Principal's Welcome

Dear Members of the Villanova College Family
Tomorrow at 10.30 am the College community will gather together in Goold Hall for the celebration of Mass for All Saints’ Day. Prior to the commencement of Mass, the Year 12 students will enter the hall accompanied by the Year 5 students reflecting the way Year 5 students entered the hall for the first time at the beginning of this year.

All Saints’ Day is a solemn holy day of the Catholic Church dedicated to the Saints of the Church. In our tradition we remember St Augustine, St Monica, St Thomas of Villanova and many others who through their lives and actions sought a deep and everlasting relationship with God.

On Monday evening College staff and families joined together at the annual Celebration of Excellence to recognise the academic achievements of our students during 2018. From Years 5 to 12, students who had achieved excellent results were recognised for their diligence, determination and discipline. Congratulations to Trent Foster – Dux of the College. Trent has achieved “Very High Achievement” in all his subjects and was placed first in five of his six subjects, an outstanding achievement. During the Celebration of Excellence, it was revealed that Trent in his earlier years was achieving at a B standard. At some point Trent’s passion for learning was ignited and he has excelled at his studies.

The musical numbers performed during the evening showcased the talents of our musicians and choir. Accompanying the music was a visual display of the academic life of the College as well as historical footage commemorating the 70th Anniversary. The audience was thoroughly entertained across the evening.

I acknowledge the many hours of work from the organising committee, Mr Steven Bremner, Mr Matt Levander and Mrs Kath Underhill. Assisting the committee were a number of volunteers and I thank all those involved in the planning and organisation, especially on the night.

Major Awards

Musician of the Year – Xander Caulfield

Sportsman of the Year – Nicholas Elsey

Dual Proxime Accessit – Leo Clarke and Asier Goni

Dux of the College – Trent Foster

Villanovan of the Year – Liam Hampson

Year 5
Dual Proxime Accessit:      Isaac Lerato and Jonah Nicolaou
Dux:                                      Dylan Fryga

Year 6
Proxime Accessit:                 Daniel Egert
Dux:                                      William Makridakis

Year 7
Proxime Accessit:                 Mitchell Rieck
Dux:                                      George Trigenis

Year 8
Proxime Accessit:                 Liam McConville
Dux:                                      Lachie McGregor

Year 9
Proxime Accessit:                 Louis Henderson
Dux:                                      Henry Barras

Year 10
Proxime Accesit:                 Callum Moses
Dux:                                   Luke Skelton

Year 11
Duces:                                    Thomas Pham and Matthew Short

Congratulations to the Villanova College Track and Field team on a well-deserved sixth placing at the recent AIC Championship. The goal this year was to move up in the placings and the students’ performances on the day ensured that goal was met. There were many outstanding performances on the two days of the competition. Thank you to the coaches and managers of the team for their support during the season.

Tomorrow, our Year 12 students will complete their formal classes for 2018. The following fortnight will involve the final pieces of assessment, Senior Formal and Graduation Mass and ceremony. For our Year 12 students the next fortnight will be a time of great excitement tinged with a little apprehension as they rapidly end their secondary education. We keep our Year 12 students and their families in our prayers at this time.

You have made us for Yourself O Lord

And our hearts are restless until they rest in You.

God bless

Mr Mark Stower, College Principal

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Head of Junior School

Attending the Celebration of Excellence Awards at the Queensland Performing Arts Centre on Monday evening was a privilege.  We have some incredibly hardworking individuals in all classes, and I am grateful for those who continue to strive towards their personal best.  Seeing the students who have used their gifts, talents and determination to achieve at the highest level in 2018, on stage, was humbling.  I know already, that these young men will surpass me in the years to come with what they will learn and be able to apply at this College.  Shaking their hands, I could see the pride on their face, and I could hear the applause from proud parents in the audience.  Their future is bright – and I am so fortunate to have the next five to six years to continue seeing them as they grow into the finest young men we can hope for.

My years at school were spent loving Geography and Sport.  My time on homework was often wasted as all I ever really did was study the world map and learn the capital cities off by heart.  Every moment that I had free was spent throwing balls, on my bike or in competitive team sports.  English was my biggest struggle, reading was tolerable, but writing was my nemesis.  I had no interest in writing as I was far happier talking (this won’t surprise any of you), and so my Uncle Michael became my tutor, as my mother simply couldn’t bear my eyes rolling anymore. He taught me how important it was to be clear and direct when writing.  Practice after practice, in short, manageable bursts – I grew to see the sense and rhythm.  Becoming more successful didn’t mean I suddenly loved writing; however, it is something that continues to help me to this day.

Some people might be tempted to think that our Academic Award Winners are “just smart” and “it comes so easily to them”.  I would beg to differ as I look at these award winners and see strategic behaviours that enable them to work at such a high standard.  After talking with them, these would be their top five behaviours for classroom success:

  1. Be organised. This means having a space at home with the Term Assessment Calendar, the Weekly Timetable and a “to do” list that gives priority.  Use your College Diary every afternoon and weekend.
  2. Talk to your teachers and parents. Ask questions if you don’t understand and follow any suggestions they make with your classwork and drafts.  These people know how you can do better, so make the effort to follow through on their advice.
  3. Find ways to revise and study that suit you. It is normally much easier to make notes and cards for revision on a weekly basis.  It means you get a collection together that you can put into a zip lock bag and make the most of 10 – 15 minute car trips, waiting for siblings at afternoon activities or early morning drop-offs at school.  As you make a new card, you revisit last week’s notes one more time.  It really takes a lot of pressure off come test time.
  4. Balance your school work with down time – reward yourself when you have “ticked off a list” or learnt something challenging. Let your parents help you out, so if you study for 20 minutes, then you can go outside and ride your bike for 20 minutes.  Use a timer and work hard in short bursts.  Rewards really motivate – and make it a little more fun.
  5. Be happy with what you achieve. We can’t be brilliant at everything all the time.  If you do listen, apply yourself and try hard, then hopefully results will be indicative of this.  If you feel disappointed, then just remember to change your approach next time.  Sometimes it takes a few years to reach potential.

Thank you to the parents who work closely with their sons at home to support and guide them to their true potential.  It does take time and patience, but it makes a considerable difference.  Without high expectations at home and school, our sons can feel lost and slip into patterns of behaviour and attitude that mean nothing positive on the horizon for assessment.  There is great satisfaction, self-esteem and motivation for future learning when we work to capacity.  We can feel pride on a genuine level and have emotional head space to support others.  Resilience develops, and our best efforts, makes us better learners for the future.

Stephen Rouhliadeff, Head of Junior School

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Head of Middle School

When CASEL (Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning) recently tweeted the Sarah Sparks article “The Teen Brain: How Schools Can Help Students Manage Emotions and Make Better Decisions” it certainly caught my attention.

Reporting back from her time at the recent ‘International Mind, Brain, and Education Society’ research conference, Sparks recounts a few of the important takeaway messages.

As we well know, adolescence is a time of great physical, emotional and cognitive/neurological changes. Such changes often present challenges and adolescence becomes a time that parents and teachers often pray will be over and done with as quickly and painlessly as possible.

However, as Sarah Enos Watamura, an associate professor at the University of Denver, rightly shares, “we need adolescents to hang out in this sensitive period and all that it allows to develop … versus rushing them through it.” Adolescence is in fact a great time when boys and girls develop important skills including decision making, emotional regulation, and assessing risks versus rewards.

For teachers and parents, the more we understand about adolescence development and neuroscience, the better we can help our young men, not simply navigate this challenging time, but, more importantly, to gain from it. To steal from the title of one of Andrew Fuller’s books we want them to move from ‘Surviving to Thriving’. Furthermore, scrubbing up on our adolescence neuroscience can unlock our appreciation for:

  • why bullying occurs,
  • how our boys learn best,
  • the importance of diet and sleep,
  • adolescent risk taking and decision making
  • how young men form and maintain relationships

I love my twitter sessions, as it gives me access to a breadth of research and blog posts about both adolescents and adolescence itself. For your enjoyment [and education], here are a few articles I’ve read lately:

The Teen Brain: How Schools Can Help Students Manage Emotions and Make Better Decisions

Why Teaching Kindness in Schools Is Essential to Reduce Bullying

6 things to do when your child says, “Nobody likes me!”

SEL Tends: Integrating with Academics

Greg O’Neill, Head of Middle School

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Head of Senior School

On Monday evening this week, the Celebration of Excellence Awards Evening was held at the Queensland Performing Art Centre. It was another poignant affirmation of the value of academic achievement and scholarship within our learning community. The opening liturgy reminded us all of the importance of our Augustinian tradition and values inspired by the example of Jesus Christ, our greatest teacher. In Saint Augustine’s words, “all are searching for truth and for life, but not all are able to find the way… Christ, with the Father, is truth and life, and he took on our human nature so as to become for us the way.” The Celebration of Excellence also provided our wonderful musicians with an opportunity to gift us all with their creative talents on such a grand stage of the Concert Hall.

In celebrating the achievements of our Villanova scholars, the intrinsic drive that cultivates an appetite for academic success cannot be understated. The following excerpt from 2018 Academic Captain, Asier Goni’s address aptly captured this:

During my time at Villanova I have learnt to see excellence as flowing from wholeheartedness. It is about perseverance and tenacity, deliberate practice, passion-driven focus and consistency of effort. It is in this sense that we come to understand that the pursuit of knowledge goes well beyond ‘book knowledge’; that it encompasses the development of social values, ethics, aesthetics and independent thought; and that it is those thinking skills, social and emotional competencies that we have gained in the past eight years that will be the key to help us navigate successfully the complex life and work environments we face ahead.

I would like to congratulate all Senior School students who received awards for Overall Academic Excellence and Subject Awards. I would also like to affirm the outstanding achievement of the Year 10 and 11 recipients of Dux and Proxime Accessit:

Year 10 Dux:                                  Luke Skelton
Year 10 Proxime Accessit:          Callum Moses
Year 11 Duces:                               Tom Pham and Matt Short

Finally, the recipients of this year’s Awards of Distinction are a group of exceptional young men of distinguished character who have made significant contributions to Villanova College in the areas of academia, sport, culture and service. They epitomise the Augustinian gateway values and are wonderful role models for our College community. I warmly congratulate these Year 12 students:

Villanovan of the Year:               Liam Hampson
Dux of the College:                      Trent Foster
Dual Proxime Accessit:               Leo Clarke and Asier Goni
Sportsman of the Year:               Nic Elsey
Musician of the Year:                  Xander Caulfield

The citation for College Dux, Trent Foster contains a profound message that achievement is never fixed and that an investment in a growth mindset can lead to prosperous returns:

The recipient is a polite, considerate and very grounded student; humble in his abilities, and without bravado or arrogance. Our recipient, however, has not always been recognised as the exceptional achiever he is tonight; as a junior and middle school student, his grade point average was at a B level. In demonstrating the very Augustinian trait of striving for excellence in everything he does, our Dux has proved that effort, application and determination does pay off, and he now has an exceptional grade point average.

I would like to strongly remind all Senior School students that whilst the mid-point of this final term is upon us, finishing the 2018 academic year well is extremely important- particularly for our Year 10 students to move into the new system of Queensland Senior Studies with confidence and positive momentum.

Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence.” – Vince Lombardi

Mr Matt Levander, Head of Senior School

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Curriculum Update

Thank you to all parents and friends of the College who attended and participated in the 2018 Villa Visions Art Exhibition.

As a community we raised $480.90 from the People’s Choice Award sales, AFAS raffle and gold coin donations. Additionally, we raised $340.00 through Staff Art which will also be donated to AFAS. The proceeds from this event will use to fund local art programs on the AFAS student exchange to the Philippines.

The People’s Choice Award recipient for 2018 was awarded to Noah Zenonos in Year 11 for his drawing titled ‘Ned Kelly’. This award acknowledges the most popular artwork judged by the general public at the 2018 Villa Visions Art Exhibition. Congratulations to Noah and all the award recipients.

The raffle prize was won by Veronica McCarthy.

Villa Visions Acquisition Prizes

Award Student
College Library Acquisition Cael McWilliam
Senior School Curriculum Acquisition Joshua Butterfield
Junior School Curriculum Acquisition Dylan Fryga
Ministry Acquisition Billy Turner
Principal’s Prize Matthew Rankin
Principal’s Encouragement Luca Cotroneo
Student Council Acquisition Patrick Maione
People’s Choice Award Noah Zenonos

Villa Visions Year Level Prizes

Senior Art Award Cael McWilliam
Year Eleven Art Award Samuel Behm
Year Ten Art Award Luca Cotroneo
Year Nine Art Award Travis Graham
Year Eight Art Award Lachlan Beake
Year Seven Art Award Patrick White
Year Six Art Award Nicholas Humphries
Year Five Art Award Xavier Wincote

Vanessa Briggs, CAL  – Visual Arts


OfficeMaxSchools is the College’s preferred stationery supplier for the supply of your son’s stationery in 2019. As the school year slowly comes to a close, I would ask parents to consider the stationery requirements for each of their son’s subjects.

Please find below instructions for ordering:

How to Order
Visit and follow these easy steps:

  • Search for your school Villanova College, Coorparoo, QLD and enter your school access key 2XU6Q if required.
  • Complete the student’s details and select Year level.  Simply select all relevant subjects.
  • Review your requirements list and make changes (if required).
  • If you need additional items, top up from our Back to School special range, and checkout.

Please note: some list items have been denoted by your school as a requisite for the subject or year.

Year 5 List           Year 6 List           Year 7 List           Year 8 List           Year 9 List        Year 10 List        Year 11/12 List

Please note: For home deliveries only, if you have more than one student at the same school repeat above steps.

Once completed, an order confirmation will be sent to your email address.

Please note: Any technology items you order will be sent separately to the rest of your items.

Order Deadlines and Delivery Information
Home Delivery
Your order will be delivered to your nominated address.

  • Orders placed on or before 2 December 2018 will be delivered free of charge before the end of December 2018.
  • Orders placed between 3 December 2018 and 9 December 2018 will be delivered free of charge before the beginning of Term 1, 2019
  • Orders placed between 10 December 2018 and 31 December 2018 will incur a delivery fee of $12.95, and be delivered before the beginning of Term 1, 2019
  • Orders placed after 31 December 2018 will incur a delivery fee of $12.95 and cannot be guaranteed before the start of Term 1, 2019

Australia Post – Orders are delivered via Australia Post’s eParcel service. As soon as your order is dispatched an email will be sent to let you know the Australia Post tracking ID Number. Your order can be tracked at  Note: PO Box addresses are not accepted by Australia Post.

John Christie, Dean of Teaching and Learning



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Last Thursday evening saw the third Villanova – Loreto Talent Quest, take place in the Hanrahan Theatre, where the question as to whether the sibling Colleges have talent was resoundingly answered. It proved to be a wonderful evening. Not only did the courage of the competitors create a memorable atmosphere, but also the positive support from the 250 or so students and family members in the audience.

With the finish of the year rushing up on the Year 12s, the Senior students poured energy and generosity of spirit into the organisation of the evening. Comperes Hunter Gapes and Silvana Diakogeorge set a polished and welcoming tone. Their warm encouragement of younger competitors –  such as George Audet with his drum solo, was outstanding. Seasoned observers will have also noticed how professional the stage crew were. It takes true servant leadership to be dedicated to allowing others to shine. Jack Daly (Year 11) and Liam Hartley (Year 12) helped to create a quality evening with minimum fuss and maximum commitment. Likewise, Messrs Michael Jones and Stewart Williams deserve thanks for making the performers feel so special by laying on high quality sound, and lighting effects.

There was plenty of brilliant and confident musicality to admire from the outset, for example in Nick Halstead’s rendition of Hey Jude, and the virtuoso version of Feeling Good (Michael Bublé) by Nick Eadie and Alexander Dang. The first half finished on a note of direct emotion and vulnerability, with Year 10 Loreto Student Ellie (Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?)  and the eventual winner Lachlan Beake (performing Daniel Caesar’s The Best Part). Both these singers created a spine-tingling engagement with the audience.

First after the interval were Year 9 band, The Jammy Dodgers. “We’ve been together two weeks,” lead guitarist James Lewis told us. There followed five minutes which reminded all of us why bands keep being born in suburban garages. The Dodgers blasted out a punchy My Sharona, then an exhilarating Twist and Shout and the band and the audience loved it. Second place overall went to the audacious George Audet, a Year 6 student who calmly dealt with the crowd enthusiasm to perform his own drum composition, “The Battle of Pigs.”

The three judges had a very difficult task. The wider perspective, however, is that the evening is all about sharing our gifts and graces on stage: allowing our light to shine, not for self-adulation, but to create a sense of community, and raise funds for the St Vincent de Paul Society. Moreover, there aren’t many events in the year planned by the students, starring students and for the students.

I would like to extend a wholehearted thank you to all in the community who gave such strong support to Lachlan Lea and Maxwell Shearer in their “Funky Tie Day.” Villanova has transferred more than $2000 to the Go Casual Day Appeal which extended across several schools, and which Maxwell and Lachlan helped Sophie Lenthall (aged 16) to organise.

Each of the Ministry groups is firing on all cylinders even as we reach the end of the year. St Vincent de Paul had a pizza lunch this week to celebrate the Talent Quest, to thank the Year 12 students warmly for their contribution and to plan for our Christmas/ Advent hamper appeal. AFAS, YAYM and YCS hold their elections this week. AFAS have been hard at work, assisting with the Villa Visions exhibition at the weekend. Meanwhile YAYM have so far recruited six students for the Orange Sky ping pong event this coming Sunday. Finally, a warm thank you for the seven pre-loved lap tops so far donated to the Vinnies Super Coders club. Starting on November 20, this club will teach two coding programs to kids – mainly of refugee background – who otherwise would not have access to such an opportunity.

All family members are welcome to join the College celebration of Mass for the Feast of All Saints tomorrow in Goold Hall at 10.30 am. Appropriately, this is the last day of classes for the Senior cohort of 2018 who have made such a positive difference to the climate of the college.

John Holroyd, Dean of Mission and Identity

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On Monday evening, we gathered as a College to celebrate the academic achievements of our students in the wonderful surrounds of the Queensland Performing Arts Complex.  Members of our Music Department were given the honour of sharing their musical excellence with the broader community both before and during this event.

Our Amadeus and Corelli Chamber Ensembles, along with the fantastic ‘Supernovans’ wowed the crowd in the foyer prior to the evening.  The Supernovans took the innovative tack of moving through the gathered throng to share their music more intimately.  Two of our Senior musicians, Music Captain Alex Dang and Mission Captain Tom Balshaw, performed on the grand piano in the concert hall as our invited guests arrived and took their seats.

Throughout the presentation evening, Symphonic Band, String Sinfonia, Big Band and the College Choir had an opportunity to share their musical gifts.  String Sinfonia shared the international debut of a piece, commissioned by the Humphrey family, composed by Old Boy Nicholas Schlobohm, featuring Old Boy’s Ryan and Blake Humphrey.  The work, a gift to the Villanova Music Department, was performed in celebration of the College’s 70th Anniversary.  The music was wonderful and the performance fantastic – my commendation to Ms Bastos and our students.  Another special moment was the Big Band’s performance of “Feelin’ Good,” featuring the vocal stylings of Mr Nick Eadie.  Thank you to all students and staff involved in this special event.

I would like to take a moment to thank everyone who has contacted the Music Office or myself following the Celebration of Excellence to congratulate the team on their efforts.  The students have responded incredibly well this year to our team of teachers, as reflected through their performances.  It is a credit to everyone:  students, families, and teachers:  and I feel blessed to be able to work within such a wonderful musical community.  Thank you.

Tomorrow, our 2018 Big Band will be performing for the final time at the Prestige Music Festival, convened at Calamvale Community College.  I would like to congratulate Mr McKechie and the students for their work this year – it has been great to witness their development from the audience.  Please join me in wishing them all the best for this performance; perhaps you may wish to actually join us for the event – Calamvale Community College, 8:30pm tomorrow evening.

Information regarding re-enrolment and program structure for 2019 has been sent home via mail to all currently participating students.  Please inform the music office if you have not received this yet.  Please note – we require all forms back to the Music Office by no later than Monday 5 November. 

Our department requires time to plan teaching loads so that we can confirm allocations for our part-time staff.  Your prompt return of paperwork will assist us in ensuring our communication and planning across the department is accurate and transparent.

As always, should you have any questions or queries regarding our program and the opportunities available to your son, please do not hesitate to contact me through the music office – I am more than happy to speak with you in person or over the phone.

This year, our Senior Musicians will be celebrating the culmination of their time in our department enjoying the city lights from Camp Hill Bowls Club.  Information regarding the Senior Musician’s function has been sent directly to families and students involved.

Should you wish to join us pre-function and share in the joy of some bare-foot bowls and live music from our Irish Ensembles, please come along to the Camp Hill Bowls Club from 5pm on Friday 9 November.  I look forward to seeing you all there!

Our wonderful Villanova Music Support Group will be holding their Annual General Meeting next Monday 5 November, commencing at 7:30pm in the Music classroom on level 1 of the Augustine Centre.  If you are interested in learning a little more about how our department operates behind the scenes, or perhaps would like to support your music community here in this College, I strongly encourage you to come along.  The meetings are friendly and informative and always great fun to attend – I look forward to seeing you there!

As per tradition, we cast our eyes over the coming term.  Please note the following in your diaries:

Term 4
Week 4 Friday 2 November Prestige Music Festival – Big Band – afternoon – Calamvale Community College
Week 5 Monday 5 November Music Support Group AGM – 7:30pm
Week 5 Friday 9 November Senior Musicians’ Dinner
Week 7 Tuesday 20 November Christmas Extravaganza
Week 7 All rehearsals conclude


Michael Jones, Director of Music

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On Monday, the Villanova Golf team competed at the annual AIC Golf Championships at the Indooroopilly Golf Course. After holding the title of AIC Golf Champions for the past two years our boys competed extremely well and were able to secure a fourth position overall this year. On behalf of the College I thank all the players as well as our Golf Co-ordinator, Mr Conlan, for their efforts. A full report is found below.

I take this opportunity to draw to your attention to a section written below regarding coaches, managers and officials needed for 2019. As with all Colleges within AIC, Villanova relies heavily on the assistance of staff, parents, students and Old Boys to assist with coaching, managing etc. Put simply, our boys depend upon the good nature of many within our community to give of themselves so that our students can enjoy the benefits that playing sport provides. PLEASE give serious consideration to nominating yourself to assist the AIC Year 5 – Year 12 sports program at Villanova in 2019 by completing the nomination form found on the College website and in the Sports Office (further details below).  At this stage we are still short on cricket coaches. If you would like to assist the College by fulfilling a coaching role, please contact the Sports Office.

AFL, volleyball and cricket trials commence next week for all boys entering Villanova in 2019 from Year 7 – Year 12. By this stage all students who are keen to participate should have completed the appropriate sign-on forms to register their interest. Students must attend these trials in order to be considered for a team. Please find all dates and times listed below.

It was once said to me years ago – it takes many years to build a positive school culture but only one year to destroy it. I urge everybody within our school community to get behind the Sports Program and become involved. The positive school culture which can be enhanced by participation within sport benefits our whole College. The first step is to get involved.

First XI and Second XI Football Trials (including all members of the 2019 Japan Football Tour)
The College will commence the First XI and Second XI Football program next week on Wednesday 7 November at the Coorparoo AFL grounds from 3.30 – 5.00pm and will continue for three consecutive weeks as listed below:

  • Wednesday 7 November
  • Wednesday 14 November
  • Wednesday 21 November

As part of our preparations for the Japan Football Tour we require all members of the tour to be involved. Currently we have a list of students who we require to attend the trials posted on the website under the AIC Football section (this list includes all tour members plus others). Any other student who isn’t listed and would like the opportunity to trial is welcome to attend.

A full pre-season schedule outlining all trial and training dates in Term 4, 2018 and Term 1, 2019 is also posted on the web within the AIC Football section. It is our plan to have a First XI and Second X1 football squad selected and involved in a pre-season program. In any case, all Japan tourist will be kept in these pre-season squads as part of their preparation.

First XI and Second XI/10A Cricket Trial v SLC
Members of the Emerging Cricket Talent Squad will form two teams to play St Laurence’s in a cricket trials match this Sunday 4 November at Runcorn. These teams will be a First XI team (50 overs) and a combined 10A/Second XI team (35 overs). Both teams will commence play at 9am. The First XI team will have lunch provided.

A list of both teams is found on the web.

AIC Track and Field Report by Mr Mick Garske
Firstly, I would also like to thank all the Villanova athletes who committed their time and efforts towards competing for spots in this years’ team. Training attendance was excellent throughout the season and boys are to be commended for the hard work they have put in on the track.

After Day One of competition, Villanova was holding on to fifth place in the aggregate. Highlights of the first day included Mitchell Rieck winning the 13 Years 1500m (Div. 1 – 4:46.21) and Nic Elsey winning the Open 110m Hurdles (Div. 1 – 14.85). On Day Two, after some final ‘passionate’ words of encouragement from Mr Stariha and squad captain Nic Elsey, the squad set about the challenge of maintaining this hard-earned position. It was never going to be easy due to the high quality of athletes they would be up against from all the opposition schools. The 2018 AIC Track and Field Championships were, again, of the highest standard with eight new individual records and two new relay records being set.

There were many notable performances by Villanova athletes throughout the championships, with Villanova athletes achieving nine first places, twenty second places (19 individual events; one relay) and twenty-two third places (21 individual events; one relay). Special mention goes to the following Villanova athletes for their achievements:

First – Track Events
Charley Hegarty                Year 5                    800m                                     Div. 2                     2:36.09
Ryan Siebel                         Year 6                    800m                                     Div. 4                     2:31.95
Mitchell Rieck                    13 Years               800m                                     Div. 1                     2:16.54
Mitchell Rieck                    13 Years               1500m                                   Div. 1                     4:46.21
Nic Elsey                              Open                     110m Hurdles                    Div. 1                     14.85

First – Field Events
Jake Miles-Wrench          12 Years               High Jump                           Div. 1                     1.48m
Rikki Taylor                         12 Years               Triple Jump                         Div. 1                     9.82m
Cameron Bukowski         13 Years               Javelin                                  Div. 2                     32.87m
Louis Henderson              14 Years               Javelin                                  Div. 1                     40.04m

Second – Track Events
Jonah Abraham                 Year 5                    200m                                     Div. 6                     31.04
Sean Kelly                            Year 5                    100m                                     Div. 8                     15.31
Harrison Huber                 Year 6                    800m                                     Div. 3                     2:36.21
Henry Oberhardt              Year 6                   800m                                     Div. 2                     2:30.94
Ben Hermiston                  12 Years               800m                                     Div. 1                     2:23.62
Jack Johannesen              12 Years               100m                                     Div. 4                     14.70
Jake Dimmick                     14 Years               1500m                                   Div. 1                     4:33.84
Elijah Abraham                 15 Years               100m                                     Div. 4                     12.09
Alex McDougall                 15 Years               100m                                     Div. 3                     12.17
Ethan Campbell                16 Years               100m                                     Div. 2                     11.54
Ben Hermiston, Jacob Beaverstock, Ryan MartakisWebb and Luke Barton
All Ages                6 x 400m Relay                                                  5:42.97

Second – Field Events
Samuel Binney                  Year 5                    Shot Put                               Div. 1                     10.05
Neo Pace                             Year 5                    Long Jump                          Div. 1                     4.02
Oliver Campbell                12 Years               Discus                                   Div. 2                     26.16
Max Gosling                       14 Years               Javelin                                  Div. 2                     32.84
Patrick Cox                          15 Years               Javelin                                  Div. 2                     40.17
Ethan Campbell                16 Years               Long Jump                          Div. 1                     6.49
Ethan Campbell                16 Years               Triple Jump                         Div. 1                     12.79
Peter Klaassen                  16 Years               High Jump                           Div. 1                     1.93
Peter Klaassen                  16 Years               Shot Put                               Div. 2                     11.89

Third – Track Events
Angus Meredith                               Year 5                    100m                                     Div. 4                     15.02
Clem Roberts                     Year 5                    100m                                     Div. 5                     14.86
Clem Roberts                     Year 5                    200m                                     Div. 3                     31.83
Adam Beiers                       Year 6                    60m Hurdles                      Div. 3                     11.01
Tyler Clelland                     Year 6                    60m Hurdles                      Div. 4                     11.42
John Nolan                          Year 6                    100m                                    Div. 6                     14.62
Henry Oberhardt              Year 6                    100m                                    Div. 5                     14.78
Jake Fazldeen                    12 years               100m                                     Div. 3                     14.61
Mason Honeyman           12 Years               90m Hurdles                      Div. 1                     17.20
Hugo Harrison                   13 Years               100m                                     Div. 3                     13.28
Ryan MartakisWebb       14 Years               800m                                     Div. 2                     2:15.17
Robert Agnew, Ethan Campbell, Lachlan Galbraith and Hamish Muir
16 Years               4 x 100m Relay                  Div. 1                     45.33

Third – Field Events
Ewan McCosker                Year 5                    Shot Put                               Div. 2                     9.13
Christian Porreca              Year 6                   Shot Put                               Div. 1                     10.50
Jake Fazldeen                    12 Years               Triple Jump                         Div. 2                     8.63
Fynn Gamer                       12 Years               Javelin                                   Div. 1                     26.72
Mason Honeyman           12 Years               Long Jump                           Div. 2                     4.29
Louis Henderson              14 Years               Discus                                   Div. 1                     32.51
Luke Pascoe                       14 Years               High Jump                           Div. 1                     1.67
Benjamin Liddy                 15 Years               Javelin                                  Div. 1                     45.68
Aidan Quinlivan                15 Years               Shot Put                               Div. 2                     11.35
Matthew Boxall                16 Years               Shot Put                               Div. 1                     12.83

At the end of the competition, Villanova had finished sixth overall in the Senior Carnival, missing out on fifth by a mere 1.5points. A fantastic improvement on recent results.

Overall placings for Villanova teams at the Championships were:
Year 5 – Year 6 Aggregate = Fifth (Year 5 – Fifth; Year 6 – Sixth)
Year 7 – 12 Aggregate = Sixth (U12 – Third; U13 – Fifth; U14 – Fifth; U15 – Sixth; U16 – Sixth; Open – Eighth).

AIC Track and Field – Best Athlete on the day of the Championships were:
Junior School – Henry Oberhardt
Middle School – Mitchell Rieck
Senior School – Nic Elsey

Finally, special mention to staff members Ms Dewis, Mrs Dillon, Mrs Rouhliadeff, Ms Smith-Rowan, Mr Levander, Mr Pascoe, Mr Rolls, Mr Schiavo, Mr Valentine, Old Boy Isaac Lubrano and all the outside coaches who generously contributed their time and expertise to the coaching the Track and Field squad this year. A special thanks to the Sports Department of Mrs Schofield, Mr Stariha, Mr Everding and Mr McLauchlan for their dedication towards coordinating the season, including assisting with coaching and arranging for the squad to train at QSAC.

AIC Golf Report by Mr Matthew Conlan
On Monday 29 October five of Villanova’s best golfers returned to the challenging Indooroopilly Golf Course as defending champions of the prestigious Balharry Shield. Hoping for a three-peat, Shayle Korander-Matheson, Nixon Smith, Jordy McGarry, Jack Milner, and the newest member of our team, Thomas Winn found the challenging course too difficult to master on this occasion. The undulating greens proved troublesome and the uncompromising hazards swallowed up any shots that flew wayward.

The Balharry Shield is a teams’ event, with each school in the AIC Competition entering up to five players. The winner is declared after the aggregate of the best four nett scores per team is calculated. At the close of play, Villanova finished a credible fourth behind eventual winners, Marist College Ashgrove.

Throughout the day, individual prizes were also on offer with players having the opportunity to win nearest the pin, longest drive and second approach shot competitions.  Congratulations to Jordy McGarry who won a nearest the pin on Red #8 and Shayle Korander-Matheson who also took home a nearest the pin prize on Blue #5 and the longest drive on Blue #3.

Once again, our young men showed great sportsmanship and were excellent ambassadors of the College throughout the day. There is no doubt that we will return to Indooroopilly Golf Club in 2019 in the hope of winning back the coveted Balharry Shield.


2018 Golf Team – (left to right) Jack Milner, Jordy McGarry, Shayle Korander-Matheson, Thomas Winn, Nixon Smith and Mr Matt Conlan

2019 Coaches/Managers and Officials Needed – OUR BOYS NEED YOUR HELP!
 The Villanova Sports Department is currently seeking coaches, managers and officials for the AIC sports program in 2019.  In particular, we require the assistance of staff, parents, old boys and friends of the College to take on the many duties needed to ensure that every student has the opportunity to participate and enjoy all the benefits that playing sport provides as well as ensuring the ongoing growth and development of our sports programs.

Villanova’s success in sport is dependent upon many factors, one being the generosity of members within our community to give of their time and efforts to serve our students by taking on specific roles. These roles include coach, manager, referee, umpire, scorer etc. If you can help in any way, could you please complete the ‘2019 Coach, Manager and Officiating – Nomination Form’ available on the College Website and from the Sports Office and return it to the College’s Sports Office as soon as possible.

All forms received will be compiled into a database. Before each season commences a member of the Sports Office will contact those who have expressed an interest to assist. A final confirmation of commitment will be asked, and further details will be given.

I thank all those who were able to assist throughout 2018 and I invite those who would like to assist in 2019 to become involved for the benefit of our students and the College. I am sure you will find it a rewarding venture.

2019 Villanova Cricket, AFL, Swimming and Volleyball Sign On and Trials
Trials commence next week for all students from Year 7 – Year 11. Please note boys attend the trials in the year level they are entering in 2019. Therefore, current Year 6 students attend the Year 7 trials.
Please note

  • All students from Year 5 – Year 12 will play in the AIC sport competition
  • All Cricket, AFL and volleyball teams will be selected in year levels in 2019 not in age groups. Therefore, boys in Year 8 will play in the 8A – D teams (not the 13 A – D teams)
  • Students must attend all trials as listed below to gain selection. Failure to attend trials will affect team positioning
  • Cricket is open to all students in Year 5 – Year 12
  • AFL is open to all students in Year 5 – Year 12
  • Volleyball is open to students in Year 7 – Year 12 (2019) only

Date Claimers

  • AFL and cricket trials for students entering Year 6 in 2019 will take place during school time on Friday afternoons throughout Term 4
  • Trials for Year 7 – Year 12 students (2019) will commence next week on Monday 5 November (week 5) as per schedule below
  • Further Internal cricket games/trials will be held next Sunday 11 November for all teams from Year 7 – Year 12 (2019)
  • Further Internal volleyball trials will be held on Saturday 10 November for all teams from Year 7 – Year 12 (2019)
  • Volleyball trial matches against Iona on 17 November
  • Volleyball trial matches against SLC on 24 November
  • All specific times and venues TBA

Initial Cricket and Volleyball Trial Schedule – Week 5
Note – The trials below are for the year the student is entering in 2019, therefore the Year 8 cricket trials are for current Year 7 students going into Year 8 in 2019.

  Monday 5 
Tuesday 6 November Wednesday 7   November Thursday 8   November
6:30am– 8.00am Cricket
Year 11 and Year 12 at Little LanglandsVolleyball
Year 11 and 12 in Goold Hall
Year 10 at Little LanglandsVolleyball
Year 10 in Goold Hall
Year 9 at Little LanglandsVolleyball
Year 9 in Goold Hall
Year 11 and 12 in Goold Hall
3.30pm – 5.00pm Cricket
Year 7 at Little LanglandsVolleyball
Year 7 in Goold HallAFL
Year 7 trials at Yeronga
Oval No 2
Year 8 and 9 at Yeronga
Oval No 2
Year 8 at Little LanglandsVolleyball
Year 8 in Goold Hall
Year 10, 11 and 12 at Yeronga
Oval No 2

After the trials listed above, only selected students will be asked to attend further trials on Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 November as per times, dates and venues below.

Date:                     Saturday 10 November
Venue:                 Court 1 – Goold Hall, Nearest Main Entrance; Court 2 – Goold Hall, Near Stage
Uniform:             Sports PE uniform or any suitable sports clothing

Time Court 1 Court 2
8.00am – 9.30am Year 8 Year 7
9.30am – 11.00am Year 10 Year 9
11.00am – 12.30pm Open Year 11

Date:                     Sunday 11 November
Venue:                 Villanova Park, Manly Road, Tingalpa
Uniform:             Villanova cricket whites or any suitable sports clothing

Time Andrew Slack John Seary Villa Park no 3 Villa Park no 4
8.15am – 12.30pm Year 9 A/B

35 Overs

Year 7A/B

30 Overs

Year 9C

30 Overs

Year 7C

30 Overs

12.45pm – 5.15pm Year 10 A/B

35 Overs

Year 8 A/B

30 Overs

Year 10C

30 Overs

Year 8C

30 Overs

 Swimming/Volleyball and Cricket Clinics – 2019
 Please find below some date claimers regarding to the up-coming swimming, volleyball and cricket clinics, which are open to all students from Year 5 – Year 12 in 2019. These are great opportunities for our student athletes to develop their skills before the 2019 AIC sport season commences.

  • Cricket Clinic – 21, 22 and 23 January 2019 at Villanova Park (see attached flyer)
  • Swim Clinic – 21 January 2019 at Langlands Pool
  • Volleyball Clinic – 18 and 19 January 2019 at Clem Jones (TBC)

 Villanova Swimming – Mrs Juanita Jacobs, AIC Swimming Co-ordinator
Thank you to all the students who have been able to attend the morning training sessions.  It is great to see so many people in the pool developing their skills and fitness.  We realise that there are often clashes with other sporting trials or music programs and that getting organised can be difficult.  There will be training at Langland’s right up until the 21 December 2018.

To start the 2019 season, all members of Villanova swim squad are invited to participate in a special Swim Clinic run by the team at Langland’s pool on Monday 21 January.  The clinic will include a mixture of pool and gym work.  There is no cost to participate.  More information will be supplied in next week’s edition.

Villanova College Swimming – Langlands Pool
Please find below the dates which training will cease over the upcoming vacation period at Langland’s Pool. We certainly hope all our swimmers will continue their training throughout the Christmas holiday period.

Villanova Swimming

  • Last day – Friday 21 December 2018
  • Start back – Monday 7 January 2019

Craig Stariha, Director of Sport


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Parent Information

A reminder to all parents that payment of Term 4 School Fee accounts are now due.

Please contact the Villanova College Finance Office with any queries.

Mrs Agi Waloszek, Business Manager

Monday 5 November
Shanne Harding
Anne Schenk
Kelly Roberts
Megan Stuart
Lauren Audet
Anna Stines
Marnie Dalrymple
Melissa Young
Loretta Jordan-Vieira
Monica Curtis
Jenny Salpietro

Tuesday 6 November
Gerda Odonnell
Lisa Gilhooley
Marina  Ryan
Allison Holt
Sherry James
Mary-Anne Peralta
Ellen Greer
Ruth O’Brien
Leanne Kruysmulder

Wednesday 7 November
Lily Fontana
Karen Blue
Katrina Theil
Deb Griffiths
Anastasia Bailey
Angie Browne

Thursday 8 November
Michelle Boxall
Bernadette Perrier
Taryn Byrne
Louise Wilson
Lisa Kelly
Belinda McPherson

Friday 9 November
Jane Forster
Sara Kays
Cathy Hampson
Therese Curran
Veronica Kennedy
Nikki Reid
Caroline Caffery
Gregoria Makras
Sally Grigson
Lia Weston
Chelsea Akehurst
Natasha Chan
Nakeeta Sturgess


Monday 5 November
Sharon Vecchi (retiring Library volunteer as her son is finishing Year 12 – thanks Sharon we will miss you!)

Tuesday 6 November
Anastasia Bailey

Thursday 8 November
Sue Mulligan
Maryanne Bingham

Friday 9 November
Melanie Pickering

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Calendar of Events

Ping Pong for Orange Sky Laundry – Sunday 4th November

Year 10 Parent End of Year Function – Sunday 11th November

Year 11 Parent End of Year Function – Friday 23rd November

Year 8 Parent End of Year Function – Saturday 24th November

Year 6 End of Year Family Fun Day – Sunday 25 November

Year 5 End of School Break Up Pool Party – Friday 30 November

Invitation to Youth Mass – Parish of Sts Peter and Pauls – Sunday 18 November

St James Parish Coorparoo – Sacrament of Reconciliation
This term, Year 5 children who wish to conclude their Sacramental Program with Reconciliation: begins Monday 5th November 6.30pm with Parent Info session. Please contact Parish for information Email:

Irish Community November Remembrance Mass – Sunday 4 November
Come and join with other members of our Irish Community in praying for the peaceful repose of your deceased relatives and friends at our Annual November Remembrance Mass, which will take place on Sunday 4 November at 12 noon in St James’ Church, 165 Old Cleveland Road, Coorparoo.

Tea/coffee will be served afterwards – an opportunity to renew old acquaintances and meet new friends.

The Mass is being organised by The Irish Australian Support Association of Qld Inc (IASAQ) and the Celebrant will be Fr Seamus McMahon SM.

For further information please contact our IASAQ Co-ordinator on 0432 087 328.


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Community Update

On behalf of the residents on Kinatarcan Island, Sto. Niño de Cebu Augustinian Social Development Foundation and AFAS Elders, I would like to thank all the generous people who have contributed towards the construction of the mat weaving facility. (Please see below an updated design of the building to fit into the Elder’s budget of $8000.)

With one week to go to reach our target of $8000, $6187.52 has so far been donated.

If you can assist the Elders reach their target by Friday November 2, you can donate into the following account:

BSB                                     064-786

Account Number         019232109

When making deposit/transfer, please put ‘AFAS Elders’ in the description plus your name.

AFAS Elders        Smith                           

If you would like to remain anonymous, please put “anon” instead of your name.

Unfortunately, AFAS Elders is not a registered charity, so donations are not tax deductible, however  if you require a receipt, please email Tony Hindmarsh –


Tony Hindmarsh, AFAS Coordinator


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Archive Anecdotes

The proposed Iona Agricultural College, Mt Ommaney – also known as Mount Hominy

Over several months from April 1948, Fr Ben O’Donnell acting on behalf of the Vicar Provincial,  negotiated the purchase of a 203 acre dairy farm and two adjoining properties totalling 466 acres.  The land was situated at Mount Hominy, Darra past Seventeen Mile Rocks on the Brisbane river.

This meant that the Order owned the land at the summit and all of the southern and western slopes of Mt Ommaney as well as adjacent farmland extending into present day Middle Park and Westlake.

The large dairy farm on the river was purchased from Alan Marr and included two habitable residences, dairy stock and machinery.

The intention behind the purchase was to meet the request of Archbishop Duhig to build a Monastery and a boarding school, preferably an agricultural college, which he wished to call Iona College.  While plans were being developed the farm was let to a share farmer in 1950.  Fr James Larkin was the overseer at that time and engaged in fundraising for the new venture.  He was also involved in negotiating with the Brisbane City Council for the supply of domestic water to the proposed college. In June 1951 the BCC informed the Order that it would be necessary to build a new dam before the water supply would reach the area and thus it would be many years away.  The Order had opened Villanova College at Whinstanes in 1947 and there was little enthusiasm for a boarding school.

In 1952 plans and specifications were prepared for a Novitiate to be built on the site, with domestic water supplied from 2000 gallon rain water tanks.  Fr Meagher was appointed to supervise the property and he moved into one of the houses sited there.  Fundraising for this venture had competition from the Mater Hospital and Villanova College, and the decision was made to sell the property.  A concerted effort to find a purchaser was made over a few months in 1955 but no satisfactory offer was received.

The land was finally sold to Booker Real Estate in September 1959 for £42,000, with a proviso that when it was developed a portion large enough for a church and school would be returned to the Order.  The area was developed as Centenary Estate and named Jindalee.  At the completion of the development, seven acres were returned to the Augustinian Order by Centenary Estate in October 1969, and the Order donated this land to the Archdiocese of Brisbane in 1972.

The £42,000 from the sale of the land in 1959 was divided between Villanova College, Coorparoo and St Augustine’s College, Brookvale to fund extensions at the two Colleges.

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