Principal's Welcome

Visiting the year level camps over the past fortnight has provided opportunities to meet the students and to see their confidence in meeting the many challenges they face with the range of activities on offer. For many students having time away from home can be a challenge.

It is interesting to see the students ‘step up’ to new responsibilities and take control of meeting expectations. I think we as adults often do too much for our children and students. They are very capable of meeting challenges with our support and guidance. As a young person grows, we need to seek out all the opportunities to allow our young men to take responsibility and to do so in an environment where they are supported. At times these young men will fail, and failure is often the best teacher. There would be few amongst us that have not experienced failure and the lessons learnt.

As we come to the end of Week 3, I would expect students are settling into the routine of school and classes. This routine involves organisation with preparation for school, lunches, training, homework and revision. We know most boys need structure and routine to help channel all that energy. I have provided a checklist to help parents to look at the study routine:

  1. Is there a place away from distractions for quiet work and study?
  2. Does the student have a comfortable chair and desk with good lighting?
  3. Are the electronic devices visible to an observer when the student is studying?
  4. At night are laptops and mobile phones placed on charge in a public place in the home and not in bedrooms?
  5. Are we having a chat with our son about his classes, homework and assignments on a regular basis?
  6. Are we checking homework on a regular basis through the eDiary on Parent Lounge?
  7. If we are having a terrible time with homework every night, have I contacted his teachers?


ABN 29 525 834 783
Office of the Provincial, Australia

The recent Royal Commission into Sexual Abuse of Children in Institutional Care has brought to focus the harm that has been done in institutional settings including within the Catholic community.While many people regularly express their gratitude for the benefits they have received from the pastoral care of Augustinians, this message today has a different purpose.

On behalf of my brother Augustinians, I express sorrow for the distress caused to any child or young person because of the harmful actions of members of our Augustinian Order. The consequences of such harm are deep and enduring. There are those who suffer harm directly, their families and faith communities.

The Augustinians will endeavour to approach the dignity of each person, most especially the young, with respect and integrity. Along with the whole Australian Church we commit ourselves to policies and programmes which are consistent with such respect and integrity.

I also wish to extend an invitation to anyone who has suffered harm as a young person because of the actions of members of our Augustinian Order to seek to have the Order listen to their story.In all of this we pray together for all concerned but most especially for those whose lives have been wounded by harm. For all we pray for healing that restores hope.

Fr Peter Jones OSA Prior Provincial Order of St Augustine
Province of Australasia

Academics: (Percentages show overall levels of satisfaction/agreement)

Working Relationship between Staff, Parents and Students 82% (Very High) 77% (High) 78% (High) 71% (High)
Overall Statements relating to study/ homework 71% (High)  69% (Moderate) 71% (High) 70% (High)
Amount of Homework son receives (About Right %) 70% (High) 65% (Moderate) 69% (Moderate) 68% (Moderate)
Statements relating to College’s Learning Support Programs 66% (Moderate) 64% (Moderate) 60% (Moderate) 63% (Moderate)
Statements relating to the Learning Enrichment Programs 76% (High) 69% (Moderate) 75% (High) 73% (High)
Statements relating to ICT at Villanova College 82% (Very High) 80% (Very High) 79% (High) 80% (Very High)
Statements Relating to the BYOD Program 79% (High) 77% (High) 76% (High) 77% (High)

Religious Education and Social Justice: (Percentages show overall levels of satisfaction/agreement)

Overall satisfaction with RE and Social Justice Program 82% (Very High) 77% (High) 76% (High) 78% (High)
Statements relating to RE Lessons 81% (Very High) 80% (Very High) 77% (High) 79% (High)
Statements relating to Christian Faith 80% (Very High) 76% (High) 75% (High) 77% (High)
Statements relating to Studies of Religion/ Religion and Ethics lessons 78% (High) 78% (High) 75% (High) 77% (High)

Next week’s topics will be Pastoral Care and Co-curricular – Sport.

We offer our congratulations to Mr Jack O’Hare and his wife Jess on the birth of their beautiful daughter, Lucy May born on Sunday 9 February.  Congratulations also to Mr Brendon Dahlen and his wife Lisa on the recent birth of their son, Jaxon.

You have made us for Yourself O, Lord
And our hearts are restless until they rest in You.

God bless

Mr Mark Stower, Principal

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Head of Junior School

Organisation is a major contributor in being successful.  Planning, preparation and packing can mean the difference in mindset – and I would believe that we all work better when we are on time and with maximum brain space available for the task at hand.  Week 3 means that our Year 5 cohort begins their first full week of classes.  This is going to be a learning curve for some young men as they begin to realise that there is an academic side to their Villanova College experience which might be a little different from previous years.  Some will manage the high expectations eagerly, and some will need our highest support.  If home and school work together consistently, then every boy will reach their potential in their own time.

The Junior School diary should be coming home each day with some notations about homework, co-curricular reminders and/or special events.  Class teachers use the diary differently, so be sure to ask your son to see it each evening.  Make it a priority to put the diary in the same place each afternoon at home so your son understands you expect to see it.  Use the College diary to communicate with the class teacher, your son must show any messages you have written to his teacher on the mornings it is required.  There are pages at the beginning of the diary that must be read together and signed by both parent and son by the end of this week for all Junior School students.  We have a history we are proud of and some College policies that are likely to be different to your previous school.  We have expectations that will be checked each day – grooming (including haircuts), attendance and absences protocols, sporting commitments and our Restorative Practices to name a few.  Knowing these from the very beginning will help your family make decisions that ensure the smoothest of starts to 2019.

The Villanova App is up and running (please remove the Skoolbag App) and should be your number one source of information.  It is where the most recent information is uploaded and changes that occur will be visible as soon as they occur.  Please familiarise yourself as soon as possible with the links and include the notifications option.

The Parent Lounge on the College website is also crucial to keep updated.  Parent contact details, mobile numbers, emails and emergency contacts mean a great deal when communicating.  You can update your details any time you like.  This is also a helpful site for connecting with other parents in your class or year level as you can opt to share some details here for social purposes.  Being brave enough to send and accept invitations can certainly help foster friendships.

It is important to be clear about our 8.25am start each day and that classes conclude at 3.00pm.  Before school we understand that boys are dropped off earlier because of work and sibling commitments.  The boys are asked to put their bags on the bag racks outside their classroom and then sit in the Assembly area until the play bell and supervising teachers begin at 8.00am.  Any student with phones must sign them in at 8.00 am in the Junior School Office – we do not encourage these phones to be used without supervision. We are able to offer supervision on Fifth Avenue until 3.30pm only.  There are no after school care facilities available for Junior School students and staff have their own commitments in the afternoons.  The Junior School Office is open until 3.45pm but this is for administrative purposes and not to be relied upon as a regular waiting place for children.  Our duty of care will always be paramount for all our students, but I am asking that the highest respect and consideration is shown by all parents.

Next Wednesday, 20 February is our Junior School Information Evening.  All Year 5 parents are asked to be seated in the Hanrahan Theatre (Augustine Centre) by 5.30pm and Year 6 parents are asked to go directly to their son’ classroom for a 6.30pm start.  Year 5 parents will move to their son’s classroom after we have a general gathering to ensure that our College’s approach to school days has been shared.  These evenings are crucial for information such as weekly timetables, specialist enquiries, BYOD usage and the specific expectations of each class teacher.  This is also often the time that social class lists are put together in order for people to catch up after school or on weekends.  Thank you in advance for making this evening a priority in your calendar.  Please note, the students are not required to attend.

Mr Stephen Rouhliadeff, Head of Junior School

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Head of Senior School

We have now concluded the series of Parent Information Evenings across the Senior School and I would like to thank those parents who were able to attend. The purpose of these evenings is the consolidation of the relationship between the College and families which is absolutely vital in the development of our young men. In my component of the evening, I mentioned the importance of wellbeing in the academic and pastoral care of Senior School students.

As I have been battling with my own health over the past month, the importance of wellbeing cannot be understated. Over the last year, the Pastoral Area Leaders, counselling staff and I have continued to review our formation programs to ensure that we are providing opportunities to engage our students in the development of SEL (Social and Emotional Learning) competencies that we have adopted from CASEL (Collaborative for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning). These five competencies include:

  • Self-Awareness
  • Self-Management
  • Social Awareness
  • Responsible Decision Making
  • Relationship Skills

Furthermore, the four elements of mindfulness, exercise, nutrition and sleep (MENS) are essential in any foundation for positive wellbeing. Students having that self-awareness of being attuned to their thoughts, emotions and surroundings can enhance their performance both inside and outside the classroom. A lifestyle which combines an hour of physical activity a day (walking the dog, afternoon run, cocurricular training) combined with a good diet has significant health benefits.

Finally, it is recommended that adolescents should aim for a minimum of nine hours of sleep per night to ensure they are functioning at their best the following day. The Senior School Pastoral team will continue to reinforce the importance of wellbeing throughout the year however the support of parents in promoting the MENS pillars at the home front also helps.

Next Monday 18 February, all Senior School students will have the opportunity to listen to renowned drug education expert Mr Paul Dillon during three separate sessions targeting each year level. The College has retained the services of Mr Dillon for a number of years, such is our strong commitment to regular drug and alcohol education for our young men.

Through his own business, Drug and Alcohol Research and Training Australia (DARTA) Paul has been contracted by many agencies and organisations across the country to give regular updates on current drug trends within the community. He continues to work with many school communities across the country to ensure that they have access to good quality information and best practice drug education.

On Monday night, Paul will present to parents who are interested in practical ways to keep their son safe from the dangers of drugs and alcohol. The presentation is entitled: Teenagers, alcohol and other drugs 2019: What’s happening, what’s out there and how much influence do parents really have? There will be a close examination of the positive influence that parents can have on their child’s drinking behaviour, as well as the barriers that they may face during adolescence. It aims to empower parents with a positive message and assist them in having open and honest family discussions in this complex area. This talk for parents will take place at 6.30pm in the Hanrahan Theatre. I strongly encourage parents of all Senior School students to attend.

‘Everyone thinks about changing the world, but no one thinks about changing himself (sic)’- Leo Tolstoy

Mr Matt Levander, Head of Senior School

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Ministry News

In his concluding remarks at World Youth Day in Panama a few weeks ago, Pope Francis warns that young people are sometimes “tranquilized” by being told that school is getting ready for life in the future, “As if being young were a kind of waiting room, where we sit around until we are called.”  Instead, Francis insists that “now” is the time for decisive action “to speak out and realise the dream that the Lord has dreamed for you.”

These stirring words capture what is at the heart of the Ministry work at Villanova College. It is right now that students are asked and encouraged to make a difference:

  • On our College campus
  • In the local community
  • For students overseas for whom education is practical hope

These words capture what I often felt as a teenager: that I was ready now to participate and be active in making a difference.

Cutting short their first meeting last Friday, the older students of YCS immediately went down to the Junior School to make friends with younger students, to join in with them and to look out for them. What was striking was that so many students, not just from Year 12, found their way down to Junior School to be part of this visit.

In tandem with the Student Council, the Saint Vincent de Paul Society has taken on the big project – or “dream” to use the Pope’s word – of persuading all members of our College community to recycle their plastic bottles and cans. This will create a cultural change – if we can do it. Thanks to the generous help of a staff member’s brother-in-law, we will be able to get remuneration for the collected bottles and cans. After listening to the student feedback, the first spend will be on producing College mascots (as pictured). Any profit can then go to a combination of Student Council projects (amenities for students) and Ministry projects, of which the first will be a response to the floods in North Queensland.

The Year 12 Co-Presidents this year, Bradley Roulant and Alex Wang, have been dreaming this ambitious dream since June last year, and I ask your help and that of your sons:

  • Collect and keep plastic bottles and cans
  • Place them in the appropriate bins at Villanova
  • Do the right thing. Save the planet, one drink at a time

At the weekend, Bradley and Alex both attended a St Vincent de Paul “Empower” Youth Leadership weekend, along with many other students from Brisbane Catholic schools. They discussed, amongst other things, ideas to foster recycling in like-minded schools.

The first AFAS meeting occurred last week, as did the first meeting for the 25 exchange students for 2019 and their families. There is a sense of excitement and anticipation. For those who have been on the Philippines exchange, under the energetic and passionate leadership of Mr Tony Hindmarsh, we know that these young men will enjoy a life-changing experience. Thanks to the energy of Tony, Fr Peter Wieneke and Mrs Juanita Jacobs, there now exists an “AFAS Elders” opportunity for Old Boys, parents and staff. Please make sure you read Mr Tony Hindmarsh’s article on the recent Tenori (Three Tenors) concert held for AFAS Elders.

Mr John Holroyd, Dean of Mission and Identity

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Last Friday the College hosted its first Sports Assembly for the year. This assembly provided an opportunity as a College community to publicly acknowledge those who will represent Villanova in AIC AFL, Cricket and Volleyball this season. It was also our chance to present to the College our First volleyball, AFL and cricket teams and captains for 2019.

Well done to the following boys on their appointments this year:

First VI Volleyball Captain 2019 – Matthew Conway
First XI Cricket Captains 2019 – Matt Short
First XVIII AFL Captain 2019 – Isaac Lynch

Assemblies are an opportune time for me to address the boys and speak to them about getting involved, enjoying sport and to reiterate the College’s expectations of all its students regarding sport before the official AIC season begins. Although enjoyment and participation are fundamental to why we play sport at the College, I did mention to the boys that there is one more important factor which ties it all together, and that is pride. School pride encompasses a whole range of ideals which in turn affects our will to do things and to do them well.

The way we wear our uniforms, conduct ourselves at school and in public, the way we play and train, the way we support each other and the attitude we have to want to give our very best among many other things is important to us at Villanova. We ask our boys to strive to be the best they can be in all facets not because they are asked but because they want to because they have a sense of pride in themselves and their school.

Your son’s involvement in the College’s co-curricular program, whether that be sport, music or cultural, can assist him to develop as a person in many ways. Participation in sport can teach those involved about resilience, the importance of teamwork, trust in yourself and others, it can teach you about hard work and determination and outcomes, it is a way we can learn about and experience the euphoria of winning, it teaches us about humility, we learn about losing, sportsmanship, integrity, honour and pride. These elements support a student’s social and emotional development. The development of a student in these areas can’t be achieved through studying a book or gazing at a computer screen. You experience these things by doing.

Like all things in life, its best to achieve a balance. All work and no play can make for a dull boy. All play and no work can make for an unemployed young man.

My simple message is this – I urge students to balance their studies with some co-curricular activities. Getting involved and enjoying these co-curricular activities will help them to develop into a stronger and more balanced person.

I must congratulate everyone who participated in the sports program over the weekend including all swimmers, cricketers, volleyball and AFL players. Overall our results were outstanding. This week we approach Round 2 of competition against Padua College. This will be a big round for all players, so I challenge all boys to ‘step up’ and produce their very best this weekend and show everybody the amount of pride they have in their College by the way they conduct themselves as a competitor and as a member of our College. Best wishes!

Finally, I was happy to receive the photo below from a staff member at AFL Queensland late on Saturday. The lady who sent the image commented on the great sportsmanship displayed by the Villanova student during the match. Well done to Jack Fidge from the Year 5A AFL team. Often times our younger boys serve as the best role models and remind us all about why we play sport and sportsmanship. This image speaks volumes. (P.S. – his team won the game too!)

Round 2 AIC Fixtures – Friday 15 and Saturday 16 February – AIC cricket, AFL and volleyball v Padua College and Swim Meet at Iona
Please refer to the College’s website to view all times and venues for this weekend’s fixtures v Padua. Simply scroll down on the College’s home page to the ‘Latest News’ section and click the ‘Weekly Fixtures’ section.

AIC Cricket
Congratulations to all players, managers and coaches for a great start to the AIC season. The First XI posted an excellent score of 260 runs which in the end was too much for the opposition considering the quality of our bowling attack having the opposition all out for 68 in reply.

Villanova won all games against St Edmund’s in the main draw. I ask all players and coaches to put last weekend behind them and refocus on the challenge we face this weekend against Padua College. The opposition will be determined; however, Villanova will be ready and waiting. Our aim is to take out the cricket aggregate this year and we believe we have the quality of teams to achieve our goal. All teams must produce their best each week, good luck and best wishes to all!

Photo below – the First XI cricket team enjoying lunch between the break of play with St Edmund’s at Villanova Park.

Villanova College – Cricket Results – Round 1 v SEC

TEAM Opposition Result Villanova Opposition
First XI SEC W 5-260 68
Second XI Villa 10A Internal
Third XI Villanova Fifth Gold Internal
Fourth XI Ashgrove Sixth W 9-152 92
Fifth XI Gold Villanova Third Internal
Fifth XI White Ashgrove Fourth L 8/76 2/206
10A Villanova Second Internal
10B SEC W 5-205 96
10C Ashgrove W 8/137 97
9A SEC W 2-67 64
9B BYE Internal
9C Ashgrove 9D W 131 68
9 Gold SLC Gold W 7/86 7/76
9 White Ash E L 2-92 5-100
8A SEC W 3-44 42
8B SEC W 216 29
8C Ashgrove E W 3/93 9/54
8 Gold Ashgrove Gold TIE 3-95 (16) 5-124(20)
8 White SLC Gold W 1/81 7/41
8 Green Ashgrove F L 7/98 5/128
7A SEC W 3/200 33
7B SEC W 129 34
7C Ashgrove W 5-92 8-66
7 Gold Padua White L 7-72 4-103
7 White Ashgrove Blue L 66 67
6A ATC W 4-194 2-139
6B ATC L 9-87 6-170
6C ATC L 5-145 5-148
6 Gold Ashgrove White L 1/67 6/98
6 White SLC Gold L 91 7/163
5 A ATC L 9-111 6-197
5 B ATC L 118 5/144
5C ATC W 1-112 8-63
5 Gold ATC L 5-34 3-100
5 White Ash White L 105 119
5 Green SLC White W 7/128 4/83

 AIC Swimming – Mrs Juanita Jacobs, AIC Swimming Co-ordinator
Last Friday evening was the first of our away meets in preparation for the AIC Championships.  There was a reasonable turn out of younger swimmers, despite the Year 5s missing in action due to camp.  A special mention goes to Paxton Tucker and Taj Blackshaw, who both attended and swam five events on the night.  Well done boys.  The team rocked it home on the disco bus to tunes of Ancient Words, Taylor Swift and Darryl Braithwaite among others.  It was a fun way to end the evening and to build team spirit.

The number of senior swimmers who were not able to swim on Friday was disappointing.  When there is a clash with the AFL competition, it does make it difficult for the boys.  I would like boys who have this clash to speak to Mr Stariha and discuss options.  We do need times on the board so that we can put together the best possible team on the day of the competition.

Tomorrow evening we will be swimming at Iona.  The bus will leave from the front of the College at 3.10pm.  There will be no return bus from Iona, so parents are asked to ensure that they are at Iona by 5.45pm to collect their sons.  Teachers will not be able to transport students back to school.

I have had a few requests for information about the squad shirt.  It is not available for purchase through Flexischools as it is a specialised item. Only boys whose name is on the squad list are eligible to purchase the shirt.  If your son has been attending training and the Friday night meets, then he is part of the squad and must have one of these shirts as soon as possible.  Please contact the Villanova College Uniform Shop about the best way to purchase.

Training continues this week as usual, with the boys building in intensity toward March.  With less than one month left until the day of the competition, it is imperative that the boys are swimming in as many training sessions as possible and competing at carnivals. Please email me if there are any concerns about attendance.

Thank you to all the parents who have volunteered to assist with the Friday morning breakfasts.  They are very popular, and the boys are most grateful to everyone for preparing it for them.

AIC Swim Meet at Iona College
Date:  Friday, 15 February – Iona Invitational Meet
Venue:  Iona College Pool, North Road entrance
Time:  Warm-up – 4.00pm; Start 4.30pm – 6.00pm
Bus:  Depart Villanova College at 3.10pm (students to be collected from Iona College at 5.45pm)

A full program can be found in the AIC Swimming section of the College website. Parents are encouraged to attend and assist with timekeeping.

Date Claimer:  An AIC swim meet will be held at Chandler next Thursday 21 February after school, with more details to follow.  Villanova will provide a bus service to this event and all swimmers are required to attend this meet. Attendance at this meet will take precedence over all other training.

Note:  If you are not able to attend the Friday carnival for any reason please contact myself or the relevant swim manager. Email –

Friday Breakfast – Our famous Friday morning breakfasts have started again for the remainder of the season. If your son trains on a Friday morning, they are welcome to join us at the Villanova College pool after training for a hot breakfast before school. Please ensure your son returns his form (available on the website) and money to the Sports Office this week.

2019 Senior, Middle and Junior School Inter-House Swimming Carnival
Last Wednesday, Villanova College held its annual Middle and Senior School Inter-house swimming carnivals at Langland Pool, while the Junior School held theirs on the first Friday of Term 1 at the Villanova College Pool.  On both days, the carnivals were divided into two events, the championship and house events. The championship events were keenly contested by members of our swimming squads. Inter-house rivalry was at its highest point during the King of the Pool events, with large participation rates from all year groups, trying to increase their overall house position.

Congratulations must go to the Murray House for an outstanding victory in the Junior School. Well done to Crane on their victory in the Middle School and to Heavey House in the Senior School Carnivals. Overall Heavey House were crowned Whole School House Swim Champions for 2019 – well done! Congratulations to Caden Clelland who took out the King of the Pool event for Middle School and Andrew Vick who took out the King of the Pool event for Senior School.

Junior School Results Middle School Results Senior School Results
Murray 1050 Crane 422 Heavey 456
Heavey 991 Heavey 389 Crane 429
Goold 841 Goold 388 Goold 359
Crane 834 Murray 379 Murray 313

 2019 Whole College Results
First:              1836
Second:         1742
Third:            1685
Fourth:          1588

AIC Volleyball – Ms Barbara Dewis, AIC Volleyball Co-ordinator
Last week saw the AIC volleyball competition begin with many players showing the benefits of the two-day volleyball camp held during the Christmas break.  A number of teams gained success over the weekend and I congratulate the coaches and players of these teams.  The Firsts have begun their season well with a 3 – 1 result over St Edmund’s.

Two teams travelled from Toowoomba to be worthy opponents for the 11B and 10C teams. Unfortunately, the results were not in favour of Villanova. It was great to observe the hospitality of Villanova in welcoming those teams, well done to all.

As we move into Round 2 players and coaches will need to keep the foot on the throttle to remain competitive against Padua this weekend. These games will again test all Villanova teams to be mentally strong to overcome adversity when the going gets tough.

Volleyball Results – Round 1 v SEC

Team Opposition Results Villanova Opposition
First VI SEC W 3 1
Second VI SEC W 2 1
Third VI SEC W 2 0
11A SEC W 2 1
11B TGS 3rdVI L 1 2
10A SEC W 2 1
10B SEC W 2 0
10C TGS 11D L 1 2
9A SEC L 0 3
9B SEC W 2 1
9C SEC W 2 1
8A SEC W 2 1
8B SEC L 1 2
8C SEC W 3 0
8 Gold NC W 2 1
7A SEC L 1 2
7B SEC L 0 3
7C SEC W 2 1
7 Gold NC W 2 1

AIC AFL – Mr Adam Fry, AIC AFL Co-ordinator
What a way to kick off the footy season. The weekend was truly a fantastic effort from all players especially those Year 5 boys coming back from camp.  Villanova have certainly started the season with a bang with seven great wins and one loss.  It was fantastic to see all families and players there early to support each other.  A special mention to all the Seniors who travelled out on Friday night to support the boys. This support was truly appreciated. Below are results from the weekend’s games.

This weekend in the senior divisions we play Padua College and the juniors will square off against Iona. This is strong competition, so it is important that all players make a strong effort to make training and come ready for some tough games this weekend.

Thank you to all parents who helped out with photography and support on the weekend. If any parent would like to run water for a quarter or two, feel free to see any of the coaches to grab a bib. Once again thank you to all players during Round 1 and I look forward to another great round this weekend.

Villanova College – AFL Results – Round 1 v SEC/ASH

TEAM Opposition Result Villanova Opposition
5A Ashgrove W 123 0
5B Ashgrove L 9 46
6A Ashgrove W 60 27
6B Ashgrove W 39 27
7 SEC W 27 12
8/9 SEC W 107 1
10/11/12 SEC W 76 20

 AIC Rugby and Football Season – 2019
All Year 7 – 12 rugby and football training will be conducted at Villanova Park, Manly Road, Tingalpa this season. Buses will transport all players to Villanova Park. Parents are to collect their son/s promptly after training. Year 5 and Year 6 rugby and football training will be conducted at Little Langlands or Whinstanes.

Please be aware that all Year 7 – 12 rugby training plus First XI and Second XI football training will be held on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. All Year 7 – 12 football training will be held on Monday and Wednesday afternoons. Year 5 and Year 6 training for both rugby and football will be held at Little Langlands on various mornings and afternoons.

The Sports Office will soon be looking to cement coaching allocations for the season. If you are interested and able to assist the College by coaching or refereeing games throughout the season, please contact the Sports Office immediately –

Sign-on forms will be distributed to all students from Year 5 – 12 next week.

Representative Sport
Parents are invited to email the Sports Office regarding the sporting achievements of their son at a Met East level or higher. These achievements will be noted in this section from week to week.

Congratulations to Josh Smith –  Year 11 who was a member of the U16 Australian cricket team that travelled to Dubai over the Christmas break to compete in six matches against Pakistan. This is an outstanding achievement and a fabulous experience for Josh as a cricketer. We are very fortunate to have Josh in our First XI this year. No doubt his experiences at the top level will help our team too. Well done Josh!

Josh Smith commencing his bowling run up for the Australian U16 Cricket Team

Well done to Aiden Lee who recently made the Met East 15 – 19 years cricket team. Aiden will travel to Mackay in mid-March to compete in the state cricket championships. Best wishes Aiden!

Mr Craig Stariha, Director of Sport

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All lessons and rehearsals have commenced aside from our Irish Ensembles and School of Rock.  Please ensure you check emails for messages from teachers and ensemble directors.  If you are unsure, do not hesitate to contact us through the Music Office for further clarification.

The rehearsal schedule for Term 1 has been included with this week’s Villa View.

To assist us with our duty of care before school, all ensemble directors will be marking attendance at the start and conclusion of each rehearsal.  Parents of students who are marked as absent without an explanation will receive an auto-email from the Music Department seeking clarification.  Whilst we acknowledge that student services and Music Office may be notified of your child’s absence, an Ensemble Director is not privy to that information before school unless they are contacted directly.  In the interests of ensuring we are all aware of student whereabouts, we will send the auto-email in the morning to ensure our supervision responsibilities are acquitted.  I understand this may cause a little frustration; however, I would like to ensure you all that we take our responsibility for the care of your child very seriously.

Please include your son’s Ensemble Director in any absentee contact so that we may ensure all records are accurate and up-to-date.

As per our calendar, Year 5 students will be participating in our annual Jump Start Day on Tuesday 26 February.  Across this day, our new musicians will be rehearsing in ensemble developing their ability to follow the conductor and work as a team toward realising the musical goal of the day – a performance for families that afternoon!

Information regarding the day’s events will be communicated directly to families via email and a letter home with students.  We encourage all family and friends of our musicians to come along and share in what is going to be an amazing event; our debut concert for 2019 for our Junior School musicians!  The concert commences at 5pm on Tuesday 26 February.  Please mark this in your diaries now.

Students wishing to participate in one of our Irish Ensembles for 2019 are encouraged to participate in our audition process.  Music has been distributed via email to all student musicians in Years 7 – 12; this music is also available outside the Music Office beside our sign-in terminal.  Auditions will take place toward the end of Week 4.  Times will be distributed once expressions of interest have been collated and the schedule finalised.

Our Sydney Tour team are now meeting to rehearse every Tuesday fortnight after school.  Our next session will be held on Tuesday 19 February commencing at 3.15pm on stage in the Hanrahan Theatre.  This rehearsal will conclude at 4.45pm. If your son is participating in this tour, he will be required to attend these sessions.  Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact Mr Jones through the Music Office on 3394 5691.

As is tradition, we look forward to the fantastic events we have planned in the near future:

Term 1 2019
Week Date Activity
5 Tuesday 26 February Jump Start Day – Year 5 workshop and Concert
6 Monday 4 March Music Support Group meeting – 7:30pm
7 Tuesday 12 March Debut Concert 1
7 Thursday 14 March Debut Concert 2
9 Tuesday 26 March Open Day – tours from 8:30am and 10:30am
10 Monday 1 April Music Support Group / QCMF meeting – 7:30pm

Thank you all for your continued support of Villanova Music.

Mr Michael Jones, Director of Music

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Parent Information

SAVE THE DATE – the Annual Villanova Sports Lunch (Friday 31 May)
Mark the date in your calendar and start organising your table for a guaranteed great day, featuring some amazing guest speakers:

  • MC – Former Wallaby and current Triple M Breakfast host and Fox Sports Presenter, Greg ‘Marto’ Martin
  • Laughs – Former Australian cricketer and famous raconteur, Greg ‘Fat Cat’ Ritchie

With the event only six days out from Origin I, special guest panellists will talk all things Origin and rugby league:

  • Current Melbourne Storm premiership-winning coach and former NSW Blues coach, Craig Bellamy
  • Former Broncos and QLD Origin and Kangaroos legend and current Channel Nine presenter, Darren Lockyer

Friday 31 May – venue TBA. Please lock in the date – more details to follow.

Our wonderful Villanova College community is looking for new Parent Class Representatives for 2019.

As a community we are thankful for the enduring support of our parents and are proud of our inclusive community spirit.  That spirit is built through parents stepping up to take on roles where they can and now is the time where you can contribute to that great Villanova community.

The College and Parents and Friends Association encourages the rotation of parents in these roles to bring fresh ideas and renewed enthusiasm.

The Parent Class Representative helps our families build strong connections to the College community through:

  • representing the opinion of their year level
  • organising social functions
  • posting messages on year level Facebook pages
  • seeking parent helpers at College functions (usually one to two times per year)

Parent Class Representatives are supported by the Villanova College Parents and Friends Association, the Parent Class Representative network and our wonderful College staff.

If you are interested in taking on the role of Parent Class Representative for your son’s class (in the Junior School) or a Year Level Representative (Year 7 – 12),  please email Allison Gamer via or text/call on 0437 184 704.

Term 1 fees are due for payment this week.  Fee payments may now be made through the Parent Lounge. The College kindly requests that payments are finalised promptly. Should you have any questions regarding your school fees, please contact the Villanova College Finance Office on 3394 5522.

Monday 18 February
Kym Edser
Donna Skelton
Natalie Blackshaw
Michelle Dixon
Megan O’Neil

Tuesday 19 February
Christina Ross
Ita Dumont
Maria Kambouris
Lisa Waugh
Miranda Dang
Sharon McCulloch
Jo Buchhorn
Melissa Moir
Luisa Snell
Genevieve Keskinidis

Wednesday 20 February
Tracey O’Reilly
Karen Meimaris
Karen O’Mara
Narina Jenkinson
Alison Wilde
Sam Wellspring
Sam Thompson
Ranmali Raddatz

Thursday 21 February
Julie Paterson
Jane O’Brien
Georgina Horky
Jayne Smith
Kellie Killips
Catherine Bishop
Nicky Micheletti
Sue Godwin
Julia Fleming
Lucy Sheridan
Samantha Rigden

Friday 22 February
Maria O’Leary Chay
Effie Prineas
Kelly Kendall
Melissa Lorimer
Marina  Pennisi
Melissa Clark
Loreena Clark
Maria Spina
Judith Collier
Emma Capaldi
Paula Conte

To view our current tuckshop menu:
Tuckshop Menu Price List – 2019

Tuesday 19 February
Cristina Palacios

Wednesday 20 February
Madua Kalaimannan

Friday 22 February
Gina Avolio

Over the coming weeks, Villanova College will supply information to the Australian Government Department of Education and Training that is required as part of the Student Residential Address and Other Information Collection. To comply with this collection, we must advise our parents and provide them with links to FAQs 2019 Information Collection and 2019 Collection Notice.

If you have any further questions regarding this collection, please contact the Villanova College Compliance Officer, Mrs Kath Hackett via email at

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Villanova International Carnival

VILLANOVA INTERNATIONAL CARNIVAL – it’s back bigger and better than ever!
With only six Saturdays until the Villanova International Carnival, preparations are in full swing. To learn about the Carnvial and how you can support the P&F’s major fundraiser for the year, please read Issue 1 of the Carnival newsletter.


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Archive Anecdotes

This is the second story in the Villanova House system

Martin Crane was born at County Wexford, Ireland in 1818 and studied in Italy for the priesthood.  He was ordained in 1841 and seven years later was appointed Prior of the Augustinian Convent, Rome.  In 1855  Crane returned to Dublin and under his instructions the magnificent Church of St John the Baptist was constructed.  Leaving behind many friends and achievements he accepted his new appointment as Bishop of Sandgate, arriving into Melbourne in 1875.

Crane  was concerned about the lack of trained teachers in Catholic schools and arranged for a community of Sisters of Mercy to come from Ireland.  These Sisters were very effective teachers and administrators and between 1877 and 1879 four new schools were opened.

In 1882 Crane travelled to London for an operation to remove cataracts from his eyes.  Unfortunately, the procedure resulted in total blindness, but he did not let this handicap interfere with his work.  With the assistance of Fr Stephen Reville, he continued building schools and churches in the diocese including a new cathedral.

On October 21 1901, at 83 years of age, Bishop Martin Crane died.  He is buried in St Killian’s Cathedral, Bendigo.


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Community News

Last Saturday night, over 100 guests were treated to an amazing performance by Tenori. With clear skies and the city lights as their backdrop, the group entertained their guests for just under two hours.

Their repertoire consisted of old opera favourites, as well as Bridge Over Troubled Waters before moving to songs made famous by Leonard Cohen, the Beatles and who could forget the Dean Martin favourites? If that wasn’t enough, they had the crowd dancing and singing to songs by the Bee Gees rounding out the night with everyone singing Love is in the Air.
Oh what a night!

Thanks to Old Boy, Greg Cooley and Kelli Shanahan from Greg Cooley Wines for co-ordinating the entertainment and wine.  A special thanks must go to the AFAS Elders who were the waiters, bar staff, set up staff and clean-up crew on the night. Proceeds from the night will go towards the AFAS Elders 2020 building project on Kinatarcan Island.



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