Principal's Welcome

Dear Members of the Villanova College Family
Week Six has arrived and it will not be long before the assessment period for Semester One will be upon us. The anxiety around exams and assignment can be very real for a number of students and developing strategies to deal with “exam nerves” is very important. The following strategies may be of use to your son as he heads into the important Semester One Assessment period.

Tips for coping with exam anxiety

  • Prepare ahead of time by working on sections of the content each day
  • Use practice exam papers as an opportunity to manage anxiety
  • Identify your anxiety early by noticing your physical responses
  • Try replacing unhelpful thoughts with more encouraging self-talk by challenging your worried and negative thoughts
  • Practice focusing your attention on the task at hand (mindfulness), rather than getting tangled in your anxiety and thinking of the “what if?”

In all literature on reducing exam anxiety one of the first suggestions is to be well prepared for the assessment task. Teaching boys how to be organised and to get organised is an important life skill that all parents who have had to learn strategies to cope with a busy life, can impart to their sons. Today electronic devices such as smartphones and apps provide many tools to help organise your day. Boys need the help of parents as well as strategies learnt at school to develop the skills to be organised and well prepared for upcoming demands.

“Augustine the Way” Music Evening

Many friends of Villanova College enjoyed a wonderful evening at the Augustine – The Way Concert held in the Hanrahan Theatre last Friday evening.  The music written by past staff member, Mr Tony MacPherson and past student, Mr Simon Hyland captured the life of Saint Augustine in the moving lyrics and performances. Accomplished performers, Ms Samantha Shaw and Ms Caroline Mulvenna, joined Mr Simon Hyland in producing an inspiring rendition of the songs. The audience warmly received the performance and I congratulate all involved with this concert.

Year 9 Camp

This week I have volunteered to attend the Year 9 Camp and experience the outdoor challenges. I am looking forward to the opportunity to see the students meet the challenges placed before them over the duration of the camp.  For many of the students this will be a unique experience of going bush and having to rely on the members of their team. I only hope I survive in one piece and make it home to a warm shower at the end of the camp!

St Rita’s College, Chicago

We welcome to the College students and staff from St Rita’s College, Chicago who will be with us for the next two weeks as part of our Exchange Program. Earlier this term, five Villanova College Year 11 students and Mr Sean O’Neill spent two weeks at St Rita’s College and were warmly welcomed by the families of our visitors. Now it is our turn to return the hospitality and to welcome the students and staff to Villanova College and Brisbane.

Prayers Please

We keep in our prayer Brother Saldie Resolado OSA who will be ordained to the Priesthood on Saturday 27 May along with his fellow Deacons, Brother Francis Cabarrubias Belcina OSA and Brother Percival Perez Sevare OSA. The Ordination will be held at St Kieran’s Church, Manly Vale and Father Peter Wieneke OSA, Mr John Holroyd and myself along with two senior students will represent Villanova College.

You have made us for Yourself O Lord

And our hearts are restless until they rest in You 

God bless

Mr Mark Stower, Principal

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Head of Junior School

Tomorrow, Junior School families will receive a gift bag that is symbolic of our Mission Day next Friday.  Inside this bag, hand-packed by Villanovan students and Father Peter, is some important information about the AFAS (Australian Filipino Augustinian Solidarity) work we are strongly connected with as a College.  In September, Senior School students will have the opportunity to travel to the Philippines to see first-hand the families we work incredibly hard to support.  There is strategic, thoroughly planned projects in place to stop the cycle of poverty through education, business management and sustainability projects.

The right to an education might often be taken for granted by students in Australia.  When our sons rise in the morning they have clean running water, breakfast readily available and a clean uniform to put on.  Transport to school, with a healthy lunch box, is accessible and organised.  Whilst at school, parents are extremely busy with occupations and responsibilities that make incredible contributions towards our local community.  At the conclusion of co-curricular activities after school, the boys may have some time in front of the television or online games, before dinner is on the table and they are safely tucked into bed at night under a secure roof.  The blessings that we all have around us are plentiful.

Our brothers and sisters In the Philippines while also blessed, lead very different lives.  They have perhaps one or two room dwellings, often with dirt floors, unsecure windows and tin or thatched roofs.  With a couple of sets of clothes, the children often walk to collect water from a shared well to bring back to the house for cooking, drinking and washing.  Meals are simple, depending on what is available and affordable that week at the markets.  Rice and vegetable form the basis of most meals, while eggs and meat are a luxury.  Children have the responsibility of helping the family earn a living and are called upon to work in place of school, or before and after school.  Any playtime that is available is with other children in the villages, sharing equipment and using the spaces around the homes or local businesses.  Health services are limited yet the community spirit is high.

This weekend and throughout Week 7, I would like the Junior School families to set a goal of spending meal times together.  This is not always easy, I will be the first person to acknowledge that work, and sport commitments in my own family challenge the peaceful setting around the dining room table.  Yet, for one week, for any meal – breakfast, lunch or dinner – if we can try to be together, show gratitude for our blessings and light the red candle from our Mission bags, then I think we can show solidarity as a community.  We can use some mere minutes to really see each other, speak and listen with one another as a family.  We can acknowledge that we have the means to support the education of students in the Philippines, as well as help those particular parents manage loans for businesses that result in self-esteem, self-worth and independence.

Mrs Rouhliadeff will be making a solidarity collage of Junior School family photos next week in the Lower Library.  We would like our boys to bring in family meal photos, with the red candle burning brightly, so that we can make our Mission with AFAS clear before the festivities on Friday, 2 June.  Photos can be given to class teachers who in turn will pass them on to Mrs Rouhliadeff.  I will be sharing the display in next week’s newsletter so be sure to get your photo in!  Thank you for the contributions received so far.  The money received from Mission Day tickets will be for the sole purpose of supporting families in the Philippines.  Saint Thomas, whom we will celebrate with a College Mass next Thursday, is the patron saint of giving to the poor, and notably our Junior School saint.  Known for giving away his own possessions in order to help others, Saint Thomas is our role model and we aim to remember him and honour his legacy next week, together with our Middle and Senior School brothers.

Thank you in advance to the volunteers who are helping us set up, cook, serve and pack up the activities and stalls at Mission Day next week.  We are so grateful for your time, patience and willingness to ensure our Junior School boys get the most out of such a special occasion.

Mr Stephen Rouhliadeff, Head of Junior School

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Head of Senior School

It is almost difficult to comprehend that we are less than three weeks out from the commencement of the end of semester examination period, such has been the speed of this second term. Please note that the formal examination block for Year 11 and 12 students will commence on Monday 12 June (one day earlier than the date published in the Student Diary).

For Senior School students to enter this period with confidence and momentum, they must engage in active revision throughout the term – one of the most important aspects of the study process that I have emphasised repeatedly. The Villanova College iCentre has some great links to study and revision strategies, which all students would find incredibly valuable. Please follow the link:

Writer in Residence

This week, the Senior School has benefited from the tutelage of Writer in Residence Chris Bongers who has worked with students from English and ISP classes as well as presenting to the Year 12 cohort to assist them with their writing task preparation for the QCS. I would like to thank Senior School English Curriculum Area Leader Mr Paul Gribben for coordinating this opportunity for our students and look forward to seeing the fruits of Chris’ work.

The Benefits of Reading

The best piece of advice I give to all students (and parents) regarding ways to improve the quality of their writing is by incorporating within their nightly study schedule time to read. Developing regular reading habits allows students to immerse themselves in new and exciting vocabulary, which enriches their writing as well as enlarging their knowledge base. It is disappointing to hear that often the only book a student may read over the course of a year is the one prescribed for their English class. In the words of the great Dr Seuss, ‘the more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.’

Punctuality and Uniform Expectations

It is timely to remind all students and parents that to sustain a culture of high expectations within the Senior School, it is important to place an emphasis on doing the small things well. Please continue to challenge your sons to arrive to school every morning on time for Pastoral, attired in full academic uniform (including the Akubra). Those young men who arrive late or are poorly dressed, express through their actions, an attitude out of sync with the high standards I expect from all Senior School students.

‘High achievement always takes place in the framework of high expectation’ Charles Kettering

Mr Matt Levander, Head of Senior School

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“For whoever does the will of my Father in heaven is my brother and sister and mother”  Matthew 12:50

Preparations for Mission Day and Red Candle Week

Some of the education we offer at Villanova is for the heart and the character, and there are occasions in the year when we place a focus on how students can find a lasting satisfaction in putting their gifts and talents to wider service. One such moment is Mission Day, Friday June 2 in which we try to honour the name of Saint Thomas of Villanova. While he was very intelligent and a key figure in the Catholic Church, Saint Thomas was always dressed humbly and served the poor.

Once again this year, the lead-up to Mission Day is Red Candle Week and all families will receive a red bag containing a red candle, a prayer and an information sheet by the end of this week. Families are invited to light the candle and say the prayer at dinner every night next week.

Senior and Middle School students and their families are invited to join the #redcandlevnc project. We invite you take a photo of this meal and prayer with your family and upload onto your social media (Instagram/Facebook) with the hashtag #redcandlevnc. Get involved and upload your candle photo! Made in the Philippines, these candles remind us that the education we receive at Villanova College should not be taken for granted as many students and families in Augustinian schools in the Philippines struggle every day to make a living.

Junior School students will assist Mrs Rouhliadeff who will be making a solidarity collage of Junior School family photos next week in the Lower Library.  Junior School students are asked to bring in family meal photos, with the red candle burning brightly, so that our Mission with AFAS is clear before the festivities on Friday, 2 June.  Photos are to be given to Junior School class teachers who in turn will pass them on to Mrs Rouhliadeff

You are invited on your Term 2 fee statement to make a $5 contribution for the candles. This donation easily covers the cost and every extra cent goes to families in the Philippines lighting exactly the same devotional candles near the Basilica of the Holy Child (Santa Nino) in Cebu.

Three Invitations

On Thursday, June 1, we hold our full College Mass in honour of the Feast of Saint Thomas of Villanova in Goold Hall at 10.30 am. All family members are welcome to join this community celebration.

On Monday at 7.45 am, we will have a red candle procession leading into the Chapel for prayers to mark the beginning of Red Candle Week. Family members are welcome to join the community at prayer.  If you would like to be part of this procession, please meet just outside the Chapel on Monday morning.

Finally, you will have received a personal letter from Year 12 Daniel Duskovic (Villanova College AFAS President) regarding ways in which you can support Mission Day and the work of AFAS. I cannot commend Daniel too highly for his leadership, dedication and enthusiasm. I would like to spotlight the raffle as having very desirable prizes including Anthony Mundine’s boxing gloves and a signed Lions jersey among other great prizes.  Tickets can be purchased directly from College Reception.

As Ministry Captain, Fabrice Ragoo’s words below will show, the many, many students involved in Ministry who have been filled with enthusiasm this week and every week. Attendance numbers continue to grow at Middle School meetings and large numbers attend SVP and AFAS meetings, not to mention other projects such as YCS’s interaction with Junior School and Rosies. Assembly tomorrow will rightly highlight the commitment and service of these students. Saint Thomas of Villanova would no doubt recognise the generosity of spirit they evince.

Mr John Holroyd, Vice Principal – Ministry, Mission and Evangelisation


Our annual AFAS Mission Day will be held next Friday, 2 June. The day will be a free dress day for all students (with a gold coin donation) and will feature a half-day carnival filled with plenty of opportunities for students to spend their pre-purchased tickets.

This year we are asking all students to spend at least $15 if possible, in order to make Mission Day 2017 the biggest yet. All profits raised on the day will go directly to helping and supporting our Filipino brothers and sisters in fellow Augustinian schools. On Mission Day, we also aim to raise a solidarity and understanding on campus through the way boys conduct themselves and reflect on the differences of life over in the Philippines. In doing so, we are hoping to show the community that Villanova is a light onto the world.

Tickets for Mission Day will be sold during Week 7 as well as tickets for a MEGA raffle with the top prize being boxing gloves signed by Anthony Mundine.

Daniel Duskovic, Villanova College AFAS President



Another productive week for many students around the campus and an even busier week for ministry. With completed auditions and the approaching annual Villanova/Loreto Talent night, the excitement has never been higher for many students. However, the annual College talent showcase is not the only chance for involvement.

On June 8, Villanova is putting a table together for a father/ son breakfast with Archbishop Mark Coleridge at the Tattersall’s Club in the city to discuss the future of the church. If you would like more information, please contact Mr Holroyd ( ) to notify him of interest for you and your son to attend.

A second event for this term is the annual Multicultural Development Australia (MDA) Luminous Lantern Parade.  This parade will be held at Southbank Parklands on 9 June, with a 6pm start. Celebrating its tenth anniversary, the MDA Parade of Lanterns welcomes new Queenslanders, including refugees, international students, people seeking asylum and migrants from all nations in a walk of solidarity and love for our new friends. The parade will be followed by cultural performances and activities in the cultural forecourt with a spectacular range of food and beverage stalls from around the world.

Fabrice Ragoo, Ministry Captain

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Over many years, Villanova has earnt an excellent reputation within the AIC sporting association for its high level of sportsmanship and conduct shown on and off the sports field. We are reminded at the AIC Ecumenical Service held at the commencement of each year that all AIC Colleges share similar values and each College expects the highest standards from their communities when competing. From time to time students, spectators and coaches from all Colleges including Villanova can and do get things wrong in the heat of the moment. As we approach the halfway point of the footy season, I ask all involved to be mindful of their actions. Respect for our College, the opposition and officials must always be upheld. Overall, the level of behaviour shown by the Villanova community throughout the footy season has been very good.

Our Cross Country program is now in full swing as training for both the Year 5 and 6 and Year 7-12 squads have commenced. A reminder that we are looking for numbers to ensure our annual Cross Country Camp will go ahead this year. Please read the Cross Country section below for further details.

I congratulate all chess, rugby and football players on a solid performance last week v Padua College as we won the majority of games in each sport. The results across the board since Round 1 have been pleasing. In particular, I have been impressed this season with our rugby results. Villanova do not have the biggest boys in the competition, however, I believe that overall our teams are standing up and are willing to contest at the breakdown, well done! Confidence and self-belief in sport certainly goes a long way towards achieving good results.

This weekend will be a tough round against Iona College. Villanova will host most of the Year 9 – 12 games and Iona will host most of the Year 5 – 8 games. As both locations are nearby, we are hoping many Year 5 – 8 players are able to make the short journey back to Villanova Park to support the First rugby and football teams this Saturday.

On behalf of the College, I thank the Sports Club for their organisation of the annual Sport Club Luncheon held last Friday at the ‘Gabba. In particular, we thank the members of the organising committee, Jon Winsbury, Leo Wallin, Eddie Harris, Damien Carter and Ian McGregor as well as  Sports Club President Jeremy Meredith for all their hard work. Not only is this a great community-building event, it is a way to acknowledge Villanova’s sporting greats and to raise funds in an effort to improve and upgrade the College’s sporting facilities. The work and level of support the Sports Club offers the College is outstanding. Be assured that every cent raised from canteens, mega raffles, the luncheon etc. goes directly into these sporting facilities. As mentioned in last week’s newsletter, the next major project is the development of a new Track and Field facility at Villanova Park. Little things like assisting in the canteens for 30min each week is a way that all parents can put their shoulder to the wheel and support the Sports Club in their fund raising efforts.

Round 5 this weekend is against Iona, and is sure to be a cracker round as the boys are pumped and ready to go! I ask all Villanova men to be confident and to put their best performance out there on the paddock this weekend. Enjoy!

Villanova Sports Club Luncheon – Mr Jon Winsbury

Last Friday saw our best Sports lunch ever! Held in the Legends Room at the ‘Gabba a great time was had by all. A huge thanks from the Sports Club to all Villanova parents, friends, old boys and staff who attended.  Kerry O’Keeffe was a terrific speaker and we also heard from old boy, Josh Robinson our latest entry into the Villanova Hall of Fame. Josh represented Australia at the Rio Olympics in Javelin.

We also inducted the 1974 Villanova 1st XI premiership winning cricket team into the Hall of Fame. With over 330 attendees, the room was buzzing and positive feedback was aplenty.  We also raised quite a deal of funds for the boys and the monies raised will be going to building better Athletics facilities at Villanova Park.

Thanks to all of our sponsors, Mark Stower, Craig Stariha and the Villanova College Sports and Finance Offices who made the day possible. Special thanks to the organising committee, Leo Wallin, Eddie Harris, Damien Carter and Ian McGregor and all other helpers including Robyn Gunning.

See you next year everyone!

AIC Chess, Rugby and Football Fixtures, Friday 26 and Saturday 27 May – Times and Venues

All times and venues for this weekend’s fixtures against Iona College are available on the College’s website. 

Team Selections

The selection of teams must be one of the hardest challenges for a coach. At the commencement of the season, the College held a Rugby and Football Coaches Information Night for all coaches across the College from Year 5 – 12. Coaches were specifically instructed to select teams based on attendance, performance and attitude. This is not so much to punish players but to reward those who attend every training session and have been doing well. We understand some boys have appointments and parents notify their son’s coach, however, there are a number of players who do not attend training and do not notify their coach of their absence. Team numbers are thin in the Opens, Year 9, Year 8 and Year 7. If we decide to drop a team out of the competition then the other teams will have 5/6 reserves every week and this is not ideal. We ask all parents to make sure their son/s attend training and games and do not leave their teammates short.

As mentioned previously no player position in a College team is guaranteed each week. It is the coach’s decision to select the team each week. Selection of players in teams from Junior to National level will never be agreed upon, however it is the College’s stance is to support our coaches and assist them where necessary. It would be foolish for the College to ask parents to agree with all decisions made, however, we do ask parents to accept decisions once they have been made. It is poor form and unacceptable to harass coaches before or after training or on game day in front of other players and the public.

Villanova College is not a rugby or football club and we don’t have the luxury of months of pre-season training and trials to fully assess the students, nor should the team they played in the previous year, mean they stay the same.  Furthermore, it is not the ‘Villanova Way’ for students to withdraw from playing in a lower grade team when being relegated. Coaches MUST have the support of the parents and players, otherwise we risk them withdrawing from coaching and then your boy will miss out.

Rugby and Football Photos

All teams playing rugby and football at Villanova Park this Saturday will be required for their team photo. We ask all players to attend their allocated photo time 10 minutes prior to the scheduled time. Players are to wear the full and correct uniforms including football boots.  Those who are late will miss their photo. Photos will be taken next to the scoreboard on the main field.

Photo Schedule


Villanova Sports Club – Canteen Schedule

As we have many games at Villanova Park this weekend the Sports Club requires the assistance of all rugby and football parents to help serve and cook at the canteens. This will be one of the biggest rounds this year so your help is needed!


AIC Rugby

Last Saturday, Villanova played Padua in 21 rugby games across the College from Year 5 – 12. Overall Villanova won 12 and lost nine. It was another great day of results and it was pleasing to see our boys play with grit and determination as a number of games went down to the wire. I am hoping our boys do not get intimidated this weekend by the Iona boys. The confidence and self-belief shown so far this season will certainly hold us in good stead.  Best wishes to all coaches and teams!

It was great to see inspirational Villanova old boy, Andrew Slack attend the First XV rugby game last weekend. Andrew was also able to attend training on Monday where he offered feedback regarding their performance against Padua as well as some advice about how to approach the mental side of the game. Andrew will again be out at Villanova Park this weekend to support the boys.

Pictured above: Andrew Slack with First XV Captain Paddy Price.


AIC Chess

Round 4 saw another win to the Villanova College team when we hosted Padua last Friday.  Senior B won their first game, which was very pleasing as they had been so close each week. Intermediate B had a great win, gaining the maximum score possible, with each game won by Villanova, a first for the season. The Juniors continued their winning run with both teams again successful.

Unfortunately, the Open team had their first loss in a very close series of games. They are still on track for a series win, so I hope they will be triumphant in the next three rounds, especially when we come up against Ashgrove in the final round.

As usual, training continues every morning tea, with early morning coaching on Wednesday and Friday mornings. The Juniors started their championship rounds this week with the Seniors following and the Intermediates starting next week after the return of Year 9 students from camp.  Team photos will be taken in the last round before competition starts. Good luck this Friday, again at home against Iona.


AIC Football

Villanova had 17 wins, five draws and 10 losses from the 32 football games played against Padua last weekend. It seems that some of our teams need to be more positive about their play and be more determined on the field. Win, lose or draw, the result doesn’t matter, but I challenge every boy playing for Villanova to ask himself one question when the final whistle blows – did I give 100%? Many have, while some need to do more. I wish all teams the very best this weekend.

Pictured above: The currently undefeated Fifth XI football team after their victory on the weekend.


Villanova Cross Country

AIC Cross Country Camp – We would like to finalise all bookings for the up-coming cross-country camp. To enable us to do this, all squad members must return the ‘expression of interest’ form by Monday, 29 May.  We are in need of at least 22 students to go ahead with the camp. Details/forms can be found on the College webpage.  If we do not receive numbers by next Monday, 29 May, the camp will be cancelled.

AIC Date Claimers:

All AIC Meets listed below apply to both the Year 5 and Year 6 and Year 7 – 12 squads at the same venue on the same day.

  • Wednesday 21 – 23 June Villanova Cross Country Camp at Currimundi Recreation Centre (Open to all Year 7 – 12 students only)
  • Saturday 22 July AIC Meet at Limestone Park hosted by St Peter’s and St Edmund’s College (this will be held after Round 1 of basketball/tennis in the afternoon)
  • Friday 28 July AIC Meet at Curlew Park hosted by St Patrick’s College
  • Friday 4 August AIC Meet at Runcorn hosted by St Laurence’s College
  • Wednesday 9 August AIC CHAMPIONSHIP at Limestone Park

Note that the College will supply bus transportation to and from each venue listed above.

 Years 7 – 12 Cross Country

Training continues every Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings from 6.45am. All are welcome. 

Year 5 and Year 6 Cross Country

Training continues Monday and Wednesday afternoon from 3.15pm to 4.30pm at Little Langlands. The boys are to meet Mr Conlan at Goold Hall straight after school and he will escort them down to training. All runners are to be collected promptly from training at the scheduled finish time.
The Juniors now have two weeks of training under their belts. They should have found out by now that running is a little more complicated than running around the block a couple of times. We have excellent support from Year 5 and there is a solid core of Year 6 runners training both nights. Boys who are unable to train on both Monday and Wednesday can avail themselves of the Villa Runners Club. All prospective cross country runners should have received a note about running activities, and the Villa Runners Club in particular.

Villa Runners Club (VRC)

VRC is a fitness initiative offered by Tom Lonergan (Cross Country and Track Coach) aimed at improving the fitness of participants, which is offered on Sunday afternoons (4 – 5 pm) at Whites Hill Reserve, Boundary Rd. Camp Hill. Assemble on Cricket Oval 3 at 3.45 pm.  The first session will be held this Sunday, 21 May and then every Sunday through until 22 October. While cross country boys are encouraged to run, it is a voluntary part of the program, meant for those who relish the “hard work”.

An open invitation is extended to the Villanova community including families and any interested in improving their fitness. There will be no minimum standard of fitness required, as all levels of fitness will be catered for during these sessions. The program will include a Tabata (anaerobic/ running without oxygen) session, followed by aerobic running in the surrounding bushland.

AIC Tennis Trials

Any student who wishes to play tennis for Villanova must complete a ‘Trimester 3 Sign-On Form’ (this has been distributed in the student’s Pastoral lesson and is available on the web). The initial trials will be held at Morningside Tennis Centre the week after the rugby and football season concludes, that is, the week beginning Monday, 12 June.

The managers of each age group will conduct these trials and they will select four players in each team plus one reserve for the age group. Once these trial sessions are completed, the official training schedule (to be published soon) will commence early in Term 3.

Note all teams from Year 7 – 12 will have two training sessions. Both sessions will be conducted before school from 6 .30 – 7.45am on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. A specialised tennis coach will take one session and the team manager will take the other session. All players are to attend both sessions. The College will only provide transport back to school after the morning sessions. Students from Year 5 and Year 6 will also have two training sessions, both of which will be conducted after school on Tuesday and Wednesday from 4.00 – 5.30pm. Please consider this information before signing on. Game dates are as per College calendar.

All tennis training and trials will be held at the Morningside Tennis Centre.

AIC Basketball Trials

Any boy who wishes to make an AIC basketball team must complete the ‘Trimester 3 Sign-on Form’ to register their interest. These forms have been distributed to all students during their Pastoral class. These forms are also available from the Sports Office and will be posted on the web soon.

All trials will commence the week beginning Monday 12 June. Each age group will have at least two trial sessions within this first week of trials. Year 5 and Year trials will be conducted during school hours. A trial schedule will be posted in next week’s Villa View and on the College’s website. After two trial weeks, the coaches/managers will then select all teams within that age group.

All trials will be conducted in Goold Hall, Clem Jones Basketball Arena or on the outside courts on campus. Once teams are selected, a regular training schedule will be followed. Please note that a number of teams will train at Clem Jones Basketball Arena on Tuesday and/or Thursday mornings from 6.30 – 8.00am. All students are to be transported directly to the Clem Jones Centre and the College will organise a bus to transport all players back to school.

Representative Sport 

Year 6 student, Ashford Dawson won a gold medal on Sunday May 14 at the 2017 Taekwondo New Zealand Open held in Auckland, in his 11years Black Belt Sparring Division. An excellent achievement, well done Ashford!

Alexander John recently competed in the Gold Coast Open on the 7 May. This is the largest Open Taekwondo Competition in Australia. Alexander won all his fights landing him the gold medal in his Junior Division 15 – 17years. On the 13 May, Alexander competed in the New Zealand Open where he narrowly missed his chance in the final, securing the bronze medal. He is now training towards the Australian National Championships in Bendigo in October, where he has held the National Champion title for the last two years. Great effort Alexander!

Congratulations to Thomas Winn who recently made the Met East Golf Team and will now compete at the State Championships in Toowoomba in July. A fantastic effort. Well done Thomas!

Mr Craig Stariha, Director of Sport

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Massive Raffle Draw – Great Prizes!

The Music Support Group have organised a fantastic raffle to be drawn at the Thursday evening Debut Concert, on 8 June in the Hanrahan Theatre.  Tickets will be sold for $5 each or three for $10.  These can be pre-purchased by contacting the Music Office on 3394 5691 and purchasing via a credit card transaction.  Alternatively, these tickets will be on sale prior to the concerts from 6 – 8 June in the Hanrahan Theatre.

We have some great prizes on offer for our lucky winners:

First Prize:  3 Nights’ Accommodation at Paradise Resort Gold Coast plus a double 7-Day Pass to Dreamworld, White Water World and Skypoint Tower

Second Prize: $200 QPAC Voucher – expires May 2018

Third Prize:  Dining Voucher to California Native

Two weeks to Debut Concerts

The schedule for our debut concerts has now been finalised.  I am looking forward to three evenings of music in the Hanrahan Theatre.  Each concert will commence at 6pm; however, we will have refreshments and some light music on the JS Terrace from 5:30pm.  Entry will be by gold coin donation – great value for an evening’s entertainment!

Each concert will contain around seven items; we should conclude by 7:30pm each evening.  Students will be required to be at the College, in performance uniform, from 5:15pm.  The ensembles performing in each concert are outlined below.  Please note this is not a running order:


Tuesday 6 June Wednesday 7 June Thursday 8 June

Clarinet Choir

Flute Crew


Year 5 Band

Year 5 Strings

Percussion Ensemble 2

Big Band

Jazz Ensemble

Wind Ensemble

String Sinfonia

JS Choir


Con Vivo Strings

JS Flute Crew


Year 6 Band

Year 6 Strings

Guitar Ensemble 1

Symphonic Band

JS Little Big Band

Brass Ensemble

Percussion Ensemble 1



Corelli Chamber Ensemble

Amadeus Chamber Strings


Senior Choir


Concert Band

Guitar Ensemble 2

Irish Ensemble 1

Irish Ensemble 2

String Consort


Gig sheets have now been emailed home to all participants.  Please ensure you have received and completed the forms for every ensemble your son is involved in.  We look forward to seeing you over the concert series.

Performance Uniforms

As per last week, students will require the following uniforms for next month’s concert series:

All Year 5 musicians are required to wear:

  • grey shorts;
  • formal white shirt (available from the College Uniform Shop);
  • long Villanova school socks;
  • school tie;
  • black leather belt; and,
  • polished black school shoes.

The following table outlines uniform requirements for the remainder of our ensembles:


Formal Performance Uniform:

  • Long black dress pants (no colours, pin stripes, casual pockets, etc.)
  • Black leather belt
  • Polished black leather shoes
  • Black socks
  • White, long-sleeved cotton-blend dress shirt (no stripes/patterns)
  • College tie (ensure appropriate length)
The following ensembles require this uniform:

 Year 6 Band and String Ensemble

  • Concert Band, Wind Ensemble, Symphonic Band
  • Strings Consort, String Sinfonia
  • JS Choir (Year 6 vocalists only), Villavoce (MS Choir), Senior School Choir
  • Clarinet Choir, Flute Crew, Brass Ensemble, Saxophone Ensemble
  • Percussion Ensemble 2
  • Irish Ensemble 2
Concert Blacks:

 Long black dress pants (as above)

  • Black leather belt
  • Polished black leather shoes
  • Black socks
  • Black long-sleeved Microfibre dress shirt (no stripes/patterns)
The following ensembles require this uniform:

Big Band, Jazz Ensemble

  • Guitar Ensemble 1 and 2
  • Percussion Ensemble 1


Irish Ensemble Uniform:

  • Kilt, belt and Sporran (hired through College)
  • White, long-sleeved cotton-blend dress shirt (no stripes/patterns)
  • College Tie (ensure appropriate length)
  • Celtic dress socks (purchase through uniform shop)
  • Black polo shirt (plain – no patterns)
The following ensembles require this uniform:

  • Irish Ensemble 1



All uniform items can be sourced through the College Uniform Shop or external clothing retailers.

For further information regarding uniforms for ensembles at Villanova College, please contact the Music Office on 3394 5691 or

Entertainment Books

Our Entertainment Book pre-sales drive has concluded.  For those Year 5 and 6 students who still have their unsold book at home, we request these be returned as soon as possible.  Should you still wish to purchase an Entertainment Book, please visit the Music Office or phone Mrs Schrauf on 3394 5691.  Should you wish to purchase a smartphone app version of the book, this may be done online by visiting

If you have already purchased a book, we ask that these be collected from the Music Office as soon as possible.

Date Claimers

We now look ahead to August with our currently scheduled events.  Please ensure these are marked in your diaries:

Term 2:

Monday 5 June Music Supporter’s Group Meeting and QCMF Planning meeting – 7:30pm in Music Classroom, level 1 of Augustine Centre
6, 7 and 8 June Debut Concert Series.  All ensembles will be involved once over these nights.  Schedule to be confirmed shortly.
Sunday 18 June Big Band performance at St Catherine’s School, Wishart Fete

Irish Ensemble 1 performance at St James’ School International Fair.

19 – 23 June Rockhampton Diocesan Music Camp Tour (MS students)
26 June – 2 July Rhapsody Rotorua Tour (SS students)

Term 3:

Monday 10 July (Staff Day) Symphonic Band workshop at Brisbane Girls’ Grammar School 2 -5pm.  Concert at 6pm
Monday 17 July Music Supporter’s Group Meeting and QCMF Planning meeting – 7:30pm in Music Classroom, level 1 of Augustine Centre
Thursday 20 July Wind Ensemble and Concert Band workshop at Brisbane Girls’ Grammar School.  3:30-5:30pm.  Concert at 6pm.
Monday 7 August Music Supporter’s Group Meeting and QCMF Planning meeting – 7:30pm in Music Classroom, level 1 of Augustine Centre
Tuesday 8 August and Thursday 10 August QCMF Preparation Concerts.  All ensembles will be required to perform once over these evenings
Thursday 17 – Sunday 20 August Queensland Catholic Schools’ and Colleges’ Music Festival hosted by Villanova College.  Students will be required to volunteer for a short period over the weekend.  All ensembles will perform once.

Mr Michael Jones, Director of Music

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Parent Information

Year 10 Meningococcal Vaccinations

Free meningococcal ACWY vaccinations are to be offered to all Year 10 students through the Queensland School Immunisation Program this year.  Earlier this week an information sheet and consent form were distributed to all students in Year 10.

In order for your son to take part in this program, the consent forms must be completed and returned to the College by no later than Wednesday, 31 May ready for collection by courier.   At this stage a date for the vaccination process has not been confirmed, but it will be sometime during Term Three.   Once this date is confirmed, it will be shared via the usual College communication channels.

Ms Sally Byron, College Administrator



Individual and class photographs for Years 11 and 12 have now been taken and will be available for online purchase online from 29 May onwards.

All other class and individual photographs will be taken on Tuesday 30 May.

SIBLING photographs will also be taken on 30 May, during both first and second breaks.  Please note that SIBLING photographs must  be pre-ordered by Sunday, 28 May. 

For further enquiries, please contact Mrs Kath Underhill on

Mrs Kath Underhill, Senior School LE Program Leader/Villanovan Editor



Loreto College Interact Dance for Years 7 to 9 students will be held on Friday, 26 May from 7:00pm to 10:00pm at Carina PCYC, 27 Narracott Street, Carindale.

Upon entry students are required to show ID and $12 entry free is applicable.  The theme for this year’s Dance is “Neon”.



Tuesday 30th May

Cristina Palacios, Loretta Jordan-Vieira

Wednesday 31st May

Donna Leahy, Melanie Higgins, Sue Mulligan

Thursday 1st June

Susanna Greaves, Maritsa Malanos, Nicki Micheletti (after tuckshop)


Monday 29th May

Kym Edser, Nicole Winsbury, Jenny Lanskey, Liz Burge, Donna Heaton, Chris Ghikas, Donna Skelton, Souni Morelli, Angie Childs

Tuesday 30th May

Tricia Intelisano, Lisa Murphy, Angela Crisafi, Irene Tornatore, Mechelle Fury, Christina Ross, Ita Dumont, Kelly Collins, Dimi Stergou, Maria Kambouris, Genevieve Keskinidis, Lisa Waugh, Miranda Dang, Irene Miano

Wednesday 31st May

Tracey O’Reilly, Natalie Jayne Dunton, Ruth O’Brien, Leanne Kruysmulder, Alison Wilde, Marlene Delbridge, Maria Perez

Thursday 1st June

Julie Paterson, Debbie Winfield, Jane O’Brien, Lydia Wilcox, Georgina Horky, Jayne Smith, Kellie Killips, Catherine Bishop, Nicky Micheletti, Sue Godwin

Friday 2nd June

Maria O’Leary Chay, Cath Davies, Effie Prineas, Kelly Kendall, Tamara Hanley, Melissa Lorimer, Marina Pennisi, Nicole Dillon, Melissa Clark, Loreena Clark, Cathy Harris, Maria Spina, Angela Connolly, Jen Thomas, Kym Verity

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Calendar of Events

Stay up to date with the College events please proceed to the event calendar.

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Community Update


The Villanova Old Boys Association encourages all Old Boys to venture out and support the current crop of boys this weekend when they take on long standing rivals Iona College, in what is sure to be a cracking fixture.

Wear your old jersey, training shirt or singlet and show your true colours.

A polite reminder to those attending, Villanova Park is strictly a smoke, alcohol and dog free venue.

Old Boys will not be permitted to enter the field at any stage nor form part of the tunnel.

First XI at 12:30pm

First XV at 2:15pm

Vincit Veritas.


From the Eye of the Storm: Jenny Woodward in conversation with Ian Townsend

A charity event in aid of families across Queensland affected by Cyclone Debbie with proceeds going to the GIVIT Cyclone Debbie Disaster Recovery. 

Award-winning Queensland author Ian Townsend and the ABC’s Jenny Woodward come together to examine the story of weather and the powerful role it plays in a story, adding tension, danger, atmosphere, intrigue and beauty.

The event brings together two fabulous storytellers to share their experiences and anecdotes in what should be a very special and poignant event. Ian Townsend’s book The Devil’s Eye uses one of the fiercest storms in Australian history as the centre of its tale, and Jenny Woodward has been the face of Queensland weather for over 30 years providing her with a treasure trove of tales to tell.

There will also be an opportunity for the audience to ask questions and share their own stories.

Where Lourdes Hill College, Hawthorne

When 3.30-5 pm Saturday 17 June

Price: $25 / $20 + booking fee

For further information and to book:

St Catherine’s School Fete

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