Principal's Welcome

Dear Members of the Villanova College Family,
It is a challenge to find time in one’s busy day to make room for God. During this Lenten Season Christians have been challenged to find time to reflect on their own faith journey and their relationship with God.

At Villanova College I personally have many opportunities for prayer and Mass during a normal week. When I go to class, we always say a prayer to begin the lesson. As a member of staff, we begin the week with prayer at our Staff Briefing. Mass is celebrated in the College Chapel from 8.00am – 8.30am on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday each week. As you walk around the College you see signs and symbols that focus your attention on God.

Never having worked in a secular organisation I wonder what it is like when you are a Christian working in a place where there is not the opportunity for daily prayer or where prayer is not an accepted practice. I suspect it is more difficult to find time in your day to ‘let God walk with you.’

During this Lenten journey we are all challenged to pause in these hectic times to reflect on our relationship with God.

AIC Aggregates
Congratulations to all cricket teams for their great season. Villanova College has, for the third year in a row won the overall aggregate for cricket. In AFL,  College teams placed second and in Volleyball our teams placed sixth overall in the aggregate.

Many teams were undefeated during the season and I congratulate them on this significant achievement.

I thank all coaches, managers, supporters and spectators for their encouragement and guidance of the students during the season. Without the generosity of so many parents, Old Boys and members of staff, our students would not have the sporting opportunities they so thoroughly enjoy.

Organisational Skills
If there is one essential skill I would advocate for all students it would be the skill of organisation. It is the skill to be forward-thinking and to be a planner. Being organised requires a person to take the necessary actions to ensure they are well prepared and ready for what is coming up in the calendar.

I have recently completed an exercise with my Year 12 class where we mapped out their activities, assessment and commitments for the remaining three weeks of this term. Many of the students are not forward planning. They are responding to the demands of each day and not planning ahead. I even had one student who did not know an assessment was due as he must have missed that class when the task was distributed to students. Thankfully, we found out now and not the night before the assignment was due.

I make a passionate plea to parents to assist us in providing some type of planner to their son. There are many free monthly planners on the internet that can de downloaded and filled in. In this way each student will learn the skill of planning ahead and be forward-thinking with their commitments.

Assessment Tasks
Next week our Year 9 – 11 students will be completing their Term One assessment tasks. At this time of the term all students across the College will be completing examinations and assignments. Over the remaining weeks of the term I hope to see students continuing to pay attention to their schoolwork both inside and outside the classroom.

O Lord Jesus Christ, by your almighty power you opened the eyes of the blind,
and showed yourself to them.
Turn our eyes away from worthless things,
and lead us to love you sincerely; through your mercy,
O our God, you are blessed, and live and govern all things, now and forever. Amen.

You have made us for Yourself O Lord
And our hearts are restless until they rest in You.

God bless

Mr Mark Stower, Principal

In keeping with the spirit of Reconciliation, Villanova College acknowledges the Yuggera and Turrbal peoples, as the Traditional Custodians of this land on which we stand.  We pay our respects to Elders, past, present and emerging.  This has always been, and always will be, a place of teaching and learning connected to country, culture and community. 


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Teaching and Learning

As we draw closer to the end of the term, teachers are working with their class to prepare for any upcoming assessment. They are also completing interim reports in order for them to be made available in Parent Lounge on Tuesday 23 March (5.00pm). These reports are an indicator of how your son(s) has progressed so far this year in terms of his application in class. Parents will receive feedback on areas such behaviour, class participation and diligence towards learning. Please click here to view the Guide to Application.

Following the release of interim reports, bookings for Parent – Student -Teacher conferences will open on Wednesday 24 March (9.00am) and close on Wednesday 31 March (9.00am). Please note that these conferences will take place on Monday 19 April, commencing at 9.00am and finishing at 7.00pm. These conferences will take place via Zoom conferencing, as was the arrangement in 2020. Parents will receive further details just prior to the booking system opening next Wednesday.

Write That Essay
Last week I wrote about how the College has used Write That Essay to work on the literacy skills and abilities of our students. As the year progresses, our teachers are slowly introducing new concepts in writing to improve the confidence of our students when approaching a variety of written tasks.

Year 5
So far this term, Year 5 have been introduced to the language used by the Write That Essay program.  Teachers have taught The Simple Sentence, The Sentence as a Train, and The Adverb Start sentences.  Alongside this we have revisited Nouns, Verbs and Adjectives in order to make vocabulary choices that are more precise and descriptive.  This term the students have been working towards writing an imaginative text and will use Week 8 lessons to focus editorial skills.

Year 6
In Year 6, students have been working on different elements of narratives, such as creating settings, building character and hooking the reader.  They have been taught the The –ed Start sentence and have revisited previously taught sentence types such as The –ing Start and W Start sentences. Conjunctions, pronouns, the use of Commas and Apostrophes have also been taught.  Students in Year 6 will produce an imaginative text that aims to hook the reader and entertain with their descriptions and storytelling.

Year 7 and Year 9
Year 7 and 9 classes are currently working on a spoken oral. They have been using the Write That Essay online tool to help in the creation of their scripts by providing the paragraph models which can effectively be used for a persuasive presentation. These include the Multipurpose introduction, PEEL, Lawyer, Slam Dunk and Robust Conclusion paragraphs.

Year 8
Year 8 students are currently working on a narrative short story. They have been using the online tool to help in the creation of their stories by the use of the feedback tool, the narrative cues and handy tips. The sentence types also come in handy for creating more descriptive narrative elements.

NAPLAN in 2021 for Year 5, 7 and 9 students will commence on Tuesday, 11 May with testing to be completed over a four-day period. Over the coming weeks, students will commence some specific preparations with regards to testing, particularly given that NAPLAN testing will move online. More information will be communicated later this week.

In the meantime, parents are encouraged to familiarise themselves with NAPLAN and can access information relating to testing via the following links:

NAPLAN Online – Information for Parents and Carers

NAPLAN Public Demonstration Site

Mr John Christie, Dean of Teaching and Learning


It is an alarming statistic that as many as one in two young Australians (53%) have experienced cyberbullying, indicating bullying in a digital context is prevalent among young people (, 2019).  More recent statistics revealed on the Bullying: No Way! website indicate that students aged 10 to 15 are most likely to be involved in online bullying (

Whilst these statistics are concerning, more worrying is the emotional impact and the real story that underlies these facts and figures on paper. (2019) states “70% of young people with high and very high rates of psychological distress also said they’ve experienced cyberbullying, revealing a strong link between the event or events and the young person’s emotional state.”

As parents and carers, it is important to encourage open dialogue with your son regarding his behaviour online and the prevalence of cyberbullying. Friday is the National Day of Action against Bullying – this is a timely opportunity to discuss online bullying with your son. Thankfully, the Office of the eSafety Commissioner has excellent resources to support these discussions at:

Cyberbullying must be reported. The eSafety Commissioner’s guide for parents covers the process for responding to cyberbullying from discovery to consideration of options, to gathering evidence, to contacting school/authorities and future preventative action. Examples of what how to encourage positive behaviours for depending on your child’s age (Pre-schoolers 2-5, Kids 5-12,  Teenagers 13-17) is also provided.

Mr Jason Lane, eLearning Pedagogy Leader


Sixty-five students from across the College signed up for the Writers Festival this year. Held over two afternoons, students were mentored by Nick Earls. He shared with them his writer’s toolkit; advice they will use year after year.

Each year we host two authors in residence. One for Year 5 and Year 6 students and another for students from Year 7 to Year 9.  This year, Nick Earls held reading and writing workshops with the Middle School students, whilst John Larkin worked with the Junior School students.


This is both Nick’s and John’s second year as authors in residence at Villanova. Feedback from the students was glowing. The authors shared valuable advice; they stressed that thinking [planning] time is just as important as writing itself, not to underestimate the importance of every idea (not just the ‘good’ ones) and the importance of reading. Our students valued the approachable manner of the authors and appreciated hearing about how they constructed novels.

Nick Earls visited the College for the first time in 2016. He shared with me an interesting observation:

“When I am in schools, I make a habit of asking classes how many students read books by choice and, in every Villanova class I have spoken to, an uncommonly high number of hands go in the air. That does not just happen. It is clear the teachers and librarians promote a reading culture, and I am sure parents are doing their bit too. Keeping boys reading can affect their lives for the better, and it is great to see a school community that knows this, values it, and works on it continuously.”

Building this reading culture is one of the Tolle Lege Library’s strategic intentions. The development of such a culture requires constant attention. The role of families in this process is vital. We invite you to join with us in reinforcing with your son/s the importance and enjoyment reading can deliver. It is gratifying to receive such unsolicited feedback from Nick, confirming that all our effort is making a difference.

As has been our custom during the author visits, the Tolle Lege Library was transformed into a bookstore over our Writers Festival. This year we invited Michael and Karen Weibler back to the College. Michael and Karen are parents of Villanova Old Boys and run Books@Stones (360 Logan Road, Stones Corner). Michael ran our bookstore each morning before school and after school. He was also on hand during break times to help the boys with their selection. We were thrilled by their service and highly recommend their store to you all. Boys purchased over $2,000 in books this year, $600 will return to the College by way of credit to spend at Books@Stones. I would like to thank the Tolle Lege Library staff for all their effort, especially Robyn Heath for her tireless organisation, and of course the students for their support of the event and their enthusiasm during the author workshops.

The planning for next year’s festival has already commenced. Look out for the notification in Term 1, 2022.

Mrs Antonietta Neighbour, Director of Library and Information Services


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Junior School

Tomorrow is the National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence.  This year the theme is to “Take Action Together”.  Three very powerful words.  As adults, we are seeing an increase in communities voicing powerful messages when injustice occurs.  For our young men, they need to know that there are things they can do if they should feel there is ever a time, to take the action steps necessary and to find the way to move forward when relationships experience conflict.

Firstly, three big picture ideas to understand – the trifecta to know:

  1. Understand what “bullying” means. Mr Sakellariou, Dr Wright, and Mr Hellwig (College Psychologists and College Counsellor) visited Year 5 classrooms in Week 2 to introduce themselves and clarify the definition of bullying, and what types exist.  Bullying is intentional, repetitive and is about power.  It can be verbal, physical, social, or online.  It is hurtful and if left without the chance for all parties involved, it can be carried with us forever, which is a heavy burden to carry.
  2. Understand that the person who displays the bullying behaviour is motivated by reasons – some which might appear obvious, but often there are more motives underneath the bravado, or seemingly confident, bold, or brash individual. This person often causes harm and so there is the temptation to judge and seek punishment first – this is an out-of-date approach.  Every individual needs the chance to explain themselves, to be honest and verbalise what is often a muddled head space, desperate for attention and help that they often cannot find the words for.
  3. Understand that bullying can happen to anyone – child or adult. It is not ok.  It is unpleasant no matter the age or gender – I can promise you that.  Negotiating relationships is a life skill we must work on permanently.  When we feel that someone picks on us, deliberately finds words to embarrass us, one on one or in front of people – it is just one of the worst feelings.  It can be difficult to get along with everybody in the world and that’s why families are so important for unconditional love and support, and our friends are the next closest thing to help us when times are tough.

Now for where we must commit to being brave – to trust that things will be better once we start.

  1. Find that one person to tell. Preferably an adult – a parent, or a teacher.  They may know the best way to handle the situation – overtly or discreetly.  This means that adults can help in many ways and first we must listen.  Then together we decide the best plan – your safety and concerns are a priority.  If telling a friend is easier, then perhaps that friend can suggest asking an adult to help too.
  2. There are symptoms of bullying – being nervous and worried, not being able to sleep, lacking concentration on schoolwork, emotional outbursts, or suddenly withdrawn. None of these are ideal, and we can become fatigued and over-whelmed if they continue.  Look for these behaviours in your friends, as well as noticing your own.  Take notice.  Do not ignore changes and stand by as a mate, or yourself, experiences a tough time.
  3. Know you have the support of your College – Focus of the Week, Circle Time, Wellbeing Class or Senior Mentors on a Wednesday morning are just the tip of ways that we purposely plan to help you manage yourself and the classmates you share a great deal of time and space with five days a week. Everyone belongs here.  You matter.

So tomorrow the College will embrace orange shirts, shorts, socks, wigs, scarves, socks, and hats (please change once through the College gates).  We want to make the brightest statement, we want you to feel safe and included tomorrow, and every other day when we wear green, gold or grey.  Mrs Mascadri has once again, gone to extraordinary lengths, for our extraordinary students.

There are treats for $2 – orange spiders, orange frog in pond, orange chips and orange Fanta. Wristbands for $1 and class prizes.

For further information, please visit Fact sheets ( and explore the many pages that offer more detail and support.

Mr Stephen Rouhliadeff, Head of Junior School

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Middle School

This past week, we have learned of the growing interest that some boys have in vaping. In speaking with colleagues at a number of Brisbane schools, including nearby schools, the problem is real and is growing. This editorial aims to shine some light on what we know, what we are learning and what actions need to be taken.

My personal knowledge of vapes (or e-cigarettes) has been limited until recently. As with many recent technologies, we as parents need to acknowledge from the outset that the boys’ knowledge about vapes will most likely exceed our own. But my recent, event-forced, crash-course in vaping has driven home to me the need we all have to be better informed about vaping and its associated risks. If we are to effectively help our young men navigate this current wave of popular interest, we need to be armed with facts.

In the last week I have learnt the following:

  • This problem is not limited to Villanova; a number of schools, with whom we have strong connections, are seeing an increased number of students being caught vaping both by teachers in a school setting and/or parents in the home environment.
  • Some Middle School students have acquired vapes from sources within the College’s student body, and some from sources beyond.
  • These vapes have been used both outside College grounds, and, on a handful of occasions, on College premises during school hours.
  • The College is committed to working with parents and supporting students who are known to have used these devices.

Over the coming weeks, I am confident I will learn of more incidents of vaping involving Middle School students. The Middle School Pastoral Team and I are committed to contacting parents as we learn of specific incidents and requesting parental support as we educate our young men about the risks and dangers of vaping.

As parents and educators, I believe we need to shine a spotlight on vaping, which is appears to be happening in the shadows, behind the backs of parents and teachers. We need to bring the issue out into the open and treat it in the same way we did its predecessor, cigarette smoking.

Paul Dillon, who works with the College, educating boys and parents about drug and alcohol risks, produced the following article for the Catholic Leader.

Vaping: Sorting out ‘fact from fiction’ for those parents struggling with the issue

He writes,

“An e-cigarette is a device that simulates smoking by producing a vapour. Operated by a battery, they vaporise a liquid solution (called ‘e-liquid’ or ‘e-juice’) which may or may not contain nicotine, as well as flavourings ranging from fruit through to chocolate, bubble-gum and Red Bull.

 There are also solutions that contain THC oil, THC being the main psychoactive component of cannabis.”

 It is important to note that e-cigarettes / vapes carry the same laws as cigarettes, i.e. they cannot be used in non-smoking places or sold to children under 18 years of age.”

For more information about vaping, please read the following from QLD Health:
The known harms of e-cigarettes and vaping.

Finally, I recommend having a conversation with your son about vaping. The risks are real and current. Ask him what he knows, inform him of the facts behind the issue. Often the best way to do this is to sit down together in front of the computer and go through an article [such as the two already mentioned]. Then, initiate a discussion/dialogue looking at such things as the risks, the common misconceptions, draw out the similarities between it and cigarette smoking and do not forget to address the fallacy of “cool”. Clearly spell out your expectations about vaping.

As always, if you have concerns about your son and would like our support, please contact your son’s Year Level Coordinator.

Year 7 Parent Information Evening (Monday 22 March)
Due to the unavailability of the Hanrahan Theatre, parents are to head straight to the O’Donnell building and sign in via the QR codes outside classrooms.

7 Black & Blue, commencing at 5:30pm in OD3
7 Maroon & Red, commencing at 5:30pm in OD1
7 Gold & Green, commencing at 6:30pm in OD2
7 Silver & White, commencing at 6:30pm in OD1

Year 9 Parent Information Evening (Tuesday 23 March)
The unavailability of Hanrahan Theatre has meant we have changed venues to the St Thomas of Villanova Learning Centre Auditorium (level 3). To adhere to COVID-safe protocols in the auditorium, we will run two sessions – the first commencing at 5.00pm and the second at 6.30pm. Attendance is limited to one parent/caregiver per family.

To register your attendance at one of the Year 9 sessions, please go to:

Mr Greg O’Neill, Head of Middle School



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Senior School

Senior School Assembly
Last Friday, we conducted our first Senior School Assembly for the year, prepared by the Student Leadership Team. College Vice Captain Thanasi Keskinidis emceed the assembly, which included a variety of speakers and presentations.

As has become a yearly intentional focus at Villanova College, the student leaders reflected upon the significance of International Women’s Day and the 2021 theme of #choose to challenge- a challenged world is an alert world and from challenge comes change. Our new Dean of Identity and Mission, Mrs Kate Garrone offered a powerful message to our young men, especially through the lens of working previously at an all-girls school. Members of the Student Leadership Team then offers a series of pledges to confirm the fundamental importance of respect and dignity in all our relationships.

Our students were then entertained by the wonderfully talented rock band The Rentons, featuring Year 12 students James Lewis, Tyler Castles and Aiden Pedrina-O’Connor and led by 2020 Music Captain Sean Kearns with an original composition.

Academic Captain Ben Sciacca reflected upon the recent period of Year 12 examinations and offered the following advice and encouragement to our Year 10 and 11 students ahead of their impending exams:

“Rise to the challenge, engage with the available tutorials, get into revision cycles, create study groups and engage with each other and your teacher. Make sure you get eight – nine  hours sleep a night and make good use of time you have at home. Exam block is not a holiday, so don’t treat it like one. However most importantly, balance your studies with your mental and physical health, whether that be going for a run, having conversations with your family or kicking the ball down at the park.  Ensuring a good balance is the key to your success.”

Goold House Captain, Lachie Friedman and Heavey Vice Captain Patrick Grigson, outlined the return of the House Cup to foster and enhance house spirit within the Senior School and promoted this week’s Dodgeball Competition in Goold Hall. I would like to congratulate the work of Lachie and the House Captains and Vice Captains for running a successful event.

Sports Captain Gus Godwin provided a thorough report of our Trimester One results in AFL, Cricket, Swimming and Volleyball and Student Council President Luke Palmer updated the students on recent projects and next term’s launch of the Student Council Cup which focuses on Staff v Student competition.

College Captain Louis Henderson tied together a number of threads from the assembly, especially in transforming our response to International Women’s Day from mere platitudes to purposeful action. He stated:

“Two days ago, a large portion of the Senior School signed a piece of paper supporting the cause of International Women’s Day and acknowledging that a cultural change has to occur, and that it starts with our generation. Signing a piece of paper means nothing without action, walking around with a purple ribbon on your hat means nothing without action. The only meaningful thing that we can do is start to explore cultural change. How we as young adults treat the women in our lives. In my initial speech to the Senior cohort, I spoke about my single most goal I had for 2021. That the Villanova students were not necessarily seen as successful but seen as a cohort of simply good blokes. In all honesty no one really cares how far you can kick a footy. In my experience of club cricket, the first question asked about a new player is never how much of a gun they are. The question is always: “Is he a good bloke?”.  It’s time to start being that person, regardless of who you think you are, what you do, don’t do, want to do. Do it with intent and do it with humility. This year is the year to be humble in confidence, yet courageous in character.”

In my closing remarks to the assembly and amidst the current social and media commentary surrounding the culture of private boys’ schools in the wake of former Sydney schoolgirl Chanel Contos’ petition, I spoke about our identity at Villanova College – the way in which we conduct ourselves as young men, whether that be at school, spectating at sport and in the community. I also spoke about the courage to be counter-cultural and to challenge and call out behaviours that diminish us as men of character.

In closing my address and as my quote of the week, I shared the first two lines of the final verse of Rudyard Kipling’s seminal poem ‘If’, which I often recite in my Graduation speech to each Senior class.

“If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue,
Or walk with Kings—nor lose the common touch,
If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you,
If all men count with you, but none too much;
If you can fill the unforgiving minute
With sixty seconds’ worth of distance run,
Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it,
And—which is more—you’ll be a Man, my son!” – Rudyard Kipling

Mr Matt Levander, Head of Senior School

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Ministry and Formation News

Living Gratefully and Walking Humbly!
As a new person to the Villanova community, I am constantly humbled by the people who come to my office or email to share with me a small project that they are involved with that makes a difference in the lives of others.  Sometimes it has been a staff member, sometimes a student, sometimes a parent.  All these contributions weave together in amazing ways to make a difference.  The number of people in this community generously doing  small acts of kindness and service with a willingness to share their gifts or skills is truly inspiring. It is the spirit of Villanova truly alive and active in our world!

One of the places many staff and students have spoken about is Emmanuel City Mission.  I decided to head along on Sunday morning, with my daughter of nine in toe, to check it out when it was fully functioning.  The time spent there was both restorative and inspiring.  Homeless people came, and we shared breakfast together.  Over a piece of toast, we heard about people’s experience of homelessness, and for some of those who have connected longer term we heard about how their lives have changed through their connection with people at the centre.  A wonderful woman, Rita, whose son Robbie began the Emmanuel City Mission, looked at me with her clear sparkling eyes, and said:

“Kate, our success here is measured by how much love is found here.  If we have that right, everything else falls into place!”

It was a powerful moment to just sit with her and soak in the truth of that statement.  I thought to myself this is what we want our boys to know!  This is what we want people who are hungry, lonely, homeless to experience!  This is at the heart of the Christian story.  It is a message that transforms all of us and helps make the Kingdom of heaven a reality here and now.

Fittingly, our Lenten theme of ‘Be more’ continues, and this week Caritas invites us to “be giving” as another way to build a more just world.

‘Be Giving’ in Lent
“Every time we share our goods with our neighbour in need, we discover that the fullness of life comes from love.” (Pope Benedict)

As we look at ways to ‘be giving’ Caritas invites us to consider the difference between charity and justice:

Charity: Meets the basic and immediate needs of people.  For example: donating food, clothes and other material needs, sponsoring a refugee family, tutoring, raising money, donating or volunteering occasionally.

Justice: Tackles the underlying causes and issues of injustice for the long-term.  For example: supporting improved access to education, supporting laws that protect the environment and working to ensure every worker receives a living wage.  Promoting peace and advocating for international aid.  Informing the community about issues, writing letters to elected members of parliament, signing and sharing petitions.

An interesting family conversation in the coming week could be to identify the opportunities different family members have to serve others and to discuss what you might both give and receive in these situations.

God of Justice, awaken in me the determination to work for a more just world.
God of Love, prompt me to always seek the truth.
God of Compassion, strengthen me to raise my voice in solidarity with those experiencing poverty and marginalisation.
God of Strength, enliven in me the courage to stand beside those fighting injustice.
God of Grace, inspire me to be  more rather than to want more.
May I learn to walk your way of mercy and compassion with all.
May I be generous with what you have freely given so that my brothers and sisters can live life to the full.

There are a wide range of possible ways to be giving within and beyond Villanova College.  Following are some examples of things to consider getting involved with:

  • Giving money to help fund Project Compassion
  • Gardening here at Villa!
  • Our Green team have started to prepare the garden beds for growing a range of food and native plants. They would welcome people’s involvement.

  • Our Vinnies students have set up hampers for students to donate groceries in their pastoral class for families in need. Please see the attached brochure.  All students are invited to contribute to these hampers.
  • Stay tuned for more details next week about in volunteering at Emmanuel City Mission over the Easter weekend.

Beyond the College
At Villanova College we encourage our students to be actively involved in the community.

Easts Rugby Union Club is a supporter of the Modified Rugby Program for young people with Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome or other learning and perceptual disabilities. The program has approached us and asked us to advertise an opportunity for our boys at Villanova to come along as player mentors to support these young people in playing Rugby. There is a come and try day on Monday 22 March at Bottomley Park, Halifax Street, Coorparoo.

For more information see the flyer or contact or call 07 35479090.”

Here is a video link also on the program: and the website

Marriage Encounter Weekends
Virtual or live-in (April or May 2021)

Keeping a marriage growing and developing takes a real commitment.  It requires time, energy, a willingness to be vulnerable and to continually learn about yourself and your partner. Worldwide Marriage Encounter invites couples to a Marriage Encounter Weekend to enrich and revitalise your Sacrament.  It gives you the opportunity to grow in your relationship with your spouse.

Virtual weekend via Zoom: 30 April – 2 May 2021, commencing at 7.00pm on Friday – concluding at 4pm Sunday.  Contact Julie and Zyg Staszyc: 0437 388 513 or email:
Live-in weekend: Friday 28 May – Sunday 30 May 2021 at Ormiston (on Brisbane’s bayside).  Contact Maria and David Murphy: (07) 3342 145  or

For further information please see the Marriage Encounter website:

Sunday Readings at Home
Please use this link to access this week’s readings and commentaries.

Ms Kate Garrone, Dean of Mission and Identity

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Last weekend marked the last round of the AIC cricket, AFL and volleyball season for 2021. Much planning and preparation goes into each season to give each player an opportunity to develop their skills and enjoy the experience of playing schoolboy sport. Naturally the boys and their coaches are competitive and we as a College certainly do encourage all team members (players and coaching staff) to be the best they can be and to aim towards taking out premierships or aggregates if on offer. Although winning is not why we participate in sport there is no shame in proclaiming that we wish to be successful and go for the win if done in the correct manner.

At any level in sport, it is ideal for all players, coaches and supporters to take their wins and losses gracefully. During this past term we had many teams who were able to take out premierships. We had many teams who fell just short and lost their last game and were unable to take out a premiership. We had some teams who were middle of the road in terms of results. My personal belief is that the true success of a schoolboy sport season is gauged on the enjoyment experienced by each player and the relationship that each player has formed with his fellow teammates and coaches whilst participating. As well as their progression of skill development.

The Sports Office received several positive emails this week from parents who have relayed the joy and positive experience that their son has had because of being involved in a positive team environment (led by the coaches). This for me is as equally, if not more pleasing to hear than the number of premierships we won.

Villanova managed to secure six AIC cricket premierships, including the coveted First XI premiership and we secured the 2021 AIC Cricket Aggregate Shield which we have now won for the third consecutive year. This is a fantastic achievement and one which our entire College should feel very proud. Our AFL players did extremely well again this year to produce one AFL premiership plus a further three teams who were undefeated throughout the entire season. Those who compete in Year 5 and Year 6 are not awarded premierships in AIC, however, we do acknowledge their undefeated season, which is just as good! Overall, this meant Villanova secured four titles (including both premiership and undefeated titles) from the seven divisions offered by the AIC AFL program. as well as our College coming second in the overall AFL Aggregate which is an outstanding result. Villanova produced four AIC Volleyball premierships this year and we were placed sixth overall in the Volleyball aggregate. A more in-depth report for cricket, AFL and volleyball is listed below.

Congratulations go to all players on a sensational season, particularly those players who gained a premiership. On behalf of the entire College, I wish to thank and congratulate all the coaches, managers and all players who produced their best week in, week out for themselves and the College for Villanova to have such a successful season. Well done to all!

Just as one season ends the next starts, in fact, the preparations for the up-coming chess, cross country, rugby and football seasons have been in the pipeline for many months, much spanning back into 2019. The Sports Office has advertised the important dates and information regarding Trimester 2 sport for many weeks. This information is found on the school website.

Villanova families are strongly encouraged to download the College’s App from the App store. Simply search – Villanova College App (free download) and select. Messages regarding the cancellation of matches or training, special reminders etc are often sent. The newsletter, website and app are our 3 major avenues for imparting sports information. Please check and use them regularly for all information pertaining to sport.

Rugby and football trials for Year 7 – 12 are held either on a Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday afternoon. Year 5 and Year 6 rugby and football are held either before and/or after school at Little Langlands or on Whinstanes. The complete training schedule is found on the website. Please note that training will continue on these days/times for each age group for the entire season.

A complete set of internal rugby and football trials for all teams will be held this weekend. Next weekend we will have a complete set of chess, rugby and football trials against St Laurence’s as well as the first weekend back next term against St Patrick’s College.

As part of the agreement during sign-on, all players must make themselves available to participate in all training sessions and on game days throughout the entire season. I thank all those people within our community who are heavily involved in the coaching and officiating roles at these events. It certainly does take the effort of many people to ensure our boys are getting the opportunity to play sport and to represent their College. Thanks to you all and best wishes for the up-coming chess/rugby/football/cross country seasons!

ANZAC and Labour Day – Long Weekends and Term 2 Sport
Please note that there are 2 long weekends scheduled early in term 2. We ask parents to ensure their son is available to honour their commitment to the team by attending the matches scheduled before heading off to enjoy a well-deserved break.

It is imperative that players are not missing during these weekends. We ask parents to take this into consideration when planning any trips away.

The football and rugby schedules for this weekend’s internal trials can be found below. Due to the wet weather this week during the trials boys have been placed into colour teams for the internal trials on Saturday. Coaches will be using these team lists as a guide but will also be mixing and moving players around on the weekend during the trials.

The canteen at Villanova Park will be in operation this weekend and will require assistance from parents to help. Could we please ask that parents look at the below schedules for football and rugby and offer some time during the day to help out in the canteen. If we all pitched in it would make the task less demanding for others. Please see Robyn Gunning in the canteen if you are able to assist.

Football Schedule:

Time Field 3 Field 4 Field 5 Field 7
7.30am – 9:00am Field 3A

Year 5


Field 3B

Year 5


Field 4A

Year 6


Field 4B

Year 6


Year 9 Year 9
9:00am – 10:30am Year 7 Year 7 1st XI/2nd XI Year 10
10:30am – 12:00pm Year 8 Year 8 3rd/4th/5th XI

Rugby Schedule:

Time Andrew Slack Oval Charlie Fisher Oval Field 6 Field 7
7.30 – 9:00am Year 5 Year 5 Year 6
9:00 – 10:30am Year 7 Year 7 Year 8
10:30 – 12:00pm Open Year 10 Year 9 Year 9

Mr Chris Everding, AIC Sport Co-ordinator

Last Saturday saw the cricket season conclude with the final round of matches against Padua College. Villanova came away with 21 wins, one tie and four losses, ensuring many of our teams finished on a positive note to what has been a very successful season. The aggregate scores for the day finished at nine wins and one loss, with a number of those winning teams waiting for the results of other Colleges to come in to see if they had won or shared a premiership.

The 10C game was the match of the round as both Padua and Villanova finished with the same score at the end of their 20 overs. Both coaches agreed that as it was the last match of the season, they would play a ‘Super Over’ to determine the winner, much to the excitement of players in both teams. Tensions mounted as the First XI players from Villanova and Padua (who had not started their game at this stage) raced over to offer their support. After the super overs were completed, neither side could again be separated, and the match was declared a tie. Well done to Joel O’Reilly and Harry Wilson (coaches) for making the end to the season a cracking one for those boys.

Villanova Team of the Week – Round 7 v Padua

Player Team Statistics
Larry Clark 10A 50
Mitchell Millard 8A 24
Lewis Patterson 7B 28no
Patrick O’Neill 7A 22
Roman Dunne 9A 26
Matthew Colbert 5B 26 off 20
Brodie Young 9C 13 and 2/10
Fynn Gamer 10A 84 and 3/15
Finn Rigby 7B 17 runs, 4 catches and 1 wicket
Josh Hurren 9C 18 and 1/5
John Martin 5B 2/10
Joe Watson 9A 3/17

Round 7 Cricket Results v Padua College

Team 1 v IONA 2 v SPLC 3 v ASH 4 v SPC 5 V SLC 6 v SEC 7 V PAD
1st XI W

184- 99


7/216- 24




137- 8/138


4/73- 70


8/230- 102



2nd XI W

7/216- 7/197


130- 39


8/167- 136


148- 7/149


8/132- 113


8/175- 173

3rd XI W

124- 123


8/252- 11


5/174- 8/175


3/359- 75


8/119- 116


7/292- 144

4th XI W

4/33- 32


3/29- 28


63- 9/123


115- 6/339


7/144- 6/102

10A W

4/135- 134


208- 36


7/170- 9/109


176- 144


2/87- 82


3/228- 9/87


5/197- 100

10B L

206- 207


3/33- 32


9/135- 6/137


59- 55

Internal W

5/158- 4/148

10C L

98- Pad 2/99


2/99- 9/96


9/140- 9/156


4/85- 4/84


7/96- 6/84


8/71- 34


5/68- 7/68

9A L

8/56- 4/174


7/91- 6/93


8/125- 2/217


85- 85


8/115- 6/116

Internal W

123- 110

9B L

64- 135


9/163- 117


8/70- 4/115


97- 5/98


51- 56

9C W

95- 94

internal L

5/104- 6/140


3/89- 8/81


6/88- 3/89


9/61- 2/122


6/84- 8/49

8A L

94- 7/111


4/132- 6/131


7/131- 7/85


90- 89


5/56- 55


4/45- 44


7/110- 91

8B W

8/100- 47

Internal W

6/129- 101


8/115- 8/102


9/111- 65


8/154- 20


2/52- 51

8C L

61- 62


1/100- 1/98


6/83- 7/116


9/107- 7/111


3/103- 8/102


6/88- 6/72

7A L

8/124- 8/154


5/167- 5/166


3/107- 8/106


8/112- 72


1/134- 9/131


3/126- 8/89


1/114- 112

7B L

7/117- 8/147


5/33- 32


5/125- 4/127


8/107- 4/112


2/178- 6/94


1/38- 35


1/83- 81

7C L

9/55- 3/60


1/53- 6/52


9/27- 4/105


1/99- 4/73


8/60- 6/100


63- 6/59

7 Gold L

64- 103


4/70- Iona 4/59


57- 2/107


5/45- 8-36


2/82- 8/85


5/63- 2/92


62- 56

7 White W

5/79- 64





3/97- 5/58


5/90- 6-64


5/45- 6/36


70- 4/140


3/108- 54

6A L

5/118- 9/163


5/197- 56


8/168- 102


4/193- 6/161


6/112- 90


122- 5/81


5/129- 80

6B L

85- 88


145- 132


120- 7/101


3/144- 142


7/184- 139


7/137- 5/138


151- 110

6C L

5/71- 6/91

Internal L

6/76- 4/124


78- 9/96


5/69- 6/98


62- 73


4/107- 2/116

6 Gold L

7/76- 7/108

Internal L

8/57- 5/58


8/56- 49


8/52- 5/125


4/78- 6/88


3/87- 5/71

5A W

8/182- 82


3/117- 54


4/151- 84


4/121- 97


8/107- 96


88- 89


7/175- 73

5B W

7/121- 108


3/85- 6/82


4/203- 9/153


5/68- 65


5/117- 9/113


71- 59


3/108- 93

5C W

4/76- 8/64


7/89- 8/52


82- 7/79


119- 40


101- 8/72


72- 38

5 Gold W

3/78- 8/62


68- Pad 64


3/58- 5/79


1/64- 80


4/95- 4/78


59- Ash C 69


8/94- 95

5 White W

3/91- 6/86


6/79- 6/78


4/125- 4/111

Internal W

6/113- 7/96


3/79- 3/58


2/143- 3/127

5 Green W

9/102-  SLC 78


1/106- Iona 2/95


7/125- Pad 3/70

Internal L

6/80- Pad 2/83


80- SLC 79


93- 110

AIC Champion Cricket School 2021
Congratulations to everyone involved in Villanova Cricket this season. For the third year in a row, Villanova has won the aggregate and this achievement was made possible by the strength of all aggregate teams performing well over the season. It also could not happen if we did not have the depth of players in the non-aggregate teams pushing those players in higher grades to hold their positions and stepping up when form or injury caused a reshuffle in line ups. An aggregate win can only come about by B players pushing A players and C and D players pushing B players to perform right across the College.

Not too many cricket seasons go by where we are not impacted by the weather, however, this was one of them and all teams had the opportunity to play every College in each age group. Getting to play every round makes winning the aggregate even more special because there are no question marks over those missed rounds and who could have won, had those rain affected rounds been played. Many premierships have been won or lost over the years due to the impact of weather but to get a full season in and play every week requires all of our players to be at their best and perform each week.

There is a lot of preparation that went into the selections, coaching and management of the 28 teams that represented the College this year and huge thank you goes out to everyone involved, for what has been an extremely successful and competitive season. It highlights the program is effective and our younger age groups will benefit from the cricket knowledge being passed on to them by the quality coaching they are receiving.

Final aggregate points were:

Villanova 77
Iona 75
Ashgrove 68
St. Laurence’s 58.5
St. Patrick’s  53
St. Peter’s 37
Padua 33.5
St. Edmund’s 11

Villanova won 4 of the 12 aggregate premierships on offer with the First XI, 10A and 8B teams winning  outright premierships and the Third XI team sharing the premiership with Ashgrove. The 5B, 5C and 5 White teams were our non-aggregate teams that went through the season undefeated.

Premiership teams
First XI Coached by Nathan Dufty
Third XI Coached by Jamie Mullins
10A Coached by Warren Dillon
8B Coached by Stuart Hooper and Josh Fraser
5B Coached by Damien Lewis
5C Coached by Sachin Kaylan and Gunit Singh
5 White coached by Theo Day and Caylum Roy

One of the most positive aspects to come out of the season were the performances of the 5A, 6A, 7A and 8A sides, all of whom only lost one match, finishing second overall in the season. Three of these sides lost in round 1 and could easily have dropped off knowing that a single loss can sometimes derail your season, but they all trained hard each week and battled well in matches to finish their seasons with a 6-1 win-loss ratio. It is the depth that we have, and the commitment shown by these teams that have allowed Villanova to claim the aggregate and not just the sides that eventually won the premiership.

First XI Premiers
The First XI this year found themselves in a battle early in most of the games they played but eventually went on to win 5 of their 7 games quite comfortably. At the halfway point of the season, there was a 4-way tie at the top of the leader board with Villa, SPC, Ash and Padua all looking to win the championship. After round 6 there were two teams left and the premiership was likely going to be shared between SPC and Villa, as both sides had dominated the competition. Unfortunately for SPC, they fell at the final hurdle against Ashgrove, just as Villa had done in 2020, when they lost to SPC, leaving Villa to take the premiership outright.

Besides dropping the match to SPC, in a game that could have gone either way, Villanova really showed their class and depth and had numerous players steady the ship when things looked grim. Well lead by Louis Henderson and Baiden Parker, this team showed character and determination to keep the pressure on and get the results they deserved.

Thanks to Nathan Dufty and David Short for their preparation of the boys and for delivering the College another First premiership and for all the work they have put into the program developing our young cricketers by being present at training and assisting the coaches with their training sessions. Nathan in particular was at the nets at Langlands or Villanova Park every morning and afternoon, Monday to Friday.

Cricket Coaches
Thanks to the following people who coached a team this year, your efforts have enabled the boys to work hard and achieve outstanding results all season.

Staff: Ben Lynam
Parents: Paul Keene, David McMahon, Matthew Borger, John Godwin and Damien Lewis.

I would like to make special mention to following group of Old Boys, who have returned to the College and helped out with the program. 19 of the 28 teams were coached by Old Boys, which highlights that the current students would not get a game if it were not for them and that their knowledge and skill has been successfully passed on to the players. Some of these guys are only in their first year out but they have made the effort to get involved and the impact they have had on the boys, particularly the Junior School boys has been invaluable and they all thoroughly enjoyed having these men as coaches:

George Myers, Jamie Mullins, Harry Stanfield, Matthew Short, Jake Perrier, Joel O’Reilly, Harry Wilson, Harry Short, Ethan Raymond, Josh Schaumburg, Jack Challinor, Josh Fraser, Stuart Hooper, Tom Kinross, Jack Milner, Dale D’Souza, Josh Smith, Hunter Gapes, Ronan Hughes, Trent Foster, Joseph Roberts, Digby Timms, Tom Wilson, Nick Halvorson, Luke Berridge, Jacob Keay, Oliver Rae, Blake Muller, Oliver Timms, Gunit Singh, Sachin Kaylan, Mackenzie Osborne, Oliver Kearney, Theo Day, Caylum Roy, Murphy Woodger and Xavier Sauvage.

Mr Todd Kropp, AIC Volleyball Co-ordinator

It has been another exciting year of AIC volleyball here at Villa for 2021. A season filled with ups and downs, wins and losses, and a mix of long-term development and short-term success. Returning to Sport after the Christmas break is no small task for our coaches. The season began with the pre-season training camp where each team got the chance to ‘shake off the dust’ and set the standard for the season. From here, teams continued to train weekly with the focus on contributing to the program’s target of a more technical and tactical focus to our season. Only time will tell how our targets will fare on the court in the future, but I am optimistic our approach and long-term plan will continue to make Villanova a fierce competitor in AIC Volleyball.

Villanova Volleyball entered 20 teams into the AIC Volleyball competition in 2021 with four listed premierships awarded to our 11B, 11C, 10B, and 10C teams. In addition to this, our 11C and 11B teams recorded undefeated seasons. Further, we had 4 teams finish in the top three places on the AIC ladder. Villanova finished in sixth place on the aggregate table, improving from seventh place in 2019 but down from our fourth-place finish in 2020. Most games throughout the season were won or lost by a set showing the competitiveness of AIC Volleyball. The positive results we have had throughout the season was due to the tireless efforts of coaches and players exemplifying what our program Is striving for, playing an aggressive style of volleyball, not being intimidated by our opponent or surroundings and being humble winners and gracious in defeat.

As a coach and co-ordinator, it was an honour to have worked with each of our teams throughout the season. It was truly a great experience to get the opportunity to work with John Christie and the First VI team as they competed. The season for the First VI was truly an example of ups and downs. The training environment for the First team was always positive but sometimes we struggled to carry through to our matches.  We showed gradual improvement and as the season continued and we showed some belief that we could compete with the best. The belief for this team grew with the support from a number of other teams, working hard at training, and the record-breaking 4 assistant coaches taking to the bench each week. Narrowly missing out on the First VI Premiership, the Villanova First VI team finished in second place on the 2021 ladder. The boys in this team truly demonstrated what the volleyball program’s goals are on the court each week having encountered some tough matches. Unfortunately, the boys missed out on taking on their biggest foe, the Villanova coaches, and we have agreed to reluctantly call 2021 a draw. I would like to thank Tom Boxall for his effort as the First VI Captain. I would also like to thank our departing Year 12 students for their contribution to the Volleyball Program with a specific mention to Ben Craig, Callum McGarvey, Paddy Perrier and Harry Rouhliadeff who will finish with the volleyball program after two or more years contribution to Villanova’s First VI Volleyball squad.

With another season over, Villanova Volleyball begins to build again in readiness for the next. Before this can happen, Villanova will have the opportunity to participate in several tournaments such as Primary Schools Cup, Junior Schools Cup and National Schools Cup. It is these outside competitions that players are able to hone their skills and to develop as team players for their respective team.

In concluding this report, I would like to say thank you to all coaches for their time and patience in sharing their knowledge of the game to the players. Thanks, must also go to the players and their parents especially, who attend each game to give support and encouragement during games each week of the season. There is a number of parents who helped in the canteen, cooked on the BBQ, as well as preparing other foods to feed the spectators and students who attended the games.

An extra special thanks  to Robyn Gunning and her team for their tireless effort to ensure the canteen is up and running each home game and to our First VI Parents for their effort in preparing post-match functions for our boys. Last but certainly not least, a thank you to each one of our Villanova boys who showed up each week, trained hard and gave their best on the court under the guidance of their coaches.

C’arn the cats!

AIC Volleyball Results v Padua College

Team 1 v IONA 2 v SPLC 3 v ASH 4 v SPC 5 V SLC 6 v SEC 7 V PAD
1st VI W 3-2 W 3-2 L 3-1 W 3-1 W 3-1 W 3-0 L 3-1
2nd VI L 2-1 L 2-0 L 2-0 W 2-1 L 2-0 W 2-1 L 2-0
3rd VI L 2-1 L 2-0 L 2-0 L 0-2 L 2-0 L 0-2 L 2-0
11 A L 2-0 L 2-0 W 2-0 W 2-1 L 2-0 L 0-2 L 2-0
11 B W 2-1 W 2-0 W 2-1 W 2-1 W 2-0 W 2-0 W 2-1
11C W 2-1 v SLC 11D W 2-0 PAD 11D W 2-1 W 2-0 W 2-1 W 2-0 Ash W 2-0
10A W 2-0 L 2-0 L 2-0 L 0-2 W 2-0 L 2-1 W 2-0
10B W 2-0 W 2-1 W 2-1 W 2-0 L 2-1 W 2-0 W 2-0
10C W 2-0 W 2-0 W 2-0 W 2-0 W 2-1 W 2-0 L 2-1
9A L 3-0 L 2-0 L 2-1 W 3-0 L 3-0 L 1-2 W 2-1
9B L 3-0 W 2-1 L 2-1 W 3-0 L 3-0 L 1-2 L 0-3
9C L 3-0 L 3-0 L 3-0 W 2-1 L 2-1 W 3-0 W 3-0
8A L 2-0 L 2-1 W 2-1 W 2-1 W 2-1 L 1-2 W 2-1
8B W 2-1 L 2-1 L 2-1 W 3-0 L 3-0 W 2-1 W 2-1
8C L 2-1 L 2-1 W 2-1 W 3-0 W 3-0 W 2-1 W 2-1
8 Gold L 3-0 W 3-0 SPC 8F L 2-1 W 2-1 L 2-1 W 3-0 SPC W 2-1
7A L 3-0 L 2-0 L 3-0 W 2-1 L 2-1 L 0-3 L 3-0
7B L 2-1 L 2-1 L 3-0 L 0-3 W 2-1 W 2-1 L 3-0
7C W 3-0 W 2-1 L 2-1 W 3-0 W 2-1 L 1-2 W 2-1
7 Gold L 2-1 W 3-0 W 2-1 W 3-0 L 3-0 L 1-2 L 3-0

Mr Adam Fry, AIC AFL Coordinator

The 2021 AFL season can without a doubt say it has been the most successful since the reintroduction to the AIC competition. With over 140 players participating in AFL, Villanova footy is well and truly showing we are one of the best schools in the competition. Right back from our first trials in November 2020, we could see the eagerness and determination that this year’s AFL teams possessed before the season got underway. This season has shown how strong we are with a second place in the overall aggregate. This was only a small margin behind eventual winners St Laurence’s College. The strength of our younger teams illustrates the potential of years ahead for Villanova AFL.

Across the college there were several premiership teams, which is an outstanding achievement. Our 5A, 6B, 6A and Year 7 teams have all gone through the season undefeated, showing how dominate they were each week. The skill, sportsmanship, and teamwork these younger men demonstrated each Saturday was extraordinary to witness. It must be mentioned how dominate the Year 7 team was. Over the seven weeks they only had a total of 25 points scored against them. This is a dominate performance from this side and they ought to be congratulated on a terrific season.

I want to make special mention of our First XVIII, the 2021 season was the best effort since the reintroduction of AFL into the College. To finish outright second is an amazing achievement and with the depth of year ten and eleven boys to come our team is in very good hands. The team week in, week out, performed at such a high level and showed outstanding skills, sportsmanship and teamwork, the entire College community are very proud. The effort alone at the annual 3am Mt Coot-Tha climb, proves how tough and resilient this group of young men are. The highlight for the season however comes from a loss, even though St Laurance’s outplayed us, to see a crowd of over one thousand supporters at Coorparoo supporting Firsts AFL was incredible to witness. The cheer that echoed around the ground could be heard for suburbs when Joey Wilson kicked the goal of the year. The foundation for future success of Villanova AFL has very much been set.

Finally, I would like to say a big thank you to all the parents for your continual support and running around for each boy to ensure that we had such a successful season. I would like to say thank you to Craig, Chris, Todd and Anthony in the Sports Office for all your work behind the scenes to ensure a fantastic season. And finally, I would like to say a massive thank you to all coaches Brian, Matt M, Darren, Will, Michael, Greg, Matt C, James and Bart for your hard work and dedication to these players throughout the season. Without our coaches our season would not have been even close to what it was, and the boys thoroughly enjoyed having you all show them your skill and commitment to the cause.

It has been an unforgettable season of Villanova AFL and that would not have been possible without all our players putting in one hundred percent every week, both on the track and on the field. I look forward to trials and training getting underway at the end of 2021 and cannot wait for round one in 2022.

AIC AFL Results v Padua & Iona

Team Rd – 1 Rd – 2 Rd – 3 Rd – 4 Rd – 5 Rd – 6 Rd – 7












Year 8/9 W














Year 7 W














Year 6A W














Year 6B W














Year 5A W














Year 5B L














A reminder to Villanova parents that there is a NO DOG policy at all AIC sporting fixtures. There has been a concern from some of the venue co-ordinators, including Villanova Park, that pet owners are ignoring the signs placed on the gates at each venue. All pet owners who ignore the signs will be asked to remove their pets from the venue immediately. This is also the case for all State Schools.

Many of our top tennis players have been issued with an invitation to attend a first pre-season tennis training program which was due to commence next Wednesday 25 March. Those who have been invited are asked to complete and hand back their ‘statement of player commitment’ form to the Sports Office ASAP.

All information regarding the AIC Cross Country season is posted in the AIC Cross Country section on the website. This information includes the times and venues for training, coaches contact details and much more. We encourage all boys to attend.

The 12 years-Opens program commenced this week. The coaches have been impressed with the turnout having 50 – 60 boys turn up for training and are running very well. Well done team!

Well done to Oliver Davey who has been officially offered a place to join the Australian Sailing/Qld Performance Pathway program as part of the Queensland Academy of Sport. Only a select few are offered a place in this elite sports program. Oliver has a strong passion for sailing and wishes to one day represent his country. This is an excellent reward for all the hard work over many years. Well done Oliver!

Please find below a list of composite trial and nomination dates. Paperwork for these trials is now available in the Sport Office.

Sport Age group Return to the Sports Office
Cross Country 13-19 Years Wed 31 March

Mr Craig Stariha, Director of Sport

Read More


Augustine Centre Update
Through correspondence from both myself and Mr Stower, you are all aware that we have been working through a damp and mould issue in some sections of the Augustine Centre.  Whilst we have not received the final report from the environmental scientists engaged to assess the environment within the building, we were advised that the conditions were not immediately hazardous, but we should consider restricting access to affected spaces.  Out of an abundance of caution until receiving the final report, we closed the theatre as an additional decommissioned area to those already ‘closed’ over a week ago.

We are expecting the final report from scientists at the end of the week.  In the meantime, we have engaged three remediation experts to survey the building and commence a quoting process on the cleaning and recommissioning of the Augustine Centre.  As soon as we receive the report, we will pass this on for final quoting and scope of works planning.  Our preference is to commence work on the remediation process as soon as possible.

My hope is that we can bring to the community early next week a timeline for remediation and recommissioning of the building.  Any process we engage with will include the cleaning of the entire Augustine Centre.  If we require students to remove instruments from the space, we will communicate this to you as soon as possible.

I would like to make absolutely clear that we have decommissioned spaces to reduce exposure to allergens for those who may be susceptible; we have not been advised that the environment provides an immediate health hazard.  Closing these spaces also allows freedom of movement for facilities and trades to expedite the remediation process.  Our focus is on determining the cause, removing any risk from the building, then placing effective processes in place to manage the environment into the future.

As more information comes to hand, we will communicate again with our community.

Alternate Spaces for Instrumental Music Tuition
I would like to take a moment to thank our Music Leadership Group for their assistance in ensuring we are able to continue our tuition program for the remainder of the term.  It has taken quite some massaging and improvisation and requires much flexibility from both staff and students; however, it is pleasing to note that currently all students should receive their allocated lessons for the remainder of Term 1.

Please click here for the document shared with families earlier this week, outlining the teaching spaces we will be utilising over the coming fortnight.  Please have your son note the building and room he is to move to and guide him to plan for more or less commuting time depending upon his whereabouts in the College.  Students not taking lessons in the Augustine Centre are required to bring their College diary to assist with monitoring student movement in and out of class.

Dates for Debut Concerts
Until we are able to confirm timelines for the remediation of the Augustine Centre, we are unable to plan for alternate dates for our Debut Concert series.  We are expecting these to occur early in Term 2; more information will be communicated as it comes to hand.

Reminder – Enrolment Adjustments
A second reminder that all changes to IM enrolment without penalty need to occur by 4pm TOMORROW.   Alterations after this date may incur a term of tuition fees.  For access to the enrolment change document, please contact the music office or visit the College website.

Tuition Fees – Semester 1
As per the Music Handbook 2021 (distributed via email last year), please note that all hire charges, tuition fees, and ensemble levies will for Term 1 and Term  2 will be sent via statement over the coming month.  This information will be distributed via the Finance Office.

Entertainment Publications Memberships
Entertainment memberships are one of the Music Support Group’s main fundraisers.  Just click on the link attached in the flyer to purchase a membership and obtain ongoing special deals throughout the year.

Villanova Camp Chairs and Wildcat Coolers
Our fantastic Music Support Group has organised an innovative fundraiser for Villanova College.  You may have heard the buzz about our Villanova Camp Chairs and Wildcat Coolers…  the MUST HAVE items for the beach/cricket/park/fishing/BBQ/etc. Click here for details.

Villanova Branded Camp Chairs – $31; Wildcat Coolers – $26.

All items can be purchased via TryBooking through the following link:

Purchases can be collected from the Music Office and all profits go to the Music Support Group. Please contact the Music Office to organise a collection time.

Opportunity to Participate
The Music community at Villanova welcomes all students interested in participating in ensemble or instrument/vocal tuition.  If your son would like to take lessons on an instrument this year, please contact the Music Office on 3394 5691 or via email at for further information.

Thank you all for your ongoing support of Music at Villanova College.

Michael Jones, Director of Music

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BONUS JB Hi-Fi eGift Cards Terms. View JB Hi-Fi eGift Card FAQs here – JB Hi-Fi eGift Cards do not expire. Lost or stolen cards cannot be replaced. If you request a refund on your Entertainment Membership within 30 days of your purchase and it is after receiving your eGift Card, the amount of the eGift Card will be deducted from the original value of your Membership purchased.

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Parent Information

Next Monday, 22 March 2021, Ozcare will be visiting Villanova College to administer two vaccinations to Year 7 students who submitted signed consent forms to the College earlier in the term.  Monday morning from 9.00am, students will be receiving the first dose of the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine and the combined Diphtheria, Tetanus and Whooping Cough (Boostrix) vaccine.  The second dose of the HPV vaccine will occur on 4 November 2021.

Please ensure your son has had an adequate breakfast before receiving the vaccination.  If your son is absent on the day, Ozcare will contact you with alternative arrangements.

Ms Sally Byron, College Administrator

THE event Villanova mums have been waiting for! The legendary P&F Mothers’ Night returns in 2021 on Friday 7 May overlooking the city lights on the Senior Terraces. Lock the date in your diaries and starting rallying your friends. Ticketing information released soon.

Please see the Middle School section for details of the rescheduled Parent Information Evenings for Year 7 and 9.

To assist parents and students locating lost property from Villanova Park, the following process is in place. All lost property from Tuesday and Thursday training sessions at Villanova Park is moved to the lost property bin in the First Aid Room (in the main toilet block) at Villanova Park. Lost property from trainings and Saturday games is then delivered to Mrs Vicki Lamb (Middle School Student Services) on Tuesday of the following week. Please contact College reception if misplaced items are valuable or urgently required (ie laptop, school bag).

This position (revised to 30 hours per week) may suit someone in the Villanova community. Click here for the Role Description. Applications close Friday 26 March, 2021. 

All volunteers rostered on this week will be contacted directly by the Tuckshop.

All volunteers rostered on this week will be contacted directly by the Library.



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