Principal's Welcome

Dear Members of the Villanova College Family
Today we celebrate the feast day of St Rita of Cascia (1381-1457). Following a number of tragic events in her life which claimed her husband and two sons, Rita placed her trust in God and joined the religious life in an Augustinian convent. Rita was an extraordinary woman who lived a life of prayer, contemplation and spiritual reading. Her devotion to Jesus, tender and compassionate heart and love for all characterised this amazing woman we honour today in a special Mass celebrated in Goold Hall.

Augustine: The Way Concert

On Friday 1 June and Saturday 2 June, a special musical event will be held in the Hanrahan Theatre. Augustine The Way tells the story of St Augustine, one of the Fathers of the Catholic Church. Through beautifully written songs and music, the story is told of a young man’s restless search for truth leading him to a life with Jesus. The concert features talented Old Boy Simon Hyland and his son, Samson with fellow internationally-recognised cast members, Samantha Shaw and Caroline Mulvenna. Book your seats today at

Upgrade of Cricket Nets at Little Langlands Field

Following discussions with Easts League Club the College will undertake works to upgrade the cricket nets located on Little Langlands field. Work will commence on June 18 and will take approximately 12 weeks. Ten cricket nets will be constructed providing excellent training facilities for all students engaged in cricket at the College.

Mission Day 2018

Tomorrow is Mission Day, a special celebration in the life of the College where our community comes together to raise funds for the work of AFAS in the Philippines. Across the other side of the world on this day a young boy by the name of John will undergo surgery to correct a cleft palate. John’s surgery has been made possible through the generous support of AFAS to his family. We keep John in our prayers as he undergoes his first operation. Thank you to all families for your generous support of AFAS.

International Visitors

Tomorrow, four students from St Rita’s School, Chicago will arrive accompanied by a member of their teaching faculty. We welcome our international visitors and look forward to reciprocating the hospitality they and their families displayed to our four Year 11 students who visited St Rita’s earlier this year.


We keep in our prayer the Marist Ashgrove community following an injury to one of their Year 9 students at camp. We keep all in our community who are battling illness at this time in our prayers and hearts.

You have made us for Yourself O Lord

And our hearts are restless until they rest in You.

God bless

Mr Mark Stower, College Principal

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Head of Junior School

Pride, in ourselves, our attitude and our work.  This week the Junior School focuses on setting our own standards at the highest level we can manage as individuals, as a class and as a community.  Taking pride in our uniform, organisation, bookwork and productivity.  Being proud of our classrooms – displays, clean tidy trays and pigeon holes.  Showcasing our bookwork – dates in margins, using an eraser and ruler effectively as well as writing neatly and purposefully.  As a community we take great pride in fundraising for our Augustinian Filipino families.  They might be over the ocean, but we are brothers in faith and equal opportunity for education and living standards.  Pride needs to be modelled, expected and celebrated.

Firstly, let us consider the College uniform expectations.  Hair cuts for our young men should adhere to the guidelines that were agreed to upon enrolment.  Above the shirt collar, above the eye brows and blended with no definitive tracks or colours.  Why?  Because we expect the boys to concentrate without tucking, flicking or blowing their hair out of their face.  We want to sustain eye contact when we communicate.  Following the hair policy is a sign of respect and willingness to work without distraction.  Our shoes should be polished, and our socks pulled up.  Ties are to be worn with our College badge in the centre.  Grey academic shirts are tucked in neatly with shorts that are held up with a black belt.  Our academic uniform shows pride in our Augustinian heritage, our Villanovan community and cements our belonging in classes and spiritual worship.

Secondly, let us acknowledge the organisation of our class work books.  In a digital age, the artform of pride in presentation of ideas is not lost.  It is imperative that boys record in handwriting that is legible and coherent.  It matters to show your work at its best.  When you take pride in your bookwork you show respect and courtesy to the people who read it – your teachers, your mates and even the Head of Junior School.  This week I have seen examples of exemplary book work in Geography.  Dates, headings, notes and images that definitively show not just the types of climates in our world, but that the individual behind the work is proud to be studying.  Grateful for the chance to safely engage in education, aiming to please the reader of his work and confident that his time and effort will be appreciated and valued.  Ten students from 5 Gold hit these expectations on Monday and I am confident that there will be more next Monday.  Why?  Because they know it’s important to do what is asked, to the best of their ability, by the due date.

Thirdly, we are proudly purchasing Mission Day tickets this week, the proceeds of which will go to 16 families in the Philippines who can change their lives with our help.  The children want to take pride in attending school instead of having to help around the home each day.  The parents want to be proud in sustaining a small business to support their own families for generations.  They need the kindness of not strangers, but brothers in faith from Coorparoo, Australia.  So, tomorrow we will build shanty houses to live for an hour like we understand people live every day.  We will support the stalls that students and parents have created to feed and entertain over 1300 people.  Our red candles will light our homes in honour of the prayers we have for the blessings of our own families. (Photo below from is from the ‘Guess the Lolly Jar Competition”,raising money for Mission Day).

Today at the Mass of St Rita, we honoured a woman who was so incredibly proud of her family who she loved unconditionally.  She prayed fervently to God for peace to find a place in her husband’s and sons’ lives.  Her calling to serve God with the Augustinian Nuns of St Mary Magdalene Monastery required determination and persistence.  For forty years she worked to establish peace in Cascia, Italy – in a time of social unrest and angst.  St Rita took pride in doing what was right, not easy.  Upon her death, her one request was a rose from her family’s garden – a seemingly impossible task in January in the northern hemisphere, yet one was found.  An impossible request granted but the highest expectations often can be attained – let’s remember that gentlemen.

Photos below are from 6 Green’s Science Investigation.

Mr Stephen Rouhliadeff, Head of Junior School

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Head of Middle School

What are the skills of the 21st century?  The question has been the cause of some debate in recent times, so I quizzed a few groups of Year 7 students this week. The most common answers included technology-themed skills such as coding, making scientific discoveries, designing robots and artificial intelligence.

Whilst technological literacy definitely makes an appearance in most frameworks, many of the ‘soft skills’ or Social Emotional Learning (SEL) competencies feature far more prominently.

The Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA) have published their flyer outlining the 21C skills that underpin the new senior syllabuses. They use the heading: “Preparing students for the changing world”.

Like QCAA, most educational organisations and departments have their own framework that seeks to provide students with the skills they will need to succeed in the 21C.

Whilst a variety of globally recognised or ‘definitive’ lists exist, most frameworks have common themes, including:

  • Collaboration and teamwork
  • Creativity and imagination
  • Critical thinking
  • Problem solving
  • Flexibility and adaptability
  • Global and cultural awareness
  • Leadership
  • Social responsibility

The development of these skills cannot simply be limited to the walls of a traditional classroom. For parents and educators, the ongoing challenge is to create environments at home and at school where these skills can be developed and fostered.

Classrooms cannot just be places where assessment drives teaching, and teachers are the source of all truth. Teachers must lead and facilitate learning and classrooms need to be flexible places where young people can collaborate, argue, solve problems and be creative. Schools and homes need to be places where cultural awareness is promoted, effective communication occurs, and empathy and self-awareness is nurtured.

How can we do this?

At a most basic level, for parents, teachers (and all adults), every single interaction we have with a young person is a teaching moment.

Ideally, each day our young men should:

  • be affirmed by a teacher
  • receive affection from a parent
  • be able to share or discuss their emotions
  • disagree with a peer and/or resolve conflict
  • question why or how
  • have time to reflect
  • smile and have fun
  • be excited about learning
  • have a chance to experience responsibility or leadership

Mr Greg O’Neill, Head of Middle School

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Head of Senior School

Last Friday afternoon, the Student Leadership Team hosted our sister school Loreto College for a social game of volleyball in Goold Hall. There was great energy and enthusiasm for this match as witnessed by the atmosphere in the hall. Certainly, the decibel counter was put under duress throughout the afternoon, such was the spirit displayed. Earlier in the first term, the Student Leaders of both Colleges met over breakfast to explore ways of fortifying our relationship as brother- sister Colleges and to schedule events throughout the year. For the record, our senior students claimed a two sets to one victory. The next social event scheduled is a debate in Term Three. I would like to thank members of the Cor Unum Spirit Committee for their assistance with catering, logistics and promotions and Year 12 Pastoral Area Leader Mr Rolls and his counterpart from Loreto College, Mrs Jan Kearney for their support of the event.

Maximising the Power of Feedback 

Earlier in the week, I attended a meeting of the College’s CRP (Collaborative and Reflective Practice) Action Research Pod exploring Effective Feedback. This group, led by Ms Kristina Whitehead and Ms Christianne Kemp, are examining the feedback processes and strategies utilised across the College with an aim of articulating and implementing a College wide model into the future.

One of the articles that I read as part of my research was entitled ‘The Secret of Effective Feedback’ by renowned British educationalist Professor Dylan William. His thesis is profound yet simple- feedback is only successful if students use it to improve their performance. Therefore, the only important thing about feedback is what students do with it. William’s contention reinforces that students must drive their own learning and that a teacher can be more effective if he/she is able to change the student’s mindset more so than the actual work product.

From an Augustinian philosophical perspective, the success of feedback is ultimately a product of the strength of the student-teacher relationship. This excerpt from the article illuminates this dynamic:

‘To give effective feedback, the teacher needs to know the student- to understand what feedback the student needs right now. And to receive feedback in a meaningful way, the student needs to trust the teacher- to believe that the teacher knows what he or she is talking about and has the student’s best interests at heart.’

I look forward to sharing the work of the Action Research Pod throughout the year.

‘We all need people who will give us feedback. That’s how we improve.’- Bill Gates

Mr Matt Levander, Head of Senior School

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Mission Week
Mission Week will be marked by a number of special events, culminating with Mission Day this Friday. Thanks to the organisation of the Student Council, there are many staff/student fixtures being held during the week: futsal, basketball, debating, netball and touch footy.

Mission day itself will bring some highlights for students from each of the three schools.

  • Junior School will experience the building of Filipino style shanty huts. Each group of five students will have a brief to follow, e.g. “You are a family of three children, a mum and a granny…. The granny will need a separate room and you must also trade a piece of card to buy her medicine…” In the plenary, the boys will learn that these briefs match the actual circumstances of the scholars whom we pay through high school in the Philippines.
  • Middle School have a student-led assembly. They have chosen some of their guests. Significantly, their very first choice was College Captain, James King. Orange Sky Laundry and Blind Eye Ministry (West End) will also pop in to let the boys know a little more about the kinds of people who are doing it tough in Brisbane this winter – and how we could help a little.
  • Senior School have “Filipino World.” Drawcards include a whole roast pig, as “lechon” is the customary feast that our staff and students receive in the Philippines. There will be sports in the Senior School precinct that the Filipinos love, like basketball and volleyball – because over the years it is Villa who have provided the equipment for such. Inside the Veritas building, the students will find an amazing array of photos and – most important – wonderful letters and videos from the scholars we help and their families. I urge each student to spend a few minutes having a look.

The day ends with our normal Mission Day highlights, such as Battle of the Bands, the teacher dunker, delicious foods, and so forth. We are very grateful to the P and F for supplying the teacher dunker and surf ride, and to Copper Blue, the P and F, Joel O’Reilly (Year 11) and Mrs Wilson for donating prizes and vouchers to the raffle. Tickets/ AFAS dollars can be bought every day from Wednesday outside Langlands. Stop press: raffle prizes also include a signed Wallabies cap by Nick “Honey Badger” Cummins, a signed Broncos cap by Andrew McCullough and a WIFI speaker.

Mass of St Rita: Thursday 24 May

Today our community came together in celebration of the Mass of St Rita. We were fortunate to have seven Augustinian priests in attendance, including newly elected Prior Provincial, Fr Peter Jones OSA. The Mass combined the red roses associated with St Rita and the red candles associated with Mission Week.

Mission and Identity at Villanova College – Talk by Paul Asnicar (parent) last Thursday

There is probably a line that begins, “Jesus, St Augustine and Pope Francis walk into a Catholic school… (but can’t find any Christianity).” What evidence would convict us today of being a Christian school?  With great courage, current parent Paul Asnicar led a discussion last Thursday evening with a group of young old boys, parents and staff on what a Christian school should look like today. His answers were wide-ranging and provocative.

When Christianity suddenly flourished in the first and second centuries – Paul told us – it was a scandalous and revolutionary movement. Led by fishermen, women, slaves, illiterates and outcasts, this movement tipped society upside down. No longer were the individualist ‘strong’ man virtues characterised by ambition and detachment to dominate society. Instead, we were to have a just kingdom built on faith, hope and love where relationship is the centre. Believers would share all they had in common, thumbing the nose at the rigid hierarchy of the time. What then happened? Isolated, sick, poor, hungry and displaced people were served and embraced by this new movement. Hospitals and schools were developed – not just for the elite, but for all.

Events such as Paul’s talk come along to remind us of the tremendous and counter-cultural heritage that we hold.

I hope that Mission Week is a small moment in our otherwise busy year when the first energy of Christianity becomes visible on campus. Even if this energy is unsettling, it serves to challenge the false gods of individual achievement which can dominate our culture today.

John Holroyd, Dean of Mission & Identity


Mothers’ Day Stall 2018

Thank you to the many students who supported our Mothers’ Day Stall this year.  It has been wonderful to receive so many heart-warming messages from mums who loved their gifts.

I would like to acknowledge the generosity of Mrs Nicki Hall, who donated some of her beautifully designed earrings for us to include in gift packs. If you missed out, her stunning collection can be viewed at

The proceeds of this successful stall will support two causes, one locally (Breast Cancer Research) and one globally (Adult Literacy and Numeracy Program in the Philippines).  We are always very appreciative of any support for our Mothers’ and Fathers’ Day stalls, whether it be donations of goods or purchasing of gifts for those special people in our lives.

Kath Underhill (, Helen Palmer, Jo Kieseker and our amazing Middle School Ministry students(YAYMITES)


AFAS – What will you be doing during the Christmas Holidays this year?

  • Going on holidays to be beach

  • Maybe some gardening

  • Some repair work around home

NOT Villanova staff, parents and old boys, Juanita and Peter Jacobs, Bruce Stuart, Mark Edgerton and Tony Hindmarsh, who will join with seven past students on Kinatarcan to spend eight days as labourers under the direction of Filipino builders as they assist with the construction of a building to house all the mat weaving machines.  This provides women on the island the opportunity to obtain a much-needed income.

As you can gather from the above photos, they will not have access to modern building mod cons.


  • Cement trucks or cement mixers – ALL concrete mixed by hand
  • Trucks to transport cement, gravel and all other materials to building site-carried to site after been delivered to the beach by boat from mainland

  • Nearby modern convenience stores to purchase meals

In next week’s Villa View, we will officially launch the 2018 Elders Appeal and ways to assist with raising the $8000 required to fund this project.

To kick start the Appeal and in conjunction with the 70th Anniversary Concert, $10.00 from every Augustine: The Way CD sold will be donated to the Elders Appeal.



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Brigham Young University Wind Symphony

Last Friday evening, Villanova College hosted the members of Brigham Young University Wind Symphony.  They kindly visited us as their final destination on a three-week Australian tour that led them to many amazing performance spaces around our country.  It was a great afternoon and evening of fellowship and music that was an incredible opportunity to be a part of.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our wonderful Music Support Group who assisted with the feeding of our guests and students (thank you Hartley’s!) and catered for our audience members so well.  I would also like to recognise the efforts of our staff and students who assisted across the visit with front and back of house roles.  It was a great team effort and an excellent experience for our students.

The concert was something to behold.  After every song shared by BYU, our audience were giving standing ovations – the music and performance were most deserving of the acclaim!  From inspiring renditions of band classics, through to an amazing new arrangement of Waltzing Matilda (created by their lead flautist), the students gave an inspired performance led by their director Professor Don Peterson.

Thank you to those who came and supported this event – I am very happy you shared in a very special moment in music here at Villanova.

Aldo Rodriguez Delgado – Workshop and Concert

Our Guitar ensembles and String Sinfonia will be performing with Cuban Guitar Legend, Aldo Rodriguez Delgado tonight, Thursday 24 May in the Hanrahan Theatre.  The concert commences at 7pm and will also feature students from Loreto College and the Anglican Church Grammar School.  Tickets are currently on sale until 6pm online and available through the link below.  There will be limited tickets available at the door – please book early to avoid disappointment.  I strongly encourage you coming along to witness this fine musician in person – it will be a fantastic opportunity.

Again, please acquaint yourself with Aldo’s music via the following film clips:

Entertainment Books

All Year 5 students are asked to return any unsold Entertainment Books to the Music Office in the book’s original envelope.  This envelope allows us to identify whose book has been returned and therefore avoid confusion when completing our stocktake.

If you have purchased books, these are available for collection from the Music Office.  Books and digital memberships are still available for purchase either online or through the Music Office.  Please contact Alison on 3394 5691 or email for further information.

Rehearsals and Lessons to end of term

All lessons and rehearsals will continue as per usual through to the end of term.  As we are now in a rehearsal period leading up to QCMF, we expect members to be present at all sessions unless previously arranged with your ensemble director.  As per program policy, we do require all Seniors to attend during exam block – we expect that study arrangements can be made around the time gifted away from school during this period.

Grandparents’ Morning Tea

Our Year 5 musicians will be performing for Grandparents as part of our annual Grandparents’ Morning Tea on Tuesday 5 June.  Students will be required for rehearsal before school as per usual (regular Tuesday rehearsals) – students in Year 5 who perform in Year 6 ensembles will be notified of rehearsal arrangements for this event.  We look forward to sharing the work we have completed over the past term with our families – it is going to be great fun!

More information regarding the event aside from the musical performance will be distributed through the Junior School.

Music Support Group and QCMF Meeting

Our next QCMF / Music Support Group meeting will be convened on Monday 4 June.  The meeting commences at 7:30pm and is convened in the Music Classroom on Level 1 of the Augustine Centre.  Please come along and learn a little more about how our group supports your son through his music experience.

Date Claimers

As per tradition, we cast our eyes over the coming term.  Please note the following in your diaries:

Term 2
Week Date Activity
6 Thursday 24 May Aldo Rodriguez Delgado – International Guitar Concert
7 1 – 2 June Tony MacPherson – Augustine: The Way Concert
8 Monday 4 June Music Supporter’s Group/ QCMF Meeting – 7:30pm
8 Tuesday 5 June Grandparents’ Morning Tea (Year 5 Ensembles)

Mr Michael Jones, Director of Music

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Over many years, Villanova has earnt an excellent reputation within the AIC sporting association for its high level of sportsmanship and conduct shown on and off the sports field. At the AIC Ecumenical Service held at the commencement of each year we are reminded that all AIC Colleges share similar values and each College expects the highest standards from their communities when competing. From time to time students, spectators and coaches from all Colleges including Villanova can and do get things wrong in the heat of the moment. As we approach the halfway point of the footy season, I ask all involved to be mindful of their actions. Respect for our College, the opposition and officials must always be upheld. Overall, the level of behavior shown by the Villanova community throughout the footy season has been very good.

Our cross-country program is now in full swing as training for both the Year 5 and Year 6 and Year 7 – Year 12 squads have commenced. It is pleasing to report that we have the numbers to proceed with the annual Cross County Camp. All information, permission and payment forms have been emailed to all those who expressed an interest to attend the camp. Please read the Cross-Country section below for further details.

I congratulate all chess, rugby and football players for their efforts over the weekend. The results across the board from Rounds 1 – 3 have been pleasing. There is no sugar coating our results from the weekend though. Iona dominated the day both in rugby and football. When playing sport, we must accept our wins and losses.  Although the results didn’t go our way, I was particularly pleased with the fight shown by our teams overall. The boys gave it a ‘fair dinkum crack’ and in my book, I am proud of the way our boys conducted themselves, fought to the end and represented our College with pride. The message this week is simple, dust off last weekend, lets move forward and look forward to the challenge of improving our game against Padua this weekend.

This weekend will be a tough round against Padua College. Villanova will host most of the Year 5 -Year 8 games and Padua will host most of the Year 9 – Year 12 games. It is surely going to be a closely contested round, the boys are pumped and ready to go! I ask all Villanova men to be confident and to put their best performance out there on the paddock this weekend. Enjoy!


AIC Chess, Rugby and Football Fixtures, Friday 25 and Saturday 26 May – Times and Venues

All times and venues for this weekend’s fixtures against Padua College are available on the College’s website.

Villanova Sports Club – Canteen Schedule 

As we have many games at Villanova Park this weekend the Sports Club requires the assistance of all rugby and football parents to help serve and cook at the canteens. Your help is needed!

Rugby/Football Canteen Roster

Villanova Park – Round 5 v Padua – 26 May

We kindly ask parents to assist when their son arrives for warm up 30 minutes before their scheduled game.

All parents who can assist are asked to report to Mrs Robyn Gunning

Time Rugby Parents Football Parents
7.00am 7A, 7B, 8C, 6A, 5A
7.30am 5C, 6 Gold
8.00am 8A, 7C, 8 Gold, 6B, 5B
8.30am 7C, 5B, 6C 6C, 5C
9.00am 8B, 7 Gold, 8 White
9.30am 7B, 5A, 6B 6 Gold, 5 Gold
10.00am 9 White, 10 Gold
10.30am 7A, 8B, 6A 6 White, 5 White
11.30am 8A
12.00 midday Any parents who can assist

AIC Rugby – Mr Blake McLauchlan, AIC Rugby Coordinator

Villanova played 21 rugby games across the College from Year 5 – Year 12. Unfortunately, it was a tough day at the office for our boys. Overall, we won four games and lost 17; however, our teams have demonstrated that they can produce some good wins which was reflected in Rounds 1, 2 and 3. Our Year 9 – Year 12 boys did their best to stand up to the Iona boys on their own turf. In the end Iona were just too big and too strong around the paddock. Many teams created a few chances towards the end of the game and will no doubt look to capitalise on those chances in the remaining three rounds.

Congratulations to the Second XV who once again continue to dominate the aggregate competition in the Open division. As we look towards Round 5 this weekend, we currently have the Second XV, 9C’s, 6B’s and 6 Gold teams who remain undefeated.

I wish all teams the best of luck for Round 5 versus Padua College.

AIC Rugby Results v Iona

Rugby Results – Round 4 V IONA
Team Opposition Results Villanova Opposition
First XV IONA L 27 41
Second XV IONA W 28 12
Third XV IONA L 0 41
Fourth XV IONA L 7 36
10A IONA L 7 29
10B IONA L 5 70
9A IONA L 5 14
9B IONA L 17 19
9C IONA W 49 7
8A IONA L 0 50
8B IONA L 0 78
7A IONA L 10 20
7B IONA L 7 53
7C IONA L 0 31
6A IONA L 7 45
6B IONA W 21 17
6C IONA L 10 26
6 Gold IONA W 25 17
5A IONA L 0 38
5B IONA L 21 28
5C IONA L 12 60

AIC Chess – Mrs Sally England, AIC Chess Coordinator

The excitement is growing after the fantastic win against Iona in Round 4 of the chess, much to Mr Stariha’s liking.  All teams won on the night except one, leaving the team in the race for the premiership. This has continued the great start from last year. The last three rounds against Padua, St Peter’s and Ashgrove will come down to the wire.  The Open’s, Senior A and Intermediate A teams are still undefeated and so are certainly on track for a great season.

Tomorrow is Mission Day and hence free dress, so please remember that students must bring their uniforms to change into as we are away at Padua. The bus hopes to leave by 2.45pm at the latest.  Return will hopefully be around 6 – 6.30pm. Please let myself, or Mrs Warren know if you son cannot attend because they are sick or have another commitment. Practice and coaching sessions are still on for this week and next and the championships are continuing.  Good luck to all the boys for tomorrow.

AIC Chess Results v Iona

TEAM Opposition Villanova Score Opposition Score Result

 AIC Football – Mr Anthony Kemp, AIC Football Coordinator

Iona proved to be a formidable opponent in the previous round. Overall Villanova had nine wins, five draws and 17 losses. I would like to congratulate all the teams that fought hard for their win against such a quality football outfit in Iona.

Unfortunately, the first XI had their first taste of defeat for the season going down in a nail-biting 3 – 2 loss. The boys were no doubt the better side in the opening half taking a 1 – 0 lead into half time. Iona were then able to quickly capitalise on a few opportunities handed to them with two quick goals changing the momentum of the match. Iona then stretched the lead with another goal before Villanova chased them down with a goal of our own to set up a thrilling finish to the game. There were some tough lessons learnt for the boys and I am sure they are looking to make amends this weekend against Padua.

I remind all players the importance of training to the best of their ability to ensure that what is practised at training filters into the game. There have been numerous close games this season and if players continue to put in the hard work, hopefully we can turn some of these close results into wins for Villa!

Parents are reminded that they are not to approach a coach, referee or any member of the opposing school. If there any issues or concerns that parents may have regarding football, they should be directed to the Football Coordinator or Director of Sport.

AIC Football Results v Iona

Villanova College – Football Results – Round 4 v IONA





First XI IONA L 2 3
Second XI IONA L 1 2
Third XI IONA L 0 1
Fourth XI IONA L 1 4
Fifth XI IONA L 0 1
Sixth XI IONA W 2 1
10A IONA D 2 2
10B IONA W 1 0
10C IONA W 4 1
10Gold SLC Gold W 4 2
9A IONA L 0 4
9B IONA L 0 1
9C IONA L 0 3
9 Gold IONA W 6 1
9 White ASH Gold W 6 0
8A IONA W 2 0
8B IONA W 1 0
8C IONA D 2 2
8 Gold IONA D 1 1
7A IONA L 0 2
7B IONA L 0 1
7C IONA L 0 1
7 Gold IONA L 1 2
6A IONA L 1 3
6B IONA L 2 5
6C IONA L 0 3
6 Gold IONA W 3 0
6 White IONA D 1 1
5 A IONA W 4 3
5 B IONA W 2 1
5C IONA D 0 0
5 Gold IONA L 0 1
5 White IONA L 0 1

Villanova Cross Country

AIC Cross Country Camp – I am pleased to announce that all places are full for the up-coming Cross-Country Camp. In fact, we have a waiting list. Information forms regarding the camp were emailed to all parents on Tuesday of this week. We ask that the following forms be returned as below.

  • Permission Form – to be returned to the College by Wednesday 30 May
  • Medical Form – to be returned to the College by Wednesday 30 May
  • Payment Form – to be returned to the College by Friday 15 June

AIC Date Claimers:

All the AIC meets listed below apply to both the Year 5 and Year 6 and Year 7 – Year 12 squads at the same venue on the same day.

  • Wednesday 27 – 29 June Villanova Cross Country Camp at Currimundi Recreation Centre (Open to all Year 7 – Year 12 students only)
  • Saturday 21 July AIC Meet at Limestone Park hosted by St Peter’s and St Edmund’s Colleges.  This will be held in the afternoon after the trial round against Ashgrove in basketball/tennis
  • Saturday 28 July
  • Year 7 – Year 12 Parkrun at Stones Corner, 7am. Students meet at Goold Hall (Villanova College) at 6.30am to jog down together.
  • Year 5 and Year 6, training session at White Hill Reserve 8 – 9am
  • Friday 3 August AIC Meet at Runcorn hosted by St Laurence’s College. We are looking to play all Year 5 and Year 6 basketball games during this week on Saturday morning not Friday afternoon to allow boys to attend the SLC Cross Country meet. TBC
  • Wednesday 9 August AIC CHAMPIONSHIP at Limestone Park

Note that the College will supply bus transportation to and from each venue listed above.

Years 7 – Year 12 Cross Country

Training continues every Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings from 6.45am. All are welcome.

Year 5 and Year 6 Cross Country 

Training continues Monday and Wednesday afternoon from 3.15pm to 4.30pm at Langlands. The boys are to meet Mr Conlan at Goold Hall straight after school and will be walked down to training. Parents are to collect their sons from training at the scheduled finish time.

The juniors now have two weeks of training under their belts. They should have found out by now that running is a little more complicated than running around the block a couple of times. We are having excellent support from Year 5 runners and there is a solid core from Year 6 training both nights. Boys who are unable to train both Mon and Wed can avail themselves of the Villa Runners Club. All prospective XC runners should have received a note about running activities, and the Villa Runners Club. For those who want some “fitness work” here is the section on VRC.


Open to all students/parents/siblings/friends!

This activity is an initiative of the AIC (Year 5 and Year 6) Cross Country Coach, Mr Tom Lonergan. It is an opportunity for all AIC Cross Country runners to complete an extra training session each week. Parents and siblings of the athletes, wanting to improve their fitness, are invited to participate in the training. One of the training activities will be a Tabata session. This is an anaerobic task, it complements fitness for running. The Bush Trails will also be utilised for development of endurance in the athletes. Further information about this program can be gained by contacting Mr Lonergan email:

Villa Runners Club will be offered every Sunday, from Sun 18 May (4 – 5pm) through to Sun 14 October.

AIC Tennis Trials 

Any student who wishes to play tennis for Villanova must complete a ‘Trimester 3 Sign-On Form’ (available on the web). The initial trials will be held at Morningside Tennis Centre the week after the rugby and football season concludes, that is, the week beginning Monday 11 June.

The managers of each age group will conduct these trials and they will select four players in each team plus two reserves for the age group. Once these trial sessions are completed, the official training schedule (to be published soon) will commence early in Term 3.

Note all teams from Year 7 – Year 12 will have two training sessions. Both sessions will be conducted before school from 6.30-7.45am on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. One of these sessions will be taken by a specialised tennis coach. The team manager will take the other session. All players are to attend both sessions. The College will only provide transport back to school after the morning sessions. Students from Year 5 and Year 6 will also have two training sessions; both will be conducted after school on Tuesday and Wednesday from 4.15-5.45pm. Please consider this information before signing on. Game dates are as per the College calendar.

All tennis training and trials will be held at Morningside Tennis Centre. 

AIC Basketball Trials

Any boy wishing to make an AIC basketball team must complete the ‘Trimester 3 Sign-on Form’ to register their interest (available on the web).

All trials will commence the week beginning Monday 11 June. Each age group will have at least two trial sessions within this first week of trials. Year 5 and Year 6 trials will be conducted during school hours. A trial schedule will be posted in next week’s newsletter and on the College’s website. After two trial weeks, the coaches/managers will then select all teams within that age group.

All trials will be conducted in Goold Hall, Clem Jones or on the outside courts on campus. Once teams are selected, a regular training schedule will be followed. Please note that several teams will train at Clem Jones Basketball Arena on Tuesday and/or Thursday morning 6.30 – 8.00am. Students are to find their own way to Clem Jones. The College will organise a bus to transport all players back to school.

Mr Craig Stariha, Director of Sport


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Parent Information

The Way – Parent Support

On Tuesday, Villanova College Parent Representatives were invited to a Morning Tea to hear about the wonderful upcoming event to celebrate the College’s 70 Year Celebrations, The Way.

The response was fabulous, and we thank all who took the time to come along and be part of the great community spirit that Villanova College is famous for.

The overall positive feedback received is that they now feel enlightened about this event and do not want to miss out on what will be a spectacular night of entertainment.

We would like to encourage each member of the Villanova College community to consider coming along to this gala event, with first class performers, both internationally acclaimed and our very own, great atmosphere and above all a creative understanding about the life of St Augustine.

Steve Bremner and Kath Underhill (Event Organisers)

Year 7 – Annual Family catch-up

Where: Camp Hill Bowls Club

When: 3pm Sunday 10 June

Cost: $22 per family (inc bowls + sausage sizzle for the kids)

Payment via Flexischools

Contact: Karen & Sharon for Villanova Year 7, 2018.;

Library Roster

Monday 28 May

Sylvia Wright

Tuesday 29 May

Susanna Greaves

Wednesday 30 May

Donna Leahy

Thursday 31 May

Maritsa Malanos

Maryanne Bingham

Sue Mulligan

Friday 1 June

Jane Whipps

Tuckshop Roster






























































































Robinson – Ilka

















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Calendar of Events

The Way – Friday 1 & Saturday 2 June

Don’t forget to book your tickets for ‘The Way’ – Two Nights Only – 1 & 2 June

This year’s 70th Anniversary performances will feature a very special ‘Father & Son’ treat. Playing Augustine and his son, Simon Hyland (Villanova old boy -1993) and son Samson Hyland, will be performing in the production of ‘Augustine: The Way’: Friday 1st and Saturday 2nd June, Hanrahan Theatre.

Samson is following in his dad’s footsteps and developing a history of performance in professional musical productions. Recent appearances have been with the Australian Opera and at the Capital Theatre in Sydney. Simon’s repertoire includes Miss Saigon, Hot Shoe Shuffle, and was also in the film South Pacific with Harry Connick Junior.

Take a look at the full cast.…/upl…/2018/05/Cast-Bio-Flyer.pdf

Tickets are selling fast, so don’t forget to book now for the best seats.

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Community Update

Loreto College – Student Dance Yr 7-10

Loreto are holding a “Hawaiian Hustle” Dance for years 7 – 10 on Friday 25th May at Carina PCYC. 

The dance will run from 7pm – 10pm.  Entry cost is $12 + current Student ID.

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Archives Anecdote


1974 proved to be a vintage year for rugby at Villanova College.  The First XV won the T.A.S. Shield and three members of the team: John Dawson (Capt.), Brian Reeve and Geoff Lawler all gained selection into the Queensland Schoolboys Team.

Captain, John Dawson [front row, third from left] gained his football experience through the primary and minor “A” grade T.A.S. sides.  His outstanding tactical ability as a centre gained him selection in the 1973 First XV, in which he combined with co-centre Brian Canavan in launching many successful attacks on the opposition’s try line.  Captaincy of the 1974 side was granted to John because of his unique qualities of leadership and determination.

Geoff Lawler [back row, second from right] became the first Villanovan to gain full representative honours against an international team. As Footballer of the Year, this was a great achievement and  just reward for a player who contributed a great deal to the success of the First XV.

Mr. Graham Prange coached this First XV and was known as the small man wielding the big stick! The stick was not one of punishment but rather of dedication, discipline and respect.  He viewed his coaching role as that of teacher and trainer, using his knowledge in these fields to coach the team.

View the 1974 premiership jersey and player information currently displayed in the Junior School Administration Office.

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