Principal's Welcome

Dear Members of the Villanova College Family
It has recently been announced that the Federal Government will overhaul education funding from 2018. Over the next ten years an increase in funding will be provided to the education sector for Australian schools. The details of the plan are not clear at this point in time and it is difficult to know the possible effects on Catholic schools in Queensland.

The issue of school funding is often a very divisive and heated topic of debate. It is very important parents are well informed of the facts on education funding and I will keep our community informed as further details of the new funding arrangements are released.

It is important to realise that in order to enact the proposed changes new legislation will need to be developed and tabled in Parliament and the necessary Bill agreed upon and passed. This will be a lengthy process and we hope to have clarity of funding arrangements moving into 2018.


Next week from Tuesday May 9 through until Thursday May 11, Year 5, 7 and 9 students will be sitting the 2017 NAPLAN Tests. The NAPLAN Tests provide point-in–time information in relation to a student’s performance in literacy and numeracy.

The Literacy paper will test the following areas:

  • Language conventions – spelling, grammar and punctuation
  • Writing – knowledge and control of written language
  • Reading – comprehension

The Numeracy Test held on the last day will assess the following areas:

  • Number
  • Measurement, chance and data
  • Space
  • Algebra, function and pattern (formal algebra for Year 9 only)

In 2017 changes have been made to the timing and organisation of NAPLAN Numeracy test for Years 7 and 9. Students will now complete the Numeracy Test in one session of 60 minutes’ duration. Part A (calculator allowed) will be 50 minutes. Part B (non-calculator) will be 10 minutes.

This has resulted in a reduction in the number of items in the Numeracy Test from 64 questions to 48 questions.

Through our NAPLAN Preparation Program the students are familiar with the requirements of the NAPLAN Test and can be confident over the three days of testing of doing their very best.

St Augustine College Sydney Visit

Next week, from Sunday 7 May until Tuesday 9 May Villanova College will host staff and basketball, debating, football and rugby teams from St Augustine’s College, Sydney.  This annual visit of students and staff between the two Colleges forges strong bonds of friendship and understanding of the two Australian Augustinian Colleges. The young men from St Augustine’s College will be billeted with our students and during their visit will experience school life in another Augustinian College. I thank the families who have so generously opened their homes to our visitors.

Staff-Senior Banquet

Tomorrow night, 5 May a very special evening will be held at the College involving the staff and senior students sharing a meal together. For our staff this is a very special occasion, one that is always a treasured memory of the year. The senior students often invite the staff to sit at their table and our staff are absolutely chuffed at being invited. Thank you to the many Year 12 parents who support this event through their presence assisting with the serving of the food and organisation of the evening.

You have made us for yourself O Lord

And our hearts are restless until they rest in You

God bless

Mr Mark Stower, Principal

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Head of Junior School

Mother’s Day is officially Sunday 14 May, however the Junior School is celebrating mothers of Year 6 students this evening in Goold Hall with entertainment and a catered meal next to their (ahem) number one son!  It is most certainly an evening of anticipation after preparing a few items to show our Mums just how much we love them and very much appreciate the incredible things that these women do for us.

My own mother, Rachel, lives in Perth.  She dotes on my older brother Peter and his family in Perth by minding the grandchildren, cooking meals and attending special events in full cheering mode.  Rachel somehow also manages to visit us here in Brisbane once or twice a year, staying at least a month and making life so enjoyable that Nichole is heavily suggesting that our spare bedroom (after the renovations are completed) is “Nanna Rach’s room” in the hope she will stay more often and for as long as she wants.

Growing up in Perth and Hawaii, I will always remember my mum’s generosity and selflessness as two of her most endearing qualities.  There is nothing she wouldn’t do to help her family, friends or even acquaintances in the blink of an eye.  Rach will insist that as a “wild child” growing up in a Baptist family in the 1960s she certainly owed her parents and cared for them until the end of their days here on earth, in her own home.  She always wants to have amazing memories of laughter, holidays and feasts on the table where people want for nothing except a couch to sleep on after the incredible meals she will simply make up as recipes were never her priority.  Rach’s salads are a sight to behold, there is nothing that can’t be added to a salad as far as she is concerned.

While we never had a lot of money, Rach would use her imagination with the specials at the supermarket and always allow us one sport to try each term.  The fact that she shared one bathroom with two teenage boys for over five years is enough to make me realise just how amazing she was after my parents divorced when I was 12, as we now find it a challenge with two bathrooms in our house!  The reality was that we were loved, fed and sheltered and she gave us the chance to dream of one day owning basketball shoes that Jordan made or even going overseas if we worked very hard after university.  Rach inspired us and taught us that life was what you made it, even tough times were meant to make the fun moments recognisable.

Mothers of our Year 6 students will be celebrated this evening whether they are working, at home with commitments or in Goold Hall looking at photos or small skits that try to express the love that our boys feel in their eleven-year-old hearts.  The endless list that mums try to work through each day is one that we wouldn’t be able to write up even if we tried.  The way that mums can plan ahead for social events, meals and pick-ups or drop offs is like the eighth wonder of the world.  The unconditional love we feel when we are disappointed or don’t quite hit the target we should in life is what we hold onto, and it’s given freely and whole-heartedly 24 hours a day.  Tonight, we would like to say thank you for all the things we take for granted in life and we will certainly honour and treasure our mums over the up-coming week.

A very special thank you to Maria Mascadri for her tireless efforts in making this evening so full of colour and beauty.  She has certainly taken it upon herself to follow up on photos, RSVP’s, special requests and has ensured that we have included every detail that is humanly possible.  I would also like to thank Robyn Gunning for her magic in the catering life of the College and her ability to complement our meals on such a special occasion.  Lastly, to all Year 6 teachers, I am most appreciative of your preparation and attendance to support the families within your care for 2017.

Mr Stephen Rouhliadeff, Head of Junior School

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Head of Senior School

One of the recurring messages that Senior School students often receive from teaching staff is the importance of engaging in regular revision as a critical component of an effective study routine. Last week, I accompanied four of my colleagues on a visit to Melbourne schools to discover how they prepare students for success in a climate of external examinations, which Queensland students will soon experience with the impending reforms to our senior assessment system. One Director of Studies shared his wisdom regarding what he described as a three-week cycle of revision. To embed deep knowledge, especially within an examination culture in which content across a semester is tested, students need to develop a disciplined and consistent approach to revision whereby content is not only reviewed weekly but the proceeding weeks’ content is also revisited on a three-week cycle. I look forward to sharing with you more insights from our discoveries at school visits and networking throughout the year.

Term 2 Sport and Parties

The second trimester of AIC Sport commenced last weekend with some spirited fixtures against St Patrick’s College. Thank you to those students who followed the expectations regarding wearing their academic uniform and another reminder to those students who didn’t to address this moving forward.

This Saturday marks the traditional rivalry round versus St Laurence’s College. Given the cancellation of the trimester one fixture, there will no doubt be a significant level of anticipation and excitement for all chess, football and rugby games. I remind all students that the focus of our attention needs to be directed towards our own performance and support of our players. Furthermore, the First XI Football and First XV Rugby teams would appreciate a healthy crowd as they look to claim famous away victories at Runcorn.

One of the associated elements of the second term sporting calendar are the various parties which often take place on Saturday evenings. Whilst the College does not endorse such parties, we emphasise the importance of our students remaining safe at such gatherings. Parental concerns about a party can be reduced by:

  1. Talking to other parents about expectations and standards;
  2. Confirming the details with the parents of the host;
  3. Organising definite transportation arrangements to and from the party;
  4. Saying ‘no’ to your child if the arrangements are not to your satisfaction.

Staff-Senior Banquet

Tomorrow evening, all Year 12 students will dine with their teachers at the traditional Staff-Senior Banquet. This evening celebrates the journey of the Year 12 class to date and reinforces the importance of finishing the year as a united and close brotherhood, especially in their approach to their studies and QCS. The evening also reflects the Augustinian value placed on the importance of the teacher-student relationship both in an educative and pastoral sense. I would like to thank Year 12 Pastoral Area Leader Mr Tony Rolls and the Year 12 parent group for their generous work in preparing for this significant event in the lives of our Year 12 students.

‘Education is a shared commitment between dedicated teachers, motivated students and enthusiastic parents with high expectations’ Bob Beauprez

Mr Matt Levander, Head of Senior School

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In tune with the week of the ANZAC holiday, a group of Year 12 students ran a sausage sizzle on Friday for Legacy. The sausages were widely reported as being better than Bunnings and over $200 was raised for Legacy, the organisation which supports families left struggling after men or women (mums and dads very often) are lost or injured whilst serving their country. A transfer of nearly $3000 will also be made this week to Caritas Australia after so many Junior and Middle School students made donations to the Project Compassion boxes.

All this week YAYM shows its generosity and energy – under the enthusiastic guidance of Mrs Underhill, running the popular Mothers’ Day stall. Students may wish to bring in $5, $10 or $20 to buy a special gift/ package of gifts for their mum on Mothers’ Day. Proceeds will be shared between breast cancer research and the provision of adult education classes in one of our sister schools in the Philippines. We met the students of this adult education class in Bacolod on the last AFAS Exchange in 2015. Adult students often return to school at the age of 19 or even older in search of a Year 10 certificate. This certificate is a requirement for most jobs, e.g. work at McDonalds. Families in the Philippines often cannot afford for all their children to go to high school at once and there is little money given by the government to support families, a paltry 3.4% of GDP is spent on education. The young adults humbly return to school with the money raised assisting them to do so.  It will once again be a privilege in 2017 when our AFAS Exchange students present the money for this life-changing opportunity.

What is on the horizon?

On May 25, last year’s successful Talent Quest will hopefully be repeated with another jointly run venture with Loreto College. The Talent Quest will take place at the Mary Ward Centre at Loreto College. We will be on the look-out for approximately nine acts to send through from Villanova and I highly recommend the event based on last years’ experience.  What worked very well was the student-led and student-centred nature of the evening, which seemed to allow the amazing talents of the young people on stage to shine ever more brightly. The money raised on the door will go to one of the organisations both Colleges support, such as Rosies or SVDP.

June 2 is Mission Day and the “fantastic forty”, 40 students representing each Pastoral are enthusiastically helping with the organisation of a Pastoral stall or activity. As well as aiming to raise $20,000 for students and amenities at our sister schools in the Philippines, the Ministry students this year have a vision of our campus on Mission Day being a light on the hill.  It will be a happy day for donut and pizza eating, but even more so because each boy is invited and challenged to be of service.  Every student is also of course invited and challenged to learn more about why we have a fun day of community and friendship once a year as part of keeping the flame of our mission alive, that we are one in heart and mind on the way to God.

Mr John Holroyd, Vice Principal – Ministry, Mission and Evangelisation

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A Sports Awards Assembly was held on Monday when we had the chance as a College community to publicly acknowledge those who have been nominated by their coaches to receive awards from the Trimester 1 Sports Program. This included AFL, cricket, volleyball and swimming. Over 230 awards were presented due to the large amount of premiership/undefeated teams. It was pleasing to see a large number of parents and friends in attendance to support the boys and the College.

There is no doubt that it is enjoyable to receive sporting awards and I hope the recipients felt proud of themselves, as they should. However, the College does hope that Villanova’s greatest sports award is offered to all, that is, the opportunity for all students to get involved and to slip on the green and gold and represent their College. I congratulate every player, coach and manager who participated in the sports program last term and I thank them all for their efforts.

A reminder that the AIC Cross Country season commenced this week for Year 7-12 students and will commence on Monday, 15 May for Year 5 and Year 6 students as per the season schedule. All details pertaining to the season are found in the ‘AIC Cross Country – 2017 Season Schedule’ which is now posted on the College web page. We believe the necessary preparations and programs are in place for our students to do well throughout the up-coming season. Hard work and effort is now needed.

As we head into Round 2 of AIC rugby and football fixtures, I ask everybody involved to give serious consideration to the College’s expectations listed below. I hope to have the support of our entire community to ensure that these expectations are met throughout the entire season.

Expectations of Villanova Students

  • All players are to run on the field in a tidy manner – socks pulled up;
  • We encourage all teams to chant the school war cry after the game, if victorious;
  • All team members from the previous game are to stay behind and form a ‘run on’ tunnel for the next team before departing the ground. No one leaves until this is done;
  • As each boy wears the Villanova uniform and is seen to be a representative of our fine College his conduct should be in keeping with the traditions and values we instil in our students. Inappropriate and unsportsmanlike behaviour on or off the field is not accepted;
  • Be welcoming of our guests but on the field 100% effort and a strong will/passion from all players to do well for the College, the team and yourselves is expected;
  • Commit to the team and College throughout the entire season by making yourself available to play on long weekends and not pull out of any games;
  • Attend games at least 30 minutes before kick off in order to prepare well;
  • Get involved and enjoy the time spent with friends and coaches
  • Support the Villanova Sports Club by purchasing food from the Villanova Park canteens as the money raised helps fund Villanova Sport projects.

Achieving favourable results should not form the only reason we participate in sport. However, most people who play sport are keen to be victors. There is no shame in anyone wanting to do well, in fact, it is encouraged. However, the way we go about this is important. We must be humble in victory, gracious in defeat and always behave in a positive sportsmanlike manner.

I hope our boys and coaches have a strong drive to do well this season and all teams are able to further develop pride in themselves and in the College by the way they conduct themselves, whatever the result. We all must work hard and be determined to keep up our efforts throughout the entire season, particularly if the chips are down

Round 2 is against St Laurence’s this weekend and I challenge all Villanova men to stand up and be counted in an effort to produce our very best on the paddock. Good luck to all!

Volleyball Uniforms – Outstanding

We currently still have many students who have not returned their volleyball hire shirt to the Uniform Shop. I ask all parents to ensure their son has returned his shirt if he played volleyball this season. Students who do not return their shirt will be charged a replacement fee via the next school fees account.

Villanova Park Training – Collection of Students 

Parents are reminded to ensure they pick up their son/s by the allocated finishing time at Villanova Park after training. Already we have had parents arrive over an hour after training has finished.  It is not an expectation that Villanova staff stay behind but they do so in order to ensure all boys are safe. All boys are to be collected by 5.00 – 5.15pm.

AIC Chess, Rugby and Football Fixtures, Friday 5 and Saturday 6 May – Times and Venues

All times and venues for this weekend’s fixtures against St Laurence’s College are available on the College website. Please note that the Year 5 – 8 football teams are drawn to play at Villanova Park and the Year 9 – 12 football and Year 5 – 12 rugby teams are drawn to play away at Runcorn. A number of teams have picked up a supplementary game against other Colleges and some of these games have been scheduled to play away. Please check the schedule carefully.

AIC Rugby

Villanova played St Pat’s in 18 games of rugby across the College from Years 5 – 12, winning 10 games and losing eight. Unfortunately, the 1st XV’s went down in a match which saw Villanova concede three early tries in the first 15 minutes. The team worked hard to get back into the game dominating both possession and territory for the remainder of the game, however, St Pat’s were menacing at the break down not allowing our boys a quick play of the ball. At the end of the day the poor start was our undoing. As disappointed as our boys are, they are keen to make amends this weekend.

Please note all Year 5 – 12 rugby games will be played at Runcorn this weekend for the local derby against our traditional foes, St Laurence’s. We ask all players to stay and support the other teams particular the Firsts who kick off at 2.15pm.

Round 1 Rugby Results v SPC

AIC Football

Villanova dominated St Patrick’s College in the first round of the season posting 15 wins, four losses and five draws from the 24 games played. Unfortunately, our 1st XI team went down one nil to a controversial offside call.  Our boys showed a fighting spirit until the end but were unable to convert a goal. We wish all teams the very best this weekend as we come up against a very strong St Laurence’s football outfit. Given the number of teams across the College it was impossible to fit all football games in at one venue, so please note our Year 5 – 8 teams are playing at Villanova Park and the Year 9 – 12 teams will play at Runcorn. We ask all players to support the Firsts game which kicks off at 12.15pm at Runcorn.

Villanova Park Canteen – AIC Year 5 – 8 Football

This weekend we are looking for parents of the Year 5 – 8 football players to man the canteens at Villanova Park.   Please find below a suggested schedule.

Round 1 Football Results v SPC

AIC Chess – Mrs Sally England, AIC Chess Co-ordinator

What a start to our season! Congratulations to the boys for a first round win against St Pat’s. The Open team had a great victory and hopefully this is a sign of continued success. The Intermediates had a draw and a win and our Junior teams celebrated wins.  This is the best start we have had for quite a while and although we did have two losses they were close games which could have gone either way. Things are certainly looking promising for Villanova chess in 2017.

This week we play at St Laurence’s and a reminder to parents that you must pick your sons up from South Brisbane as the bus will not be returning to Villanova.  Training is now being held in Goold Hall at the usual time of 7.30am – 8.30am. Boys are welcome on both days but we are concentrating on Wednesday for Juniors and Friday for Seniors/Intermediates for coaching purposes.  Morning tea practices are also in Goold Hall but competition nights will be held in the Tolle Lege Library.  Please note the Juniors will not compete in Round Three as St Edmonds do not have primary students.

Round 1 Chess Results v SPC

AIC Cross Country

A 2017 Cross Country season schedule is now posted on the Sports website under AIC Cross Country. Training has commenced for the Year 7-12 squad this week. The Year 5 and Year 6 squads will commence on Monday, 15 May. All students are welcome, simply turn up to training to register your interest.

St Augustine’s Visit

Many thanks to the wonderful families who have offered to take billets for the upcoming St Augustine’s visit. All information regarding billeting was emailed to host families early this week.

We ask all families to arrive at the front of the College (Sixth Avenue) at 7.50pm this Sunday night to collect their billet. Parents are also required to assist with the morning tea and BBQ’s on Tuesday if possible. If you are able to assist please contact Craig Stariha in the Sports Office –

St Augustine’s College (SAC) Tour Itinerary – Game Times/Dates/Venues

Sunday 7 May

  • Host families to collect billets at 7.50pm from Villanova College

Monday 8 May 

  • 2:15pm – 3:00pm (Period 6) Villanova v St Augustine’s Debating (Fr Peter Wieneke Shield) at Villanova College, Hanrahan Theatre, Sixth Ave, Coorparoo
  • 3:30pm Villanova v St Augustine’s Basketball (John Seary Cup) at Villanova College, Goold Hall, Eighth Ave, Coorparoo

Tuesday 9 May  

  • Period 1 (8.45am – 9.35am) College Assembly – SAC Guests of Honour
  • Period 2 (9.40am – 10.30am) Student forum/morning tea for SAC staff/students and host students
  • 10:30am (Period 3) Depart Villanova College for Villanova Park (all billets/host and students)
  • 12:00 Midday kick off, Villanova v St Augustine’s Football (Fr Dave Brimson Cup) Villanova Park, Manly Rd, Tingalpa
  • 1:30pm Kick off, Villanova v St Augustine’s Rugby (MG Lyons Cup) Villanova Park, Manly Rd, Tingalpa
  • 3:30pm Presentation in the Cor Unum Centre at Villanova Park
  • 4:00pm BBQ and Villanova host students farewell SAC billets

Representative Sport

Over the Easter holidays, Harrison Vig competed at both the Open National Swimming Championships and the National Age Swimming Championships. At the open event, he made two finals at 14 years of age and had the privilege of racing alongside many Paralympian’s and World Record holders. At the Age Championships Harrison came away with three silver medals and two bronze from five events. While representing Villanova at the Queensland School Sport Meet back in March Harrison also won five golds and will now compete at the Pacific School Games in Adelaide in December. A fantastic effort, well done Harrison!

Harrison Rieck competed at the Australian Open Championship during the Easter break and finished in the top 20 Australians for breaststroke and the individual medley. Only the top two progress to the World Championships and the Olympics. This is an excellent result for someone of Harrison’s age. On behalf of the College we wish him well in his future endeavours and some day we hope to see Harrison up on the blocks representing Australia. An outstanding effort Harrison, well done!

Congratulations to Charlie Corrigan, Jake Fazldeen, Mason Honeyman and Jake Miles-Wrency who have all been selected in the 10 – 12 Years AFL Met East team which will compete at the State Championships to be held in Mackay in June. We wish all of these boys the very best, great effort!

Mr Craig Stariha, Director of Sport

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Week three already – time flies when you’re having fun!  Another busy short week here in the Music Department.  We are all eagerly looking forward to our first five-day week in a while.

Rehearsals and Lessons

We are now back to routine in terms of ensemble rehearsals and lessons.  Please ensure your son is aware of when his activities occur and times are marked in his College diary.  To clarify for all families, Jazz Ensemble has combined with Stage Band and these students rehearse on Tuesday afternoons from 3.15 – 4.30pm.  The Supernovans will rehearse after Senior Choir on Tuesday afternoons from 4.15 – 5.00pm.

We currently send automated messages via email to students and parents with unexplained absences at rehearsal.  I have also asked teachers to contact parents with unexplained absences at Instrumental Music lessons.  The modus operandi behind this is to open the communication between school and home regarding student attendance, a gentle reminder, not a large stick of retribution.

Should your son be absent from school, please contact Student Services, the Music Department and or your son’s teacher/ensemble director.  Should you receive an email from the Music Department regarding your son’s absence at a morning rehearsal, please understand that Music teachers and or the Music Office may not read emails before 7am or during rehearsal.  Thank you for your patience in this regard.

Big Band – Salvation Army Hall, Carindale

Our College Big Band performed wonderfully at their recent performance on Saturday evening at the Carindale Salvation Army Hall.  The event was planned and organised by one of our wonderful brass tutors Mr Jared Proellocks and I would like to publicly commend him on a great evening.

We had the opportunity to hear two fine brass bands and share our music and Villanova story with a new audience.  The students acquitted themselves well and were fine ambassadors for the College.

Rotorua and Rockhampton Tour information

Information regarding the above tours will be emailed home this Friday.  I ask that all participants and their parents check inboxes on Friday afternoon for vital information regarding packing lists and final tour payments.  I trust you are all looking forward to these journeys as much as I am.

Entertainment Books

For those Year 5 and 6 students who still have their unsold book at home, we request these be returned as soon as possible.  Should you still wish to purchase an Entertainment Book, please visit the Music Office or phone Mrs Schrauf on 3394 5691.  Should you wish to purchase a smartphone app version of the book, this may be done online by visiting

If you have already purchased a book, we ask that these be collected from the Music Office as soon as possible.

Mr Michael Jones, Director of Music

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Parent Information

2017 Student Residential Address Collection

The Australian Government Department of Education and Training (the department) will collect student residential addresses for all non-government schools between 1 March and 31 May 2017, in accordance with section 21 of the Australian Education Regulation 2013.

Non-government schools are required to complete the address collection for each of their campuses as part of their obligations under the Australian Education Act 2013.

The department has provided a statement of address notice for parents/guardians of the upcoming collection.

Residential addresses will be de-identified prior to submission, however should you wish to withhold your address, please contact Mrs Kath Hackett, Compliance Officer via email by close of business on Wednesday, 17 May, 2017.


Non State Schools Transport Assistance Scheme

Attention all families! The Non State Schools Transport Assistance Scheme (NSSTAS) is a joint initiative of the Queensland Catholic Education Commission (QCEC) and Independent Schools Queensland (ISQ).

The Scheme is administered by QCEC on behalf of all non-state schools in Queensland and is funded by the State of Queensland with the assistance of the Department of Education and Training.

NSSTAS has two programs available only to Queensland residents:

  • Bus Fare Assistance Program (BFAP)
  • Students with Disability (SWD)

Applications for travel in January to June 2017 must be submitted in May 2017.

More information on eligibility can be found at

Mrs Kath Underhill, Senior School LE Program Leader



Next week over a million students across Australia in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 will complete the three days of NAPLAN testing. Despite media representations of how difficult and stressful these tests are for students, our boys will be settled, focused and will work through these days conscientiously. They have been well prepared by their teachers and I am sure will perform well. In particular, I would like to thank Mr Wall, Mrs Addley, Mr Creamer, Mr Nick Simpson and more recently, Mrs McKay for their collective leadership in preparing our students.

Certainly there is no denying that these external assessments are part of our students’ educational experiences and will continue to be so into the future. Perhaps a more significant issue and question would be to ask how much importance should be placed on these examinations? If you compare the feedback and conversations you had with teachers last week and the insights you received into your son’s progress and development in comparison with a result on a point in time externally imposed test, I am hoping that NAPLAN can be put into some perspective. At Villanova College, our NAPLAN results are strong and have been since the first tests were held in 2008.  While we can’t ignore such testing initiatives, perhaps there are better and more comprehensive indicators of our student’s achievements.

Should your son be ill between Tuesday and Thursday next week, the makeup day for the missed exams will be Friday, 12 May. It will not be possible to sit any of the tests after this time due to the QCAA’s test return timelines. The NAPLAN reports will be received at the College by the end of Term 3.

Mr Paul Mead, Vice Principal – Teaching and Learning


Library News

Parents often express dismay when their former bookworm enters high school and interest in reading wanes. The transition to high school can be a time of great change, and, in many cases, voluntary reading is a casualty in the competition for time and attention. Research has found that, by early high school, only just over half of students view themselves as ‘readers’. Teachers, families and other children can have a profound influence on students’ reading, however parent involvement has been found to be correlated most strongly with voluntary reading.

Reading is most powerful when it is voluntary. There are clear links between how often children and teens read for enjoyment and educational attainment. Indeed, links between reading enjoyment and educational success have been found to be as strong as the impact of family socioeconomic status.

As expected, research has found a link between the availability of content students want to read and how much they do read. You may be surprised to know that the idea of reading is no longer books and eBooks. Modern research shows that websites and blogs, emails, newspapers, magazines, manuals, graphic novels and comics are equally valid options for recreational reading. Some studies even include social media and text messages as ‘reading’, however there is no clear link between these media and educational attainment.

Voluntary reading is linked to the obvious educational measures of reading attainment, writing ability, increased comprehension skills and greater grammar and vocabulary knowledge. It is also linked to increased general knowledge, higher test scores and socioemotional competence and awareness: positive attitudes, greater self-confidence as a reader, increased general knowledge, better understanding of other cultures, greater insight into human nature, community participation and more confident decision making.

We ask parents and students in Years 5 – 8 to complete a survey to enable us to build a profile of readers at Villanova College.  After analysis, data will only be presented in aggregate form to assist our understanding of the connection between reading enjoyment, reading frequency and academic achievement in the Villanova College context.

Parent link: ​

Student link: ​

Sources Used

Clark, C. & Foster, A. (2005). Children’s and young people’s reading habits and preferences: The who, what, why, where and when

Clark, C., Osborne, S., & Akerman, R. (2008). Young people’s self-perceptions as readers: An investigation including family, peer and school influences

Clark, C., Torsi, S., & Strong, J. (2005). Young people and reading: A school study conducted by the National Literacy Trust for the Reading Champions initiative

Department for Education. (2012). Research evidence on reading for pleasure.

Gleed, A. (2013). BookTrust Reading Habits Survey 2013.

Room to Read. (2015). Reading promotion study report.

Ms Laura Gill, Teacher Librarian

Library Roster

Monday 8th May

Leah Coogans, Bronagh Earthrowl

Tuesday 9th May

Cristina Palacios, Anita Murnane

Wednesday 10th May

Denise Smith

Thursday 11th May

Kelly Stassi (after tuckshop), Maritsa Malanos

Friday 12th May

Gina Avolio, Anna Egert

Tuckshop Roster

Monday 8th May

Narelle Rieck, Julie Stokes, Jenni Boxall, Jane Green, Sally Caltabiano, Megan Price, Maria Woodger, Loretta Jordan-Vieira, Mary Innes, Cath Griffin

Tuesday 9th May

Donna Perkins, Melissa Davidson, Lisa Forsyth, Nicole Webb, Leanne McMahon, Sonia Ballen, Susan White, Tricia Allen, Cristina Palacios, Cristina Watson

Wednesday 10th May

Angela Dooley, Tina McCaul, Peta Gomersall, Kathy McCaul, Karen Marrinan, Lisa Gorry, Denise Smith

Thursday 11th May

Paula Lisignoli, Maria McGarry, Zsuzsa Henderson, Juanita Ryan, Kath Eberhardt, Pauline White, Bernadette Papagiannis, Kelly Stassi, Jane Lawson, Louisa Coote, Chrissy Bonfiglio, Eleni Stathis

Friday 12th May

Caroline Agnew, Louise Pertnikovs, Jacki Wilson, Pauline Vasta, Kellie Smith, Adriana Sofios, Gerry Ternel, Leanne Bryant, Natalie Basili, Maria Nicolaou, Kim Creevey, Naomi Jansen

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Calendar of Events

Stay up to date with the College events please proceed to the event calendar.

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Community Updates

Mega Raffle

Sport Lunch

The Villanova Sports Committee is once again running the very popular Sports Lunch on Friday, May 19, 2017.

This year we have the wonderful Kerry “Skull” O’Keeffe as our key note speaker. Kerry is a very engaging speaker and will keep everyone well and truly entertained for the afternoon. Josh Robinson, a 2002 Old Boy, who came ninth in javelin at the Rio Olympics will also be admitted to the Hall of Fame.

All funds raised from the Sports Lunch will go directly back to the students of Villanova College by way of improving school sports facilities, so we would love to see as many parents as possible attend the lunch and all are most welcome.  The all-inclusive price of $140 includes a wonderful two course meal and a premium drinks package for four hours.

Sponsorship opportunities from $200 up to Gold Level are also currently available, so please contact Jon Winsbury on 0417 199 122 for further details.

Please see the attached invitation and click on the link to book – it is that easy.

Sport Lunch Invitation

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