Principal's Welcome

Dear Members of the Villanova College Community
I sincerely thank all members of our community who have supported the College in its time of need. There is a strength within our community that binds each of us together. I know that all families are deeply affected by what has occurred with the sudden death of a Year 10 student and draw strength from knowing we do not walk this journey of grief alone. Our God is a God of great compassion, love and forgiveness and we know that he is always with us and especially in our time of need.

I have received many messages of support from colleagues from other AIC Colleges and our surrounding Religious Institute schools. I have been grateful for their words and offers of support.

Headspace is an organisation that supports school communities especially in times of loss of life through suicide. They have a wealth of information and resources for students and families on their There is also an office of Headspace at Woolloongabba located at 182 Logan Road, Woolloongabba (ph. 32492222) and or  Villanova College families will be prioritised at the practice in Woolloongabba so please do not hesitate to call if you need support.

This week is Mental Health Week in Queensland and we are reminded that mental health and well being is just as important as our physical health. The theme for this year is “Value Mental Health”. There are six simple steps that have been proven to improve well-being in everyday life:

  1. Be active – do what you can, enjoy what you do, get moving and improve your mood.
  2. Keep learning – embrace new experiences, recognise opportunities, surprise yourself.
  3. Connect – talk, listen, be there.
  4. Give – your time, your words, your presence.
  5. Take notice – remember the simple things that give you joy.
  6. Care for our planet – it’s the home we all share.

Over the coming days and weeks our staff will continue to monitor and support our students and every support will be offered to all members of our community.

On Tuesday I dropped into the Year 9 Reflection Day held in the Hanrahan Theatre. I arrived just in time to catch the singing and dancing. As someone who has a great fear of singing in public I was amazed to see one of our Year 9 students standing at the microphone belting out a song. That took real courage! I stayed to judge the dancing section as the students performed the Macarena and Chicken Dance. To see our young men taking a chance to just enjoy the moment was great to see.

I know the Year 9 students enjoyed the opportunity to take time to reflect on their own personal journey and to do so in such a supportive environment.

The Villanova College Parents and Friends Annual General Meeting will be held on Monday 15 October at 6.00pm in the Tolle Lege Library.

There WILL BE A NUMBER OF POSITIONS BEING VACATED that must be filled at this meeting. Many of the Executive have held their respective roles for a number of years and will now be moving on.

Positions to be filled include President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. We are also looking for a parent to shadow our Carnival Convenor with a view to taking over this role following the 2019 International Carnival.

The Parents and Friends Association plays an important role in representing the interests of the parent body whilst supporting the College. Providing a formal structure and support network for parents, our sons benefit significantly as a result.

Without the Parents and Friends Association and a functioning Executive, many of the fundraising events including our ever-popular Mothers Night will not be possible.

We welcome back to the College following leave, Mrs Eleni Greenaway and Mrs Gina Ellis. We also welcome back from Sick Leave- Mr Nick Simpson and Mrs Kathryn Duncan.

Mr Darryl Cummins- Grounds and Maintenance and Mrs Nicole Weldon – Marketing, Communications and Enrolments, resigned from their respective roles during the holidays and we are currently seeking replacement staff.

We congratulate Mr Kane Corby and his wife, Liesel on the recent birth of their first child, Evelyn Corby. Mr Corby will be on Paternity Leave for the next two weeks.

We keep in our prayers all members of our community and ask for God’s continued blessing on all families.

You have made us for Yourself O Lord

And our hearts are restless until they rest in You.

 God bless

Mr Mark Stower, College Principal

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Head of Junior School

I had the chance to see the movie “Wonder” on the holidays, centred around a young boy in fifth grade.  Having been home schooled, his family decide it is time he joins a main stream educational setting. August Pullman is intelligent, sociable and witty.  His parents are wise, humorous and spontaneous.  His sister is resilient, hard-working and patient.  Together they celebrate many occasions, but they also have to figure out living in a world where August’s physical appearance, due to Treacher Collins syndrome, means teaching the world a little more kindness and understanding.

As a parent, this story grabbed my heart.  There is a moment where the mother watches August walk off through the school gates and whispers to herself “Please God, let them be kind to him”.  You can see the desperate plea in her eyes, and you can feel the faith she is putting in August to manage his new surroundings, as well as the people he will meet.  The dad uses honesty and humour to help bridge August’s world and that of the one at school.  He knows that there is a half-way point where a community can involve everyone, and embrace the gifts that lie in our mind, heart and actions.  August’s sister is a teenager, yet she has a powerful understanding of the balance that often swings towards her younger brother not only for medical procedures, but social and emotional support.  This family is so likeable, full of flaws, but always with the best intentions for seeing each other grow.

As Head of Junior School, it makes me wonder about the difference between what we see, think, say and do with the people around us.  I see well dressed students, staff and parents, all around me.  I notice the smiles, manners and respect shown after a well-deserved holiday.  How our relationships are so comfortable in Term 4, with all our experiences and learning so far bringing about a little more ease.  I hear the laughter and banter during lunch breaks – mates running to the Tuckshop, and small groups busily comparing lunch box delights.  I feel that amazing sense of joy, hope and willingness to believe that our lives are great, protected and nurtured.

We have the most incredible “wonders” all around us – just like August, who was brave enough to prove to his classmates that our differences really do pale in comparison to what we all want in this life.  Our Junior School, Middle School and Senior School boys are wonders, miracles, treasures that only God can make.  Together we share our ideals.  We want friends, acceptance, value and worth in a community.  Being included, invited and cherished matters.  Trusting that our classmates, teachers and family look forward to seeing us every day is important to establish in our young men.  That we all have something wonderous, something so special, that without it, our class groups would not be the same.  Every hair on our head, every word that is said, is a gift we are blessed to witness.

I cried during the movie Wonder, and I know that Mr Holroyd, our Dean of Mission and Identity, who spoke about the story late in Term 3, was left speechless when reading it to his sons one evening.  It reminds us of how lucky we are to share the spirits, minds and youthful energy that surround us at Villanova College.  To be witness to the awe of learning, the triumphs and also the struggles along the way.  That if we show more kindness, patience and seek to befriend others, we might just be the light needed to live God’s Word here on Earth.  A flicker that could help someone else’s flame burn brighter.

So, Junior School boys, know you are the wonders of my week.  That I applaud your presence and achievements.  I know that holidays are incredible with late nights, sleep ins and endless free choice of activities.  We also know that Term 4 is a highlight.  Peaking with our understanding of routines and expectations, this is the time to shine gentlemen.  Let the wonder in you embrace the opportunities whole-heartedly.  Try your very best in class, but also just as importantly, with the people you work and play with.  Let them see your very best and know that we all need love, friendship, a helping hand – adults too.

Stephen Rouhliadeff, Head of Junior School

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Head of Middle School

September is always one of my favourite months of the year and 2018 was no different. For a teacher, any month with holidays is always advantageous, however I mostly love September because of the footy finals.

Whilst my beloved Carlton Blues finished at the wrong end of the AFL premiership ladder, as a sporting tragic, I’m happy to follow along all teams from all codes, but when the Blues aren’t playing, the personal player and coach stories often take my interest in September.

Again, this September didn’t disappoint. Some players overcame incredible adversity in order to play in footy finals. Some experienced serious injury and battled through months of rehabilitation to get their bodies right again; our own Christian Welch (‘11) from the Melbourne Storm is a great example of this. Christian underwent a knee reconstruction last year following an ACL injury suffered during a game. He missed last year’s Grand Final but worked his way back into the team for this year’s Final.

Other players worked through their issues away from sport, some earning back trust and respect following off-field misdemeanours.

The narratives of the four Grand Final coaches also took my interest. Nathan Buckley, Adam Simpson, Craig Bellamy and Trent Robinson each have their own unique story of their development as mentors and teachers of football. These tales kept me captivated during September.

Sporting stories have always interested me as they draw such parallels to schools and the learning process.

Whilst some might be naturally gifted in certain fields, rarely do we learn anything instantly. The road to success mostly features trials, errors, failure and confusion, before deeper learning can be achieved.

Personally, I love referring to James Nottingham’s Learning Pit (discover more here


As for my September heroes, they learnt as much from their losses throughout the season. AFL teams like West Coast and Richmond or the Roosters and Storm in the NRL are all littered with champion players, all of whom would have similar stories of climbing their way out of “the pit”.

At Villanova, our boys are no different. Each year presents different challenges, both inside and outside of the classroom. These challenges, whilst unique for each person, are overcome in the pit. It requires grit, resilience, self-control and discipline, emotional regulation and of course support of teammates (peers) and coaches (parents and teachers).

As we head into the fourth quarter (Term 4) the boys will be able see the finish line, but they will need our support, guidance and encouragement to work through the next eight weeks.

Greg O’Neill, Head of Middle School 



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Head of Senior School

Finishing Well
Welcome back for the final term of the academic year. I trust that all Senior School students and their families were able to spend quality time together and all are energised and ready to finish the year extremely well. I know that my time absorbing several television series on Amazon Prime and reading some thought-provoking books served me well and I look forward to working with all Senior School students throughout the course of the next eight weeks.

Of course, this week we have experienced a tremendous sense of loss within the Senior School with the death of one of our Villanova brothers. The way in which the school and particularly the Year 10 cohort came together in solidarity on Tuesday morning for Mass once again confirmed the enduring strength of our community.

This fourth term is especially important for several reasons. For our Year 12 students, this term is the final destination in their Villanova journey. The key message that was emphasised in this week’s Form Meeting was the reality that graduation is seven weeks away and there is still work to be completed which most certainly contributes towards their final results. Furthermore, the way in which the Seniors conduct themselves in these final weeks should reflect the gentlemanly values that have been instilled in them throughout their time at the College.

The Year 11 students will engage in the final phase of their leadership program before the finalisation of the selection process for the 2019 Student Leadership Team. The expedition camping experience in Week 2 coupled with the Leadership Conference in Week 3 will provide the students with a firm foundation in considering their peer nominations. I am confident that the Year 11s will embrace these experiences and select strong and dynamic leaders who will serve the College well next year. In addition, the Year 10 students will also select House Vice Captains and Cor Unum Spirt Committee Representatives who will continue to build the leadership capacity within the Senior School.

Overall, the central focus of this week must be settling back into the routine of focused academic study both in the classroom and at home. I look forward to affirming the academic success within the Senior School at our Celebration of Excellence evening in Week 4 of this term.

Student Leadership
Over the holiday break, I read a fascinating book illuminating the dispositions and skills pertaining to student leadership. Entitled ‘Ten Leadership Lessons you must Teach your Teenager, the book, written by Dr Tim Hawkes, offers a practical guide to maximising the capacity of our young people to lead and face the challenges underpinning our contemporary social landscape. According to Hawkes, ‘taking initiative, accepting responsibility and exercising a generous heart are skills that can be taught at an earlier age.’

From our tradition of servant leadership at Villanova College, the following examples underpin our philosophy: the gentle word of encouragement; the helping of one another; the steering of a conversation and a suggestion of some small service.

Throughout this term, I will share with you some of Dr Hawke’s ‘leadership lessons’ and advice for parents in shaping within our young men positive attitudes towards leadership

Podcast of the Week
Finally, I was introduced to another pertinent podcast over the holidays which once again focuses on the importance of positive constructs of masculinity. The Universal Man Podcast is produced by two Australian men- Greg Layton and Brother Damien Price- who tackle some of the most common issues that men face every day. Three pillars are the foundation of their podcast- Know Thyself, Grow Thyself and Brotherhood.

Episodes of the podcast can be found by following this link:

The importance of developing a culture of positive masculinity whereby our young men are supported and encouraged to be open with their feelings cannot be understated.

“We are all meant to shine, as children do. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.” – Marianne Williamson

Mr Matt Levander, Head of Senior School

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Curriculum Update

The Villa Visions annual Art Exhibition showcasing the exciting work of our Visual Art students will be held in Goold Hall on Friday October 26 from 6.30pm – 8pm. Students, parents, teachers and members of the school community are warmly invited.

We are exceptionally proud of our students and the works they have created. The exhibition will showcase a selection of two-dimensional, three-dimensional and digital works from Year 5 – Year 12. The presentation of student awards will take place at 7.15pm.

Villa Visions will be catered by Villanova College Hospitality students and entertainment will be provided by Villanova College Music students.  A gold coin donation is appreciated on entry with all proceeds going to AFAS.


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On Tuesday morning, the Hanrahan Theatre was filled with students and their families, staff and friends who gathered to share a Mass in honour of Aiden and his family. Father Peter Wieneke, College Chaplain, selected readings which told a powerful story of hope, and love. First of all, he described the God of Isaiah, who is like a mother who carves the name of each of her children on her hand. She can never forget any of her loved ones; neither can God. Next, he quoted St Paul: “If God is for us, who can be against us…. For I am convinced that neither death nor life… nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.” Finally, Father Peter reminded us of Jesus’s promise on the cross in Luke’s Gospel, “Today you will be with me in paradise.”

The students are asked to pray every day at Villanova College. Sometimes this may seem a boring or routine practice. On this particular day, it meant a great deal.  One of the prayers delivered by the students summed up the sense of support created by the Mass:

For all of us gathered here together – may our bonds be strengthened by this shared experience and may Your love bring us consolation.    

Term 3 ended with a very successful sausage sizzle for the Vinnies Farmers’ Appeal, enthusiastically led by Year 8 students, Tom Price, Tom Hoctor, Wilson Griffin and Jack Stone. The students provided most of the sausages and bread, and spent the first two lessons barbecuing. Sales were brisk, and by the end of morning tea a further $600 had been raised for the appeal.

Funky Tie/ Dad’s Tie Day – Friday 19 October
Students are invited to raid dad’s cupboard and wear a funky tie on Friday, 19 October. They are asked to give a gold coin donation which will go to the Lady Cilento Hospital’s special tv station, Juiced TV. Juiced TV provides spirited entertainment for children in the wards, often bringing in local celebrities and sports stars to meet the children. The idea has been put forward by Year 9 students Lachlan Lea and Maxwell Shearer. Both students are profoundly grateful to the Lady Cilento, and in particular to Juiced TV. In fact, Maxwell is the Juiced TV Ambassador of the Year. The boys will also run a sausage sizzle that day – $2 a sausage-in-bread. Students are warmly encouraged to support this venture and the sausage sizzle.

Villanova – Loreto Talent Quest – Thursday 25 October (Hanrahan Theatre, 6 pm)
The third annual Talent Quest will bring together some wonderful student talent from both Loreto and Villanova Colleges. Gold coin donations at the door will go to the St Vincent de Paul Society – an organisation strongly supported by both colleges. A sausage sizzle will be served from 5.30 pm. For families wishing to feed the children, the meal deal provides a sausage-in-bread, cake or muffin and cold drink (juice or soft drink) for $5. There will be seven acts from each school, with some prizes awarded at the end. The three judges – one from each college and one from Vinnies – will be looking for skill/ ability; audience engagement and the X Factor. Over the past two years, we have seen some wonderful acts. The other exciting thing about the evening is that it is very much student-led. There will be a short interval/ stretch-legs at 6.45 pm and we expect to conclude by 7.45 pm.

Election of St Vincent de Paul student leaders for 2019
At this week’s SVP meeting a wonderful-humble team of three students was elected to lead the way into 2019 and beyond. Year 11 students Alex Wang and Bradley Roulant will be Co-Presidents; Isaak Collie (Year 10) will be Secretary. Current role-holders Dominic Duskovic, Noah Zenonos and Declan Edser will act as mentors over the next few weeks. Here are some excerpts from the vision statements offered by these students:

Consider this. Why was Vinnies founded? To put it simply, it was founded to help those in need, no matter whether they are poor, homeless or just in need of a hand. We are all here because we are willing to sacrifice our time to do something meaningful, something bigger than ourselves. (Alex Wang)

Over St Vincent de Paul Society’s time at Villanova, the organisation has established many initiatives which have helped the lives of thousands of Brisbane residents who are doing it tough. As poverty, homelessness and domestic violence still unfortunately occurs within Coorparoo and its surrounding areas, the need for Villanova’s St Vincent de Paul Society’s continued support is more important than ever before. (Bradley Roulant)

Mr John Holroyd, Dean of Mission and Identity

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AHEP, SHEP, and 344 Wing Band – Great Representation!
Over the holidays, a number of our fine young musicians represented Villanova College at some exciting opportunities as members of ensembles that drew students from across Queensland and Australia.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank our students and their families for accepting this challenge and for being fine ambassadors for Villanova College.

Xander Caulfield was selected from over 2,000 applicants to participate in the inaugural Australian Honours Ensemble Program.  As an extension to the annual State Honours Ensemble Program convened by Open Conservatorium, Griffith University, A.H.E.P. drew around 140 secondary students from across our country who all excel in musical performance.  Xander was selected to participate in the Symphonic Band element of this program and had the opportunity to work with one of our country’s finest educators, Dr Ralph Hultgren AM.

Concurrently, the State Honours Ensemble Program was convened at the Queensland Conservatorium of music.  World-class music educators were engaged to work with over 900 students from across Queensland.  With more than 2,000 applicants Villanova was again well represented.  We had 11 students selected to participate in this excellent program; all were fine ambassadors for the College and enjoyed their experience immensely.  Please join me in congratulating the following students:

Alex Bryant                                         Daniel Shearer                                  Sam Atkinson

Sam Chamberlain                             Sam Feenstra                                    Seán Aukes

Dylan Crouch                                     James Battersby                               Blake Waugh

Oliver Timms                                      Callum Moses

During the final week of holidays, Tyler Castles (Year 9) attended a camp for Air Force Cadet bands from across Australia at the Richmond Air Base, just north of Sydney.  As part of the 2 Wing Air Cadet Band, Tyler represented his family and our College exceptionally well as part of this wonderful opportunity.  The final concert for the camp was live-streamed online via Facebook; the link for this concert has been shared via the Villanova College Music Facebook page.  Again, please join me in congratulating Tyler for his service!

Strings and Choir in the Cathedral
Preparations for our annual Strings and Choir in the Cathedral event are running very well.  The team had their first combined rehearsal in the Hanrahan Theatre on Tuesday afternoon.  It was truly an incredible sight seeing over 120 string students on stage; it was an awesome sound that was produced!  The choir and string sinfonia are sounding very refined and I am certain that our other string ensembles are prepared just as well.

This event is always a highlight in our musical calendar and I am really looking forward to the music our students will share in St Stephen’s this year.  Please come and join us at 2:30pm on Sunday 21 October in the Cathedral of St Stephen – there will be a gold coin donation for entry with all funds being donated to our AFAS mission.

Students are reminded that we have another rehearsal next Tuesday afternoon so that our combined items are as refined as our ensemble works.  I look forward to seeing the students and our string and choral team on stage in Hanrahan directly after class.  Pertinent dates for this event are outlined below:

Tuesday 16 October         Dress Rehearsal – Hanrahan Theatre – all string and choir students – Year 5 – Year 12 (3-5pm)
Sunday 21 October          Performance – Cathedral of St Stephen – arrival time 1.15pm for warm up and tune

Arrival and departure times for the dress rehearsal afternoons have been communicated home with further information regarding the event.  Arrival times and arrangements for afternoon tea after the concert were sent home via the gig-sheet emailed before the holidays.

Thank you all – really looking forward to this.  It is a very special afternoon for our College.

Live and Wired – Big Band at Loreto College
This year, Loreto College’s Live and Wired Festival is convened on the same day as our Strings in the Cathedral.  This has arisen due to changes in the position of holidays and a uniform term length for 2018.  Due to this clash, we are supporting Live and Wired; however, we are sending a reduced contingent from Villanova College.

The Villanova Big Band will be performing on the big stage from 6:00pm on Sunday 21 October.  The afternoon commences around 2pm on the Loreto College oval adjacent to Cavendish Road.  I can highly recommend this event as a great afternoon celebrating Jazz and Contemporary Music performed by some of the best student ensembles in Brisbane.

Bring a chair or your picnic rug and enjoy the music and food stalls on a pleasant Spring afternoon in Brisbane.

Prestige Music Fest 2018
Gig sheets for all ensemble performances at Prestige Music Fest over October have been distributed home via email over the holidays.  Please ensure you have received this information and have placed the details in your diaries.  Dates for performances are outlined in the Date Claimer section below.

Should you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact me or your son’s ensemble director through the Music Office.

2019 Ensembles
We are in the final stages of collating audition results for students in Band and Strings.  There are some students yet to submit their recordings so our distribution of string and band lists for 2019 have been delayed.  Our goal is to ensure we have this completed by the holidays.

Guitar audition information has been distributed to students electronically.  The process for these students will conclude in Week 3 with ensembles identified shortly there-after.

Should you have any concerns or queries regarding this process, please do not hesitate to contact me through the Music Office – 3394 5691 or

Preparation for 2019
Shortly we will be distributing information regarding re-enrolment for 2019.  We encourage our students to continue their music education, confident in the cognitive and academic benefits gained from learning an instrument.  There is current research published in Australia that recognises that learning a musical instrument rewires a child’s brain such that it enhances receptivity to learning in the classroom.  If you have four minutes, I strongly recommend you making a coffee and finding a comfortable chair to view this video – – Anita Collins is the face of a new music education revolution backed by the ABC.  She is a music teacher and researcher, having completed a PhD in music learning and brain function.  Anita is Australian and at the forefront of this important development – I recommend her story.

Information regarding the operation of next year’s program for all year levels, our new work program, and re-enrolment will be sent home via mail.  As always, should you have any questions or queries regarding our program and the opportunities available to your son, please do not hesitate to contact me through the Music Office – I am more than happy to speak with you in person or over the phone.

We will be seeking re-enrolment forms to be submitted early term 4 so that we may effectively plan our new schedule and staffing requirements.  Budgeting details for 2019 are to be completed before we may distribute our information.

Date Claimers
As per tradition, we cast our eyes over the term ahead.  Please note the following in your diaries:

Term 4
1 All rehearsals commence – new ensembles
1 Saturday 13 October Prestige Music Fest – String Consort and String Sinfonia – through day – Calamvale College
2 Wednesday 17 October Prestige Music Fest – Wind Ensemble – evening – Coorparoo Secondary College
2 Friday 19 October Prestige Music Fest – Symphonic Band – evening – Iona College
2 Sunday 21 October Strings and Choir in the Cathedral – afternoon – St Stephen’s Cathedral, Brisbane.
3 Friday 26 October Prestige Music Fest – Concert Band – evening – Coorparoo Secondary College
4 Monday 29 October Celebration of Excellence – QPAC Concert Hall – ensembles TBC
4 Friday 2 November Prestige Music Festival – Big Band – afternoon – Calamvale Community College
5 Monday 5 November Music Support Group AGM – 7:30pm
5 Friday 9 November Senior Musicians’ Dinner
7 Tuesday 20 November Christmas Extravaganza
7 All rehearsals conclude

Michael Jones, Director of Music

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As I write this column it is hard to believe that it is the first week back after vacation and we are on the ‘run home’ to Christmas. With only eight weeks remaining in the term, there is no doubt that it will be a busy term ahead.

Our swim program continues this week with the addition of the new 2019 students who have been invited and welcomed into our program. An official ‘welcome breakfast’ for all swimmers will be held this Friday at the College pool (not Langlands) at 7am. We are hoping all students from Year 5 – Year 12 will attend as well as those who will join our College in 2019.

The AIC Track and Field Championships will run over a two-day period on Monday 22 and Tuesday 23 October which is during Week 3 of this term. Please be mindful that Day 1 of the Championships (Monday 22 October) will start on the student free day in Week 3. I encourage all squad members to keep up their efforts at training. I wish all athletes the very best as we prepare for our second Year 5 – Year 12 meet held at this Friday afternoon/evening at SAF, Nathan. Please read below more information pertaining to the Track and Field program below.

The volleyball program continues this week with Villanova entering two teams in the Provence Volleyball Cup being played each Wednesday evening throughout Term 4 over a four-week period. The College has also entered a Year 7 and Year 8 team into the Queensland Volleyball Schools Cup which will be played over a three-day period commencing next Friday. Best wishes go to all these teams!

Villanova’s ‘Emerging Cricket Talent Squad’ resumes their cricket training program this week and by all reports our coaches are very happy with the start and attitude given by all players.

The rugby squads will commence their strength and conditioning programs next week followed by the field sessions being introduced later in the term. The football squad will commence their training towards the end of term. More information regarding the football squad will be given in the weeks to come.

As from 2019, AFL and rugby league will be offered to all Villanova students from Year 5 – Year 12 as part of the AIC Sport competition. Over the next couple of weeks more information regarding these new sports will be published. AFL will be offered in Term 1 together with cricket, volleyball and swimming. Depending on the year level, boys may play AFL and cricket or volleyball (not in Year 5- Year 7). Please read further details below.

Rugby league will be offered in Term 3 and will be played on Saturday. Basketball, tennis and track and field will also be offered in Term 3. Those wishing to play rugby league must play Villanova rugby or football as a prerequisite. There will only be one rugby league team entered per year level from Year 5- Year 10 and only one combined Year 11 and Year 12 team.

During Week 5 of this term we will commence all cricket, AFL and volleyball trials in the hope to get all teams selected before we break for Christmas. After the trial week we have organised a number of important internal and external trial games to further assist our coaches with team selections. Please see below for important dates.

A sign-on form will be made available to all students next week who wish to participate in the 2019 Term 1 AIC sporting program. Please see below for further information.

As always, we encourage all students to get involved in the sports program and to enjoy the experience along the way.

The volleyball season began yesterday, with Villanova playing Iona in the Provence Cup. Villanova will enter the maximum of two teams into this competition. Both games will be played at Iona College in Oblate Hall. The game times are as follows:

Year 10 – 6.00pm start
Year 11 – 7.00pm start

All players are asked to be at the venue 30 minutes prior to the commencement of the game. The coaches have a playing kit which they will distribute to the players before the game.

Next Wednesday 17 October will be a BYE round for both our Year 10 and Year 11 teams in the Provence Cup.

Villanova will also be entering two teams into Junior Schools Cup Volleyball – Year 7 and Year 8. This tournament will take place on the weekend of 19 – 21 October. We wish all players involved all the best.

AIC AFL (now open to all students from Year 5 – Year 12)
In Term 1 2019, AFL will be offered to all students from Year 5 – Year 12. As from Term 1 2019 the following AFL teams will be on offer:

  • Year 5 and Year 6 – Two teams in each year level (A and B). Games will be played on Saturday morning throughout Term 1. Year 5 and Year 6 students can choose to play cricket or AFL but not both.
  • Year 7 – Only one team will be entered in the competition. These games will take place on Saturday morning during Term 1. Year 7 boys can choose to play AFL or cricket or volleyball as they are all played on Saturday.
  • Year 8 and Year 9 – Only one combined Year 8 and Year 9 team will be offered. This game will be played on Friday afternoons/evenings. Year 8 and Year 9 students can play AFL and cricket or volleyball as these two sports are played on Saturday.
  • Year 10, Year 11 and Year 12 – Only one combined Year 10, Year 11 and Year 12 team will be offered. This game will be played on Friday afternoons/evenings. Year 10, Year 11 and Year 12 students can play AFL and cricket or volleyball as these two sports are played on Saturday.

2019 Villanova Cricket, AFL, Swimming and Volleyball Sign On and Trials
All students from Year 5 – Year 12 who are interested in representing Villanova in AIC cricket (Year 5 – Year 12), AFL (Year 5 – Year 12) and volleyball (Year 7 – Year 12 only) in 2019 must complete an ‘AIC Sport Sign-On Form’. These forms will be available to all students from Year 5 – Year 11 next week through their Pastoral classes. Students entering the College in 2019 have been sent the sign-on information during the September holidays.

Please note:

  • All students from Year 5 – Year 12 will play in the AIC Sport Competition
  • All cricket, AFL and volleyball teams will be selected in year levels in 2019 not in age groups. Therefore, boys in Year 8 will play in the 8A-D teams (not the 13A-D teams)
  • Students must attend all trials as listed below to gain selection. Failure to attend trials will affect team positioning
  • Cricket is open to all students in Year 5 – Year 12
  • AFL is open to all students in Year 5 – Year 12
  • Volleyball is open to students in Year 7 – Year 12 (2019) only

Date Claimers

  • AFL and cricket trials for students entering Year 6 in 2019 will take place during school time on Friday afternoons throughout Term 4
  • Trials for Year 7 – Year 12 students (2019) will commence on the week beginning Monday 5 November (Week 5) as per the schedule below
  • Further Internal cricket games/trials will be held on Sunday 11 November for all teams from Year 7 – Year 12 (2019)
  • Further Internal volleyball trials will be held on Saturday 10 November for all teams from Year 7 – Year 12 (2019)
  • Volleyball trial matches against Iona will be held on 17 November
  • Volleyball trial matches against SLC will be held on 24 November
  • All specific times and venues TBA

Initial Cricket and Volleyball Trial Schedule – Week 5

  Monday 5 
Tuesday 6 November Wednesday 7   November Thursday 8   November
6:30am– 8.00am Cricket

Year 11 and Year 12 at Little Langlands



Year 11 and Year 12 in Goold Hall


Year 10 at Little Langlands



Year 10 in Goold Hall


Year 9 at Little Langlands



Year 9 in Goold Hall


Year 11 and Year 12 in Goold Hall

3.30pm – 5.00pm Cricket

Year 7 at Little Langlands


Year 7 in Goold Hall



Year 7 trials at Yeronga

3.45pm – 5.30pm

Oval 2


Year 8 and Year 9 at Yeronga

3.45pm – 5.30pm

Oval 2



Year 8 at Little Langlands



Year 8 in Goold Hall




Year 10, Year 11 and Year 12 at Yeronga

3.45pm – 5.30pm

Oval 2

Zone Cricket
The Zone Cricket Competition begins this Saturday and Villanova has entered a record 15 teams in the competition. It is encouraging to see so many students wanting to develop their cricket skills before the AIC season kicks off early next year. This will only benefit the cricket program and have a positive impact on all players. A massive thank you needs to go out to Ross Whitby, Phil Horton, David Short and Jeff Ilka for their work behind the scenes, as well as the team coaches for getting the season up and running. The organising of team lists, fields and attending meetings to go into bat for Villanova cricket has taken up a lot of their time.

All team lists are available on the College web site. If you have not been in contact with your team manager, could you please do so before Round 1 starts this Saturday to provide contact details. The draws for all teams are available on either the EDJCA or BEARS cricket websites.

In case of bad weather, parents are to contact the team manager. Notices for zone cricket will not be placed on Skoolbag.

Villanova Swimming – Mrs Juanita Jacobs, AIC Swimming Co-ordinator
The swimming preseason is underway with a reasonable group of 15 – 20 of swimmers in the pool each morning.  We will certainly be looking at building on those numbers as quickly as possible in preparation for the season.  It is important that training begin as early as possible, so we have the fitness and technique to finish strongly.  If there are any problems with attending training, please email Mrs Jacobs and discuss these concerns  We encourage all swimmers be present on Friday mornings each week, so that we can unite as a team and build success together.

Training session times are as below.

Day Students in Year 5 – Year 8 in 2019 Students in Year 9 – Year 12 in 2019
Monday 6:30am – 8:00am
Tuesday 7:00am – 8:00am
Wednesday 6:30am – 8:00am
Thursday 7:00am – 8:00am
Friday 6:30am – 8:00am 6:30am – 8:00am

It is important that students are present at the pool and have their names recorded at least 10 minutes prior to starting training.  This way we can ensure that we finish the sets and are able to get changed and up to school in time.

Welcome Breakfast – Tomorrow, 12 October, is a welcome breakfast for all swimmers including the new students who will enter the College in 2019. This will replace the normal swim session. The breakfast will begin at 7am at the Villanova College Pool.  

AIC Water Polo
Villanova will enter the maximum number of three teams in the AIC Water Polo competition in Term 4. Games will be played on Wednesday afternoons after school as per below.

  • Game 1 v Iona at Iona – October 17
  • Game 2 v St Peters at St Peters – October 24
  • Game 3 v Ashgrove at Ashgrove – October 31

Game times

  • Year 7 and Year 8 – 4.15pm
  • Year 8 and Year 9 – 4.50pm
  • Opens – 5.25pm

The first game will be held in Week 2 which is next Wednesday 17 October. Bus transportation will be provided. The bus will depart Villanova for Iona at 3.10pm. The bus should return at approx. 6.30/40pm. Parents are welcome to collect their son from the venue after the game.

Players must wear the Villanova swim togs and the Villanova PE uniform to and from all games.

Ben Mowen and Andrew Slack Squads
Both the ‘Andrew Slack’ and ‘Ben Mowen’ rugby squads will commence their pre-season strength and conditioning program next week as per the times outlined in the information package. The boys and coaches are all keen and eager to further develop themselves. I believe the hard work put in now will pay dividends later in the regular season. This is a great opportunity for all squad members, we encourage all boys to take up the challenge and push themselves to achieve greatness throughout the season.

AIC Golf Championship
The annual AIC Golf Championship will be contested on Monday 29 October at the Indooroopilly Golf Course.  We are currently seeking nominations from students in Year 7- Year 12 who have a club handicap. Each College must submit a team consisting of five players. These players will be escorted by a staff member on the day of competition. Transport to and from the venue will be arranged by the College. All interested students are asked to see Mr Stariha to register. The final team will be selected based on handicaps.

AIC Track and Field – Training and Meet in Term 4
Only two weeks of training to go before the AIC Championships

Villanova’s Track and Field program will continue this term with training every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon together with two AIC Track and Field Meets as listed below.

Buses are organised to transport boys to and from each training sessions as per normal returning at approx. 5.40pm. Buses will also transport students to and from the AIC Meets.

Date Claimers

  • Tuesday 9 October – Training at QSAC 3.45 – 5.15pm
  • Thursday 11 October – Training at QSAC 3.45 – 5.15pm
  • Friday 12 October – AIC Track and Field Meet at SAF
  • Tuesday 16 October – Training at QSAC 3.45 – 5.15pm
  • Thursday 18 October – AIC Track and Field Meet at QSAC
  • Monday 22 and Tuesday 23 October – AIC Track and Field Championships at QSAC

AIC Track and Field Championships
The AIC Track and Field Championships will take place over a two-day period on Monday 22 and Tuesday 23 October. Day 1 of the Championships will be held on the student free day.

The official team and all information pertaining to the Championships including event times, bus departure times etc. will be given to all squad members next Friday 19 October, the day after the final AIC Track and Field Meet which will be held at SAF. We hope all boys continue to attend all remaining training sessions as well as the two final AIC Track and Field Meets and be able to post strong times, distances and heights to push for selection into the Villanova Track and Field Team. We wish all athletes the very best in the final stages of their preparation.

Track and Field – AIC Invitational Meet
Please see details below for the second AIC Track and Field Meet to be held tomorrow 12 October:

Venue – SAF, Nathan

Year 5 and Year 6 students – bus departs Villanova at 2pm, returning at approx. 5:30pm

Year 7 to Open students – bus departs Villanova at 3:10pm, returning at approx. 8:15pm

Parents are welcome to collect their son from the venue.




3.00 pm Hurdles Year 5 and Year 6
3.20 pm 200m Year 5 and Year 6
4.00 pm 800m Year 5 and Year 6
4.30 pm 100m Year 5 and Year 6
4.45 pm 4 x 100m Relays Year 5 – Open
5:15 pm Hurdles 12 Years – Open
5.35 pm 800m
6.10 pm 100m
6.55 pm 400m
7.25 pm 1500m
7.45 pm 200m



3.00 pm








3.45 pm









4:30 pm















5:20 pm

















6:10 pm

















7:00 pm















Craig Stariha, Director of Sport

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Parent Information

Term 4 Fee Statements were emailed to families during the holiday break.

Please contact the College Finance Office on 3394 5552 if you have not received your statement.


You don’t want to miss out! Sales of The Villa Kitchen are continuing to go well but to ensure you don’t miss out on your copy of this special 70th Anniversary keepsake, make sure you order your copy (or copies) on Flexischools asap.

The cookbook is a wonderful memento of the College, not only for your son but for family members as well. In the past the book has popped up on many an occasion:

* A memento for when your Year 12 boy graduates – either at the end of this year or in the future

* A great Christmas gift for family and friends

* A gift for host families for those boys who travel representing the College

* A great recipe book for anyone leaving home

* A treasured keepsake for many Old Boys

The book not only contains recipes and food images reflecting our Villanovan tastes and flavours, but also encompasses images of the College and its surroundings along with a brief history of many College buildings.

All proceeds from the sale of the cookbook will go to the Villanova College P&F. We look forward to you enjoying your copy of the The Villa Kitchen.

Delivery and distribution is expected early November and once received you will be notified.

If you have any queries regarding the cookbook please contact Megan Stuart – or Jacqui Steendyk –

The Flexischools site is now open.

We will be placing an order for the Villa Wildcat towels in early November with the intention to have them printed and ready for collection before the end of Term 4.

The Cricket Grip and Badge sets are available to purchase now.  Once purchased, the Cricket Set will be delivered directly to your son’s Pastoral class, or you can call Robyn Gunning on 0400 841 720 to arrange collection. Please note these items are independent of the Villanova College Uniform Shop and are only available for order via Flexischools. The site is also open for the Villanova Supporters Shirts – all sizes are currently available.

Great stocking fillers for Christmas!

Robyn Gunning on behalf of the Villanova Sports Club

Monday 15 October

Michelle Dixon
Alicia Maunsell
Kyle-Ann Walsh
Heather Martin
Michelle Lewis
Leah Coogans
Jude Johannesen
Kathy Lerato
Maria Scalvos
Sylvia Vitsas

Tuesday 16 October

Kate Hartley
Lisa Meredith
Sally Wearne
Jilane Anderson
Deanne Perrier
Debbie McWilliam
Lisa Stone
Nicole Binney
Victoria Lenton
Nicky Rosso

Wednesday 17 October

Sharron Genrich
Lisa Prendergast
Jayne Solomon
Clare Godwin
Paivi McIntosh
Jean Egan
Peta Diedrichs

Thursday 18 October

Christy Grigson
Wendy Wallis
Tracey Wells
Diana McGregor
Luisa Pigozzo-Brown
Janine Pugh
Maria Horton
Suzanne Littleton
Tanya Harper
Kerry Lapish

Friday 19 October

Lesley Stevens
Amanda Robinson – Ilka
Melissa Paterson
Louise Bukowski
Amy Nolan
Bridget Manning
Merissa Ryan
Barbara Dardengo
Cherie Barry
Amanda Knight
Melissa Buchanan
Melody Phillips


Tuesday 16 October

Susanna Greaves



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Community Update

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Archive Anecdotes

Villanova Players – Celebrating 70 Years
Seventy years ago, Father John Louis Hanrahan of Villanova College, then at Whinstanes, gathered a few friends together who shared a common interest in acting.  Little would he realise that it would become the most successful amateur theatrical group in Brisbane. Much of the Players success was derived from the selection of unusual plays whenever possible, and new members were encouraged to become actively involved as soon as possible after joining.

The first public performance of the Players on 11 October 1948 were three one-act plays – The Miracle Merchant, Between the Soup and the Savoury and The Proposal.

In his welcome prior to the performance, Father Ben O’Donnell made some interesting points to the overflowing audience:

“Your support tonight convinces us that you realise the need for a central Catholic Movement to cater for the aspirations of youth (and the middle-aged!) who are tired of watching Hollywood stars and have the initiative and ability to act themselves.

Tonight’s performance augurs well for the future and is, we hope, the first of a long series.  We trust that the group will grow and become the hub of a larger movement which will incorporate many Brisbane Parishes.

The idea is to train producers from as wide an area as possible, so that when trained in this central Villanova Movement they may be able to form groups and become producers in their respective Parishes. Another aim is to set in motion a healthy interest in all that the Thespian Art connotes…”

Father Paul Dempsey took over the leadership in the late 1950’s, and then a few years later Father Hunt – Parish Priest at St James’s Church, became Chaplain to the Players.  This proved to be the break with Villanova College, however a number of past students with thespian ambitions have continued to join the Players over the years.

In 2005 the Augustine Centre was opened with the main auditorium named the Hanrahan Theatre, in honour of Father Louis Hanrahan.



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