Principal's Welcome

Dear Members of the Villanova College Family
Last week a number of special occasions were held, reflecting the importance of creating a strong and vibrant community. On Thursday night, the Year 6 Mother and Son Evening was held in Goold Hall.  A most enjoyable evening was experienced by all and the young men of Year 6 appreciated having their mothers present and attentive during the evening. The hall was transformed by Mrs Maria Mascadri and her band of helpers and the tables were decorated beautifully. The highlight of the evening was Mr Stephen Rouhliadeff, Head of Junior School sharing his own story of the love he has for his mother.

Following the Year 6 event, College staff of the College and Senior Class of 2018 attended the Staff and Senior Banquet. The unique event saw staff sitting together with senior students to share a meal and enjoy great conversations. I was most impressed with the hospitality of the students and the warmth of their interactions with staff. Once again Mr Tony Rolls and the band of Year 12 parents did an excellent job catering the event.

The final event of the week was the opening and blessing of the Memorial Garden at Villanova Park on Saturday morning. Staff and students who have died while working or attending the College over the past seventy years were remembered with a memorial stone and planted tree. Many past families, Old Boys and members of our community were present to pay their respects. Fr Peter Wieneke OSA, College Chaplain blessed each memorial stone and lead the prayers of remembrance.

Mother’s Day

I wish all our Mothers a most enjoyable day on Sunday as we recognise the wonderful gift of Motherhood. I hope families take the opportunity to say thank you and to hug their mums.


Please keep in your prayers the Templeton family following the recent death of Mr Bradley McDowall, husband of Vicki Templeton and father of Jake Templeton (2013), Adam Templeton (2015) and Lachlan Templeton (2017).

May his soul and the souls of all the faithful departed rest in peace, Amen

You have made us for Yourself O Lord

And our hearts are restless until they rest in You.

God bless

Mr Mark Stower, College Principal

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Head of Junior School

External testing brings about many opinions, by professional educators, parents and students.  Typically, it encourages a debate where the “whole person” is on one side, and “data” sits on the other.  In the Junior School, we are finding that there is great merit in explicit planning, strategizing and practicing past papers for the NAPLAN (National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy) that will take place between Tuesday May 15 and Thursday May 17.  We believe in giving our students the opportunity to get their best results in Mathematics and Literacy tests.

NAPLAN occurs each year in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9.  There is a natural tendency to wonder as a parent “what the point is”?  What I have learned about NAPLAN as an educator and parent is that there is a way to balance the perspective of how the results can be of use.  As an educator, I can be very mindful of how the learner approaches the tasks – resilience, adherence to instructions, completion within time limits and then see if they can work at expected outcomes for the year level against national standards. Yes, it is a stand-alone piece of assessment, but every student is given the same situation, so the comparison has real indicators.

During NAPLAN, the Year 5 staff will be sure to omit homework, creating learning activities that are hands-on and inspiring.  There will be the highest support for absolutely “doing our best”.  The actual results we will receive in September – there is no impact on report cards – nor will these achievements be likely to surprise class teachers who will already know where each student is achieving at this point.

What we can do, is consider the Year 3 results with Year 5 results.  Is there growth?  Are there areas where key concepts might need support?  Mathematics and Literacy are essential for life-long learning and deserve our attention.  As a parent, I can be realistic about giving my sons (currently in Year 7 and 9) encouragement to manage this week with the appropriate mix of serenity, sanity and joy.  Ultimately, exercise, sleep and favourite dinners – even a couple of treats in the lunch box – will see them through.  Humour will help greatly.  Our expectations will be to remember to read instructions carefully, concentrate and answer every question, even if unsure.  Let the reminders about time left be sure to guide the pace.  Know that once the paper is handed in, the world keeps spinning.  With Year 12s undergoing a change for University Entry scoring from 2019, it is inevitable that our young Villanovans will need to develop capacities, over time, to manage and perform in external exams.

Last Saturday I had the absolute privilege of being at Villanova Park for the AIC rugby and football games.  From early morning to late afternoon, the green and gold jerseys scored tries, conversions and goals over numerous fields and across all age levels.  Our College spirit was present in competitors, Old Boys visiting and supporters.  The Canteen rotated volunteers from dusk until dawn so that the infamous bacon and egg wraps fed the champions and comforted those who will be victorious another day.  It was the tunnels for teams entering the fields as well as the war cries that shook us to the core.  It means everything when voices cheer and hands clap loudly to show the lads from Year 5 right through to the Firsts that we are united by tradition and competition.  I was impressed to see so many Junior School families stay to watch the games well into Saturday afternoon.  Thank you for following the instructions to wear the College Academic Uniform (grey shirt and tie) to all senior games.

Over the next few weeks the Junior School boys will be hearing the promotion of the College Mission Day, which is to be held on Friday May 25.  Mission Day is a major fundraising event for the families and students Villanova College support in the Philippines.  The boys will have the opportunity to participate in social justice activities as well as purchase tickets to buy all kinds of food and drink, as well as play games.  Tickets are sold in $1, $2 and $5 bundles with $10 to $15 being more than suitable for our young boys to participate whole-heartedly in the Middle and Senior School stalls and activities.  Mrs Rouhliadeff will coordinate the pre-purchasing of tickets for each class so that the boys are ready for the big day.  Parent volunteers will be sought in due course for BBQs, serving and stall coordination.  It is a wonderful day to be mindful of helping those less fortunate than ourselves.  A time for awareness beyond our shores and how a community can make changes that truly matter.

Mr Stephen Rouliadeff, Head of Junior School


Yr 6 Mother & Son Evening – Photos available to download

We are pleased to advise that Studio Kirby took some wonderful professional photos on the night and these event photos are now available to view and download.

Website Link:

– click Events & Extra-Curricular Photos

– select Villanova icon

– select Mother Son Evening event

– password villa18 (lowercase)

(direct link –

Hi-res downloads available by selecting the photo

– click Buy Photo

– Digital Media

– select Free Hi-res $0 option
(will prompt for an email address – all files sent to supplied email address)

Any print options will be sent to the home address approx 2 weeks from order date.

Photos will be available online for minimum 12 months.

Thank-you to the parents who have also sent in these adorable photos from the evening:


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Head of Middle School

Last week our Year Nine students travelled to Pindari Dam, NSW, for their annual camp. Ask any Old Boy from the last ten years or any current student in the Senior School which camp they enjoyed the most and Year Nine will almost certainly be the answer.

It’s odd when you consider that this experience is designed to take the boys out of their ‘comfort zone’. It requires them to cook and clean for themselves. They must heat their own water to take a shower. Environmental Long Drop toilets are all they get to use, and at the end of a hard day, it is not a comfortable bed that awaits, but a utilitarian swag.

The activities are both fun and challenging. There is the dusty and physically demanding buggy course. There is the at times cantankerous pull start of the outboards on the boats. The ‘Buttress’ climb is challenging to everyone, but to those with a fear of heights, it is a chance to show themselves how courageous they really are. They had to navigate the bush using only a GPS into which they had entered the data. On top of that there were bush survival skills to learn and, more importantly because it concerns food, how to cook a range of things without burning the meal, the pot, or their mouths. The greatest challenge however was learning to get on with their mates; especially when tired and/or hungry.

Building resilience and grit and managing stress and anxiety are two of our social emotional priorities. Put into an environment where risk-taking (albeit in a controlled, supervised and safe way) becomes the norm, it is amazing just how well the average student not only copes but thrives! Over the three nights and four days, the boys were incredible. Regularly demonstrating leadership qualities including communication, empathy, delegation, motivation, responsibility and selflessness, the boys not only supported each other but the staff as well.

Special thanks to Mr Peter Simpson for his planning and coordination, and to Mrs Vicki Lamb and Mr Matt McGrath for their support. I also extend a heart-felt thanks to Mr Shawn Creamer, Ms Theresa Henry, Ms Danielle Sim, Mr Jack O’Hare, Mr Sean O’Neill, Mr Alex Sullivan, Mr Adrian Hellwig, Ms Georgia Mills-Geer, Ms Julie Colbert, Mrs Nichole Rouhliadeff and Old Boy Ben Stuart for their attendance on the camp. Without the support of our staff, such experiences are not possible for our young men, and I truly appreciate the sacrifices they made to attend.

Mr Greg O’Neill, Head of Middle School

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Head of Senior School

Introduction to Senior Schooling Information Evening
On Tuesday evening, Mr Stower, Mr Christie and I presented to Year 9 and 10 parents and students important information pertaining to the realities of the new Queensland system for senior assessment and the College’s readiness in preparing our first cohort (our current Year 10 students) for success in 2020.

Judging by the size of the audience coupled with the questions submitted prior to the evening, our parent community is fully engaged in partnering the College in supporting and empowering our young men as they enter the new system with positivity and purpose. The presentation slides are available on the Parent Lounge for further perusal and I strongly encourage all parents that if you have any further questions, particularly regarding the subject confirmation and SET Plan process and the College’s expectations regarding courses of study, please contact Mr Christie or myself.

Cor Unum Villanova Spirit
Last Friday and Saturday’s chess, football and rugby fixtures against St Laurence’s College in the Senior Study Centre and at Villanova Park were, as expected, fiercely contested. I would like to extend my congratulations to the players and coaching staff of the Senior Chess Team as well as the First XI and First XV for their victories. The College spirit exhibited at Villanova Park was incredibly special with the atmosphere generated by students, parents and Old Boys making it a day which will long be remembered. There was a significant investment of time and energy throughout last week in making this round special. The Cor Unum Spirit Committee are to be congratulated for their leadership in this regard. Furthermore, I would like to affirm the creative talents of Year 12 student Billy Turner for his promotional video which undoubtedly captured the hearts of students and Old Boys who responded with one of the largest crowds at Villanova Park ever witnessed.

Student Leadership
Tomorrow, the Student Leadership Team will host the College Assembly. Members of the team will present to the student body key initiatives and projects for this term including Mission Day and the Senior School student led academic tutoring program for Junior and Middle School students. The enthusiasm and contribution made by this year’s SLT has been incredibly pleasing.

At last Friday’s Staff Senior Banquet, College Captain James King spoke to his peers and teachers about the importance of every Villanova senior student leaving their mark during their final year at the College, without any regrets of missed experiences. I would like to share with you an excerpt from his speech:

The journey which we set upon in these last three terms is one which entails many emotions. Happiness, relief, sorrow and perhaps even adversity is something we will all be overcome by as we set sight on the finish line.

However, something which is not acceptable is regret. For many of us we are 92% of the way through our Villa journey. So, my question for you tonight is what will you do with your last 8%? Sure, of course be proud of what we have all achieved so far in the white shirts – especially this week – but understand that there is still a path we must follow that involves your help. 

Will you be the man to play an instrumental role in QCMF? Will you be that guy, who leads the pack in the QCS, tackling multiple choice after multiple choice? Will you be the boy who shines in ministry events such as the sleep out or mission day? 120 days is all we have left to cement our own legacy here. Let’s all make sure we have memories to remember.

‘A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way.’- John C Maxwell

Mr Matt Levander, Head of Senior School

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Curriculum Update

Term 2 Tutoring Opportunities

Tutoring Schedule

Collaborative and Reflective Practice
Each year a staggering amount of research is published in the field of education; research that on an everyday basis we as busy teachers rarely have time to sift through.

From lesson design to effective use of technology in the classroom, educators are expected to simply keep up-to-date. Yet, with these rapid changes, it can be a bit tricky balancing everyday demands and professional growth. Just like the learners we teach, teachers need a time and space to come together and learn as well.

Villanova’s Collaborative and Reflective Practice Program for teachers, or CRP for short, does just that. It provides a much needed space for teachers to not only stop and talk about current research and educational trends, but also reflect and grow in practice as well.

AITSL chair and Laureate Professor John Hattie of The University of Melbourne University acknowledges that “the biggest effects on student learning occur when teachers became learners of their own teaching”.

Taking this philosophy on board, Villanova College CRP teachers set aside time in their busy schedules to unpack, share and discuss important points about effective teaching and learning. Teachers have set classrooms up with a variety of video technologies to record how best our students learn and, with the help of current research, reflected on our practice to gain a better understanding of the impact we are making. CRP teachers have also grown interest in the student perspective and have often used student surveys or interview to provide further insights.

CRP teachers have celebrated their teaching journeys and come together to share these across pod teams for even further value. Special end-of-year showcase evenings have not only enabled teachers to gain motivation in their development, but built better connections across teams for further collaboration.

Like any profession, continual development in our art as practitioners is necessary and through the Collaborative and Reflective Program we don’t have to do it alone.

It is my honour and privilege to facilitate this program and share its insights with you.

Current Pod Teams
Year 5 Teachers Pod
Year 6 Teachers Pod
Year 7 Teachers Pod
Year 8 Humanities Teachers Pod
Year 8 Maths/Science Teachers Pod
Performing Arts Teachers Pod
Effective Feedback Action Research Pod

Stay tuned to hear more about CRP in future Villa View’s.

Kristina Whitehead, Program Leader – Collaborative and Reflective Practices


Young Leader’s Breakfast
Recently Liam Hampson, Ronan Hughes and Riley Pownall, the 2018 President, Vice President and Treasurer of the Student Council attended a Young Leader’s Breakfast hosted by Terri Butler, the Federal member for Griffith at the Queensland Cricketer’s Club.

Our students joined other student leaders from schools in Griffith to hear Professor Sharyn Rundle-Thiele, Director of Social Marketing at Griffith University, speak about her work in using marketing and advertising strategies to achieve social change.

Breeanna Brock, Women’s CEO with the Brisbane Lions AFC was inspiring as she spoke to the students about developing traits that require “zero talent” such as being on time, putting in extra effort, developing a work ethic and having a great attitude, in order to stand out and advance in the workplace.

Web.Comp 2018
More than 6,000 students from around the world participated in Grok Learning’s Web.Comp 2018, a global competition for school students, which teaches them to code as they compete.

Students competed over five weeks from February 26th – April 1st, using HTML and CSS to design websites of increasing sophistication and complexity.

Computer science skills are critical, whether wanting to cure cancer, solving global warming or unlocking the secrets of the universe. It is pleasing to see so many students making a positive start and it is hoped that their successes may encourage other people to also take up coding.

Competition results have now been released and we congratulate Jakob Ternel, Year 11, on achieving a perfect score of 240 in the Senior Division of this competition.  Well done Jakob.

Kathryn Duncan, Middle and Senior School Technologies Curriculum Area Leader

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Blessing of Memorial at Villanova Park
Amid the bustle and drama of the football on Saturday, a large and reflective group gathered to honour the memory of 19 staff and students who have passed away during their time at Villanova College. To see so many old boys and family members, from different generations, was humbling. It brought powerfully into view what often remains unseen, namely that there is a kind of homing signal that calls us back to the College. At important moments in our history, moments of remembering, there is a desire to physically meet and pay tribute to those who took their turn in establishing the true spirit of the college.

It was appropriate that Year 5 students were enjoying their rugby at precisely the time when the 19 memorial stones were being blessed. I sense that the former staff and students would have wanted it this way: their legacy creates a joy and opportunity for the current generation, and for boys yet to wear the green and gold. Of course, when you think of Ray Thomas, Charlie Fisher and Paul Finnimore, you cannot help but feel that they would be happy to be remembered exactly while these 10 and 11 year old lads were enjoying being with their mates in team sport. At the same time, the commitment shown by so many students, to attend the service and lead the anthem shows their mettle.  Our boys humbly chose to arrive early to honour a tradition that is bigger than themselves.

Mr Adrian Hellwig, College Counsellor, deserves considerable praise for having the vision and tenacity to ensure that this memorial became a reality. On the day itself, the hospitality modelled by Mrs Robyn Gunning (catering) and Mr Clyde Wooderson (groundsman) quietly showed what Villanova stands for. Equally impressive was the fact that – long after the guests had gone – it was Ministry Captain Tom Balshaw and Student Council President, Liam Hampson who were doing the washing up!

Special Symposium on Villanova College in its 70th year as a Catholic School
Some spirit has got into the waters at Villanova College. Visitors often remark upon it as it makes itself felt in warm hospitality, and in the character and courtesy of the students. An occasion where these qualities where very much on show was the Staff-Senior Banquet on Friday last. It felt like a privilege – as a staff member – to part of such a warm and humble community. It was clear that the Villanova young man is a balanced man of character ready to make a difference in the world. But what puts this spirit into Villanova? Where did it come from?

In our 70th year, it is very clear that the faith of the five young Irish men who founded the College has played a significant part. On the evening of Thursday 17 May, we are hosting a symposium (discussion and presentation with refreshments) on the place of Christianity at Villanova College today and tomorrow. The aim is for a small group of staff, old boys, young old boys and interested community members to reflect upon what it will mean for Villanova College to keep its Christian identity over the next 70 years. Why is this important, for example in the context of the Royal Commission and an increasingly secular society?

A Villanova parent, Paul Asnicar, has kindly agreed to prepare and lead this discussion. So far, we have about six parents, staff and community members signed up. You are most welcome to come along and be part of this important conversation. It will be held in the Tolle Lege Library, from 5pm to 6.30 pm. Drinks and light refreshments will be served. Please RSVP to me:

It is important that what we call “ministry” (servant leadership and active support of the vulnerable within our community) is very much embedded in the weekly routine of the College. Looking back over Week 3, we saw a number of Ministry events and meetings. The Middle School boys continue to run the chocolate shop for AFAS, as well as the Mothers’ Day stall (for both AFAS and women’s breast cancer research). The latter will continue to sell attractive and affordable Mothers’ Day gifts at every morning tea this week until sold out.

The older students have prioritised three events for special preparation and planning: Mission Day (25 May), the Sleep-Out (10 August) and the joint talent quest with Loreto College (date to be announced). A working bee occurred on Wednesday afternoon to lay the foundation for an AFAS Garden – a special space to commemorate the 25-year relationship of friendship and solidarity with several sister schools in the Philippines. On Friday lunchtime, the same students met again to listen to a guest from St Vincent de Paul, Anthony Forshaw, outline the opportunities that exist for community outreach beyond school.

I recently paid a wonderful visit to Ms Moss’ 5 White class to provide $30 of hot chips to the students, after their stellar efforts in fund-raising for Project Compassion. I have to say that the manners and the gratitude from the boys were outstanding. I also would like to plug the great generosity of the proprietor at Robyn’s Charcoal Chicken (Stones Corner). Whenever he hears that I am rewarding a Villanova class, he fills up so many shopping bags of hot chips that it is a project getting them back to the car.

Mr John Holroyd, Dean of Mission & Identity


Villanova Old Boys go Labouring and Pay for the Privilege

Are they wise? They could be saving to pay their HECS fees or saving for a car!

In December 2018, Villanova College Old Boys, Tom Merrin (’11), Liam Edgerton (’15), Tim Kelly (’15), Campbell Muir (’15) Matt Davies (’17), Angus Tracey (‘17)  and Mark Stuart (’18) will pay their own way to Cebu in the Philippines.   They will pay for their first night’s accommodation and the next day will buy their tickets for a four-hour drive to the north of Cebu Island, where they will then take the punt for a one-hour trip to Kinatarcan Island.

On Kinatarcan Island, they will spend the next eight days as labourers under the direction of Filipino builders.

As Kinatarcan is a small island, there are no rivers or streams. Access to drinking water is an issue for the islanders, so these Villa men will be using the surf to wash off at the end of the day.

Electricity on Kinatarcan is available from (approx.) 5.00. to 10.00. pm, so the seven past students will not be taking their university texts books with them! This is probably just as well as you need your sleep to be a labourer in the heat of the Philippines.

Our past students will be participating in the second AFAS Elders (old boys, staff and parent) development project – construction of a building to house mat weaving machines.

Keep an eye on future Villa View’s for ways to assist with raising the $8000 required to fund this project.

Mr Tony Hindmarsh, AFAS Elders Coordinator


70 Years of Catholic Education at Villanova: Special Symposium. Thursday May 17th College Library, 5 pm to 6.30 pm. Refreshments provided
Villanova parent, Paul Asnicar will lead reflection on the continued importance of the Gospel in Catholic education and at Villanova College today. The evening will begin with a presentation by Paul under the title:

“Seriously Dangerous Religion: Jesus’s impact on the ancient world, why it matters today, and what does it mean for Villa?”. 

The talk will look at who Jesus thought he was, what he was up to (his mission), and how this relates to Catholic schools today.

Discussion afterwards will look at Questions like: What is the idea of a Catholic school today and tomorrow – if you were starting out fresh, what would the Catholic school look like? What do Catholic schools have to offer as we implement the findings of the Royal Commission?

5 pm gather in the Library with drinks and nibbles

5.30 to 6 pm, presentation with video resources,

6 to 6.30 pm. Discussion and asking where to next?

Who is it for: Villa parents past and present, old boys and young old boys, staff, colleagues from other schools, local parishioners.

RSVP: John Holroyd, Dean of Identity and Mission;



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Thanks – all efforts appreciated
I would like to take this opportunity to thank all students and staff involved in the activities around the commencement of Term 2.  I believe that we have had a great start to 2018 and have made some good headway in the changes that have occurred.  We have a strong program that is going to grow in number, musicality, and fellowship over the coming few years – it will be an exciting time to be involved in Music at Villanova.

At this time of the year, assessment and the winter blues begin to have an impact on enthusiasm and motivation generally.  We understand the challenges of rising to the alarm clock at (or before) sunrise, and the wonders of the cold shock as you rise this time of year.  However, I encourage you all to maintain the enthusiasm we have brought thus far if not for yourselves, then for your mates in your ensembles.

Our goal is to ensure you all have an opportunity to experience music; experience music so that you may be able to develop your ability to express any emotion constructively and effectively.  Experience music so that you may understand beauty and recognise it in any form.  Experience music so that you may develop empathy with your common man.  Your ensemble mates, and your teachers, need you working with them so that we may achieve this effectively.

I look forward to seeing you all around about the building as we busily prepare for our QCMF appearances in 11 (school) weeks-time!

Brigham Young University Wind Symphony
Next Friday, 18 May, we will be hosting the Brigham Young University Wind Symphony at Villanova College.  This ensemble is one of the best College or University level bands in the United States of America, and they are concluding their Australian tour with a workshop and performance at our School.  This is a great opportunity; akin to having the Villanova University Basketball team visit to give a display and play our First V in Goold Hall.

I would encourage all of our musicians to make the most of this opportunity by coming along to the concert with their family.  Tickets are selling quickly within our community; they are being made available to the wider public today and will be more broadly promoted.  The reputation of this ensemble is such that they will not last long.

Tickets are available from the following link and are very reasonable for an evening’s entertainment – $10 Adult, $5 Concession/ Child.  Please follow the link below to access the Trybooking page for this event.

To pique your interest, please take a look at the video links below:

JS Chamber Evening – Senior School Terraces – Tuesday 22 May
Our Year 6 students will be participating in the JS Chamber Ensemble evening on Tuesday 22 May outdoors, overlooking the city lights of Brisbane.  To go with this awesome backdrop, will be some fantastic music provided by our talented Year 6 Instrumental Music cohort of 95 musicians, along with some Year 5 friends and our Senior Music Leaders.  This performance is a trial run of the assessment program for our new Instrumental Music Curriculum – we look forward to sharing this with our broader community.

Students are to arrive at 6pm, meeting outside the tuckshop in the Veritas undercroft.  The event will commence at 6:30pm.  Should the weather require an adjustment to venue, this will be advertised through email and Skoolbag App.  Bring your picnic blankets and chairs and a small hamper.  The Music Support Group will be providing refreshments over the evening and some small snacks.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Aldo Rodriguez Delgado – Workshop and Concert
Our Guitar ensembles and String Sinfonia will be performing with Cuban Guitar Legend, Aldo Rodriguez Delgado on Thursday 24 May in the Hanrahan Theatre.  The concert commences at 7pm and will also feature students from Loreto College and Anglican Church Grammar School.  Tickets are currently on sale and available through the link below.  I strongly encourage you coming along to witness this fine musician in person – it will be a fantastic opportunity.

Again, please acquaint yourself with Aldo’s music via the following film clips:

Further information has been distributed to families regarding workshops and preparation for the Concert.  If you have not received this and your son is involved, please contact the Music Office urgently – 3394 5691.

Entertainment Books
All Year 5 students are asked to return any unsold Entertainment Books to the Music Office in the book’s original envelope.  This envelope allows us to identify whose book has been returned and therefore avoid confusion when completing our stocktake.

If you have purchased books, these are available for collection from the Music Office.  Books and digital memberships are still available for purchase either online or through the Music Office.  Please contact Alison on 3394 5691 or email for further information.

Date Claimers
As per tradition, we cast our eyes over the coming term.  Please note the following in your diaries:

Term 2
Week Date Activity
5 Friday 18 May Brigham Young University Wind Symphony (U.S. College) visiting Villanova – Concert with Symphonic Band
6 Tuesday 22 May Junior School Chamber Evening – SS Terraces
6 Tuesday 22 May Aldo Rodriguez Delgado – Guitar Workshop
6 Thursday 24 May Aldo Rodriguez Delgado – International Guitar Concert
7 1 – 2 June Tony MacPherson – Augustine: The Way Concert
8 Monday 4 June Music Support Group/ QCMF Meeting – 7:30pm
8 Tuesday 5 June Grandparent’s Morning Tea (Year 5 Ensembles)

Mr Michael Jones, Director of Music

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Last weekend we played Round 2 of chess, rugby and football season against the old foes, St Laurence’s College. I must say I was very pleased with the results overall. As with all sports, some teams are doing it tougher than others, but I believe most boys are out there on the paddock giving it their all for the College and it is very pleasing to see.  It is wonderful to report that the First chess, rugby and football teams all won their games in sensational fashion. Well done to all!

The atmosphere at Villanova Park on the weekend was electric. The number of supporters who made the effort to stay was outstanding and it certainly lifted the boys out in the middle. The AIC footy and rugby season is a special time where our boys really seem to enjoy the time spent with their mates outdoors playing sport. The College community does gain much satisfaction seeing its students wearing their uniforms with pride, chanting the College war cry, forming ‘run-on’ tunnels for each other and representing our school well both on and off the paddock. This all aids in the development of a positive school culture which has a flow on effect throughout the entire College.

Rugby and Football training at Villanova Park for most teams from Year 7 – Year 12 seems to be working well. Having all teams train in one safe location side by side helps the coaches to work with each other and to communicate more effectively. Training at Villanova Park allows our skills directors to float among year levels to ensure support is given to coaches where needed. Unfortunately, there is the usual traffic congestion leaving the park after training. Perhaps parents might consider parking on the western side behind what was the Cor Unum Centre as there are not as many parking in this area. When exiting from this side, you simply use the bottom gate which is left open and the line-up is not nearly as long as the main entrance/exit.

I take this opportunity to thank those who have supported the College’s decision for its students to wear full academic uniform when staying behind to support other teams.  Although there may be a difference of opinion, there is no doubt our supporters on the weekend looked good and represented our College well on the weekend. Well done boys!

This weekend marks Round 3 of AIC chess, rugby and football against St Edmund’s College. I ask all families to ensure that they allow enough travelling time to ensure the boys are present at least 30 minutes before kick-off. Arriving early is paramount to ensuring our boys are prepared and ready to go when the whistle blows.  Please note that as the two Colleges do not match up in numbers, many teams are playing various supplementary games in this weekend’s schedule.

I ask all players to dig deep this weekend and give their very best. Best wishes to all involved!

New Zealand Rugby Tour and Japan Football Tour – 2019

The Sports Office is currently planning the two abovementioned upcoming tours. These tours will be conducted during the 2019 Easter vacation period and will be by invitation only.  Students who are currently in Year 10 and 11 will be selected to attend based on their abilities, attitude and attendance shown during this year’s rugby and football season. Students who are not playing for Villanova this season will not be considered.

At this early stage, approximately 30 footballers and 50 rugby players will be invited. More information regarding the tours will be given in the coming weeks, including tour itineraries and approximate costs.

St Augustine’s Tour – 2018

The annual exchange between Villanova College and our brother school St Augustine’s College (SAC) will take place from June 27 – 29th in Sydney. Each year the exchange has students from both Colleges compete against each other in rugby, football, basketball and debating. The exchange offers an opportunity for the staff and students of both Colleges to form bonds and further strengthen the already strong relationship.

We hope to announce those who will attend this tour by the end of this week or early next week. An email containing an information letter will go home to all those who have been selected.

Please note that a schedule has not been made available. We will advertise as soon as it is complete.

AIC Chess, Rugby and Football Fixtures, Friday 11 and Saturday 12 May – Times and Venues

All times and venues for this weekend’s fixtures against St Edmund’s College (plus supp games) are available on the College’s website.

College Web-Site – Sport Page

The weekly reports indicate that many people are using the College website each week to gain access to important information pertaining to Villa Sport. Please continue to use this site as information regarding draws, team lists, by-laws, important notes/dates etc. are posted and updated regularly. The use of the Villanova Skoolbag App is also a must.

Sports Club – Canteen Roster

On behalf of the Sports Club we would like to thank all those who have been kind enough to assist in the canteens. The assistance has been fantastic. This weekend Villa will host all the Year 9 – 12 games at Villa Pk as well as many other supplementary games. Please see canteen roster below.

Rugby/Football Canteen Roster

Villanova Park – Round 3 v SEC – 12 May

We kindly ask parents to assist when their son arrives for warm up 30 minutes before their scheduled game.

If all parents who can assist could please report to Robyn Gunning

Time Rugby Parents Football Parents
7.00am 9C, 10C, 9 Gold, 5 White, 6 Gold
7.30am 6C, 5C
8.00am 10B, 8 White, 8 Gold, 5 Gold, 9A
8.30am 6B, 5B, 6Gold
9.00am 4th XI, 9B, 5th XI, 10A
9.30am 6A, 5A
10.00am 3rd XI
10.30am 9B, 10B 2nd XI
11.00am 1st XI
11.30am 9A, 3rd XV, 4th XV
12.30pm 10A, 2nd XV
1.00pm 1st XV
2.15pm Any Parents who can assist

AIC Rugby – AIC Rugby Co-ordinator, Mr Blake McLauchlan

Villa had a pleasing weekend of results v St Laurence’s College. Overall, we had 10 wins, two draws and nine losses. The 1st XV managed to secure their first win for the 2018 season. Playing in front of a packed crowd on Charlie Fisher Oval, the boys stood up to the men in black and gold. The Villa old boys round was a big success and the 1stXV did not disappoint on such a big occasion. The same could be said for all our open teams. I am extremely proud of our boys. Their efforts and attitude are a fine example to all other rugby teams throughout the college. Congratulations to our 5A team for their first AIC win for 2018. The boys 30-point win is sure to ignite more confidence as they prepare to take on Ambrose Treacy College on Saturday.  This weekend we come up against St Edmund’s College for round 3. Year 9 – Year 12 will be playing at home along with our grade 5 and grade 6 teams.

Just a reminder that the appropriate medium in which to contact college coaching staff is via email, which can be found on the College Website.

We ask that you do not attempt to contact coaches via social media or to approach regarding team selections on game day as the coach’s role is to prepare the team. We can assure you that the selection process and development of our boys is paramount to our coaches and they will always ensure that they do their best to ensure an equable outcome for all involved.

I ask those who are travelling to Tivoli to arrive well before their game please. Note that the away games are NOT played at the St Edmund’s College campus rather the Tivoli Sporting Complex – Church Street.

Best wishes to all teams for round 3.

AIC Rugby Results v St Laurence’s College

Rugby Results – Rd 2 V SLC
Team Opposition Results Villanova Opposition
1st XV SLC W 33 24
2nd XV SLC W 31 0
3rd XV SLC W 5 0
4th XV SLC D 5 5
10A SLC L 0 28
10B SLC L 5 50
9A SLC L 10 17
9B SLC W 24 19
9C SLC W 25 0
8A SLC L 0 48
8B SLC L 0 74
7A SLC W 12 5
7B SLC L 5 37
7C SLC L 0 57
6A SLC L 7 47
6B SLC W 28 10
6C SLC W 43 10
6Gold SLC W 29 5
5A SLC W 37 7
5B SLC D 5 5
5C SLC L 7 78

AIC Football – AIC Football Co-ordinator, Mr Anthony Kemp

Last weekend proved to be a tough fight against St Laurence’s as we came up against many quality sides. The round saw many close and competitive games, unfortunately, Villanova went down in many games by only a single goal. Villanova came away with nine wins, three draws and 22 losses. Although Villanova didn’t take the win overall, there is no doubt that many teams took away a valuable lesson and will look to improve in the coming rounds.

The First XI boys did a tremendous job in getting their first win of the season in a very physical and tiring game, winning 2 – 1. The team created a few chances towards the end of the game and will no doubt look to capitalise on those chances in future games. I would like to thank all supporters who created a great atmosphere for the First XI on the weekend.

The next round of Football sees Villanova take on St Edmund’s. Please ensure that all parents and players check the schedule and playing times carefully this week. Good luck to all teams in chasing that victory this weekend!

AIC Football Results v St Laurence’s College 

Villanova College – Football Results – Rd 2 v SLC





1st XI SLC W 2 1
2nd XI SLC L 1 4
3rd XI SLC L 0 1
4th XI SLC L 0 7
5th XI SLC W 2 1
6thXI SLC W 4 1
10A SLC L 0 4
10B SLC L 3 4
10C Ash Gold W 11 0
10 Gold SLC L 0 4
9A SLC L 2 5
9B SLC L 0 4
9C SLC L 2 3
9 Gold SLC D 2 2
9 White SLC W 4 3
8A SLC D 1 1
8B SLC L 0 1
8C SLC L 0 2
8 Gold SLC L 2 4
8 White SLC W 6 0
7A SLC D 2 2
7B SLC W 1 0
7C SLC L 1 7
7 Gold SLC L 1 7
6A SLC W 3 0
6B SLC L 1 3
6C SLC L 1 2
6 Gold SLC L 0 3
6 White SLC L 1 4
5 A SLC L 3 4
5 B SLC W 1 0
5C SLC L 0 5
5 Gold SLC L 0 5
5 White SLC L 0 3

AIC Chess – Mrs Sally England, AIC Chess Co-ordinator

What a fantastic start to the chess season again this year. The Year 12’s gave the team a rousing welcome to start the night and hopefully it put the Laurie’s boys off. Mr Levander would have been proud! So Round 2 against St Laurence’s saw another win to the team. It is always a very close competition between the two sides and it was no different on the night. The Open team had a great win to consolidate their draw against St Pat’s. The Senior A and the B teams both had very good wins again this week, which has been a great start for the two teams. The Intermediate A’s had another draw this week while the B’s had a win, turning around their loss from last week. The Juniors had a win in the A’s but a loss to the B’s.  So, a great night for the team which began with a hot dog to ease the hunger pains.

The Junior teams will play on Friday against each other for the school championships and the chess photos will be taken before the game as well.

Practice is still on before school on Wednesday and Friday mornings from 7.30 – 8.30. Good luck for all the teams against for Friday against St Edmunds.

Chess Photos: Tomorrow afternoon, all chess teams will be having their team photos taken. Please meet outside the Langlands building straight after school and be on time.  Open chess players are asked to please wear the College blazer.

3:10pm Open teams
3:20pm Intermediate teams
3:30pm Junior teams.
AIC Chess Results v St Laurence’s College 

TEAM Opposition Villanova Score Opposition Score Result

 AIC Cross Country (Year 5-12) 

Important Notes:

Cross Country is open to all students from Years 5-12

Year 5 and Year 6 Cross Country:  This squad will commence training next Monday 14 May from 3.15pm to 4.30pm at Langlands. Boys will be walked down to Langlands by Mr Matthew Conlan (Team Manager) and parents are asked to be at Langlands no later than 4.30pm to collect their son. Training is held each Monday and Wednesday afternoon. All interested runners are welcome to come along.

Year 7 – Year 12 Cross Country:  Squad training commences this week. All runners are encouraged to keep up the efforts and attendance at cross country training held each Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings. Runners are to meet at Goold Hall 6.45am.

Villanova Cross Country Camp:  The annual camp will be held Wed 27 – Fri 29 June. This camp is open to all students from Years 7 – 12. Limited places are available. An expression of interest form will be distributed before the end of next week. Please keep a look out for this document on the web. The camp will not go ahead if we do not receive the numbers.

Cross Country Information – Please go to the College website under the AIC Cross Country section to view all details pertaining to the AIC Cross Country season.

Villanova Runners Club (VRC) – The VRC continues to meet on Sunday afternoons 4pm – 5pm at Whites Hill Reserve. (Boundary Rd, Camp Hill) This is an opportunity for Villa athletes to build up their Aerobic fitness as part of their training for Track competition in the coming Track and Field season.  An open invitation is extended to families of the boys and in fact any people interested in improving their fitness. There will be no minimum standard of fitness required and all levels of fitness will be catered for during the session. Assemble on the Cricket Oval # 3 where a Tabata session will be held, followed by aerobic running in the surrounding bushland.

Representative Sport

Congratulations goes to Mason Honeyman and Jake Miles-Wrency who have been selected in the 10 – 12 years basketball team that will compete at the State Championships in Cairns during May/June. We wish both boys the very best, great effort!

Mr Craig Stariha, Director of Sport

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Parent Information

Chess Photos, Tuckshop Roster, and Library Roster

Chess Photos:

This Friday Round 3, all chess teams will be having their team photos. Please meet outside the Langland’s building straight after school. Please do not arrive late. Open chess players are asked to please wear the College blazer.

3:10pm Open teams

3:20pm Intermediate teams

3:30pm Junior teams

Erika Schofield, Sport Office Support


Tuckshop Roster:







































































































Library Roster:

Monday 14

Bronagh Earthrowl

Leah Coogans

Sharon Vecchi

Tuesday 15

Anastasia Bailey

Wednesday 16

Donna Leahy

Dennis Smith (after Tuckshop)

Thursday 17

Kelly Stassi

Chrissy Bonfiglio

Friday 18

Gina Avolio

Gab Byrne

Jane Whipps

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Calendar of Events

The Brisbane Theatre-Concert of the YEAR – ‘The Way’ – Don’t miss this very special 70th Anniversary Event

TWO NIGHTS ONLY  – Friday 1 June 2018 and Saturday 2 June 2018 at 7.00pm

Hanrahan Theatre, Villanova College, 24 Sixth Avenue, Coorparoo

The Way is a story of LOVE, LOSS and LIBERATION in captivating song performances.

 Performed by SIMON HYLAND (Hot Shoe Shuffle, The Boy from Oz, The Music of Andrew Lloyd Webber, Hair the Musical, the movie South Pacific) and SAMANTHA SHAW (London West End Singer and Actor Les Miserables, Oliver!, The Beggar’s Opera, Little Shop of Horrors, The Wizard of Oz) and CAROLINE MULVENNA classical vocalist and musician.

This true Augustine story will take you on an all-consuming journey of rapturous musical performance. A concert of class and broad appeal!

VIP Experience:  $85.00 per ticket including welcome drinks and canapés – serving premier Cooley Wines, an interactive session with composer Tony MacPherson, autographed CD, premium seating and personal meet and greet with the performers after the show.

Standard Entry: $25.00 per ticket includes run of house seating.

1300 001 822 – 24/7


Villanova Sports Lunch – Friday 25 May

Tickets on sale now:


Villanova 70th Anniversary Ball

Tickets on sale now:


Yr 11 Parent Function – Semi Formal Night

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Archive Anecdotes

Rugby at Villanova

With small student numbers at Whinstanes, the Open Villanova Rugby team was composed of boys from all levels – in fact it was often the only team!  The College participated in the second tier of MSSA (Metropolitan Secondary Schools Association) which included St Patrick’s and St Columban’s.  With such small numbers Villanova often experienced drubbings from even moderately-sized neighbouring schools.  Teams at that time were graded by weight rather than age.

In 1951 a very successful Villanova Under 6 Stone side played an Ashgrove team as the curtain raiser to a Fiji vs Australia test at the Exhibition Grounds.  Harry Roberts (1954), the first Villanova Old Boy to play in a Wallaby side, was a member of the Villanova team at the time.  He later moved to St Joseph’s Gregory Terrace and is now claimed as their Old Boy!

During this period the traditional tour to Downlands to play Rugby also began, and tales of the trips to Toowoomba are part of many Villanovans’ memories.

The photo above is of the very successful 1962 Third XV premiers of their grade.

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