Principal's Welcome

The first I heard about it was on Monday morning. One of our teachers had a son playing in the Year 5A rugby team and her son was ‘blown away’ when the First XV players turned up at Iona College to watch their game and provide support and encouragement. Joining with the First XV players to sing the war cry was a highlight for the Year 5 boys. So much so the Year 5 team wanted to return the favour and be on the sideline to watch the First XV play their match at Villanova Park.

This simple act of ‘brotherhood’ exemplifies the significant role the bond of community plays in providing support to young boys as they navigate the journey to adulthood. Surrounded by positive role models a young boy can develop his character based on the example of others in an environment of trust, knowing if he stumbles and falls someone will be there to pick him up and set him on the right path.

We are fortunate to have many fine role models in our Senior student body and I am grateful they continue to provide positive examples of a Villanova College man to our younger students.

Due to a number of reasons, the builder’s transport needs to access the site from Seventh Avenue. This has placed semi-trailers on this road which is narrow and often congested. I have asked families not to use the Seventh Avenue road as a drop-off and pick up zone until further notice to minimise the risk to pedestrians and private vehicles.

Car parking on site at the College is significantly reduced due to the construction works. Recently it has been noticed that a number of parents are dropping their son in the Seventh Avenue car park and leaving the car parked to catch the bus to work. Unfortunately, only staff from the College are permitted to park in this car park. I ask those parents to please find alternative parking.


Statement of Commitment:
Villanova College supports the rights of children and young people and is committed to ensure the safety, welfare and wellbeing of all children. Villanova College is therefore committed to responding to allegations of harm resulting from the conduct or actions of any person including that of employees.

This commitment includes the provision of a safe and supportive living and learning environment for all children and young people and requires all employees, volunteers and visitors to model and encourage behaviour that upholds the dignity and protection of students from harm.

In support of this commitment, Villanova College is dedicated to their Child and Youth Risk Management Strategy which includes having relevant policies, procedures and training in place to effectively address the safety and wellbeing of students in their care.

Student Protection Contacts
At Villanova College a number of staff have been invited to take on the role of Student Protection Contact (SPC). The staff members listed below have undergone annual training to ensure they are familiar with the legislation for Student Protection and how to respond to any information received disclosing harm that is or may be occurring to a student at the College.

Mrs Hannah Elder – Middle School Science CAL
Mr Stephen Rouhliadeff – Head of Junior School
Mr Greg O’Neill – Head of Middle School
Mr Matthew Levander – Head of Senior School
Mr Adrian Hellwig – College Counsellor
Mr Steven Bremner – Deputy Principal
Mr Mark Stower – Principal

If you have a belief or suspicion that a child has suffered, is suffering, or is at unacceptable risk of suffering harm or abuse contact Queensland Police or Child Safety Services. Where you need guidance in making a report or have questions regarding child safety, contact one of the College’s appointed Student Protection Contacts. Wherever there are concerns that a child is in immediate danger the Police should be called on 000.

We keep in our prayers all those in our community who are battling illness at this time. We offer our support, prayers and thoughts to all families where students are battling chronic long-term illness.
May the compassion and care of our God be with us all

You have made us for Yourself O Lord,
And our hearts are restless until they rest in You.

God Bless

Mr Mark Stower, Principal

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Teaching and Learning

Well done to all our Year 5, Year 7 and Year 9 students for last week’s efforts in completing the NAPLAN tests. From my observations, the boys were very good in their application. The results for these tests will be forwarded to schools in August and will be made available to parents soon after.

In 2020, it is expected that all schools will move to NAPLAN online. There have been stories in the media lately of issues with schools completing NAPLAN in the online environment. Villanova is in the fortunate position that our access to technology is very good and with testing later in the year, we envisage a smooth transition to this form of testing, that we believe will give greater access to the tests and even more accurate results than before.

On Wednesday 24 July, the College will be holding a Subject Information and Tertiary Studies evening for Year 9 and Year 10 students and parents. The aim of this evening is to provide information about the new SATE system and subject selection for 2020. In attendance at this evening will also be representatives from the various universities / higher education providers to answer questions about all things relating to tertiary and further studies.

Parents will be emailed the details in the coming week.

The Study Hub continues to be a place where Junior and Middle School students can go to receive assistance with their studies from Senior students. All Junior School and Middle School students are welcome to attend ‘The Study Hub’. Times are as follows:

Year 5 and Year 6:                         Tuesday and Thursday mornings – 7.30 to 8.15am (Lower Library)
Year 7, Year 8 and Year 9:            Wednesday afternoon – 3.15 to 4.00pm (Tolle Lege Library)

Mr John Christie – Dean of Teaching and Learning


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Head of Junior School

Feedback – this word can exhilarate or exasperate an individual.  It depends on your history of receiving feedback – as a child, on a personal level with friends and family, and at work.  There is no denying that feedback can sometimes be given bluntly and in an open forum where we feel like it is a front-page headline for the world to see.  This kind of direct message is never going to achieve much more than hurt, anger and resentment.  It is more than likely that the person giving this feedback is upset, frustrated or backed into a corner.  This can make someone feel good for a few seconds, but remorse is inevitable and so is the journey of making amends.

The feedback I want to explore with parents this week comes from reading a blog in Ed: Future,  written by Christian Talbot, “Where are all the A Players?” We reflected on this last Wednesday at a Junior School Staff Meeting that included class teachers, learning enrichment staff and specialist teachers.

Let’s consider the “A” mentality.  The A achievement in assessment, the A teams in sport, the A levels in music – the list goes on.  The fastest, the most accurate, the highly astute.  These individuals are certainly to be celebrated.  They have the genetics, the unseen work ethic after school and on weekends to master their passion, and they often seek feedback.  They thrive on knowing what changes to make and they do everything it takes in the time allowed.  Devoted to setting goals and knowing what best works for them to achieve, becomes a natural part of their schedule, a way of living.  In this group, the world has a small percentage of people, but we see them shine and we are often a little in awe of how easy they make success look.

Now let’s think about who helps these students.  What makes an A teacher?  It would depend on your son’s needs.  The curriculum is straight forward enough and there is plenty for us to work on.  An A teacher aims to get to know your son, reveal their own strengths and challenges to the students, and learn from mistakes just like we expect the boys to.  Your student knows an A teacher to be consistent, humorous, sporty, fair and realistic about life and learning happening in different ratios depending on our emotional state of mind.  We remember the A teachers.  They are ones that expect our best, support our every effort, and show the patience it takes in the meantime.

Effective feedback is about seeing the A player, the A potential, in all students.  Believing that ordinary people are capable of extraordinary accomplishments given the right culture and tools.  The right culture is one of hope, belief and acts as a platform.

An A classroom is that platform.  It incorporates appealing features like music to walk into each morning, bright posters with unit information, timetables, spaces for belongings and possibly a Harry Potter magic wand point system.  A culture exists where the students have a voice in Circle Times, with Senior Students on a Wednesday, in Class Meetings, on Social Surveys and in Well Being Lessons.  Feedback becomes a two-way street, a balanced sharing of power between students and teachers.  Listening and making changes is a normal process with people that we have built relationships with, and have gained trust in.

Where are our A players in the Junior School?  They are in every classroom, on the playgrounds, on all AIC fields each Saturday and hurrying to the Hanrahan Theatre with instruments in tow before school. They pick up rubbish and collect lunch boxes because they are proud of their College.  They are waiting for us to see their A side, we just have to be watching and waiting.

Mr Stephen Rouhliadeff, Head of Junior School

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Head of Senior School

Earlier this week, I, along with Year 11 Pastoral Area Leader, Mr Tony Rolls and Year 12 Pastoral Area Leader, Mr Peter Meecham, had the opportunity to attend the Critical Agendas’ National Conference on ‘Strategies to Support the Mental Health and Wellbeing of Young People’. One of the keynote speakers and workshop facilitators was neuroscience expert Nathan Wallace who presented a session entitled ‘Understanding the Nuances of the Teenage Years to Support Adolescents Mental Health’. As part of his workshop, he discussed the impact of alcohol on the teenage brain.

The slide below shows the impact of a binge drinking 15 year old adolescent in contrast to a non-drinker. The brain scan on the left (non-drinker) reveals considerably more brain activity as illustrated by the red and pink. The damage to the cortical part of the brain – the cortex – that is caused by heavy drinking in teenage years should give all parents and Senior School students reason to pause. The cortex or learning section of the brain is the driver of the following – academic achievement, empathy, self-regulation, problem solving and working memory. A Senior School student who attends a party and consumes more than 10 standard drinks can be cognitively affected by the alcohol up to two weeks later, which can have significant consequences for retention and recall of content.

The following link provides a short video of Nathan speaking on this topic:

The three core pillars of the Senior School are ‘responsibility’, ‘commitment’ and ‘purpose’. Throughout their Senior School journey, students are challenged to find themselves and to have the courage to stand on their own feet. I listened to another thought-provoking Art of Manliness Podcast which both explores and reinforces the philosophies we espouse in our messages to our young men. The synopsis of the podcast is below:

My guest today is Dr. Paul Napper and he’s a psychologist and the co-author of the book The Power of Agency: The 7 Principles to Conquer Obstacles, Make Effective Decisions, and Create a Life on Your Own Terms
Today on the show, Paul makes the case that the reason more and more people feel like they’re floundering, is that they don’t have a strong sense of personal agency. Paul explains what he means by agency, and why learning how to get better at thinking, acting, and making choices for yourself can be the real key to feeling less stuck in life. Paul and I then discuss the seven overarching principles of increasing your agency, as well as tactics to put them into practice.

Whilst I recommend the podcast for your consideration, if you do not have time to listen to it, these are the seven principles explored in the book which consider the value of exercise, limiting time on social media and the power of positivity.


  • Control Stimuli: Rid yourself of distraction and engage your focus on the most important matters in your life.
  • Associate Selectively: Surround yourself with supportive and optimistic people.
  • Move: Keep active in your own way for vigorous mental and physical health.
  • Position Yourself as a Learner: Realise you don’t know everything and open yourself to new information and ideas to grow as a person.
  • Manage Your Emotions and Beliefs: Recognise that feelings are not facts so you shouldn’t act on impulse or from pre-conceived notions.
  • Check Your Intuition: Trust your intuition, but analyse your situation before taking action.
  • Deliberate, then Act: Consider all options and possibilities logically before deciding on the best course of action

“As far as we can discern, the sole purpose of human existence is to kindle a light in the darkness of mere being.” – Carl Jung

Mr Matt Levander, Head of Senior School

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Ministry News

After running most of last Friday’s assembly, AFAS have worked hard at almost every break time to provide Mission Day tickets (currency on Mission Day), the red candle bags, and now bags of Filipino lollies and treats for the AFAS stall on Mission Day.

AFAS presented a great account of their history and the work they’ve been undertaking with sister schools in the Philippines at last Friday’s assembly. The PowerPoint presentation shown at the Assembly has been converted to a PDF (if you hover over the toggle in the top left corner, you’ll also get the speaker’s notes) and can be accessed here to provide a better understanding of what Mission Day is all about.

The highlight of the AFAS stall (Filipino World) on Mission Day will no doubt be the roasting pig which Filipino friends, Louis and Ogie, will slowly cook from 6.00 am on Friday. Roast pork in spices – or lechon – is the traditional feasting food of Filipinos – as our AFAS Exchange students will discover. Due to the nature of what we are trying to achieve on Mission Day, Louis and Ogie have given up their time free of charge. A good use of $3 worth of Mission Day tickets will be to buy a roast pork sandwich, Filipino style.

Ogie and 2018 Ministry Captain

Also featuring in Filipino World will be a “Sari Sari” stall. These all-purpose hut-like shops feature everywhere in Filipino communities. On sale will be: Filipino ice cream, fried banana, pork crackers, and Filipino lolly bags, including mini-jellies.

A strong theme of this year’s Mission Day is the way that the food will represent who we are as a community. It is particularly humbling that students from Iraq and China have entered into the spirit of the day to provide food which speaks of our diverse culture at the College. Meanwhile, staff members Mrs Kath Underhill and Dr Ashleigh Wright will assist students in making jellybean cookies, while Mr Tony Rolls is overseeing the preparation of a Thai chicken curry by a team of Year 10 students.

Next door to Filipino World will be a social justice stall, featuring the 2018 prize-winning photos from Blind Eye Ministries’ View from the Street competition. The College will once again sponsor this competition in 2019. One side activity at the stall will be to make up 50 special gift packs for patrons of Blind Eye, full of practical items such as deodorants and toiletries, as well as food and treats. We will present these on the evening of June 13, when this year’s View from the Street is officially launched.

I like to see the YAYM students as the engine of many of the projects which animate campus life. Every day the team members have worked on posters and advertising for Mission Day. On the day itself, the boys will focus on generous service by helping with lob-a-choc, running an “Information” Centre (to help younger students), and overseeing the recycling. On top of this, our “Better than Bunnings” barbecue team will have an outing from 7.00am on Mission Day providing bacon rolls for either Mission Day money or cash. This service will be set up in the quadrangle near Filipino World.

Every year, St Vincent de Paul offers the College three free volunteer spaces for its annual Kids’ Camp, based at Coolum Beach. Kids’ Camp provides a holiday for about 50 children who would not otherwise have the opportunity to attend camp.  Villanova College is the only school in Brisbane to be offered these places, due to the outstanding quality of the volunteers we have provided over the last five years. Marcus Sountas and Bradley Roulant (Year 12), with Isaak Collie (Year 11) will join six other recent Old Boys on the 2019 camp.

Students are invited to wear free dress and give a gold coin donation. The Tuckshop is closed on Mission Day, so that all the effort can be placed on providing the Mission Day food. Please supply morning tea for your son. There will be bacon rolls on sale for breakfast, as described above. Mission Day tickets will still be on sale on Mission Day and can be bought for cash only.

Monty Chigwidden and Harry Morley getting into the spirit of Mission Day 2018

Mr John Holroyd, Dean of Mission and Identity

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Next Friday the Villanova College Sports Club will conduct their annual Sports Luncheon at a new venue – The Greek Club. Given AIC has introduced rugby league to the schedule this year the event organisers have sought Craig Bellamy and Darren Lockyer as guest speakers. Greg Martin and Greg Ritchie have also been secured for the event.

The Sports Luncheon is a great opportunity for our community to get together, have a few laughs and enjoy lunch with friends. All proceeds of this event are directed towards major projects that help all sporting areas across the College. At this stage, around 509 seats have been sold. Although the support for this function has been outstanding, the Sports Club are keen to sell more tickets, so it is not too late. Those interested in purchasing a ticket are asked to log on to More seats at the Sports Luncheon converts to more money and more resources for our students. Thanks to all those who have supported the luncheon, I am sure you will have a great time!

At present, sales for the annual Mega-Raffle are coming along very well. This is another annual Sports Club fundraiser. Only 200 tickets will be sold with a chance to win $10,000. Buy a ticket individually or form a syndicate, perhaps with your son’s football or rugby team and then cross your fingers for the draw on the day of Round 6 against St Patrick’s College at Villanova Park. With only another 40 tickets available be sure to purchase a ticket for your chance to win. Tickets are available for purchase at the Villanova Park Canteen on the weekend or via the Sports Club President – Mr Jeremy Meredith on mob 0407 895 207.

Overall, I was very pleased with the results posted by the boys last weekend. Our chess boys are continuing their dominance in AIC chess and are building towards their goal to become back to back AIC chess aggregate champions in 2019. Special mention must be given to Jake Perrier for his winning form as he seems to have ‘all the moves’ in the Senior A chess competition. It is great to see that Jake is willing to play chess on Friday evenings, then slip on the rugby jersey on Saturday to play for the Second XV and bench for the First XV. A man of many talents!

Jake Perrier in action

Although not every rugby and football team won, most of our teams across the College performed extremely well and were in most cases very competitive in both rugby and football games against Iona College.

The First football game against Iona was a typical hard-fought school game. It was filled with passion and determination. Unfortunately, we conceded two early goals against the run of play. In between those goals their keeper saved brilliantly to deny us a goal from the penalty spot. In an action filled first half we then pegged a goal back with a well taken half volley from Joshua Smith after great lead up work from Will Kubler.

At halftime we were down 2 – 1 and in the second half Iona sat very deep and made it very hard for us to grab an equaliser. We showed a lot of effort but probably not enough awareness to break them down. We were unlucky not to get a point from the game with our keeper Ollie Shanks going close at the end with a long-range effort. Credit to Iona for defending so well, finishing with a 2 – 1 victory.

The First XV rugby game on the weekend was particularly pleasing to watch. From the kick-off the Villanova boys showed great determination and composure to overcome the opposition. This was one of the better games of First XV rugby I have witnessed from a Villanova team in some time. It was a clinical performance with the set piece, defensive structures, intensity at the break down and variety shown in attack a pleasure to watch.

There is absolutely no room for any player in our first teams (football, rugby and chess) to doubt themselves and their abilities nor their ambition to go all the way this season. If a small doubt exists, the belief and dream will fade away. Belief and work ethic at training and during the game is crucial. I am already looking forward to seeing our boys play entertaining football/rugby/chess again this weekend. Best wishes teams!

Villanova College is fortunate to have many coaches on board who are willing and eager to see our boys participate, develop and enjoy their rugby and football. The College has in place many initiatives ranging from development squads, strength and conditioning programs, rugby and football coaching and skills director, many highly qualified coaches as well as a bi-annual New Zealand Rugby Tour and now a Japan Football Tour etc. Opportunities exist in our program for boys to be equipped with the necessary skills and conditioning to do well. The boys must now take these opportunities and play with the necessary grit and determination each week. We only ask the boys to try their best during training and on game day with a strong sense of pride and commitment. Our Ben Mowen and Andrew Slack squads target the First, Second and 10A rugby teams, while the football development squads do the same. The results from these squads speak for themselves and are very pleasing!

Again, I thank all involved over the weekend at the various sports grounds. The College is supportive of those who are prepared to assist our students by taking on various coaching, managerial and official roles within the sports program. Due care and concern for our students is shown in all areas to ensure we do our best to produce good Christian men with integrity and values in all that we do including our efforts on the sports field.

I must commend all coaches (and parents) who have insisted that their team chants the school war and ensures that their team is able to stay around after the game to form a run on tunnel for the next Villa team to take the field. School spirit and pride is so important for a variety of different reasons. Please support and encourage your son to be involved in activities such as these.

The number of boys who were able to stay behind at on the weekend against Iona to watch the first teams dressed in academic uniform was outstanding. This could not have happened without parental support of the College’s expectations. Thank you, parents!

This weekend will see our College play against St Peter’s Lutheran College. Do not take them lightly. I ask all boys to stand up and give their best and enjoy!

All times and venues for this weekend’s fixtures against St Peter’s Lutheran College are available on the College’s website. Please note several teams will be playing supplementary games against other Colleges as St Peter’s do not field as many teams as we do.

Team photos will be taken to for all teams playing at Villanova Park this Saturday, May 25. Parents are kindly requested to check the schedule for photos –  rugby photos (click here) and football photos (click here). Next weekend will also be marked as a photo day for those teams not playing at Villanova Park this weekend.

On behalf of the Sports Club, we would like to thank all those who have been kind enough to assist in the canteens. The assistance has been fantastic. This weekend Villanova will host most of the Year 5 – Year 8 games at Villanova Park. Please see canteen roster below.

Rugby/Football Canteen Roster

Villanova Park – 25 May

We kindly ask parents to assist when their son arrives for warm up 30 minutes before their scheduled game.

All parents who can assist are asked to report to Mrs Robyn Gunning.

Time Rugby Parents Football Parents
7.00am 7B, 5A, 6A, 7C
7.30am 7 Gold, 7 White, 8C, 5 White
8.00am 7A, 9 Gold, 5B, 6B, 7 White, 7 Gold
8.30am 7C, 8B, 5 Gold 5C, 6C
9.00am 8A, 10C, 8C
9.30am 7B, 10C 5 Gold, 6 White
10.00am 8B, Fifth XI, Sixth XI
10.30am 5 White

Mr Blake McLauchlan, AIC Rugby Co-ordinator

Round 3 proved to be a tough fight against Iona College as we came up against many quality sides. It was pleasing to see that our boys did their best to muscle up the Iona boys. Overall, we had a total of four aggregate wins and six aggregate losses. The First XV managed to secure their third win for the 2019 season. Villanova and Ashgrove are now the only two undefeated schools in the First XV Competition as we look towards Round 4 this weekend.

Playing in front of a packed crowd on Charlie Fisher Oval, the boys stood up to the men in black and white. The Villanova Heritage Round was a huge success and the First XV did not disappoint on such a big occasion. The same could be said for all our open teams. The Second XV and Fourth XV also remain undefeated as we look towards Round 4 versus St Peter’s Lutheran College.  I am extremely proud of these boys. Their efforts and attitude are a fine example to all other rugby teams throughout the College.

Congratulations to our Year 5 teams who had another successful round winning all their games against Iona. Other notable performance were the 10C’s who lead from the beginning posting a winning score of 27 points and the 10A’s who secured their victory by one point. This weekend all our A teams and some B teams will be playing out at St Peter’s Lutheran College. Please check the draw on the College website for a detailed schedule of times and venues.

Good luck to all teams for Round 4.

Rugby Results v Iona College

TEAM Round 1 v SEC Round 2 v PAD Round 3 v IONA
First XV SEC 53-12 Win PAD 23-19 Win ION 36-19 Win
Second XV SEC 43-0 Win PAD 31-7 Win ION 15-12 Win
Third XV INT INTERNAL PAD 31-0 Loss ION 19-17 Loss
Fourth XV INT INTERNAL PAD 24-7 Win ION 17-12 Win
10A SEC 38-5 Win PAD 25-17 Loss ION 8-7 Win
10B SEC 73-0 Win PAD 24-0 Loss ION 19-7 Loss
10C ASH 29-17 Loss PAD 19-17 Win ION 27-14 Win
9A SEC 24-19 Loss PAD 15-12 Win ION 32-12 Loss
9B SEC 10-0 Win PAD 33-14 Loss ION 39-0 Loss
8A SEC 29-7 Win PAD 50-10 Win ION 53-7 Loss
8B SEC 19-19 Draw PAD 84-5 Win ION 58-5 Loss
8C SEC 31-10 Win PAD 51-15 Win ION 63-0 Loss
7A SEC 51-7 Win PAD 43-5 Loss ION 24-7 Loss
7B SEC 80-0 Win PAD 29-15 Loss ION 29-17 Loss
7C ASH 32-5 Win PAD 17-12 Win ION 21-19 Loss
7 Gold ASH 41-17 Loss PAD 29-5 Win ION 29-7 Loss
7 White ASH 58-5 Loss ION 34-12 Loss PAD 30-5 Loss
6A ATC 32-5 Win PAD 50-0 Loss ION 26-10 Loss
6B ATC 19-7 Win PAD 40-17 Loss ION 34-0 Loss
6C BYE BYE PAD 42-29 Win ION 19-17 Loss
5A ATC 28-7 Win PAD 19-7 Win ION 24-7 Win
5B ATC 24-5 Win PAD 26-10 Win ION 38-10 Win
5C ATC 43-0 Win PAD 37-15 Win ION 66-0 Win
5 Gold INT 5Gold win PAD 43-20 Win ION 54-0 Win
5 White INT Loss SLC 80-5 Win PAD 30-12 Loss

Mr Anthony Kemp, AIC Football Co-ordinator

Once again Iona proved to be a tough opponent in the most recent round of AIC fixtures. Overall Villanova had 11 wins, one draw and 19 losses. Whilst we may not have won the day in terms of aggregate or total wins, there is no doubt that we challenged and fought hard with many games going down to the wire. Well done to all the teams that come out on top in their respective game against such a quality football outfit in Iona.

Unfortunately, the First XI had their first taste of defeat for the season going down in a nail-biting 2 – 1 loss in a top of the table clash against Iona. It would be fair to say that the Villanova First XI looked to be the better side in big patches of the game and were just unable to capitalise on rare chances in front of goal. Iona were able to take their chances and opened the scoring with a simple goal. Iona then stretched the lead with another goal before Villanova chased them down with a goal of our own to set up a thrilling finish to the game. Impressively, the boys never gave up until the final whistle and it was clear to see in their body language at the end of the game just how much they wanted the win. I have no doubt that the boys will have a cracking week at training and come out firing in the next game!

I remind all players the importance of training to the best of their ability to ensure that what is practised at training filters into the game. There have been numerous close games this season and if players continue to put in the hard work, hopefully we can turn some of these close results into wins for Villanova! In addition, please ensure that if you are absent from training that you contact your coach prior to training so that the coaches can plan effectively and get the most out of training sessions.

The game of football is certainly played and watched with plenty of passion, which is evident in every round of AIC fixtures. I would like to take this opportunity to remind all players, coaches and spectators that our game would not be possible without the inclusion of referees who take on the sometimes-tough task of officiating games each week. Please ensure that at all times respect is shown towards the referees and officials.

Good luck to all the players and coaches this week in your matches against St Peter’s.

Football Results v Iona College

First XI 5-2 W 3-0 W 1-2 L
Second XI 4-0 W 3-3 D 5-0 W
Third XI 4-2 W 1-5 L 3-2 W
Fourth XI INTERNAL 3-0 W 2-4 L
Fifth XI INTERNAL 3-0 W 0-3 L
Sixth XI 1-3 L 6-2 W 3-0 W
10A 0-1 L 2-3 L 1-3 L
10B 4-0 W 0-3 L 2-3 L
10C 5-0 W 1-3 L 1-3 L
10 Gold 4-0 W 3-2 W 5-2 W
9A 3-0 W 3-2 W 1-2 L
9B 2-0 W 6-0 W 1-0 W
9C BYE 5-0 W 1-2 L
9 Gold 0-6 L 6-0 W 4-3 W
8A 4-0 W 6-0 W 4-1 W
8B 1-1 W 8-1 W 0-6 L
8C 8-0 W 1-5 L 2-0 W
8 Gold 8-0 W 2-0 W 1-0 L
7A 1-0 W 0-1 L 1-2 L
7B 1-6 L 0-2 L 0-4 L
7C 1-2 L 2-2 D 0-1 L
7 Gold 3-1 W 4-2 W 0-4 L
7 White 0-0 D 0-3 L 1-1 D
6A 3-0 W 5-1 W 2-3 L
6B 16-2 W 12-0 W 10-0 W
6C 4-3 W 4-1 W 7-2 W
6 Gold 1-0 W 3-0 W 1-2 L
6 White 3-0 W 1-0 W 2-2 D
5A 0-5 L 1-10 L 1-10 L
5B 1-6 L 2-3 L 1-3 L
5C 0-1 L 0-13 L 0-1 L
5 Gold 0-2 L 2-5 L 2-1 W
5 White 3-0 W 4-2 W 1-4 L

Mrs Mylan Warren, AIC Chess Co-ordinator

We had another successful night of chess for Round 3 against Iona, with five wins.  Our Opens, Senior A and Intermediate B teams had substantial wins and our Senior B team was also undefeated.  Our Junior B team pulled through at the end with a convincing win, and both our Intermediate C and Junior C teams had good games.

This week we play St Peter’s Lutheran College away.  Parents please note our return to the College will most likely be after 6.30pm, and we ask parents to be patient.

As usual practice and coaching is again available every day at morning tea in T10. Each week the teams will be shown on the website and I ask that parents let me know if a student is sick or unable to play, so that arrangements can be made ahead of time.

As tomorrow is Mission Day, I remind all boys to bring their academic uniform (with tie) to school with them as they will change prior to departing for St Peter’s.

Good luck to all the teams and hopefully it will be another successful night.

Senior chess team in action

Intermediate chess team with all the moves

 Chess Results v Iona College

TEAM Opposition Villanova Score Opposition Score Result
OPEN Iona 14 2 W
SENIOR A Iona 14 2 W
SENIOR B Iona 16 0 W
INTER/M A Iona 6 10 L
INTER/M B Iona 12 4 W
JUNIOR A Iona 3 13 L
JUNIOR B Iona 10 6 W

Students, who wish to trial for an AIC basketball team in Year 5 or Year 6, will have trials during class sport time. The trials will commence for Year 6 next Friday, 31 May and Year 5 will commence their trials on Friday 7 June.

The trials will continue each week until the end of the term when 36 boys will be selected to represent Villanova in the Term 3 basketball competition.  Eight boys will be selected in each of the A and B teams, while the C and D teams will carry 10 players each. For parents new to Year 5 and Year 6 AIC basketball, competition will be played on Friday afternoons and games are played at either 4.00pm or 4.45pm.

These games were scheduled in the calendar to be played on Saturdays but due to the pressure on resources, games have been moved back to the traditional Friday afternoon timeslot. Boys still playing club football or rugby generally make it back for training, but they may be a little late for a 6pm start. Parents of selected students will be asked to transport the students to away venues on Fridays and will need to carpool to help families when parents have other commitments.

All successful students will be required to purchase the basketball shorts by the end of the term. All singlets will be distributed on a hire basis.

With rugby league being played on a Saturday, boys in Year 5 and Year 6 may try out for and play in both sports.

With the AIC rugby league season just around the corner, the Sports Office will be seeking parents and volunteers who may be willing to be a touch judge or run the water for our teams on game day. It is a requirement from the NRL for staff, parents and volunteers who wish to be involved in performing these duties to complete a course.

Training courses are listed below

9am – 1pm
Marist College Ashgrove (Cyprian Pavilion and McMahon Oval)
Foundation course for teachers and coaching staff. This is NOT a tackle safe course, this is done online only.
No cost to schools.

9am – 1pm
Marist College Ashgrove (Cyprian Pavilion and McMahon Oval)
This is specific to staff and parents who will be acting as touch judges, run on staff and water carriers.
No cost to schools

IF you think you may be interested, please contact Blake McLauchlan ( in the Sports Office.

The annual exchange between Villanova College and our brother school St Augustine’s College (SAC) will take place from 26 – 28 June in Brisbane.

Each year the exchange has students from both Colleges compete against each other in rugby, football, basketball and debating. The exchange offers an opportunity for the staff and students of both Colleges to form bonds and further strengthen the already strong relationship.  Those who have been selected to participate in the tour, including the First football squad, First rugby squad, the Wildcat basketball squad and our debaters have been given an information letter requesting all squad members take on billets. We ask players involved with these squads to return the billet form by this Friday. Please contact the Sports Office with any questions.

On Saturday, Peter Klaassen captained the Metropolitan East team in the 2019 Queensland Schools U17 – 19 Football Championships.  Peter scored seven goals in seven games. The Metropolitan East team went on to defeat the Sunshine Coast Region 1 – 0 to take out the State Championship trophy.

Peter has now been selected to represent the Queensland School Boys U17 – 19 Team that will travel to Sydney in the last week of July. This is a great achievement, well done Peter!

Peter Klaassen – Met East Captain pictured above holding the Queensland Champions Trophy

by Mr Paul Schiavo

Villanova College would like to congratulate Old Boy Michael Zullo as part of the winning Sydney FC A-League team that in front of 56,000 people in Perth, defeated the home side after a penalty shootout to claim their second successive Grand Final. This is back to back Grand Finals for Michael who was also part of last year’s winning side. Michael, a 2005 Old Boy, was a member of the First XI side that year that defeated St Laurence’s College 3 – 0 at Runcorn on the final day of the AIC season to claim the title.

After leaving Villanova in 2005, Michael played locally for the Strikers before signing for the Brisbane Roar. He played in Holland for Utrecht before stints at Melbourne City and Adelaide City in the A-League. Michael also played six matches for the Australian U23 side, which led to 10 full caps for the Socceroos.

Mr Craig Stariha, Director of Sport




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We are currently in the process of completing the heats of the Wieneke Bursary Competition and will have finished listening to all entries by lunchtime tomorrow.  An announcement regarding our finalists will be made electronically at the close of business tomorrow afternoon.  Please stay tuned!

The finals will be convened on Tuesday 4 June in the Hanrahan Theatre.  I hope that you are all able to join us to celebrate some of the fine young musicians we have here at Villanova College.  It will be a great evening of entertainment.

The Sydney Tour Ensemble continues to work well; we are now meeting every Tuesday afternoon in the Hanrahan Theatre in preparation for the big trip away.

This week we shared our ‘House Groups’ whilst on tour – our families away from home – and we had our Opera House performances confirmed.  We are expecting a final itinerary from the tour company this week – once we are happy with the arrangements, we will be forwarding this home.

An email will be sent over the weekend seeking information from the students.  This information is going to be placed in the tour booklet which we will be producing for our journey on the road.  To assist us in completing this quickly, I ask that the students respond to the timelines punctually.

I would like to commend Alex Bryant, Matthew Danen, Jack Ransom, Digby Timms, Oliver Timms and Ms Bastos for representing Villanova College at the Brisbane Grammar School Upper-Intermediate Strings Workshop.  The students have attended two afternoon rehearsals and will be travelling again to BGS this afternoon to participate in the final workshop before the concert for families at 6.30pm this evening.

I had the wonderful opportunity to drop in on the rehearsal on Monday afternoon and I can thoroughly recommend the concert to you all.  It is a free event in Centenary Hall at BGS, situated on Gregory Terrace, Spring Hill.  I look forward to seeing you all there supporting our young musicians.

Our Big Band and Irish Ensemble will be performing at the St Martin’s Sunday Funday this Sunday, 26 May.  The students will be performing between 11am and 12noon near the refreshment area.  Information has been distributed to families and students involved.

We hope you can come along to support our students and members of our broader community.

The Entertainment Book drive for 2019 in our Junior School has concluded with all Year 5 students now required to return all Entertainment Books handed to them before the Easter Holidays.  If your son is yet to return his, please ensure this comes back to the Music Office as a matter of urgency.

Please note – Entertainment Books are still available for purchase through the Music Office and Digital Memberships and Books can be purchased through the link below.

If you have purchased books through the drive, please collect your books from the Music Office.  If you require clarification around collection of your Entertainment Books, please contact Mrs Schrauf in the Music Office on 3394 5691.

Thank you all very much for your continued support of this initiative.  We look forward to being one of Entertainments biggest contributors again!

The brand NEW 2019 | 2020 Entertainment Memberships
Order online NOW

As is tradition, we look forward to the fantastic events we have planned in the near future:

5 20 – 24 May Wieneke Music Bursary Heats – during school time across week
5 Thursday May 23 Upper Intermediate String Festival – BGS – 3:30-5:30pm Concert 6pm
5 Sunday May 26 St Martin’s Carina Sunday Funday – Big Band & Irish Ensemble 1
6 Tuesday May 28 Wieneke Family Bursary Finals – Hanrahan Theatre
7 Monday June 3 Instrumental Music Staff Meeting – 3:45-5:00pm
7 Monday June 3 Music Support Group / QCMF meeting – 7:30pm
7 3 – 7 June Strings Workshop and Concert with Prof. Annette Barbara-Vogel from University of Western Ontario; includes St Laurence’s, All Hallows’, Loreto and Villanova.  Concert on Friday June 7
7 Friday June 7 Principal’s Tour of College (prospective enrolments)
7 Friday June 7 Strings Concert with Prof. Barbara-Vogel – 6:30pm
Holidays 4 – 11 July Tour to AIMF Sydney

Thank you all for your continued support of Villanova Music.

Mr Michael Jones, Director of Music

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Parent Information

A reminder that school fees are now overdue. The College kindly requests that parents finalise Term 2 fees through Parent Lounge.

It is necessary for all students to have their student card with them when making purchases at the Tuckshop. Boys who have lost their cards are to have them replaced.  Replacement cards are available from the Tolle Lege Library (before school or at first or second break) at a cost of $5.00.

To view our current tuckshop menu: Tuckshop Menu Price List – 2019


Monday 27 May
Lauren Audet
Gina Avolio
Anna Stines
Marnie Dalrymple
Melissa Young
Monica Curtis

Tuesday 28 May
Gerda Odonnell
Marina Ryan
Allison Holt
Sherry James
Mary-Anne Peralta
Ellen Greer
Therese Staley
Ann O’Brien
Belinda Taylor
Robyn Dickie
Leanne Roulant

Wednesday 29 May
Lily Fontana
Karen Blue
Katrina Theil
Connie Collins
Anastasia Bailey
Angie Browne
Cleo Manolis
Kylie Harris

Thursday 30 May
Michelle Boxall
Bernadette Perrier
Taryn Byrne
Louise Wilson
Lisa Kelly
Anita Lazzarin
Belinda McPherson
Flora Di Stasi
Michelle Thomson
Annetta Cayas

Friday 31 May
Veronica Kennedy
Tracy Pereira-Trevethan
Nikki Reid
Caroline Caffery
Nakeeta Sturgess
Allan Greig
Michelle MacKenzie
Dale Barnes
Kelly Rigby


Tuesday 28 May
Cristina Palacios

Wednesday 29 May
Madhu Kalaimannan

Thursday 30 May
Sue Mulligan
Maryanne Bingham

Friday 31 May
Gab Byrne

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Archive Anecdotes

Getting to know the Villanova Rectors:
First Rector – Fr Richard Ronan Benignus (Ben) O’Donnell OSA
Rector 1948 to 1957

Fr Ben O’Donnell OSA was born in 1917, at Kilronan, County Galway.  He was the fifth child of a family of 13 children, five of whom entered religious life.  Fr O’Donnell’s father was a lighthouse keeper on regular transfers to different lighthouses.

Fr O’Donnell was received into the Augustinian Order at Orlagh in 1934, pursuing his studies in Cork then Rome, and ordained in 1941.  After teaching in Ireland, he was sent to Australia in 1947 as Prior of the Augustinian Community and the first Rector of Villanova College.

The Villanova staff were all young Augustinians, with Fr Ben the oldest member at thirty!  After the trials of establishing the College at Whinstanes it became obvious that it was not a suitable location.  Fr O’Donnell then led the negotiations to relocate the College to Coorparoo.  He supervised the building of the new College and visited local primary schools to recruit boys to Villanova.

Fr O’Donnell was a great leader and set standards by example.  He set the tone and pace for the community and all difficulties were borne together. Fr Ben embodied the Augustinian spirit of community and friendship, and communicated this to others.  A man of piety and vision, a true pioneer, his sense of fun and his unfailing good humour made light of the many difficulties faced by the Augustinians.

Fr Ben O’Donnell finished as Rector in 1957, and until the onset of his final illness, lived in the community of St Augustine’s College, Dungarvan.  He passed away in December 1996.

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Community News

The Thomas Cantley Singers present a choral afternoon – music of peace, praise and celebration from around the world.

When :             Sunday 9 June – 2:00pm
Where:             Our Lady of Graces Catholic Church – 100 Mayfield Road, Carina
Cost:                Adults $15, Concessions $10, Under 12 free

Includes refreshments. Tickets available at the door.
For more information check us out on Facebook, or email us at

Budding Junior and Middle School authors and illustrators may be interested in the following school holidays camps:

Write Like an Author: Holiday Writing Camp
8 – 10 July at Forest Lake State Hight School. Details by clicking here.

Draw Like an Illustrator: Holiday Illustration Camp
8 – 10 July at Forest Lake State Hight School. Details by clicking here.

The dance for Years 7  – 10 will be held on Friday 24 May at Carindale PCYC, 27 Narracott Street, Carina from 7.00pm to 10.00pm. The theme for this year’s Dance is “Glow – Neon Nights”.

Student ID is required. Entry is $15 and tickets are available online at

Sunday June 9, 10am to 2pm at St Peter’s Catholic Church, 955 Rochedale Road, Rochedale.

Come along and enjoy a day of fun, food and friends! Will include cakes, music, hot drinks, BBQ, showbags and more. Prizes for the most fabulous scarf.

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