Principal's Welcome

Dear Members of the Villanova College Family
Following meetings with engineers, architects and builders it is timely to provide a report on the building progress on the Veritas Building and Fr Michael Morahan Staff Centre.  Detailed below is an outline of the work to date:

  1. Western wall Veritas Building – additional structural fastenings have been added strengthening the existing support. This work is continuing under the guidance of a team of engineers and will be completed after the Easter break. The western stairwell of the building remains closed until all the work is completed.
  2. The steel rectification work is continuing and will soon come to a conclusion. The scaffolding is being removed around the seating area and terraces in the Senior Precinct. Over the coming days the worksite will be cleaned ready to be handed back to the College.
  3. The architects are currently developing concept designs for the new eastern wall. The new wall will be constructed out of lightweight material and will appear very different from the previous façade. Engineers will oversee the structural design of the façade and we will insist on all the necessary checks and balances to ensure confidence in the new design.

At this time, it is difficult to estimate when all the work will be completed. I am anticipating that the majority of works will be finalized by the end of Term Two.  I thank you for your patience with what has been a very difficult situation. The students in the Senior School have adapted to the conditions extremely well and have been incredibly patient. I know all students are certainly looking forward to having their schoolyard back.

International Carnival

The 2017 International Carnival this Saturday promises to be the highlight of Term One with a great evening planned for families. Come along and join in the fun and excitement. The food will be spectacular and there is entertainment for the children with rides and games across the campus. Many of our most talented musicians and singers will be on hand to entertain the crowd as people enjoy the carnival atmosphere.

A reminder to all students and families that we certainly do not want our students to be wandering the streets on Saturday evening. Please ensure your son understands they are expected to enter the College grounds and remain inside if attending the Villanova College International Carnival.

We are hopeful of a huge crowd, fine weather and a beautiful night to come together as the community of Villanova College.

Music at Villanova College

The Year 5 Jump Start Day was a wonderful introduction to music for many of our students as they begin an important exposure to the fine arts. Many of our senior musicians began their journey on the stage of the Augustine Theatre and have now developed into fine musicians who perform at the highest level. For the young musician who are beginning the support and encouragement of families and friends will be the key to their continuing success. I look forward to the next concert and experiencing first-hand what persistence, dedication and practice can achieve.

Prior-General Visit

This Friday, 17 March we welcome to the College Prior General of the Order of St Augustine, Fr Alejandro Moral Antón  OSA and Fr Tony Banks OSA – Assistant General for Asia/Pacific. Fr Alejandro is in Australia to meet with members of the Augustinian Order. Fr Tony Banks is well known to the Villanova community as a past teacher and Vice-Rector of the College. We look forward to welcoming both Fr Alejandro and Fr Tony to our College on Friday.

You have made us for Yourself O Lord,

And our hearts are restless until they rest in You

God bless

Mr Mark Stower, Principal

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Head of Junior School

Staff are working on the boys’ Mid-Semester Reports this week.  Across all subject areas you will receive feedback on how your son is travelling with his preparation, participation and productivity in consequent lessons since the beginning of the year.  These reports are linked to how your son has settled into Year 5 or Year 6.  It will infer whether his teachers believe he is working to his potential and/or applying himself whole-heartedly.  Our first Academic Report will be issued at the end of Semester One.

“Participation in the learning process” is the first category teachers will reflect upon in each curriculum area.  Anecdotal records combined with observations in many kinds of learning tasks will show, consistently, if your son is actively joining in with discussions, hands-on activities or independent activities.  Your son may show more enthusiasm in some subjects rather than others.  Areas where he has a higher aptitude for achieving align with more positive interactions.  The engagement of students in learning is crucial for any substantial growth or change in capacity to retain information.

The “completion of set tasks” is the second area to note in the reports.  This ranges from using time effectively during school lessons to whether set homework or assignments are done with diligence and responsibility.  It can be that a student completes tasks but not as thoroughly as what is expected for this age level.  Using time management effectively can be linked with staying on task, comprehending expectations and striving to do one’s best.

A boy’s “organisation” within his school is imperative to help him feel prepared and in control.  When he has all his stationery, books tidy in his tray, computer charged with all programs installed, he gets to be the Captain and there is no better feeling than smoothly navigating your own ship.  Knowing that all your Science notes are together in one place really makes for the happiest kind of revision and study that is possible for a ten or an eleven-year-old boy.  It’s a life skill and one that some will take a while to conquer, but we have high hopes and support systems to hopefully prove how great it feels to stay on top of the small things so that our time and energy can be put to best use on bigger things.

The one facet of learning that every parent wonders about as they wave off their son each day – “behaviour”.  There’s no teacher I know that wants anything but an honest, cooperative, accountable and fun-loving boy in their care each day.  We don’t desire perfection, we don’t demand robotic soldiers, we do strongly encourage acceptance, positive feedback and perseverance in reaching goals.  We thrive when behaviour supports teaching and learning and so do the boys.

Lastly, there is a chance for teachers to request an interview.  I know that some parents have already made meeting times for various reasons throughout Term One.  On Monday, 24 April, Week Two of Term Two, there will be a formal day for meeting with all teachers your son may work with in the Junior School.  The details of when and how to book a suitable time will be made available in the near future.  If a teacher requests an interview, I would strongly suggest you make the time to see them on April 24.   It is the perfect opportunity for staff to meet with parents, rather than in-between meetings or other commitments after hours.

Again, this Mid-Semester Report is about attitude and application that your son shows during school hours.  The interview in Term Two will focus on this area of your son’s development.  There is currently some information available on your son academically, however a fuller picture towards the end of Term Two will provide a more balanced indication of where he is on the continuum at present.  Many thanks for all that you are doing behind the scenes on the home front, our support network for your son makes all the difference.

Mr Stephen Rouhliadeff, Head of Junior School

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Head of Middle School

How is your son progressing? Parent/teacher interviews are one way to find out, but most of us want to see the bigger picture.

Over the last few years the College has taken a number of steps to ensure that each student’s academic progress is tracked and monitored as they transition through the year levels.

In recent times this has involved using three types of data collection:

  1. a student’s academic performance in the core curriculum areas (Maths, English, Science, REPD, History and Geography)
  2. a student’s performance in NAPLAN testing in Years 5, 7 and 9
  3. a student’s performance in aptitude testing, conducted at the end of each year, using PAT (Progressive Achievement Tests) accessed through our ongoing subscription to the ACER (Australian Council for Educational Research) online testing platform.

Having worked in education for almost twenty years, I used to be hesitant about words such as data, metrics, and analytics creeping into my role as teacher – our students are so much more than a collection of numbers. I have now come to realise, however, that the effective collection [and subsequent use] of data actually enables us to provide substantially better outcomes for our students.

In Middle School, we have many uses for such data. Firstly, we use this data to triangulate student performance and build an individual profile that informs teachers (and ultimately parents) about each student’s strengths and weaknesses.

The data collected also helps us identify students who might be performing below their potential, allowing us to adjust the level of support provided to that student.

This week in their weekly Personal Development lessons, the Year 8s will be looking at their own individual data profiles to help inform their ongoing goal setting journey. As Year 8 students, it is important for the boys to engage with their academic journey and be aware of both the growth and progress they are making and the areas into which they may need to put more effort.

I encourage all Year 8 parents to ask their sons about these profiles.

As always, if you have any questions about your son’s progress, I’d encourage you to make contact with their classroom teacher or Pastoral Area Leader.

Mr Greg O’Neill, Head of Middle School

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Head of Senior School

Senior School Vision

This week concludes my unpacking of the Senior School Vision with an exploration of the three final aspects that reflect how each student should conduct himself throughout the course of his Villanova journey.

Be a Man of Integrity

The legendary UCLA basketball coach and educator John Wooden once aptly stated, ‘be more concerned with your character than your reputation, because your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think of you.’ As students of the senior school, we endeavour to inculcate our young men with the values and formative learning experiences that will allow them to truly become men of exceptional character. What are these virtues that we emphasise in the development of our students at Villanova? They are honesty, courtesy, respect and integrity. According to the famous British novelist, C.S. Lewis, ‘integrity is doing the right thing when no one is watching.’

Be a Proud Villanova Gentleman

It is a privilege to be a student of Villanova College and I would hope that all our Senior School students realise the opportunity they have been given by their parents and are thankful that they ascend the heights of Coorparoo each day. Whilst humility is indeed one of the defining values within our Augustinian tradition, that does not mean our students should not be proud of being a Villanovan. School pride can be defined and shaped in many ways, including uniform standards, the spirit and enthusiasm exhibited at College events as well as the authentic buy-in to the values underpinning Villanova’s cultural identity.

As Head of School, I place a significant emphasis on the way in which students wear their College uniform as a representation of their school pride. Furthermore, I strongly encourage any parent whose son does not feel a sense of connectivity to the spirit of the College and its many offerings to make an appointment with his Pastoral Area Leader so that we can collaboratively work to address this problem.

Enjoy the Moment

Following on from the previous sentiment, the importance of students enjoying their time at Villanova College cannot be emphasised enough. At the beginning of the year, I spoke to the Year 12 cohort about the importance of maximising their final year experience at the College as they will be amazed at how quickly the year will pass them by. The same can be said for all students. Their years at school should hopefully be some of the best of their lives whereby they maximise the value of their Villanova education to springboard themselves into their future lives with confidence and momentum. Therefore, the ultimate message is to get involved in the richness of opportunities that this College offers and don’t take your education at Villanova for granted.

‘You must live in the present, launch yourself on every wave, find your eternity in each moment.’ Henry David Thoreau

Mr Matt Levander, Head of Senior School

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One of the greatest challenges the Seniors of 2017 face, is getting to know younger Villanovan students and raising the bar for the proper care and respect of our College campus. Though many seniors would find themselves pressed to find the time or avenue to interact with younger students there is a year round opportunity to get involved. Young Christian Students (YCS) is an in school ministry group that emphasises the importance “Three Schools, One College” as a living reality within our community.

YCS primarily achieves this goal through engagement with Junior School students on Thursday at morning tea and lunch time visits. However, just like the other ministries, YCS also undertakes year round student sponsored and organised activities such as the Junior School Peer Tutoring Program operating this afternoon.  This program is aimed to support academically struggling students within the Junior School who may just need that one helping hand with their homework to understand the content. The unique trait of this program is that younger students are assisted by older senior students in a fun learning environment on a casual Monday or Thursday afternoon. So far we have 24 Year 12 students who have signed up to help.

Fabrice Ragoo, Villanova College Ministry Captain


The program of tuition for younger students also thrives in the Tolle Lege Library after school. Most days, you can find recent Villanova graduates working with students of all ages to assist them with their homework. We have several students for whom English is their second language. It is particularly impressive to see young old boys coming back specially to support these boys in their learning. Parents may be interested to contact me or the Curriculum Office if they feel that their son might benefit from having a young old boy as a tutor.


I have been very impressed by the humble energy of Year 9 student, Aidan Quinlivan and a friend in Year 9 who have already received over $1000 in donations to support their fund-raising from the Leukaemia Foundation. These students have undertaken this initiative as a powerful act of solidarity and community support. You may wish to find out more and possibly lend some support at the attached link:

Mr John Holroyd, Vice Principal – Ministry, Mission and Evangelisation

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I wish all teams the very best this weekend as we approach the final round of AIC cricket and volleyball.

The positive culture we have and create within the College can go a long way to enhancing our sports program. Supporting our team mates and other teams, showing good work ethic at training and respecting the coach, wanting to be involved and improve, being resilient and shrugging off setbacks which comes everyone’s way from time to time, having 100% pride in oneself, the school and the jersey, are all positive attributes we are looking to instil in our boys. Building and maintaining this type of culture within our students may give them the confidence to back themselves and to put in that extra needed when the going gets tough. For the most part I have been very pleased with what I’ve seen so far this season (we can always ramp it up and go to the next level though), well done to all involved.

Annual Sport Club Luncheon – Please be advised that the annual Sports Club Luncheon will be held at the ‘Gabba on Friday, 19 May. This year the special guest speaker is Kerry O’Keeffe, Australian cricket player and media commentator who will be joined by Villa Old Boy and Olympian (Javelin) – Josh Robinson. Tickets are $140 per head and are available for purchase now through the following link – Sport Lunch Invitation. All money raised will be used by the Sports Club to improve sporting facilities in many areas across the College. This is an excellent event and I strongly encourage as many people as possible to ask their friends and families along and enjoy an afternoon of fun, food, drink and entertainment.

Rugby and football training/trials commence next week. Please be aware of these training times and venues as per website. All students should know their training times and venues, please visit the College’s website if in doubt. All teams training at Villa Park will be transported by bus to the venue. Parents are responsible for collecting their son after training from all venues.

In preparation for the up-coming rugby and football season, I ask all parents to assist the College by reiterating the points listed below with your son in regard to the College’s approach to training.

‘The Villanova Way – How We Approach Training’

  • Make sure you turn up to training well before the start time. If it is a 7am start, arrive at 6.45am to start at 7am
  • Eat the correct foods before training
  • Bring and wear all safety equipment including mouthguards (compulsory for rugby), shin guards, head gear and boots. This allows all players to participate in all planned activities
  • Bring a water bottle, have it filled with water and place it nearby when training for quick and easy access. Having boys run off to join a lengthy line at a tap for water, breaks the momentum of training and wastes valuable time
  • Be attentive to coaches – listen, learn and try to improve. Do not kick balls or throw passes while a coach is speaking
  • Be respectful to coaches and do your part to ensure the team does likewise. If you have an issue, speak to the coach about it
  • Be a team player and think what’s best for the team. You may be a good second rower but if it’s better for the team to play you at flanker – then play there
  • Always thank the coach after training with a hand shake
  • Enjoy playing for Villa and always have pride in the jersey

Please take the time to read the information about rugby and football trials commencing next week as found in an article further on. By this time all should be aware that there is no hire system in place for jerseys. All players must purchase their own kit.

We hope to finish the cricket and volleyball seasons off well this weekend. This will be the final time many of our Year 12 students will play their respective sport representing Villa. I thank them for their efforts and wish them all the best as they look to bow out of schoolboy cricket and volleyball on a high regardless of the score.

Round 7 Fixtures – Saturday 18 March, AIC Cricket and Volleyball v Marist College Ashgrove and AFL (play-offs)

Please go to the College’s website to view all times and venues for this weekend’s fixtures against Ashgrove. Simply scroll down on the College’s home page to the ‘Latest News’ section and click the ‘Weekly Fixtures’ section.

AIC Cricket – Round 6 v St Peter’s College

Although we won the day overall against St Peters, a number of key teams lost their games which will have consequences in our quest to hold onto the cricket aggregate in 2017. It may have been the case where our boys didn’t turn up in the right frame of mind and took the opposition lightly. When playing sport, we would expect our boys to take their wins and losses gracefully. Last weekend that notion was tested both ways. This weekend we face Ashgrove in the final round of cricket. I challenge all teams to deliver their best this week, particularly those teams who perhaps weren’t at their best last week.

We proved last year and in our trial matches this season that we are more than capable of beating Ashgrove. We would expect our boys to turn up this weekend with confidence to give of their very best for themselves, their mate and the College. Good luck boys and enjoy!

Cricket Team Photos – Saturday 18 March 

Please be advised that team photos will be taken for all cricket teams playing at Villa Park this Saturday, 18 March. All players are to be dressed in the full and correct Villanova cricket uniform (no club hats or shirts). Photos will be taken under the score board on the Andrew Slack Oval. Please arrive 10 minutes before the scheduled photo time.

Team Photo Time Game Time
8C 6:50am 7:30am
7B 7:15am 8:00am
9B 7:25am 8:15am
9A 7:35am 8:15am
9 Gold 9:30am 10:15am
7A 12:05pm 1:00pm
8B 12:15pm 1:00pm
8A 12:25pm 1:00pm
9C 12:45pm 1:30pm

AIC Cricket Results v St Peters

AIC Volleyball – Ms Barbara Dewis, AIC Volleyball Co-ordinator

You never know what will happen when we compete against SPLC.  In all games contested SPLC showed that you can never underestimate your opposition. In the winning games (13 wins and 6 losses) players displayed good skill and mental tenacity to overcome the might of SPLC who forced Villanova to play out long rallies.  Both teams were never going to leave anything in the tank, balls were chased off court and hit back into play on a very tight angle as well as consistency in using three hits to ensure the team were kept in the point.

Villanova will need to carry this momentum into this week’s round against Marist College, Ashgrove.  Players must maintain consistency in serving, communicate with each other on court and use three hits. Varying the serve to the opposition was a key factor in games against SPLC and will need to be continued during games this weekend.  All players must stand up this weekend and make every point count, every set count and every game count.  Stay positive and focused on what you need to do on the volleyball court and as always Carn the Cats!

Volleyball BBQ Friday 24 March – Goold Hall 4pm – 6pm

Enter a team in the ‘Volleyball Fast and Ferocious’ Knockout to be held on 24 March – eight teams only. For further details and nominations, contact Ms Dewis.

AIC Volleyball Results v St Peters

AIC Volleyball Singlets

All volleyball players are to return their hire singlet to the College Uniform Shop by no later than Friday, March 24. Please ensure these singlets are washed and are in good condition.

AIC AFL – Mr Adam Fry, AIC AFL Coordinator

It has come that time of term where we have our last round of games for the 2017 AFL season and what a season it has been. Unfortunately, last Saturday was a little disappointing due to the loss of games, but I truly appreciate all your understanding and support not only over last weekend but throughout the entire season.

This weekend will be the last opportunity for our boys to don the yellow V and all coaches and players would love as much support at Yeronga as possible. All teams have the opportunity to finish off the year well and I encourage everyone to train hard this week to make our last one together an enjoyable one.

Year 5 players are reminded that training will still be held on Thursday afternoon. As I am unable to make our final game on Saturday, Mrs Robyn Wills has kindly organised a short breakup for all Year 5 players and parents after training on Thursday. I look forward to seeing you all there so I can thank each and every one of you for an outstanding season.

Once again on behalf of Mr Conlan and myself we thank each and every one of you who has supported, driven and encouraged us throughout the season.

AIC Chess – Mr Sally England, AIC Chess Coordinator

Chess has been gaining momentum before our first trial match against St Laurence’s in Week 9 at home. Permission letters will soon be sent home for students to attend. Three Junior teams will also play on that night. Junior players are to keep practicing at morning tea on Tuesday and Thursdays in the Tolle Lege Library.

Coaching sessions are continuing before school on Wednesday and Friday mornings at 7.30 until next Wednesday, 22nd March.   They will recommence on the first Wednesday of Term 2. A second trial against St Peter’s will be undertaken at the start of Term 2 and competition will commence after that. The boys will be transported to away games by bus and then returned to school where you will be able to collect them. Games are usually finished by about 7.00 at the latest. If you have any queries, please contact Mrs England or Mrs Warren.

AIC Swimming – Mrs Kate Alexander, AIC Swimming Co-ordinator

The official results are through from the AIC Swim Carnival last Monday.  As stated last week, the Villanova boys were on fire. Congratulations to the boys who broke records on the day. Here is a list of all first, second and third place getters. Once again, well done and we look forward to growing stronger and faster next season!

Junior School Cross Country

Next Friday, March 24, the Junior School will be escorted to Little Langlands where they will run over a 2km course (Year 5) and a 3km course (Year 6), all under the supervision of Junior School staff. This will take the place of their usual sport period for the day. We will be expecting all students to complete the course regardless of their running ability. If for some reason, you do not want your son to compete over the cross country course, please advise the Junior School Office in writing prior to next Thursday.

This run will serve as a selection trial for the Lytton cross country nominations and the train on squad for the AIC cross country team. The first four U10 and U11 runners home will be nominated for the Lytton District cross country trial to be held at Villanova Park on 29 April, while the U12 runners will be compared with Year 7, U12 students who are also eligible to be selected.  The top 20 runners home in each race will be invited to train with the AIC cross country squad and will be given notes regarding training and commitments early next term.

AIC Rugby and Football Training/Trial Season Schedule

The complete Year 7 – 12 rugby and football training schedule has been published. This schedule is posted on the College’s website under the AIC Rugby and AIC Football sections.

For teams training at Villa Park please be aware that the buses will leave straight after school from outside the front of the College in Sixth Ave.  A teacher will then escort groups onto the buses. All players are asked to get changed into their training gear at Villa Park and are asked not to wear boots on the bus. Parents must collect players promptly between 5:15pm and 5:30pm from Villa Park.


Please note:

  • Rugby and football Trials will begin next week. This is the second last week of Term 1.
  • The schedule above is for Term 1only. The training schedule for Term 2 will differ slightly for all Year 5 and Year 6 football players. It will remain the same for the rest of the College.
  • All teams training at Villa Park will be transported by bus to the venue. Parents are responsible for collecting their son/s after training from all venues.

Date Claimers (as per College Calendar)

  • All rugby and football training commences on Monday, 20 March
  • First football and First rugby trial game against Iona at Iona College on Monday, 20 March. Games to commence at approx. 4.15pm. Bus transportation will be provided, players to be collected by parents after the game.
  • AIC rugby and football trial v SLC Saturday 25 March (all teams)
  • AIC rugby and football trial v SPLC Saturday 22 April (all teams)
  • Term 2 training commences on Wednesday, 19 April, sessions as per program below (don’t forget your gear)

Villanova Rugby and Football Uniforms – 2017

All students from Years 5 – 12 in both rugby and football must purchase the Villanova College rugby and football uniform in readiness for the up-coming season. This includes shorts, jersey and socks. The College Uniform Shop has all rugby and football gear available for purchase.

IMPORTANT:  All boys who signed up for rugby and football WILL make a team therefore, parents can purchase these items knowing their son/s will be in a side.

Villanova Rugby Uniform

  • Villanova rugby jersey
  • Villanova rugby shorts
  • Villanova rugby/football socks
  • Mouthguards compulsory
  • Head gear optional
  • Villanova green zip jacket or Villanova track suit optional (no other jackets /jumpers are permitted)

Villanova Football Uniform

  • Villanova football jersey
  • Villanova football shorts (not the PE shorts/ not the basketball shorts)
  • Villanova rugby/football socks
  • Shin guards compulsory
  • Villanova green zip jacket or Villanova track suit optional (no other jackets/jumpers are permitted)

Please Note:

  • Football players must wear the Villanova football shorts not the Villanova basketball shorts, which do look similar
  • The rugby and football socks are the same

What to Wear at Rugby and Football Training?

Rugby – Any jersey (preferably not the Villanova jersey), rugby shorts and boots. Mouthguards are compulsory and headgear is optional. Please do not wear the Villanova sports shirt or PE shorts as they may be damaged.

Football – Any jersey and football shorts, shin pads and boots compulsory.

Additional Information – Junior School Rugby and Football Trials

The rugby training times are locked in and will stay the same for the entire season with year levels training together to make team changes easier.   Please be patient as the process of team selections will take time.  There are many boys from different schools and clubs and boys changing from one sport to another that will change the dynamics of selections and team make-ups. Your patience and support of coaches through these Junior years will make the sport more enjoyable for all concerned.

First IV Tennis Training Squad

A number of our top tennis players have been invited to attend a First pre-season tennis training program commencing next Wednesday, 22 March. Those who have been invited are asked to complete and hand back their ‘statement of player commitment’ form to the Sports Office by Monday, 13 March.

Villa-Fit 2017

All parents are reminded that their son’s Term 1 subscription to Villa-Fit expires on Wednesday, 29th March. The program is always evolving and improving to cater for the needs of our students. If your son would like to join Villa-Fit, the cost for Term 2 is $140.00. Boys may access Villa-Fit as many times as they like throughout the week.  Please note that our rugby squad will be using the Villa–Fit gym every Monday from 6:30am until 7:15am.

Opening times:

Before school:  7.00am – 8.00am

After school:  Monday – Thursday 3.30pm – 4.30pm

Friday – Year 5 and Year 6 only – 3.15pm – 4pm

Forms can be collected from the Sports Office or found on the College webpage. Payment can be made through Flexischools.

EASTER PROGRAM:  If your son would like to train over the Easter holidays, please contact Groove Health directly. Payment can be made to Groove Health at

Junior Villa-Fit for Year 5 and Year 6

The focus will be on the boys learning the correct techniques in the gym in preparation for Villa-Fit in Year 7. Boys will do some strength training, cardiovascular training, flexibility and some core strength in each session. The class will be in the gym from 3:15 – 4pm every Friday afternoon in Term 2. The cost is $60 for the term. There will be an exercise scientist in the gym to run the boys through the session. Junior Villa-Fit will be limited to only 16 participants.

Forms may be collected from the Sports Office or downloaded from the College webpage and must be returned to Mrs Schofield at the Sports Office with payment.

Representative Sport

Last weekend, Matthew Conway attended the Queensland Volleyball trials at The Gap State High School.  He has now been selected in the U17 Queensland Squad for the Australian Junior Volleyball Championships to be on the Gold Coast in September.  This is an outstanding achievement, well done Matthew!

Mr Craig Stariha, Director of Sport

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Another busy week has passed and we are looking forward to more fantastic musical activities as we draw closer to the Easter break.

Junior Music – Year 5 Jump Start Day

Tuesday witnessed the wonders of Year 5 Jump Start Day within the Augustine Centre.  161 musicians all came together, most for the first time, to learn how to play their instruments in ensemble.  After only two lessons thus far, our Year 5 musicians worked diligently across the day with our instrumental music staff to pack 8 weeks of learning into one whole day – quite the feat!

The students spent time learning to sing some songs that form part of our Villanova College identity (ask for a recitation of our fight song ‘V for Villanova!’) in the morning.  We then moved quickly to using our instruments through sectional (like instruments together) and ensemble (all together) rehearsals where we refined our ability to produce a characteristic tone and ensure good posture.  It is quite awe inspiring to witness the concentration and effort displayed by our Year 5 students.

We were fortunate enough to have some of our Senior musicians come and join us in the afternoon; having these young men assist our new musicians is an important part of developing relationships across the department and across our College.  I would thank them all publicly for giving their time and experience, and recognise the importance of this gesture.  We were fortunate enough to be assisted also by Old Boy and 2015 Music Captain Alex Perlinski.  It was great to have him back in the building and awesome to see a past master continuing to give after graduation – thank you Alex!

The concert was again a fantastic success.  Our new musicians performed to rapturous applause – I think we even had several standing ovations!  The students did a great job and demonstrated their developing musicianship wonderfully well.  I am sure there are several audience members, myself included, looking forward to our debut concerts during term 2.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our Junior School team for affording us the time with the students on this day every year.  It is such a vital part of the music program at our school and a great opportunity for the boys to get up and running early in their career.  I would also like to thank our Junior Music Coordinator, Samantha Sleep, and our instrumental music staff, for their fantastic work leading up to and across this very busy day.  Thanks must also go to our Music Support Group for their assistance prior to the Concert and our President Stephanie Carlson for her wonderful address at the Concert.  Much thanks must go to our music admin team, Mrs Schrauf and Mrs Peace, for their behind the scenes work in preparing for this day, and thanks must also go to Mr Zietsch, Alex Williams, Jack Riley and our production crew for their work during the concert.

Year 5 Ensembles

Year 5 Band and String Ensembles will be commencing next Tuesday morning, 21 March.  Students are to arrive at 7am in preparation for rehearsal commencement.  Band students are to report to the Hanrahan Theatre, String students are to report to the String Room.

Experienced band and string students are welcome to come and join our Year 6 ensembles; these groups meet on Wednesday mornings.  Students and parents involved will be contacted directly by Mrs Sleep.  Students are to arrive at 7am; again, band to the theatre, strings to the string room.

Augustine Centre Sign-in / Sign-out Protocols

With the digital marking of rolls in every academic class and College SMS absentee alerts, we have introduced a digital kiosk in the Music foyer to assist in tracking student attendance and movement across the College.  Students that are currently taking lessons in the Music Department and their parents have received an email outlining the new process.  The kiosk is very easy to use; however, students will need to bring their student card to every lesson to ensure this process runs quickly and smoothly.

We ask that students sign in and out for every instrumental music lesson they attend.  At this point, we are not using this for ensemble rehearsals.  This process may take a little while to become second nature for students.  Our staff will assist the boys in ensuring the process becomes a smooth, easy transition.

I would like to thank you all in advance in embracing this change.

Irish Ensemble – Assembly this Friday

This Friday we have two very important celebrations:  St Patrick’s Day and the visit of the Prior General for the Augustinian Order.  For such an important occasion, we thought our Irish Ensemble 1 would be an ideal ensemble to provide some atmosphere to celebrate.  The students will be performing on the College Assembly this coming Friday.  Assembly commences at 10:30am in Goold Hall and parents are most welcome to come and listen and share this event with the students.

2017/18 Entertainment Book Drive

The 2017/18 Entertainment Book drive has commenced with all presale envelopes distributed to all Year 5 and Year 6 students as well as all Middle and Senior School students participating in ensembles at Villanova College.  If your son has not received his presale envelope yet, please ensure he drops by the Music Office to collect one.  Prizes are available for the most sold during this period.

This fundraiser is held to support our Music Support Group and their mission is to assist students travelling on tour.  $13 from each book sale supports our Music Department.  If your son sells up to two books, the monies raised goes towards our Music Support Group.  For every book after the second, your son will receive a $13 tour credit stored in perpetuity against his name at Villanova College, for the use of Music Tours only.  Please support our fantastic Music Support Group with this annual fundraiser.

Please see the flyer attached to this week’s newsletter with a link for all online purchases.

Absenteeism – Lessons and Rehearsals

To assist us with our record keeping and home communication, please ensure you notify the Music Office in writing (email is ideal) of any absence from a lesson or rehearsal.  Please remember that those lessons missed without notification are not required to be ‘made up’ by our staff.  Staff have been requested to contact home regarding any unexplained absence so that we may communicate quickly and effectively and ensure more proactive attendance in some cases.

Keep up the wonderful work musicians!  We have an exciting term ahead.

Mr Michael Jones, Director of Music

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2017 Semester 1 Interim Reports

These reports will be available through TASS Parent Lounge by 3pm next Monday, 20 March. The reports do not indicate a specific grade for a subject, but rather provide an outline of how the student is working in class and his engagement with the learning process at this point in time. There is not enough evidence from assessment items to be able to award a grade in each subject. The semester report serves this purpose and is a more comprehensive and detailed document of student achievement.

Please be aware that although a teacher may not have specifically asked for a conference interview with you, please feel welcome to talk to any or all of your son’s teachers about how your son is progressing in his subjects in the upcoming Parent Teacher Conferences. This is a significant time to receive detailed feedback on your son and to talk to teachers about how we can collectively assist your son in his learning.

The Parent Portal also provides parents with specific grades for individual assessment items, supplementing the information contained on the Interim Report. This portal provides parents with a lot of information about their son’s academic progress, timetable and upcoming assessment items and I would encourage you to visit the portal regularly. If you experience any difficulty logging on or gaining access, please contact Mrs Kathryn Hackett on 3394 5501 or

Parent Teacher Conferences

As advertised last week, Parent-Teacher conferences will be held for Years 5 – 12 from 9am – 8.00pm on Monday, 24 April. For the first time, parents of Years 5 and 6 will be able to book interviews with their son’s instrumental music teacher. The conferences will each be of 10 minutes’ duration, using an online booking system – Parent Teacher Online (PTO). Further information regarding log in details will be sent to families next week.

There is an expectation that all students will attend these interviews in full academic uniform.

Historically Year 5 and 6 Drama, Music and Italian teachers have been heavily booked by Year 5 and 6 parents, as the one subject teacher teaches the entire cohort. So that these teachers can be booked by parents in other classes across the College, the Year 5 and 6 parents will have a delayed opening of the program for these specific subjects. Year 5 and 6 teachers will have full access to their son’s core teacher at the beginning of the online booking process.

Special Provisions for the 2017 QCS tests

Special provision is available to students who are affected by a medical condition, an impairment or exceptional circumstances that may act as a barrier to their access to the test or to their demonstration of achievement in the test.  If your son has any long-term medical conditions/impairments, there is an application process requiring medical documentation. These documentation requirements are outlined in the QCS Test: 2017 Special provision handbook, available from Please ask you son to visit the Curriculum Office for further information.

Mr Paul Mead, Vice Principal – Teaching & Learning

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Parent Information

Library Roster

Monday 20 March

Lauren Audet (after tuckshop), Marnie Dalrymple (after tuckshop), Melissa Young (after tuckshop)

Tuesday 21 March

Cristina Palacios, Loretta Jordan-Vieira

Wednesday 22 March

Sue Mulligan, Melanie Higgins

Thursday 23 March

Susanna Greaves

Friday 24 March

Patrica Sukkar (after tuckshop)

Tuckshop Roster

Monday 20 March

Shanne Harding, Anne Schenk, Kelly Roberts, Megan Stuart, Lauren Audet, Gina Avolio, Anna Stines, Belinda McPherson, Marnie Dalrymple, Melissa Young

Tuesday 21 March

Gerda Odonnell, Lisa Gilhooley, Marina Ryan, Allison Holt, Kate Harrison, Peta Wadsworth, KLissa Reardon, Annette Jeanne Siebel, Therese Staley, Sherry James, Mary-Anne Peralta

Wednesday 22 March

Andrea Verner, Maree Challinor, Jenny Salpietro, Lily Fontana, Karen Blue, Fiona Jenkins, Katrina Theil, Meagan Lane, Connie Collins, Rebecca Shirdon

Thursday 23 March

Michelle Boxall, Debbie Griffiths, Bernadette Perrier, Julie Frail, Megan O’Neil, Taryn Byrne, Monique Winn, Louise Wilson, Cecilia Pouhila

Friday 24 March

Nicole Coffey, Sara Kays, Cathy Hampson, Therese Curran, Veronica Kennedy, Tracy Pereira-Trevethan, Nikki Reid, Caroline Caffery, Gregoria Makras, Sally Grigson, Lia Weston, Chelsea Akehurst, Patricia Sukkar, Toni Ware



To enable students and parents to purchase blazers and other required winter uniform items, the Uniform Shop will be open everyday next week from 7:45am to 10am.  The last week of term, the Uniform Shop will open from Monday to Thursday from 7:45am – 10am.

Online orders (placed on the previous day) can be collected on Monday, Thursday and Friday between 11:30am and 12pm.


Sports Uniform Sale.  All sports uniforms (training gear only) must sell – two for $5.

Come in, grab a sports bargain and browse our full range of regular stock while you are here.

We are open each Thursday morning during the term from 7.45am until 9.15 am.

Ms Maree Erikson, Coordinator


All Hallow’s School is holding a dance for Years 7 and 8 students on Friday, 17 March from 7:00pm to 9:30pm at All Hallow’s School.

The dance will be held at Loretto Hall and can be accessed via Dodge Lane or Kemp Place entrances.  Upon entry students are are required to show ID and $10 entry free is applicable.

Year 11 Date Claimers

Welcome back to Villanova for 2017.  Some of these events are Year 11 specific and some are organised by Villanova College.  More information will be published in the Villa View and posted on the Year 11 Facebook page closer to the event date.

If you haven’t joined the Facebook page, please do so at (Villanova Grade 11 2017) it’s a great source of information.

It would be lovely to see you at some or all of the events. More details about the upcoming events are available here: Year 11 Date Claimers

Year 11 Representatives

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Calendar of Events

Stay up to date with the College events please proceed to the event calendar.

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International Carnival

International Carnival newsletter.

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Sports Lunch

The Villanova Sports Committee is once again running the very popular Sports Lunch on Friday, May 19, 2017.

This year we have the wonderful Kerry “Skull” O’Keeffe as our key note speaker. Kerry is a very engaging speaker and will keep everyone well and truly entertained for the afternoon. Josh Robinson, a 2002 Old Boy, who came ninth in javelin at the Rio Olympics will also be admitted to the Hall of Fame.

All funds raised from the Sports Lunch will go directly back to the students of Villanova College by way of improving school sports facilities, so we would love to see as many parents as possible attend the lunch and all are most welcome.  The all-inclusive price of $140 includes a wonderful two course meal and a premium drinks package for four hours.

Sponsorship opportunities from $200 up to Gold Level are also currently available, so please contact Jon Winsbury on 0417 199 122 for further details.

Please see the attached invitation and click on the link to book – it is that easy.

Sport Lunch Invitation

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