Principal's Welcome

Dear Members of Villanova College Family,
I read with great interest an article in the Australian Weekend paper recently about an ‘elite’ boys’ school in Sydney and the “Muck Up” list that was created. This list become public and led to an outcry from many quarters about what values are taught in schools to young men.

I took the time to read the article to my Year 11 Academic Coaching class and to have a discussion with the students about the culture of our College. One of the big issues they raised was the demand for conformity at Villanova College. Some students felt the school rules on uniform and hair stifles free expression. While there are many aspects to that particular issue, I wanted the students to consider how accepting we are of people who are different. I believe this is the real issue for our young men.

A modern society expects young people to be inclusive and to respect diversity. To be compassionate and caring of other who may be struggling with their own identity. To be accepting of people who do not share our own values and views of the world.

When our young men leave the confines of Villanova College they will be faced with a world of great diversity and meet people from many different backgrounds and nations. How do we want our young men to act towards their classmates, workmates and strangers they will meet? It is one of the many challenges we face as we educate our young people to live life in all its fullness.

Thank you
Thank you for the many families who have assisted to address the uniform standards of our students. We are continuing to challenge the students to dress appropriately in the uniform and to be conscious about sun safety in the yard and when out in the sun. A number of students are being a little cheeky about the backpack and wanting to push the issue at the moment. Families will be informed if a student continues not to meet the uniform expectations.

Socks continue to be a problem and for some students it is impossible to pull up their socks as they simply do not fit. As your son grows it may be necessary to buy larger size socks to ensure they fit.  I have since been told we have run out of a certain size of school socks (9 – 12)  in our Uniform Shop,  however new stock is expected early next week.

Year 5 and Year 7 Orientation Morning
Last Saturday morning we welcomed the 2021 Year 5 and Year 7 students to the College. The students were very excited about stepping into their new school and meeting the staff. Each Year 5 student received a Villanova College hat with their initials and year of graduation (2028) embroidered on the back. The students were all very pleased with their new caps.

Our staff did a fantastic job in welcoming the students and engaging them in a range of activities to assist the boys to get to know their classmates and the surrounds of the College. I am sure the students feel confident about beginning the new year at Villanova College.

Year 12 Exams
On Monday 26 October, the Year 12 External Exams commenced across Queensland for all students. Despite a nervous beginning our Year 12 students embraced the challenge of the papers during this first week and their attitude and diligence has been excellent. Villanova College students understand the importance of showing determination, resilience and diligence when facing a difficult task like sitting external exams.

We look forward to celebrating the academic achievements of our students in 2021 once all the final results have been confirmed.

We keep in our prayers the father of Ms Liana Baillie (staff) who is ill at this time and hope he has a speedy recovery.

You have made us for Yourself O Lord
And our hearts are restless until they rest in You.

God bless

Mr Mark Stower, Principal

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Junior School

Tomorrow is World Teachers’ Day.  Australia celebrates this day a little after the rest of the world due to our southern hemisphere school year and holiday schedule.  It is a day for every parent and student to think carefully about – let me share with you what I know to be true as a father, husband, teacher and Head of Junior School.

As a father I take great joy in hearing the dramatic, biased recounts of lessons and teachers each day from my sons who are in Year 9 and Year 11.  Their mates also share the joys and pains of adolescence, and it makes me laugh because the stories sound exactly the same as my own childhood.

It has been over 30 years since I donned a uniform, but whilst the buildings, technology and curriculum have vastly changed, relationships remain the priority for my children in what matters most, and that is what is incredibly important to me as a father.  If a teacher values my boys for who they are, faults and all, and can still laugh with them and find a few meaningful minutes to push them to their academic best, then I am happy.  Push them with love, guide them with wisdom and joke around with them to show you are human, because boys need to see passion, vulnerability and that the human being in the classroom is strong enough for unconditional teaching.  The best teachers are there through thick and thin, and will back your boy’s best interests in rain, hail or shine.

As a husband, I know full well that my wife takes the academic side of schooling a little more seriously.  She knows the potential of our boys, both different, but very capable under the right guiding light.  Things really matter like communication, clarity of OneNote layouts, the boys being organised with homework and study, but most of all the teacher who might write a little note, send an email, see her in person or make that phone call – it matters.  Teachers who see, hear or watch out for our sons help us feel safe and protected.  We feel supported in our mission to help these boys get to wherever it is they need to go.  My wife will do untold hours of tuition and feedback (it is not always well received I promise you, but they do love that she tries) to model revision, study and preparation.  It is the absolute icing on the cake when a teacher will “back her up” with feedback that proves to the lads that teachers really respond when you show that you make the effort.

As Head of Junior School, observing class teachers, I am amazed. A professional educator will take the National Curriculum and plan a unit that is broken down into lessons, that stimulates every ability and interest within the room to meet assessment and learning needs that fulfil legal requirements.  This comes along with nurturing that combines birthdays, moving houses, sporting achievements, pets, family parties, private music lessons, specialist appointments and more.

I am incredibly proud of our College staff.  Their profession is a vocation – a calling to help, manage, support and nurture lives more than we will ever know.  Academic, social/emotional, co-curricular, personal areas of life, the whole human being.  We aim to have fun, work hard and be proud of all we do.  We are human and we can empathize the rollercoaster of parenthood, childhood and COVID in 2020.

So, tomorrow, I challenge any parent and/or son, to let a teacher know what they mean to you.  For the smallest thing, or the biggest gesture you have ever seen.  Let your teacher know that their time during a weekday, morning or evening, weekend or holiday, is noticed for being above and beyond office hours.  To reach out to a Specialist teacher – PE, Drama, Art, Music, Design Technology – or Learning Enrichment Staff for that 1:1 helping hand – would mean a great deal.  To celebrate World Teachers’ Day as a community reminds our professional team that in such a monumental year, they are recognised and valued beyond measure.

Mr Stephen Rouhliadeff, Head of Junior School

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Middle School

In this week’s podcast episode I’m joined by Dr Ashleigh Wright, Mr Alex Sullivan and Ms Kate Alexander to discuss issues relating to boys’ education.

Click on the image to begin listening.

Mr Peter Simpson, Head of Middle School (Acting)

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Senior School

Boys’ Education Focus
Building upon my column a fortnight ago pertaining to the marks of boys’ education, I would like to unpack two of those dimensions as articulated by the International Boys School Coalition (IBSC): schools for boys understand and celebrate boys and seek first to build good men.

According to the IBSC, “schools that make the intentional choice to focus on the intellectual, physical, social, and emotional lives of boys and young men share an appreciation for the intensity and complexity of boyhood.”

At Villanova College, we place considerable value on the holistic growth of the whole child and appreciate the developmental journey that our young men travel, especially with their transition from the Middle School into the demands and expectations of the Senior School. As our Senior School students prepare for life beyond the College, we endeavour to arm them with the self-confidence and discipline to be able to independently take control of their future pathway.

Furthermore, “a commitment to integrity and a strong ethical foundation are a school’s first priorities and educating students about how to become a good man informs every aspect of the day.” (IBSC) We consider the inculcation of values through the lens of our Catholic, Augustinian faith tradition and charism to be central in our formation of young men of character who will ultimately make a difference in the world by serving the needs of others. We place great importance on the impact of positive role models, especially our wonderful Senior School teachers whose passion for their subject field coupled with their commitment to relationship building imbues a learning environment in which our students are given every opportunity to succeed.

The Road Ahead
As we near the final weeks of what has been an extraordinary year, one often considers what the future holds for ourselves and our young men, particularly in light of the COVID-19 pandemic which will still be woven into the fabric of 2021 in some way until a vaccine potentially eases collective social and political fears.

One takeaway we can all draw from 2020 is living with uncertainty, so in reading an article from MindShift by Sarah McCammon on the topic, it piqued my interest. She imparts her tips in facing uncertainty:

  1. Reflect.

Check in with yourself. Allow yourself to get in touch with how you’re feeling. Reflect both on what’s hard and on what’s still good. Maybe that’s in a journal or through a prayer or a conversation with a friend. 

  1. Don’t “should” on yourself.

There’s no right way to get through a difficult time. Some people get super productive. Others, not so much. Let go of the pressure of other people’s expectations.

  1. Know when to shut it down.

After you stop obsessing about what you should do, find some things you want to do — things that take your mind off your worries during uncertain times.

  1. Find your “best gift” for the day.

Once you’ve set aside external expectations and taken time to recharge, that might free up energy to do good, meaningful, even productive things.

  1. Move past shame.

Uncertain times mean navigating changes in your life that you can’t control. They may mean doing things differently, even reaching out for help — that’s part of being resilient, and it’s nothing to be ashamed of.

  1. Find your “resilience circle.”

It’s important to remember we are not alone.

“The future rewards those who press on. I don’t have time to feel sorry for myself. I don’t have time to complain. I’m going to press on.” – Barack Obama

Mr Matt Levander, Head of Senior School

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Ministry and Formation News

Christmas Appeal
This week sees the official launch of our annual Christmas Appeal. In order to support 24 neighbouring households, we are seeking donations of goods in three categories:

  • Staples, e.g. UHT milk, tinned foods, pasta, pot noodles, rice, breakfast cereal…
  • Hygiene and dignity items, e.g. toothpaste and toothbrush, deodorant, hand cream, shower gel…
  • Sweet treats, e.g. Christmas pudding, sweet biscuits, chocolates, mince pies, UHT custard

We are hoping to create an ample surplus. This will allow us to give more than one hamper to families with young children, and to give much needed supplies to Rosies and Emmanuel City Mission. Both of these fantastic organisations serve many homeless and vulnerable people every day, providing friendship, basic needs and dignity.

This appeal is important. We are putting the Christ back into Christmas because we are able to say that when we saw the least of his brothers and sisters hungry, thirsty, sick, alone, ashamed, homeless, then we did something direct and practical to help.

If you would like to get involved, please send your son in with some of the items listed above. He can then put them in the box/ basket in his home  room.

Bringing the Word to Life – Launching the Appeal
As you can see above, the Gospel makes sense to boys when you put it into action. The words compel actions, bringing not just justice but also love and support for people who need it most. To this end, the official launch of our appeal occurred on Wednesday with the Rosies Van rumbling into the College to serve the Year 7 cohort – in return for a gold coin donation. The students listened to Sarah Corbett (Brisbane Co-ordinator) who shared stories of how friendship without judgment transforms the people who every night approach the iconic van. We are humbly proud to partner with organisations like Rosies. This is where the Gospel starts: with feeding people who need support, and with sharing from a good and open heart.

The launch has spread across the three schools, with members of YAYM, Mini Vinnies and SVP all meeting Sarah on Wednesday.

We also will have a series of cor unum fund-raisers to top up the baskets. The first of which was the exciting 500 metre rowing challenge held in Junior School, with many brave Year 5 and Year 6 students challenging the beast that is the rowing machine. A special thank you is due to the indefatigable Mini Vinnies, and Harry Corrigan and Lachlan Friedman – new leaders of YCS – for organising this event.

Green Team – Stationery Collection. I am happy to report that an Old Boy from 2011 has come on board and challenged his friends to join the collection for the hampers. In return, we will be assisting him in collecting unused stationery items – pens, pencil cases, folders, file paper – and making stationery packs to send to children in Sri Lanka and India. This young Old Boy runs a charity sending much needed educational items to children who cannot afford them.

Monday night saw an amazing tribute to AFAS in the form a series of interviews with young Old Boys, staff, and parents which was broadcast on National Filipino radio (4EB – 98.1 FM). Host Honey Binney found that stories of transformation, both of ourselves and our partner schools, just poured out from the members of our community who have been privileged to go on the exchanges, carrying the generous donations from Mission Week each year. What I remember, flying home from the Exchange in 2015, was the way the boys just wrote reams and reams about what the experience meant to them. These interviews capture that sense of privilege and gratitude in our students and is well worth a listen. You also realise how powerful is the leverage provided by AFAS, both educationally and in terms of community building.

One of the schools we work closely with is Divino Amore (Divine Love) Academy in the outskirts of the city of Cebu. There has been a warm friendship with the Principal there for many years. Sister Janeth has just been transferred to Rome (to be the next Pope, maybe). This is part of the lovely letter of farewell sent to her by AFAS Leader, Mr Tony Hindmarsh:

Good afternoon, Sister Janeth,

Before you depart the Philippines for the next chapter in your life in Rome, I would like to thank you on behalf of AFAS and myself for all the support and friendship you have offered AFAS throughout the years.

If my memory is correct, our paths first crossed during the 1999 AFAS Exchange. Since then we have shared many wonderful times together.

By my records, during your time at DAA, 28 different faculty members and over 100 students from Villanova College have experienced your kind hospitality and friendship. This will remain with them forever.

You will always be in our thoughts and prayers and with God’s blessing, hopefully our paths will cross again.

Till we meet again


On behalf of all the Villa staff and students who have had the pleasure of meeting you and sharing time with you and the DAA community.​

Eucharistic Ministers – Feeding the Community for Action
Ministry at Villanova is about much more than fund-raising. The aim is to connect the Gospel to service and action as a sure guide for right and humble motivation. This is why the Ministries are always linked to our Masses, prayers and liturgies. The students learn to see through the formation that is offered. The “source and summit” of such nourishment for insight is in the regular celebrations of Mass, both in the Chapel, and when we come together in Goold Hall.

Given the size of our community, we are fortunate that six Year 11s were willing to undertake a journey of growth and understanding in order to become Eucharistic Ministers for 2021. We thank Louis Henderson, Harry Corrigan, Lachie Friedman, Harrison White, Henry Stevens and Luke Palmer for their willingness to provide this servant leadership.

Please click here for Sunday’s Readings.

Mr John Holroyd, Dean of Mission and Identity

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On Monday of this week the Villanova Golf team competed at the annual AIC Golf Championships at Indooroopilly Golf Course. From the six awards presented, Villanova took out five including:

AIC Team Gross Champions – Villanova College
AIC Individual Gross Champion – Thomas Winn 73
AIC Individual Runner Up – Jordy McGarry 77
AIC Individual Nett Champion – Henry Wright 71
AIC Individual Nett Runner Up – Thomas Winn 72

With regards to the Balharry Shield for best Team Nett Aggregate, Villanova College placed second overall. It was a pleasure for me to see the boys perform so well at the tournament. On behalf of the College I thank all the players as well as Mr Matt Conlan, who escorted the players on the day. A full report is found below.

 I take this opportunity to draw to your attention to a section written below regarding coaches, managers and officials needed for 2021. As with all Colleges within AIC, Villanova relies heavily on the assistance of staff, parents, students and Old Boys to assist with coaching, managing etc. Put simply, our boys depend upon the good nature of many within our community to give of themselves so that our students can enjoy the benefits that playing sport provides.

PLEASE give serious consideration to nominating yourself to assist the AIC Year 5 – 12 sports program at Villanova in 2021 by completing the online nomination form found on the College website (further details below).  At this stage we are still short on cricket coaches. If you would like to assist the College by fulfilling a coaching role, please contact the Sports Office.

AFL, Volleyball and Cricket trials commence next week for all boys entering Villanova in 2021 from Year 7 – 12. By this stage, all students who are keen to participate should have completed the appropriate online sign-on forms to register their interest. Although this form was due weeks ago, the online link is still open and is found on the ‘Locker Room’ page of the website. Students must attend these trials in order to be considered for a team. Please find all dates and times listed below.

It was once said to me years ago – it takes many years to build a positive school culture but only one year to destroy it. I urge everybody within our school community to get behind the sports program and become involved. The positive school culture which can be enhanced by participation within sport benefits our whole College. The first step is to get involved.

The Villanova College Sports Department is currently looking for experienced/highly qualified coaches to be involved in the football program starting later in Term 4 and continuing into next year. We are seeking coaches who will work with our ‘A’ level sides. Coaching positions will be paid. If you are interested or know of someone who might be interested, please get in contact with Football Co-0rdinator – Anthony Kemp,

by Mr Matt Conlan

On Monday 26 October, Villanova’s best golfers returned to the demanding Indooroopilly Golf Course in the hope of regaining the prestigious Balharry Shield. This competition is a teams’ event, with each school in the AIC entering up to five players. The winner is declared after the aggregate of the best four nett scores per team is calculated, and in the event of a tie, the fifth player’s score is counted. The undulating greens and treacherous hazards that have brought even the best golfers undone, didn’t pose too many problems as they had done in previous years.

After the scores were tallied, our team consisting of Jordy McGarry (Year 11), Thomas Winn (Year 9), Riley Russell (Year 8), Will Rogers (Year 7) and Henry Wright (Year 7) recorded some impressive results, and in doing so, almost scooped the pool. Two notable performers were Thomas, who played consistently throughout the morning, carding a very impressive 73 off the stick. In a similar vein, Jordy went out hard early and sat at 3 under the card at the halfway point. Unfortunately, he slipped down the leader board a little after the final nine holes were completed.

Please see below for the award winners:

Competition Winner
Balharry Shield

(Team Nett Aggregate)

First Place: Iona  – 297

Second Place: Villanova – 302


Best Team Gross Villanova College – 328


AIC Individual Champion

(Gross Aggregate)

Thomas Winn – 73


AIC Individual Runner Up

(Gross Aggregate)

Jordy McGarry – 77


AIC Individual Champion

(Nett Aggregate)

Henry Wright – 71


AIC Individual Runner Up

(Nett Aggregate)

Thomas Winn – 72


Once again, our boys showed great sportsmanship and were excellent representatives of the College throughout the day.  There is no doubt that we will be back again in 2021 to hopefully go one step further and regain the coveted shield. Congratulations gentlemen.


Pictured above – Riley Russell, Henry Wright, Thomas Winn, Jordy McGarry, Will Rogers and Matt Conlan (Staff member)

The team above with their many pennants

The Villanova College Sports Department is currently seeking coaches, managers and officials for the Year 5 – 12 AIC Sports Program in 2021.  In particular, we require the assistance of staff, parents, Old Boys and friends of the College to take on the many duties needed to ensure that every student has the opportunity to participate and enjoy all the benefits that playing sport  provides as well as ensuring the ongoing growth and development of our sports program across all areas.

Villanova’s success in sport is dependent upon many factors, one being the generosity of members within our community to give of their time and efforts in order to serve our students by taking on specific roles. These roles include coach, manager, referee, umpire, scorer etc. If you can help in any way, could you please complete the online nomination form below.

All forms received will be compiled into a database. Before each season commences a member of the Sports Office will contact those who have expressed an interest to assist. A final confirmation of commitment will be sought, and further details will be given.

The College is indebted to those who were able to assist throughout 2020. We now invite those who would like to assist in 2021 to become involved for the benefit of our students and the College. You will no doubt find it rewarding and no experience is necessary. Please click on the link below if you are able to assist – 

Villanova College will conduct AIC Cricket, AFL and Volleyball trials for all teams from Year 7 – 12 on the dates listed below. These trials are open to all students who are enrolled at Villanova College in 2021.  Please note that all students compete in their year level and not in their age groups.

All students, including those students who will join Villanova in 2021, must attend these trials to be considered for team selection in 2021. Students entering Year 7, Year 8 and Year 9 in 2021 may only participate in cricket, AFL or Volleyball as these will all be played on Saturday.

Students are required to wear any appropriate sporting attire to these trials.

IMPORTANT:  Due to COVID protocols in place, those wishing to play cricket must supply and wear their own equipment, including gloves, box, pads and helmet to all trials and games.

Students wishing to trial must complete an online sign-on form (link found below) and simply attend the venue 15 minutes before the advertised start time.

Commitment:  All teams will have one or two training sessions either before or after school each week during Term 1.  Term 1 training times for all teams will be advised before the end of year.

 All students wishing to trial for an AIC cricket, AIC AFL or AIC Volleyball team must complete an ‘On-line Sign -on Form’ by Friday 30 October. Link below.


  Monday 2
Tuesday 3 November Wednesday 4   November Thursday 5   November
6.30am – 8.00am Cricket

Year 11 and Year 12 at Little Langlands


Year 11 and Year 12 in Goold Hall


Year 10 at Little Langlands


Year 10 in Goold Hall


Year 9 at Little Langlands


Year 9 in Goold Hall


Year 11 and Year 12 in Goold Hall

3.30pm – 5.00pm Cricket

Year 7 at Little Langlands


Year 7 in Goold Hall


Year 7 trials at Coorparoo JAFC


Year 8 and 9 at Coorparoo JAFC


Year 8 at Little Langlands


Year 8 in Goold Hall


Year 10, Year 11 and Year 12 at Coorparoo JAFC

PLEASE NOTE: Trials are for those boys who are entering that year in 2021, e.g. Year 7 trials are for those boys who are entering Year 7 in 2021.

 Little Langlands – Langlands Park, Main Avenue, Coorparoo (next to Easts Leagues Club)

  • Goold Hall – located on the Villanova College Campus, access via Eighth Avenue, Coorparoo
  • Coorparoo JAFC – Giffin Park, Birubi Street, Coorparoo

Further trials will be held on the following weekend dates after the initial trials are held above. Please keep these weekends free.

After the Cricket, AFL and Volleyball trials held during Week 5, Term 4 (that is, 2 – 5 November), the College has organised further trial games to take place on the weekend of Saturday 7 and Sunday 8 November. It is important that all interested students attend these trials as we hope to finalize teams and squads after this weekend. All times and venues will be given to all players during the trials played earlier in the week. However, most of these are listed below.

Those who do not make an AFL or Volleyball team have the option of joining a Cricket team. NOTE – The trials pertain to the year level the student enters in 2021. Therefore, the Year 7 trials are for students entering Year 7 in 2021.

All students wishing to trial for an AIC Cricket, AIC AFL or AIC Volleyball team must complete an ‘On-line Sign -on Form’ by THIS FRIDAY 30 OCTOBER.  Link below:

All teams from Year 7 – 12, Sunday 8 November 2020 at Villanova Park

Time Andrew Slack Fr John Seary Villanova Park No 3 Villanova Park No 4
8.15am – 12.30pm Year 9A/B

35 Overs

Year 7 A/B

30 Overs

Year 9C/Gold

35 Overs

Year 7C/Gold

30 Overs

12.45pm –   5.15pm Year 10A/B

35 Overs

Year 8 A/B

30 Overs

Year 10 C/Gold

35 Overs

Year 8C/Gold

30 Overs

Please note the trial games for Cricket will be played on Sunday 8 November at Villanova Park. These trials are for selected teams/students only. NOT ALL BOYS WILL BE REQUIRED. After the trials held earlier in the week, we will advise those who are required to attend further trials on Sunday 8 November.  More information about team lists will be given at a later stage.

Please contact the Sports Office if you have any queries or concerns – Phone: 3394 5621

Date: Sunday 8 November 2020
Venue: Villanova Park, Manly Road, Tingalpa
Uniform: Villanova College Cricket whites or any suitable sports clothing

All teams from Year 7 – 12, Saturday 7 November 2020 at Villanova College, Goold Hall

Please note that all students who have signed up for Volleyball trials will be expected to attend further trials held on Saturday 7 November in Goold Hall at Villanova College. After the Volleyball trials on Saturday 7 November all coaches will then select their Volleyball teams/squads. If a boy fails to make a Volleyball team/squad, they are welcome to join a Cricket team. More information about team lists will be given at a later stage.

Please contact the Sports Office if you have any queries or concerns – Phone: 3394 5621

Date: Saturday 7 November 2020
Venue: Court 1 – Goold Hall, Nearest Main Entrance; Court 2 – Goold Hall, Near Stage
Uniform: Sports PE uniform or any suitable sports clothing

* All players need to be at their respective venues 15 minutes prior to the commencement of their game.

Time Court 1 Court 2
8.00am – 9.30am Year 8 Year 9
9.30am – 11.00am Year 10 Years 7
11.00am – 12.30pm   Open Year 11

Other Trial Matches Organised (Only for those boys who are selected after Saturday 7 November)

  • Saturday 14 November, Trial match v Iona College – Times and venues TBA
  • Saturday 21 November, Trial match v St Laurence’s College – Times and venues TBA

All teams from Years 7 – 12, Saturday 7 November 2020

Please note that all students who have signed up for AFL trials will be expected to attend further trials on Saturday 7 November at Coorparoo JAFC, Birubi St, Coorparoo (Giffin Park). After the AFL trials held on Saturday 7 November all coaches will then select their AFL teams/squads. If a boy fails to make an AFL team/squad, they are welcome to join a Cricket team. More information about team lists will be given at a later stage.

Please contact the Sports Office if you have any queries or concerns – Phone: 3394 5621

Date:  Saturday 7 November
Venue: Coorparoo JAFC, Birubi St Coorparoo, Giffin Park
Uniform: Any suitable sports clothing to play AFL including boots. Bibs will be supplied

* All players need to be at their respective venues 30 minutes prior to the commencement of their game.

Time Coorparoo JAFC
7.30am – 8.30am Opens (Year 10, Year 11 and Year 12)
8.30am – 9.30am Year 7
9.30am – 10.30am Year 8 and Year 9


Date Claimer – Further Cricket, Volleyball and AFL trials will be played against St Patrick’s College on Saturday 23 January 2021.  Times and Venues TBA. Please keep this date free.

In 2021 AIC Round 1 Cricket, AFL and Volleyball will be played in Week 1, Term 1 (not in Week 2 as has been the case in previous years). Therefore, we have organised trials on the Saturday before the boys commence the new school year. Please keep Saturday 23 January 2021 free.

AIC Cricket and AFL Trials – Year 6 Students 2021
These trials are now complete. The AFL squads are posted on the web. Those who did not make an AFL team are invited to play cricket.  These boys must  see Mr Everding now. The cricket teams/squads should be released tomorrow or early next week.

FURTHER AFL and CRICKET TRIAL DATE 2021 – Year 5 and Year 6 Teams

Date Claimer – Further Cricket and AFL trials will be played against St Patrick’s College on Saturday 23 January 2021.  Times and Venues TBA. Please keep this date free.

In 2021 AIC Round 1 Cricket and Volleyball will be played in Week 1, Term 1 (not in Week 2 as has been the case in previous years). Therefore, we have organised trials on the Saturday before the boys commence the school year. Please keep Saturday 23 January 2021 free.

Please find below some date claimers regarding to the up-coming Swimming, Volleyball and Cricket clinics, which are open to all students from Year 5 – 12 in 2021. These are great opportunities for our student athletes to develop their skills before the 2021 AIC sport season commences.

Cricket Clinics – 19, 20 and 21 January 2021 at Villanova Park (flyer attached)
Swim Clinic – 18 January at Langlands Pool
Volleyball Clinics – 18 and 19 January at Goold Hall

Mrs Juanita Jacobs, AIC Swimming Co-ordinator

Thank you to all the students who have been able to attend the morning training sessions.  It is great to see so many in the pool developing their skills and fitness.  We realise that there are often clashes with other sporting trials or music programs and that getting organised can be difficult.  There will be swim training right up until 18 December.

To start the 2021 season, all members of the Villanova Swim Squad are invited to participate in a special Swim Clinic run by the team at Langlands pool on Monday 18 January.  The clinic will include a mixture of pool and gym work.  There is no cost to participate.  More information will be supplied in next week’s edition of the Villa View.

Please find below the dates which training will cease over the upcoming vacation period at Langlands Pool. We certainly hope all our swimmers will continue their training throughout the Christmas holiday period.

Last day – Friday 18 December 2020
Start back – Monday 4 January 2021

The AIC Water Polo Tournament will be played over a one-day period at Iona College this Sunday, November 1.  All team lists and game schedules are posted on the website via the ‘Locker Room’ in the ‘AIC Water Polo’ section. All players are required to wear their PE uniform and attend the venue at least 30 minutes before their game. Mrs Jacobs will be present on the day.

Mr Craig Stariha, Director of Sport

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Wieneke Bursary 2020
The heats for this year’s Keith and Dawn Wieneke Bursary have concluded and we are primed for a fantastic evening of music here at the College.  I would like to take a moment to congratulate all the entrants on their fantastic performances.  The music shared was of a high standard and it was pleasing to hear the musical development within our student body.

Congratulations to the following students who have managed to make it through to the Finals for 2020:

Junior School William Dolphin
Damian Ellis
Ben Lestani
Oliver Truloff
Reuben Wagels
Middle School Kai Asnicar
Ethan Delaney
Ronan Flaherty
Charlie Hodgson-Day
Demitri James
Senior School Sebastian Allan
Adam Buchhorn
Nic Chay
Travis Graham
Eoin Hartley
Alto Sax

 Due to COVID restrictions, the Bursary finals will be performed in front of an audience comprised of family members of the finalists.  We look forward to communicating the outcome of our competition with the community early next week.

Instrumental Music Assessment – Week 4
The Instrumental Music assessments have been proceeding well over this week.  I would like to thank the students and the staff for their efforts across this busy time.  This was yet another opportunity to witness the development of our program and both the students and teachers are to be commended for their work.

Celebration of Excellence
This year, the Celebration of Excellence will be convened in our very own Hanrahan Theatre.  We have been invited to provide music again for this important occasion in the College calendar.  Information has been distributed via email to participating musicians and their families.  We will be sharing the celebrations as follows:

Wednesday 4 November Chamber Brass
Camerata Strings
Concert Band
Thursday 5 November Chamber Brass
Percussion Ensemble
Sinfonia String Orchestra

Christmas Extravaganza
Christmas is coming!  Villanova Music will be celebrating Christmas in November with our annual Gala concert on Thursday 12 November, commencing at 6pm.  We will be holding our event in Goold Hall, with the music also simulcast to the Middle School Quadrangle via big screen.  Information regarding ticketing, registration, and merchandise sales will be distributed shortly.

You will need your picnic rug or camp chair, or you could purchase a Villanova College camp chair as part of your admission fee!  You could also purchase a Wildcat cooler seat full of goodies to eat and drink during the concert.

All ticket, merchandise, and refreshment sales will be conducted through Trybooking.  A link will be shared with Music Families, then distributed to the broader College community.  We look forward to sharing a little Christmas cheer with you all!

Key dates for Term 4
Key dates for Term 4 are outlined below.

Term 4
4 Wieneke Bursary Finals
4 26 – 30 October Instrumental Music Assessment Task 2 Due
(Years 6 – 11)
6 9 November Music Support Group AGM – 7:30pm
6 12 November Christmas Extravaganza
7 22 November Music Open Day – Year 5 Testing (TBC)
7 22 November Music Support Group EOY BBQ
8 23 November Loan instruments returned for servicing
8 23 November All rehearsals conclude

Entertainment Memberships
Entertainment Publications are no longer selling books, just digital memberships from 2020 onwards.  If you would like to take advantage of this opportunity, please access our membership portal through the links below.  There are a number of great offers available focussing on supporting local and small businesses through this challenging period.

Thank you all for your continued support of Villanova Music.  We are glad to continue to be of service to you and your son as we navigate this challenging time together.

Mr Michael Jones, Director of Music



*Value displayed is an example of potential savings within the Membership only and is subject to available offers at any one time. The redemption examples show how a Member could redeem the cost of the Single City Membership in one day.

^The additional $10 and $20 per Membership sale during the current promotional period 12am 14 August 2020 – 11:59pm 13 September 2020 AEST will be paid to the relevant Entertainment fundraising group as per the standard payment terms within the corresponding quarter.

*All member offers are subject to terms and conditions. Check individual offers on the Entertainment Membership App or for more information. For all dining offers, it is optional for participating businesses to accept your Entertainment Memberships on all official Australian and New Zealand public holidays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Valentine’s Day. © 2020 Entertainment Publications of Australia Pty Ltd.


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Parent Information

Year 5 Father and Son Laser Skirmish
(or significant other adult)

Date: Sunday 8 November
Time: Lunch 1.00pm; game play 2.00pm – 4.00pm
Cost: $65.00 for adult and son (price includes sausage sizzle and drink)
Payment through Parent Lounge

Please note: Everyone MUST wear covered shoes and long pants (or you will need to hire at an extra cost on the day). Please bring extra water and a hat.  All players are required to print and complete the membership form (adults need to sign on behalf of minors) available at

Helping Hands – Term 4 Clubs
This term, we are offering clubs that provide learning outcomes for each child. Students are invited to join us for Lego Masters Club, World Star Sports Club, and Animation Claymation Club. Our team has planned a weekly program for each club to maximise fun and learning outcomes.


If you have any questions, please email or call 0437 784 379
If you are enrolled, bookings to be made via iParent:
If you aren’t enrolled, please register and then follow the above step after registration:

Helping Hands Villanova operates between 6:30am – 8:30am and 3:00pm – 6:00pm on school days. We also operate a Vacation Care program during holidays between 6:30am – 6:00pm.

Tuckshop Roster (Monday 2 November – Friday 6 November)
All volunteers rostered on this week will be contacted directly by the Tuckshop.




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Archive Anecdotes

The Honour Blazer
The Honour Blazer was introduced early in the 1950s and was awarded to a small number of Senior students each year “who demonstrated qualities of leadership…a sense of responsibility and willingness to support the College in all aspects of school life” [p. 34 One Mind, One Heart].  This was extended to include the Honour Pocket additionally awarded for excellence in particular College activities.  It was decided in the 1960s that this distinctive blazer would be awarded more sparsely and thus only five were allocated in both 1960 and 1961.

Under the leadership of Fr Laurence James Mooney OSA, Rector 1976 – 1986 there was a move to reject elitism amongst the students. In 1978, no prefects were appointed and instead every Senior student was encouraged to participate in prefect duties.  Thus, this was also the year when no Honour Blazers were awarded, and the tradition became relegated to history.

The 1961 Honour Blazer and photos are currently on display in the College Archives.

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