The highest performing students at Villanova who show a readiness to represent the College both on and off the sporting field have the opportunity to attend district trials in their chosen sport(s). Students aged 10-12 can trial for Lytton, while those aged 13 or older can trial for Composite.

The College’s morning notices will notify students of upcoming trials. All the necessary information and forms required to attend these trials will be distributed to those interested. District sporting teams must apply through the Sports Office.

The information below will be updated as the College receives Composite/ Met East trial information. The trial paperwork for the sports listed below are now available from the Sports Office.

Sport Age groups Paperwork due back to the Sports Office
Tennis 13-19 Years 4 February, 2021
Golf 10-19 Years 9 February, 2021
Softball 13-19 Years 3 February, 2021


Location: Foyer, Goold Hall Phone: (07) 3394 5621 Email:


Mr Shaun McLean | Director of Sport

Mr Chris Everding | AIC Sports Leader

Mr Todd Kropp | AIC Sports Leader

Mr Nathan Dufty | Sports Administration Assistant

Villanova Park