Principal's Welcome

Dear Members of the Villanova College Family
In 2017, the Management Committee (Principals and Heads of Colleges) of the AIC Sporting Association undertook a review of AIC Sport. The main purpose of the review was to assist with future planning and direction for the Association. Professor Cliff Mallett and colleagues from the University of Queensland conducted the research through survey instruments and focus group workshops. Many families from Villanova College provided feedback to researchers and the data from all Colleges has now been collated and analysed.

Last week Professor Cliff Mallett presented the draft recommendations to the Management Committee for consideration. In his presentation, he made the point that the feedback from parents was overwhelmingly positive about the role of sport in Colleges such as Villanova College. Overall parents were happy with the offerings and opportunities provided for their sons.

The draft recommendations centered around four key themes:

Recommendation One: Commitment

The AIC should commit significant time and engagement to respond to these findings.

Recommendation Two: Revised Governance and capacity of AIC

The AIC should develop a clearly articulated philosophy and mission of the organisation as a broad point for decision:  who we are and why do we exist? It is strongly encouraged AIC align with and complement the philosophy and mission of the guiding principles espoused by this school system. What does membership involve?

Recommendation Three: What, How and When

The key discussion points are based on the most prominent issues associated with depth, breadth and duration/time of competition.


  • Continue to offer current sports
  • Extend the current offerings of Australian Football and Rugby League as seasonal sports for a trial period (e.g. two years)
  • Reconsider what sports are offered in each term to maximise participation.
  • Stipulate minimum number of teams per age group for each sport.


  • Consider weekly, tournament, conference style competitions to optimise use of facilities and sport offerings
  • Design a programme that includes greater sampling of sports and modified sports such as touch rugby (league), Rugby 7’s, Futsal etc. especially in the younger grades
  • Improved links with community sport.


  • The AIC would benefit from re-scheduling competitions, which allow parents to be at one venue. Time is an ongoing issue.
  • Reconsider the duration of the competition seasons.

Recommendation Four: Ongoing monitoring and evaluation of the AIC

  • Provide opportunities for key stakeholders to provide feedback about the program seasonally. In addition, the routine collection and periodic analysis of relevant data would be valuable and informative for the AIC.

The next step will involve the Management Committee meeting regularly to work through the data presented and recommendations made to devise a way forward from 2019 and beyond.

Settling In to 2018

As we conclude Week Three, students should be settling into their routine for the new school year. We all want our sons to be happy and bursting with enthusiasm for school, jumping out of bed in the morning ready to go to classes. If you are sensing your son has not settled into a routine, please do not hesitate to contact the appropriate Pastoral Area Leader. Shown below are the contact email for the Pastoral Area Leaders, please drop them a line if you have any concerns:

Junior School – Mr Brendan Kennedy –

Year 7 – Mr Ben Lynam –

Year 8 – Mr Matt McGrath –

Year 9 – Mr Peter Simpson –

Year 10 – Mr Sean O’Neill –

Year 11 – Mr Peter Meecham –

Year 12 – Mr Tony Rolls –

Accommodation Required

A Villanova College family with a son in Year 10 is currently seeking a weekdays, term-time boarding arrangement to reduce travel time for their son.  If there is a family able to provide accommodation for this student, please contact Ms Amanda Waterson, Principal’s Executive Assistant on 3394 5504.


We keep in our prayers the family of Anas Raed (Year 11) whose brother is seriously ill at this time. We also keep in our prayers Mrs Lorraine Waterson, mother of Ms Amanda Waterson and Grandmother of Luke (Year 7) who is ill and currently in hospital.

You have made us for Yourself, O Lord

And our hearts are restless until they rest in You.

God bless

Mr Mark Stower, College Principal

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Head of Junior School

The liturgical calendar of 2018 has been formally recognised as the “Year of Youth” by Australian Bishops, with the blessing and endorsement of Pope Francis.  We are given the chance to focus on the renewal of our own youth, to engage meaningfully with the spiritual development of the youth around us, and to open dialogue between the generations.

Our Church asks us, through our community, to remember God’s Word, practice his eternal love and forgiveness for others as well as commit to service for those in need.  Already at both Year 5 and 6 camps we have begun explicit prayers and purposeful conversations about our families and Villanovan brothers.  We are teaching our young men to be mindful of our loved ones when they are away from us.  We are modelling how to encourage and support the classmates who sit, stand, climb, ride, swim, paddle and laugh beside us.  Quickly we notice the kindness of staff and students who see us when we struggle.  New situations like meals prepared by someone else, instructions given differently and environments that challenge us and push comfort zones.  Humour often helps us deal with nerves.  A smile of reassurance calms us.  Praise and feedback encourages our spirit, mind and body to keep trying.  Conversations about likes and dislikes build connections.  This is the Church for boys.  This is our community promoting belonging and making memories.

With the beginning of the academic routines and co-curricular programs more likely to find rhythm at this stage of the term, we must be committed to the Year of Youth.  Routines need time to become behaviours.  Expectations must be high and consistent – also obtainable – and we must celebrate what is done well.  Clear instructions sustain peaceful learning situations.  Organisation will open minds for better learning each day, so we find the way to pack bags, lunch boxes and complete home tasks.  Remember that our young people have their own needs.  Be open to your sons needs as they might differ to yours.  The way you get organised or learn new information is likely to be different to him.  This is a challenge sometimes.  We need to listen, watch and guide the boys into their best time management and eventually, their true potential as human beings at this point in time.

We are asked to acknowledge the Holy Spirit in our sons as well as provide opportunities for using such spirit, actively, for the Church.  This means we recognise the liturgical seasons of the Church – beginning with Lent beginning February 14.  Ash Wednesday signals the Christian opportunity to challenge ourselves with “do more”, “be more” or “go without so others benefit”.  Pledges over 46 days might provide us with a chance for interiority.  That means we make the time to consider the choices we make in life.  Are we mindful of our blessings?  Are we prepared to think of others we love with more care?  Can we be brave enough to show kindness to people we haven’t yet met?  This kind of opportunity needs adult guidance.  Now is the time to have conversations with our youth about the possibilities of what we can achieve during Lent.  Realistic goals can make significant differences to the lives of others.  Within the Junior School we will certainly be encouraging and supporting Lenten pledges so please open up the possibilities at home now.

Our sons deserve dignity and safety in this world.  In the Year of Youth, we can seek to foster self-respect, a sense of belonging and promote the strategies for enjoying all our successes yet accepting our challenges.  Perfection is a myth.  As adults, we can be sure to admit our mistakes and show gratitude for helping hands when we stumble.  In education we need to “normalize” mistakes.  Mistakes are how we learn best.  Errors are a sign of effort and risk taking.  They promote growth and increase our potential in ways we can’t imagine.  Our sons need to leave our homes in the morning with hope.  They need a fresh start every time they step through the College gates.  The dignity of students, teachers and parents ensures we move forward.

The Year of Youth is upon us and we will relish the chance to give our Junior School boys the platform for their social, emotional, academic, co-curricular and spiritual selves.

Mr Stephen Rouhliadeff, Head of Junior School

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Head of Senior School

After last week’s program of events, punctuated with a memorable Mass of the Holy Spirit and an enjoyable Inter-House Swimming Carnival, it has been pleasing to see the focused engagement of senior school students in the classroom environment during my observations walking the corridors of Veritas throughout the week.

Whilst the College’s holistic educational philosophy values the importance of a dynamic and eclectic calendar, the learning processes that occur in the classroom between 8.30am and 3pm should be the primary focus of all students, regardless of their chosen pathway. To ensure that all senior school students fulfil this responsibility, one of the intentional strategic areas within the Senior School this year is a focus on improved academic tracking and mentoring of our students. The appointment of Mr Jamie Seefeld to the position of Director of Data Analytics, underpins our commitment to the former.

As outlined in the series of Parent Information Evenings, selected Independent Study Program (ISP) lessons, that the majority of students in Year 11 and 12 have included in their timetable, will be utilised by our team of Academic Mentors to interview students on a regular basis. The focus of these discussions will include the articulation of action plans to achieve academic goals, advice on time and organisational management and challenging students who are not reaching their full potential. Year 10 students will also have the opportunity to speak with senior members of staff at some key juncture points throughout the year to reflect upon their transition into the Senior School.

I also encourage you to have regular dialogue with your son regarding his academic goals for 2018. In addition, if you have any concerns regarding your son’s study habits or time management skills, please contact his Pastoral Area Leader and ISP Academic Mentor.

Paul Dillon Drug Education Sessions

Next Monday, all Senior School students will have the opportunity to listen to renowned drug education expert Mr Paul Dillon during three separate sessions targeting each year level. The College has retained the services of Mr Dillon for a number of years, such is our strong commitment to regular drug and alcohol education for our young men.

Through his own business, Drug and Alcohol Research and Training Australia (DARTA) Paul has been contracted by many agencies and organisations across the country to give regular updates on current drug trends within the community. He continues to work with many school communities across the country to ensure that they have access to good quality information and best practice drug education.

On Monday night, Paul will present to parents who are interested in practical ways to keep their son safe from the dangers of drugs and alcohol. This seminar for parents will take place at 6.30pm in Hanrahan Theatre following the conclusion of the Year 10 Parent Information Evening which starts at 6pm. I strongly encourage parents of all senior school students to attend.

“Experimenting with drugs is like target practice where your head is the bull.”-Michael Josephson

Mr Matt Levander, Head of Senior School

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Lord, when did we see you hungry and feed you, or thirsty and give you drink? And when did we see you a stranger and welcome you, or naked and clothe you? And when did we see you sick or in prison and visit you?’ 

 As we approach Lent, the challenge offered by the leaders of Ministry at Villanova College is to urge each student to hear these words from Matthew’s Gospel as if they were directed straight at him alone. In partnership with young old boys acting as mentors, the student leaders of the different Ministries have set a calendar and some aims for 2018. The first set of aims regards motivating boys to create a better and more just future on campus and beyond by taking personal action in Lent.

Middle and Junior School students will each receive a Project Compassion box from Caritas Australia. Each boy is challenged to give up something in Lent and put a few coins in that box instead. Through these little individual actions each Lent, Caritas is able to make a big difference in countries where children and families struggle to access what we take for granted. The money raised helps individuals in communities from central Australia, to the Philippines and Nepal to take control of their lives and provide leadership for their neighbours. The video to launch the 2018 Project Compassion appeal “A Just Future” is well worth a look:

This video will be shown at our Ash Wednesday service in Goold Hall next Wednesday at 8.30 am. The boys will receive ash on their forehead as a prompt to: “Remember that you are dust and unto dust you shall return.” Just occasionally, the best learning occurs when we remember what the end of life will be for all of us. What will be the important questions at that hour?

In the same service, we will launch the St Vincent de Paul Hamper Appeal.  Each Senior School student is urged to donate non-perishable food or hygiene items so that we can fill 20 hampers generously, for local people who will appreciate practical support at Easter.

The Villanova College Mission Statement sets out the aim that our community will create fine young men of Gospel values who contribute to the common good – who create a just future. A good news story in this regard is that we now have four recent graduates involved in the Moorooka Soccer Stars Program. This program provides access to sport (soccer) for children who otherwise could not be involved. The four old boys are Angus Tracey (St Vincent de Paul President 2017), Fabrice Ragoo (Ministry Captain 2017), Hamish Drummond (College Captain 2017) and Dan Ingledew (St Vincent de Paul President 2013).

Mr John Holroyd, Dean of Mission and Identity

Marriage Encounter Weekend

 3 to 5 August 2018 : Worldwide Marriage Encounter weekend – relationship enrichment for married couples at Santa Teresa Spirituality Centre, Ormiston QLD (on Brisbane’s bayside) 

For bookings/details contact:  Maria and David Murphy, ph (07) 3342 1456,    Information website:

Watch our video –

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All lessons and rehearsals have commenced.  The rehearsal schedule has been communicated home via email, Skoolbag and newsletter.  It has been included again here for your information.  Rehearsals for all bands, strings ensembles, choir, guitar ensembles, and percussion ensembles have commenced.  Please stay tuned for the chamber, jazz and Irish groups.

We are finalising enrolments still.  If your son would like to learn an instrument but is not yet involved, please contact the Music Office on 3394 5691 so that we may begin his musical journey as soon as possible.

Year 5 Instrumental Music

This week, our Year 5 students came to the Hanrahan Theatre to participate in an instrument demonstration.  Senior students demonstrated their instruments for our Year 5 team, giving an insight into why they chose their respective instruments and giving our junior students a concept of the sound of each instrument.

Our prospective Year 5 musicians were given some homework by Mrs Sleep, which was handed to students upon leaving class and emailed home to all Year 5 families.  We ask that students visit the allocated websites with their parents and discuss the different instruments and the sounds they make.

From next Tuesday, we will begin the physical testing process of students.  Our tutors will give students an opportunity to hold and produce sound on the respective instruments offered, hopefully clarifying decision making around instrument preferences.  Further information regarding instrument preferences will be communicated home over the coming fortnight.

Music Support Group

Our 2018 Music Support Group met on Monday evening, 5 February, in the music classroom on level 1 of the Augustine Centre.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank our Executive and the enthusiastic parents who attended our first meeting of the year.  I am looking forward to working with this wonderfully supportive group over the coming year.

For those of you interested to know more about the goings-on behind the scene of our Music Community, the next meeting has been convened for Monday 5 March – you will be most welcome!

Irish Ensemble and Jazz Ensemble Auditions

Big Band, Jazz Ensemble, and Irish Ensemble auditions have been convened this week.  We will be posting ensemble memberships outside the Music Office at the end of the week.  Ensemble members will also be notified by email.

Thank you to all students who participated in this process – congratulations for making the effort.

Sporting Clashes with Rehearsals

Our students are always very involved in many activities and we are very happy to negotiate time to ensure we can meet most commitments.  In discussion with the Sports Office, we have come to the following arrangement:

  • Students in ‘A’ teams (two training sessions per week) will rotate rehearsal with one training session every fortnight; i.e. rehearsal and training one week, two training sessions the next.
  • Students in ‘B’ teams (two training sessions per week) will attend one training session and rehearsal every week
  • Students in all other teams (one training session per week) are to rotate training and rehearsal every fortnight; i.e. rehearsal one week, training the next.

Should you have any concerns, please contact me through the Music Office and I will be more than happy to discuss this further.  Please ensure your son contacts his Ensemble Director so that they are aware of the scheduling arrangement to assist in maintaining accurate attendance records.

Date Claimers

As per tradition, we cast our eyes over the coming terms.  Please note the following in your diaries:

Term 1
Week Date Activity
7 Monday 5 March Music Support Group Meeting – 7:30pm
7 7 – 10 March Musical (evening performances) in Hanrahan Theatre
8 Wednesday 14 March Proposed Year 5 Excursion to QSO (10am Concert)
10 Tuesday 27 March Jump Start Day (Year 5 all day – Hanrahan Theatre)
Term 2
2 Thursday 26 April Debut Concert 1 (MS Ensembles)
3 Monday 30 April Music Supporter’s Group/ QCMF Meeting – 7:30pm

Mr Michael Jones, Director of Music

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Last Friday the College hosted its first Sports Assembly for 2018.This assembly provided an opportunity as a College community to publicly acknowledge those who will represent Villanova in AIC AFL, cricket and volleyball this season. It was also our chance to present to the College our First VI Volleyball and First XI Cricket teams and captains for 2018.

Well done to the following boys on their appointments this year.

First VI Volleyball Captain 2018:  Damien Harding

First XI Cricket Captain 2018:  Joshua Schaumburg

To finish off the assembly College Vice-Captain Hunter Gapes spoke to the boys about the expectations he had of all students who don the green and gold. Assemblies are also an opportune time for me to address the boys and speak to them about getting involved, enjoying sport and to reiterate the College’s expectations of all its students regarding sport before the official AIC season begins. Although enjoyment and participation is fundamental to why we play sport at Villanova College, I did mention to the boys that there is one more important factor that ties it all together – pride. School pride encompasses a whole range of ideals, which in turn affects our will to do things and to do them well.

The way we wear our uniforms, conduct ourselves at school and in public, the way we play and train, the way we support each other and the attitude we have to want to give our very best among many other things is important to us at Villanova. We ask our boys to strive to be the best they can be in all facets, not because they are asked to but because they have a sense of pride in themselves and the College.

2018 marks the 70th Anniversary since Villanova College was founded back in 1948. Since that time, the baton has been passed from each year group to the next. Each year group have done their part in history to ensure the Villanova baton is passed on in a better condition than it was received. The challenge to the boys was laid down in no uncertain terms. Do your best to be the best you can be in 2018 and let us help and support those along the way. Do not drop the baton and if we do, let us pick it up or help those who have.

I must congratulate everyone who participated in the sports program over the weekend including all swimmers, cricketers, volleyball and AFL players. Overall, our results were pleasing. This week we approach Round 2 of competition against St Laurence’s College (SLC). This will be a big round for all players so I challenge all boys to ‘step up’ and produce their very best this weekend and show everybody the amount of pride they have in their College by the way you conduct yourself as a competitor and as a member of our College. Best wishes!

Round 2 AIC Fixtures – Saturday 10 February, AIC Cricket and Volleyball v St. Laurence’s College (SLC), AIC AFL (Bye Round).

Please refer to the College’s website to view all times and venues for this weekend’s fixtures v SLC. Simply scroll down on the College’s home page to the ‘Latest News’ section and click the ‘Weekly Fixtures’ section.

AIC Cricket

Congratulations to all players, managers and coaches for a great start to the AIC season. Although the day was marred by wet weather, I was encouraged to see that the boys were keen and eager to get out in the middle and play in the wet conditions. Ultimately, the rain got the better of most teams as many games were cancelled.

The First XI had the opposition out for 86 and were 0/65 with victory in their sights. The rain caused the covers to come out just before lunch. We waited almost four hours for a break in the weather so that we could quickly belt the remaining runs. Unfortunately, the conditions did not go our way and the match was abandoned.

From the 22 games played (from a total of 35 scheduled) Villanova managed 15 wins and seven losses. Villanova won four aggregate matches and lost one, all other matches were rain affected. I ask all players and coaches to put last weekend behind them and refocus on the challenge we face this weekend against St. Laurence’s. The opposition will be determined, but Villanova will be ready and waiting!

Round 1 Cricket Results v SPC

Villanova College – Cricket  Results – Round 1  v SPC
TEAM Opposition Result Villa Opposition
1st XI SPC
2nd XI SPC
3rd XI SPC
4th XI Ash 6th
5th XI Iona 4th
10A SPC W 0/116 9/115
10B SPC L 10/89 8/90
10C SLC 10C W 4/100 10/52
9A SPC W 7/80 10/79
9B SPC W 8/136 8/67
9C Pad 9Gold W 2/63 9/62
9 Gold GT
8C SPC W 6/158 9/110
8 Gold SPC
8 White Iona 8Gold L 8/55 9/60
7B SPC W 6/142 9/60
7C SPC W 4/93 8/91
7 Gold SPC
7 White Iona 7Gold L 8/56 5/57
7 Green Iona 7Green
6A SPC L 10/90 6/104
6B SPC W 6/86 8/75
6 Gold BGS W 2/90 10/74
6 White Ash 6Black L 3/46 6/83
6 Green Iona 6White W 1/48 2/38
5 A SPC W 7/129 6/112
5 B SPC L 6/82 5/87
5C SPC W 3/135 8/65
5 Gold SPC W 3/109 10/54
5 White Villa 5 Green W 3/83 4/59
5 Green Villa 5 White L 4/59 3/83

 AIC Swimming – Mrs Juanita Jacobs, AIC Swimming Co-ordinator:

The AIC Swim season has well and truly kicked off with a successful swim meet for the squad (Years 6 – 12) at Marist College, Ashgrove last Friday night.  The Year 5’s were recovering from a busy week at camp but will join us for their first away meet this Friday at Iona.

Many of the Villanova boys competed at the Brisbane Sprint Championships on the weekend, performing personal best times. Their success in the pool at these meets is excellent preparation for the AIC carnival.  Nic Elsey, Andrew Vick, Caden Clelland, Tyler Clelland, Charlie Kerr and Jack Hewitt reached finals for multiple events while Will Rogers, Will Vig and Oliver Jacobs each had top ten finishes.  Harry Vig earned the bronze medal in two of his three finals and Cohen Stewart swam in four finals, winning the gold medal for his 50m freestyle event.  Congratulations to all the swimmers who competed on the weekend.

This Friday the boys will attend a swim meet at Iona. There will be two buses leaving the College at 3.10 pm but parents are asked to collect the boys from Iona by 5.30 pm, as the buses will not be returning to the College at the conclusion of the meet.

 AIC Swim Meet at Iona College

Date:  Friday, 9 February – Iona Invitational Meet

Venue:  Iona College Pool, North Rd entrance

Time:  Warm-up – 4.00pm; Start 4.30pm – 6.00pm

Bus:  Leave Villanova College at 3.10pm (students to be collected from Iona College)

A full program can be found in the AIC Swimming sections on the College’s web page. Parents are encouraged to attend and assist with timekeeping.

We appreciate that many boys will be arriving home from a big week at camp on Friday, but please keep in mind we only have four meets left to get times from the boys.  These times are used to determine the boys who will swim at the AIC Swimming Championships at Chandler. The competition is tight in many of the year levels so it is important the boys are training hard, as often as possible.

Note – If you are not able to attend the Friday carnival for any reason, please contact the Sports Office or the relevant Swim Manager.

Years 5 – 6

Manager              Mrs Kirstina Moss


Years 7 – 8

Manager                Mr Jack O’Hare


Year 9 – 10

Manager               Mrs Terri Dillon



Years 11-12

Manager            Mrs Theresa Henry

AIC Swim Coordinator:  Mrs Juanita Jacobs

 Friday Breakfast

Our famous Friday morning breakfasts have started again and will continue for the remainder of the season. If your son trains on a Friday morning, he is welcome to join us at the Villanova pool after training for a hot breakfast before school commences. Please ensure your son returns his form (available on the website) and money to the Sports Office this week.

End of Training

At the conclusion of training each morning, we aim to leave Langlands Pool by 8:10am at the latest so that the boys have time to settle before class and have something to eat if they wish to.  Many parents choose to collect the boys from the pool and take them up to school.  If parents are not waiting for the boys at 8:10am, when the squad leaves to return to the College, the boys will walk back with the rest of the group.  We cannot leave them unsupervised at the pool.  If carrying bags to school in the morning is a difficulty for the boys (particularly the younger students) then there is always the option to deliver the bags to the foyer of Goold Hall in the morning before moving down to the pool.  The boys can then collect their bags when we arrive back at the College.  I would also ask parents and students to ensure that all items are named, so any lost property can find its way back to its rightful owner.

2018 Senior, Middle and Junior School Inter-house Swimming Carnival

Last Wednesday, Villanova College held its annual Middle and Senior School Inter-house Swimming Carnivals at Langlands Pool, with the Junior School Swimming Carnival being held on the first Friday of term.

The carnivals were divided into two events, championship and house events. Members of our swimming squads keenly contested the championship events. Inter-house rivalry was at its highest point during the King of the Pool events, with large participation rates from all year groups, trying to increase their overall house position.

Congratulations must go to the Murray House for an outstanding victory in the Junior School. Well done to Goold on their victory in both the Middle and Senior School Carnivals. Overall Heavey House were crowned Whole College House Swim Champions for 2018 – well done! Congratulations to Nicholas Green who took out the King of the Pool event for Middle School and Andrew Vick who took out the King of the Pool event for Senior School.

Junior School Results                        Middle School Results                                       Senior School Results    

Murray                    726                           Goold                      519                                             Goold                      511

Heavey                    716                           Heavey                    518                                             Heavey                    465

Goold                      617                           Murray                   505                                             Crane                       440

Crane                       572                         Crane                       478                                             Murray                    382


2018 Whole College Results

First                          Heavey                    1699

Second                   Murray                    1649

Third                        Goold                      1647

Fourth                     Crane                       1490

AIC Volleyball – Ms Barbara Dewis, AIC Volleyball Co-ordinator

 Round 1 of AIC volleyball proved to be rather challenging for most players and coaches.  St Pat’s has always been a tough opponent and last weekend showed just how tough they were.  Some games were very close with two points being the difference in the final score.  Villanova had five wins against St Pat’s in the aggregate games. Well done to those teams who had a win over the weekend.  Teams will need to be focused and ready to go when they step onto the court against St Laurence’s this weekend, another tough opponent.

A great effort by those who are first timers to the game of volleyball and whose skills are continually developing.  I am sure they will reap the benefits of playing each weekend.

 ‘Play hard, good things will happen. Be consistent.’


Volleyball Canteen Roster

Goold Hall – Round 2 v SLC  10 February

We kindly ask parents to assist when their son is rostered on for court duty, or during pre-game warm up as per the schedule below:

Time Parents to assist
7.30am 7 Gold, 7C, 8C
8.30am 7B, 8 Gold
9.30am 8A, 7A
10.30am 9B, 9C
11.30am 9A
12.30pm Any parents who are willing to assist


AIC Volleyball Results v SPC 

Volleyball Results – Round 1  v SPC
Team Opposition Results Villanova Opposition
1st VI SPC L 1 3
2nd VI SPC W 2 0
3rd VI SPC L 0 2
11A SPC L 0 2
11B SPC L 1 2
10A SPC W 2 0
10B SPC W 2 1
10C SPC L 0 2
9A SPC W 2 0
9B SPC L 0 2
9C SPC W 2 0
8A SPC W 2 0
8B SPC L 1 2
8C SPC W 3 0
8 Gold SLC W 3 0
7A SPC L 1 2
7B SPC L 0 3
7C SPC W 2 1
7 Gold SPC W 2 1


AIC AFL – Mr Adam Fry, AIC AFL Co-ordinator

What a way to kick off the footy season. Saturday was truly a fantastic effort from all players especially the Year 5 boys coming back from camp.  Villanova have certainly started the season with a bang with two great wins and two losses.  It was fantastic to see all families and players there early supporting each other, which was very much appreciated. Below are results from the weekend’s games.

This weekend we have a bye round so will enjoy the weekend off, however we will still have training as per the schedule.

Thank you to all parents who assisted with photography and support on the weekend. If any parent would like to run water for a quarter or two, feel free to see Mr Conlan or myself to grab a bib. Once again thank you to all players for your efforts during Round 1.

Round 1 Results Round

5A Division Villanova College 8.3.51 defeated St Laurence’s College 7.4.46

5B Division St Laurence’s College 11.8.74 defeated Villanova College 1.1.7

6A Division St Laurence’s College 10.3.63 defeated Villanova College 6.2.38

6B Division Villanova College 11.4.70 defeated St Laurence’s College 6.4.40

AIC Rugby and Football Season – 2018

All Year 7 – 12 rugby and football training will be conducted at Villanova Park this season. Buses will transport all players and parents are to collect their son/s after training.

Year 5 and Year 6 rugby and football training will be conducted at Little Langlands or Whinstanes.

Please be aware that all Year 7 – 12 rugby training as well as First XI and Second XI football training will be held on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. All other Year 7 – 12 football training will be held on Monday and Wednesday afternoons. These times have changed since last year.  Year 5 and Year 6 training for both rugby and football will be held at Little Langlands on various mornings and afternoons.

The Sports Office will soon be looking to cement coaching allocations for the season. If you are interested and able to assist the College by coaching or refereeing games throughout the season please complete the ‘2018 Coaching, Managing and Officiating Nomination Form’ found on the College’s website and return to the Sport Office.  Sign-on forms will be distributed to all students from Year 5 – 12 next week.

Representative Sport

Parents are invited to email the Sports Office regarding the sporting achievements of their son at a Met East level or higher. These achievements will then be noted in this section from week to week.

Villanova Sports Club – Supporter Shirts & Towels

Please find further information to order Supporter Shirts and Towels to help support Villanova Sport.

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Parent Information

eLearning Updates, Term 1 School Fees, ‘Footloose’ Musical, Uniform Shop, Tuckshop, & Library

eLearning Updates

This year sees the first year of campus-wide BYOD laptops from Years 5-12. This presents both opportunities and challenges for the College. To support parents in managing their own son’s laptop the College is planning a parent information evening regarding BYOD laptops, security and family account settings, Cyber Safety resources and contacts, and how the College manages internet usage across the sub-schools. In addition, we will explore what a typical “education ready” laptop should look like – and what to avoid. This promises to be a very important evening and I will update parents via the newsletter and Villanova BYOD Facebook page as the details emerge. This evening will occur later in March.

 BYOD Readiness checks

Students in Year 5, 7 and 10 are presently checking if their laptops are “education ready”. This involves working through a checklist to ensure BYOD laptops have the required apps and service connections. This is vital to ensure optimal use and engagement with our curriculum. Due to camps and other variations to the timetable this may not have occurred for all students in these cohorts at this stage. However, parents are invited to make the necessary checks themselves if they feel confident in doing so. Please check the Villanova BYOD Facebook for links to these resources.

 Are you still waiting on a laptop?

Some families are still affected by lengthy delays regarding shipment and delivery of 2018 BYOD laptops. This is disappointing given some of these models were ordered during late 2017. For Year 5 students, I would urge parents to continue to wait for delivery rather than requesting Hot Swap Laptops from the IT Helpdesk. Students in Year 5 will have less frequent 1:1 need for laptops at this stage of Term 1 and classroom teachers will be able to work around these issues as an interim step. For students in Years 7 and 10, it may be worthwhile either requesting a Hot Swap Loan Laptop or bringing a laptop from home if it is adequate for basic use in the short term. Please email me to discuss your situation before bringing any alternative laptops to the College.


Roblox, like Minecraft, is a virtual world game where players build, interact and play in an online world. Recently I was made aware that some Year 5 laptops have this software installed. This is not used at the College. For more information visit: Unlike Roblox, Minecraft: Education Edition links through students’ Office 365 education accounts, is supported by an education-facing team, and has network and moderation/classroom settings that support educational use. If your son has Roblox on his laptop – or any other games that may deter your son from using his laptop effectively – please delete it.

 Safer Internet Day 2018

Tuesday 6 February was international Safer Internet Day. Did you notice the feeds and stories in social media? While I agree it is important to bring attention to a safer internet through this campaign, this needs to be our constant, conscious way of living. Our students live in a constantly connected world. There is little to no escape from peers, public opinion (whether warranted or not) – and very little left of what we once valued as “privacy”. Sometimes the safest way to experience the internet is – to switch it off altogether. Throughout 2018 our College students will hear the phrase “Digital Data Doesn’t Die” many times. This will be a key focus, reminding students that what is posted, sent, streamed or shared lives permanently on the internet. Even after it is deleted. You can only add to a digital footprint – you can never remove it. We also have to respect others’ digital footprints. It is too easy to criticise, to be the cynic, to ridicule that which we don’t understand. Unfortunately, we see the impact of anonymous, faceless acts of cyberbullying all too often in the media. It is heartbreaking and shatters communities. Through a number of online modules and gamified exercises, Villanova students will be encouraged to explore the need for using the internet cautiously, demonstrating respect and building a positive digital identity this year. These activities will be added to Moodle throughout the year.

 Be regularly informed

Like the Villanova BYOD Facebook page at

Mr Jason Lane, eLearning Pedagogy Teacher


Term 1 School Fees

A reminder to parents  that Term 1 school fees are due for payment this week.

Please contact the Villanova College Finance Office with any queries.

 Mrs Agi Waloszek, Business Manager


Footloose’ – Musical – Nearly Time to Cut Loose!

Footloose rehearsals are well underway and I am thrilled to report that the show is shaping up to be a smash hit!  Bronte Devine (Loreto College past pupil) is our choreographer and the dances she has created are exciting, energetic, complex and full of the 80s moves we know and love.

Cast members are busy sourcing costumes that include taffeta dresses, leg warmers and converse sneakers.  Our main cast are immersed in their roles and have already perfected their American accents.  They are very authentic in their portrayal of these well-known characters, as if they have stepped out of the original movie.  The band is progressing well and making excellent progress. Our chorus is disciplined and focused, showing great dedication to the process of rehearsal. Our specialist dancers are stunning and are working beautifully together.

It is a joy witnessing the positive relationships developing between both students and staff.  Even though it is a great deal of work, everyone leaves the rehearsal buzzing and feeling proud of our achievements.  We look forward to your support once tickets go on sale.

Ms Justine Silk, Performing Arts Curriculum Area Leader


Uniform Shop

The Villanova College New Uniform Shop is open on selected school days during each school term. Any additional hours will be advertised in the Villa View.

Trading hours are as follows:

Monday                       7.45 am – 10 am

Tuesday                       CLOSED

Wednesday                 CLOSED

Thursday                     7.45 am – 10 am

Friday                           7.45 am – 10 am

Online orders can only be collected between 11.30 am – 12 noon and are to be collected by students during their first meal break, as orders will not be processed before this time.

The Villanova College Second Hand Uniform Shop is open each Thursday during the school term between 7.45 am – 9.15 am.

The Uniform Shop’s Refund & Returns Policy is available on our website.



Ash Wednesday Menu for Wednesday 14 February

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