Principal's Welcome

Dear Members of the Villanova College Family
At the end of this week Term Three concludes for all students and staff and I am sure all in our community are looking forward with anticipation to a well-earned break. The holidays will provide an opportunity for staff and students to recharge as we enter the final term of the year.

Term Four will commence on Monday 8 October. The Student-Free Day in Term Four will be held on Monday 22 October due to the Verification Day held by the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority.  Many of our teaching staff are involved in these processes of reviewing students’ academic work as members of Subject Panels.

The Celebration of Excellence Awards Evening will be held on Monday 29 October at the QPAC Theatre. On this occasion we recognise the academic achievements of our students during 2018 and celebrate and showcase the work of our staff and students through visual presentations, performances and speeches. The venue has a capacity for 1500 guests and further details will be made available to all families for the booking of tickets.

As we continue to celebrate the 70th Anniversary of Villanova College, this event will bring together members of our community and all are most welcome. Please be aware there is limited seating available.

The Order of St Augustine is pleased to announce the Ordination to the Priesthood of Br Nguyen Ngoc Hai Dang OSA on Saturday 22 September commencing at 10.00 am at St James Church, Coorparoo. Archbishop Mark Coleridge will confer the Sacrament of Holy Orders to Deacon Dang.

All are most welcome to attend this joyous occasion for the Augustinian family.

With the conclusion of the AIC Basketball and Tennis season I congratulate and thank the Coaches, Managers and Co-ordinators for their support of the players during the season. In so many ways our Coaches and Managers go beyond what is expected to assist our young men to achieve their goals during the season. Once again Villanova College was strong across the College in basketball with many teams remaining undefeated during the season. What is most pleasing is to see the good sportsmanship displayed by our players every week. Thank you to all who supported the teams during the season. With the publication of the official results it is pleasing to see Villanova College won the Aggregate Trophy for Champion School in basketball and in the AIC Tennis Competition we finished a commendable fourth.

We keep in our prayers Mrs Lynda Lecatsas (staff) and her family following the recent death of her stepfather, Mr Len Lyon, much loved Grandfather of Jack Lecatsas (’17) and Oliver (Year 10) and Sebastian Bishop (Year 7).

May his soul and the souls of all the faithful departed rest in peace. Amen

We also keep in our prayers Deacon Dang and all the Augustinian family on the upcoming celebration of his Ordination.

You have made us for Yourself O Lord

And our hearts are restless until they rest in You.

God bless

Mr Mark Stower, College Principal

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Head of Junior School

September holidays are finally upon us.  The premiership quarter of our Academic Calendar is winding down just in time for our Grand Final games in AFL and NRL.  The magpies are swooping as they fiercely protect their young, whilst many of us try to exercise, knowing that the warmer weather is on its way.  Most assessment is marked, and feedback shared – goals realised will be celebrated and then sometimes we need to accept that goals can be ongoing.  All in all, Term 3, the business term, is over for 2018.

There are many things to be proud of, looking back over the past ten weeks.  It is fair to say that I have been very fortunate to devote a lot of time to my absolute passion – basketball.  Winning the AIC Aggregate for the fourth year in a row is something for all Villanovans to be extremely proud of.  Teams have thrived, in combining their gifts and talents with dribbling, passing and shooting skills improving significantly over the season.  Parents have cheered us to many victories and have been pleasantly surprised with the results each week.  The boys have truly learnt the art of combining speed with hand/eye coordination under pressure.  I am very grateful for all the support each Junior School team has received through coaches and the supportive audiences.  Thank you for being there to show your support.

Our AIC tennis teams have finished another wonderful season.  Individuals have developed their serves, returns and volleys over the season and endured all kinds of weather during training and game sessions.  There is a lot of game etiquette involved and to think that some of our Junior School boys have been able to show compliance and skill within this competition is outstanding.  Thank you to the families who watched the games and ensured the boys were available to play in the green and gold each week.

Debating teams in Year 5 and 6 have shone on the stage and argued for and against various topics.  They have mastered the diplomacy of acting as time officials and hosts on several occasions.  Many afternoons have been spent drafting and rehearsing topics, as first, second and third speakers.  Rebuttal skills were brought into play, meaning that careful listening and impromptu ideas had to be cleverly combined on the evening of competition.  Many thanks to all those who edited, listened and attended as guests to hear these boys persuade an audience of their point of view.

Tournament of the Minds teams proudly competed in prepared presentations as well as spontaneous elements of competition.  Costumes, scripts and using creativity to wow the judges meant that these boys were spending a lot of time together this term.  Their ability to entertain an audience within a 3m x 3m square is no easy feat!  This is one co-curricular activity that never ceases to amaze me – these boys have such spirit and a willingness to take risks in front of others – and the whole time they have the biggest smiles possible.

Holidays are a favourite topic now amongst the boys.  Some are very fortunate to be heading overseas, others interstate and some are retreating to favourite family destinations at a local level.  Every student thoroughly deserves to embrace as much free time as possible.  They have worked to capacity and now they must run, swim, ride, play, stay up late and sleep in accordingly.  I shall be taking some time to try and tick off a very extensive list of home improvement jobs my wife has kindly put together whilst I have been at basketball this term.  Christmas is apparently at our house this year, so that means we are socially bound to complete some painting, furniture purchases, decorating and possibly even planning some landscaping options.  Boys, I can tell that my holiday might be very different to yours – I think I am quietly looking forward to Week 1 of Term 4 already!

Mr Stephen Rouhliadeff, Head of Junior School

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Head of Senior School

Student Leadership
Congratulations to the Year 11 students in the Cor Unum Committee who assisted in the leadership of spirit for last week’s final round of AIC Sport against Marist College Ashgrove. In correspondence sent home to Year 11 parents, the importance of Year 11 students embracing their impending leadership responsibilities ‘now’ was emphasised. I am encouraged by the early evidence of this and am confident that the College will be led well in 2019.

Continuing on from my article a fortnight ago pertaining to the Villanova College Student Leadership Model, this week focuses on the dimension of Faith Leadership. The spiritual life (and its development) of the members of the College community is central to the aims of the College.

Students have various opportunities through morning Mass, classroom and retreat experiences, and whole-school liturgical celebrations, as well as participation in Ministry Groups, to develop and deepen their interior knowledge of themselves and their faith. Students are required to be faithful to the ethos of the College and be active participants in the various liturgical celebrations, feasts and ministry programs that display this ethos to the school and broader community. This active involvement would indicate a commitment to the faith life of the College.  Senior student leaders are expected to display a Christian character based on Gospel values, with appropriate morals, and ethics. They would strive to demonstrate a spirituality that is reflective of our Augustinian values and give Christian example in their relationships, attitudes, and behaviour.

September Holidays
I wish all Senior School students (and their families) a wonderful holiday break. My prayer is that you take the time to truly unwind and rejuvenate yourselves so that you return energised in Term Four to finish the year well. I particularly hope that our Year 12 students heed the good counsel provided by their teachers and are ready to complete their final term of studies with commitment and character.

Correspondence regarding the popularised holidaying at Stradbroke Island during this time of year was sent home to Year 11 and 12 parents last week by the Pastoral Area Leaders. It is important that our young men conduct themselves responsibly.

“Pray thee, spare, thyself at times: for it becomes a wise man sometimes to relax the high pressure of his attention to work.”- Thomas Aquinas

Mr Matt Levander, Head of Senior School

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Christian Welch Jersey Winner
At 8.34 am on Monday morning, Mr Stower drew the winning raffle ticket. A few seconds later, there was a collective cry of dismay as various staff members, and even students, realised that the Melbourne Storm signed jersey had been won by a happy and humble Year 6 Blue student (Roman Dunne). The proceeds from this raffle will help AFAS Elders build a new community room on Kinatarcan Island in December. This will add to the building of a drying house which occurred two years ago, following the damage caused by typhoon Haiyan in 2013. Our sister schools and communities have been hit by heavy rain with the passage of the current typhoon, but they are OK. As Sister Janeth communicated to AFAS Coordinator Tony Hindmarsh, “Thanks be to God Sir Tony, we are all fine! God bless us all!”

The generous response from the Villanova community has been wonderful. Over eight full books were sold, and many families bought multiple tickets. I kept hearing about students and mums volunteering to take the raffle rickets around to sell – I really appreciate this level of secret support. Christian Welch sent a message to say how happy he is to support this event; he wears a purple jersey but is still very much a true fan of the green and gold.

Legacy Week
I would like to thank all families who purchased pins and wrist bands in Legacy Week. Just as important, of course, is the conversation about who Legacy are and the difference they make. In a week in which the Royal Commission into aged care has been announced, Legacy model and lead the very highest standards of community care for vulnerable individuals and families within our community. One of the best experiences of community learning and service undertaken by our Year 10 students was in service of a local widow, with Legacy. In a similar way, through the support of the Kokoda Challenge offered by Legacy, our students have learned a great deal about what it means to honour the people from previous generations for whom war was a life-changing event.

Farmers Appeal BBQ and Father’s Day stall
The team of Year 8 students who made such a success of a previous sausage sizzle for the Vinnies drought appeal are running another sausage sizzle on the last day of term, Friday 21 September, at morning tea. Your son may wish to bring in $2 or $3 to purchase a sausage-and-bread and/or a cold drink on that final day.

With the recent success of the Fathers’ Day stall, YAYM have made donations to both AFAS – to help pay for the adult education program run by our Augustinian sister school in Bacolod (Philippines)  – and to RUOK. Thank you to all students – typically the younger students – who were such enthusiastic customers, and a thank you also to staff members Kath Underhill, Helen Palmer, Rohan Dooley and Fr Peter Wieneke who guided YAYM in the running of a happy-busy enterprise.

Plenary 2020 – The Church in the Twenty-First Century
Last week, I opened conversation about what the Catholic Church is becoming in the twenty-first century. The focus was on the hope-filled impact of Pope Francis. One response has been to offer the following extract by Bishop Vincent Long, himself a migrant from Vietnam. Please feel free to send other items or responses. The aim next term is to host an early evening meal bringing staff and parents together to discuss what contribution we can and should make to the Plenary in 2020:

“I believe we are living in a time of grace and hope precisely because this fallow time allows us to rid ourselves of what is unworthy of Christ and to grow more deeply in our identity and mission as his disciples. Hence, it is the time to reclaim for the Church:

  • Less an enclosure for the virtuous but more an oasis for the weary and downtrodden;
  • Less an experience of exclusion and elitism but more an encounter of radical love, inclusiveness and solidarity;
  • Less of an attitude of ‘we are right and you are wrong’ and more of an attitude of openness to truth wherever and whoever it is to be found;
  • Less a leadership of control and clericalism but more [the leadership] of a humble servant exemplified by Christ at the Last Supper;
  • Less a language of condemnation but more a language of affirmation and compassion; and
  • Less a preoccupation for its own maintenance but more a concern for the Kingdom of God

In the end, though, I firmly believe that we’re on the threshold of renewal and transformation. The Second Vatican Council set in motion a new paradigm that cannot be thwarted by fear and paralysis….That new paradigm is one that is based on mutuality not exclusion, love not fear, service not clericalism, engagement with the world not flight from or hostility against it, incarnate grace not dualism. The Holy Spirit is at work even at a time of great anguish’  

Bishop Vincent Long (Diocese of Parramatta).

Mr John Holroyd, Dean of Mission and Identity

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Strings and Choir in the Cathedral
Thank you to everyone who has contacted the Music Office regarding Strings in the Cathedral.  It was inadvertently left out of our date claimer section last week – my apologies!

Strings and Choir at the Cathedral is most definitely going ahead.  A gig-sheet and information regarding rehearsals will be distributed by Ms Bastos shortly.  To assist with your planning please note we will have two rehearsals prior to the event with all students involved, as well as the actual concert on Sunday 21 October.  Please add the following dates to your schedule:

Tuesday 9 October                   Dress Rehearsal – Hanrahan Theatre – all string and

choir students – Year 5 – Year 12 (3 – 5pm)

Tuesday 16 October                 Dress Rehearsal – Hanrahan Theatre – all string and choir

students – Year 5- Year 12 (3 – 5pm)

Sunday 21 October                   Performance – St Stephen’s Cathedral – arrival time TBC

(afternoon event)

Arrival and departure times for the dress rehearsal afternoons will be communicated home with further information regarding the event.  Arrival times and arrangements for afternoon tea after the concert will also be communicated home.

Thank you all – I am really looking forward to this.  It is a very special afternoon for our College.

2019 Ensembles
We are in the final stages of collating audition results.  There are some students yet to submit their recordings so our distribution of string and band lists for 2019 has been delayed.  Our goal is to ensure we have this completed by the holidays.

Please ensure your son has completed and sent his recording regardless of whether he is reconsidering his involvement in 2019.  We are looking for auditions from all students in Year 7 – Year 11 with some Year 6 students involved in Middle School Ensembles receiving the material too.  All Junior School students will have their work in class considered their ‘audition’ for 2019.

Should you have any concerns or queries regarding this process, please do not hesitate to contact me through the Music Office – 3394 5691 or

Preparation for 2019
Shortly we will be distributing information regarding re-enrolment for 2019.  We encourage our students to continue their Music education, confident in the academic, cognitive, and academic benefits gained from learning an instrument.  There is current research in Australia published that recognises that learning a musical instrument rewires a child’s brain such that it enhances receptivity to learning in the classroom.  If you have four minutes, I strongly recommend you making a coffee and finding a comfortable chair to view this video – – Anita Collins is the face of a new music education revolution backed by the ABC.  She is a music teacher and researcher, having completed a PhD in music learning and brain function.  Anita is Australian and at the forefront of this important development – I recommend her story.

Information regarding the operation of next year’s program for all year levels, our new work program, and reenrolment will be sent home via mail.  As always, should you have any questions or queries regarding our program and the opportunities available to your son, please do not hesitate to contact me through the music office – I am more than happy to speak with you in person or over the phone.

We will be seeking re-enrolment forms to be submitted early in Term 4 so that we may effectively plan our new schedule and staffing requirements.  Budgeting details for 2019 are to be completed before we may distribute our information.

Date Claimers
As per tradition, we cast our eyes over the coming term.  Please note the following in your diaries:

Term 3
Week 10 Wednesday 18 September 2019 Ensembles posted outside Music Office

TBC – awaiting final audition submissions

Term 4
Week 1 All rehearsals commence – new ensembles
Week 1 Saturday 13 October Prestige Music Fest – String Consort and String Sinfonia – through day – Calamvale College
Week 2 Monday 15 October Music Support Group meeting – 7:30pm
Week 2 Wednesday 17 October Prestige Music Fest – Wind Ensemble – evening – Coorparoo Secondary College
Week 2 Friday 19 October Prestige Music Fest – Symphonic Band – evening – Iona College
Week 2 Sunday 21 October Strings and Choir in the Cathedral – afternoon – St Stephen’s Cathedral, Brisbane.
Week 3 Friday 26 October Prestige Music Fest – Concert Band – evening – Coorparoo Secondary College
Week 4 Monday 29 October Celebration of Excellence – QPAC Concert Hall – ensembles TBC
Week 4 Friday 2 November Prestige Music Festival – Big Band – afternoon – Calamvale Community College
Week 5 Monday 5 November Music Support Group AGM – 7:30pm
Week 5 Friday 9 November Senior Musicians’ Dinner
Week 6 Tuesday 13 November Christmas Extravaganza
Week 6 All rehearsals conclude

Mr Michael Jones, Director of Music

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Villanova College – AIC Champion Basketball School 2018 – Well Done Team!
It’s official, Villanova has won the 2018 AIC Basketball Aggregate by an extraordinary margin – a massive 21.5 points to second place. Villanova has now won the AIC Basketball Aggregate for a record four consecutive years. Our tennis boys also did us proud and managed a fourth place in the AIC Tennis Aggregate. This is a wonderful achievement for the College and I believe we should all be very proud of ourselves and the efforts given over the entire season.

On behalf of Villanova College, I would like to congratulate all coaches, managers, officials and the many others who supported Villanova’s tennis and basketball program in 2018. Overall, Villanova won an astounding 21 premierships in basketball and had one undefeated tennis team. 

Overall, 31 out of our 34 basketball teams placed in the top three. I believe these results are a direct result of the hard work and dedication put in by all involved. Our teams were well organised. Our boys trained well and produced their best on game day for our College to produce these great results.

 Due to our good work over a long period of time, Villanova basketball teams competed well throughout the season and proved to be the most dominate basketball College in the AIC competition. In a tough competition Villanova managed to secure first place in the overall aggregate in 2018 way ahead of the opposition. A fantastic result for the College!


AIC Basketball Aggregate Placings

First:        Villanova College – 81.5

Second:   St Patrick’s College – 60

Third:      St Laurence’s College – 59.5

Our tennis boys also performed well throughout the season. Although we had only one undefeated team, the overall results meant we were able to hold on to a credible position in the aggregate which was equal to our performance last year. This year’s tennis competition was again fiercely contested. As mentioned all season, every win and loss is important in such a competitive competition. All players who attended all games and the regular training sessions should feel proud of their efforts knowing they produced their best for themselves and the College to gain 4th position in the overall aggregate.


AIC Tennis Aggregate Placings
First:        St Peter’s College – 94

Second:   St Laurence’s College – 84

Third:       Marist College Ashgrove – 72.5

Fourth:    Villanova College – 52.5 

Congratulations go to all the premiership teams listed below:


AIC Basketball Premierships
Third V Basketball – Coached by Mr Peter Meecham

Fourth V Basketball – Coached by Mr Louis Cassidy

11A Basketball – Coached by Mr Pat Atkinson

10A Basketball – Coached by Mr Sean O’Neill

10B Basketball – Coached by Mr Sean O’Neill

9C Basketball – Coached by Mr Lachlan Whiting and Mr Ben Porter

9D Basketball – Coached by Mr Tom Deguara and Mr Charlie Griffin

8B Basketball – Coached by Mr Rob Korst and Mr Sam Korst

8C Basketball – Coached by Mr Ben Honan and Mr Josh Mullins

8D Basketball – Coached by Mr John Holroyd

8E Basketball – Coached by M. Fletcher O’Neill

8F Basketball – Coached by Mr Patrick Thomas

7A Basketball – Coached by Mr Greg O’Neill

7C Basketball – Coached by Mr Jack Cole and Mr Corey Heaton

7D Basketball – Coached by Mrs Jo McConville

7E Basketball – Coached by M. Ben Lynam

6C Basketball – Coached by Mr Matthew Wilson

6D Basketball – Coached by Mrs Melissa Liddy

5A Basketball – Coached by Mr Stephen Rouhliadeff

5B Basketball – Coached by Mr Adam Fry

5D Basketball – Coached by Mr Callum Hackett


AIC Tennis Premiership/Undefeated Team
6B Tennis – Managed by Mrs Maria Mascadri

To further develop Villanova’s sports programme, the Sports Department has implemented many initiatives by forming specialised squads to develop our student athletes. The Andrew Slack Squad, the Ben Mowen Squad, the Emerging Cricket Talent Squad, First Volleyball Squad, the Junior and Senior Football Development Programs and the Swim Squad are all part of these programs. Most of the information regarding these programs has been dispersed. I wish all those who are involved in these squads the very best.

I encourage all students from Year 5 – Year 12 to give Track and Field the highest priority next term. There are only two weeks of training in Term 4, before the AIC Track and Field Championships are held in Week 3. Please read below information regarding Track and Field including the first meet to be held in Week 1 next term.

I wish all students a safe and happy break. Please enjoy!

Villanova Swimming – Mrs Juanita Jacobs, AIC Swimming Coordinator
The 2018-19 Villanova swimming season has commenced once again.  Many thanks to the 15 students who have started the season with the Villanova squad.  We hope to see the rest of the students at the pool as soon as possible, so we can really develop the skills and speed that is needed for a successful 2019 Championship.

If your son is interested in joining the swim squad, he can collect an information pack from the Sports Office or via the website.  We recognise that many swimmers train with their own coaches and clubs and may not be able to attend the additional swimming sessions for school.  Please let Mrs Jacobs know if this is the case, so we do have an indication of the boys who are in the pool training regularly.  This assists us for future planning of competition meets.

Training sessions are held at Langlands Park Memorial Pool, 5 Panitya Street, Stones Corner under the direction of Mr Guilherme Santos (Year 9 – Year 12 coach) and Ms Kerry Holland (Year 5 – Year 8 coach). Training commenced on Tuesday 11 September for current Villanova students and will continue every Tuesday and Thursday morning until Thursday 4 October (the last week of the holidays).

Training will continue from Week 1, Term 4 2018 (Tuesday 9 October) for new students enrolled at Villanova in Years 5 and 7 in 2019 as well as all currently enrolled Villanova students as per the schedule below. These sessions will run up to and including Friday 21 December 2018.

Students are asked to arrive at least 10 minutes before the allocated start time so that we are in the water commencing training on time.

Day Students in Years 5 – 8 in 2018 Students in Years 9 – 12 in 2018
Monday 6:30am – 8:00am
Tuesday 7:00am – 8:00am
Wednesday 6:30am – 8:00am
Thursday 7:00am – 8:00am
Friday 6:30am – 8:00am 6:30am – 8:00am

The following Swimming Managers will be at Langlands training sessions from Week 1, Term 4 to take the roll and answer any questions you might have.

Villanova Swim Squad Staff
Mrs Juanita Jacobs Swimming Coordinator

Mrs Kirstina Moss Swim Manager Years 5 and 6
Mrs Terri Dillon

Mrs Theresa Henry

Swim Managers Years 7 to 12

There will be a welcome breakfast for all swimmers on Friday 12 October at the Villanova College pool from 7am. THERE WILL BE NO TRAINING AT LANGLANDS POOL ON THIS DAY.  We look forward to meeting you all there and getting the swimming season underway.

AIC Water Polo
Villanova will enter teams in the AIC Water Polo competition in Term 4. Games will be played on   October 17, 24 and 31 and November 8 for the following teams:  Year 7 and Year 8, Year 9 and Year 10 and Opens.

Mrs Jacobs will meet with all those who have signed on during Week 1 next term to discuss the season. The first game will be held in Week 2 next term on Wednesday afternoons. Bus transportation will be provided. At this stage a full season draw has not been released.


AIC Basketball – Mr Sean O’Neill, AIC Basketball Co-ordinator
The 2018 basketball season held high hopes for all involved and it did not disappoint with another excellent year of great plays, sportsmanship and results. Having won the Aggregate Championship three years in a row, it was always going to be a tough ask to do so again but the players and coaches delivered it in superb fashion. Villanova won by an astonishing 21.5 points, the highest margin out of the four championships.  It is an amazing effort by all involved.

Villanova entered 34 teams across Year 5 – Year 12 and of those, 21 won a premiership and a further 10 were placed in the top three.  This is an even greater feat than we accomplished last year. Our mantra all season was ‘humble and hungry’ and I am confident that we delivered on that message. The players continuously displayed excellent sportsmanship on the court, diligent training habits and skills that show how hard they are working on their game.

The First V had another impressive season in a very challenging competition. The team ended the season in third place and is a tremendous effort and just reward for the countless hours of training they have put in, not only this year but over the journey in the basketball program. A real highlight was the win against SLC at their new home venue with an enormous crowd present.  The Villanova players held their nerve in a tight victory and the following week’s harrowing loss to a buzzer beater shot was, despite the loss, a real credit to the grit and determination of all the players.

A special mention must go to all the coaches. The hard work and commitment that they put in to teaching skill work and game play has been a considerable reason behind our recent success. This year has seen us with the best line-up of coaches ever and the skill and experience they bring has been invaluable. The program continues to grow, and it is great to see so many old boys returning to coach younger teams. Mention must also go the Sports Department for all the hard work behind the scenes to ensure everything has run so smoothly.

The High-Performance Program was split into three squads this year to accommodate the growth in numbers and all three squads worked tirelessly over the first semester to improve their skill work, basketball intelligence and fitness and agility. The training was capped off with us taking three teams to the Gold Coast Invitational which saw our U15 team come away as gold medallists.

The 2019 season is already in preparation mode as we begin to prepare the High-Performance squads and coaches. This will continue to improve our elite players and ensure they lead their age divisions well. We will continue to strive for excellence on and off the court in the way we prepare for season 2019 and I for one, cannot wait!


Hire Basketball Singlets
We ask all players from Year 5 – Year 12 to return their basketball hire singlet to the Villanova College Uniform Shop as soon as possible please.

AIC Basketball Results v Ashgrove

First V 70-35 Win 48-43 Win 60-62 Loss 62-55 Win 61-69 Loss 47-43 Win 46-69 Loss
Second V 31-27 Win 36-28 Win 30-34 Loss 51-28 Win 32-38 Loss 39-23 Win 34-40 Loss
Third V 35-37 Loss 39-18 Win 64-12 Win 41-29 Win 37-23 Win 45-30 Win 38-26 Win
Fourth V 49-31 Win 29-14 Win 36-18 Win 50-14 Win 38-24 Win WASH OUT 36-27 Win
11A 41-30 Win 33-22 Win 35-13 Win 31-19 Win 33-24 Win 44-16 Win 29-32 Loss
11B 34-27 Win 56-14 Win 62-9 Win 62-32 Win 41-39 Win WASH OUT 40-47 Loss
10A 37-31 Win 33-22 Win 41-34 Win 67-19 Win 49-27 Win 54-31 Win 67-18 Win
10B 43-37 Win 21-29 Loss 48-39 Win 38-34 Win 61-13 Win 78-15 Win 48-28 Win
10C 26-52 Loss 48-40 Win 46-26 Win 32-33 Loss 24-46 Loss WASH OUT 32-37 Loss
10D 40-13 Win 20-33 Loss 30-22 Win WASH OUT 23-22 Win BYE 22-29 Loss
9A 38-41 Loss 33-34 Loss 58-27 Win 70-34 Win 46-36 Win 61-34 Win 45-16 Win
9B 31-33 Loss 26-33 Loss 34-33 Win 51-26 Win 31-42 Loss 69-32 Win 32-31 Win
9C 25-31 Loss 32-31 Win 63-8 Win 32-14 Win 30-23 Win 60-13 Win 33-22 Win
9D 22-17 Win 35-33 Win 23-10 Win 30-23 Win 36-23 Win 42-18 Win 26-12 Win
8A 56-20 Win 53-41 Win 57-35 Win 46-31 Win 50-28 Win 80-17 Win 43-49 Loss
8B 39-11 Win 56-21 Win 50-17 Win 54-29 Win 52-21 Win 75-9 Win 48-21 Win
8C 35-8 Win 27-22 Win 42-27 Win 44-27 Win 22-16 Win 47-13 Win 36-35 Win
8D 58-8 Win 59-21 Win 59-2 Win 31-8 Win 49-24 Win WASH OUT 49-13 Win
8E 47-2 Win 46-16 Win 57-18 Win BYE 33-29 Win WASH OUT 26-14 Win
8F BYE 28-16 Win 41-18 Win 32-20 Win 59-14 Win WASH OUT BYE
7A 53-22 Win 23-21 Win 48-17 Win 68-11 Win 40-34 Win 56-21 Win 46-18 Win
7B 49-21 Win 34-35 Loss 41-14 Win 57-13 Win 27-33 Loss 50-8 Win 48-21 Win
7C 54-14 Win 56-29 Win 73-5 Win 55-10 Win 40-23 Win 71-11 Win 54-18 Win
7D 42-8 Win 23-10 Win 79-3 Win 56-10 Win 34-23 Win WASH OUT 30-16 Win
7E 47-10 Win 31-8 Win 45-14 Win 33-9 Win 24-17 Win WASH OUT 26-10 Win
7F 42-15 Win 20-20 Draw 20-8 Win 26-18 Loss 17-24 Loss WASH OUT 28-26 Win
6A 24-46 Loss 39-19 Win 46-8 Win 54-25 Win Forfeit Win 70-6 Win 48-17 Win
6B 49-18 Win 28-31 Loss 32-12 Win 26-20 Win Forfeit Win 94-8 Win 35-28 Win
6C 34-12 Win 23-12 Win 54-12 Win 35-29 Win Forfeit Win BYE 28-20 Win
6D 44-7 Win 35-8 Win 33-12 Win 36-17 Win Forfeit Win BYE 30-20 Win
5A 41-8 Win 38-9 Win 84-4 Win 49-10 Win 61-34 Win 62-8 Win 88-11 Win
5B 36-5 Win 19-9 Win 46-5 Win 36-4 Win 44-17 Win 57-8 Win 48-6 Win
5C 43-4 Win 16-8 Win 40-2 Win 11-12 Loss 18-18 Draw BYE 30-14 Win
5D 38-4 Win 33-4 Win 30-7 Win 24-13 Win 28-11 Win BYE 22-19 Win

AIC Tennis – Mrs Kath Underhill, AIC Tennis Coordinator
It was always going to be a tough day of tennis against Marist College Ashgrove, but once again, in true Villanova form, our young men behaved and played with impeccable dignity. The tennis centres at both Morningside and Ashgrove were humming from the early hours of the morning through until the last match was over. The early morning visit from Head of Senior School Mr Levander, proved instrumental in encouraging the players from the very start. A visit from Principal Mr Stower, was significant as players were battling out their matches.

Special mention of the season goes to 6B team, who completed their tennis season undefeated.  Managed by Maria Mascadri, what was prominent in this team each week was their humility, coupled with determination – congratulations team! Possibly the highlight at Morningside was the First IV match.  Not only were aggregate points riding on this, but also the Errol Davis Cup.  Errol Davis was a former Villanova staff member, whose son attended Marist College Ashgrove, and the family were passionate about tennis and the rivalry between the two colleges. Each year the two First IV teams play it out to determine the College whose name will be placed upon the trophy.  Congratulations to our premium players on bringing back the trophy to adorn the shelves of Villanova College!

I would like to take this opportunity to also congratulate our mighty First IV Tennis Tribe: Coach Clive Martin, Manager Sean Conway, Captain Shayle-Korander-Matheson, Matthew Conway, Zacharie Norman, Callum Moses, Alex Faccio and the parents on a solid season. We thank our only Year 12 student and captain Shayle, for his remarkable dedication to the season and to his team and wish him all the very best as his Villanova College schooling days come to an end next term.  Cheers to all tennis parents who have supported their sons this season!  The encouragement and applause certainly make a difference! Finally, heartiest of appreciation to all managers for a fabulous season of tennis: Sean Conway, Barbara Dewis, Yannick Norman, Matt Lalor, Ben Stuart, Matt Pertnikovs, Julian Mascadri, Christine and Anthony Taylor and Maria Mascadri. Looking forward to seeing you all back in 2019!

AIC Tennis Results v Ashgrove

First IV 7-1 Win 5-3 Win 5 – 3 Win 2-6 Loss 2-6 Loss WASH OUT


6-2 Win
Second IV 8-0 Win 1-7 Loss 5 – 3 Win 7-1 Win 3-5 Loss 0/16-8/40 Loss 3-5 Loss
Third IV 6-2 Win 4/27-4/32 Loss Forfeit Win 5-3 Win 6-2 Win 1/6-7/36 Loss 4/24-4/29 Loss
11A 1-7 Loss 1-7 Loss 6 – 2 Win 4(24)-4(28) Loss 7-1 Win 2/25-6/35 Loss 5-3 Win
11B 1-7 Loss 0-8 Loss Forfeit Win 5-3 Win 7-1 Win 0/10-8/40 Loss 4(28)-4(29)


10A 3-5 Loss 2-5 Loss 7 – 1 Win 6-2 Win 8-0 Win WASH OUT


1-7 Loss
10B 4-4 Loss 1-7 Loss 7 – 1 Win 6-2 Win 6-2 Win WASH OUT


3-5 Loss
9A 7-1 Win 2-6 Loss 1 – 7 Loss 1-7 Loss 4/31-4/29 Win WASH OUT


4/22-4/26 Loss
9B 1-7 Loss 0-8 Loss 0 – 8 Loss 0-8 Loss 1-7 Loss WASH OUT


0-8 Loss
8A 5-3 Win 3-5 Loss 8 – 0 Win 3-1 Win 3-5 Loss 2/19-6/38 Loss 3(26)-3(20) Win
8B 5-3 Win 1-7 Loss 8 – 0 Win 3-0 Win 3-5 Loss 1/14-7/34 Loss 0-6 Loss
7A 8-0 Win 2-4 Loss 7 – 1 Win 5-3 Win 7-1 Win 1/17-7/39 Loss 2-4 Loss
7B 2-4 Loss 1-7 Loss 5 – 1 Win 5-3 Win 3-5 Loss 0/3-8/40 Loss 2-4 Loss
6A 4/33-4/25 Win 4/31-4/29 Win 3/25 – 3/30 Loss 2-6 Loss 8-0 WASH OUT


3-5 Loss
6B 4-2 Win 4-2 Win 8 – 0 Win 8-0 Win 4/33-4/23 Win WASH OUT


7-1 Win
5A 5-1 Win 0-8 Loss 3 – 5 Loss 7-1 Win 2-6 Loss WASH OUT


0-8 Loss
5B 5-3 Win 1-7 Loss 2 – 6 Loss 7-1 Win 4/31-4/29 Win WASH OUT


0-8 Loss

AIC Track and Field – Training and Meet in Term 4
Villanova’s Track and Field program will continue next term with training to be held every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon together with two AIC Track and Field meets as listed below. Please note training will commence the first Tuesday afternoon back in Term 4 as per the schedule below.

We require all boys to fully commit to the Track and Field program in Term 4 as there are only two weeks of training before the AIC Championships, which is held in Week 3.

Buses will transport boys to and from each training sessions as per normal returning at approx. 5.40pm. Buses will also transport students to and from the AIC meets.

Date Claimers

Tuesday 9 October – Training at QSAC 3.45-5.15pm

Thursday 11 October – Training at QSAC 3.45-5.15pm

Friday 12 October – AIC Track and Field Meet at SAF

Tuesday 16 October – Training at QSAC 3.45-5.15pm

Thursday 18 October – AIC Track and Field Meet at QSAC

Monday 22 and Tuesday 23 October – AIC Track and Field Championships at QSAC


Track and Field – AIC Invitational Meet
Please see details below for the third AIC Track and Field Meet to be held on Friday of week 1 next term.

Date – Friday 12 October

Venue – SAF

Year 5 and Year 6 students – bus departs Villanova at 2pm, returning at approx. 5:30pm

Year 7 to Open students – bus depart Villanova at 3:10pm, returning at approx. 8:15pm

Parents are welcome to pick up their son from the venue.


3.00pm Hurdles Year 5 and Year 6
3.20pm 200m Year 5 and Year 6
4.00pm 800m Year 5 and Year 6
4.30pm 100m Year 5 and Year 6
4.45pm 4 x 100m Relays Year 5 – Open
5:15pm Hurdles 12 Years – Open
5.35pm 800m
6.10pm 100m
6.55pm 400m
7.25pm 1500m
7.45pm 200m



















4:30 pm








14 and 15 YEARS




14 and 15 YEARS



5:20 pm

















6:10 pm













14 and 15 YEARS




7:00 pm








12 and 13 YEARS







Volleyball – Ms Barbara Dewis, AIC Volleyball Co-ordinator
PROVENCE CUP 1 – Villanova volleyball has been well and truly underway since the beginning of Term 3.  Teams were entered in the Senior Schools Cup Tournament and the Primary Schools Cup for the first time this year.  Although success was not to be, all teams performed well, and it is a credit to the coaches who prepared the teams for these tournaments in such a short time.

Term 4 will be the next chapter of Villanova volleyball 2018 with teams participating in the Provence Cup. This tournament will be conducted over a four-week period beginning in Week 1 of Term 4.  Training times and further details will be posted on the website.

Dates and times for this tournament are as follows:

Provence Cup 2018
Week Date Host and Duty Court 1 Court 2
1 10-Oct Iona Iona v Villa ACGS v BBC
2 17-Oct
3 24-Oct BBC BBC v Iona ACGS v Villa
4 31-Oct Churchie ACGS v Iona BBC v Villa
6:00pm Year 10
7:00pm Year 11

2018 Villanova College Sportsman of the Year Award and the Father Tom Mescall Award for Excellence in Sport.
The College will commence the process of selecting the Villanova College Sportsman of the Year Award as well as the Father Tom Mescall Award for Excellence in Sport. Mr Stariha will speak with all Year 12 students during their Form Meeting in Week One of next term to run through the process of selection and the selection criteria.

Students wishing to nominate for either award must see Mr Stariha to complete a ‘Sporting Involvement Form’. This form will also be available on the web within the ‘Locker Room’ section.

Villanova College Sportsman of the Year Description

The Paul Finnimore Memorial Shield for Sportsman of the Year is awarded to a Year 12 student who has made an outstanding contribution to the College’s sporting program. The student will have represented the College in a minimum of three sports during their senior year displaying not only outstanding sporting ability but also exemplary sportsmanship and conduct.  Of these three sports there must be a combination of both individual and team sports. The recipient of the Sportsman of the Year Award would not be in contention for the Father Tom Mescall Award.


  • Success in sport representing Villanova in the AIC competition as well as any other representative honours
  • Breadth of participation representing Villanova in at least three sports in the AIC competition including both team and individual sports
  • Sportsmanlike attitude both on and off the field at training and on game day

Note –  the last criterion of which takes precedence over the other two.

Villanova College Sportsman of the Year Selection Process

  1. The co-curricular data is collected in TASS throughout the year and is entered in by the Co-Curricular Departments – Sport, Ministry and Music.
  2. Students who have participated in three or more sports during the calendar year will be asked to complete a Sporting Involvement Form (see attached). Students who nominate have the responsibility of including all their sporting achievements on the form.
  3. The Director of Sport collates the Sporting Involvement Forms and presents a short list and recommendation of the Sportsman of the Year to the Head of Senior, Middle and Junior School, Deputy and Year 12 Co-ordinator.
  4. This group discusses the nominations and makes a recommendation to the CLT/ Principal for final approval.

Father Tom Mescall Award for Excellence in Sport – Award Description

The Father Tom Mescall Award for Excellence in Sport is presented to a Year 12 student in recognition of their sporting excellence. This award may or may not be awarded each year and may be awarded to more than one student in any given year. The Father Tom Mescall Award is a way to recognise those students who have succeeded at a First level (or Division 1 Level) in a variety of sports at Villanova as well as reaching a very high representative level in any given sport.

Zone Cricket
Teams for the Term 4 Cricket Zone Competition have been finalised and all boys are asked to check the web page for the lists. Could all parents please contact their son’s team Manager to pass on contact details and to sign up for umpiring and scoring.

Training will begin the first week back and each year level will train at the same time;

Session Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
6.30am – 8am Year 9

Year 10

Year 11

Year 6 Year 5 Make up session for rain
3.15pm – 5pm Year 7 and Year 8

The draw for the EDJCA and BEARS has not been finalised and will be distributed to all Managers as soon as they are ready. Matches begin on Saturday 13 October and will conclude on December 8. December.

Representative Sport
Well done to the following boys on their recent selection into the Met East Track and Field Team – Jacob Dimmick, Nic Elsey, Peter Klaassen, Mitchell Rieck, Samuel Binney and Luca Vlamos. These boys will now compete at the State Track and Field Championships. Good luck boys!

Mr Craig Stariha, Director of Sport

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Parent Information

‘The Villa Kitchen’ Cookbook:

Sales of The Villa Kitcheare going well but to ensure you don’t miss out on the pre-sale special of $30 for this wonderful cookbook, make sure you order your copy (or copies) on Flexischools asap.

All proceeds from the sale of the cookbook will go to the P&F. We look forward to you enjoying your copy of the The Villa Kitchen.

Please note: The pre-sale price of $30 is valid until 30/09/2018.  As from 01/10/2018 the price of the cookbook will increase to $35.

If you have any queries regarding the cookbook, its delivery or distribution, please contact Megan Stuart – or Jacqui Steendyk –

Monday 8 October

























Tuesday 9 October





















Wednesday 10 October



















Thursday 11 October













Friday 12 October




























Monday 8 October

Sharon Vecchi

Wednesday 10 October

Donna Leahy

Thursday 11 October

Maritsa Malanos

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Calendar of Events

Junior School Disco – Friday 12 October – 6.30pm – 8.30pm

Junior School Parent End of Year Celebration  – Friday 9 November


This term, four teams of Villanova students participated in the Tournament of Minds Program. ‘TOM’ is a program open to all students from Year 5 – Year 10, and has many benefits, both socially and cognitively. A program which includes problem solving, teamwork and creative and critical thinking, is also lots of fun to be a part of. Most importantly, it highlights the varied gifts and talents of individual students, and makes every team member feel both valued and valuable! This year, Villanova furnished two Primary and two Secondary teams, who worked hard and consistently during out of school sessions. On Saturday 25 August, the Villanova College campus was a hive of activity, combining TOM Regional Tournament Day (which attracted over 500 students, parents and teachers from other schools), the barbecue for the Farmers Drought Appeal, and basketball in Goold Hall!

Two of these teams progressed through from Regional Finals to the State Finals which were held last Sunday at Bond University. The Higher Order Thinking witnessed on this day was nothing short of incredible, and our young men were amazing.  Just ask them about their Princely Proverbs or their Triple Phyla Creature!

I would like to personally acknowledge the fabulous facilitating mentors we have had this year for our TOM students: Mrs Terri Dillon, Mrs Maria Mascadri, Mr Rohan Dooley, 2017 Dux of Villanova College Mr Harrison Rieck, Senior Student Ronan Hughes, and our fabulous Year 11 students Nick Halvorson and Sam Behm. We hope to see the participation in 2019 at least double in size, so watch out for Term 2 2019 when we begin our TOM program.

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Community Update

A reminder to those students wishing to attend the 2019 AFAS Exchange that a booking deposit of $700.00 is due tomorrow, Friday September 21 and payable through Flexischools.

If there are any queries, please email Tony Hindmarsh at



Thank you to all the generous families who have contributed towards the AFAS Elders project in the Philippines. Recent donations from the Juers and Byrne families will go a long way towards the construction of a community hall which will also be used for the mat weaving business thereby ensuring a sustainable business for the people on Kinatarcan Island.

At present, we have raised just over $3700 towards our target of $8000.00. If you would like to donate towards this project, it would be greatly appreciated.

Donations may be deposited into the following account:

BSB                                     064-786

Account Number          019232109

When making deposit/transfer, please put ‘AFAS Elders’ in the description as well as what item you are donating plus your name.

AFAS Elders        concrete            Smith                           

If you would like to remain anonymous, please put “anon” instead of your name.

Unfortunately, AFAS Elders is not a registered charity, so donations are not tax deductible but if you require a receipt, please email Mr Tony Hindmarsh  –


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