Principal's Welcome

Dear Members of the Villanova College Family
Welcome to Catholic Education Week. The theme, Sharing our Journey, reminds each one of us of the incredible story of Catholic Education in Australia and Queensland, in particular. Catholic Education in Queensland is a story of 302 Catholic schools educating 146,000 students and employing over 18,500 teachers and staff.

Villanova College traces its humble beginnings back to February 1947 when then Archbishop of Brisbane, James Duhig invited the Augustinians to establish a school in Brisbane, “…where  a more classical education was to be in place with a curriculum that laid emphasis on literary studies as well as the cultural and finer things of life.” (One Mind, One Heart – Villanova – Its Story and Traditions, 1998)

In February 1948, the College opened its doors for the first time to 40 boys and their families spread over Years 5, 6 and 7. With only the bare basics, the young Augustinian fathers set about educating the minds and hearts of their students.

Today, we the teachers and staff of Villanova College, share the journey of Catholic Education with the many men and women who went before us forging a vibrant and engaging Catholic education system both here in Queensland and across Australia. We are challenged to honour the past, celebrate the present and embrace the future.

Augustinian Pedagogy

This week Mr Paul Mead, Mr Matt Levander, Mr Brett Morrissey and Mr Shawn Creamer are representing the College at the Augustinian Pedagogy Conference being held at Villanova University, Philadelphia, USA. The conference brings together educators from across the world involved in Augustinian education.

AIC Sports Review

A reminder to parents and students to contribute to the review of the AIC competition. This review closes very soon. Your input is crucial so if you have not already done so, I kindly request that you contribute to a brief survey by following this link:

Parents and Friends

Congratulations to the Parents and Friends Association for a very successful Trivia Night last Saturday evening. The attendees enjoyed a great night of entertainment and fun. The competition to be crowned champion table was fierce. Thank you to Mr James Griffiths and his team for their work in organising the event.


We continue to keep in our prayers all members of our community who are dealing with illness and suffering at this time. May the peace of our God be with you.

You have made us for yourself O Lord

And our hearts are restless until they rest in You

God bless

Mr Mark Stower, Principal

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Head of Junior School

Junior School Staff have set their Term 3 goals under the overarching theme of “Teaching and Learning”.  Working collaboratively with Ms Kristina Whitehead, Program Leader – Collaborative and Reflective Practices, all Year 5 and 6 teaching staff are exploring Marzano’s Art and Science of Teaching with a focus on Design Questions 5, 7 and 9, which I would like to elaborate on for our parents and boys.

What Will I Do to Engage the Students? is Question 5 under the art of Enacting on the Spot in quality teaching.  It involves, but is not limited to how teachers notice, respond and manage their students.  A teacher’s pace, movement, intensity and enthusiasm are given attention.  How students are given special attention, the rate of opportunities to share ideas and present information that inspires or intrigues students is also for consideration.  The curriculum unit is one thing, but it is certainly an art form to know the students, predict and plan effectively for teaching as well as monitor engagement.  It can also be true that the intentions of a teacher might be one part of the story and the perceptions of the experience is the narrative of the student.  I am very grateful to the staff who are asking their students to give feedback through surveys and simple conversations.  I think the boys will be happy to provide some feedback; perhaps it is quite timely after the Semester One reports lads!

Recognising the levels of Adherence to Classroom Procedures and Rules is in line with Question 7.  It involves recognising the positive affirmations for boys who show respect and a willingness to be a part of a team that is safe and valued.  It is about how staff make meaningful connections with young students that have interests and values from a society and lifestyle different to their own experience as a child.  Showing “withitness” and flexibility – having a personality that the boys can identify as open-minded is paramount to engaging learning.  How consequences are managed when expectations fall short is also part of this area for our teachers to reflect upon.  By Term 3, we would expect that the boys know and understand the guidelines that are set by the College and in particular, those pertaining to the Junior School precinct.

Communicating High Expectations is the focus for Question 9.  This is different from wanting perfection – it is based on individual students reaching their full potential through time, focus and a willingness to try (and try again).  Being fair and clear, from the start of a lesson or unit, is essential for boys to understand.  There are various methods – verbal, written, using diagrams, setting specific learning goals – the possibilities are endless.  Teachers will investigate whether the boys understand and benefit from the expectations they set – or possibly will the students have suggestions that might be more useful?  This is the perfect opportunity to share your thoughts gentlemen.

The process of working collaboratively and reflectively is one that Villanova College strives to implement.  It takes a lot of careful planning and preparation to match the student’s interests, capabilities, projected potential learning goals and hit the National Curriculum standards simultaneously across all learning areas.  Learning environments need to be flexible, stimulating and supportive of helping each boy do the best work he possibly can.  Resources need to be a mix of technological programs, tools and hands on equipment.  The recording of notes, research and feedback must be organized and useful for study or revision.

So boys, over the next month I thank you for helping us to collate how you feel about the teachers you work with.  Your ideas are important and valued.  We are interested in what you see and any suggestions will be noted and used for future planning.  You are not the only ones who need feedback – the adults around you also need to know some of the things they do well and some of the things they might consider changing so that your College is the best place you can be five days a week.

Mr Stephen Rouhliadeff, Head of Junior School

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Head of Middle School

In an age when output, productivity and effectiveness are measured, analysed and monitored across almost all industries, the education sector has most certainly embraced effect sizes, data tracking and engagement methodology to increase student achievement.

One widely recognised belief about teaching (supported by expert John Hattie, among others) is the huge effect that the teacher has on the learner and the quality of learning. Whilst as educators, the planning and delivery of lessons fills our days, it is important that we make time to reflect on the effectiveness of what we do.

Several years ago now, Villanova’s Middle School teachers began engaging with a new and exciting initiative we entitled Collaborative and Reflective Practices. With the direction and facilitation of CRP Program Leader, Ms Kristina Whitehead, the goal of CRP is to enhance student learning by effectively working with teachers to improve their practice.

Each core Middle School teacher is a member of a CRP pod, which meets twice a term to reflect on their classroom practice and discuss and share the effectiveness of their pedagogy. It is this guided reflection that gives them an opportunity to set professional goals and track their own growth and learning.

The basis of this reflection, used to inform their pedagogical framework, is Robert Mariano’s ‘The Art and Science of Teaching’.  Incorporating this, the CRP program calls on teachers to construct a lesson and articulate their responses to a series of questions – specifically:

  • What is your observation focus? Why?
  • What went well with regard to the observation focus?
  • What opportunities are there for improvement?

As a group, teachers then watch a video recording of their lesson and together reflect on the pedagogical practices under focus. This has been found to be beneficial for all teachers involved. Through it, pod members can deepen the understanding of their own practices. It has also been found that, by offering and receiving particular insights, sharing alternative methods or evaluating student engagement and achievement with tasks, the teaching of the whole POD is improved.

The CRP program under Kristina’s leadership has undoubtedly fostered this culture; a culture that ensures teachers can improve their practice and enhance outcomes for our students. I commend and thank Kristina for her ongoing work and acknowledge the dedication and support that the Middle School teachers have given this initiative.

For more information about the College’s CRP program, feel free to contact myself ( or Kristina directly (

Mr Greg O’Neill, Head of Middle School

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Year 12 Retreat
“Just as a candle cannot burn without fire, people cannot live without a spiritual life.”  Buddha

There is a common saying; experience makes us who we are.  However, it is not just the experience that makes the Villanovan man, but the reflection afterwards.

With such eventful lives and the pressures of achieving a satisfactory approach to study, many students forgo the necessity of gaining deeper knowledge by reflecting on their experience. Nonetheless, there is always time to stop and ponder and at Villanova, such time is made.

Every year, the entire Year 12 cohort are taken on a two day journey of connecting back to what is most important, respite and contemplation. The Year 12 Retreat occurs in the frosty mist of Mount Tamborine and this is where some of our most emotional private moments were shared in a safe and helpful way recently. No one could ask more of the dedicated group of teachers who accompanied us – both for the memorable experience as well as the guidance they provided. Moreover, we will long remember the risk they took in speaking about the lessons from their own lives.

With rejuvenated resolve, many Year 12 students will face the last semester of their Villanova College years with a steadfast determination.

Fabrice Ragoo, Ministry Captain

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Last Friday our Year 5 and Year 6 students commenced Round 1 of the AIC basketball season against St Patrick’s College. Our boys did extremely well winning all games. This laid the platform for our older boys to do the same on Saturday.

It is pleasing to report the results on Saturday from the remaining basketball and tennis games continued the success. Against stiff opposition, Villanova won 28 of 33 basketball games and 14 of the 17 tennis matches. This is an outstanding start to the season considering St Patrick’s were second in the basketball aggregate and ranked two places higher than Villanova in tennis last year.

It would not be uncommon for teams to change slightly after last weekend in readiness for Round 2 against St Laurence’s. In fact, we encourage our coaches to constantly monitor players from all teams and change teams weekly based on player performance, attendance and attitude at training and on game day. Rewarding players for consistent effort is an important part of our sports program.

Last weekend our AIC Cross Country Squad travelled to Limestone Park at Ipswich to participate in the first of the cross Country lead up meets. This meet was important as it provided all runners an opportunity to run the championship course. The second cross country meet will be held this Friday afternoon at Curlew Park hosted by St Patrick’s College. All runners are required to attend. Further information can be found below in the AIC cross county section.

The AIC Track and Field Training Program will commence the week beginning Monday, 21 August, that is, the week after Ekka week. The College is committed to ensure that we offer a quality-training program for those students who are interested in joining the track and field program from Year 5 -12. Please find below further details regarding the up-coming track and field pre-season program.

I would like to once again, strongly remind students about following through when a commitment is given. Villanova is a place where many opportunities are on offer across many different areas. The College is very mindful not to overburden students. I have mentioned on more than one occasion recently that the Sports Office is committed to, and has the flexibility to negotiate training schedules where a student has made a number of other co-curricular commitments.

Having said this, the College endeavours to provide the best possible coaching across the sports program in order for Villanova to do well and to instil a sense of pride. Villanova has a large number of very well qualified coaches in place to benefit our students and the sports program. It would be disappointing to source coaches and have students not attend these sessions without an apology. Please urge your son to follow through with the commitment he has given or have him come to the Sports Office to talk through any issues, we are here to help.

This weekend Villanova will face St Laurence’s College in the local derby. As usual, we will expect a high level of competition from our rivals. As we have our first teams playing at home this weekend, I urge all boys to stay and support. As always, we would expect our boys to give 100% on the court. A reminder too that we must conduct ourselves in the correct manner whether it be on the court or as a spectator.

I wish everybody involved with cross-country, basketball and tennis all the best this weekend. Please enjoy!

AIC Tennis and Basketball Round 2 v St Laurence’s College, Friday 28 and Saturday 29 July – Times and Venues

All Year 5 and Year 6 basketball games are played on Friday afternoons. All Year 7 – 12 basketball and Year 5 – 12 tennis games are played on Saturday.  Please refer to the College’s website to view all times and venues for this weekend’s fixtures against St Laurence’s College.

Villanova Inter-House Track and Field Carnival – Compulsory!

All students from Years 5 – 12 are required to attend Villanova’s annual Inter-House Track and Field Carnival to be held at Villanova Park on Thursday, 17 August. All students are to attend school as per normal times and buses will then transport the boys to and from Villanova Park. We hope all parents support the College to ensure that all boys attend. More details will be available in next week’s Villa View.

The College is looking for a large band of parents to assist with canteen duties on the day of the Inter-House Carnival. If you are able to assist, please contact Mrs Robyn Gunning – Mob 0400 841 720 or

AIC Cross Country

The second AIC Cross Country meet will be held this Friday afternoon, 28 July, at Curlew Park. This is another opportunity for our runners to race the other AIC Colleges, and put their hard work and training to the test.

The coaches are hoping that there will be a huge representation of Villanova College cross-country runners this Friday. All boys from Year 5 – 12 will be excused from class in Period 6 and will be transported out to Sandgate early to avoid the traffic.

Many thanks to those who have answered the call recently to join the AIC Cross Country Squad. Training for the Year7 – 12 boys will continue on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings at 6.45am, meeting outside Goold Hall. The Year 5 and Year 6 squad will continue training on Monday and Wednesday afternoons.

Remember – there are only two weeks remaining with two warm-up carnivals to get a time on the board!

The AIC Championships will be held at Limestone Park on Wednesday, 9 August. A full program of the day’s events is posted on the College’s website under Sport – AIC Cross Country. A bus will depart the College with all athletes early that day. More details will follow in next week’s edition of the Villa View.

It is imperative that all runners from Year 5 – 12 attend all training sessions and meets in the lead up to the day of the AIC Championships.  Over the next two weeks, Cross Country training must be given priority over any basketball or tennis training.

Year 7 – 12 Cross Country Squad Training

Training will continue each Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings commencing at 6.45am at Little Langlands.

Year 5 and Year 6 Cross Country – Mr Tom Lonergan, Year 5 and Year 6 Coach

The first AIC Cross Country Trial was held last Saturday afternoon at Limestone Park, Ipswich. This is the course where the AIC Championships will be held on Wednesday 9th of August 2017.

The Year 5 boys showed their enthusiasm in their first opportunity to represent Villanova, when 21 of 24 in the training squad, turned up.  More importantly, our first seven were within one minute of the winner’s time. Ryan Siebel was our best in third place with Henry Oberhardt and John Nolan our next best. Villanova had 15 boys across the finish line within 90 seconds of the race winner. A wonderful problem for the selection panel!

Mitchell Rieck ran with aplomb in the Year 6 race. He was a clear winner and Caden Griffiths, Hugo Harrison and Luca Whitlock provided Mitchell good support. Again, the turnout was good as 11 of 15 boys ran. While we do not have the depth of the Year 5 squad, it looks likely we will be able to run nine boys capable of making up the six scorers for the Villanova team at the AIC Championship.

The next trial will be held tomorrow at St Patricks College Shorncliffe.

Year 5 and Year 6 Cross Country Squad Training

Monday and Wednesday afternoon 3.15 – 4.30pm

AIC Cross Country Meet – Curlew Park – Friday 28 July

The buses will depart the College at 2.15pm. A Year 5 and Year 6 bus will return after their races and should arrive back at the College at approx. 5.00pm. The Year 7 – 12 bus should arrive back at the College at approx. 6.00pm.

Program of Events

Event Time Distance
Year 5 3.45pm 2 km
Year 6 3.55pm 3 km
12 and 13 Years 4.10pm 3 km
14 and 15 Years 4.25pm 4 km
16 years /Open 4.45pm 6 km

Venue: Curlew Park

Curlew Street, Sandgate

Important AIC Cross Country Dates – Years 5 – 12

Bus transportation will be provided to all runners for each meet listed below. The bus schedule will be advertised each week via the website and the Villa View.

Friday August 4 SLC HOST


Year 5 – 3.45pm

Year 6 – 3.55pm

12 years and 13 years – 4.10pm

14 years and 15 years – 4.25pm

16 years and Open – 4.45pm

Wednesday August 9 AIC CHAMPIONSHIPS


Year 5 – 1.00pm

Year 6 – 1.15pm

12 years – 1.35pm

13 years – 1.55pm

14 years – 2.15pm

15 years – 2.45pm

16 years –  3.15pm

Open – 3.45pm

Presentations – 4.30pm

AIC Cross Country Uniform

It is imperative that all Villanova runners look like a team, therefore we expect all runners to wear the following uniform on the day of the championships and to all meets:

  • Villanova white running shorts
  • Villanova athletics singlet
  • Villanova squad shirt
  • Villanova sports cap (green)

(All available from the College Uniform Shop)

AIC Basketball – Mr Sean O’Neill, AIC Basketball Coordinator

Round 1 of basketball was always going to be a tough start against St Patrick’s who came second behind us in aggregate last year by only two points and the weekend did not disappoint with many close games. In fact, under four points including one in over-time decided five games. We ended up winning the day 28 – 5 but all five of the losses were aggregate games, which meant a 7 – 5 aggregate win. This was a good result against such a tough opposition, reminding us all that there are no easy wins in the search to be the champion school for the third year in a row.

Round 2 is our first home game of the season and is against one of our biggest rivals in St Laurence’s.  It should be an awesome atmosphere with the Spirit Committee organising many events to keep the crowds entertained. Students this week can enter to win VIP seating on the stage for the First V game (with free food) and there will be another raffle where the winner can enter a shooting competition to win up to $75 worth of prizes at half time. Junior School students can enter to win a Pre-Game Experience, where they can be in the dressing sheds with the team before the game, run through the tunnel and warm-up on court with the team. All of these opportunities are to encourage students to attend Goold Hall and get behind all of the players competing for Villanova.

Goold Hall Canteen – AIC Basketball

Once again, we are asking parents to assist by volunteering their time to help in the canteen. The canteen will open at 7.30am. It is usual that we need the most help within the first hour with food preparation and coffee sales.

Although at times the canteen may look like they have enough helpers, please come and offer your time as some of those volunteers may need to get to their son’s games. Please come along and help, meet some new friends and catch-up on what is going on around the College.  Please see the roster below:

AIC Basketball Year 5 and 6

Well done to all boys, coaches and parents for your efforts last week in Round 1 of basketball. Thank you to the managers for getting your team distribution lists up and running and rosters organised for transporting the boys to the games.  Congratulations to all of the Year 5 and 6 teams winning 8 from 8 against St. Patrick’s College. All of the Junior School teams played exceptionally well for the short period they have been together, particularly the Year 5 teams, who tipped off their basketball careers in fine style.

Well done to all of the boys on a fantastic start to the season and good luck for Round 2 matches against St. Laurence’s College.

Junior School Basketball Team of the Week

Henry Oberhardt, Charlie Blyth, Tyler Clelland, Roman Dunne, Charlie Corrigan, Mitchell Rieck, Blake Bishop and Alex Vasiliou.

AIC Basketball Results v St. Patrick’s College

AIC Tennis – Mrs Kath Underhill, AIC Tennis Coordinator

Huge congratulations to all Villanova tennis players and coaches, who have made an amazing start to the 2017 season!  Year 5 and Year 6 teams blasted off with a 4/4 win against St Pat’s, and all boys played hard right up until the last game. This was mirrored by the older players, who played with great determination and team spirit! All Villanova tennis players and supporters should be very proud of themselves, and have set us up for a great season ahead.  A week with 14 out of 17 teams winning is a sensational platform for what is ahead of us.

It was fantastic to see our First Tennis Team dig themselves out of a trench to eventually win the day. This was an awesome display of determination and skill by our boys. Well done! St Laurence’s will be tough this weekend. We are hoping all boys bring their ‘A’ game and are able to perform at their best for themselves and the College. Best wishes.

AIC Track and Field

AIC track and field training officially commences the week beginning Monday 21 August, which is the week after Ekka week. This year all students from Years 5 – 12 (excluding the middle distance runners) will train on Tuesday and Thursday afternoon at Villanova Park and S.A.F (State Athletic Facility).  A bus will transport all athletes to and from each training session. We hope to commence training at 3.45pm and conclude by 5.10pm. The bus should return to the College around 5.40pm.

Middle distance athletes will train at Little Langlands on the days listed below:

  • Year 5 and Year 6 – Monday and Wednesday afternoon at Little Langlands 3.15 – 4.30pm. Coach:  Mr Tom Lonergan
  • Year 7 – 12 – Monday and Wednesday mornings at Little Langlands 6.45 – 7.45am and Thursday 6.00 – 7.30pm at Tees Athletic Club, Stanley Road, Carina. Coaches: Mr Brian Pascoe and Mr Kane Corby

The coaches will cover all track and field disciplines across all age groups at these sessions. Training as a Year 5 – 12 squad will increase team spirit and ensure our athletes are able to attend the various  sessions we have on offer.

A full program is available on the College’s website.

Lytton District Track and Field Carnival

The Lytton District U10-12 Track and Field Carnivals will be held at Villanova Park next Thursday August 3 and Friday August 4. Nominations are due tomorrow and we will be using training sessions during Friday sport and last term’s HPE results, as well as AIC results from last year to finalise the team that Villanova will be sending.

There are restrictions on the number of nominations, so places in the team can only be filled with the following numbers: 100m – three competitors in each age group, 200m- two per age group, field events – two per age group and 800m three per age group. Boys will be notified tomorrow if they have been selected and given all of the relevant paperwork. All students selected are to find their own way to and from Villanova Park on both days of competition.

Canteen help for Lytton District Athletics

There will be a large number of athletes and their families present next Thursday and Friday and we   are looking for assistance at the canteen. If all Villanova parents could spare some time helping out while they are waiting for their son to compete, it would be greatly appreciated. The carnival runs from 9am – 3pm on both days. As there will be close to 1000 people at the park on Thursday, this will be the time that most help will be required.

Term 4 Cricket

This year Villanova will again run an internal cricket competition for Year 4 students who will be entering the College in 2018. The current Year 5 students, who are interested, will be invited to play for Villanova in the Eastern Districts pre-Christmas competition during Term 4 in the U12 divisions. Year 6 students wishing to play will be placed in the BEARS competition.

Villanova will be entering teams into the BEARS competition for Year 7 to 11 students wanting to play cricket in Term 4 but the number will depend on the availability of fields and parents who volunteer to coach. Students are free to play for other clubs and this decision will have NO bearing on AIC selections in 2018. All clubs will be having their sign on days in August and we will send out any club flyers to students when they arrive in the Sports Office.  A letter from the Sports Office with contact details will be available to interested students next week.

Local clubs have just commenced their sign-on processes, so feel free to contact one of the EDJCA associated clubs below, to enquire about their sign-on days or register on-line through their websites.

The relevant clubs in EDJCA that are as follows:

Club Website
1 Carina Cricket Club
2 Bulimba Cricket Club 
3 Holland Park Junior Cricket Club
4 Wynnum Manly District Cricket Club Junior Division
5 Mansfield Magpies Junior Cricket Club

If you would like more information about the options available, please visit the Eastern Districts or BEARS website at  Boys in Year 7 – 12 who wish to sign on for Villanova in Term 4 are to collect a form from the Sports Office next week.

Representative Sport

Well done to Jordan Zappala who represented Met East in the U/15 Qld Football State Championships held in Cairns from 20 – 23rd July. Jordan has now been selected in the Queensland Schoolboys Football Team to compete at the U/16 Pan Pacific Games in Adelaide from 3 – 9 December, 2017.

Jordan was recently invited to trial for the National Training Centre and Brisbane Roar and has been named in the 23 man Train on Squad for the Brisbane Roar U/16 Academy side for 2018. A fantastic achievement, well done Jordan!

Congratulations to Mitchell Rieck who competed at the Queensland Cross Country Championships last week and finished in equal 10th place for the 12 and under age group. Mitchell also won a silver medal in the team’s event. A great achievement, well done Mitchell!

Zane Genrich competed in the 2017 National Indoor Archery Championships and placed second in Queensland and ninth nationally. A fantastic achievement, well done Zane!

Mr Craig Stariha, Director of Sport

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Rehearsals and Lessons
All lessons and rehearsals are continuing as per the schedule for Term 3.  We have three weeks until QCMF – we look forward to seeing all ensemble members at rehearsals to assist with ensemble preparations.  The Term 3 rehearsal schedule has been included with this week’s Villa View.

Big Band and Irish Ensemble at St James Fete

The Villanova College Big Band and Irish Ensemble 1 entertained the crowds at St James School Fete last Sunday, 23 July.  The students did a fine job and acquitted themselves well.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank those students and family members that joined us for the afternoon.  We received numerous positive reports regarding the boys’ performances and their behaviour – well done to all involved.

Big Band Performing at Mt Carmel Fete – Sunday 6 August

The Big Band have been invited back to play at the Mt Carmel Fete on Sunday 6 August.  Times and information will be distributed once all details are confirmed.  Come along and support the students; it is a pleasant afternoon and a great opportunity to support our broader community.

Pre-QCMF Concerts

This year we have reintroduced the pre-QCMF concerts as an opportunity for our students to have a final ‘hit-out’ before festival.  As per our calendar of events, the pre-QCMF concerts have been scheduled for Tuesday 8 and Thursday 10 August, commencing at 6pm.  All students will be required to participate in this event.

The concerts are relatively informal, in that the audience can move between performances.    However, during each performance the room will go into lock-down so that our students can perform their entire program for an audience.

The Music Support Group are seeking assistance with the serving of refreshments and the monitoring of doors prior to each performance.  Any enquiries in this regard may be forwarded to Maria O’Leary ( our Music Support Group Secretary.

The following outlines which evening your son’s group is to perform.  Please note this is not a performance order.

Tuesday 8 August Thursday 10 August
Year 5 Band Wind Ensemble
Year 5 Strings String Sinfonia
Year 6 Band Senior Choir
Year 6 Strings Junior Percussion Ensemble
Guitar Ensemble 1 Jazz Ensemble
Guitar Ensemble 2 Senior Percussion Ensemble
Flute Crew Too Supernovans
Junior School Choir Big Band
Irish Ensemble 1 Combined Symphony Orchestra
Irish Ensemble 2 String Consort
Clarinet Choir Concert Band
Symphonic Band
Con Vivo Chamber Ensemble
Brass Ensemble
Flute Crew
Amadeus Chamber Strings
Corelli Chamber Ensemble

We aim to conclude each concert by 7:30pm.

Queensland Catholic Schools’ and Colleges’ Music Festival

There is now three weeks until the largest school music festival in the Asia-Pacific region is proudly hosted by Villanova College.  The Queensland Catholic Schools’ and Colleges’ Music Festival will be convened at Villanova College for the twenty-seventh year from 17 – 20 August.  We will be welcoming over 13,000 students and 20,000 audience members from across Queensland and Australia to our College over four very musically packed days.  I am eagerly looking forward to welcoming them all to our place on the hill and enjoying this time of great musical sharing.

All of our Villanova ensembles will be performing across the weekend.  The scheduling for the entire festival has been confirmed and I am pleased to be able to share the Villanova College performance times.Please refer to the performance time document: QCMF performance times.

Performance uniforms will remain the same as our debut concerts in term 2.  All students are required to meet their ensemble director 1 hour before their scheduled performance time on level 1 of the Augustine Centre.

QCMF Vacant Volunteer Roles

The QCMF Planning Group is looking for volunteers for the following key roles:

Coordinator/s Directors Lounge:  The volunteer/s undertaking this role would set up a comfortable lounge in which conductors, adjudicators and sponsors can relax and enjoy come light refreshments during the festival.  Cooking is not required.  There is a document available detailing all that is involved.

Venue Secretary/ Co-Coordinator Veritas:  Friday and Saturday only (8:30am – 6:45pm Friday and 8:30 – 4:00pm Saturday).  Working with the Coordinator assisting with the smooth running of this lovely venue.  There is a coordinator; however, two people are necessary for this role.

Stage Manager – St James Hall:  No training required.

Date Claimers

We now look ahead to August with our currently scheduled events.  Please ensure these are marked in your diaries.

Sunday 6 August Big Band performing at Mt Carmel Fete – after 1pm.  Time tbc.
Monday 7 August Music Supporter’s Group Meeting and QCMF Planning meeting – 7:30pm in Music Classroom, level 1 of Augustine Centre
Tuesday 8 August and Thursday 10 August QCMF Preparation Concerts.  All ensembles will be required to perform once over these evenings.
Thursday 17 – Sunday 20 August Queensland Catholic Schools’ and Colleges’ Music Festival hosted by Villanova College.  Students will be required to volunteer for a short period over the weekend.  All ensembles will perform once.

Mr Michael Jones, Director of Music

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Parent Information


During Weeks 3 and 4 of Term 3, Student Ambassadors from the University of Queensland will be visiting Senior School students to conduct Lunchbox Sessions.  During these Lunchbox Sessions Student Ambassadors will share their experiences about their relevant degree, their subject selections, practical experiences they have had and extracurricular activities available.  Below is the outlined schedule:

Friday 28 July: Science and Mathematics

Monday 31 July: Arts, Advanced Humanities and Criminology

This will encompass:

  • Drama and Music
  • Criminology
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • History
  • Archaeology
  • Anthropology

Tuesday 1 August: Arts, Language, and Politics, Philosophy and Economics

This will encompass:

  • Politics
  • International relations
  • International studies
  • Philosophy
  • Languages

Wednesday 2 August: Journalism and Mass Communication

Thursday 3 August: Education and Health, Sport and Physical Education (HPE)

Friday 4 August: Business, Economics and Commerce

Mrs Dianne Martin, Pathways Program Leader


Maths tutoring is available on the mezzanine level of the Tolle Lege Library for students in Years 7, 8 and 9 on Wednesday mornings from 7:30am. Students are to bring along any questions they wish to work on.

Mrs Amanda McKay, Acting Middle School Mathematics Curriculum Leader


Lourdes Hill College Middle School Dance will be held Friday 28 July from 6pm to 8:30pm.  Entry requirements are current school ID, $10 and ticket.  Tickets can be collected from Mrs Lamb in the Middle School Student Services Office – payment is made at the dance on Friday night.


Woolworths Earn and Learn 2017

This year Villanova College will be participating in the Woolworths Earn and Learn program. By participating in this program, the College will be eligible to receive new educational resources – and all we need you to do is shop for your groceries at Woolworths.

From Wednesday 26 July until Tuesday 19 September, or while stock lasts, we will be collecting Woolworths Earn and Learn Stickers.  You will receive one Woolworths Earn and Learn Sticker for every $10 spent (excluding liquor, tobacco and gift cards). Place the Woolworths Earn and Learn Sticker onto a Woolworths Earn and Learn Sticker Sheet and when it is complete, the sticker sheet can be dropped into the Collection Box located here at the College (Junior School office) or at your local Woolworths store.

At the end of the promotion, Villanova College will be eligible for some great new equipment. The range is extensive and offers many items ideal for our students – including resources for Maths, English, Science and some fantastic fun supplies for Arts and Craft, Sport and library resources. If you’d like to know more visit

Mrs Leanne Addley, Junior School Curriculum Area Leader


Tuesday, 1st August

Cristina Palacios

Wednesday, 2nd August

Donna Leahy

Thursday, 3rd August

Kelly Stassi (after tuckshop), Susanna Greaves, Sue Mulligan

Friday, 4th August

Gina Avolio, Jaclyn O’Shea


Monday, 31st July

Narelle Rieck, Julie Stokes, Jenni Boxall, Jane Green, Sally Caltabiano, Megan Price, Maria Woodger, Loretta Jordan-Vieira, Mary Innes, Cath Griffin

Tuesday, 1st August

Donna Perkins, Melissa Davidson, Lisa Forsyth, Nicole Webb, Leanne McMahon, Sonia Ballen, Susan White, Tricia Allen, Cristina Watson, Donna Fingland

Wednesday, 2nd August

Angela Dooley, Tina McCaul, Peta Gomersall, Kathy McCaul, Karen Marrinan, Maria Corones, Lena Bazzo, Lisa Gorry, Denise Smith, Annette Siebel

Thursday, 3rd August

Paula Lisignoli, Maria McGarry, Zsuzsa Henderson, Juanita Ryan, Kath Eberhardt, Pauline White, Bernadette Papagiannis, Kelly Stassi, Jane Lawson, Louisa Coote, Chrissy Bonfiglio, Eleni Stathis

Friday, 4th August

Caroline Agnew, Louise Pertnikovs, Jacki Wilson, Jane Short, Pauline Vasta, Adriana Sofios, Gerry Ternel, Leanne Bryant, Natalie Basili, Maria Nicolaou, Kim Creevey, Naomi Jansen

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Calendar of Events

Stay up to date with the College events please proceed to the event calendar.

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Community Update

2017 Old Boys Dinner

Reminder to all Old Boys: tickets sales close this Monday, 31st July 2017.


To purchase your tickets visit: Trybooking

First and Second Year – $75.00 All others – $100.00

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