Principal's Welcome

Dear Members of the Villanova College Family
The Lenten journey has begun and it is a time of discovery. Time to discover the many ways we encounter God’s word, by the richness of the Scripture readings we hear during this season and through the people we encounter along the way who challenge us to live the spirit of the Gospel by our words and actions.

It has been said that Lent can be seen as a yearly second chance. Each year the Church gives us six weeks to take a long, loving look at our lives to see if our values and priorities are in line with God’s desires for us. Since most of us find that we’ve wandered from God’s path, Lent becomes the second chance, to “return to God with our whole heart.”

Lord, grant us this wisdom to properly understand the difference between talk and action.

Teach us the path of doing and help us to take that path. Amen (Pope Francis)


Congratulations to all involved in the AIC Swimming Carnival held on Monday, 6 March. Our swimmers did the College proud and we were very pleased with their determination and effort on the day. Villanova College placed first in the Year Six age group and with the results of the Year 5 group won the Junior School Shield. Overall Villanova College placed fifth in the competition. The Open swimmers were placed second in their age group and all swimmers were outstanding on the day.

The supporters attending on the day did a terrific job supporting the swimmers and the Senior students led from the front.


The 2017 International Carnival will be held on Saturday, 18 March commencing at 5.00pm. Preparations are well under way and the Stall Convenors are hoping families will be generous in donating the ingredients they need to prepare their delicious foods. Over the coming days I encourage all families to get behind the Parents and Friends Association and to give generously as all donations will assist enormously.

This year we are asking parents to assist us to ensure that students who attend the Carnival remain inside the school grounds and do not congregate outside in the streets surrounding the College. In the past many students have departed the Carnival to go to McDonalds down the road. It breaks the hearts of Stall Convenors to see so many hungry mouths being fed away from the Carnival. If students are attending the International Carnival, they are expected to enter the College grounds and remain inside until they are collected by their parents.


Term Two will see all students across the College wearing the winter uniform. Hopefully the weather conditions will be more suitable by this time of the year. Students in all year levels will be required to wear the College tie. Year 10 and 11 students are required to wear the College blazer as part of the winter uniform. The blazer for Year 10 and 11 students will be worn to and from the College and at all formal assemblies including Form Assemblies. For all other year levels, the College blazer is optional. Students in Years 10, 11 and 12 are also required to wear long trousers in Terms Two and Three.

When the weather does turn cold students may wear the College jumper or blazer. Tracksuit tops, Senior jerseys or hoodies are not to be worn with the academic uniform.

Please keep in your prayers Mrs Heather Kelsall, College Archivist, who is battling illness at this time.

You have made us for yourself O Lord

And our hearts are restless until they rest in You.

God bless


Mr Mark Stower, Principal

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Head of Junior School

Last Friday Year 6 students embraced a Day of Reflection at Villanova Park.  Staff had planned and resourced specific activities so that the boys could “look within”, giving one of our College Core Values of “Interiority” prime focus.  It might at first appear that this would be a real challenge for eleven-year-old boys; however, our cohort rose to the challenge in superb style.

Ms Dewis began the day with a Liturgy that drew upon each class leader to pray for each class for 2017.  In circles, the boys looked towards their class flame and tried to imagine their own potential that lies ahead of them.  Some were focused, their ambition clear and it was easy to read that they were reciting their goals quietly to themselves.  Some were pondering, like they may know what goals are set “for them” but what they wanted to achieve was running through their minds.  Some were slightly amused; it was either a case of the flickering light providing humour or they were simply happy in the moment.  Either way, these boys had time to think about themselves and what’s important to them in the year ahead.

Miss Mills then unpacked the qualities of leadership with the boys.  Leaders might be the public speaking, badge wearing and confident negotiator.  Leaders can also be the ultimate listener, respectful and one of the most selfless people we know.  We enjoy leaders who work with us and who make us feel good about ourselves.  We can all be leaders.  In small groups, the lads presented situations where a multiple of leadership opportunities could be identified in class, in the playground and in society.  We can work upon our leadership skills in all kinds of moments.

Mrs Liddy embarked upon a personal reflection about Robert Sellars, a Villanovan student who exceeded every expectation in using humour, good nature and positivity in making his community one of laughter and inclusion.  His spirit, his willingness to smile and embrace life, is honoured by the College with the “Robbie Sellars” award each year.  Robbie passed away from leukaemia in 2001 but he passed onto us his incredible passion for his mates and his school that we will never forget.  Staff observe those students who show these same qualities – perseverance, passion and promotion of the College in all areas of life, in order to nominate and vote for the recipient of the Robbie Sellars Award, revealed at the Year 6 Moving On Ceremony in November.

I presented a “behind the scenes” look at leadership, using Michael Jordan as an example.  I reminded the boys of all he struggled with, the obstacles in his way and the very real disappointments that were never publicised as much as his successes.  There seemed to be one line in particular that struck a chord with us all – that “I almost ruined the game of basketball because I made it seem too easy doing what I do.  Yet I lost almost 300 games and missed 9000 shots.  Nobody saw the hours, days and weeks of dedicating every spare moment to my physical skills.”

Mr Lubans took us upon a journey of “Flow” using the study of happiness courtesy of Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi.  How being open minded, looking to simplify our lives and/or tasks where possible, and actively looking at the world around us is good for our soul and our mental health.  We gave creative dance our attention and we lay down and let the steel drum notes wash over us.  By this stage, your sons were visibly relaxed, communicating great ideas about role models (mums and dads were mentioned) and really appreciating the forum in which to have conversations.

Mr Wilson concluded the day revisiting our key messages of leadership and interiority.  How we have brothers around us who have similar hopes, dreams, fears, worries and the ability to make our school days the best times of our lives.

Our Day of Reflection was highly rewarding and I hope your sons felt that one aspect in particular struck a chord with them personally.  The time to invest in your boy’s mind, soul and heart could not be more important to us.  The ability of our Junior School Staff to do this with such truth and personal conviction could not be more impressive.  Our sincere appreciation goes to Mrs Nichole Rouhliadeff who coordinated and mentored the experience for all involved.  A huge thank you to the parents who set up, served and cleaned up the shared picnic for first break, it was wonderful to have you with us.

Mr Stephen Rouhliadeff, Head of Junior School

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Head of Middle School

Field research has shown that regular, significant communication between parents and teachers is a good indicator of improved academic performance. In a 2007 report prepared by Hosin Sirvani for the American Secondary Education journal, it was quite apparent that communication between parent and teacher had a demonstrably positive effect on a student’s academic progress.

Two of the positive effects that regular parent-teacher communication has on students are:

  • Increased accountability
  • Improved student engagement

Of course, accountability and engagement are terms that are relevant well beyond the educational realm and are relevant to all 21st century industries and workplaces. For us as educators (and I include parents in this category), they are important factors we use when determining how our students are travelling in school in general and our classes specifically. Our experience tells us that ongoing communication, making sure we are all on ‘the same page’, cuts down ‘grey area’ conflicts and leads to more harmonious relationships across the whole College community – boys, staff and parents.

As the end of Term 1 fast approaches, I encourage parents to ‘check-in’ with your son’s teachers and keep tabs on how your son is tracking in the classroom. A simple phone call or email, can impact markedly on your son’s engagement and his accountability for his own learning.

As always, if you ever have concerns about your son’s social and emotional development or overall academic engagement, I’d encourage you to make direct contact with your son’s Pastoral Area Leader. As assessment and deadline pressures come to a head as we approach the end of term, some boys require extra support and coaching to help manage their stress and worry. Your Pastoral Area Leaders can assist with this support.

Mr Ben Lynam – Year 7 Pastoral Area Leader    

Mr Matt McGrath – Year 8 Pastoral Area Leader

Mr Peter Simpson – Year 9 Pastoral Area Leader

Mr Greg O’Neill, Head of Middle School

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Head of Senior School

AIC Swimming Championships

On Monday, the annual AIC Swimming Championships were held at the Sleeman Sports Complex, Chandler. A detailed report of results is found in the Sports section of the Villa View, however, I would like to commend the outstanding efforts of our Open swimmers, who placed second in their age group, led by Swim Captain Harrison Rieck.

Additionally, I would like to congratulate the contribution of the spectators in providing a supportive and positive atmosphere for our swimmers and thank the efforts of the student leadership and spirit teams who encouraged all students throughout the day. The energy and enthusiasm of the spectators was noted by swimmers on pool deck as well as parents and coaches in the stands. Thank you to parents for working with us in acknowledging the importance of such an event within the College calendar. The overall attendance on the day was excellent.

Senior School Vision

I would like to share with you again this week another two components of the Senior School vision. These focus points reflect the importance that Villanova College places on relationships and allowing our students to experience a holistic education.

Be a Man for All Seasons

We encourage all Villanova students to strive to achieve their full potential in all fields of endeavour. Every young man should aspire to improve all aspects of his humanity to become a well-rounded gentleman. This ideal, which underpins the concept of the Renaissance Man, is based on the belief that a man’s capacity for development is without the limits. Consider the student who plays trumpet for the Big Band on a Friday night before lacing on the boots for the First XV on Saturday afternoon, a young man who sees the value in the Arts as well as his physical development.

According to Ross Crookes and Jason Lankow in their article How to be a Renaissance Man, ‘the attainment of knowledge is central to a man’s development.’ Reading widely allows students to improve their knowledge in a range of disciplines, strengthen their vocabulary and confidently contribute to conversations on important social topics- a philosophy strongly connected to our restless search for truth and wisdom which underpins our Augustinian tradition.

 Build Strong Relationships

One of the consistent intentional messages that students regularly receive in such forums as College assemblies and Year Level Form Meetings is the value they should place on developing and sustaining strong relationships with their peers, teachers and members of our community. The relationships that students maintain with their classroom teachers has been particularly emphasised as one of the most important ways to improve academic performance.

Furthermore, a focus on strong relationships is the core component underpinning our philosophy of restorative practices at Villanova College. I am reminded of the words of Graeme George, ‘since relationships are at the heart of behaviour management, teaching and learning, personal development and faith development, a restorative approach underpinning the school’s efforts in each of these areas brings these relationships to the forefront.’ When we work and engage ‘with’ people, we open our hearts and minds to empathy and an appreciation of the dignity of each person within our community.

“So whatever you wish that others do to you, do also to them.” Matthew 7:12

Mr Matt Levander, Head of Senior School

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A great deal of early planning and energy has gone into imagining the best Mission Day ever in 2017. Being the 25th year of AFAS, and with a large number of staff and students (28) planning to go on the Exchange to three sister schools in September, a team of students and staff are determined to make the 2017 Mission Day on June 2 a great success. The main aims are:

  • To raise $20, 000 to continue to support 15 deserving young Filipinos through three sister schools, whilst also funding the building of amenities in those schools
  • To involve, challenge and invite every student to make a difference on Mission Day

We are looking forward to the opportunity for the whole community to continue to donate to see the fulfilment of extra goals, perhaps involving staff entering the spirit of the day.

Daniel Duskovic, the 2017 AFAS President writes,

AFAS is one of Villanova’s most well-known ministries. The acronym stands for Australian Filipino Augustinian Solidarity and aims to create an understanding amongst the school community of the hardships of life in the Philippines whilst fundraising to make an impact on the lives of our Filipino friends. In previous years AFAS has donated money for feeding programs, maintenance and scholarships for fifteen bright kids who otherwise wouldn’t be able to attend school. AFAS’s main fundraiser is Mission Day which this year is going to be bigger than ever!

Response to Lent: Saint Vincent de Paul and Project Compassion

The St Vincent de Paul students have put out lists to assist Senior School students to bring useful items for the hampers which will go out to local families at the end of this term. This year, Pastoral groups have also received a profile of the family or recipient of the hamper. I think this is a great idea as it helps the students form a very particular picture of a neighbour whom they are reaching out to. A reasonable number of us indulge every day in the things we enjoy, be that a bacon and egg burger, a takeaway coffee or a Waterford’s flavoured drink. The aim during Lent is two-fold: by giving up what we love, occasionally, we become aware again of its value and secondly the money we save can go straight to someone who needs it more.

In a similar way, the theme for the 2017 Project Compassion collection is Love your Neighbour. All Junior and Middle School students have taken a small Project Compassion box which, I hope has made its way home. Here it can be seen by all the family, who may want to occasionally give something up and put the coins into the box. The contents of the small boxes can either be brought back to Villanova to contribute to our collection, as a faith community, or they can go into the collection plate at your local parish.

Youth UN

Villanova partly sponsored five students to enable them to attend the Youth UN forum last weekend. This forum puts more than 100 students from across Queensland in a role as the UN ambassador for a particular country. The two-day conference then takes the form of a UN meeting in which matters effecting the common good are debated and discussed before votes are taken.

Below are two reviews of what appears to have been a very good learning experience:

The youth UN (United Nations) summit was a challenging and educational weekend at Bornhoffen PCYC. Participants were each assigned a UN member state to represent for the weekend. I had the honour of being the delegate for Chad and as a central African country I often found myself opposed to the powers of the western world. The weekend was packed with spectrum debates – debates which canvas a wide range of views – and interactive problem solving, but the main focus was the General Assemblies. These took place in a room arranged to resemble the UN and the room was filled by all the present member states. Then, with over a hundred people, a resolution would be debated for two hours, delegates would propose amendments to spin the resolution in their favour but would then have to gain support from other nations to defend it. Finally, a vote would take place on whether or not to amend the overall resolution before moving on and quickly adapting a new position. This activity tested our ability to think on the spot and to view world issues from a perspective very different from our own. Overall it was a fun weekend and I would recommend it to anyone with interests in politics or debating, or those who simply like to have their opinions heard.

Matt Davies, Year 12 Student

Last weekend saw a group of five strapping Villanova Seniors head to St. Laurence’s on a diplomatic mission of great importance, the UN Youth Australia’s State Conference! After an intriguing panel discussion in the morning, a two-hour bus ride transported more than 100 delegates from all around Queensland to Bornhoffen PCYC in the stunning Gold Coast Hinterland – the perfect backdrop for a weekend of stimulating debate and discussion about the position of multiculturalism in Australia. All in all, the conference made for an exciting opportunity to polish our debating skills ahead of the upcoming season and to partake in some topical and challenging analysis.  I highly recommend this to any students with an interest in social issues or politics”

Cristian Gutierrez, Student Council President, 2017

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Villanova College – Year 5 and 6 AIC Swimming Aggregate Champions – 2017!

I must commend the entire AIC swim squad on their great performance at the annual AIC Swim Championships held at Chandler Pool on Monday. Well done to our team who won the Year 5 and 6 Aggregate Championship in sensational fashion. It certainly was a see-sawing battle between Villanova and Iona throughout the day, but eventually the Villa boys were too strong and won by 32 points.

I was very impressed with the efforts of our 12 years – Opens team who gained a credible fifth position overall. At one stage we were leading St Laurence’s in fourth position, however, our depth was tested in the relays and we slipped back into fifth place. It is pleasing to note that this year our team won comfortably in fifth place ahead of sixth (in 2016 we were fifth by a narrow margin). Furthermore, we bridged the gap to fourth place considerably.

The swim championship this year saw great performances from many schools across all year levels. Villa’s performance on Monday drew many positive comments from other Colleges and it was great to see the boys perform well on the big stage. In some ways the fifth position in the 12 years to Opens category doesn’t really reflect how well we did. Nonetheless, our swimmers looked and performed like seasoned swimmers and they did us proud. Well done boys!

I commend all spectators and their parents, firstly for attending the carnival and secondly for their level of support shown for our team on the day. It was good to see the boys keep up their enthusiasm throughout the day despite the very hot and humid conditions within the swimming complex.

Parental support is paramount to ensure that all students do attend school on the days when certain year levels are asked to act as supporters. Parent support is also needed to encourage the boys to turn up early or to stay around later to support other teams on Saturdays as well. The sense of school pride and spirit shown at these events is immeasurable.

It was great to see our Year 12 students were keen and eager to organise a cheer squad to go out and ‘storm the hall’ at Iona last week. What an impressive sight it was to see the Villa boys turn up in numbers at an away venue to show their loyalty and support of their mates and to their College. Outstanding men, well done!

The Sports Office is continuing to plan and prepare for the up-coming rugby and football seasons. Sign-on forms have been distributed. A complete list of all players who have signed on for rugby and football will be posted on the web by tomorrow. May I ask parents to check the list and contact the Sports Office if your son’s name does not appear.  Rugby and football training schedules are now confirmed for all teams from Year 7 – 12. All Year 5 and 6 rugby and football schedules will be finalised and published on the web and in the Villa View by next week.

At present we are still looking for volunteers for the following coaching positions:  16B rugby coach and Fifth, Sixth, 9 Gold and 8 Green football coaches. If you know of any suitable candidates, please inform the Sports Office. A complete list of all coaches and their allocated teams will be posted on the web by mid-next week.  As we all know, the College draws on the support of our parents, staff, old boys and outside friends in order to fill coaching positions. These people freely give of their time to serve our boys and to ensure they have the opportunity to participate and enjoy playing sport. I ask all parents to remember that these good people are here to assist and help your son.  Please be supportive of our coaches throughout the up-coming rugby and football season and from time to time an approach to the coach to thank them would also be appreciated.


The Villanova Sports Club is again running a Mega-Raffle in 2017. First prize is $10 000 and only 200 tickets will be sold at $100 each. You could buy one ticket on your own or perhaps form a syndicate with friends. Over the next two rounds, all those associated with cricket and volleyball are encouraged to form a team syndicate for a chance to win. Mega-raffle team delegates should contact the Villanova College Finance Department to acquire tickets. Tickets will also be available from the canteens at both cricket and volleyball. I urge all coaches/managers to organise their teams and perhaps buy a ticket as a syndicate.

Finally, to everyone involved in sport this weekend. Play hard and enjoy!

Round 6 Fixtures – Saturday 11 March, AIC Cricket and Volleyball v St Peters and AFL (play-offs)

Please refer to the College’s website to view all times and venues for this weekend’s fixtures against Iona. Simply scroll down on the College’s home page to the ‘Latest News’ section and click the ‘Weekly Fixtures’ section.

AIC Cricket

I congratulate all AIC cricket players for their efforts over the weekend. Villanova had a dominant performance against Iona College last weekend winning nine from the 12 aggregate games played. This is a good result for our quest to hold onto the cricket aggregate. It was great to see the First XI bounce back after their loss to Padua, winning in good fashion on the weekend.

With all due respect, it is our aim to win all games against St Peter’s this weekend, before what will be a cracker of a round next week against Ashgrove. Please do not take the opposition lightly this weekend as a dropped game may be the difference in the end. All teams must do their bit. Good luck this weekend boys!

Cricket Photos

Please arrive 10 minutes before the scheduled photo time dressed in your cricket apparel. First XI Green Blazer to be worn. Photos will be taken under the large score board.

Team Photo Time Game Time
 10C 6:50am 7:30am
 10B  7:20am  8:15am
 10A 7:30am 8:15am
 First XI 8:30am 9:30am
8 Gold 8:30am 10:0am
8 White 9:20am 10:00am
Third XI 12:10pm 1:00pm
second XI 12:20pm 1:00pm

AIC Cricket Results v Iona


AIC Volleyball – Ms Barbara Dewis, AIC Volleyball Co-ordinator

Congratulations to the 7C’s and their coach for ensuring Iona did not have a clean sweep of the round last weekend.  This was a top effort as they fought from behind to take the win off Iona.  It certainly was not a good round for Villanova with 18 losses and one win.

With two rounds to go players in all teams will need to dig deep into their repertoire of strategies to finish strongly this season.  Teams began their games with a high level of energy and intensity, however to maintain consistency all players on court needed to pass, set and hit well to have had any chance of dousing the flame that Iona had burning in each of their games.

All coaches will need to focus on their players forgetting last week’s results and looking towards this weekend’s games against SPLC.  It is always said ‘never underestimate your opposition’, therefore being prepared to expect the unexpected will be vital as each team takes to the court this weekend. Stay positive and focused when on court. Teamwork – stay strong on court. Good luck to all teams and remember ‘Carn the Cats!’


VOLLEYBALL BBQ Friday 24 March – Goold Hall 4pm – 6pm

Enter a team in the ‘Volleyball Fast and Ferocious’ Knockout to be held on 24 March – 8 teams only. For further details, contact Ms Dewis.

AIC Volleyball Results v Iona


AIC AFL – Mr Adam Fry, AFL Co-ordinator

September has come early for Villanova AFL with all teams progressing to a final this weekend at Yeronga. Unfortunately, we do not know our opposition as yet as there needs to be some make-up games due to loss of fixtures back in Round 2. Four schools still need to play to determine final ladder positions and our game times this weekend have been pushed back a little to accommodate. We do however know the times of these fixtures as seen below, so please be familiar with the start time to ensure all players arrive half an hour before we begin for a proper warm-up.

Next Tuesday all Year 5 students will participate in the Music Jump Start day, so there will be no training as the boys will be required at the College Music Concert in the evening.

This weekend I ask all players and supporters to arrive early and stay around to support Villanova AFL.  It has been a fantastic season to date and the boys would love as much support as possible.  Both Mr Conlan and I have really appreciated the support and encouragement all parents have provided over the season and we would love to see it continue this Saturday.

Round 5 Results:

5A Villanova 10.3.63 defeated Iona 2.4.16

5B Iona 6.3.39 defeated Villanova 2.0.12

6A Villanova 9.10.64 defeated Iona 0.1.1

6B Iona 6.3.39 defeated Villanova 5.2.33

Round 6 Fixtures:

Year 5 Year 6
B Team 10:00 am

Field 1 or 3

B Team


11:00 am

Field unknown

A Team


11:00 am

Field 1

A Team


12:00 midday

Field 2

No Dog Policy

A reminder to all Villanova parents that there is a NO DOG policy at all AIC sporting fixtures. There has been a concern from some of the venue coordinators, including Villanova Park that pet owners are ignoring the signs placed on the gates at each venue. All pet owners who ignore the signs will be asked to remove their pets from the venue immediately. This also applies to all State Schools.

School versus Club Sport

With two cricket and volleyball rounds remaining, it seems that clashes are now occurring with club football. A number of boys have been absent from school games or have left early over the last two weeks to attend club matches. It is important that the boys complete the cricket season and not leave their team short or put pressure on the other players to perform because they are choosing to go and play club sport. Most of our sides have only 11 or 12 players and if boys withdraw, our sides are weakened considerably and players will have to cover double the ground when fielding. We have had a fantastic season so far with many teams still undefeated and it would be a shame for teams to lose during the last two rounds because their teammates were not there.

AIC Swim Report – Mrs Kate Alexander, AIC Swim Co-ordinator

It’s time for a well-deserved sleep-in for the members of our AIC Swim Squad. The 2017 swimming season culminated in the AIC Swimming Championships at Chandler on Monday. The day was a huge success with multiple records broken in individual events as well as fantastic results in all age groups.

The coaches and managers were so proud of all squad members, those that swam in events and those who were eagerly cheering in the stands.  The depth in the Villanova Swim Squad continues to grow, with the Year 5 team placing second in their age group and the Year 6 team taking out first place. I am very proud to say this fantastic effort resulted in the Junior Squad taking out first place in the Year 5/6 aggregate overall! An amazing result and one the College can be very proud of.

The 12 years’ team placed sixth in their age group, 13 years placed third, 14 years placed seventh, 15 years placed sixth, 16 years placed third, and our Opens placed second. These results put us in fifth place overall for the aggregate. A very commendable achievement by all boys involved!

My sincere thanks goes to the coaches, Kerry Holland and Humberto Angerami and assistant coaches and old boys, Felix Bidwell and Lachlan Atkinson. Your commitment and support of the boys is truly evident in the wonderful achievements received at this year’s carnival. Thank you also to our Managers, Mrs Kirstina Moss, Miss Georgia Mills-Geer, Mr Jack O’Hare, Mrs Terri Dillon, Mrs Theresa Henry and Mrs Juanita Jacobs. This sport would not be possible without the many hours you spend entering data, timing boys, attending swim meets and providing ongoing support and assistance to the students. We are also very grateful to the parents who have assisted by getting boys to early morning training sessions and helping at the Friday morning breakfasts. In particular, thank you to Mrs Narelle Rieck and Mrs Jane Green, without your coordination and cooking skills, the boys would surely have gone hungry. Finally, thank you to the Sports Office staff, Mrs Erika Schofield, Mr Chris Everding, Mr Blake McLauchlan and Mr Craig Stariha.

Congratulations to the Year 12 students who participated in their final representative swimming carnival.  These boys have participated with wonderful team spirit and sense of purpose.  We hope this kicks off a fantastic final year of your school journey. Well done to our Swim Captain Harrison Rieck and Vice-Captains Roarke Ronan, Connor Wadsworth, Henry Barras and Caden Griffiths. You have shown maturity and leadership and above all have modelled dedication and team spirit.

Finally, I would like to congratulate all students who woke up early to attend swimming training and I strongly encourage you to keep up your fitness and get in the pool as often as possible in the off season – before we know it, it will be time to set those alarm clocks once again!


AIC Chess – Mrs Sally England, AIC Chess Co-ordinator

Welcome to Villanova chess for 2017. Early in the term students were asked to sign-up to participate in Villa chess for 2017. The response was again overwhelming, confirming once again just how popular chess is.  Over the last few weeks, 44 Senior and Middle School students commenced chess trials in earnest, with the Tolle Lege Library in full swing each morning tea while students battled against each other for a spot in the team. All in good spirits of course!

This week 40 Junior School students added their names to the list of very enthusiastic chess players at Villanova.  Students wishing to play just for fun have been directed to play in the Junior Library space during morning tea, while those wishing to make a team have been asked to come to the Tolle Lege Library at morning tea on Tuesday and Thursdays (it is open each morning tea should they wish to get in more practice), where we will be trialling for the Junior positions in the team.

Coaching lessons have now commenced started on Wednesday and Friday mornings in the Tolle Lege Library, from 7.30am – 8.30am with new coach Mr Charlie Tsai, who comes highly recommended. It is imperative that the boys are here by 7.30am. For the remainder of this term these coaching sessions are open to all players on both days.

The first trial night will be on Friday of Week 9 and information will be sent home in the near future. Chess competition will begin in Term 2 and will be held on a Friday night. Unless students are available to play on a Friday they cannot compete, but they can play every day at morning tea in the Tolle Lege Library to better their chess and make new friends in the Chess Club.

Please contact Mrs England or Mrs Warren (Juniors) if you have any concerns or queries: or

If enthusiasm is anything to go by, we are looking forward to an excellent season.

AIC Rugby/Football Coaches – Thank you!

It’s pleasing to report that nearly all coaching positions in both rugby and football have been filled (although we still require a 16B rugby coach and Fifth, Seventh, 9 Gold and 8 Green football coaches). Coaches have been contacted via email with regard to their allocated team placement. Once we get confirmation from coaches we will post the list of coaches on the web. At this early stage I thank the coaches for their willingness to be involved.

AIC Rugby/Football Referees – Needed!

If you are able to assist with refereeing rugby or football matches, please contact the staff below.

Rugby Year 5 – 12 –

Football Year 5 – 12 –

AIC Rugby and Football Training/Trial Season Schedule

The complete Year 7 – 12 rugby and football training schedules have been published over the last couple of weeks in the Villa View.  This schedule is also posted on the College’s website under the AIC Rugby and AIC Football sections.

PLEASE NOTE:  Rugby and football trials will begin the week commencing Monday 20 March, that is, the very next week after cricket/volleyball and the last week of Term 1.

AIC Year 5 and 6 Rugby and Football Training

Initial trial sessions will be conducted by the staff during sport for the next three weeks. These sessions are purely to get the boys engaged in relevant activities and for the staff to place the boys in squads for the first official training sessions which will take place from the 20 March. All rugby training has been locked in for the season and is indicated below.

Football training for the final two weeks of Term 1 will be for the entire year level until boys are placed in individual teams. Training for each team will then be finalised to allow teams to have enough space to train separately from others.

For trial purposes tomorrow, all boys are to bring along boots, mouthguard, an old jersey and shorts to wear. They will change into their football gear before the sessions begin and they will need to change back into their College sports uniform before going home.

Rugby Training (entire season at Langlands)

Tuesday Thursday
Year 6 7am – 8am 3.15pm – 4.45pm
Year 5 3.15pm – 4.45pm 7am – 8am


Football training for the final two weeks of Term 1 and the first week back in Term 2 will be held on Whinstanes Oval. Once teams are settled they will train on different days either before or after school.

Tuesday Thursday
Year 6 7am – 8am 3.15pm – 4.45pm
Year 5 3.15pm – 4.45pm 7am – 8am

AIC Rugby and Football Trial Games – Date Claimers

Monday 20 March, 1st XV and 1st XI football trial v Iona (after school)

Saturday 25 March AIC rugby and football v SLC (full school trial)

Saturday 22 April AIC rugby and football v SPLC (full school trial)

Representative Sport

Well done to all the boys listed below on their inclusion into the Met East Swim Team. It is great to see we have so many boys doing well at representative level.   Congratulations and best wishes to:  Harrison Rieck, Nicholas Elsey, Roarke Ronan, Andrew Vick, Harrison Vig, Connor Wadsworth, Caden Clelland, Jack Hewitt, Tyler Clelland, Charlie Kerr, Cohen Stewart, Caden Griffiths, Jack Johannesen and Adam Zanatta.

Well done to Charlie Cook who has been selected in the Met East 19years Volleyball Team that will compete in the State Champions on the Sunshine Coast in early June.

Congratulations to Matthew Conway who has been selected in the Met East 12 – 15years Volleyball Team that will compete in the State Champions in Toowoomba in early May.

All students who have signed up to play, will make a rugby or football team. No student will miss out.

Mr Craig Stariha, Director of Sport

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We are rapidly approaching the end of Term 1 and are looking forward to the many activities that remain on our calendar before Easter.

Junior Music – Year 5 Jump Start Day

Our Year 5 students have recently received their musical instruments and have enjoyed a couple of lessons from our fantastic Music staff.  The students now have the exciting opportunity to work with our team for a whole day of music making!

On Tuesday, 14 March, Year 5 will be working in the Augustine Centre for the entire day, learning more about their instruments and developing an awareness of ensemble playing – this will be the first time in ensemble for many of these students!  The Music Department of Villanova College will be working with the students throughout the day, ably assisted by preservice teachers from universities across Brisbane, and a couple of ‘Old Boys’ that are looking forward to returning so that they may give back to the program.

Information has been sent home with the students this week.  The day will conclude with a concert in the Hanrahan Theatre commencing at 5:00pm; doors will open at 4:45pm.  At the end of the concert, all parents are invited to attend a meet and greet session with the Instrumental Music teachers whilst the students are supervised in the theatre.

Should you require any further information regarding this activity, please contact the Music Office on 3394 5691.

2017/18 Entertainment Book Drive

The 2017/18 Entertainment Book drive has commenced with all presale envelopes distributed to all Year 5 and Year 6 students as well as all Middle and Senior School students participating in ensembles at Villanova College.  If your son has not received his presale envelope yet, please ensure he drops by the Music Office to collect one.  Prizes are available for the most sold during this period.

This fundraiser is held to support our Music Support Group and their mission is to assist students travelling on tour.  $13 from each book sale supports our Music Department.  If your son sells up to two books, the monies raised goes towards our Music Support Group.  For every book after the second, your son will receive a $13 tour credit stored in perpetuity against his name at Villanova College, for the use of Music Tours only.  Please support our fantastic Music Support Group with this annual fundraiser.

Please see the flyer attached to this week’s newsletter with a link for all online purchases.

Lenten Liturgy

Tomorrow we will be celebrating our Lenten Liturgy in Goold Hall, commencing at 10:30am, when our Music Ministry Ensemble will be supplemented by String Sinfonia.

To assist with the preparation for this important event in the life of our College, students have been asked to make themselves available for a rehearsal during Period 6 through to 4pm this afternoon.   I would like to thank these students in advance for their efforts and willingness to participate.

Should you wish to see your son participate in the Liturgy, we invite you to Goold Hall tomorrow. The Liturgy should conclude by 11:25am.

Absenteeism – Lessons and Rehearsals

To assist us with our record keeping and home communication, please ensure you notify the Music Office in writing (email is ideal) of any absence from a lesson or rehearsal.  Please remember that those lessons missed without notification are not required to be ‘made up’ by our staff.  Staff have been requested to contact home regarding any unexplained absence so that we may communicate quickly and effectively and ensure more proactive attendance in some cases.

Tour Information

Thank you to those expressions of interest made for our tour proposals this year.  Information has been sent home regarding our tour program for 2017 via email.  If you have made an expression of interest but have not received this information, please contact the Music Office urgently.

Mr Michael Jones, Director of Music

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Term 1 Exam block

Senior School students have received their Exam Bock timetable over the last week via Moodle and this Exam Block timetable is also available on Parent Lounge. Please be advised that Exam Block assessment items are in addition to the assessment activities on Student Café and Parent Lounge. The assessment appearing on Parent Lounge is the assessment occurring outside of the exam block. As the exam block assessment is completed, parents will be able to view the grades awarded for this assessment once marking and department moderation procedures are completed.

Parent Teacher Interviews Date Claimer

The first of our Parent Teacher Interviews will take place on Monday, 24 April. Parents will receive information regarding the log in and booking procedures over the coming weeks.

Study Techniques

At this time of the term in the lead up to exams, the following piece on concentration skills may be helpful to talk over with your son at the dinner table:

  1.  IMPROVE THE ENVIRONMENT: Have a good hard look at the environment in which you are trying to concentrate. Is it noisy? Are there more exciting or noisy distractions happening around you? Is it too hot? Too cold? Are you uncomfortable? Too comfortable? What can you do to make the space more conducive to concentration? How quiet is it? As hard as it may seem, shut off pop ups on the laptop and don’t listen to music.
  2. BLOCKS OF TIME: If you are someone who finds it difficult to concentrate at home don’t try and study for too long at a time. Instead, tell yourself you will work for 20 – 30 minutes then you can have a break. If you know it is only 20 – 30 minutes it is much easier to concentrate than if it was for an indefinite period of time.
  3. ANCHOR TO THE PRESENT: Create a focus word that brings you back on task. We all daydream. The key is to start to pay more attention to when you are doing it and then immediately take action. Monitor what you are focusing on and if you know you’re drifting off track, refocus and concentrate on the task immediately in front of you. This process of monitoring your thinking is a powerful tool to stay on track.
  4. RESET THE BRAIN: Sometimes you just need a time-out from what you are doing in order to be able to concentrate again. If your attention is constantly wandering, then get up and have a drink, walk outside, kick a ball – just take five to 10 minutes to clear your head so you can come back fresh to your work.
  5. WORK OUT PEAK TIMES: Start to pay attention to what time of the day you are most focused. That’s when you need to do the harder work or the work that requires greatest concentration. If you know you get tired after dinner don’t leave the difficult work until then.
  6. CARROT AND STICK: Some people are motivated by working towards rewards, others by avoiding punishments. Give yourself a target time to focus with a little reward at the end if you achieve it.

You can learn more about how to be a more effective student at by logging in with the details below and working through some of the units. There are also lots of useful grids and planners at the bottom of the Things to Print page.

Username: forvillanovaonly


Mr Paul Mead, Vice Principal – Teaching & Learning


National Assessment Program Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN)

All Villanova students in Years 5, 7 and 9 will take part in the National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) which will be conducted from Tuesday 9 May – Thursday 11 May. This series of national tests will assess the areas of language conventions (spelling, grammar and punctuation); writing; reading; and numeracy (including number, measurement, chance and data, space, working mathematically, algebra function and pattern).

Results from these tests will provide important information about each Villanova student’s progress in literacy and numeracy. Following the tests, the College and students will receive a statement of performance in relation to the national benchmarks.

The national tests will assess student achievement in much the same way as they have been done in the past. Students will be familiar with the test formats and the type of questions they have to answer after participating in structured classroom preparation activities.

I ask that any parent who wishes their son to be exempted or withdrawn from the NAPLAN tests to contact me at the College or via email:  All request forms for exemption or withdrawal must be completed, signed and returned to the Curriculum Office by Wednesday, 3 May.

Parents can best assist in helping their son feel comfortable about the nature and purpose of the tests by assuring him that the assessments will give him an opportunity to show what he has learnt in class.

All students will require 2B or HB pencils (no mechanical pencils such as Pacers), a pencil sharpener and an eraser.

Students in Years 7 and 9 will require a calculator with which they are familiar for one of their Numeracy tests.

Year 9 students only will require blue or black pens for their Writing Test.

Further information on NAPLAN is available at

Mr Peter Wall, Director of Studies

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Elearning Update

ICT Micro Skills – Email management and etiquette

This week students are receiving instructions to help them “reclaim their inboxes”. For many students at the College, emails received in Outlook remain in their inboxes, permanently. They are often read then left in there taking up unnecessary space and slowing down search functions over time. This is not an efficient way of working – especially when we are encouraging students to develop good organisational skills in other areas of their studies. When emails are received students should look to either (a) action immediately, (b) delete it, (c) archive it by placing it in another folder, or (d) mark it for follow up at a later period. So, in an attempt to clean the slate for 2017, I am encouraging students to reclaim their inbox in 2017! This process requires a commitment to treating all incoming email differently, and following some basic processes to delete old emails.

To assist with this, there are “ICT Micro Skills” now posted within Villa Moodle – these are accessible from a homepage link in Moodle after sign-in. This week’s set of skills are applicable to all students and focus on the basics of email communication and management, such as: (a) cleaning out 2016 emails and archiving messages to keep, (b) using simple and advanced search functions, (c) creating and managing mail folders, and importantly (d) proper email etiquette between teachers and students, and how CC and BCC affect rules of communication. I would encourage all parents to discuss these resources with their sons during the coming week.

Antivirus pop-up messages on new BYOD laptops

In the last week I have noticed frustrating pop-ups where free antivirus trial periods have now ended on new BYOD laptops. Since we are now a few months into using these new devices the free warranty periods are obviously expiring. There are software removal tools available online to remove most of these factory-installed applications – these applications may also be uninstalled from the Control Panel of Windows devices. Parents are reminded that the College has a free antivirus application called Sophos Endpoint Protection which students may install on their BYOD devices if they wish to do so. All BYOD laptops should have some form of anti-virus protection. Further information about installing Sophos is on Moodle at this address (sign in with College email/password if required):

If parents have any ongoing issues with antivirus trial software and pop-ups please contact the IT Helpdesk staff using the contact information on the BYOD page of the College web site at:
Mr Jason Lane, Junior, Middle and Senior Schools Elearning Pedagogy Leader

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Parent Information

Year 7 Immunisation Program

This year the Brisbane City Council’s Immunisation Team is providing free Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) and Diphtheria-Tetanus-Pertussis (Whooping Cough) vaccinations to all students in Year 7.    Thank you to all Year 7 families who, earlier this year returned consent forms to participate in this program.

The first round of vaccinations is scheduled for next Wednesday, 15 March at 9.00am.  This round will consist of HPV1 and Boostrix.  We encourage you to ensure your child has a satisfying breakfast on the morning of the vaccination.  Should your son be absent on this day you will be contacted by the School Immunisation Team and given information about the Council’s free immunisation clinics.

Due to the required time frames between vaccinations, you will only have a minimum time to catch up on the vaccination missed in order to fit back into the School Immunisation Program schedule.  This date will be specified if contact needs to be made.   If you have further questions you may contact the School Immunisation Team by emailing

Ms Sally Byron, College Administrator


P&F Meeting – Monday 13th March at 6:00 pm

The next P&F Meeting will be held on Monday, 13th March at 6:00pm in the Tolle Lege Library. All community members are invited to come along, join in the discussions and enjoy some drinks and nibbles.

If you have any questions, comments or issues you would like raised you can contact us at

P&F Committee

Tuckshop Roster

Monday 13 March

Narelle Rieck, Julie Stokes, Jenni Boxall, Jane Green, Sally Caltabiano, Megan Price, Loretta Jordan-Vieira

Tuesday 14 March

Donna Perkins, Melissa Davidson, Lisa Forsyth, Nicole Webb, Leanne McMahon, Sonia Ballen, Susan White, Tricia Allen, Cristina Palacios

Wednesday 15 March

Angela Dooley, Tina McCaul, Peta Gomersall, Kathy McCaul, Karen Marrinan, Maria Corones, Lena Bazzo, Lisa Gorry, Denise Smith

Thursday 16 March

Paula Lisignoli, Maria McGarry, Juanita Ryan, Kath Eberhardt, Pauline White, Bernadette Papagiannis, Kelly Stassi, Jane Lawson, Louisa Coote, Chrissy Bonfiglio, Eleni Stathis

Friday 17 March

Caroline Agnew, Louise Pertnikovs, Jacki Wilson, Pauline Vasta, Kellie Smith, Adriana Sofios, Gerry Ternel, Orla Thompson, Leanne Bryant, Natalie Basili, Maria Nicolaou, Kim Creevey, Naomi Jansen


Library Roster

Monday 13 March

Cristina Palacios

Tuesday 14 March

Cristina Palacios (Afternoon)

Wednesday 15 March

Anita Murnane, Sharon Vecchi, Denise Smith (After Tuckshop), Tina McCaul (After Tuckshop)

Thursday 16 March

Melanie Pickering, Kelly Stassi (After Tuckshop)

Friday 17 March

Michelle Dixon, Anna Egert


Sports Uniform Sale.  All sports uniforms (training gear only) must sell – two for $5.

Come in, grab a sports bargain and browse our full range of regular stock while you are here.

We are open each Thursday morning during the term from 7.45am until 9.15 am.

Ms Maree Erikson, Coordinator


On Friday, 10 March, San Sisto College is holding its annual college dance.  The theme for this year’s dance is Neon.

The dance will be held at the Carindale, PCYC from 7:00pm to 10:00pm.

This dance is open to all students from Years 7 – 12.  Upon entry students are required to show ID and a $10 entry fee is applicable.


All Hallow’s School is holding a dance for Years 7 and 8 students on Friday, 17 March from 7:00pm to 9:30pm at All Hallow’s School.

The dance will be held at Loretto Hall and can be accessed via Dodge Lane or Kemp Place entrances.  Upon entry students are are required to show ID and $10 entry free is applicable.

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Calendar of Events

Stay up to date with the College events please proceed to the event calendar.

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Community News

St James Parish Coorparoo – Sacramental Program 2017

Term 2: Year 4 children First Eucharist: begins May 7th

Term 3: Year 3 children Confirmation: begins August 13th

Term 4: Year 5 children Reconciliation: begins October 22nd

For further information please email: 

2017 Next Step survey

The Queensland Government is conducting its annual statewide survey of all students who completed Year 12 in 2016. The Next Step survey is a brief, confidential survey that gains a comprehensive picture of the employment, study and life choices made by Queensland school completers in the year after they finish Year 12.

Between March and June, all our students who completed Year 12 last year can expect to receive instructions to complete a web-based survey or a telephone call from the Queensland Government Statistician’s Office to complete the survey. Please encourage them to take part. If their contact details have changed, please assist the interviewer with their updated details or forward the survey to their new address so they can participate.

Thank you for your support of the Next Step survey in 2017.

Further information on Next Step is available online at or on toll free telephone 1800 068 587.

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International Carnival

International Carnival newsletter.

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Sports Lunch

The Villanova Sports Committee is once again running the very popular Sports Lunch on Friday, May 19, 2017.

This year we have the wonderful Kerry “Skull” O’Keeffe as our key note speaker. Kerry is a very engaging speaker and will keep everyone well and truly entertained for the afternoon. Josh Robinson, a 2002 Old Boy, who came ninth in javelin at the Rio Olympics will also be admitted to the Hall of Fame.

All funds raised from the Sports Lunch will go directly back to the students of Villanova College by way of improving school sports facilities, so we would love to see as many parents as possible attend the lunch and all are most welcome.  The all-inclusive price of $140 includes a wonderful two course meal and a premium drinks package for four hours.

Sponsorship opportunities from $200 up to Gold Level are also currently available, so please contact Jon Winsbury on 0417 199 122 for further details.

Please see the attached invitation and click on the link to book – it is that easy.

Sport Lunch Invitation

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