supplementary/internal fixtures from Year 5 – Year 12.

Best wishes to all involved this weekend as we play St Peter’s College in the main round of chess, rugby and football. Determination, effort and pride will be the order of the day. Enjoy!

AIC Chess, Rugby and Football Fixtures, Friday 1 June and Saturday 2 June – Times and Venues

All times and venues for this weekend’s fixtures against St Peter’s Lutheran College are available on the College’s website.

Villanova Sports Club Lunch – Mr Leo Wallin

Last Friday heralded another cracking Sports Lunch! Held at the ‘Gabba in the Legends Room a great time was had by all. Huge thanks from the Sports Club goes to all those Parents, Friends, Old Boys and Faculty that attended our lunch last Friday. Particularly pleasing was to see a table of 2017 Old Boys in attendance, looking very dapper too! Funny man Vince Sorrenti kept all entertained while performing his duties as MC and former Wallaby, ex undercover cop and author Dan Crowley gave us an insight into his dual life as rugby international and undercover cop infiltrating drug gangs in Queensland.

In addition to our latest Villanova Sports Hall of Fame inductee, Dan Leeson, we also recognised the 2013 Villanova First V premiership winning basketball team. Their premiership frame will hang proudly in the Hall of Fame in Goold Hall. With over 330 attendees, the room was buzzing, and feedback was that everyone had a wonderful afternoon. We also raised quite a deal of funds for the boys and the monies raised will be going to rebuilding the fire ravaged facilities at Villanova Park.

Thanks to all our sponsors, Mark Stower, Craig Stariha as well as the Sports Admin and Finance teams at Villanova who made the day possible. Thanks also to the organising committee, Leo Wallin, Eddie Harris, Damien Carter, Ian McGregor, Lisa Gilhooley, Deanne Perrier and Robert Abraham and all the other helpers including Robin Gunning.

We will be publishing the date for the 2019 event in the next few weeks so keep your eyes out and see you all again next year!


NZ Rugby Tour and Japan Football Tour – 2019

Much planning has gone into the two abovementioned tours. We plan to have these two tours occur during the Easter vacation period in 2019 and they will serve as a perfect pre-season for our teams (including the first teams).

Both tours will depart on Friday 5 April and return on Saturday 13 April and will cost around $4200 -$4500 per person.

A complete itinerary for each tour along with a final costing and a list of boys who are invited will be published early next week. Those invited will be asked to attend an information evening on Thursday 21 June.  Families will be asked to commit to the tour and pay a deposit of $500 by Wednesday 27 June. If we do not receive the numbers and payment by the due date the tour will not go ahead. 

We will invite up to 33 football players and 52 rugby players initially. A reserve list will be published in case those who are invited are unable to attend. The reserves will be invited based on their player position and ability.

I must say both tours look great. A once in a lifetime experience. I am hoping both the players and parents will be equally impressed and will support the tours. Fundraising groups can then be formed to help reduce the costs. All those who are invited will be emailed all relevant information early next week. 

Villanova Sports Club Canteen Roster 

Please support the Villanova Sports Club by assisting in the canteen as per roster below.

Rugby/Football Canteen Roster

Villanova Park – Round 6 v SPLC – 2 June

We kindly ask parents to assist when their son arrives for warm up 30 minutes before their scheduled game.

All parents who can assist are asked to report to Mrs Robyn Gunning.

Time Rugby Parents Football Parents
7.00am Sixth XI, 10C, 9C
8.00am 9A, 10B, 9B
8.30am 5B, 5C 5th XI
9.00am 10 Gold
9.30am 6 Gold, 6C, 9C, 9B 10A, 4th XI
10.30am 6A, 6B, 3rd XV 2nd XI
11.00am 3rd XI
11.30am 9A, 10B 1st XI
12.30pm 10A, 2nd XV
1.00pm 1st XV
1.30pm Any parents who can assist

Dogs at AIC Sporting Venues

**A reminder to all parents that due to Health and Safety requirements, ALL AIC sporting venues are dog free venues** 

As is the case with Villanova College, all members of the AIC competition have the policy that their playing grounds are dog free.  I ask that all members of the Villanova Community respect each College’s policy and not take their dog to any AIC playing fields. It is awkward for Villanova staff to have to remind dog owners of this policy each weekend.

AIC Fixtures and Training – Absenteeism 

As a matter of course, we would expect that if a player is unable to attend a game or training for any reason that he would notify the coach involved. This can be done directly through the Sports Office (during the week) or alternatively and preferably, parents can use the coaches contact details (email address) which is posted on the website under the individual sports sections.  The College requires all students to commit wholeheartedly to the entire season including all training and games where possible – it is the ‘Villanova Way’. May I please ask all parents to support the College regarding this matter.

AIC Chess – Mrs Sally England, AIC Chess Co-ordinator

Round 5 saw the team play Padua which eventuated in another win. Our Open Team had a close fought draw while the Senior A’s unfortunately had their first loss of the season. It will be an incredibly close competition but hopefully they will be triumphant in the next two rounds, especially when we come up against Ashgrove on the last night.  The Juniors returned to their winning ways, while the Intermediates and Senior B also had a great night.  All the best to the teams in the following two games.

On Sunday the Junior boys entered a team at the Mt Carmel Chess Competition and were very successful, placing third on the day.  A great effort by Harry Bryant, Joe Hoctor, Max Blaser and Mattias Cotroneo and a special thank you to the Hoctor family for their help in organising the boys on the day.

As usual, training continues every Morning Tea, with early morning coaching on Wednesday and Friday.  The championship rounds will go into round two, the elimination rounds and edge ever closer to champions for the different colleges.  This week we are at home against St Peter’s and due to the Senior Study Centre being required for music, we will return to the Tolle Lege Library as our main venue with Juniors playing downstairs.  The teams will be on the website and this week and it will be a very close round, so good luck to all the teams.

 AIC Chess Results v Padua

TEAM Opposition Villanova Score Opposition Score Result

 AIC Rugby – Mr Blake McLauchlan, AIC Rugby Coordinator

Congratulations to all teams on a solid day of competition on Saturday against Padua College. Overall, we had a total of 11 wins and 10 losses. In the aggregate competition we walked away with seven wins and five losses which was a fantastic aggregate result. I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate our First XV who played with grit, hunger and determination. From the kick off, our boys were organised and structured with every carry. They managed to secure the victory by a massive 36 points. This is certainly not an easy task when playing away. Thank you to all the supporters who stuck around to cheer on and support our First XV on Saturday.

This weekend we come up against St Peter’s for Round 6. With only two rounds remaining, I encourage all teams to remain focussed and to finish the season strong. This weekend will be our final home game for our older boys, so we encourage the community to get out and support all our teams. Our Second XV, 9C, 6B and 6 Gold teams continue to remain undefeated for the 2018 season.

I wish all teams the best of luck.

AIC Rugby Results v Padua

Rugby Results – Round 5 V PADUA
Team Opposition Results Villanova Opposition
First XV PADUA W 50 14
Second XV PADUA W 33 5
Third XV PADUA L 7 17
Fourth XV PADUA W 17 5
10A PADUA L 12 19
10B PADUA L 5 53
9A PADUA W 17 12
9B PADUA W 19 14
9C PADUA W 30 7
8A PADUA L 5 27
8B PADUA L 12 33
7A PADUA W 33 12
7B PADUA W 34 32
7C PADUA L 12 17
6A PADUA L 0 24
6B PADUA W 36 8
6C PADUA W 28 0
6 Gold PADUA W 19 10
5A PADUA L 0 47
5B PADUA L 0 60
5C PADUA L 7 47

 AIC Football – Mr Anthony Kemp, AIC Football Coordinator

 The latest round against Padua proved to be a return to good form for many teams. Villanova managed to have 16 wins, three draws and 12 losses against Padua. So far, this season there have been many impressive performances from our teams and I would like to make special mention of the teams that remain undefeated; 5B, 9 White, 10C and Sixth XI. There are also several teams who are still pushing for their respective premierships with two rounds to go.

One of those sides is our First XI who again on the weekend pulled off another win with a 2-1 defeat of Padua. Whilst, the boys managed to take home the points on the day they would be the first to admit that it wasn’t their greatest performance. It was certainly a nail biting finish with Padua pushing our boys all the way to the final whistle. I have no doubt that the team will have worked hard in anticipation of another tough match against St Peters.

This weekend will be the last time our Seniors will play at Villanova Park representing the green and gold in football, and it would be great to see as many supporters out there cheering them on. Once again good luck to all teams this weekend!

 AIC Football Results v Padua

Villanova College – Football Results – Round 5 v PADUA





First XI PADUA W 2 1
Second XI PADUA W 5 1
Third XI PADUA W 6 0
Fourth XI PADUA L 0 2
Fifth XI PADUA L 0 5
Sixth XI PADUA D 1 1
10A PADUA D 1 1
10B PADUA W 3 0
10C PADUA W 5 1
10 Gold ASH GOLD W 2 0
9A PADUA L 1 2
9B PADUA L 0 5
9C PADUA L 0 1
9 Gold PADUA W 3 1
9 White IONA GREEN W 5 0
8A PADUA W 2 0
8B PADUA W 6 0
8C PADUA W 3 0
8 Gold PADUA W 5 0
8 White ASH WHITE W 3 1
7A PADUA W 4 1
7B PADUA W 5 0
7C PADUA D 2 2
7 Gold PADUA W 3 0
6A PADUA L 0 4
6B PADUA L 1 2
6C PADUA L 2 5
6 Gold PADUA L 0 1
6 White PADUA L 3 4
5 A PADUA W 5 0
5 B PADUA W 4 1
5C PADUA L 2 5
5 Gold PADUA L 0 1
5 White PADUA W 1 0

 AIC Cross Country

 Cross Country – ‘Runners of the Week’

Each week, the cross-country coaches are recognising two runners of the week, for outstanding participation and effort at training.  The deserved recipients will receive a $50 Rebel Sport voucher to recognise this achievement.

Week 1 runners of the week were two Open runners, both in Year 12, Shayle Korander-Matheson and Callum Corbett.  Both runners have not missed a session in the first three weeks and consequently are running very quickly, usually setting the pace amongst the entire squad.  Most importantly, they are displaying good leadership by supporting the younger runners.

Week 2 runners of the week were Ambrose Corbett (Year 9) and Mitchell Rieck (Year 7). Ambrose is new to cross-country and has shaved five minutes off his Saturday morning Parkrun time.  He has not missed a session yet and is really enjoying the tough sessions.  Mitchell has been rewarded for not missing any sessions, but also for the quality at which he trains.  He always pushes his personal limits and is a valued member of the cross-country squad.

Congratulations to our runners of the week, and the coaches look forward to rewarding many more cross-country runners over the coming weeks.

Photo: (left to right)

Mr Brian Pascoe, Ambrose Corbett (Year 9), Callum Corbett (Year 12), Shayle Korander-Matheson (Year 12), Mitchell Rieck (Year 7) and Mr David Barton.

Information regarding the up-coming Cross-Country Camp has been distributed to all families who have expressed an interest.  Camp bookings and final costings were made based on the responses from the expression of interest form which was distributed earlier.

AIC Date Claimers:

 All the AIC meets listed below apply to both the Year 5 and Year 6 and Year 7 – Year 12 squads at the same venue on the same day.

  • Wednesday 27 – 29 June Villanova Cross Country Camp at Currimundi Recreation Centre (Open to all Year 7 – Year 12 students only)
  • Saturday 21 July AIC Meet at Limestone Park hosted by St Peter’s and St Edmund’s Colleges.  This will be held in the afternoon after the trial round against Ashgrove in basketball/tennis
  • Saturday 28 July
  • Year 7 – Year 12 Parkrun at Stones Corner, 7am. Students meet at Goold Hall (Villanova College) at 6.30am to jog down together.
  • Year 5 and Year 6, training session at White Hill Reserve 8 – 9am
  • Friday 3 August AIC Meet at Runcorn hosted by St Laurence’s College. We are looking to play all Year 5 and Year 6 basketball games during this week on Saturday morning not Friday afternoon to allow boys to attend the SLC Cross Country meet (to be confirmed).
  • Wednesday 9 August AIC CHAMPIONSHIP at Limestone Park

Note:  The College will supply bus transportation to and from each venue listed above.

Year 5 and Year 6 Basketball Trials 

Basketball trials for students in Year 5 and Year 6 shall continue until the end of term. Students will be notified during the final week of this term, whether they have been selected in a team. Parents are reminded that competition for Year 5 and Year 6 students is played on a Friday afternoon and it is the parent’s responsibility to transport the students to their venues each week. Car-pooling has been very successful in the past and can be worked out with other parents when you find out if your son makes a team. We need parents to manage their son’s team, who will be responsible for getting messages to parents, afternoon teas and organising carpooling for away games. Please contact Mr Chris Everding in the Sports Office on 3394 5505 if you can assist.

Again, this year, due to court availability, only four sides per age group can be entered the competition. Not all schools have the same number of team entries, which means that many of our sides will be travelling to different venues each week in a supplementary draw. An internal competition will be made available to all students who do not make a team, during sport next term on a Friday.

AIC Tennis and Basketball Trials

Boys from Year 5 – Year 12 wishing to trial out for the above-mentioned AIC teams must complete a ‘Trimester 3 Sign-On Form’. These forms have been distributed to all students in Year 5 – Year 12 in their Pastoral lessons. Any student who was absent on the day of distribution is asked to collect a form from the Sports Office or download one from the website. We encourage as many students as possible to get involved. All sign-on forms are due tomorrow, 1 June.

AIC Tennis Trials

Any student wishing to play tennis for Villanova must complete a ‘Trimester 3 Sign-On Form’. All trials will be held at Morningside Tennis Centre on the following dates and times.

There will be three weeks of trials. Trial Week No 1 will commence on the week beginning Monday 11 June. Trial week No 2 will commence the following week beginning Monday 18 June and trial week number No 3 will begin on Monday 25 June.

Within these three trial weeks all age groups will have five – six trial sessions in total – Trial Sessions No 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 as per the trial schedule.  All interested students are to attend ALL trial sessions to be selected to represent Villanova. The managers and coaches of each age group will conduct these trials and will choose four players in each team plus two reserves for the age group. All teams are then to follow the training schedule commencing day one of Term 3, that is, Wednesday 18 July.

Please note that some managers may require more time to select teams, therefore, some players may be asked to attend one or two of the regular training sessions held in Term 3 before teams are finalised.

 Tennis Trial Schedule (Five – six sessions per age group)

Week 1 Trial Schedule


11 June


12 June

Wednesday 13 June Thursday

14 June


15 June

6.30am-7.45am  Trial Session No 1

Years 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and Open

Trial Session

No 2

Years 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and Opens




Trial Session

No 1

Year 5 and Year 6

Trial Session

No 2

Year 5 and Year 6

6.00pm-7.30pm Coach Session

First IV

Coach Session

First IV



Week 2 Trial Schedule


18 June


19 June

Wednesday 20 June Thursday

21 June


22 June







 Trial Session No 3

Years 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and Open




Trial Session

No 4

Years 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and Opens







Trial Session

No 3

Year 5 and Year 6

Trial Session

No 4

Year 5 and Year 6

6.00pm-7.30pm Coach Session

First IV

Coach Session

First IV


 Week 3 Trial Schedule


25 June


26 June

Wednesday 27 June Thursday

28 June


29 June







 Trial Session No 5

Years 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and Open











Trial Session

No 5

Year 5 and Year 6

Trial Session

No 6

Year 5 and Year 6

6.00pm-7.30pm Coach Session

First IV

Coach Session

First IV


 AIC Basketball Trials

Any boy who wishes to make an AIC basketball team must complete the ‘Trimester 3 Sign-on Form’ to register their interest. These forms have been distributed to all students during their Pastoral class. These forms are available from the Sports Office and are posted on the web.

Year 5 and Year 6 trials will be conducted within school time.

Year 7 – Open trials – There will be two weeks of trials. All trials will be conducted in Goold Hall or at Clem Jones for all age groups. Boys trialling at Clem Jones must find their own way to the venue. The College will then organise bus transportation back to the College afterwards. Trial Week No 1 will commence on the week beginning Monday 11 June. Trial Week No 2 will commence the following week beginning Monday 18 June. Within these two trial weeks, all age groups will have four trial sessions in total. All interested students are to attend ALL trial sessions to gain selection to represent Villanova. After these trials, the coaches will then select all teams within that age group. Once selected all teams will then follow the training schedule, commencing the first day of Term 3, Wednesday 18 July.

Note:  Coaches may choose to make a first cut of players after the first trial week. All players who have made it through the first cut are then able to attend the basketball clinic on Saturday 16 June.

Basketball Trial Schedule


Monday 11 and 18 June Tuesday 12 and 19 June Wednesday 13 and 20 June Thursday 14 and 21 June Friday 15 and 22 June
6.30am-8.00am Year 11 Trial Sessions Opens Trial Sessions Year 10 Trial Sessions
3.15pm-5.00pm Opens Trial Sessions Year 10 Trial Sessions Year 11 Trial Sessions First V training


5.00pm-7.00pm First V training as normal


  Tuesday 12 and 19 June Thursday 14 and 21 June
6.30am-8.00am 1 Year 9 Trial Sessions Year 9 Trial Sessions
2 Year 8 Trial Sessions Year 8 Trial Sessions
3 Year 7 Trial Sessions Year 7 Trial Sessions

Mr Craig Stariha, Director of Sport


Catholic Primary Schools Sports Association Cross Country Event

Last Thursday, Villanova College hosted the Catholic Primary School Cross Country, with over 1100 competitors at Villanova Park.

On behalf of the Villanova College Sports Club, I would like to thank all who assisted on the day.

Robyn Gunning, On behalf of Villa Sports Club

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Parent Information

Year Level Parent Events & Tuckshop / Library Rosters

Year 7 – Annual Family catch-up

Where: Camp Hill Bowls Club

When: 3pm Sunday 10 June

Cost: $22 per family (inc bowls + sausage sizzle for the kids)

Payment via Flexischools

Contact: Karen & Sharon for Villanova Year 7, 2018.;

Yr 11 Parent Function – Semi Formal Night

Friday 20th July 2018 7.15pm – 11.00pm

Story Bridge Hotel, Martini Level

Ticket includes:

  • Canape package
  • Gourmet noodle boxes
  • Drink on arrival

Don’t forget to book online: 


Tuckshop Roster





















































































O’Leary Chay






















Library Roster

Monday 4 June

Leah Coogans

Bronagh Earthrowl

Tuesday 5 June

Anastasia Bailey

Thursday 7 June

Melanie Pickering

Friday 8 June

Jane Whipps

Gina Avolio

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Calendar of Events

The Way – this Friday 1 & Saturday 2 June

Don’t forget to book your tickets for ‘The Way’ – Two Nights Only – 1 & 2 June

This year’s 70th Anniversary performances will feature a very special ‘Father & Son’ treat. Playing Augustine and his son, Simon Hyland (Villanova old boy -1993) and son Samson Hyland, will be performing in the production of ‘Augustine: The Way’: Friday 1st and Saturday 2nd June, Hanrahan Theatre.

Samson is following in his dad’s footsteps and developing a history of performance in professional musical productions. Recent appearances have been with the Australian Opera and at the Capital Theatre in Sydney. Simon’s repertoire includes Miss Saigon, Hot Shoe Shuffle, and was also in the film South Pacific with Harry Connick Junior.

Take a look at the full cast.…/upl…/2018/05/Cast-Bio-Flyer.pdf

Tickets are selling fast, so don’t forget to book now for the best seats.

You can pre-order CD’s ($20) on Flexi-schools and assist in fundraising for AFAS.

Villanova 70th Anniversary Ball

Tickets on sale now:

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Community Update

An Invitation from the Provincial of the Order of St Augustine

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