Principal's Welcome

Dear Members of the Villanova College Family
Recently I had the privilege of working with our Year 12 students during the Year 12 Retreats. At this halfway mark of their final school year, these young men continue to be optimistic and hopeful for the future. Over the two days, the students were challenged to continue to be the “Light of Christ” in our world; through their actions each young man can make a difference.

At this stage of the new semester, students should have settled back into the routine of school life. This routine involves getting out of bed on time, being organised for school and arriving on time. In the afternoon students must prioritise homework and study time and ensure tasks are completed to the best of their ability. As a routine, it must be repeated again and again until it becomes a habit. If your son is having difficulties settling back into a routine please contact their respective Year Co-ordinator or Head of School.

Congratulations to Harrison Rieck, Year 12, following the recent announcement that Harrison was one of 25 students across Australia to be awarded the Tuckwell Scholarship to the Australian National University (ANU) from 2018. This is a wonderful achievement for Harrison and is due recognition for his outstanding academic record and significant contribution to College life through his sporting and leadership endeavours.

The entrance into the Junior School from Fifth Avenue has displayed some movement in one retaining wall at the side of the steps over the holidays, probably due to tree roots. However, a section of the steps will be fenced off until an investigation is completed and remediation works are carried out. Students will still be able to use the stairs to enter and exit the Junior School.

Earlier this week all families received an email requesting their involvement in the review of the AIC Sporting Competition through the completion of an online survey. The survey can be found at the following link-: and will only take four or so minutes to complete.  Your input will provide valuable feedback to the research team led by Professor Cliff Mallett from the University of Queensland.

The Year Eleven Semi-Formal was held last Friday evening and our young men displayed gentlemanly behaviour, conducting themselves in a mature manner as they hosted young women from a variety of Brisbane schools. These events provide opportunities for our young men to experience the social norms of an evening spent in the company of young women and friends.

Please keep in your prayers Fr Joe Walsh OSA who has moved into permanent residential care at the Marycrest Retirement Centre. We also keep in our prayers, Mr Charlie Fisher who is recovering following further time in hospital last week.

You have made us for Yourself O Lord

And our hearts are restless until they rest in You.

God bless

Mr Mark Stower, Principal

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Head of Junior School

Being available during lunch breaks on the playground is my aim each day.  I like to see the incredible lunches devoured by our ravenous young men – from the most decadent meat and salad wraps to the best kind of leftovers such as potato bake or spaghetti bolognese.  Boys are purchasing hot pies and sausage rolls from the Tuckshop and in this cooler weather, the fight is definitely on from my corner to not follow suit!  The conversations are jovial and it’s the perfect time to hear about the weekend, catch up on sport results and see just what opportunities life is giving some very fortunate ten and eleven year olds.

On Monday, I had the pleasure of trying my luck with some interesting treats called “Bean Boozles” and it was my pride on the line as I took the 50:50 chance of chocolate pudding vs dogfood (victorious) and peach vs barf (defeated).  It was to the great entertainment of a group of boys as they watched in anticipation at the reaction on my face.  Let us just say I have a newfound level of respect for those individuals on reality shows who compete in eating challenges.

Relationships are crucial to making us feel good.  Non-verbals such as smiles, a wave or eye contact show respect and presence.  Our words, tone of voice and timing of conversation reveal even more about our worth in social and work circles.  Sharing stories and tales of humour or passion build trust and empathy.  We need to build an emotional connection through positive experiences so that personal growth and hard work can be undertaken on both sides with enthusiasm.  Our Semester One experiences have hopefully built a solid foundation of experiences, combined with the formal report, can lead to more strategic work ethics and achievements in Term 3.  I have visited each classroom this week and seen first-hand our teachers working enthusiastically on the new units.  We really are well on our way into the second half of the year.

Celebrations are in store from Monday 24 July to Friday 28 July as we embrace Catholic Education Week.  It is a time to be proud of our faith and actively participate in “Sharing the Journey” together as a community.  I have it on the best authority that a beautiful new banner will be revealed on the playground and I cannot wait to see it! The Jordan-Vieira family have designed and created something for the College to proudly display and treasure for years to come, thank you so much to Loretta and Luca.

Each Junior School family will receive entry forms for a “Gifts of the Holy Spirit” Competition.  Together, family members nominate one of the gifts to each person who lives in their home.  On the entry form, they will write their details and an example of how this gift benefits people.  Each morning the boys can put the entries into the appropriate boxes and on Friday, seven lucky families will receive dinner vouchers as prizes for sharing their gifts!

The boys will also visit St Martins, St James and Our Lady of Mt Carmel to share a picture book, play a simple game and share a snack with a child from Prep to Year 3. This is about being a big brother and showing kindness through generosity of time and spirit. During lunch breaks, our new Term 3 leaders will look for random acts of kindness in the playground and award small treats for thoughtful deeds.  Last, but not least, the staff will cook and serve a sausage sizzle (free of charge) to all the Junior School boys on Friday at first break.  We are going to highlight that faith in each other, in God and in our community is alive and well.  My thanks to Nichole Rouhliadeff, Junior School Religious Education Curriculum Leader, for all her preparation and organization so far.

It is with great pride that I finish on commending the AIC basketball teams.  Last Wednesday and Friday we trialled against St Laurences and Ashgrove.  Nothing makes me happier than to see the joy and determination of young lads on the basketball court.  Teamwork and commitment to the essence of the game was demonstrated across both year levels and in every ability group.  I was so proud of the cheer squads who stayed after school to call out words of encouragement to their mates.  The parents were sensational in clapping and uplifting to all members of each team.  What an exciting season we have ahead of us men, it will indeed be the championship quarter!

Mr Stephen Rouhliadeff, Head of Junior School

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Head of Middle School

Last week our Year 7 students were treated to a session with cyber-safety and bullying expert Mr Jonny Shannon. The hour-long presentation was both informative and, at the same time, entertaining.

He challenged the boys to reflect on their social media usage:

  • Why do I use it?
  • How much am I using it?
  • Does my digital footprint reflect who I am in real life?

When speaking about the increased role that technologies play in the lives of our current adolescents, Jonny quoted new research that highlights the benefits of growing up in the 21st century. The research proposes that the current youth of today will be better at everything compared to all generations before them. They will master science in ways we have not.

Being more creative, they will be better at solving problems and designers of better solutions and products. Through more adaptive learning processes, they will be better at tackling medical issues that at present have us floundering. Through all these achievements technology will be at their side, an integrated tool enhancing achievements.

Better at everything EXCEPT one major aspect of life… social interaction and the establishment of meaningful relationships.

With the increasing demand for, and access to, social media, today’s youth are still less skilled at making friends than previous generations.

As I have mentioned previously, as parents and educators alike, we need to prioritise the teaching of the “micro-skills”, the social and emotional tools that allow us to function as members of a community.

So how do we pass these tools on to our young men? How do we become effective models? What deliberate instruction or advice do we offer to encourage our boys to foster and value all kinds of social relationships?

When Jonny rhetorically asked the Year 7s about the best way to make friends, he answered simply, “just be friendly”.   Sounds simple enough, but perhaps it is a timely reminder for us all.

Mr Greg O’Neill, Head of Middle School

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Head of Senior School

Year 12 Retreat
Over the last week, I have had the honour and privilege of participating in the Year 12 retreat program. It is my hope that all Year 12 students have benefited from this experience and opportunity to nurture their inner selves. According to Parker J Palmer, “self-care is never a selfish act – it is simply good stewardship of the only gift I have, the gift I was put on earth to offer others. Anytime we can listen to true self and give the care it requires, we do it not only for ourselves, but for the many others whose lives we touch.”

Students were challenged to reflect on their own spiritual journey in their relatively young lives after listening to some courageous and particularly moving presentations by staff. The program also provided a platform of nourishing the spirit of brotherhood within the cohort that will be an important source of energy needed to collectively face the pressures associated with Term Three.  I would like to thank Mr John Holroyd, Mr Tony Rolls and all staff for their contribution to the success of the retreats.

“Five-second” moments for parents of teenage boys

I would like to share with you excerpts from an article written by Br Damien Price, an inspirational teacher and Christian Brother who has positively shaped the lives of many young men.

The five-second moment is that sacred window of interaction and relationship with the boy. In those five seconds, the parent makes an “inner choice” about how to engage. It is only five seconds so ultimately it is about trusting yourself – your wisdom, your experience, your ‘gut’ knowledge of what does and does not work.

Some five-second moments:

  • To say “I’m sorry” when you have stuffed up or “I don’t know” when you don’t know. I have never engaged with a boy who needed, wanted or expected people to be perfect; but they did want fidelity! By admitting our flaws – our feet of clay – we psychologically become loved, admired but attainable role models.
  • Shadow boxing. There is that beautiful time when the boy is little and he loves his hugs and high fives. He loves you to hold his hand and runs to you. There will come a time when that boy, like a chameleon, suddenly is ‘too cool’ for all of that. That is when dad walks along the side of the sports field, approaches the son on the edge of the team talk, and without stopping ruffles the hair and keeps on going. That five-second choice (and it takes many forms) says to the lad: “I love you, I am proud of you, I am here for you!” The inner radar of the boy makes note of this and puts it away for a psychologically rainy day.
  • The magic art of how to be there without being there. They KNOW you are there (at the sporting event or the school function) and more importantly, they KNOW deeply when you are not there when you could. You can’t be too obvious. Your presence in their lives is intuited. They feel it and especially sense it when it is NOT there.
  • Actions speaking louder than words! Boys hear and see through the gut and through experience. They hear “I love you and am proud of you!” NOT through those words being said but through action. Every time the parent puts the family holiday or the shared activity with their sons before more hours spent at the desk at work, another TV for another room of the family home or a bigger and more powerful car, they are putting psychological money into the relationship piggy bank. The day WILL come when the boy – now a young man – will suddenly want to share a beer with dad or an adventure with mum and that response is built upon the scaffold and foundations laid many years before in “time wasted” with them.
  • Drawing a line in the sand. Boys (all children for that matter) need boundaries. Especially in the early years, the boys need to KNOW, unambiguously, what is on and what is not on. Sure, they will bounce against those boundaries – that is part of the fun of being a boy and then a grumpy adolescent young man!
  • Don’t set the boundaries in stone! The time will come when, after growing with the boundaries, the young man will ask, “Can I …?” (Seeking to take the next step towards maturity). At that point, the caregiver intuits another five-second moment: “Yeah, OK, this time but (and then another more mature boundary is gently set) make sure you phone us from the game!”
  • Spend deliberate time building a culture of communication in the home and in your family traditions of shared time together. Continue to build this while you slowly allow your son to engage more deeply in the cyber jungle of texting, tweets and the internet. Talk through the boundaries of this as well.
  • When you need to challenge. Another five-second choice is to challenge the ball not the ball carrier – the behaviour not the person. The adolescent boy KNOWS they have stuffed up. They don’t need to be reminded of it again and again.

One could go on but ultimately the boy knows it when you did your best and that is sacred. He, like all of us, is wanting unconditional love, wants fidelity, wants quality time spent with those close to him but all through the crazy illogical filter of a boy growing to be a man.


In last week’s article, I stated that there would be a two-day QCS Test rehearsal in Week 6. The actual date for this practice is on Monday and Tuesday (7 and 8 August) which is in Week 5.

“Relational trust is built on movements of the human heart such as empathy, commitment, compassion, patience, and the capacity to forgive.” – Parker J Palmer

Mr Matt Levander, Head of Senior School

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Year 12 Academic Interviews
Over the next couple of weeks, Year 12 students will meet with a senior member of staff to discuss how they performed in Semester 1 and how this translates to an OP estimate range. Mrs Martin will be conducting interviews with those students who are pursuing an Industry Pathway. It is an important time for the Year 12s to take stock of their achievements in the first half of the year and plan methodically to maximise their grades in this, one of the most challenging of terms.

The TSXPO was well attended by our Year 12s last weekend and Mrs Martin has distributed information to students regarding the upcoming Open Days from various tertiary institutions via student email. It is important for students to attend one or more of these Open Days so that they can make informed decisions about the courses they will eventually nominate through the QTAC application process later this term. Additionally, there are Lunchbox sessions offered by various institutions over the coming weeks. Students are encouraged to take advantage of these sessions to question institutions directly about their course offerings.

Year 10 SET Plan Interviews

Thank you to those parents who attended the Year 10 Subject Selection evening last week and for the positive feedback received over this week. I trust that parents found the information clear and informative and that there have been some fruitful discussions around the dinner table about pathways and subject choices. Could I ask if you have not nominated for a 20-minute SET Plan interview for Thursday 27 July between 3.30 – 5.30pm, that you please do so this week.

Interviews can be made through the PTO link, accessed through Parent Lounge, then the Links tab, the Correspondence tab and then the PTO-SET Plan Booking Link. Parents will need to obtain a new PIN for this SET Plan interview located on the opening page of the PTO site; the previous pin used for the Parent Teacher Interviews will not work. If you are unable to attend a SET Plan interview, could you please inform the Curriculum Office and an alternative mutually convenient time for an interview will be arranged over the coming weeks.

Today is the due date for the return of the completed SET Plan. Students need to choose their subjects via the Web Preference site, print this off and return it signed by parents. Students have been led through the process of how to make these online choices, but it is important for parents to sign off on these choices and agree to them. These subjects can still be changed in writing up to the end of this term. These documents will be used as part of the SET Plan interview the following week.

Semester One Academic Award Assembly – 4 August Date Claimer

Please be advised that the Semester 1 Academic Assembly date is the 4 August this year i.e. Friday of Week 4. Parents will be advised as to whether their son will receive an Academic Award throughout next week.

Mr Paul Mead, Vice Principal – Teaching and Learning

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Year 12 Retreat
Then the King will say to those on his right, ‘Come, you who are blessed by my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world.  For I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me,  I was naked and you clothed me, I was sick and you visited me, I was in prison and you came to me….’

The great thing about Pope Francis is that he reminds us, as the Gospel extract above does that the only true way of being a Christian is to serve the poor. The launching point for the Year 12 House Retreats this year, was a series of sponsored walks for and alongside people who are most in need in Brisbane, the people sometimes air-brushed out of view when we get too busy.

Motivated by watching an extract of Filthy Rich and Homeless (SBS), many staff donated deodorants, hygiene items and warm clothing that our students donated personally to the Big Issue vendors, the Rosies Van, the Salvos, and young ambassadors from Legacy. The act of giving paved the way for good conversations.

Of course, it was the people who have nothing, the Brisbane dwellers who sleep rough, those who were thrown out of home at aged 14, who have suffered domestic violence, bereavement, or mental health issues, it was these “marginalised” people who reached out strongly to our boys.  They thanked them for their generosity, encouraging them to stay in education and urging them to make use of the good start in life that has been given to them. We were also able to donate cheques of $300 each to Legacy, Livin, Saint Vincent de Paul and the Big Issue. Moreover, thanks to the generosity of Villanova families, we made extra donations to Blind Eye Ministries and several Big Issue vendors, from whom we bought magazines.

The students commented that this prelude to Retreat was a great way to melt the ice. It enabled them to accelerate the transition from busy (stressed) school time to the sacred time of really being open to each other. We all know that the most important way to create a good climate for learning is to make the school a community. However, this is not easy, as good relationships require care and hard work.

The retreats at Mt Tamborine provided a “mountain top” experience whereby very many of the boys felt listened to, not judged and deeply affirmed. At the top of the mountain, away from bells and classroom walls, I think many of us could hear a small voice saying, “Should you pass through fire or flood, I will be with you, because you are precious in my eyes and I love you,” to paraphrase Isaiah. This is what I most deeply want to say to my children long after the trophy cabinet is emptied.

The basis for creating the sacred space that allows good friendships to revive is the sharing of stories. I was privileged to listen to staff share some of their most confronting challenges. You looked around and saw every set of eyes listening in, with the ears of the heart. It sometimes seems that Villanova College is built on strong men and women who are made out of rock. What we all learnt again was that the pillars of Villanova are very human and strong enough to be vulnerable.

I hope that this retreat provides the rocket fuel for a strong finish to the year for all Year 12 students, built on the foundation of open, warm, gentle and respectful relationships. I suspect that some students will be inspired by the encounters with the marginalised to go out and make a difference in the world.

Vinnies Kids’ Camp

One way in which our students and former students make a significant difference is through helping the Saint Vincent de Paul organisation in its various ways of supporting disadvantaged young people. Seven current and past students attended the children’s camp at Coolum during the holidays, run especially to allow a holiday to children who otherwise would not get that opportunity.

The Camp Coordinator could not have been more generous in praise of these Villa men: “they had the maturity of adults and the energy of kids.” Liam Hampson (Year 11) went for the first time and said, “St Vincent de Paul kids’ camp gives children who don’t normally get to go on holidays a chance to indulge and have fun through plenty of activities and experiences. Being a volunteer for a trip like this was personally a fantastic and rewarding time.’

Mr John Holroyd, Vice Principal – Ministry, Mission and Evangelisation

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All trials for AIC basketball and tennis are now complete. Round 1 of AIC basketball and tennis will commence against St Patrick’s College this Friday, 21 and Saturday 22 July.

The annual AIC Cross Country Championships will be run at Limestone Park on Wednesday,  9 August. The Championship will comprise of runners from Years 5 – 12 and will be conducted during school time. A bus will transport all competitors to and from this event. A full schedule is posted on the College’s website under AIC Cross Country. Over the next few weeks, I ask all runners to give their full priority to the cross country program.  This may mean that some students will need to miss a number of basketball or tennis training sessions.

The College is short a few runners in certain age groups. This week and next, a number of boys will be asked to join the squad and attend the remaining three weeks of training and various meets. We are hoping those boys who have been identified as suitable runners will gladly accept the invitation and challenge to represent Villanova. It is easy to say no and turn down the request, it is harder for the boys to say ‘yes’. I am hoping both the boys and their parents will support the College if required.

It is very important that all runners attend the first meet held at Limestone Park this Saturday. This meet will be the first and only opportunity our team will have to run the championship course before the day of the AIC Championships, held on the 9th August. A bus has been organised to transport all Year 7 – 12 runners to Limestone Park this weekend.  We realise that many of our runners play basketball and tennis. We hope the boys are able to play their game this weekend and be ready to catch the bus departing Villanova at 1pm.

In previous years, the College has provided bus transportation for Year 5and Year 6 runners only to find that most parents transported their son/s privately. In order to avoid unnecessary costs we ask all Year 5 and Year 6 runners to make their own way to the Limestone Park meet this weekend.

I urge all parents and students to check the College’s website regularly for updates regarding the Villanova sports program. This includes information regarding training/trial schedules, team lists, upcoming fixtures/events, by-laws, uniform requirements etc. Plenty of notice/information is given to students via morning notices, assemblies, the Villa View and of course the College website.  I request the support of all parents to ensure that the boys are receiving this information and are following through with their commitment by attending all sessions when necessary. As mentioned in last week’s Villa View, the Sports Office is willing and able to negotiate alternative schedules in order to assist students who have many commitments. The ‘Villanova Way’ is to help when you can and to follow through once you have made a commitment.

Best wishes to all over the next few weeks as we prepare for the up-coming AIC Cross Country Championships and the Round 1 of AIC Basketball and Tennis held this weekend v St Patrick’s College. Enjoy!

AIC Tennis and Basketball Round 1 v St Patrick’s College, Friday 21 and Saturday 22 July – Times and Venues

All Year 5 and Year 6 basketball games are played on Friday afternoons. All Year 7 – 12 basketball and Year 5 – 12 tennis games are played on Saturday.  Please refer to the College’s website to view all times and venues for this weekend’s fixtures against St Patrick’s College.

AIC Basketball and Tennis

All AIC tennis and basketball trials have now concluded. Team lists will be posted on the College’s website each week by Thursday. Please be aware that these lists can and will change each week depending on player performance, attitude and attendance at training.

We are expecting a significant challenge from St Pat’s this weekend. In our quest to retain the basketball aggregate and our firm placing in the tennis aggregate we ask all boys to come ready to play this weekend. Good luck to all involved!

Goold Hall Canteen – AIC Basketball

As Round 1 of the Year 7 – 12 basketball season starts this Saturday, we are once again asking parents to help by volunteering their time to assist in the canteen. The canteen will open at 7.45am. It is usual that we need the most help within the first hour with food preparation and coffee sales.

Although at times the canteen may look like they have enough helpers, please come and offer your time as some of those volunteers may need to get to their son’s games. So please come along and help, meet some new friends and catch-up on what is going on around the school. Please see the roster below.

AIC Cross Country – Mr Brett Morrissey, Cross Country Coordinator

The first AIC Cross Country meet will be held this Saturday 22 July at Limestone Park. This is the first opportunity for our runners to race the other AIC Colleges and put their hard work and training to the test.

The coaches are hoping that there will be a huge representation of Villanova College cross-country runners this Saturday at Limestone Park and that ALL runners attend ALL the remaining training sessions in the next three weeks leading up to the AIC Cross Country Championships at Limestone Park on August 9.

A final plea to students who are/were thinking of participating in cross-country when AIC rugby or football was completed last term, now is the time to train.  We train on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings at 6.45am, meeting outside Goold Hall.

Remember – there are only three weeks remaining with three warm-up carnivals to get a time on the board!

The AIC Championships will be held at Limestone Park on Wednesday 9th August. A full program of the day’s events is posted on the College’s website under Sport – AIC Cross Country. A bus will depart the College with all athletes early that day. More details will follow in next week’s edition of the Villa View.

It is imperative that all runners from Year 5 – 12 attend all training sessions and meets as listed below in the lead up to the day of the AIC Championships.  Over the next two weeks, cross country training should be given priority over any basketball or tennis training.

AIC Cross Country Meet – Limestone Park – Saturday 22 July

Venue: Limestone Park, parking off Salisbury Road, or Lion Street, Ipswich. A bus will transport all Year 7 – 12 runners departing Villanova at 1.00pm and retuning at approximately 4.30/45pm. All Year 5 and Year 6 runners are asked to find their own transport to and from the venue.


2:00pm Year 5 2km
2:15pm Year 6 3km
2:30pm 12 years and 13 years 3km
2:50pm 14 years and 15 years 4km
3:10pm 16 years and Opens 6km


  1. Sports Medicine Personnel will be located near the finish line for the treatment of injuries.
  2. There will be no presentation of awards for place-getters.
  3. Limited canteen facilities available on the day. 

Year 5 and Year 6 Cross Country Squad Training

Monday and Wednesday afternoon 3.15 – 4.30pm 

Year 7 – 12 Cross Country Squad Training

Training will continue each Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings commencing at 6.45am at Little Langlands. Any student from Year 7 – 12 who has now finished AIC rugby/football and wishes to join the squad will be more than welcome. I know we have some great runners out there, please join our team.

Important AIC Cross Country Dates – Years 5 – 12

Bus transportation will be provided to all runners for each meet listed below. The bus schedule will be advertised each week via the website and the Villa View.

Friday July 28 SPC HOST

Curlew Park

Year 5 – 3.45pm

Year 6 – 3.55pm

12 years and 13 years – 4.10pm

14 years and 15 years – 4.25pm

16 years and Open – 4.45pm

Friday August 4 SLC HOST


Year 5 – 3.45pm

Year 6 – 3.55pm

12 years and 13 years – 4.10pm

14 years and 15 years – 4.25pm

16 years and Open – 4.45pm

Wednesday August 9 AIC CHAMPIONSHIPS


Year 5 – 1.00pm

Year 6 – 1.15pm

12 years – 1.35pm

13 years – 1.55pm

14 years – 2.15pm

15 years – 2.45pm

16 years –  3.15pm

Open – 3.45pm

Presentations – 4.30pm

AIC Cross Country Uniform – It is imperative that all Villanova runners look like a team, therefore we expect all runners to wear the following uniform on the day of the championships and to all meets.  All items are available from the College Uniform Shop:

  • Villanova white running shorts
  • Villanova athletics singlet
  • Villanova squad shirt
  • Villanova sports cap (green)

Ben Mowen and Andrew Slack Squads

The participants of the above mentioned squads for the up-coming 2017/18 season will be published on the web in the AIC rugby section within the next week. All members are expected to participate in this year’s track and field program. The complete program details will be posted towards the end of this term.

AIC Track and Field

AIC track and field training will commence for all age groups from Years 5 – 12 the week beginning Monday 21 August. All training will be held at SAF (State Athletic Facility, Kessels Road, Nathan) and Villanova Park on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 3.45 – 5.00pm. All athletes will be transported by bus to and from SAF and Villanova Park. A full season schedule will be available on the web by the end of next week.

Kids Karate

The Australian Fitness and Martial Arts Club is starting now new Kids Karate Beginners Classes for children from four years and up (and parents) in Cannon Hill at the School of Arts, 958 Wynnum Rd, on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4.00 pm – 4.45 pm, teenagers and seniors 6.30pm. At Norman Park State School Hall, classes are on Saturday mornings from 10.45 am – 11.30 am. Beginner classes are held in Mount Gravatt on Monday and Wednesday. Contact Christine on 0400179960 for more information or visit their website  Free Trial!  Join Queensland’s leading Family Karate Club with competitive fees, great atmosphere and happy children and parents enjoying the sport of Karate.

Representative Sport

Well done to Jaxon Paterson-Wright who came first in the recent Queensland State Cross Country Championships in the 15 years division. Jaxon has now made the Queensland Cross Country Team and will travel to Hobart to compete in the National Championships held in August.

Jaxon’s hard training has certainly paid off this year. Firstly, he won the ‘King of the Mountain’ two years in a row at the Currimundi Cross Country Camp which has never been achieved before. He then won the Gold Coast 4km Dash winning in a time of 12:36 (7 seconds off the record), again being the first person to win this race two years in a row. Last weekend Jaxon ran the best race of his life to win at the Queensland State Cross-Country Championships, beating everyone by 80 metres (15 secs).  He ran 12:43 for that course with the hills and the mud. We are very proud of his fine efforts, well done Jaxon!

Mr Craig Stariha, Director of Sport

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Rehearsals and Lessons
All lessons and rehearsals have now commenced for Term 3.  We have just over one month until QCMF, so we look forward to seeing all ensemble members at rehearsals to assist with ensemble preparations.  A Term 3 rehearsal schedule has been sent via Skoolbag App and another copy has been included on this week’s Villa View. Rehearsal schedule

BGGS Workshop – Wind Ensemble and Concert Band

As per our date claimers, our Wind Ensemble and Concert Band will be travelling to Brisbane Girls’ Grammar School this afternoon to participate in our annual Middle School workshop.  Students will be transported to BGGS by bus from Villanova College after school.  The workshop commences at 3:30pm and will be followed by a concert for all parents commencing at 6pm.  Students will need to be collected from BGGS on Gregory Terrace, Spring Hill upon the conclusion of the event.  The concert will conclude by 6:30pm.

Queensland Catholic Schools’ and Colleges’ Music Festival

There is now only four weeks until the largest school music festival in the Asia-Pacific region is proudly hosted once again by Villanova College.  The Queensland Catholic Schools’ and Colleges’ Music Festival will be convened at Villanova College for the 27th year from 17 – 20 August.  We will be welcoming over 13,000 students and 20,000 audience members from across Queensland and Australia to our College over four very musically packed days.  I am eagerly looking forward to welcoming them all to our place on the hill and enjoying this time of great musical sharing.

All of our Villanova ensembles will be performing across the weekend.  The scheduling for the entire festival has been confirmed so I am pleased to be able to share the Villanova College performance times. Please refer to the performance time document:  QCMF performance times.

Performance uniforms will remain the same as our debut concerts in Term 2.  All students are required to meet their ensemble director 1 hour before their scheduled performance time on level 1 of the Augustine Centre.

QCMF Vacant Volunteer Roles

The QCMF Planning Group is looking for volunteers for the following key roles:

Assistant Banker:  Assist the bankers on Thursday and Friday with collection and counting of money.

Coordinator/s Directors Lounge:  The volunteer/s undertaking this role would set up a comfortable lounge in which conductors, adjudicators and sponsors can relax and enjoy some light refreshments during the Festival.  Cooking is not required.  There is a document available detailing all that is involved.

Venue Secretary/ Co-Coordinator Veritas:  Friday and Saturday only (8:30am – 6:45pm Friday and 8:30 – 4:00pm Saturday).  Working with the Coordinator assisting with the smooth running of this lovely venue.  There is a coordinator; however, two people are necessary for this role.

Stage Manager Veritas – Saturday (8:00am – 4:00pm):  This venue holds the small instrumental ensemble sections.  A knowledge of music is not essential as it involves ensuring that the correct number of chairs and music stands are on stage for each performance.

Stage Manager – St James Hall:  No training required.

Photographer:  Roaming photographer to take candid shots of performers, the venues, the atmosphere and the volunteers.

Performance uniforms will remain the same as our debut concerts in term 2.  All students are required to meet their ensemble director 1 hour before their scheduled performance time on level 1 of the Augustine Centre.

Date Claimers

We now look ahead to August with our currently scheduled events.  Please ensure these are marked in your diaries.

Thursday 20 July Wind Ensemble and Concert Band workshop at Brisbane Girls’ Grammar School.  3:30-5:30pm.  Concert at 6pm.
Sunday 23 July Big Band and Irish Ensemble 1 performing at St James’ Fete – students to arrive by 1pm for 1:30 -2:00pm performance.
Sunday 6 August Big Band performing at Mt Carmel Fete – after 1pm.  Time tbc.
Monday 7 August Music Supporter’s Group Meeting and QCMF Planning meeting – 7:30pm in Music Classroom, level 1 of Augustine Centre
Tuesday 8 August and Thursday 10 August QCMF Preparation Concerts.  All ensembles will be required to perform once over these evenings.
Thursday 17 – Sunday 20 August Queensland Catholic Schools’ and Colleges’ Music Festival hosted by Villanova College.  Students will be required to volunteer for a short period over the weekend.  All ensembles will perform once.

Mr Michael Jones, Director of Music

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Parent Information


A reminder that all Term 3 school fees are due for payment this week.  Please contact the Finance Office if you have not received your statement.


During Weeks 3 and 4 of Term 3, Student Ambassadors from the University of Queensland will be visiting Senior School students to conduct Lunchbox Sessions.  During these Lunchbox Sessions Student Ambassadors will share their experiences about their relevant degree, their subject selections, practical experiences they have had and extracurricular activities available.  Below is the outlined schedule:

Monday 24 July: Law

Tuesday 25 July: Medicine

Wednesday 26 July: Engineering, Architecture, IT and Planning

Thursday 27 July: Health and Exercise

Friday 28 July: Science and Mathematics

Monday 31 July: Arts, Advanced Humanities and Criminology

This will encompass:

  • Drama and Music
  • Criminology
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • History
  • Archaeology
  • Anthropology

Tuesday 1 August: Arts, Language, and Politics Philosophy and Economics

This will encompass:

  • Politics
  • International relations
  • International studies
  • Philosophy
  • Languages

Wednesday 2 August: Journalism and Mass Communication

Thursday 3 August: Education and Health, Sport and Physical Education (HPE)

Friday 4 August: Business, Economics and Commerce

Mrs Dianne Martin, Pathways Program Leader


Maths tutoring is available on the mezzanine level of the Tolle Lege Library for students in Years 7, 8 and 9 on Wednesday mornings from 7:30am. Students are to bring along any questions they wish to work on.

Mrs Amanda McKay, Acting Middle School Mathematics Curriculum Leader


The Villanova College Sports Club raises money towards the upgrading of Villanova College sporting facilities and is now offering every student of the College the opportunity to purchase a Villanova College sports towel.

These towels can be used by students in all sporting activities and would be a great memento for all Year 12 students as they conclude their education at Villanova College. For more information please refer to the order form.

Villanova College Sports Club Committee


We would love if you could join us for lunch on Saturday 5th August at midday.

Where:  Cafe 63 – Logan Road, Stones Corner

Time: 12 midday

Date:  Saturday 5th August

RVSP:  Deanne Lawson – if you are able to attend.

Looking forward to having a few bubbles and lots of laughs. 

Year 11 Parent Representatives

San Sisto Dance – 11 August

Library Roster

Monday 24th July

Leah Coogans, Bronagh Earthrowl

Tuesday 25th July

Cristina Palacios

Wednesday 26th July

Sharon Vecchi

Thursday 27th July

Melanine Pickering, Susanna Greaves


Tuckshop Roster

Monday 24th July

Kym Edser, Nicole Winsbury, Liz Burge, Donna Heaton, Chris Ghikas, Rachel Meyer, Donna Skelton, Donna Fingland, Angie Childs

Tuesday 25th July

Tricia Intelisano, Lisa Murphy, Angela Crisafi, Irene Tornatore, Mechelle Fury, Christina Ross, Ita Dumont, Kelly Collins, Dimi Stergou, Maria Kambouris, Genevieve Keskinidis, Lisa Waugh, Miranda Dang, Irene Miano, Zam Stamatellos

Wednesday 26th July

Tracey O’Reilly, Karen Meimaris, Leanne Kruysmulder, Alison Wilde, Maria Perez, Ekta Kapoor

Thursday 27th July

Julie Paterson, Debbie Winfield, Lydia Wilcox, Georgina Horky, Jayne Smith, Kellie Killips, Catherine Bishop, Anita Fung, Nicky Micheletti, Sue Godwin

Friday 28th July

Mary Atkinson, Maria O’Leary Chay, Cath Davies, Effie Prineas, Kelly Kendall, Tamara Hanley, Melissa Lorimer, Marina Pennisi, Melissa Clark, Loreena Clark, Cathy Harris, Maria Spina, Angela Connolly, Jen Thomas, Kym Verity

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Calendar of Events

Stay up to date with the College events please proceed to the event calendar.

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Community Update


To book your tickets please visit TryBooking.

ST JAMES PARISH COORPAROO (Confirmation) Term 3, 2017

Year 3 children who wish to begin their Sacramental Program, contact our Parish Office for your enrolment form phone 3397 1671 or email

Confirmation Date – Thursday 14th September with Bishop Brian Finnigan (6pm St James Church).

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