Principal's Welcome

Dear Members of the Villanova College Family,

This will be my last newsletter ever! As a principal I have written a weekly newsletter for the past 19 years. This amounts to approximately 722 newsletter articles. I have lost count of how many letters I have sent to families or phones calls, emails etc.

As I move to retirement the most common question I have been asked is, “What will I do with my time?”. The second most asked question has been, “Will I miss school?”

The answer to the first question is I am taking a 12 month break to spend time with family and friends and to do many of the pastimes I have had to put on hold due to work commitments. My daughter, Kirsten will be married next year in March and my son, Ben who is in London, will return to Australia to be home for this special occasion after three years abroad. Being retired means I can spend the time with family and friends as we celebrate this milestone without rushing back to work.

Yes, I will miss working in schools. Schools are such exciting places. Working with young people keeps you young and certainly on your toes. I will miss all the ‘scallywags’ who put a smile on your face with their zest for life and cheekiness.

I will miss the interactions with the staff and families of Villanova College. For me the challenge will be to find ways to give back to the community in some form – whether through charitable work or some other service industry. I am sure I will find the right mix after taking the next twelve months to re-engage with the world.

Thank you to all our families for your support over the past seven years. It has been a privilege and an honour to be principal of Villanova College and I will continue to watch this great College move forward in the years to come. Thank you to the staff, students and Augustinian community for their support of me. I will keep you in my heart and in my prayers.

Year 12 Farewell Ceremonies
Last week we farewelled our Year 12 students with two very special events. On Tuesday 16 November the students and invited partners gathered with parents and staff for the annual Formal Dinner held at the Brisbane Exhibition and Convention Centre. The young men looked suave and sophisticated in their formal wear and their partners were beautiful in their evening gowns. I was very proud of the way our young men conducted themselves during the evening. They were a credit to the College and their families.

On Thursday 18 November, students, staff and families gathered in Goold Hall for the Graduation Mass and Farewell Ceremony. The Mass was a very special occasion and the music and signing from the Liturgy Choir enhanced this sacred ceremony for all present. Following the Mass, the students were presented with their graduation certificate and Old Boys tie.

We offer our congratulations to the following students who received recognition for their achievements and service during 2021.

🏆 Fr Tom Mescall Award for Excellence in Sport
William Mahoney
Harry Rouhliadeff
Tom Twaddell

🏆Cultural Awards
Luke Palmer

🏆 Service Awards
Harry Corrigan
Luke Palmer

🏆 Fr Michael Morahan OSA Silver Medallion
(For leadership through service)
Harry Corrigan
Lachlan Friedman
Isaac Langford
Luke Palmer
James Reid
Fiachra Richards
Ben Sciacca

🏆 Musician of the Year
Travis Graham

🏆 Sportsman of the Year
Gus Godwin

🏆 Villanovan of the Year
James Reid

We continue to keep our Year 12 students and their families in our prayers.

Moving On Ceremonies
During this week we have held two special ceremonies to mark the conclusion of significant education milestones. On Tuesday evening the Year 6 Moving On ceremony farewelled our Year 6 students as they now move to the Middle School and their first year of high school. Today we farewelled the Year 9 students as they transition from the Middle School to the exciting Senior School as the Year 10 students of 2022. Thank you to all staff involved in these special occasions and to the many families present to share these special moments.

You have made us for Yourself O Lord
And our hearts are restless until they rest in You.

God bless and farewell Villanova College.


Mr Mark Stower, Principal

In keeping with the spirit of Reconciliation, Villanova College acknowledges the Yuggera and Turrbal peoples, as the Traditional Custodians of this land on which we stand.  We pay our respects to Elders, past, present and emerging.  This has always been, and always will be, a place of teaching and learning connected to country, culture and community. 


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Junior School

On Tuesday evening, we celebrated the Year 6 cohort – 165 students who have all contributed many things to our Junior School experience for up to two years.  These boys are the only ones who have lived the Junior School precinct in both fifth Avenue and now Eighth Avenue in our amazing St Thomas Learning Centre.  They have transitioned from more traditional settings to the best that 2021 has to offer a student.  It has brought out their strengths and challenges – and brought their subconscious to a conscious level about how they learn best.  Now these young men walk towards the corridors of a newly renovated Middle School.  So even though they might think they have “been there, done that”, I know that there is much for them to be excited about with the updated changes and fun ahead in Year 7.

We acknowledged three incredible achievements – the Junior School Musician of the Year, Damien Ellis, the Junior School Sportsman of the Year, Lennox Hine, and the Junior School Robbie Sellars Award Winner, Billy Pearson.  Each of these students had monumental reasons for standing out in their fields of accomplishments.  I can’t begin to fathom how they do it with a world around them that is always changing, across a National Curriculum that challenges them far beyond what I ever did as a student in primary school, and to manage their time and commitment amongst the busyness of a place like Villanova College.  Wow.  Take a breath gentleman and take a bow.  We applaud you just as loudly as your classmates.  Congratulations to all involved in helping these students reach their potential in such a short period of time.  There is always a village working hard to provide the support, nurturing and opportunities needed to enable such lights to shine.

To our Year 5 students and families – you made it!  Looking back over the past ten months, I hope you find moments that you are incredibly proud of.  It can be in the smallest of things – packing a sports bag with all the necessary items, remembering to take the ID card and library books back on the right day, remembering to re-stock the stationery in a pencil case or getting the homework done on the right day.  Well done!  Perhaps it was about confidence, resilience or courage – sometimes those Monday mornings can be tough, or an assessment task for a subject that is your nemesis takes a team to combat – thank you.

For every parent who had a speech prepared on a Sunday night, who found inspiration in “doing your best” and touched base with a class teacher to make sure the same brave approach happened inside the classroom – I appreciate you and that time you took to help your son.  Maybe your son has fulfilled a goal – his ambition to improve a grade.  It would have taken planning, time and effort, perhaps even a lunch break or early morning trip to see a teacher for more learning time.  Yes!  There is nothing better than seeing that investment reap its reward.  Even if it didn’t happen this time round, you still have seven more years to get the preparation right.  If you gave it a shot, then be proud and remember you tried.  It really does matter.  Don’t ever give up.

These Christmas holidays are the absolute best.  It’s a season of excitement through December – Advent for believers – and we wait, in anticipation of Christmas Day.  Hope, joy, recognising the miracles around us in the world – and a celebration of family, friends and above all, Jesus coming to help us humans be our best selves.  I know only too well, that this Sunday, my wife will request all the Christmas decorations come up from storage under the house and my sons and I will muster every bit of patience and faith as she turns up the Christmas Carols, or puts on Love Actually or Family Stone, and decorates the house like the Griswold’s are coming to stay.  We will be desperate to escape, preferring to go and work out in the gym or shoot hoops together, but we have learnt over the years that this day is all about family and her love of rituals together that don’t involve a stadium.  Wish us luck!

To every Junior School family, I wish you a safe, happy and blessed Christmas break.  May your road trips be safe and swift with no speeding fines, your holidays full of sunshine and with no border restrictions imposed, and let the laughs be loud and the schedule be free of alarms and routines.  You all deserve to exhale, breathe deeply and celebrate.  May we all come back together in January 2022 with the energy and commitment that can only come from proper rest and rejuvenation that lays ahead.  God bless us all.


Mr Stephen Rouhliadeff, Head of Junior School

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Middle School

This week the Middle School celebrated with the Year 9’s as they finished their time with us and commenced their transition into the Senior School. Supported by Mr Alex Sullivan and led by House Vice-Captains Gray O’Neill, Gabe Pavilion, Joe Grigson and Ned Godwin, our Year 9s have continued to impress their teachers throughout the year with their desire to learn, and their fun-loving approach to school. On behalf of all the Middle School teachers who worked with these boys over the past three years, we wish them all the very best for their journey ahead.

As our school year draws to a close, it is with heartfelt appreciation and sincere thanks that I extend my congratulations to all Middle School students, parents and teachers for their contribution to our combined successes in 2021. Looking back to January there was such uncertainty about what the year might look like, but despite some interruptions, it was great to be back, for all intents and purposes, to normal classrooms, normal co-curricular, and well attended community events.

I would like also to take this opportunity to thank my support team – the Pastoral Area Leaders, Alex Sullivan, Matt McGrath, Pete Simpson and Ben Lynam. Also, let us not forget our counselling team – Tass Sakellariou, Ashleigh Wright and Adrian Hellwig – who have done so much work behind the scenes, supporting boys and their families.

Finally, on behalf of all students, parents and teachers, I would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to Mrs Vicki Lamb, our Middle School Student Services Officer. Vicki works tirelessly behind the scenes ensuring the smooth running of our Middle School and her passion and diligence for her role is something we are truly grateful for.

As the festive season fast approaches, I wish our Middle School community a safe and merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, and I look forward to seeing you in 2022!

“May the blessing of joy abide within you; May the blessing of peace rest upon you; May the blessing of love flow out through you; May all the blessings of the Lord be yours at Christmas and in the new year.” 


Mr Greg O’Neill, Head of Senior School

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Senior School

Year 12 Graduation
Last Thursday evening, the Class of 2021 celebrated the culmination of their secondary schooling at their Graduation Mass and Ceremony.Towards the conclusion of the Graduation Mass concelebrated by Fr Peter and Fr Saldie, I had the honour of joining our wonderful Liturgy Band in singing a blessing to the Seniors of 2021, based on the biblical passage Numbers 6: 24-26:

The Lord bless you
And keep you
Make His face shine upon you
And be gracious to you
The Lord turn His
Face toward you
And give you peace.

The Class of 2021 has walked a remarkable Villanova journey and will be remembered fondly. I would like to thank College Captain Louis Henderson for his humble service and affirm the Student Leadership Group for leading the Senior class and College well throughout 2021.

In reflecting upon the three-year Senior School path for this year’s Seniors, I shared the following words at the conclusion of the Graduation Ceremony:

I would like to take a moment to say what an honour it has been walking the Senior journey with these young men as their Head of Senior School. Over the last three years, I have witnessed the remarkable growth of a cohort, which will be remembered as one of our College’s finest.

Rudyard Kipling contended, ‘If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue, Or walk with Kings- nor lose the common touch.” These men have forged wonderful relationships with each other and staff by having the courage to be true to themselves.

Finally, if I may indulge you with passage from the song Kite, by a favourite Irish band of mine, which offers a message for the future for the graduates this evening:

Who’s to say where the wind will take you
Who’s to say what it is will break you
I don’t know which way the wind will blow
Who’s to know when the time has come around
Don’t want to see you cry
I know that this is not goodbye

During the Ceremony, three of the Major Year 12 Awards were announced (the Dux of College will be awarded in 2022 following the finalisation of external examination results and ATAR scores). It gives me great pleasure to inform our community of the worthy recipients of the following awards:

🏆 Villanovan of the Year:                James Reid

🏆 Sportsman of the Year:                Gus Godwin

🏆 Musician of the Year:                    Travis Graham

I would also like to acknowledge the work of Year 12 Pastoral Area Leader Mr Tony Rolls for his guidance and support of this group of young men over this year.

Happy Holidays
I would like to wish all Senior School students and their families every blessing for a wonderful festive season and summer holiday. After another massive year shaped by the curveballs of COVID, the need to fully relax and recharge is more important than ever. I would like to thank our wonderful Senior school teaching faculty for their work with our students this year as well as the care provided by the Pastoral Area Leaders — Mr Tony Rolls, Mr Blake McLauchlan and Mr Sean O’Neill. I would also like to affirm our Senior School Student Services team of Mrs Sandy Foster and Mrs Helen Bullen. May God bless you all and please stay safe on the roads.

“The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. We have seen his glory, the glory of the one and only Son, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth.” – John 1:14


Mr Matt Levander, Head of Senior School


The VOSCA Awards – 2021

We celebrated the film making skills of the Year 10 Film, Television and New Media Students today with the Villanova Oscar’s – the VOSCA Awards.

Five short films were made for assessment based on the detective genre.  From, the mystery of a magical plant called Lucy to the capturing of the mascot bandit, students enjoyed working together in groups to script, film and edit their masterpieces.

Congratulations to the following winners of this year’s VOSCA Awards 2021:

🏆 Best Film 2021

Capture the Flag

🏆 Best Director 2021

tie between:

Jackson Rouhliadeff and Max Clark

🏆 Best Cinematographer 2021

Callum McMahon

🏆 Best Soundtrack 2021

Ben Addley

🏆 Best Editor 2021

Nicholas Malanos

🏆 Best Blooper 2021

Charlie Keay

🏆 Best Actor 2021

Mitchell Voss

🏆 Best Mise-en-scene

The Stealing of Lucy


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Ministry and Formation News

In Gratitude for 2021
As the school year for 2021 draws to a close there is much to be grateful for.  The stark contrast of our experience compared with so much of Australia, and communities around the world as we live through the pandemic has in so many ways been no less than a miracle.  There are so many simple things we are grateful for this year!  Being together.  Coming to school.  Learning alongside others.  Having teachers and students physically together. Playing sport.   All the extra curricular opportunities we’ve enjoyed.  The opportunity through ministries to build community and support others. The list goes on and on, and is really worth pondering.  Our theme for 2021 as a College has been humility and gratitude.  How apt it has been!  As the year draws to a close and we enter into the weeks of advent, please give yourself the gift of time to give thanks for 2021 and how the experiences of the year have stretched, challenged and invited you to grow.  What a great conversation for you to explore with family and loved ones how this has happened in 2021.

Blessing for this Christmas season

Whenever we gaze into the crib this Christmas season

May new hope and joy flood our spirit

Whenever we watch babies and young children playing

May a new energy delight our hearts

Whenever we are tantalised by the aroma of a bbq

May we unwind, relax and enjoy time off

Whenever the crush of family and friends overwhelms us

May the hospitality of our hearts expand

Whenever we provide a meal or bed over the holidays

May we experience love and appreciation

Whenever we spy our reflection in the mirror or pool

May we find ourselves to be images of God

Whenever we put our feet up for leisure

May the humble presence of the Incarnate One companion us

Whenever we feel our distance from each other around the world.

May the Christ child draw us into unity.


The final week of school amongst graduation ceremonies, transition rituals, exams, final assessment, liturgies, farewells there has been a huge amount happening in Ministries.  Our junior school have been finishing off our recycling bins, the whole Villa community has engaged in the Vinnies basket drive with incredible enthusiasm and generosity, and our YAYM students have hosted an afternoon tea with Loreto College.  None of this would be possible without the staff who have generously given lunchtimes, afternoons and evenings to ensure all these events occur.  Thank-you to all the boys, staff and families who have been involved.

Vinnies Baskets
Our community responded with the generosity I have learned in 2021 is typical of the Villa community.  Each pastoral group gathered food and gifts for families who especially need it over this Christmas season.  There have been days of packing baskets and a week of groups of students and staff delivering these baskets.  In a year impacted by COVID, where some families have been so unexpectedly impacted by the pandemic, these have been received with deep appreciation.

Hosting afternoon tea with Loreto College to celebrate White Ribbon Day
Friday 19 October marked White Ribbon Day, a global movement eliminating domestic violence.  Our Middle school YAYM students extended a warm welcome to students from Loreto College for afternoon tea and discussion about healthy and positive relationships.

Containers for Change in the Junior School by Brendan Kennedy
The Containers for change initiative run by Fr Saldie and the green team has given the Junior School boys a fantastic gateway into sustainability at the College.

Stage one of containers for change focused on boys from Year Five and Year Six bringing their cans and bottles from home to promote sustainability and to raise funds. This was very popular and the winning year level, Year Five, celebrated with a hot chip party.

The second stage focused on recycling containers at the college in the yellow recycle bins. While this was a success, general recycling was making its way into the same bin which made it a challenge for the Green Team to gather the right containers. As a result, Fr Saldie commissioned the maintenance team to build wooden bin tops with a circular opening to remind the students that bottles and cans go in the bins.

The Year Six Leaders jumped on this initiative and created an art competition to decorate the bin lids; the challenge, to decorate the plain lids with eye-catching artwork that promotes sustainability.

Boys from each Junior School buddy class put forth a team of artists who worked at break times for a week to decorate their lid. Our Year Six leaders judged the artwork and awarded first place to Year Six Green and Gold, and second place to Year Five Black and White. As is customary in the Junior School, the winning classes received a hot chip party for their effort.


Ms Kate Garrone, Dean of Mission and Identity

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2022 AIC AFL, Cricket and Volleyball Teams/Training Schedules/Coaches Contacts

 The next draft of all AFL, Cricket and Volleyball teams will be reposted within the respective Parent Lounge and Student Café portals by the end of this week.

Please go to the respective AIC AFL, AIC Volleyball and AIC Cricket sections on the website via the ‘Locker Room’ page, to view the 2022 training schedules and coaches contact lists.

All players are required/encouraged to attend the respective clinics held below. The official commencement of training date for AFL, Cricket and Volleyball in 2022 is listed below.

2022 Commencement of Training Dates

  • AFL Training – All Year 5 and Year 6 teams commence training in Week 2. All other teams commence training as per AFL schedule on the Thursday of Week 1
  • Cricket Training – All Year 5 and Year 6 teams commence training in Week 2. All other teams commence training as per Cricket schedule on Thursday of Week 1
  • Volleyball Training – all training commences as from Tuesday Week 1

Villa Summer Vacation Sport Program

Please find below the programs which will run through the Christmas vacation period leading up to Term 1 in 2022.

 Andrew Slack Squad Training

  • The strength and conditioning training sessions will continue up until Friday 17 December
  • The strength and conditioning training sessions will commence on Monday 3 January
  • Any parents who are not already members of the “Villanova Andrew Slack and Ben Mowen Rugby Squads’ on the Team App are strongly encouraged to join the group. Mr Todd Kropp from the Sports Office emailed all parents regarding the sign-on process last week. Please refer to the email sent. If you have any questions, please email Mr Kropp and he will assist –
  • Field sessions will begin, Term 1, Week 3 – with two sessions per week on Tuesday and Thursday mornings 6.30am – 7.45am. First session will commence on Tuesday 8 February.

Ben Mowen Squad Training

  • NOTE – The strength and conditioning training sessions will commence later than was published on the ‘Andrew Slack and Ben Mowen Program Calendar’. The first session will now commence on Tuesday 25 January not on Monday 3 January as was originally published
  • Field sessions will begin, Term 1, Week 3 – with two sessions per week on Tuesday and Thursday mornings 6.30am – 7.45am. First session will commence on Tuesday 8 February.

Note to Ben Mowen Squad Parents and Players

Please be advised that the official start time for the Ben Mowen Strength  Conditioning program (BM S&C) will now commence on Tuesday 25 January 2022 and not on Monday 3 January 2022 as has been previously advertised via the initial ‘program calendar’ sent to all families.

It has come to our attention that many boys in the Andrew Slack squad will attend the gym sessions organised during this time. Originally, we thought that many families would be on holiday during this period allowing us to join both groups together for three weeks, but this is now not the case. As we cannot fit all the boys in the gym at the same time, we’ve made the decision to delay the start time for the BM S&C training until the first week back in Term 1 2022.

Our new strength and conditioning coach (Marco) owns and operates a gym called – ATHLETIX GYM, 42 Baxter Street, Fortitude Valley.

He has offered to run a program out of his gym for any boys interested. He has a special program called the ‘Youth Sports Preseason’. The Youth Sports Preseason will certainly help our student athletes to get ready for their rugby journey in the new year and provide them with a great opportunity to work with Marco and his team.

There are three options below. Option 1 needs 10 boys to ‘get off the ground’. Note – we are offering this advertisement on behalf of Marco’s gym to help his business. These gym sessions are run outside of Villanova’s official program and no staff supervision will be offered. This is merely an opportunity for the boys to join a holiday gym program and for us to support Marco’s business as he supports our strength and conditioning  program. This would be a perfect opportunity for the boys to gain fitness and keep themselves focussed and busy during the holidays too. The downside is the gym is in the Valley.

Please read all options below. Contact Marco Mastrorocco should you require further information or details. Email: or call Mob 0499 981 286


  • Option 1) Dedicated BM squad session $50pw:  Three weekly morning TEAM classes (minimum of 10kids): (Mon/Wed/Fri) 830-930am
  • Option 2) $40pw: Sign up with the Summer deal No-Lock in membership open access to all seven weekly youth classes and gym space. ONLY valid between December and January.
  • Option 3) $36pw: sign up to a regular monthly membership (minimum three months commitment) and have access to the gym and all youth classes every day.


  • First, Second, Year 10 Development team Trial v GT at GT– Tuesday 30 Nov (teams posted in the parent lounge and student cafe portals now)
  • First XI Cricket Tour – Toowoomba, Wednesday 1 – Friday 3 Dec
  • First XI Christian Brothers Cricket Tournament– Monday 10 – Friday 14 January – (draw posted within the AIC Cricket section on the web)
  • First XI T20 Tournament at Padua– Monday 17 and Tuesday 18 January (draw posted within the AIC Cricket section on the web)
  • Annual Cricket Camp /Clinic at Villanova Park– Tuesday 18, Wednesday 19 and Thursday 20 January. Will be held at Villanova Park from 18-20 January. The camp is suitable for all 2022 Year 5-9 students. The flyer is posted within the AIC Cricket section on the web, more information found below
  • 10A T20 Tournament at Ashgrove– Wednesday 19 and Thursday 20 January (Draw posted in the AIC Cricket section on the web)
  • Churchie Trial– Friday 21 January – 6A, 6B, 8A, 8B, 9A, 9B, 10A, 10B, Third XI, Second XI, First XI will have their annual cricket trial v Churchie (teams posted in the parent lounge and student cafe portals now). Times and venues are now posted in the AIC Cricket section on the web and are found below. Please keep this date free. There will be a 7A v 7B internal trial on this day as well (Churchie will not have Year 7 teams trailing on this day for us to play).
  • Saturday 29 January – Year 6-12 cricket trials v St Laurence’s College, Year 5 will have internal trials. Times and dates TBA
  • Saturday 5 February – AIC Round 1 v Iona

Villanova Cricket Clinic – 18-20 January 2022

The annual Villanova Cricket Camp will be held at Villanova Park on 18-20 January 2022. This camp is open to all Year 5-9 (2022) cricketers, including boys entering the College in 2022. We recommend all players attend the camp as a good way to bolster their skills before the AIC Cricket season.

Venue:  Villanova Park, Manly Road, Tingalpa

Ticket Price:  $210.00       Food and Drinks: BYO


Time: 3 Day Camp – 8am-12pm each day

AIC Cricket Trials – Villanova v Churchie, Friday 21 January 2022 (Year 6 – 12 ‘A and B’ Team Trials)

 Please find below the schedule for the cricket trials to be played on Friday 21 January against Churchie. Team lists are in the Parent Lounge and Student Café portals. All players in these teams are required to attend, as these trials will form part of the trial process.

Most teams will play with up to 12 players per team. After these trials, teams will be reset and republished ready for the Year 6 – 12 cricket trials against St Laurence’s College on Saturday 29 January.

After the First/Second/10A trials against Gregory Terrace and the First trials during the Toowoomba tour and the Christian Brother Tournament, the college will repost the full school team lists on the web to advertise the First/Second and 10A teams in readiness for the trials v Churchie next year. Please hold tight and stay tuned for these updated team lists. The team lists will be advertised via the respective parent lounge and student café portals.

If your son is unavailable for the trial below, please email Mr Chris Everding – so that alternative arrangements can be put in place.

Villanova College v Churchie – ‘A and B’ Cricket Team Trial Schedule, Friday 21 January



6A 8.15am – 12.15pm ACGS New Oval Syn 30
6B 6B 8.15am – 11.45pm ACGS Parents Oval Syn 25
7A Internal Game 1.00am – 5.30pm Oval No 3 – Villa Park Turf 35
7B Internal Game 1.00am – 5.30pm Oval No 3 – Villa Park Turf 35
8A 8A 8.00am – 12:45pm ACGS Long Oval Turf 35
8B 8B 1.00pm – 5.30pm ACGS Long Oval Turf 35
9A 9A 8.00am – 12.45pm ACGS Old Boys 1 Oval Turf 35
9B 9B 1.00pm- 5.30pm ACGS Old Boys 1 Oval Turf 35
10A 10A 8.00am – 12.45pm John Seary Oval – Villa Park Turf 35
10B 10B 8.00am – 12.45pm Oval No 3 – Villa Park Turf 35
VILLA Third XI ACGS 11A 1.00pm – 5.30pm John Seary Oval – Villa Park Turf 35
VILLA Second XI ACGS Second XI 8.15am – 1:15pm ACGS Main Oval Turf 40
VILLA First XI ACGS First XI 9.30am – 5.00pm Andrew Slack Oval Turf 50

*Note – The Year 7A v 7B teams will play an Internal Trial Match on this day as per scheduled above

AIC Volleyball

 Volleyball Date Claimers

  • First VI Toowoomba Volleyball Tour – Wednesday 1 – Friday 3 December
  • Monday and Tuesday 17 and 18 January – AIC Volleyball Clinics (see details on website and below)
  • Saturday 29 January – Full school Volleyball trial v St Laurence’s College
  • Saturday 5 February – Round 1 v Iona College

 Villanova Volleyball Clinic Schedule – 17 and 18 January 2022

Please be advised that volleyball clinics will be scheduled for Monday 17 January for all volleyball players from Years 7-12, and Tuesday 18 January for selected teams. Please see the schedule below for details.

Monday 17 January

Years 7 to Open

  • Venue:  Goold Hall, Villanova College, Eighth Avenue Coorparoo
  • Uniform:  Sports PE uniform or any suitable sports clothing
Time Court 1 – Goold Hall Court 2 – Goold Hall
6.30am – 8.00am Year 7 Year 7
8.00am – 9.30am Year 8 Year 8
9.30am – 11.00am Year 9 Year 9
11.00am – 12.30pm Year 10 Year 10
12.30pm – 2.00pm Year 11 Year 11
2.00pm – 3.30pm Second VI Third VI
3.30pm – 5.00pm First VI First VI

Tuesday 18 January

Years 7 to Open

  • Venue:  Goold Hall, Villanova College, Eighth Avenue Coorparoo
  • Uniform:  Sports PE uniform or any suitable sports clothing
Time Court 1 – Goold Hall Court 2 – Goold Hall
6.30am – 8.00am Year 7A Year 7B
8.00am – 9.30am Year 8A Year 8B
9.30am – 11.00am Year 9A Year 9B
11.00am – 12.30pm Year 10A Year 10B
12.30pm – 2.00pm Year 11A Second VI/Third VI
2.00pm – 3.30pm First VI First VI

 AIC Swimming

Date Claimers

  • Villanova College Swimming – Langlands Pool. Last day – Friday 17 December. Start back – Tuesday 4 January
  • A Swim Clinic will be conducted on Monday 17 January 6.45am – 11.30am, all details below and within the AIC Swimming section on the web.

Villanova Swim Clinic Schedule – Monday 17 January 2022

  • Who: Open to all swimmers who have been training at Langlands Pool or for those serious swimmers training at other clubs
  • Venue:  Langlands Pool
  • Date: Monday 17 January 2022
  • Time:  6.45am – 11.30am

Improve your performance in the water. Coaches will work on perfecting your body position in the water, stroke correction and core strength to achieve maximum efficiency in the water. Training will involve a combination of pool work, gym training and feedback of strokes. We will also begin to work on starts, turns, and finishes. Students must bring own morning tea and snacks, all swimming gear, running shoes, water bottles, hat and shirt for gym work.

Don’t miss this opportunity to improve your skills in the water and expand your knowledge about swimming. Please register your attendance with the Villanova Swim Co-ordinator – Mrs Juanita Jacobs email:


Date Claimers

  • Friday 28 January – First team trial v SLC at Coorparoo JAFC, times TBA
  • Saturday 29 January – Year 6A/B/C, Year 7, Year 8 and Year 9and Year 10 team trial v SLC. Year 5A/B/C squads will have internal trials at Yeronga, times TBA

First/Second Football Trials

The College has commenced the First/Second football program at Villanova Park from 3.45 -5.00pm this week as per dates below. The second session will be held this afternoon.

Trial session dates

  • Tues 23 November
  • Thurs 25 November

The coaches will cull the squad after these trials to a First/Second squad. These squads will formally commence their pre-season program as per the schedule posted in the AIC Football section.

Zone Cricket

Zone Cricket fixtures will conclude next week on 4 December. Training will continue next week as normal and messages will be placed on the College App, if there are to be any cancellations or make up sessions.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Ross Whitby and Jeff Ilka for the huge amount of work they did in preparation for getting the season up and running. A lot of planning goes into the preseason to get team numbers sorted with coaches and to register all the 143 players who signed on to play for Villanova in Term 4.

Thanks also to the following parents for coaching and managing teams throughout the term;

Phil Horton, Amanda Waterson, Matt Carson, Rob Watson, Deanne Perrier, Anthony Caruso, Andrew Huntley, Cath Watson, Simon Dickie, Rob Gore, David McMahon, Matt Borger, Mick Harris, David Lestani, Dominic Capaldi, Ben Henry, Peter Arvoll, Matthew McDougall.

We hope that the experience the boys have in Term 4, prepares them well for the upcoming AIC season.

AIC Cricket Coaches Needed

We are still looking for coaches for the following three teams for 2022: 7 Gold, 7 Green and 5 Green. If there are any parents from players in those teams or other members of the community willing to assist, then please contact the Sports Office before next Tuesday.


Mr Craig Stariha, Director of Sport

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Music News

Collection of Loan Instruments
If your son requires a College instrument over the break and you have not yet received a loan agreement or collection time, please contact the Music Office on 3394 5691.

Villanova/Loreto College Music Workshop
As per calendars distributed earlier this term, we will continue with our Villanova and Loreto College music workshop in 2022.  An invitation has been distributed to students in Senior and Middle School.  We will require camp forms before Monday 29th November; payment will be required before return to school in January 2022.  All payments are to be made through Parent Lounge.

We have a great team of clinicians put together, ready to guide our ensembles toward a fantastic year of music making.  I strongly encourage all of our Senior and Middle School musicians to attend.

Return of Enrolment Forms
To assist us in finalising enrolments and timetabling for 2022, we require all students to return their enrolment form advising their intent to participate in the coming year.  This includes all Year 5 students who are involved in the immersion program.

Please ensure this paperwork is returned to the music office via email – – or in person as soon as possible.  If you have any queries or concerns regarding the information that has been distributed home, please do not hesitate to contact me through the Music Office on 3394 5691.

Workshop Villanova Camp Chairs and Wildcat Coolers
Our fantastic Music Support Group have organised an innovative fundraiser for Villanova College.  You may have heard the buzz about our Villanova Camp Chairs and Wildcat Coolers…  the MUST HAVE items for the beach/cricket/park/fishing/BBQ/etc. this Summer! View flyer here: Merchandise flyer

  • Villanova Branded Camp Chairs – $35
  • Wildcat Coolers – $30

All items can be purchased via trybooking through the following link:
Purchases can be collected from the Music Office and all profits go to the Music Support Group.

Entertainment Publications Memberships
Entertainment memberships are one of the Music Support Groups main fund-raisers.  Just click the link to purchase a membership and obtain ongoing special deals throughout the year:

Thank you all!
Thank you to all students, families, and staff who have continued to support the Music Department at Villanova College throughout 2021.  We wish you all a safe, happy, and Holy Christmas and look forward to welcoming you all back in the New Year.

Thank you all for your ongoing support of Music at Villanova College.


Michael Jones – Director of Music

Salvation Army Carols | Mr. Bean Official – YouTube

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Parent Information

Please note that the tuckshop will be CLOSED on Friday 26 November.

Villanova Christmas Ornament

Add a touch of Villa to your Christmas Tree with the Villanova College Christmas Ornament.
Our double sided porcelain ornament with gift box also makes a unique Christmas gift.

🎄 $8.50 each or $18 including postage

All proceeds go to the Terry Hendle Bursary, providing a Villanova education for students in need.

Available for purchase now

Upcoming Events
David DeVito
Saturday 12 February 2022
Villanova CollegeAs seen on Australia’s Got Talent! From Opera to ACDC, Neil Diamond to Leonard Cohen, ABBA, Queen & much more! Information and tickets Here


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