Principal's Welcome

Dear Members of the Villanova College Family
Next week marks the final days of the year for all our students. During this week the teaching staff will be busy finalising all marking of assessment tasks and completing reporting. Semester Two Reports will be available on the Parent Lounge from Friday 24 November.

The Semester Two Report will provide the academic results achieved by your son across the assessment tasks for each subject. Accompanying the results are comments from the teaching staff to assist in guiding the student on areas where he is achieving well and areas for attention in the future.

I ask parents to find some time after the reports are available to download a copy and to sit down with your students to allow him to read the report and to provide some comments to the following questions.

  1. Where have you achieved well in your studies?
  2. Are there areas your teachers are suggesting need improvement?
  3. Do you understand what you need to do to continue to improve?
  4. Does the Semester Two Report reflect your best efforts with your studies?

For many students the report will be a reflection of the hard work and dedication to their studies over the past semester.

Last Day Arrangements
On Friday 24 November, the students will be dismissed at 10.30 am following the End of Year Liturgy and College Assembly.

Building Works
This Saturday 18 November Hutchinson Builders will be installing the steel framework for the Eastern Façade on the Fr Michael Morahan Staff Centre. The work will involve cranes and lifting of steel. The crane will be placed outside the Tuckshop area and any parents and students coming on site on Saturday will need to stay well clear of the work area. For safety reasons the Tolentine Building and Fr Michael Morahan Staff Centre will need to be vacated when the lifting of the steel is being undertaken.

Work on the Fr Michael Morahan Staff Centre will continue for the remainder of the year. The work site is fenced and students and staff have been advised of the safety requirements when moving around the campus.

Br Dang Ordination to Order of Deacon
On Saturday 2 December Archbishop Mark Coleridge will ordain Br Nguyễn Ngọc Hải Đăng OSA to the order of Deacon at St James Church at 10.00am. This important occasion is an opportunity for our wider Augustinian community to come together to celebrate the ordination of Br Dang.  We keep Br Dang in our prayers.

Year 12 Graduation
As we say goodbye to our Year 12 Graduands we wish each of them and their families every blessing for the future. Over the past week we have celebrated with the families of our senior students this significant milestone, the conclusion of twelve years of education.  We are certainly very proud of our Year 12 students and we will keep them in our prayers and thoughts.


May the road rise to meet you, 
may the wind be ever at your back.
May the sun shine warm upon your face,
and the rains fall soft upon your fields.
And until we meet again,
may God hold you in the palm of his hand.

We keep in our prayers Ms Pam Betts, Executive Director, Brisbane Catholic Education and past Board Director following the death of Pam’s mother, Joan Betts last week. We also keep in our prayers the family of Mrs Sam Sleep as her mother battles significant health issues at this time.
You have made us for Yourself O Lord

And our hearts are restless until they rest in You.

God bless

Mr Mark Stower, College Principal

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Head of Junior School

Last Friday, Junior School teacher Callum Hackett captivated the Year 5 cohort using photos and his own Villanova Primary School stories.  Memories of his mates, whom he still sees regularly, amazed the boys who cannot imagine still knowing each other in seven years, being that they are only 11 years young.  Callum’s haircuts were certainly a highlight, as were his rugby and cricket achievements “in the smallest teams ever made” – but it was his mate Robbie Sellars, in Mr Garske’s class of 2000 that gave us genuine reflection time.  It was your son’s chance to really think about life and how fortunate he is.

Robbie was in the class photo with his Villanova school hat on.  Only a few boys noticed in the audience, but nobody thought to say anything until Callum asked why that might be.  When he explained that Robbie had cancer, your sons went silent.  A brother they never knew had an immediate impact upon their day.  Some drew breath, some mouths dropped, because here was a Villanovan Old Boy sharing a story that still brings a tear to his colleagues who listen every year.

Robbie was so many things to Callum.  He was a positive role model, both in and out of hospital and  he made his mates realise that school was “the” only place he ever wanted to be.  He made people feel comfortable with his humour because he enjoyed happiness and knew it was the only way to live.  He loved Villanova so much so that his final wish was to have the Seniors’ Jersey in advance – so that he felt like he would be the graduate that his body could not help him to reach.  The honour of this sharing by Callum was that our Year 5s have had the ultimate year.  One of health, successes and challenges, but nothing that compares to what Robbie endured.  We are blessed and grateful for our gifts.

Our Year Six students have experienced a rite of passage – the annual Moving On Ceremony.  With great pride, each student was invited on stage and took a moment to reflect upon their Junior School experience.  How two years have passed whilst we have been busy ticking off lists, learning new facts, acquiring new skills and taking photos that we will adore for years to come.

With immense pride, we announced the Robbie Sellars Award nominees – George Agyros, Hugo Crawford, Caden Griffiths, George Triginis, Jasper Chan, Nicholas Craig, Sebastian Bishop and Ned Thomas, and celebrated the 2017 winner, Charlie Corrigan.  Congratulations to our Sportsman of the Year for 2017, Mitchell Rieck and the Junior School Musician of the Year for 2017 Ethan Delaney.  Every student should feel incredible pride – the Moving On certificates for each student noted the achievements over the past two years – my heartfelt thanks to all of you for sharing your talents with us.

A special thank you to Melissa Clark and Pauline White for a spectacular evening at Victoria Park last Friday night.  To all the parents who made such an effort to thank the Junior School Staff for their every effort, thought and extra time spent caring for the boys this year – thank you.  Such gratitude and acknowledgement is important, valued and will be inspiration for 2018 best practices.

I have had the privilege of proofreading all reports this week, in preparation for the final communication of achievements for all parents next Friday.  Whilst it is a hard slog for me – I am a slow reader unless it is NBA statistics, NFL highlights or a biography, I do really enjoy getting an insight into how far the boys have improved since Semester One.  I can visualize these students – their smiles on the playground come to mind for me first and foremost.  They have done their best.  There is officially no more assessment to plan for, draft, edit or give up free time for.  It is time to see if our goals came to fruition.  Did we make the changes we wanted in Term 3?  Did we have the perseverance and support to make gains in ways we never imagined?  According to our class teachers, these young men have surprised themselves and reached new heights.  They have given their all, and you will be very proud parents indeed.

Mr Stephen Rouhliadeff, Head of Junior School

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Head of Middle School

Why would one Villanova student tease or bully another Villanova student?

Why is it hard to say ‘no’ when everyone else says ‘yes’?

Why do we convince ourselves that we can’t do something, even when we can?

Over the past year in the Personal Development (PD) program we have been delving deeper into understanding how and why humans behave the way they do. The reality is that sometimes we act in ways that aren’t always in our own best interest – for a variety of reasons; peer pressure, low self-esteem, not having thought things through and the good old ‘It seemed like a good idea at the time!’.

How we manage situations often reflects how we are feeling about ourselves at the time. If we are feeling great, we jump life’s hurdles with ease, if not we fall at the very first one. Resilience and ‘grit’ will always see us through but, unfortunately, we are not always at our resilient best.

It is when our own self-esteem is low, that we most often act in ways that can be harmful to ourselves or to others. Donald Nathanson’s work on shame management informs us of four unhealthy, but nonetheless common, ways that we respond to what life throws at us.

  • Withdrawal: e.g. lock myself in a room and remove myself from those who care about me
  • Attack Self: e.g. self put-downs or self-harming
  • Avoidance: e.g. pretend that everything is ok, even when it’s not
  • Attack Other: e.g. deflect my own negative thoughts by causing harm to someone else (verbal or physical)

Awareness and understanding of such behaviours is the first step in being able to manage difficult situations as they arise. Sometimes we are lucky and life seems to be all smooth sailing, but, as any sailor will tell you, when the weather gets rough it is by relying heavily on our relationships and interactions with others that we manage to stay on course and keep it all together.

I love the donkey story below. We can all be overcome by fear and self-doubt, but how we manage it can be a great test of character…

A parable is told of a farmer who owned an old donkey. The donkey somehow fell into the farmer’s well. The farmer heard the pitiful braying and after carefully assessing the situation, the farmer said to himself, “The donkey is old and the well dry, best to fill it in and solve two problems at once.’

So he called his neighbors together, told them what had happened and enlisted their help to shovel dirt and bury the old donkey in the well.

Initially, the old donkey was panic-stricken! However, as the farmer and his neighbors continued shoveling and the dirt hit and fell off his back…a thought struck him: ‘If I tramp the dirt down I can use it to climb out of here!’

Therefore, that is what he did, shovel load after shovel load.

“Tramp it down and step up… tramp it down and step up… tramp it down and step up!” he repeated to encourage himself. No matter how much dirt was thrown on him, how painful his legs, how tired he was, or how distressing the situation seemed the old donkey fought against the panic and just kept right on TRAMPING IT DOWN AND STEPPING UP!

It was not long before the old donkey, battered and exhausted, STEPPED TRIUMPHANTLY OVER THE WALL OF THAT WELL.

What seemed like a situation that would bury him, actually blessed him. All because of the manner in which he handled his adversity.”

While I am sure the relationship between the donkey and the farmer required some significant restoration, the story reminds us of the grit that we all possess and occasionally need to call upon.

Mr Greg O’Neill, Head of Middle School

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Head of Senior School

Social and Emotional Learning
Last week, the Year 10 and Year 11 cohorts completed the Villanova SEL (Social and Emotional Learning) Survey. This survey, a strategic initiative of the College’s SEL Committee, forms part of an ongoing longitudinal study, which focuses on the evaluation of the social, emotional and mental wellbeing of our students. The committee, which includes the Heads of School, our counselling staff as well as other key staff members, looks forward to reflecting upon the data that will continue to inform the delivery of our pastoral care and formation programs.

One of the key threads of our Senior School program moving forward is exploring with our young men the importance of healthy constructions of masculinity. I shared with the Year 10 students last Friday a TED Talk by Connor Beaton, Founder of ManTalks. His presentation, entitled The Mask of Masculinity – the traditional role of men is evolving, challenged destructive constructs of masculinity with a focus on allowing men to be their true, authentic selves. I previewed this talk with another reinforcement of my philosophy of the Renaissance man – a man of many talents and interests. I look forward to seeing Senior School students next year perform in a Music Concert in the Hanrahan Theatre on a Friday night before lacing up the boots out at Villanova Park on a Saturday.

Final Week Program
Next week’s program for the Senior School has been finalised with correspondence already sent home by the Pastoral Area Leaders. All students should have the opportunity to receive their assessment results from the latest testing period. I hope that these are positive results, which reflect the strong effort put in. I will be reviewing the reports of all Year 9, 10 and 11 students over the course of the holidays and the Pastoral Area Leaders will be contacting parents of underperforming students at the commencement of next year to discuss ways this can be addressed.

The Year 11 schedule of activities next week includes a focus on road safety, teamwork as well as the invitation for all students to contribute ideas to the Year 12 vision for 2018.

Year 12 Formal
On Tuesday this week, the Year 12 students celebrated the first component of their end of year celebrations at the Senior Formal. It was a memorable occasion on many fronts. The sartorial choices by our young men are to be commended – they certainly looked incredibly stylish in their dinner jackets. The way in which these young men engaged with their partners and parents throughout the evening was also very impressive. The highlight for me, however, was the exceptional conduct of our Year 12 students. They were outstanding, and I was incredibly proud of their spirit of camaraderie and brotherhood. Their maturity and unity are a reflection of the wonderful mentoring and upbringing by our parents and teachers at Villanova College. I would like to thank Year 12 Pastoral Area Leader Mr Tony Rolls for his meticulous organisation of the evening. I would also like to acknowledge Tony’s team, including Mrs Kath Underhill and Mrs Robyn Gunning for their contributions.

“The difference between style and fashion is quality.”– Giorgio Armani

Mr Matt Levander, Head of Senior School

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Curriculum News

Year 12 Graduation
Today marks the final day for the Year 12 students, a cohesive group of students who have performed well. Their individual QCS results were made available on the QCAA website yesterday and while the individual QCS grade is not an indication of individual OP scores, it does indicate how students have performed in these tests individually across the four tests. The final assessment has been completed and the final allocation of Levels of Achievement has been awarded. Students should feel confident that they have received the end product of their labours. Please be aware that the College does not issue a Semester 2 Report as the final certification is provided by QCAA. QCAA posts QCEs, Senior Statements, Statements of Results and Tertiary Entrance Statements to Year 12 students on 15 December by conventional mail. OP results will be made available on the Student Connect website on Saturday 16 December.

During the final Graduation rehearsal this morning, I talked to the students about how they should respond to QTAC offers when they are released on the first round offer date of 16 January 2018. If families will be away for their holidays at this time and cannot access the internet, it is important to leave login details and instructions as to how students wish to respond to the offer made by QTAC:

The Final Year 12 results will be posted in the RE Centre on Wednesday 22 November and Thursday 23 November from 9.00am until 4.30pm. This result list will show the final placements of students in each of their Authority subjects. Students who have student Authority Registered subjects and Certificate courses would already be aware of their final results in these subjects. The RE Centre is located next to the Curriculum Office between the Veritas and Tolentine blocks on level three. The easiest way to access this is to take the lift near the Tuckshop to the top floor and follow the corridor around to the RE Centre.

Finally, I wish every Year 12 student all the very best of luck for the future and hope that the lessons and values that you leave Villanova College with will provide you with an excellent reference point and guide for what life offers you into the future. God bless you all.

End of Year Assessment and Semester 2 Reports
End of year assessment concludes across the College on Friday this week and the process of marking and report writing is in full swing.  What students do not know by now cannot be crammed into their brains by late night study sessions. If anything, this is a good time to talk to your son about how he has approached the assessment period and how he has prepared himself methodically and comprehensively. The more students are able to reflect upon their practice ensures they are more likely to address behaviours that need modifying and adjusting into the future. I thank the parents for their support and encouragement of their son at a time when the end of year is nigh and holidays are beckoning.

The Semester 2 Report will be available via the Villanova College Parent Lounge by 3pm on Friday 24 November.

Mr Paul Mead, Vice Principal – Teaching and Learning

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Graduation of the Senior Class of 2017:
You have made us for yourself O Lord and our hearts are restless until they rest in you. (Augustine)

The seniors of 2017 have left their mark upon Villanova College in so many ways. In Ministry, it has been amazing to see Year 12 students working right to the last minute to ensure a strong handover to their successors for 2018. In this regard, Angus Tracey, outgoing St Vincent de Paul President, has spent most of this week along with his loyal team of workers, packing Christmas hampers which will be distributed to local families next week.  That desire to continuously learn and improve does justice to Augustine’s simple insight, quoted above.

In similar vein, here is the final thank you from a Year 12 student to Ms Amanda Waterson after the last Rosies outreach of the year, last Friday: I just want to say thank you Miss! We had so much fun on tonight’s outreach, Really It was such a wonderful opportunity, I will definitely volunteer again after school.

The Graduation Mass for the Year 12 class of 2017 will begin at 6.30 pm in Goold Hall tonight, and all family members are invited. Following on from the Night of Excellence, tonight will be a night where the values of this cohort become brightly visible. Certainly, in the area of Ministry, the team of Year 12 students has set a very high benchmark.

Australian Catholic Youth Festival: Sydney
In terms of leadership formation for the senior cohort of 2018, four students will be attending the annual Catholic Youth Festival in Sydney in December. Accompanied by Fr Saldie Resolado, Assistant Chaplain, and Fr Peter Wieneke, College Chaplain, they will attend the Festival with the leaders elect from our brother College, St Augustine’s. These three days together will allow the students a great opportunity to think about what servant leadership looks like in an Augustinian school. As a college, we will be listening carefully to the students’ ideas about how to celebrate the Church’s Year of Youth next year.

Work and Welcome
Newawi Ahmed, originally from Ethiopia, has now spent six weeks adding value to the working life of the College. As an outstanding soccer player, he avoided being called up to fight in the army as a 14 year old. Newawi has been in Brisbane for three years and Villanova has provided his first stable employment, through the Work and Welcome scheme. (Some staff give up a little money every fortnight and this money is pooled to provide a salary).

Through the generosity of the old boys, we have been quietly expanding “Work and Welcome” to “Study and Welcome.” There are currently four students of refugee background in the Senior School who are thriving on the opportunities Villanova provides. The two Year 10 boys are Christians from Mosul. They are an absolute credit to themselves and the College in their appetite for study.

The inaugural YAYM Film Competition, on the theme of “Cor Unum”, was won by Year 8 student Nick Palmer with his thoughtful film about the value of wearing the green and gold. Nick was presented with his $50 gift voucher by new YAYM President, Luke Palmer.

Next week, we will once again visit our friends, the residents of Archbishop Duhig Village.   Following our visit, we will hold a break-up to acknowledge the wonderful service of the Year 9 2017 students in YAYM: Isaak Collie, Connor Leahy, Zane Genrich, Tadgh O’Neill, Mitchell Droop, Luca Cotroneo, Nathan Farrelly, Murphy Woodger, Julien Chiruta, Jeremy Carroll, Theo Day, Joel Henders, Hamish McKee, Eric Codina, Michael Gerrard, Jose Lagrosa and Sean Kearns.

From the Pantry
Incoming SVP President, Dominic Duskovic, has immediately carried on the energy and impetus of the departing Year 12 students and asked for one final community effort from the Villanova College community.  If you have a non-perishable food or hygiene item you can donate from the pantry for our Christmas Hampers Appeal, please send in to Mrs Lamb or Mrs Mascadri by the end of the week:

Eg packet of cereal, rice or pasta


Sweet treat, eg Tim tams

Mr John Holroyd, Vice Principal – Ministry, Mission and Evangelisation

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Senior Musicians’ Dinner
Last Friday we shared a celebration with all senior musicians, their families and staff at the Greenslopes Bowls Club.  It was a wonderful opportunity to reflect on the years of service these students have given to Villanova and some of the fantastic experiences they have had over their time involved in music at the College.  I would like to thank our graduating seniors and their families for their support of music at Villanova College over their years of involvement and on behalf of the team wish them all the best with their future endeavours.

Re-Enrolment for 2018
To assist us in finalising details for 2018, we ask that all paperwork be returned to the Music Office as a matter of urgency.  We are seeking to finalise our timetables for 2018 and would appreciate this information as soon as possible so that this may be completed.

Ensemble Lists
2018 Ensemble lists for all Bands, String Ensembles, and Guitar Ensembles have been posted outside the Music Office.  Please ensure your son swings by to take a look – we are looking forward to working with you all in 2018.

Returning Music
Over the years, the boys have built up a collection of music in their music folders.  As the year is ending, could I ask all families to have a look through music folder/s and return all original music and any unwanted photocopied music to Mrs Peace in the Music Department.

Mr Michael Jones, Director of Music

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As the Christmas holiday period is just around the corner, it would not be unreasonable to assume that the Villanova Sports Program would be on ‘shut down’ mode. Not so, listed below are some of the sporting activities we have planned over the summer vacation period.

Villanova College’s success in sport this year has been very pleasing. Success in sport comes through hard work and dedication from many people. The hard work and dedication needed to do well is often unseen and is generated by the efforts of many people spanning the entire season. This includes involvement in lengthy pre-season programs. Currently we have many students involved in cricket, volleyball, swimming, football and rugby pre-season programs. I acknowledge the efforts these students and their coaches give towards these programs and I congratulate them all for their ongoing commitment and dedication. Well done boys!

Unfortunately, hard work and dedication will not always guarantee premierships or first places. This is a fact that we just have to accept. However, in my mind, there is no doubt that hard work and dedication is instrumental in building a positive school culture and builds character among our students. Sport at Villanova is about getting involved, giving your best, pride in the jersey, enhancing school spirit and enjoying the challenges you face with your teammates.

I suppose the bigger picture here is not about winning or premierships, although we work for them. It’s about giving it your best shot and accepting that things don’t come easy and at times you have to grit your teeth and get ‘stuck in’ in order reap the rewards. There are many life lessons to be learnt whilst participating in sport at any level.

I thank the entire community for the efforts given this year. Again, there are many opportunities listed below for our students over the vacation period. Our success next year will be traced back to our hard work and commitment given by those involved in the activities such as all listed below. Keep up the good work boys!

Villanova College Summer Vacation Sport Program

Andrew Slack Squad Training

  • Strength and conditioning training sessions will continue during the first two weeks of the school holiday period, concluding on the Friday 8 December.
  • Field sessions will continue on 30 November and 7 December as per normal times.
  • An extra session will be held on Sunday 26 November from 2pm at Little Langlands.
  • Strength and conditioning training sessions will commence on Monday 8 January 2018
  • Any parents who are not already members of the “Villa Andrew Slack Squad 2017/18” Facebook page are invited and encouraged to join – the coaches will be using this group as a key point of contact for the parents and players.
  • Coaches will contact the players via Facebook to arrange the schedule commencing in January 2018.

Ben Mowen Squad Training

  • Strength and conditioning training sessions will continue during the first two weeks of the school holiday period, concluding on Thursday 7 December.
  • Strength and conditioning training sessions will commence on Tuesday 9 January
  • There will be no field sessions held during the Christmas vacation period
  • The first field session will commence on Wednesday 24 January 2018


  • First XI v GT game at Villanova Park on Wednesday 29 December
  • Oblate Cricket Cup in Brisbane, Sunday 3 – Thursday 7 December
  • Old Boys v First XI Cricket game at Villanova Park on Friday 19 January 2018
  • Year 6 – 10 A and B teams and First XI, Second XI and Thirds XI cricket trials v Churchie on Saturday 20 January 2018 (schedule below).  If boys are unable to play please email Mr Stariha so that alternative arrangements can be made
  • Year 5 – 10 Cricket Camp will be conducted on the 16, 17 and 18 January 2018. All details found on the web


  • Volleyball Schools Cup Tour to Melbourne from Sunday 3 – Friday 8 December
  • Volleyball Clinics Monday 15 January 2018 (details below)


  • Villanova College Swimming at Langlands Pool will conclude on Friday 22 December and resume again on Monday 8 January 2018
  • A Swim Clinic will be conducted on Monday 15 January 2018, all details are found within the AIC Swimming section on the web


  • First XI and Second XI – Day 1 of training in 2018 at Villanova Park on Wed 17 January, 3.45 -5.15pm

AIC Cricket and Volleyball Teams
The draft cricket teams are now published on the web. We aim to publish the volleyball teams next week after the trials against St Laurence’s this Saturday.  Volleyball teams will be graded A – C (D teams in Year 8 and 9) based on ability. Cricket teams will be graded A – C based on ability. All teams lower than a ‘C’ team will be referred to as a ‘coloured team’. These coloured teams are of equal ability, therefore a ‘gold’ team is no better than a ‘green’ or ‘blue’ team despite how team lists are presented.

It is normal that some boys may feel disappointment but I ask all members of the community to be resilient and accepting of the coaches’ call. There has been much time, effort and communication amongst the coaches to get the selections correct. Inevitably, there will be a difference of opinion from some within the community. This happens in all teams at all levels right up to the national teams!  

Cricket Coaches Needed!
Thanks to all those who have generously offered their services to assist the College by offering to coach a cricket team in 2018. It is very much appreciated.

We hope to finalise all coaching appointments by the end of year. Altogether, we will have 36 cricket teams in 2018. At this stage, we are still in need of coaches to take on the teams listed below. If you are able to assist, please contact the Sports Office ASAP.


2018 Cricket Coaches in Need
8 White, 7 White, 7 Green and 5 Green.  Four coaches needed, one training session per week

AIC Volleyball

Volleyball Clinics – 2018 Date Claimer
Please be advised that volleyball clinics will be scheduled for Monday 15 January 2018. Further details including times, age groups and venue are posted in the AIC Volleyball section of the web.

AIC Volleyball Trial Game v SLC – Saturday 18 November
Please be aware that a full set of volleyball trial games has been organised against SLC this Saturday 18 November. All times and venues are posted in the ‘Weekly Fixture’ section in the newsletter. 

AIC Cricket Trials
Please find below the schedule for the cricket trials to be played on Saturday 20 January 2018 against Churchie. Team lists are found on the web under the AIC Cricket section. All players in these teams are required to attend, as these will form part of the trial process.

Most teams will play with up to 12 players per team. After these trials, the coaches are required to select their team to participate in a full set of school trials against Ashgrove on Saturday 27 January.

If your son is unavailable for the trial below, please email Mr Craig Stariha – so that alternative arrangements can be put in place.

Representative Sport
Congratulations to Mark Stuart who recently made the Met East Triathlon Team that will compete at the Queensland State Titles in Hervey Bay in February 2018. Best wishes and well done Mark!

Mr Craig Stariha, Director of Sport

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Parent Information

Parent Representatives 2018

As a community, Villanova College is thankful for the enduring support of our parents and are proud of our inclusive community spirit.

The role of a Year Level Representative is a great opportunity to help our families build strong connections to the College community through organised social functions and we are now seeking nominations for Year Level Representatives (one representative role per person) for 2018:

  • Years 5 and 6 – Six Representatives (one representative per class in each year level)
  • Years 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 – Four Representatives per year level

As always, the Villanova P and F Association, the Parent Class Representative Network and College staff will support our Parent Representatives.

If you are interested in taking on the role of Parent Representative for your son’s Year Level (or class in the Junior School), please email Allison Gamer at or call 0437 184 704.

Uniform Shop Operating Hours

The New Uniform Shop will be open in January at the following times for students continuing in 2018.

Monday 15 to Friday 19 January 2018 inclusive

9am – 12midday

1pm – 3pm


Monday 22 January                7.45 am – 12 midday

Tuesday 23 January                7.45 am – 10 am

Wednesday 24 January           7.45 am – 10 am

Thursday 25 January               7.45 am – 10 am

Friday 26 January                   CLOSED (PUBLIC HOLIDAY)


From Monday 29th January 2018, the New Uniform Shop will revert to the regular trading hours and open on school days during term time as follows:

Monday           7.45 am – 10 am

Tuesday           CLOSED

Wednesday      CLOSED

Thursday         7.45 am – 10 am

Friday              7.45 am – 10 am

Mrs Chris Purcell, Uniform Shop Coordinator



Monday, 20th November

Susanna Greaves, Bronagh Earthrowl, Leah Coogans

Wednesday, 22nd November

Donna Leahy, Denise Smith

Thursday, 23rd November

Sue Mulligan, Melanie Pickering


The Tolle Lege Library is in need of more volunteers to assist with the return of text books from 20 – 24 November.  

If you are able to assist, please email


Monday, 20th November

Narelle Rieck, Julie Stokes, Jenni Boxall, Jane Green, Sally Caltabiano, Megan Price, Maria , Woodger, Loretta Jordan-Vieira, Mary Innes, Cath Griffin

Tuesday, 21st November

Donna Perkins, Melissa Davidson, Lisa Forsyth, Nicole Webb, Leanne McMahon, Sonia Ballen, Susan White, Tricia Allen, Cristina Watson, Donna Fingland

Wednesday, 22nd November

Angela Dooley, Tina McCaul, Peta Gomersall, Kathy McCaul, Maria Corones, Lena Bazzo, Lisa Gorry, Denise Smith

Thursday, 23rd November

No Tuckshop

Friday, 24th November

No Tuckshop

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Calendar of Events

Stay up to date with the College events please proceed to the event calendar.

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2018 International Carnival Update

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Community Update



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