Principal's Welcome

Dear Members of the Villanova College Family
Late last week I received a phone call from Wynnum police informing me they had charged three young females with setting the fire at Villanova Park. I was disappointed to hear that local residents of the area had deliberately lit the fire.  Due to the age of the offenders, the police have indicated that their charges will proceed through the Community Justice Program.

Mr Peter Dawson from Architectus has been contracted to detail the design of the new facilities at Villanova Park as part of his master planning for the College. This project will take some time to complete and I hope our community will continue to be patient as we create a new and exciting addition to our facilities at Villanova Park.

Semester Reports
On Friday 24 November, End of Semester Reports for all students will be available to parents through the Villanova College Parent Portal. I believe it may be the best approach to review the report with your son in the coming week while the end of the year is still fresh in his mind. The teaching staff have taken considerable time to provide feedback to families to assist the students to address any concerns in their academic progress. It is very important students see their report and engage with the comments.

Last week I suggested students review their results by asking four questions:

  1. Where have I achieved well in my studies?
  2. Are there areas my teachers are suggesting for improvement?
  3. Do I understand what I need to do to continue to improve?
  4. Does the Semester Two Report reflect my best efforts with my studies?

Thank you for taking the time to sit down with your son and review his academic progress in 2017.

Parents and Friends Association
Following the Annual General Meeting of the Parents and Friends Association, I am pleased to announce the Executive Committee for 2018:

President – Mr James Griffiths

Vice Presidents – Mr Ernie Civitarese  and Mr Jason Trevethan

Secretary – Mrs Robyn Wills

Treasurer- Mr Damien Colbert

International Carnival Convenor – Mr Cameron Clelland

Parent Representative Co-ordinator – Mrs Allison Gamer

In thanking the Executive Committee for their tremendous work over the course of 2017, I would like to thank and recognise the significant contribution of Vice-President, Mr Brian Dooley and Parent Representative Co-ordinator, Ms Keri Campbell. Both Keri and Brian have worked tirelessly on behalf of the College and I am grateful for their contribution.

Christmas Prayer
I wish all our families the blessing of the Christmas Season. I hope there is time within the celebrations and family gatherings to remember the significance of this time. “God so loved the world that he gave His one and only Son, that everyone who believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.” John 3:16


God of love, Father of all,
the darkness that covered the earth
has given way to the bright dawn of your Word made flesh.
Make us a people of this light.
Make us faithful to your Word,
that we may bring your life to the waiting world.
Grant this through Christ our Lord. Amen

God bless

Mr Mark Stower, Principal

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Head of Junior School

It is that incredible time of the year when the anticipation and excitement of the Christmas holidays is before us all.  Smiles adorn the faces of students and staff alike.  Stories of the year “that was” come through in thank you cards and conversations with our parents.  Laughter is heard in every classroom as teachers give the boys their own tweak on fun ways to merge curriculum tasks.  Relationships are given one more week to accept, to nourish and to affirm the best in everybody.

Mrs Mascadri has the Christmas decorations up in the Junior School Office and it just brings the season of Advent to mind.  From Sunday 3 December until 24 December, we will wait and prepare to honour the birth of Jesus.  What is so precious is that we all get to do that as a family.  Let’s aim to be present with the people in our lives, celebrate the small things about each other and recharge the soul and spirit.  We have the gift of time together and that is the one thing we spend all year wishing for.

Holidays appeal to people in different ways.  It begins with extended bed times, the absence of alarms in the morning and a high chance of pyjama or togs days in lieu of uniforms.  I love holidays because my exercise can be a priority – riding my bike on the river loop, running around the park and some ocean swimming are my top three choices.  Our renovations at home are nearly done, nine months of lifting, demolishing, building and painting.  There is a long list, I am certain, that is waiting for me, in terms of hanging mirrors, artwork and making more trips to Ikea and Bunnings.

We have an escape to Perth planned, where I know I have two nieces and a nephew to spoil rotten.  My brother once bought my boys a set of drums, laughing hysterically at the time, and now comes the perfect chance to pay that one back!  My dad will visit from Hobart and we will head to Fremantle for a look at the boats we will never be able to afford, followed by lunch at Little Creatures.

Of course, Nanna Rach is counting the days until we arrive, and my sons know that her house will look like Tinsel Town as decorating for the festive season is her absolute favourite.  The northern beaches in Perth will see us swimming most days, though my wife will be on shark patrol (there’s always one swimming up and down the coast at this time) as the Antarctic water means it must be 40 degrees before she will get in.  We have the family Christmas night party with about 80 adults and kids running wild, which is an absolute highlight.

January will see us around the house in and out of the pool in-between basketball competitions.  Already I can predict an amazing break and I wish all Junior School families the very best for the same, whatever your version of holiday you might have planned.

It has been a very busy year when we were blessed with having had the opportunity to work with your sons.  We do hope that the year has brought many positive experiences and changes.  Our Year 5 students, wiser in the ways of being Villanovans, now strive towards the leadership of Year 6.  We watch our Year 6 students walk into the Middle School Precinct, knowing they are welcome to visit the Junior School anytime they like.

We farewell Mr Michael Lubans, who will take his young family to St James at Banora Point for an Upper Primary Teaching Position.  Ms Georgia Mills-Geer will teach Year 7 in 2018 and we wish her every success in her new role.  Mr Callum Hackett will marry Miss Chrissie McPhee in mid-December and we wish them every happiness in the next chapter of their lives together.

Thank you for your support this year.  For your sons, the Junior School Staff and above all, the vision of working as a community in one heart, mind and body towards Christ.  For the early morning starts, the homework and assessment, the uniforms and stationery, but most of all, the unconditional support and faith in each other to be working for the best outcome in our fine young men.  The Villanovans of 2017 have made every possible effort, in their own capacity and ability, to achieve goals and make us proud of them.  We are blessed for having had this time together and I wish each student a safe and holy Christmas and a very Happy New Year.

Mr Stephen Rouhliadeff, Head of Junior School

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Head of Senior School

Year 12 Graduation
Last Thursday, the graduating class of 2017 celebrated a significant rite of passage in their young lives – the completion of their secondary education. The Graduation Mass and Ceremony culminated a remarkable senior journey for an eclectic group of young men who have etched a significant chapter in the rich history of our fine College.

The class of 2017 will forever be remembered as a cohort that possessed a wonderful solidarity and collective zest for College life. At the commissioning ceremony at the beginning of the year, the Seniors pledged to be their brother’s keeper, and they have certainly lived up to that promise.

Fr Peter Wieneke’s wonderful homily during the Graduation Mass spoke of the journey that boys embark upon on the road to manhood.  It captured those values inculcated at Villanova College, which we firmly believe arm our young men with the mindset and spirituality that will lead them to lives of significance and the purpose to do great things in our world.

The following are my concluding remarks from the Graduation Ceremony prior to our graduates singing their College Anthem with pride and passion:

Finally, I would like to take a moment to say what an honour it has been walking the senior journey with these young men as their Head of School.

And so, to the future and the possibilities it will bring for this group of gentlemen. There will be titans of industry, stars of stage and screen, medical pioneers and builders of our nation’s future. Wherever you may roam, always remember who you are and where you have come from – you are Villanova men, men of service, men of compassion and men of justice.

I would like to let the words of Rudyard Kipling stir within you, as the final verse of his seminal poem ‘If’ speaks for my hopes for the Year 12 Class of 2017:

If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue

Or walk with Kings – nor lose the common touch,

If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you,

If all men count with you, but none too much:

If you can fill the unforgiving minute

With sixty seconds’ worth of distance run,

Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it,

And – which is more- you’ll me a Man, my son!

Happy Holidays
I would like to wish all Senior School students and their families a wonderful holiday period, full of relaxation, reflection and rejuvenation. I would also like to thank the community for the support shown to me in my first year as Head of Senior School. I have drawn great strength from the encouragement I have received, and I am excited for 2018 and my vision of ensuring that the Senior School is the very best environment for our young men to fulfil their dreams and potential.

May God’s grace bless you all during the festive season.

“We don’t stop going to school when we graduate.”– Carol Burnett

Mr Matt Levander, Head of Senior School

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Graduation Mass and Advent Liturgy
Beginnings and endings are important and a lot can be seen at the transitional moments. The senior class of 2017 conducted themselves wonderfully well at their Graduation last Thursday. It is apparent that they have come together strongly as a cohort and possess a genuine spirit of humility.

Some of the words of the opening hymn fit the occasion in a profound way: Our lives are a mystery, we seek not where they lead/ We are asked now to trust You…/We go forth with the grace/ Of the power and the spirit which is here in this place.

It was an evening upon which we all felt conscious of a greater spirit uniting us and holding us together. I am personally grateful that we have the capacity at Villanova College, through quality liturgy, to express the mystery of life in ways that go beyond words.

The next, short liturgy bringing us together will be tomorrow at 9 am in Goold Hall. All family members are welcome as we celebrate Advent, the season of eager anticipation, and the season when, for children of all ages, Earth spins closer to Heaven. The Liturgy will be followed by the end of year Prize-Giving Ceremony and will conclude at 10.30 am.

Ministry News
Thanks to the energy of new SVP President, Dominic Duskovic, and staff member Mrs Mylan Warren, 20 baskets are being delivered to local families this week.  We know that these gifts will make a difference, not least to the morale of the local families receiving unexpected donations from students giving of their time at the end of the school year.

YAYM are likewise finishing on a strong note, as on Tuesday afternoon 19 students and four staff members visited Duhig Retirement Village.  They performed a program of songs and carols. There was also a quiz, a round of bingo and a poetry performance. I thank new YAYM leaders, Isaac Langford and Luke Palmer who have provided excellent organisation to ensure this visit was successful.

Mr John Holroyd, Vice Principal – Ministry, Mission and Evangelisation

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Farewell to staff
On behalf of the Music Department at Villanova College, I would like to take this opportunity to farewell Ms Leona Collier and Mr Ben Adkins.  Both tutors have worked at our school for some time and, on behalf of us all, I would like to thank them for the dedication and passion in which they applied themselves to their studios and ensembles here at the College.  I wish them both the best for the next chapter in their journey and am sure that many will join me in sending their best wishes for the future.

Re-Enrolment for 2018
Thank you to all families who have resubmitted their enrolment documents for 2018.  We now only have a handful outstanding.  If you have not returned paperwork for your son’s enrolment in the program next year, please ensure this is completed and sent directly to the Music Office as soon as possible –

Music Workshop – 22 January 2018
Villanova College will be holding a Music Workshop on Monday 22 January 2018, the day before classes resume.  This will be a required activity for students involved in our bands, string ensembles, guitar ensembles and choirs from Years 7 – 12.  A schedule for the day and letter outlining the activity will be forwarded to families this week.  We look forward to having an opportunity for our students to meet the new team members and make a positive start to 2018.

Thanks very much everyone and from my family to yours, all the best over the holiday period.  I look forward to seeing you all here, fit and well, at the beginning of 2018.

Mr Michael Jones, Director of Music

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Below is some important information regarding the Villanova College summer vacation sports events:

Andrew Slack Squad Training

  • Strength and conditioning training sessions will continue during the first two weeks of the school holiday period, concluding on the Friday 8 December.
  • Field sessions will continue on 30 November and 7 December as per normal times.
  • An extra session will be held on Sunday 26 November from 2pm at Little Langlands.
  • Strength and conditioning training sessions will commence on Monday 8 January 2018
  • Any parents who are not already members of the “Villa Andrew Slack Squad 2017/18” Facebook page are invited and encouraged to join – the coaches will be using this group as a key point of contact for the parents and players.
  • Coaches will contact the players via Facebook to arrange the schedule commencing in January 2018.

Ben Mowen Squad Training

  • Strength and conditioning training sessions will continue during the first two weeks of the school holiday period, concluding on Thursday 7 December.
  • Strength and conditioning training sessions will commence on Tuesday 9 January
  • There will be no field sessions held during the Christmas vacation period
  • The first field session will commence on Wednesday 24 January 2018


  • First XI v GT game at Villanova Park on Wednesday 29 December
  • Oblate Cricket Cup in Brisbane, Sunday 3 – Thursday 7 December
  • Old Boys v First XI Cricket game at Villanova Park on Friday 19 January 2018
  • Year 6 – 10 A and B teams and First XI, Second XI and Thirds XI cricket trials v Churchie on Saturday 20 January 2018 (schedule below). If boys are unable to play please email Mr Stariha so that alternative arrangements can be made
  • Year 5 – 10 Cricket Camp will be conducted on the 16, 17 and 18 January 2018. All details found on the web.


  • Volleyball Schools Cup Tour to Melbourne from Sunday 3 – Friday 8 December
  • Volleyball Clinics Monday 15 January 2018 (details below)

Congratulations to the 13 Villanova boys who participated in the 2017 Brisbane Metropolitan Relay Championships as part of the Brisbane Jets Squad.  It was a very successful day for the swimmers, with many of the teams receiving gold and silver medals as well as giving personal best times in the pool.  It is fantastic to see so many of our talented swimmers already competing successfully at these meets and this all builds towards a successful AIC Meet in March next year.


Swimming Clinic – January 15 2018
Information regarding the swimming clinic is located in the AIC swimming section on the College web.  Please advise if your sons will be attending by sending an email to Mrs Juanita Jacobs (  Morning tea and lunch are provided and the session is completed by 1pm on the day, so volleyball and cricket players can still make the clinics for the rest of that day and week.  Volleyball and cricket coaches are aware that some of the players may be late for their sporting clinics due to the swimming clinic.

Villanova College swimming at Langlands Pool will conclude on Friday 22 December and resume on Monday 8 January 2018.

First XI and Second XI – Day 1 of training in 2018 at Villanova Park on Wednesday 17 January from 3.45 – 5.15pm.  A squad of 28 players has now been chosen for the First and Second squads.  This list is posted on the College web.

AIC Cricket and Volleyball Teams
Draft cricket teams are now published on the web and we aim to publish the volleyball teams next week after the trials against St Laurence’s this Saturday.  Volleyball teams will be graded A – C (D teams in Year 8 and 9) based on ability. Cricket teams will be graded A – C based on ability. All teams lower than a ‘C’ team will be referred to as a ‘coloured team’. These coloured teams are of equal ability, therefore a ‘gold’ team is no better than a ‘green’ or ‘blue’ team despite how team lists are presented.

It is normal that some boys may feel disappointment but I ask all members of the community to be resilient and accepting of the coaches’ call. There has been much time, effort and communication amongst the coaches to get the selections correct. Inevitably, there will be a difference of opinion from some within the community. This happens in all teams at all levels right up to the national teams!

Swimming, Volleyball and Cricket Clinics – 2018
The College has organised specialised clinics, which are open to all students from Year 5 – 12 in 2018. These are great opportunities for our student athletes to develop their skills before the commencement of the 2018 AIC season. Please check the website under the various sports for more information. The expectation is that all players/swimmers attend the clinics listed. Cricket is the only one optional but is highly recommended.

Cricket Clinic:  16, 17 and 18 January 2018 at Villanova Park, Manly Road, Tingalpa

Swim Clinic:  15 January 2018 at Langlands Pool

Volleyball Clinic:  15 January in Goold Hall

AIC Cricket Trials
Please find below the schedule for the cricket trials to be played on Saturday 20 January 2018 against Churchie. Team lists are found on the web under the AIC Cricket section. All players in these teams are required to attend, as these will form part of the trial process.

Most teams will play with up to 12 players per team. After these trials, the coaches are required to select their team to participate in a full set of school trials against Ashgrove on Saturday 27 January.

If your son is unavailable for the trial below, please email Mr Craig Stariha – so that alternative arrangements can be put in place.

Zone Cricket
Zone cricket training will continue next week as normal. There is still one round remaining after this weekend and all teams will train on the regular morning for one more week. All Zone teams are reminded about the breakup at Villanova Park on 2 December following their last game. Please speak to your team contact this weekend regarding the format of the afternoon.

A big thank you to Ross Whitby, Phil Horton and David Short for all of their efforts ensuring the season has run smoothly.  They represent the College at district meetings and play a large part in the organisation of the draw and the sorting of fields.

Thanks also to the many parents who have assisted with coaching and managing sides this term. The parents drive Zone Cricket and we are fortunate to have a fantastic group take on these roles.

Mr Craig, Director of Sport

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Parent Information

End of Year Prize Giving Ceremony

This Friday’s Liturgy and End of Year Prize Giving Ceremony will commence at 9:00am in Goold Hall.  All students are to be in their academic uniform for this ceremony.  Students will be required to attend Pastoral at the usual time of 8:30am and the ceremony will conclude by no later than 10:30am at which time students will be dismissed from the College for the holiday break. 

Please be aware there will be no school buses at the front of the College at this earlier dismissal time.  Parents are to ensure they have made the necessary arrangements for transporting their sons’ home.  We wish all a happy and safe holiday.

Ms Sally Byron, College Administrator

College Opening Hours

The Villanova College Office will be closed from Friday, 15 December 2017 and will reopen for business on Monday, 8 January 2018.

Uniform Shop Operating Hours

Please note:  Current students and their families who are continuing at Villanova College in 2018 are not required to make an appointment to attend the Villanova College Uniform Shop to purchase items.  Appointments are only required for NEW students and their families commencing at the College in 2018.

The New Uniform Shop will be open in January at the following times for students continuing in 2018:

Monday 15 to Friday 19 January 2018 inclusive

9am – midday

1pm – 3pm


Monday 22 January                 7.45 am – midday

Tuesday 23 January                7.45 am – 10 am

Wednesday 24 January           7.45 am – 10 am

Thursday 25 January               7.45 am – 10 am

Friday 26 January                    CLOSED (PUBLIC HOLIDAY)


From Monday 29th January 2018, the New Uniform Shop will revert to the regular trading hours and open on school days during term time as follows:


Monday           7.45 am – 10 am

Tuesday           CLOSED

Wednesday     CLOSED

Thursday         7.45 am – 10 am

Friday              7.45 am – 10 am


The Second Hand Uniform Shop will be open in January 2018 as follows:

Wednesday 17 January         9 am to midday

Thursday    18 January           9 am to midday


From Thursday 25 January 2018, the Second Hand Uniform Shop will open every Thursday morning during the school term from 7.45 am – 9.15 am.

Mrs Chris Purcell, Uniform Shop Coordinator



As a community, Villanova College is thankful for the enduring support of our parents and are proud of our inclusive community spirit.

The role of a Year Level Representative is a great opportunity to help our families build strong connections to the College community through organised social functions and we are now seeking nominations for Year Level Representatives (one representative role per person) for 2018:

  • Years 5 and 6 – Six Representatives (one representative per class in each year level)
  • Years 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 – Four Representatives per year level

As always, the Villanova P and F Association, the Parent Class Representative Network and College staff will support our Parent Representatives.

If you are interested in taking on the role of Parent Representative for your son’s Year Level (or class in the Junior School), please email Allison Gamer at or call 0437 184 704.

Ordering of Student Photos from Silver Rose Photography

Please find below all information required to place orders with Silver Rose Photography.  If you wish to receive photographs before Christmas, orders must be placed with Silver Rose by 30 November.


Go to

Select Schools

Select Online Ordering

Enter code: VC17

Enter Student name and Date of Birth, proceed to product selection, then checkout.


CO-CURRICULAR (sporting/cultural groups)

Go to

Select Schools

Select Co-curricular Ordering

From drop down box select Villanova College

Select 2017 then from drop down boxes select groups required, and then proceed to checkout


CELEBRATION OF EXCELLENCE NIGHT (Two separate ways to order)


Go to

Select Graduations

Select View Proofs

Select OPTION B (stage crossing only)

Fill in drop down boxes with Villa, date etc., and enter the password – stage

All the stage crossing images will appear on the screen, you can scroll through them all to see then once you have found an image you wish to purchase click on the THIS IS ME button and you will be guided to the products and pricing page.


Go to

Select Graduations

Select View Proofs


Enter the PR or CUSTOMER (white card given to parents before having photo taken) code

The stage crossing images will appear, you can scroll through them all and select an image or you can click on (in red writing) click here to view photo gallery, this will take you to all the PR/STUDIO photos taken.

If you encounter difficulties ordering through the website, do not hesitate to contact Silver Rose directly on 3262 5788.

Mrs Kath Underhill


Join in the celebration of the College’s 70-year milestone and Save the Date for Villanova College 70th Anniversary Ball. 

Click this link and join the Facebook group for event updates and information


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Calendar of Events

Stay up to date with the College events please proceed to the event calendar.

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Bring Your Own Device

Introducing the Villanova College BYOD Facebook page
2018 sees the full implementation of the BYOD program where all students bring their own laptop to Villanova College for educational use. To support parents with the setup, maintenance and management of their sons’ laptops I am pleased to announce that Villanova College has created a new Facebook page, the Villanova College BYOD page. This page will provide regular links, resources, updates, security threat alerts and training videos to support parents. It is hoped this channel of communication becomes a great support for parents – we now have the ability to share news, alerts, tutorials and links directly and instantly via the Facebook social media platform.

The first post in the Villanova College BYOD page is a link to a video walkthrough of the JB Education portal. This walkthrough will assist parents in navigating their way from the College website through to the steps involved in purchasing a laptop that meets the minimum specifications according to each sub-school. Additional videos and resources will be added as they are finalised. It is important to remember that the Villanova College BYOD webpage will always have the most complete and up-to-date resources and links. This remains the main “point of truth” for BYOD at Villanova College. However, given the accessibility of Facebook the College believes this new social media page will assist parents and the wider community with sharing alerts, updates, settings and procedures relevant to maintaining a healthy laptop for ongoing day-to-day use.

Re-imaging of Year 9 HP laptops
If your son is currently in Year 9, he has a College-managed HP laptop that is nearing the end of its warranty period. These devices have been used regularly since 2015. Some parents may wish to reuse these laptops next year however please note that given the age of these laptops it is likely they will have battery issues and/or other complications in the near future. Regardless of the future use of these laptops beyond 2017, all Year 9 laptops must be re-imaged at the end of Term 4 to replace College licenced software and this process can only be done by the College IT staff.  To schedule this process, please download and complete the “Consent form to have a College-managed laptop re-imaged for personal use” from the BYOD page, also available here:

2018 BYOD Recommendations
Earlier this term, new parents received a printed copy of our 2018 BYOD Recommendations. This document is recommended reading for all families purchasing BYOD laptops for 2018 and is accessible on the College BYOD page in the Resources and Forms section (or via this direct link: Our BYOD recommendations are based on our experiences introducing and phasing in BYOD computers over the past two years. In short, students in the Junior and Middle School are recommended to bring Windows 10 laptops capable of digital inking (touch screen with a digital pen/stylus). This recommendation extends to the Senior School, however some students may prefer MacBook Pros depending on specialist subject choices and future career/study pathways. In addition, it is highly recommended all students have laptops with ADP (Accidental Damage Protection) with reduced excess and hard cases (not ‘cosmetic’ slip-style covers) to offer further protection. Minimum recommendations are the lowest benchmarks for BYOD computers – where possible families should explore laptops that exceed these specifications particularly in the Middle and Senior Schools.

BYOD Minimum Specifications and JB Education portal purchase walk-through
The following video demonstrates how to view the BYOD minimum specifications, access the JB Education Portal and purchase a computer with ADP and a hard case. It is not essential for families to purchase BYOD laptops through the JB Education portal, however this service offers competitive pricing with ADP and hard cases all in the one transaction, as well as onsite warranty repairs on selected models. View the video here:


Please contact if you have any queries about 2018 BYOD and make sure you like the new Facebook Villanova College BYOD page at

Mr Jason Lane, Elearning Pedagogy Leader

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2018 AFAS Elders Exchange

Planning is now underway for the 2018 AFAS Elders Exchange to Kinatarcan Island. This exchange differs from the AFAS Exchange in that it is open to staff, parents and Villanova Old Boys (Elders) – no school age students are able to participate. This group travels to Kinatarcan Island and undertakes a building/construction project, which is totally funded by Villanova Old Boys.  The 2016 group constructed the drying hut (hothouse) for the use of drying the moringa leaf for all the island community.

Whilst the actual project has yet to be determined, it is hoped that the planned Augustinian Alternative Learning School – ALS – (similar to a TAFE) will have started construction. If this is the case, we will donate towards and assist with the construction of a certain part of the school.

If the ALS has not commenced construction, Fr Aladdin (who is in charge of what projects the Augustinians participate in on Kinatarcan) will guide us as to where we can best assist.


DEPART                                               Saturday December 1

ARRIVE CEBU                                       Sunday December 2

DEPART for Kinatarcan                       ​Monday December 3

RETURN from Kinatarcan                                Wednesday December 12

DEPART Cebu                                      Friday December 14

ARRIVE Brisbane                                 Saturday December 15

While most days will be work days, Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 are lay days and are an ideal to interact more fully with the local community. Each day there will be the opportunity for interaction with the local community.

COST $2500 – includes all transport, accommodation and food.


CEBU                                       Fortuna Hotel

KINATARCAN                          Dormitory style

If you are interested in attending and would like more information or would like to enquire about making a donation towards the project, please contact Tony Hindmarsh at –

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