Music at Villanova College is a true community enterprise, thanks to enthusiastic support from staff, students, parents, and the local and greater Brisbane communities. Considered an inclusive art, there is a place for all students in our music program, so long as they have the necessary desire and commitment to create music at the highest possible standard.

Villanova has a proud tradition of music that dates back to the College’s second Rector, Fr John Hanrahan, and we encourage all students to be part of the music program.

Junior School Music Program

While attending Junior School, all students participate in two music classes each week: a classroom music session and an instrumental/performance session.

All Year 5 boys learn an instrument as part of the Curricular Instrumental Music Program. This begins with the careful process of introducing the boys to the instruments and teaching them about each one. Once the students are familiar, we conduct surveys and tests with the boys and their parents to ensure each student plays the instrument most suited to their wishes and talents.

Once instruments have been assigned, many parents choose to purchase that particular instrument for their son. Alternatively, parents can hire instruments from the College. All music lessons occur during school time, as this is part of the curriculum for all Year 5 students.

In Year 6, students continue their involvement in the Curricular Instrumental Music Program, either as a part of the Performance Music strand (mastering their chosen instrument) or in the General Music strand, which explores a variety of music appreciation topics.

All Year 6 students in the Performance Music strand are required to perform in their chosen band or orchestra one morning each week.

All Junior School boys are also invited to be involved in the exciting Junior School Choir, which also rehearses one morning each week.

Music Performance Program (Middle & Senior School)

Middle and Senior School students do not receive instrumental tuition as a class subject, as more advanced curricular studies take priority. However, boys who wish to continue learning an instrument and performing in College ensembles are able to enter the prestigious Music Performance Program.

The Music Performance Program is a comprehensive course providing tuition by many of Queensland’s finest musicians and educators. Students in the program also benefit from involvement in the College’s many ensembles, which are listed in the Opportunities for Involvement section below.

Many Villanova students find that this classroom music elective strengthens their understanding of music and greatly complements their performance abilities, which can help them stand out in future jobs and pursuits. Most of our senior boys are also actively involved in sports with little or no conflict, as there is great support between these two respected areas.

Opportunities for Involvement

Villanova College boasts more than 30 performing groups including:

  • Symphony orchestras
  • String orchestras
  • Concert bands
  • Vocal ensembles
  • Guitar ensembles
  • Percussion ensembles
  • Jazz ensembles
  • Commercial (contemporary) ensembles
  • Irish ensembles
  • Chamber string, woodwind and brass ensembles

Students are also involved in all aspects of stage performance during the biennial musical theatre production put on by Villanova College and Loreto College Coorparoo.

Senior musicians attend a music camp every year with the Loreto College students, where friendships are made and last beyond high school. Our top senior ensembles tour nationally and internationally, and annually play host to professional visiting guest artists such as James Morrison, The Idea of North, The Ten Tenors, Doch Gypsy Orchestra, The Grigoryan Brothers and the Australian Army Band.

In addition, Villanova offers students training and experience in backstage and technical lighting, and sound recording and production. This is available through the College’s Music Stage Crew and Technical Crew positions.