Principal's Welcome

This Lenten Season has been an extra-ordinary occasion with the suspension of Masses and the loss of community as people cannot come together each week to celebrate Mass. For many faith-filled people this Easter Season of 2020 will be very different.

The early Christians, following the death of Jesus, came together to remember and celebrate in their own homes. While we cannot invite others into our homes at this time, there is an opportunity for family members to gather in prayer and acknowledge this special time of Easter. It can be as simple as lighting a candle.

The Archdiocese of Brisbane has many resources available through their website-  and Facebook ( page to help families to celebrate this special time together.  In addition, the Archdiocese also has ‘on demand web casts’ of past liturgical celebrations and events. Both sites have a wealth of material to keep us connected while our churches are closed. Home churches are blossoming!

There is a web cast of Mass from St Stephen’s Cathedral each weekday at 8.00am and each Sunday at 8.00am and 10.00 am.

This Sunday the Catholic Church celebrates Palm Sunday, the final Sunday of Lent and the beginning of Holy Week. Jesus arrives triumphant in Jerusalem days before he was crucified. Our Lenten Journey is nearing its end. Easter Sunday will herald the joyous celebration of Jesus Christ conquering death.

Christ has died, Christ has Risen, Christ will come again.

Term Two 2020
There are two possible scenarios for the start of Term Two 2020: either schools are closed and we are working from home or the College is open for business ready to go with classes and staff and students returning to school.

If schools are closed: Term Two 2020 will commence on Monday 20 April and students will need to be ready, up and at their desks at 8.30 am. Students are to be dressed in appropriate clothing ready to tackle their day. They will have six periods as per the timetable below.

8.30am – 8.50am  – Preparation for the day: students engage with emails, OneNote and/or Moodle to see work for the week and for this day and to read morning notices and daily prayer.
9.00am – 9.30am – Period One
9.40am – 10.10am – Period Two

Break 1

11.00am – 11.30am – Period Three
11.40am – 12.10 pm – Period Four

Break 2

1.00pm – 1.30pm – Period Five
1.40pm – 2.10pm – Period Six

Afternoon homework, study, reading and doing house chores.

In the absence of family illness, it is extremely important students establish a routine from the very first day. It is essential students are up out of bed, dressed and ready to go by 8.30 am as per a normal school day. On Monday 20 April the holidays are over.

Our staff have been working this week preparing to deliver the curriculum online. In the first two weeks the students will be led by the staff through the usual online delivery methods used within the normal classroom practices. These practices include the use of OneNote, Moodle, Flipgrid, Videos and Flip classrooms just to mention a few. Students will have set tasks to complete and the teachers will be checking the work to be completed. During the school day your teachers will be available via email. However, teachers may have their own families to attend to at this time, so will respond to emails in a timely manner and within 24 hours.

After the first two weeks the teaching staff will introduce an opportunity for student – teacher engagement through the use of video-conferencing for small group discussions, questions and answer sessions etc. Once again teachers will lead this process.

If we are resuming classes and normal operations:
In the event we are resuming classes next term, I will communicate to all families the arrangements at the earliest opportunity. I hope all families remain safe and well during this pandemic. Please maintain social distancing and good hygiene practices.

Easter Prayer
Creator God, Who this day by Your only begotten Son vanquishing death, has unlocked for us the gate of eternity, help us to attain the desires to which You have led us by Your inspirations. We ask this through the same Christ our Lord. Amen.

Creator God, as we renew our Baptismal vows, help us to be made worthy of Eternal Life, that we may always seek to do Your will in our hearts and minds, that we may show others Your saving grace and Your love. We ask this through Christ, our Lord. Amen.

Creator God, who makes the faithful to be of one mind and heart, grant that we, Your people; may love what you command and desire what You promise so that, amid the changing things of this world, our hearts may be fixed where true joys are to be found. We ask this through Christ, our Lord. Amen.

God bless
Mr Mark Stower, Principal

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Teaching and Learning

We are obviously facing a time of significant change in schools and how we will approach teaching and learning.  The current Coronavirus situation has forced teachers to adjust to an environment where students will potentially learn and engage with the curriculum quite differently, for the foreseeable future.

To ensure continuity of learning for our students in the event that schools are closed, our staff have been working tirelessly to adjust programs and assessment in order to make Learning @ Home just as engaging and meaningful as if the students were physically on campus.  The College’s commitment to ensuring that both our staff and students are 21st Century citizens means that we have numerous IT supported platforms in place, from which to learn and that our collaborative and communication skills will permit us to overcome the fact that we won’t be physically together in the classroom space.  I would like to thank our teachers for the work that they have done to prepare for Learning @ Home.

So, what is it that our students and parents need to know, in order for there to be valuable teaching and learning in Term Two?

The importance of routine will not change.  Boys thrive on structure and will need to be encouraged to establish and maintain routines that should reflect a normal school day.

The College has made a decision to provide structure by way of a Learning @ Home timetable.  Students will engage with the same sequence of lessons they would normally do each day.  The only change we have made to this is to shorten each lesson to 30 minutes.  We are mindful that having students work from a device at home for regular lesson times may be detrimental to their ongoing engagement.  And in a time of extended isolation and separation from the wider community, it is important that there is time for activities to maintain wellbeing.  Teachers will still be expecting students to complete other work that might be part of homework, study or ongoing revision.

The College has produced a Learning @ Home document to support our students in continuing their learning.  The important to start the day well with exercise and a good breakfast, the establishment of a good study space and the avoidance of distractions are all mentioned.  I would encourage all families to print this out and put it in a visible place!

Assessment will take on a new look for all students.  Years 5 to 11 students will engage in smaller, more regular tasks that will be checked by teachers through platforms such as OneNote and Moodle.  With news of modified assessment recently coming to hand from the QCAA, our Year 12s will still be working towards completing some internal assessment and then external exams.

The College Moodle platform has a wide range of information and resources to assist our students through this time.  We will also be in touch with our students and parents in the second week of the holidays to put final preparations for Learning @ Home in place.

For now, I wish all our parents and students a Happy Easter.  Although it will not be like any we have seen before, the restrictions placed upon us will see this break as a great opportunity for quality family time.

Mr John Christie, Dean of Teaching and Learning

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Head of Middle School

In this week’s podcast we discuss the COVID-19 crisis with Year 9 leaders Connor Maloney and Mitchell Rieck and gain their perspectives. My thanks to Year 9 Pastoral Area Leader, Mr Alex Sullivan for his involvement also. Please click on the image to begin listening.

Mr Greg O’Neill, Head of Middle School

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Head of Senior School

A term like no other!
Amid the perpetual spotlight on how we collectively respond to the Covid-19 public health challenge, I thought I would shift focus for my final column of the term on looking back at life prior to the onset of this extraordinary situation and reflect on the positivity underpinning our Senior School.

The Senior class has continued to respond to the expectations placed upon them regarding their academic engagement within the new QCE and have completed their Internal Assessments with some pleasing provisional results. Inspired by their Senior theme, the cohort have been ‘Brothers in Arms’ in supporting each other in all areas of College life. I have been extremely proud of the way in which the Year 12s have responded to the Covid-19 situation, especially their resilience in accepting the things they cannot control.

The Year 11 student body continues to demonstrate an outstanding diligence to their academic studies and was exceptional in their approach to their first examination block. Furthermore, the number of students involved in the College’s cocurricular programs reflects a commitment to a truly holistic education.

The Year 10 Form has made a positive start to their Senior schooling journey. I was very impressed by the maturity of the reflections of students who I spoke to during their Transition to Senior School Interviews. They spoke of an enthusiasm for their new elective subjects and an excitement for their learning pathways. I would also commend the burgeoning leadership capacity demonstrated by those students who assisted as mentors within the Middle School Camp program.

One of the truly memorable moments of the first term was the magnificent College Musical Mary Poppins, showcasing the outstanding creative talents of several Senior School students. There have been unprecedented sign-ups to Ministry groups- including the newly formed Environmental Ministry- and the Third XI, Fourth XI and 10A cricket teams and Second VI and 10C volleyball teams were all awarded premierships.

Looking forward and the second term will be very much a case of a brave new world, but I am confident that our students, teachers and parents will respond to our future realities with an optimistic spirit and great courage which are the hallmarks of our community of learning. The Pastoral Area Leaders and I are committed to creatively and innovatively delivering our pastoral and formation programs to our students to ensure that our cohorts still feel strongly connected to the College in the event of prolonged periods of online learning away from our Coorparoo campus.

As we begin our Easter holidays, I offer the following prayer of hope for the recovery of those suffering illness or the uncertainty of the road ahead.

God of Love, we turn to you with prayerful hearts and with confidence in your loving presence among us now and in every moment of our lives. We stand before you as a people of hope, trusting in your care and protection. May we be comforted by your love in these anxious times.

Generous and Merciful God, fill us with compassion and concern for others, young and old; that we may look after each other in these challenging times, especially those among us who are vulnerable. May your example give us the courage we need to go to the margins, wherever they may be. Heal us of our fear.

Healing God, bring healing to those who are sick with the Coronavirus and be with their families and neighbours. We pray especially who those who are isolated, that they may know your love. Stay by our side in this time of uncertainty and sorrow.

God of Strength, accompany all those who serve us with such love and generosity in the medical profession and in all our healthcare facilities.  We give thanks for their continued work in the service of people. We ask you to bless them, strengthen them and guide them with your abundant goodness.

God of Wisdom, we ask you to guide the leaders in healthcare and governance; that they may make the right decisions for the wellbeing of people. 

O God of creation and God of life, we place ourselves and our world in your protection and love. May your peace be with us and enfold us today, tomorrow and during the time ahead.


‘We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.’ – Martin Luther King, Jr

Mr Matt Levander, Head of Senior School

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Ministry News

Vinnies Hampers
Right up until the last minute of term-time, several student volunteers were helping to pack the Easter hampers for 23 local households. In fact, we spread out the helpers over two rooms, with some writing cards, others cellophaning the top of the hamper (almost as hard as cling-wrapping sandwiches neatly), and some ensuring that appropriate treats went into each hamper to suit the profile of the receiving household.

With the early finish to school, staff have now undertaken to deliver the baskets. One staff member was greeted yesterday as an “Angel from Heaven.” It is easy to see what a difference these hampers are about to make.

Interesting to note, Frederic Ozanam, the founder of the St Vincent de Paul Society, was jolted into action by a cholera epidemic sweeping Paris in 1831. His first practical action was to join a few friends and give firewood to a local widow.

YAYM Letters Campaign
YAYM students are busy writing letters to local residents of two nursing homes. Normally, the Middle School ministry students visit local nursing homes. The aim of the letters is to create a platform for sharing which crosses generations and allows stories and anecdotes to be shared. This idea is open to any student who wishes to send a letter. Please email me if your son would like to be involved – We have a system of sending the letters from the College and will only supply the first name of the student.

Work and Welcome Program
This week we say goodbye to our Work and Welcome worker, a young woman of refugee background who has thrived within the caring communities of the Tuckshop and the Tolle Lege Library. I would like to thank Ms Dot Blair, Tuckshop Co-ordinator and Ms Helen Caswell, Library Manager, for the outstanding support they have offered to Masoumeh. On top of this, many Villanova mothers have poured time and practical support to ensure that her placement at Villanova has been an experience of home and community just as much as learning about the Australian workplace.

St Monica’s Kitchen
In a new enterprise, the Hospitality Department has prepared, cooked, and frozen several meals which can be delivered (free) to members of the community who may be needing some help at this time. The best way of suggesting whom to deliver to, or making a personal request is to email Fr Saldie at

Generous gift of inoculation to AFAS
The giving of a free flu vaccination service by parent Dr Juergen Landmann has continued this last week, now raising over $5,000 for AFAS. This is a breathtaking contribution which seems so appropriate to the exact situation the community faces at the moment.

From Rome to the world…
Three days ago, Pope Francis made a special “urbi et orbe” (to the city and the world) address from a deserted and rain-swept St Peter’s Square. As eloquent as his message, of “returning to the Father,” was the image of a man alone, speaking out from his heart and hoping to reach an audience. This seems to sum up the experience of many individuals who are spending more time at home, and risking to share more of their inner lives, whether that be by messages in bottles – or the Internet.

This way of sharing our inner selves seems to me to fit St Augustine’s model of community. The community is enriched by the inner life of each person; individuals are brave to reveal their inner self in a shared search for truth and a shared love of learning.

In that spirit, here is something I have stumbled on which may be worth clicking on: a wonderful “virtual choir” version of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah: It captures, I think, the idea of the individual spirit singing out from her room to the world. Or, in Latin, de cubiculo ut orbis.

And finally…
This Sunday is Palm Sunday when we commemorate Jesus’s triumphant return to Jerusalem as a servant King, like David, riding on a donkey. Each family is encouraged and invited to place a palm in or next to their letterbox as a sign of our community celebration of this Feast. Excellent family prayer resources are available at this link: and this link is updated each week.

Evening Prayer of St Augustine
Watch, O Lord, with those who wake, or watch or weep tonight, and give the angels and saints charge over those who sleep. Tend your sick ones, O Lord Jesus Christ; rest your weary ones, bless your dying ones, soothe your suffering ones, pity your afflicted ones, shield the joyful ones, and all for your love’s sake. Amen.

Mr John Holroyd, Dean of Mission and Identity

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The College was unable to hold a full College Trimester One Sports Awards Assembly to acknowledge those who did particularly well in their chosen during sport in Term One.

All the pennants will be presented during class time as soon as it is possible.  In the meantime, we wish to congratulate all those awards winners listed below for their outstanding efforts throughout the season.


Age Champions

Open Swimming Champion Harrison Vig
The Gregory O’Brien Trophy for Open Backstroke Champion Harrison Vig (100M)
16 Years Champion Caden Clelland
15 Years Champion Cohen Stewart
14 Years Champion Tyler Clelland
13 Years Champion Thomas De Brito
12 Years Champion Will Rodgers
Year 6 Champion Harvey Thompson
Year 5 Champion Tyler Schafer

Barry Cran Award for Dedication to Training in the Junior School – Riley Gaffney and Will Dolphin

AIC Swimming Championship – First Place Awards

Year 5
Ben Landers 50M Free Division 8 36.08
Ben Mackey 50M Free Division 5 35.57
Jacob Short 50M Free Division 4 35.60
Tyler Schafer 50M Back Division 1 37.60
Luis Stagg 50M Fly Division 2 39.39
4 x 50M Free  Relay Division 2 2:23.25
Ben Mackey, Ben Landers, Ethan Haywood, Jacob Short


Year 6
Harvey Thompson 100M Freestyle Division 1 1.08.85
Wyatt Clelland 50M Freestyle Division 4 33.72
Beau Poustie 50M Freestyle Division 3 33.85
Harvey Thompson 50M Back Division 2 37.42
Harvey Thompson 50M Fly Division 1 33.72
200M Medley Relay Division 1 2:22.69
Darcy Kerr, Wyatt Clelland, Harvey Thompson, Thomas Longland
4 x 50M Free Relay Division 1 2:05.51
Darcy Kerr, Beau Poustie, Harvey Thompson, Thomas Longland


12 Years
Oliver Jacobs  50M Freestyle Division 4 32.73
Charley Hegarty 50M Freestyle Division 3 33.05
Wade Wildin-Powell 50M Freestyle Division 1 29.57
Wade Wildin-Powell 50M Back Division 2 37.10
Will Rodgers 50M Fly Division 2 35.33
4x 50M Free Relay  Division 1 2:07.21
William Rodgers, Charley Hegarty, Hudson Bishop, Wade Wildin-Powell
200M Medley Relay Division 1 2:24.84
Charlie Hegarty, William Rodgers, Oliver Jacobs, Wade Wildin-Powell


13 Years
Thomas De Brito 100M Freestyle Division 1 102.59


14 Years
James Humphries 50M Freestyle Division 4 28.03


 15 Years
Griffin Cullen 50M Freestyle Division 4 29.29
Caleb Rodgers 50M Freestyle Division 3 29.16


Junior School Results Middle School Results Senior School Results
Murray 860 Murray 501 Goold 373
Goold 843 Heavey 484 Heavey 367
Crane 727 Goold 470 Crane 365
Heavey 692 Crane 437 Murray 312

2020 Whole College Results

First  Goold 1686
Second  Murray 1673
Third  Heavey 1543
Fourth Crane 1529


 Best and Fairest Awards

First XVIII Nick Phillips
Year 8/9 Larry Clark
Year 7 Will Rodgers
6A Oliver Logan
6B Oliver Truloff
5A Mitchell Vedelago
5B Steven Woodgate

 Most Improved

First XVIII Jake Blackwell
Year 8/9 Alex Vasiliou
Year 7 Bailey Horvath
6A Lachlan Francis
6B Beau Poustie
5A Lennox Hine
5B Lachy Sheridan

Premiership AFL Teams

6B: Mr Matt Conlan and Mr Liam Grace (Old Boy)
Alex Solomon (Injured)
Oliver Truloff
Ted Miner
Jack Fidge
Christian McIlwain
Beau Poustie
Tom Taylor
Wyatt Clelland
Finn Dredge
Josh Carroll
Luke De Marco
Rhys Peralta
Sam Norris
Ryder Childs
Alex Fraser
Eamon Cowley

5A: Mr Adam Fry and Mr James Dent (Parent)
Ben Mackey
Benjamin Landers
Kiedis Lyons
Billy Pearson
Byron Dent
Caleb Johnston
Lennox Hine
Lewis Nunn
Luis Stagg
Ethan Haywood
Mitchell Vedelago
Frankie Gagen
Hamish Ford
Miller Reinmuth
Isaac Hyam
Toby Pearson


Best and Fairest Awards

The George Curry Trophy: First VI Elijah Abraham
Second VI Lachlan Galbraith
Third VI Keiran Addley
11 A Ben Craig
11 B Isaac Drew
10 A Bailey Korander-Matheson
10 B Harry Kossaris
10 C Callan McInerney
9 A Nicholas Craig
9 B Sebastian Bishop
9 C Griffin Cullen
8 A Nicholas Humphries
8 B Malcolm Stavens
8 C Louis Murnane
8 Gold Alex Russ
7 A Hudson Bishop
7 B Max Green
7 C Hamish Read
7 Gold Christian White

Most Improved Awards

First VI Callum McGarvey
Second VI Patrick Franco
Third VI Josh Whitby
11 A Callum Lane
11 B Will Rodgers
10 A Josh McIlwain
10 B Corey Berther
10 C Josh Economidis
9 A Christos Nicolaou
9 B Jack Stafford
9 C Elijah Holroyd
8 A: Most Improved – the Jensen Family Trophy Josh Wennerbom
8 B Flynn Curtis
8 C Harry Poole
8 Gold Jaxson Siepel
7 A Josh Rheinberger
7 B Samuel Mar Fan
7 C Daniel Warman
7 Gold Nathan Collins

Volleyball Premiership team

Second VI: Ms Grace Wei
Adam Winsbury
Callum Moses
Hamish Muir
Harrison Wills
Lachlan Trembath
Henri Honeyfield
Matthew Bowles
Patrick Franco
Lachlan Galbraith

10C: Ms Shania Hewitt
Callan McInerney
Ned Sukkar
Joel Livotto
Liam Meredith
Sam Simmons
Riley Richards
Zac Vedelago
Joshua Economides
Declan White

9C: Mrs Leanne Addley
Alex Vasiliou
Ashton Taylor
Elijah Holroyd
Griffin Cullen
Jack Rouhliadeff
George Trigenis
Malachy Cox
Oliver Campbell
Thomas Audet
Matthew Collyns

7B: Mr Johnsen Villocino
Anthony Duskovic
Martin Beltran Mahoney
Clem Roberts
Ewan McCosker
Jonah Abraham
Liam Viney Gonzalez
Max Green
Sam Binney
Samuel Mar Fan


Best and Fairest Awards

The Mullins Family Shield and the Jack Roache Trophy: First XI Josh Smith
Second XI Nick Fee
Third XI Thomas Carey
Fourth XI Matthew Trevethan
Fifth XI Jayden Paterson
10 A Henry Zietsch
10 B Ben Watson
10 C Jack Saunders
10 Gold Jose Sibi
9 A Cameron Bukowski
9 B Charles Burton
9 C Vincent Avolio
9 Gold James De Bruin
8 A Ned Godwin
8 B Max Carson
8 C William Makridakis
8 Gold Jackson Dalrymple
7 A Oscar Tesch
7 B Jacob McInerney
7 C Ben Bingham
7 Gold Jackson Mantis
6 A Henry Muir
6 B Patrick O’Neil
6 C Max Donnelly
6 Gold Elan Collier
6 White Declan Allis
6 Green Riley Gaffney
6 Blue Dean Arvoll
5 A Oliver Kotzur
5 B Charlie Gordon
5 C Joseph Prove
5 Gold Lenny Anastasia
5 White Ben Jungmann

Most Improved Awards

First XI Oliver Timms
Second XI James Reid
Third XI Oliver Rae
Fourth XI Ben Blacker
Fifth XI Murphy Woodger
10 A Ben Fingland
10 B Josh Vincent
10 C Patrick Bryant
10 Gold Peter Samios
9 A Fynn Gamer
9 B Dean Basili
9 C Rory Bower
9 Gold Brayden Teale
8 A Lachlan Colbert
8 B Sam Perrier
8 C Henri Williams-Poulton
8 Gold Patrick Hilyard
7 A Lewis McMahon
7 B Matthew Peachey
7 C Malachy Griffin
7 Gold Liam Curtis
6 A Darcy McGuckin
6 B Akshay Karthikeyan
6 C Anakh Chopra
6 Gold Alexander Capaldi
6 White Frank Di Stasi
6 Green Andre Tong
6 Blue Charlie Woodward
5 A James Barton
5 B Patrick Overland
5 C Frazer Rohloff
5 Gold Charlie Casey
5 White William Wight

Cricket Premiership Teams

Third XI: Mr Jamie Mullins
Sean Druery
Thomas Carey
David Caffery
Darcy Roberts
Alex Cran
Joel Henders
Harrison Egart
Lachlan Reardon
Theodore Day
Oliver Rae
Alexander Ilka

Fourth XI: Mr Jason Trevethan (Parent)
Ryan Walker
Harry Child
Matthew Trevethan
Liam Rogl
Joseph Donovan
Lachlan Burke
Samuel Palmer
Henry Stevens
Benjamin Blacker
Joseph Carter

10A: Mr Michael Dann
Dimitri Horton
Henry Zietsch
Preston Wells
Liam McConville
Max Gosling
Aidan Sheahan
Ben Fingland
Ruben Webb
Alexander Kassulke
Zac de Bruin
Jack Perrier
Jackson Voss

9B: Mr Harry Short and Mr Ethan Raymond (Old Boys)
Ben Hermiston
Charlie Corrigan
Charles Burton
Benjamin Gomersall
Hugo Browne
Dean Basili
Nicholas Poole
Isaac Greenwood
Benjamin Pickering
Jimmy Collins
Michael McCarthy
Flynn Brown

7B: Mr Jack Fraser (Old Boy) and Mr Robbie Gore (Parent)   
Chris Anderson
Joseph Forster
Max Jones
Matthew Dooley
Patrick Smyth
Max Knight
Tobie Gore
Matthew Peachey
Edison Murnane
Jacob McInerny
Patrick Holmes
Aengus Donovan

6 Blue: Mr Joel O’Reilly (Old Boy)
Angus Chalmers
Cooper Lander
Oliver Jones
Hadley Holt
Harrison Plozza
Dean Arvoll
Harry Dobbs
Charlie Woodward
Harry Woodward
Mitchell Voss
Daniel Waugh

First Place Cricket Aggregate – 2020

Villanova Weekly Fitness Programs
Each week the College will publish a ‘Weekly Fitness Program’ which is designed so that all members of our College community (staff, students and parents) are able to access and use it as a way of maintaining and/or further developing a level of fitness throughout this COVID-19 period. The weekly program includes three sessions (Day One, Day Two and Day Three). You may choose to complete these three sessions on any day throughout the week or perhaps double up the sessions to make a full six-day program with a rest day. All activities can be completed without specialised equipment.

Feel free to access the weekly programs via the link provided if you are interested.

AIC Cross Country
Please visit the AIC Cross Country section on the College’s website to view a complete Cross Country training schedule designed by our coaches for students to follow in the effort to maintain their fitness levels during this period of time.

Ben Mowen and Andrew Slack Strength and Conditioning
The College gym has now been closed to all staff and students. Our Strength and Conditioning Coach, Mr Michael Walsh has devised a strength and conditioning program for all squad members to follow during this closure so the boys can keep up their general fitness levels.

If any member of the squad has access to gym equipment at their homes, you are able to email Michael directly with a list of equipment you have and he will devise a special program for you to follow on top of what has been offered. Otherwise please follow the program posted in the AIC Rugby Union section, link below:

Mr Craig Stariha, Director of Sport

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It’s all about Mindset…
At this time no doubt you have seen many confronting images and possibly have been experiencing these things personally.  You are unable to visit Grandparents and perhaps your family is under financial pressure due to jobs ending or business drying up.  There are shelves empty in the grocery store and we cannot get to the park to kick the footy with our mates.  Unfortunately, we cannot take or avoid these challenges now BUT you can try to control the way you are experiencing it all.

With all the obstacles you currently face, I beseech you to consider the opportunities that may be present in this situation.  Through great restriction comes great creativity.  Tchaikovsky, the great Russian composer, used to create ‘challenges’ for himself by setting extreme rules to compose within.  He found that through these extreme restrictions he composed some of his most inspired work.  He was forced to think divergently and find alternate ways to creatively solve the problems he faced.

You are going to face similar restrictions to your everyday life over this coming period.  Be creative in how you respond to these – confront these ‘rules’ as opportunities.  I hope that you find the time and space to be able to find these opportunities and a little peace over this time ahead.

Ensemble Lessons and Rehearsals
We have been in contact with families over the past week regarding the delivery of our Instrumental Program through remote learning if required.  We will continue our group and private instruction through Zoom.  Students and parents who have returned permission forms have received the instruction manual around how we will manage Zoom meetings for Music.

We will be working with our students through the Year 5 immersion program during Term Two.  The term will commence with activities set through our OneNote and students required to practice and submit work for feedback over the early stages of the term.  We are exploring how we may manage synchronous learning with larger groups over Zoom and will attempt to get this running as soon as we can in Term Two.

If you are yet to submit your Zoom form, please make sure this is in as soon as possible.

Stay in Touch
We will be maintaining contact via email, through the Villanova Music Facebook page, and through your son’s OneNote music diaries.  Should you require assistance or consumables for your son’s instrument, please don’t hesitate to contact Music Office on 3394 5691.  Leave a voicemail if it’s unattended – we will get back to you!

Thank you all for your continued support of Villanova Music.  We hope that we can continue to be of service to you and your son as we navigate this challenging time together.

Mr Michael Jones, Director of Music

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Archive Anecdotes

The Foundation of the Order of St Augustine: a brief history
Augustine wrote at length about the importance of friendship.  He was convinced that it ought to be the basic element on which to lay the foundation of any religious life.  Today, the element of friendship remains a central theme in the ministry and community living of those dedicated to following the teachings of Augustine.

Augustine did not establish the Order of Augustinian priests that we know today.  The Order was founded in 1244 when Pope Innocent IV caused the many religious communities following St Augustine’s teachings to amalgamate into the Order of St Augustine.  Following the path established by Augustine, his followers were required to live out the spirit of poverty and humility, mutual love and esteem, daily prayer, self-restraint, chastity, common ownership of goods, commitment to work, love of neighbour and readiness to forgive, correction when needed, obedience and service.  His values of friendship and community were paramount and accepted by his followers as sacrosanct.

By the end of the 13th century there were five groups of Hermits prayerfully working in Central and Northern Italy in communities that followed St Augustine’s Rule.  These groups were formally unified into one Rule of Augustine in 1256. One group from Tuscany later expanded into France, then England in 1248, and shortly after into Ireland.  From 1838 many Irish priests were sent to expand the Order into Australia, and from there into Asia – Korea and the Philippines.

The Augustinians recognise St Augustine as their religious inspirer, teacher and spiritual guide.  From him they take not only the Monastic Rule, but also his religious doctrine, love of learning and spirituality.  Since the foundation of hope and the Christian message to all people.

Our Augustinian Founders of Villanova College, taken at Whinstanes in 1948.
FRONT: Fr Ben O’Donnell (First Rector and Prior), Fr Patrick Doyle (Sub Prior), Fr Brian Mahony
BACK: Fr Tom Woods, Fr Louis Hanrahan, Fr Kieran O’Shea

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