Principal's Welcome

Dear Members of the Villanova College Family
I have undertaken to keep our families aware of the information regarding the recent announcement by the Federal Government on reforms to Education Funding from 2018.

The funding package announced by the Prime Minister and the Education Minister includes a number of changes that should be of concern to us as a Catholic school community.

While the package includes a base funding increase beyond what had previously been proposed by the Federal Government, it also alluded to a number of changes to the existing funding system which may impact on the overall level of funding to Queensland Catholic schools.

The Catholic education sector is concerned the Federal Government has, to date, been unable to provide the necessary detail to allay concerns about potential funding reductions.

Some key points of concern include:

  • The absolute failure of the Federal Government to consult with the Catholic sector before announcing its proposed changes
  • The lack of detail and so a heightened sense of uncertainty about our future funding position
  • Proposed changes to the funding model which target Catholic school systems and which will potentially reduce our funding and impact on fee levels in schools.

The Catholic education sector has urged the Federal Government to urgently meet Catholic education representatives to provide more detail about how the proposed changes will impact on schools, teachers and parents and to negotiate an acceptable outcome.

The uncertainty of funding for the future is a significant issue for all schools and Villanova College as we plan for the future. As you are aware we are embarking on the development of the Master Plan for the future and our planning requires a certainty of Commonwealth funding.

Despite the uncertainty regarding the funding our priority always remains the well-being of our students and we will use whatever funds are allocated to us in the most effective and efficient ways to ensure families continue to have the choice of Catholic schooling for their children.

St Augustine College Tour

A special thank you to the many parents who so generously opened their homes and hearts to the students from St Augustine’s College, Sydney over the past few days. Our brother school from New South Wales competed against Villanova College in rugby, football, basketball and debating. The games and debate were fiercely competitive and the battles were fought in a spirit of collegiality and friendship. Congratulations to St Augustine’s College team for winning the basketball, football and rugby. Villanova College Senior Debating team was successful in the debating.

Since 1962/3 these annual exchanges have been conducted between the two Colleges and the strong bond of friendship between the two Australian Augustinian Colleges continues to grow. We thank St Augustine’s College students, Mr Jonathan Byrne – Principal and the staff for their support of this exchange and look forward to visiting Sydney in 2018.

St Augustine’s College football team joining in a game with Junior School students


The students confidently tackled the three days of testing this week and I am pleased to see they  gave their very best to the papers. The NAPLAN data will provide important information to parents about their child’s progress at this point in time in the areas of Literacy and Numeracy.  NAPLAN 2017 Reports from the Commonwealth Government will be available to families and schools later in the year.

Year 6 Mother and Son Dinner and Staff-Senior Banquet

Last week two wonderful celebrations were held at the College. The annual Year 6 Mother and Son Dinner was a great success with Year 6 mothers spending time with their son without the normal distractions of a busy home. Goold Hall was decorated beautifully for the occasion and I thank Mrs Maria Mascadri, Mr Stephen Rouhliadeff and Year 6 staff for their organisation and support of this event.

The Staff-Senior Student Banquet held on Friday evening was a special occasion where the staff and senior students share a meal together. For our staff this evening is one of the highlights of the year. Thank you to the senior students for their gracious hospitality and friendly banter with our staff. There were many stories told during the evening and I know I discovered many things. Thank you to Mr Tony Rolls and the staff for their support of this event.  The Year 12 parents gave generously of their time to help serve the meal and were selfless in their service to the College. Thank you to all Year 12 parents who assisted on the night or in the lead up to this event.

You Have made us for yourself O Lord

And our hearts are restless until they rest in You

God bless

Mr Mark Stower, Principal

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Head of Junior School

NAPLAN is now completed for another year and we certainly have some relieved students around the Junior School.  Staff have made every effort to create a positive and supportive testing environment, as well as creating balance with activities such as Rosary Bead threading, viewing tasks for the drama series My Place and investigating the Indigenous Land Use practices within Australia.  I am very grateful to our Year 5 parents for going the extra mile with the boys’ favourite meals and surprises in the lunch box, as well as moral support each morning.

Mr Stower, Mr Mead, Mrs Addley and myself all visited the boys’ classrooms during NAPLAN testing this week and found the environments to be calm, positive and focused.  My heartfelt appreciation to our staff who made every effort to get the best out of our boys.

Standardised testing is an interesting topic.  Like anything in this world, there are strong advocates and those that show great disinterest, yet data does give educators and parents clear indications of progress against the national “norm”.  At some point we need to be prepared for life after school and if that involves higher education, then there will be cut-offs and requirements for our sons to strive towards.

I often hear that grading and use of success criteria is a new experience for many parents in their first year at Villanova College.  Results are usually shared within a two-week period of the assessment task with averages then taken to provide what we believe is a valid achievement level for the semester.  We also include where current cohort achievements are grouped on Villanova College formal reports.  This can be perceived as confronting, yet the knowledge of such information is paramount in setting realistic goals and making meaningful plans for life beyond the College fences.

Over the past month I have been in discussion with experienced consultants about how to use NAPLAN and other standardised test results to track the progress of students between Years 5 and beyond.  It is particularly interesting to look at those boys who make marked movements in their achievements and to have the conversation about what positive changes they have made.  It is worth making time to check in on students who steadily achieve the same grades in most years, noting that some are working very much to capacity and enjoy a balanced approach between “the books” and other areas such as co-curricular and ministry.  As the boys grow older, it is fascinating to see where their interests and passions lie.

It is essential to understand that we are interested in the “whole” student at Villanova College.  That one test, assessment item or experience does not pigeon hole our boys.  Collectively, our academic program, co-curricular opportunities and spiritual development creates the best man possible after eight years.  A man who is active within our community, a loyal mate and someone who can share their gifts and talents for the benefit and enjoyment of all around him.

For our students to enjoy all opportunities here at the College there are plenty of early morning drop offs on Fifth Avenue.  It is crucial to keep in mind that we all must abide by Queensland road rules when using the streets surrounding the College.

On Tuesday mornings we have many parents dropping boys off for music and rugby/football training.  If the drop off zone is full, parents are not to hold up traffic but rather find an alternate spot or complete another lap of the block.  Convenience is not to override safety and respect when sharing the streets with local residents.  I ask you to keep this in mind anytime you are dropping off or picking up students.

Mr Stephen Rouhliadeff, Head of Junior School

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Head of Senior School

This week was the first five-day schedule for the term following the public holidays and parent-teacher conferences. All Senior School students should now be fully settled into their study routines and be conscious of the strategies that they are employing to improve their academic performance from the first term. The Year 11 students have received briefings in Form Meetings over the last two weeks about the importance of stepping up after the slow transition experienced by some students with their new subjects and associated rigour. All students are encouraged to seek the support of their Pastoral Area Leader and/or the Curriculum Office staff if they require further assistance with their study habits.

Managing Child Emotional Well-Being

I recently read an article by Joanne Foster EdD, about pragmatic ways parents can support their child’s emotional well-being. According to Foster, ‘no matter how apparently smart or confident, each child is still a child first and foremost, with all the anxieties that go with being young, vulnerable, and inexperienced in life.’ She lists eight practical tips for parents which include:

  1. Be aware – pay attention to children’s reactions and behaviours;
  2. Identify causes – helps children recognise the causes that underlie the feelings they are experiencing;
  3. Communicate – Talking about emotions with others can be an effective way to deal with them;
  4. Value self-reflection – Model and reiterate the benefits of thinking things through;
  5. Encourage resilience – Help children develop the ability to deal effectively – and creatively – with setbacks and also with changes and transition times;
  6. Foster relationships – Because relationships with family and friends affect the way we feel, it’s important to encourage children to forge solid connections, to learn about give-and-take and conflict resolution, and to develop and use strategies that will keep interactions on an even keel;
  7. Consider self-esteem – Reinforcement and encouragement from parents can go a long way toward strengthening children’s self-esteem, and instilling feelings such as optimism and relief;
  8. Remember the givens – There are certain non-negotiables that fortify children’s emotional development and sustain their well-being such as safety, unconditional love, connectivity and honesty.

More information can be found at

Staff-Senior Banquet

Last Friday’s Staff-Senior Banquet was another wonderful success. The sartorial style and sophistication of the seniors and staff was very impressive and Goold Hall’s aesthetic was wonderfully transformed. The strong relational dynamic that exists between the Year 12 class and their teachers was reflected in the energy and enjoyment experienced by all throughout the evening. I strongly encourage all Senior School students to realise the value of investing in strong relationships with their teachers – it is one of the pillars of our Augustinian tradition.

‘Let us remember – one book, one pen, one child and one teacher can change the world’ Malala Yousafzai

Mr Matt Levander, Head of Senior School

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This week approximately 1.1 million students in Year 3, 5, 7 and 9 participated in the National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN). 2017 marks the tenth year of operation of NAPLAN and our students were, as expected, engaged and focused on producing strong responses to these tests.  Thank you for your support and assistance at home in alleviating any potential anxiety around these tests.

Tomorrow (12 May) is the makeup day for missed exams.  It will not be possible to sit any of the tests after this time due to the QCAA’s test return timelines. NAPLAN reports should be received at the College by the end of Term 3.

I would commend Dr Carter’s recent commentary in the Sydney Morning Herald as an interesting insight into the NAPLAN tests:

Request for Parent Volunteer Markers for the Year 12 SRI Test

The Year 12 QCS program is a focused program designed to maximise our Year 12 results in the QCS tests. Students undertake several practice papers throughout the year, and the second of the Short Response Test (SRI) practices is to be sat next week. The College is looking for a pool of parents across Years 10, 11 and 12 to assist in the marking of this practice together with our teaching staff.

Training will be provided and the marking will take place in a single afternoon session between 3 -6pm. If you are a Year 10, 11 or 12 parent and can afford a couple of hours to assist, this would be a terrific opportunity to get a firsthand insight into one of the tests and provide valuable feedback for our students. Parents and teaching staff will co-mark a specific unit together so please feel welcome to assist. If you are interested, please email me at the College as to your availability and I will be in touch.

Year 12 QCS Special Provision

The QCAA recognises that some students are affected by a medical condition, an impairment or exceptional circumstances that may act as a barrier to their access to the test or to their demonstration of their achievement in the test. QCAA attempts to minimise such barriers by making special provision available. Should students wish to apply for special provision, there is a detailed application process which must be completed. The process is separate from the internal Villanova Special Provision process for college assessment tasks. The QCAA Special Provision Handbook link is attached here and students are encouraged to read this document and see me for further details.

Mr Paul Mead, Vice Principal – Teaching and Learning

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“Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love” – Mother Teresa

This week marks a milestone in the continued friendship and competition with our brother school, St Augustine’s College from Sydney. This visit invites many of Villanova’s talented students to participate in debating, basketball, football and rugby in friendly competition. It is also an opportune time to participate in a learning conversation between each school, discovering both the values, insights and foundations of each school regarding what makes a fine young man.

Only a few times a year will a student get the opportunity to showcase their inner talent to the broader community. With meticulous planning, Villanova Ministry is proud to announce this year’s 2017 Villa-Loreto Talent quest to be hosted by Loreto College on May 25 at the Mary Ward Centre (please see poster below). Entry is $5 for adults and a gold coin for students, with all proceeds going to SVDP.  Acts ranging from dance, song and comedy are all welcome, with an emphasis on any talent that student/s are brave enough to express and share.  Marco Ghikas took home first prize last year with a stunning vocal performance of his own composition.

Auditions will be held for Villanova students on 17 May in the Playhouse from 3pm, so bring your best game to the table and remember to practice as only nine acts can pass through this year.

Fabrice Ragoo, Ministry Captain


Other News:

Mothers’ Day Stall

Under the inspiring and energetic leadership of Mrs Underhill, YAYM have been selling the house down for Mothers’ Day. As of yesterday, after one week of lightning selling, YAYM had raised over $1600 for the twin causes of adult education in one of our sister schools in the Philippines (Bacolod) and breast cancer research. Mrs Underhill squirrels away items for both Mothers’ and Fathers’ Day stalls all year, then creatively puts the items into beautifully packaged $5, $10, $15 and $20 gifts. She has built up a wonderful culture wherein the Middle School boys love to support and so many of the students love to buy.

Mission Day –  June 2

Student Ministry Leaders Daniel Duskovic and Fabrice Ragoo have done a superb job in promoting and organising Mission Day. The stall list is nearly finalised and the price list is attached so that students can decide what they would like to buy on the day. Every cent made goes to AFAS and our support of the three sister schools in the Philippines whom we visit in September.

The P & F have been very generous with their level of support, not only are they paying for the teacher dunker and the surf-rider but also contributing two $100 JB Hi Fi vouchers for the raffle. The first prize in the raffle is a pair of bright blue Anthony Mundine (signed) boxing gloves, a photo of which will be included in next week’s Villa View.  Boys can purchase raffle tickets by using the AFAS tickets which are to be purchased prior to Mission Day in $1 and $2 denominations.

Other support that has been most generous has come from ABC Fun Rides, who are throwing in Laser Tag for free on Mission Day.

Mr John Holroyd, Vice Principal – Ministry, Mission and Evangelisation

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Last weekend we contested Round 2 of the chess, rugby and football season against our old foes, St Laurence’s College. The AIC footy and rugby season is a special time where our boys really seem to enjoy the time spent with their mates outdoors playing sport. The College community gains much satisfaction seeing its students wearing their uniforms with pride, chanting the College war cry, forming ‘run-on’ tunnels for each other and representing our school well both on and off the paddock. This all aids in the development of a positive school culture which definitely has a flow on effect throughout the entire College.

Rugby and football training at Villanova Park for most teams from Year 7 – 12 seems to be working well. Having all teams train in one safe location side by side helps the coaches to work with each other and to communicate more effectively. Training at Villa Park allows our skills directors to float among year levels to ensure support is given to coaches where needed. Unfortunately, there is the usual traffic congestion leaving the Park after training. Parents are asked to consider parking on the western side behind the Cor Unum Centre as not as many park in this area. When exiting from this side you simply use the bottom gate which is left open and the line-up of traffic is not nearly as long as the Main entrance/exit.

I take this opportunity to thank those who have supported the College’s decision for students to wear full academic uniform when staying behind to support other teams.  Although there may be a difference of opinion, there is no doubt our supporters on the weekend looked good and represented our College well on the weekend. Well done boys!

This weekend marks Round 3 of AIC chess, rugby and football against St Edmund’s College. May I remind all families to ensure they allow enough travel time to ensure all players are present at least 30 minutes before kick-off. Arriving early is paramount to ensure our boys are prepared and ready to go when the whistle blows.  Please note that as the two Colleges do not match up in numbers, many teams are playing various supplementary games in this weekend’s schedule.

A reminder that away games are NOT played at the St Edmund’s College campus rather the Tivoli Sporting Complex, 69 Church Street, Tivoli.  I ask those who are travelling to the Tivoli Sporting Complex to ensure they arrive well before their game. Best wishes to all teams.

I ask all players to dig deep this weekend and give their very best. Best wishes to all involved!

AIC Chess, Rugby and Football Fixtures, Friday 12 and Saturday 13 May – Times and Venues

All times and venues for this weekend’s fixtures against St Edmund’s College (plus supplementary games) are available on the College’s website.

College Website – Sport Page

The weekly reports indicate that many people are using the College website each week to gain access to important information pertaining to Villanova Sport. Please continue to use this site as information regarding draws, team lists, by-laws, important notes/dates etc. are posted and updated regularly. The use of the Villanova Skoolbag App is also a must.

Sports Club – Canteen Roster

On behalf of the Sports Club we would like to thank all those who have been kind enough to assist in the canteens. This weekend Villanova will host all the Year 5 – 8 games at Villanova Park. Please refer to the canteen roster below.

AIC Rugby

Overall Villanova had eight wins and 14 losses against St Laurence’s in the rugby last weekend. I was particularly impressed with the wins by the 2nd, 3rd, 16A and 16B teams. These boys stood up and really took the contest to the opposition, furthermore, it was obvious from the sidelines that our boys enjoyed every moment of it, well done boys! Unfortunately, the firsts went down in a close battle, perhaps not capitalising on their chances at the end of the day.

A reminder that away games are NOT played at the St Edmund’s College campus rather the Tivoli Sporting Complex, 69 Church Street, Tivoli.  I ask those who are travelling to the Tivoli Sporting Complex to ensure they arrive well before their game. Best wishes to all teams.

AIC Football

Villanova were up against arguably the strongest AIC football school last weekend. From Year 5 – 12 Villanova had nine wins, nine draws and 13 losses on the day. The Firsts fought hard and managed a draw. Unfortunately, a chance went begging in the dying minutes to take the game.

A reminder that away games are NOT played at the St Edmund’s College campus rather the Tivoli Sporting Complex, 69 Church Street, Tivoli.  I ask those who are travelling to the Tivoli Sporting Complex to ensure they arrive well before their game. Best wishes to all teams.

AIC Chess – Mrs Sally England, AIC Chess Co-ordinator

What a fantastic start to the chess season. Round 2 at St Laurence’s saw another win to the Villanova team. It is always a very close game between these two sides and last week was no different.  The Open team had a great win to consolidate their win against St Pat’s. The Senior A team turned their loss around for a convincing win and the Senior B team came oh so close. A win is just around the corner for them I’m sure. The Intermediate A’s also had a convincing win and the B’s had a close loss but I’m sure they’ll bounce back again this week. The Juniors had a strong win in the A’s and a draw in the B’s to remain undefeated.  The C teams were able to play and had an overall win as well. A great night for the team was rounded off with a pizza!

Please note the Junior team will not play this week, so will enjoy a night off.

Practice is still being held before school on Wednesday and Friday mornings from 7.30am – 8.30am. Chess Championships will commence this week.

AIC Cross Country – Years 5 – 12

Important Notes:

Cross Country is open to all students from Years 5 – 12

Year 5 and Year 6 Cross Country:  The squad will commence training next Monday, 15 May from 3.15pm to 4.30pm at Little Langlands. Boys will be walked down to Little Langlands by the Team Manager, Mr Matthew Conlan and parents are asked to be at Little Langlands no later than 4.30pm to collect their son. 

Year 7 – 12 Cross Country:  Squad training commenced last week. All runners are encouraged to keep up the efforts and attendance at cross country training each Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning. Runners are to meet at Goold Hall promptly at 6.45am.

Villanova Cross Country Camp:  The annual camp will be held from Wednesday 21 – Friday 23 June. This camp is open to all students from Years 7 – 12, with limited places available. An expression of interest form will be distributed before the end of next week. Please keep a look out for this document on the Villanova College webpage. The camp will be unable to proceed if we do not receive adequate attendance numbers.

Cross Country Information:  Please refer to the College website under the AIC Cross Country section to view all details pertaining to the AIC Cross Country season.

Villanova Juniors Cross Country –  Lytton Trials

Lytton District Cross Country Report – Mr Tom Lonergan, Year 5 and Year 6 Cross Country Coach

The Lytton Cross Country Trials were held at Villanova Park on Friday, 26 April. Competition was in age groups, rather than year levels, with 10 years, 11 years and 12-year-old athletes competing.

10 Years:  Henry Oberhardt 2nd, Ryan Siebel 4th, Jaxson Seipel 24th, Harry Poole 34th, Adam Beiers 41st and Max Carson 44th.

11 Years:  Mason Honeyman 6th, Christian Porreca 32nd, Charlie Kerr 49th, Lachlan Ebrington 50th and Alex Ragonesi 52nd.

12 Years:  Mitchell Rieck 2nd, Lucas Whitlock 4th, Caden Griffiths 6th, Zac Picton 12th, Hugo Harrison 14th and Luke Exley 24th.

Year 5 and Year 6 commence training next Monday, 15 May from 3.15 pm – 4.30 pm at Little Langlands.

Representative Sport

Matthew Conway competed in the Met East team at the Volleyball State Championships in Toowoomba from Thursday to Sunday last week, playing seven matches over the four days. The Met East team were victorious defeating Met West in the final 3 – 0. Matthew was also selected in the Queensland squad as a shadow player for the National Titles to be held in Perth in August. A sensational effort, well done Matthew!

Congratulations to Ethan Webber, Zachery Vedelago and Flynn Reynolds who have all made the 10 -12 years Met East Football Team.  The boys will travel to the State Championships to be held in Hervey Bay in July. Great effort and well done Ethan, Zachery and Flynn.

Well done to Ognjen Radovanovic who recently made the 12 years Met East Basketball Team.  Ogden will now compete at the State Championships in June. Great effort Ognjen!

Mr Craig Stariha, Director of Sport

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It feels as though winter has come early and we are noticing the brisk mornings more and more here in the Music Department.  The Queensland Catholic Schools and Colleges Music Festival (QCMF) will be upon us mid-Term 3 which leaves us with only 10 or 11 rehearsals.  We have an exciting time ahead!

The Importance of Attendance

Music is not a talent based activity, it is a skill based activity.  The difference between world-class musicians and your regular ‘weekend warrior’ is merely hours.  Well, several hours to be more precise.  There is no such thing as a non-musical student.

I could attach several peer-based research articles espousing the benefits of music to the developing brain and academic achievement.  How ensemble involvement is vital in developing pro-social behaviours and fosters social-emotional development.  We at Villanova Music feel ensemble is vital in creating community and community is central to our Augustinian Charism.

To be a member of community, we must participate in community.  To be a member of the Villanova Music community, we seek a small investment of time by our students.  A small investment of short, regular practice sessions to prepare music for ensemble, and regular punctual rehearsal attendance in order to invest in their own community.  Investment in your own playing builds confidence and skill, enhancing your enjoyment.  Attendance at rehearsal and sharing your developing ability is a generous investment to your community – a sharing of gifts for all.  Everyone’s investment is vital to ensure the community’s growth and development.

We have a quiet May; however, June brings our debut concerts.  This is only three rehearsals away for some ensembles.  We require all students to invest now for the short term, and reap the dividends as we draw closer to these events and performances across Semester 2.

I look forward to seeing you all at your rehearsals over the coming weeks.  You may see me about listening to how we’re progressing across the semester.

Performance Uniforms

The debut concerts for all ensembles will be scheduled as per our College Calendar from 6 – 8 June, 2017.  Information regarding these events will be forwarded home to ensembles over the coming week.  All students will require performance uniform for these concerts.

All Year 5 musicians are required to wear:

  • grey shorts;
  • formal white shirt (available from the College Uniform Shop);
  • long Villanova school socks;
  • school tie;
  • black leather belt; and,
  • polished black school shoes.

The following table outlines uniform requirements for the remainder of our ensembles:

Formal Performance Uniform:

  • Long black dress pants (no colours, pin-stripes, casual pockets, etc.)
  • Black leather belt
  • Polished black leather shoes
  • Black socks
  • White, long-sleeved cotton-blend dress shirt (no stripes/patterns)
  • College tie (ensure appropriate length)
The following ensembles require this uniform:

  • Year 6 Band and String Ensemble
  • Concert Band, Wind Ensemble, Symphonic Band
  • Strings Consort, String Sinfonia
  • JS Choir (Year 6 vocalists only), Villavoce (MS Choir), Senior School Choir
  • Clarinet Choir, Flute Crew, Brass Ensemble, Saxophone Ensemble
  • Percussion Ensemble 2
  • Irish Ensemble 2
Concert Blacks:

  • Long black dress pants (as above)
  • Black leather belt
  • Polished black leather shoes
  • Black socks
  • Black long-sleeved Microfibre dress shirt (no stripes/patterns)
The following ensembles require this uniform:

  • Big Band, Jazz Ensemble
  • Guitar Ensemble 1 and 2
  • Percussion Ensemble 1


Irish Ensemble Uniform:

  • Kilt, belt and Sporran (hired through College)
  • White, long-sleeved cotton-blend dress shirt (no stripes/patterns)
  • College Tie (ensure appropriate length)
  • Celtic dress socks (purchase through uniform shop)
  • Black polo shirt (plain – no patterns)
The following ensembles require this uniform:

  • Irish Ensemble 1



All uniform items can be sourced through the Uniform shop or external clothing retailers.

For further information regarding uniforms for ensembles at Villanova College, please contact the Music Office on 3394 5691 or

Rotorua and Rockhampton Tour information

Information regarding the tours was sent home at the end of last week.  Please ensure you received this via email.  If it did not arrive, please contact the Music Office urgently.

Entertainment Books

Our Entertainment Book pre-sales drive has concluded.  For those Year 5 and 6 students who still have their unsold book at home, we request these be returned as soon as possible.  Should you still wish to purchase an Entertainment Book, please visit the Music Office or phone Mrs Schrauf on 3394 5691.  Should you wish to purchase a smartphone app version of the book, this may be done online by visiting

If you have already purchased a book, we ask that these be collected from the Music Office as soon as possible.

Date Claimers

We now look ahead to August with our currently scheduled events.  Please ensure these are marked in your diaries.

Term 2:

Monday 5 June Music Supporter’s Group Meeting and QCMF Planning meeting – 7:30pm in Music Classroom, level 1 of Augustine Centre
6, 7, 8 June Debut Concert Series.  All ensembles will be involved once over these nights.  Schedule to be confirmed shortly.
Sunday 18 June Big Band performance at St Catherine’s School, Wishart Fete

Irish Ensemble 1 performance at St James’ School International Fair.

19 – 23 June Rockhampton Diocesan Music Camp Tour (MS students)
26 June – 2 July Rhapsody Rotorua Tour (SS students)


Term 3:

Monday 10 July (Staff Day) Symphonic Band workshop at Brisbane Girls’ Grammar School 2 -5pm.  Concert at 6pm
Monday 17 July Music Supporter’s Group Meeting and QCMF Planning meeting – 7:30pm in Music Classroom, level 1 of Augustine Centre
Thursday 20 July Wind Ensemble and Concert Band workshop at Brisbane Girls’ Grammar School.  3:30-5:30pm.  Concert at 6pm.
Monday 7 August Music Supporter’s Group Meeting and QCMF Planning meeting – 7:30pm in Music Classroom, level 1 of Augustine Centre
Tuesday 8 August & Thursday 10 August QCMF Preparation Concerts.  All ensembles will be required to perform once over these evenings.
Thursday 17 – Sunday 20 August Queensland Catholic Schools’ and Colleges’ Music Festival hosted by Villanova College.  Students will be required to volunteer for a short period over the weekend.  All ensembles will perform once.


Mr Michael Jones, Director of Music

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Elearning News

Stay Smart Online Alert Service

Did you know the Australian Government has a website with up-to-date information about scams, privacy breaches and other cyber safety updates? Called “Stay Smart Online” this service has alerts you can subscribe to via RSS feed, Facebook and email. The Villanova College Moodle homepage now features the latest alerts – each time a student logs in he can remain up-to-date with the latest information. Typically one or more alerts are issued each day, such as this Google Chrome update alert issued on Tuesday 9 May:

Google Drive Syncing Options

“Quick Guides” were published this week (via email to Year 7 – 12 students) to support students in syncing current and frequently accessed files and folders in their Google Drive folders. Students do not need to sync “everything” as this takes up unnecessary HDD space, complicates the syncing process and demonstrates a degree of laziness with folder and file organisation. Students have been encouraged to “un-sync” any 2016 files via the instructions in these simple guides. The Quick Guides are accessible to all students via the Villanova College Moodle homepage.

YouTube Streaming Usage

Late last term the College surveyed teachers regarding the use of YouTube in the curriculum. Many teachers responded with positive examples where documentaries, vlogs, tutorials, flipped/blended learning, screen-casting (recording a computer screen while speaking into a microphone), homework and assessment are conducted through appropriate YouTube channels. Teachers concluded that across the Junior, Middle and Senior Schools it was considered “reasonable” that students may be required to watch up to one hour of video streaming at broken intervals as part of a typical school day. This would equate (roughly) to 1 GB of YouTube usage per day if the videos were streamed at the highest resolution (HD). This figure of 1 GB has been used as a benchmark for reporting since the start of this term. Students who have streamed more than 1 GB of YouTube per day have been identified and challenged as to the appropriateness of their streaming and whether or not it was necessary.

The purpose of this is twofold:  a) to support students in regulating and monitoring their use of media streaming services for educational purposes and b) to reduce the impact of streaming on the speed of internet access across the College. So far, both purposes have been achieved in the early stages of this initiative. If parents wish to raise specific concerns about YouTube usage or overuse, please contact myself or your relevant Pastoral Area Leader directly.

Email Etiquette Protocols

Students in Years 7 – 12 have just received a PDF copy of the new College email etiquette guidelines. This document describes how students should structure and compose emails to staff or reply to staff emails. This document is also available to all students on the Villanova College Moodle homepage.

Minecraft Mentors

Last week we commenced a new initiative where students from the Middle and Senior School began “teaching the teachers” how to play Minecraft. This virtual reality software has been used in some classes and subjects this year, however many teachers have found Minecraft challenging to learn.

Thanks to our Minecraft Mentors we are beginning to build bridges (literally) to investigate how game-based learning can be utilised effectively in a contemporary 21st century curriculum. More updates will follow in future Villa Views.

Mr Jason Lane, Junior, Middle and Senior Schools Elearning Pedagogy Leader


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Parent Information


The Australian Government Department of Education and Training (the department) will collect student residential addresses for all non-government schools between 1 March and 31 May 2017, in accordance with section 21 of the Australian Education Regulation 2013.

Non-government schools are required to complete the address collection for each of their campuses as part of their obligations under the Australian Education Act 2013.

The department has provided a statement of address notice for parents/guardians of the upcoming collection.

Residential addresses will be de-identified prior to submission, however should you wish to withhold your address, please contact Mrs Kath Hackett, Compliance Officer via email by close of business on Wednesday, 17 May, 2017.



Attention all families! The Non State Schools Transport Assistance Scheme (NSSTAS) is a joint initiative of the Queensland Catholic Education Commission (QCEC) and Independent Schools Queensland (ISQ).

The Scheme is administered by QCEC on behalf of all non-state schools in Queensland and is funded by the State of Queensland with the assistance of the Department of Education and Training.

NSSTAS has two programs available only to Queensland residents:

  • Bus Fare Assistance Program (BFAP)
  • Students with Disability (SWD)

Applications for travel in January to June 2017 must be submitted in May 2017.

More information on eligibility can be found at

Mrs Kath Underhill, Senior School LE Program Leader


Middle School Maths Tutorials

Maths tutoring is available on the mezzanine level of the Tolle Lege Library for students in Years 7, 8 and 9 on Tuesday mornings from 7:30am. Students are to bring along any questions they wish to work on.

Mrs Amanda McKay, Acting Middle School Mathematics Curriculum Leader

Japan Football Tour

On Wednesday 5 April, 24 Villanova College students and four staff members embarked on a football tour to Osaka, Japan to stay, play and train at the Japanese National Academy of Football.  The video link provided was produced by Kanta, their tour guide and shares some of the highlights experienced by both students and staff on the football tour.


Monday 15th May

Mellissa Young (after Tuckshop), Marnie Dalrymple (after Tuckshop), Lauren Audet (after Tuckshop)

Tuesday 16th May

Cristina Palacios

Wednesday 17th May

Donna Lehey, Melanie Higgins, Sue Mulligan

Thursday 18th May

Melanie Pickering, Susanna Greaves


Monday 15th May

Shanne Harding, Anne Schenk, Kelly Roberts, Megan Stuart, Lauren Audet, Gina Avolio, Anna Stines, Belinda McPherson, Marnie Dalrymple, Melissa Young

Tuesday 16th May

Gerda Odonnell, Lisa Gilhooley, Marina Ryan, Allison Holt, Kate Harrison, Peta Wadsworth, KLissa Reardon, Annette Jeanne Siebel, Therese Staley, Sherry James, Mary-Anne Peralta

Wednesday 17th May

 Andrea Verner, Maree Challinor, Jenny Salpietro, Lily Fontana, Karen Blue, Fiona Jenkins, Katrina Theil, Connie Collins, Rebecca Shirdon

Thursday 18th May

Michelle Boxall, Debbie Griffiths, Bernadette Perrier, Julie Frail, Megan O’Neil, Taryn Byrne, Monique Winn, Louise Wilson, Cecilia Pouhila

Friday 19th May

Nicole Coffey, Sara Kays, Cathy Hampson, Therese Curran, Veronica Kennedy, Nikki Reid, Caroline Caffery, Gregoria Makras, Sally Grigson, Chelsea Akehurst, Patricia Sukkar, Natasha Chan, Nakeeta Sturgess, Toni Ware

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Calendar of Events

Stay up to date with the College events please proceed to the event calendar.

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Community Update


Live performances of “Augustine – The Way. Songs of Love, Loss and Liberation” comes to Villanova’s Hanrahan Theatre Friday, 19 May commencing at 7:30pm.

Tony MacPherson, past staff member, and Simon Hyland (’93) have produced their first album called “Augustine – The Way. Songs of Love, Loss and Liberation”.  Featuring performances by Simon Hyland, Samantha Shaw and Caroline Mulvenna.  The concert will tell a story, and it is truly a good story.  It is Tony’s hope that this concert will bring Augustine’s journey of restless search and illumination to a new audience.

To book your seat please visit:



The Villanova Sports Committee is once again running the very popular Sports Lunch on Friday, May 19, 2017.

This year we have the wonderful Kerry “Skull” O’Keeffe as our key note speaker. Kerry is a very engaging speaker and will keep everyone well and truly entertained for the afternoon. Josh Robinson, a 2002 Old Boy, who came ninth in javelin at the Rio Olympics will also be admitted to the Hall of Fame.

All funds raised from the Sports Lunch will go directly back to the students of Villanova College by way of improving school sports facilities, so we would love to see as many parents as possible attend the lunch and all are most welcome.  The all-inclusive price of $140 includes a wonderful two course meal and a premium drinks package for four hours.

Sponsorship opportunities from $200 up to Gold Level are also currently available, so please contact Jon Winsbury on 0417 199 122 for further details.

Please see the attached invitation and click on the link to book – it is that easy.

Sport Lunch Invitation

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