Principal's Welcome

Congratulations to all involved in the 2019 International Carnival. Behind the flashing lights and the wall of tents is an army of volunteers who gave countless hours to ensure the event was a great success. My thanks to Carnival Convenor, Mr Cameron Clelland who oversaw the organisation of this event. His dedication and great organisational skills enabled the willing band of volunteers to provide wonderful food and entertainment for our community and visitors. This is Cameron’s final year in this role and I acknowledge his significant contribution to the College through his work with the International Carnival.

AIC Term 1 sports have concluded for the season and I thank the coaches, managers and supporters for their work with our students over many weeks. Our sporting program relies on many volunteers who give up their family time to be available to coach our young men. Thank you for your generosity.

Villanova College cricket won the overall Aggregate Shield for cricket with numerous premierships. Our First XI team ably led by Captain, Matt Short were undefeated this season and were worthy winners of the premiership. Their final game of the season against St Laurence’s College saw an epic battle and the tenacity and determination of our players saw a win in the final over of the day.

Our volleyball teams performed well across the season and the players thoroughly enjoyed the competition.

Congratulations to all our AFL players for a fine season. The Year 5A team was undefeated during the season. This is the first year AFL has been introduced into the senior grades and our Year 8/9 and Open teams had great first seasons.

Last night we welcomed members of the Provincial Council and Prior Provincial, Fr Peter Jones OSA to the Annual General Meeting at the College. Fr Peter Jones in his address reminded all present of the Augustinians continued support of Villanova College and the important work of educating young men carried out by our staff. During the meeting the College Leadership Team and I presented our vision for the future and our Action Plan for 2019. Board Chair, Mr Peter Geraghty also presented his report for the year and thanked his fellow directors for their work across 2018.

The support of the Order of St Augustine, Australasia is appreciated, and the members of the Order continue to share a great interest in Villanova College.

Congratulations to Mr Anthony Kemp and his wife Kaitlyn on the birth of their beautiful daughter, Rosie Florence Kemp, sister for Archie and Poppy.

We keep in our prayers Mrs Colleen Conway,  grandmother of Matthew (Year 12), mother of Sean Conway (Class of ‘84) and sister of Old Boys, Bob and Ron Myatt who passed away on 2 March.  We also continue to keep in our prayers the community in Christchurch, New Zealand.  We pray that God’s love and compassion will continue to help heal the brokenness of intolerance and hate.

St Francis Prayer
Lord, make me an instrument of Your peace.
Where there is hatred, let me sow love;
where there is injury, pardon;
where there is doubt, faith;
where there is despair, hope;
where there is darkness, light;
where there is sadness, joy.

O, Divine Master, grant that I may not so much seek to be consoled as to console;
to be understood as to understand;
to be loved as to love;
For it is in giving that we receive;
it is in pardoning that we are pardoned;
it is in dying that we are born again to eternal life.

St Francis of Assisi

God Bless

Mr Mark Stower, Principal

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Head of Junior School

Open Day at Villanova College reminds me to see our Junior School through new lenses – so for one morning I put on a new pair of glasses.  What I see during our tours makes me really appreciate our students, staff, parents, groundsmen and cleaners.  For every corner we turn or door we enter, there is someone taking pride in their job or role in the Junior School precinct.

The boys certainly take the glory at Open Day.  Our Year 5 students keep things fresh and honest when it comes to answering parent questions.  Year 6 boys reveal a kind of wisdom and leadership far beyond their years.  They try so hard to keep working on their task in front of them, but you can see how eager they are to be asked a question – about anything – because they now “know things”.  It hits me that our work over nine weeks has achieved things we simply must acknowledge.

These students now seem like the experts to our visitors.  They talk about the Villanova Tuckshop in every classroom, Mrs Blair, you would be so proud!  Next, we hear about friends, how there were once nerves about getting to know people, but now we have, and it feels great.  I saw some faces light up as they actualised this accomplishment in front of complete strangers.  They matter, and they belong.  Subjects came next – the favourites, the ones that surprisingly have become favourites (Father Peter and Father Saldie – Religion was mentioned).  Even more so, was that learning was fun.  There were interesting things that they were finding out across all areas of the curriculum.  This was not a test they were answering; the boys were expressing how they loved their learning.  They were proud of what they have discovered this term, and the progress they feel in themselves was written all over their faces.  It is nothing short of inspiring to see that firsthand.  Teachers were always mentioned – for “making” school fun, for being kind, for laughing as much as working hard every day.  Our relationships are stronger after nine weeks.  The boys feel that and want potential new families to know that they feel protected, supported and valued.

Staff kept to their planning and worked on consolidating areas as much as preparing for upcoming assessment.  Rotations of small group activities, with independent research sessions, cooking and painting, it was business as usual.  The professionalism showed in hosting our visitors was first-class.  I appreciate that it required answering pedagogical and educational questions in the middle of a working day and that goals and plans would have changed many times over to accommodate inquiries, wait for students to finish sharing their stories and for guests to peruse the spaces.  It occurred to many teachers, that in only one term there have been many gains for us to be grateful for, and that our students are making advances in so many facets of their whole being.

Year 6 Black Chapel

We were blessed enough to have some parent helpers in some classrooms, the library and canteen, as we often do throughout each week.  I also know that many parents are responsible for the pristine appearance of our bricks and concrete after an extremely successful International Carnival on Saturday.  The College grounds were buzzing with crowds, music and some of the best food in Coorparoo.  It was our parents who have spent over six months planning and preparing stalls for games, raffles and homewares to share with the community.  I know for a fact that we have some Russian Caramel, Chocolate Crackles, Chocolate Fudge and Salted Macaroons in our fridge at home that should last us a few weeks!  I have it on the best authority that the Greek octopus was a highlight, and I will endeavour to queue for that earlier in 2020.  Our infamous Lob-a-Choc was the last stall standing, with green tutus and over 400kgs of chocolate being won by at least every second person who probably donated it.  Thank you all for being so generous, your time, energy and contributions are deeply appreciated.

It is also important to mention how hard Grounds and Cleaning staff have worked recently to prepare for College events.  Never have I seen teams of people work far beyond the hours required to guarantee spotless work spaces and playgrounds for all of us to enjoy.  It is at times like these that we depend upon a real collaboration of all hands to showcase an incredible place of learning.

Mr Stephen Rouhliadeff, Head of Junior School

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Head of Senior School

Over the course of this first term, Year 10 Pastoral Area Leader, Mr Sean O’Neill and I have had the pleasure of interviewing all Year 10 students regarding their transition from the Middle School into the Senior School. Personally, these interviews are the highlight of my day as I get to engage directly in building relationships with our newest members of the Senior School. In these interviews, we discuss approaches to study to ensure that students are starting to establish effective habits that will set them up for success to meet the challenge of the new Queensland assessment system, as well as exploring the intentions for students to engage in the College’s co-curricular program. As I have reinforced at Parent Information Evenings, a healthy balance between scholarship and pursuits outside the classroom is the vital within the context of a holistic education. Both Mr O’Neill and I have been impressed with ambitious goals the Year 10 students have set for themselves for the semester ahead and hopefully they will be realised following positive term one assessment results.

On Tuesday, the College opened its doors once again for its annual Open Day. Thankfully the inclement weather which has plagued us later this week delayed its appearance. This year, the organising committee decided that the tour group leaders would be our very own students and this decision proved extremely successful. The Senior School was represented with aplomb by a team of Year 10 students who, donning their winter uniform for the first time, were outstanding ambassadors for the College. The feedback from parents about the way in which our young men passionately and proudly spoke of their Villanova journey was incredibly pleasing. Our Year 10 students were given an opportunity to step up and embrace the call to leadership in the Senior School and they accepted this challenge wholeheartedly. Well done gentlemen!

Tomorrow, ten of our Year 11 students and two staff will fly to the United States for their student exchange experience. We wish the following students and staff safe travels and an amazing educational and cultural experience at other Augustinian places of learning:

St Rita of Cascia High School in Chicago
Led by Year 11 Pastoral Area Leader, Mr Tony Rolls

  • Elijah Abraham, Sean Kearns, Callum Moses, Sam Feenstra and Alex McDougall

St Augustine’s Preparatory School, New Jersey
Led by Year 10 Pastoral Area Leader, Mr Sean O’Neill

  • Blake Davis, Jacob Keay, Alex Ilka, Wilson Price and Hugh Drummond

Both Year 10 and Year 12 English units at the moment are focused upon a study of a Shakespearean play. Whilst our Year 10 students are examining the trials and tribulations of young love in Romeo and Juliet, our Year 12 students are exploring the human condition in Hamlet. Students and often parents still question why the plays of the Elizabethan era still remain part of the contemporary English curriculum. I relish answering this as a passionate Senior English teacher. The plays continue to offer valid social commentary on a range of themes and issues- many of which have transcended time. In looking at Hamlet in particular, the themes of moral corruption, revenge, surveillance and mental illness are all very topical for adolescent males. Perhaps a topic for dinner conversation this week.

“We know what we are, but not know what we may be.” – William Shakespeare

Mr Matt Levander, Head of Senior School

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Ministry News

After the shocking news of the attack upon two mosques by an Australian citizen, many staff and students were keen to coordinate a response. The flag flew at half mast all week, and the week concluded with a special prayer service outside the Chapel. Furthermore, we observed two minutes silence in Pastoral after playing part of the Muslim call to prayer over the speakers. Inspired by the ways in which the New Zealand people were offering a ring of support around the Muslim community, we sought to do the same, creating a wider circle of solidarity. This was the prayer that concluded the two minutes of silence:

God of love, we pray today for the Christchurch communities: that the great circle of love of angels and saints will gather close during these next days and weeks and be a circle of gentle strength and protection.

We pray in particular for all those who grieve the loss of these precious lives – parents and family, friends and neighbours – that they will find courage, strength and hope to hold each other with tender care and rebuild their lives, while cherishing their memory always. We make this prayer through Christ our Lord, Amen

Looking ahead, we have two further symbolic responses planned. On Monday and Tuesday, each student was given the opportunity to sign two letters of condolence to be delivered to two local mosques. Finally, the Villanova rugby tourists are planning a special tribute when they play their matches in Christchurch.

To their credit, a group of six Year 8 and Year 9 boys spent most of Carnival manning a recycling stall. This meant sharing information about how we are collecting the refundable cans and bottles, and then making several trips to empty the accumulating bottles and cans in our larger wire bin – now nearly full. The first funds collected have been turned into Villanova teddy bear key rings. We sold these for $10 on the night with every cent going to either Project Compassion or St Vincent de Paul Easter hampers. Therefore, the discipline of recycling has enabled us to make a significant boost to our Lenten appeals – as well as adding the Villanova teddy to our cor unum spirit.

I would like to make special mention of Matthew Beames, Xavier Simondsen and Zac Child (Year 9), and Rowan Sullivan and Joshua Reid (Year 8). On top of this, parents Julian and Natarsha Chan went beyond the call of duty to deliver two bright orange bin surrounds – to draw attention to and explain the refundable bottle/ can scheme. Many parents stopped to offer support to the initiative, betraying a good knowledge of the Ministry section of the Newsletter!

The full wire bin represents about $500, as well as a change in individual habits which is adding up to a change in culture. Your sons are welcome to make suggestions as to what we spend on next. Current leader is to create some green and gold Villa basketballs as supporter prizes and for special matches.

We were also joined at the stand by three Villanova parents who are taking the plunge and launching an Alpha Course for both adults and young people (Year 10 – University students inclusive) next term.

What is Alpha? It is a forum for people to share their search for answers regarding the big questions in life – the ones which Google cannot answer. (Is there a God? Does my life have a purpose? Did Jesus actually live as a historical person?). Each week the format is: shared meal, followed by video input then small group discussion. There is no “right” or authoritative answer, but a leader will facilitate the group discussion.

When is the launch, and where? The launch will be held on Sunday 28 April, from 5.30 pm to 8 pm. It will be in the Staff Centre, starting with a shared barbecue.  It is a free event, but there will be a contribution box in future weeks to help with the hospitality costs.

Who is involved, so far? Six Villanova parents, one ex-parent, four staff members, and three recent students of Loreto and Villanova. The door is wide open for other adults and young people to express interest. There is no obligation to continue after attending any given week. The door is wide open!

Expressions of interest and/or questions can be sent to

Looking ahead…
Ministry had a stall at Open Day on Tuesday, and then will look to make a strong finish to Term 1 with the Project Compassion Lenten Appeal (Middle and Junior School) and the Easter hampers for local families doing it tough (Senior School).

Mr John Holroyd, Dean of Mission and Identity

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Last weekend marked the last round of the AIC cricket, AFL and volleyball season for 2019. Much planning and preparation goes into each season to give each player an opportunity to develop their skills and enjoy the experience of playing school boy sport. Naturally the boys and their coaches are competitive and we as a College certainly do encourage all team members (players and coaching staff) to be the best they can be and to aim towards taking out premierships or aggregates if on offer. Although winning is not why we participate in sport, there is no shame in proclaiming that we wish to be successful and go for the win if done in the correct manner.

At any level in sport it is ideal for all players, coaches and supporters to take their wins and losses gracefully. During this past term we had many teams who were able to take out premierships. We had many teams who fell just short and lost their last game and were unable to take out a premiership. We had some teams who were middle of the road in terms of results. My personal belief is that the true success of a school boy sport season is gauged on the enjoyment experienced by each player and the relationship that each player has formed with his fellow team mates and coaches whilst participating, as well as their progression of skill development.

I have received several positive emails this week from parents who have relayed to me the joy and positive experience that their son has had because of being involved in a positive team environment (led by the coaches). This for me is as equally, if not more pleasing to hear than the number of premierships we won.

Overall, Villanova College managed to secure 14 AIC cricket premierships, including the coveted First XI premiership and we secured the 2019 AIC Cricket Aggregate Shield, a fantastic achievement!  Our AFL players did extremely well again this year to produce one AFL premiership as well as the College coming second in the overall AFL Aggregate. Villanova produced no AIC volleyball premierships this year and we were placed seventh overall in the volleyball aggregate. A more in-depth report for cricket, AFL and volleyball follows.

Congratulations to all players on a sensational season, particularly those who gained a premiership. On behalf of the entire College I wish to thank and congratulate all coaches, managers and players who produced their best week in, week out for themselves and the College to enable Villanova to have such a successful season. Well done to all!

Just as one season ends the next starts, in fact, the preparations for the up-coming chess, cross country, rugby and football seasons have been in the pipeline for many months, much spanning back into 2018. The Sports Office has advertised the important dates and information regarding Trimester 2 sport for many weeks. This information can be found on the College website.

Villanova families are strongly encouraged to download the College’s new App from the App store. Simply search – Villanova College App (free download) and follow the prompts. Messages and alerts are often sent via this app. PLEASE NOTE – This is a different App to the Villanova Skoolbag App. Please delete the Skoolbag App as this is no longer used.  Messages regarding the cancellation of matches or training and special reminders etc. are often sent via this app.  The Villa View, website and app are our three major avenues for imparting information. Please check and use them regularly for all information pertaining to sport.

Rugby and football trials for Year 7 – Year 12 are held either on a Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday afternoon. Year 5 and Year 6 rugby and football are held either before and/or after school at Little Langlands or on Whinstanes. The complete training schedule is found on the website. Please note that training will re-commence first day back next term.

A complete set of AIC chess, rugby and football trials for all teams will be held this weekend as well as the first weekend back next term. As part of the agreement during sign-on, all players must make themselves available to participate in all training sessions and on game days throughout the entire season. I thank all those people within our community who are heavily involved in the coaching and officiating roles at these events. It certainly does take the effort of many people to ensure our boys are getting the opportunity to play sport and to represent their College. Thanks to you all and best wishes for the up-coming chess/rugby/football/cross country seasons!

Rugby, Football and Chess Trial Schedule – Friday 29 and Saturday 30 March
Please refer to the College’s website to view all times and venues for this weekend’s trial fixtures at Villanova Park. Simply scroll down on the College’s home page to the ‘Latest News’ section and click the ‘Weekly Fixtures’ section.

AIC CRICKET – Mr Chris Everding, AIC Sports Co-ordinator

AIC Champion Cricket School 2019 and First XI Undefeated Premiers!
Congratulations to everyone involved in Villanova cricket this season. For only the third time since 1999, Marist College Ashgrove has given up the crown as cricket champions to Villanova. Villanova won the aggregate in 2012 and 2016 and we are now the 2019 champions. There is a lot of work that goes into the selections, coaching and management of the 36 teams that represented the College this year and huge thank you goes out to everyone involved, for what has been an extremely successful season.

This wonderful achievement was made possible by all of the boys who participated in cricket and an aggregate win can only come about by B players pushing A players and C and D players pushing B players to perform right across the College.

Final aggregate points were:

Villanova 83                        Ashgrove 77.5                    Padua 60.5          St. Laurence’s 60.5           Iona 56.5

St. Patrick’s 30.5                St. Peter’s 25.5                  St. Edmund’s 8

Villanova won eight aggregate premierships with the First XI, Third XI, Fourth XI, 9A, 9B, 8A and 8B teams winning outright premierships and the 7B team sharing the premiership with Ashgrove. The 10C, 9C, 9 Gold, 8C, 7C and 5 Green teams won non-aggregate premierships.

Premiership teams
First XI Coached by Nathan Dufty
Third XI Coached by Rob Cole and Joshua Cole
Fourth XI Coached by Jamie Mullins
10C Coached by Aidan Dooley and Jack Blanchfield
9A Coached by Julian Chinn
9B Coached by Ross Whitby
9C Coached by Dominic Coote and Matt Watson
9 Gold Coached by Benji Lynch
8A Coached by Warren Dillon and Stuart Hooper
8B Coached by Sean Parker and Josh Fraser
8C Coached by Gus Clegg and James King
7B Coached by Damien Colbert
7C Coached by David Hollett
5 Green Coached by Hunter Gapes and Alex Tornatore

First XI Premiers
In the last 20 years Villanova has won the First XI premiership four times in 2001, 2002, 2012 and 2013.  This side did it in style this year, beating SLC in a nail biter by three runs in the last game to go undefeated in a very tough competition.  It was a season where every player at some stage stood up and played a match winning role and they will be remembered as a ‘champion team’.  We congratulate Nathan Dufty, the Firsts coach, who has spent many years chasing his holy grail. This is his second First XI premiership and hopefully not the last.

Thanks to the following people who coached a team this year, your efforts have enabled the boys to work hard and achieve outstanding results all season:

Staff: Rohan Dooley

Parents: Rob Cole, Jamie Mullins (Past Parent), Rob Jansen, Michael Schouten, David Short, Mick Druery, Neville Jeffs, Ross Whitby, John Godwin, Damien Colbert, David Hollett, Simon Dickie, James Anderson and David McMahon

I would like to make special mention to following group of Old Boys, who have returned to the College and helped out with the program. Some are only in their first year out but have made the effort to get involved and the impact they have had on the boys, particularly the Junior School boys has been invaluable, and they all thoroughly enjoyed having these men as coaches:

Josh Cole, George Myers, Jack Blanchfield, Aidan Dooley, Julian Chinn, Dominic Coote, Matt Watson, Benji Lynch, Stuart Hooper, Sean Parker, Josh Fraser, Gus Clegg, James King, Patrick Coote, Oscar Horton, Jack Honan, Nick Halstead, Mackenzie Osborne, Mitchell Cameron, Oliver Kearney, Lachlan Kearney, Cooper Brien, Will Vokes, James Muldoon, Nathan Madden, Sam Brown, Tim Hazlewood, Nathan Whitby, Miles Parker, Jack Challinor, Joseph Roberts, Trent Foster, Hunter Gapes and Alex Tornatore.

Villanova College – Cricket Results – Round 7 v SLC






First XI SLC Win 128 125
Second XI SLC Loss 122 6/124
Third XI SLC Loss 102 9/103
Fourth XI SLC Win 7/303 36
Fifth XI Gold ASH Fourth XI Loss 4/106 144
Fifth XI White ASH Fifth XI Loss 121 4/215
10A SLC Loss 10/102 1/103
10B SLC Win 87 4/89
10C PADUA 9B Win 8/154 141
9A SLC Win 1/47 46
9B SLC Win 3/111 109
9C SLC Win 200 170
9 Gold ASH GOLD Win 6/137 67
9 White SLC GOLD Win 4/90 59
8A SLC Win 2/58 56
8B SLC Win 3/83 82
8C SLC Win 6/86 6/81
8 Gold SPC 8C Loss 115 125
8 White SLC GOLD Win 106 102
8 Green PADUA GOLD Win 4/139 6/74
7A SLC Loss 6/126 5/153
7B SLC Win 6/175 134
7C SLC Win 4/119 49
7 Gold SLC Win 2/94 8/87
7 White SLC Loss 2/68 5/69
6A SLC Win 8/129 10/92
6B SLC Win 6/133 6/103
6C SLC Win 9/166 2/138
6 Gold SLC Loss 7/97 4/107
6 White BYE
5 A SLC Win 2/169 6/98
5 B SLC Win 7/121 6/97
5C SLC Loss 85 122
5 Gold SLC Loss 4/95 6/108
5 White SPC GOLD Tie 85 85
5 Green SLC Win 2/123 6/65

AIC VOLLEYBALL – Ms Barbara Dewis, AIC Volleyball Co-ordinator
It has been a very long volleyball season here at Villanova and last weekend was the final round for 2019.  St Laurence’s proved to be a tough opposition with all games played in the manner of true sportsmanship.  Although, some games did not go our way, it was then up to the Firsts to finish on a winning note and they delivered.  It certainly was good to see the First VI victorious, with many of the team playing their final game of volleyball for Villanova.  Strong hitting and defence saved the day, with strong support from the large crowd that included several old boys cheering the players on.  It was the best crowd of the season and a wonderful way to farewell our Year 12 players.  I am sure the players appreciated your presence at the game. This year we farewell several families who have been involved in Villanova volleyball since Year 7.  The families include – Buckley-Sammut (Thomas), Conway (Matt), Boxall (Matthew), Harding (Tyler), Agnew (Robert), Ryan (Harry), Cristina (Sam), Civaterese (Josh), Caltabiano (Louis), Creevey (Bailey), Barwick (Will), Nevis (Rhys) and Fontana (Marc).

Villanova volleyball entered 19 teams into the AIC Volleyball competition with no premierships awarded to any of the teams in 2019.  Although, the following teams placed well on the ladder in these positions – 8C (Second), 10A (Third) and Firsts (Fourth). Villanova’s overall position on the aggregate table was seventh which was the same result as in 2018.  Most games throughout the season were won or lost by a set.  With these losses, the players mental capacity is tested to overcome the closeness and excitement of being so close.

Coaches for the 19 teams were met with a daunting but challenging task of selecting players from a high number of boys that were vying for places in a team. The selection of players was mentally challenging for coaches in choosing players for their allocated team.  It is always disappointing for those who have missed selection that they will come back the following year refreshed and upskilled in certain areas of the game.

With another season over, Villanova volleyball begins to build again in readiness for the next.  Before this can happen, the College will have the opportunity to participate in several tournaments such as Primary Schools Cup, Junior Schools Cup and National Schools Cup. It is through these outside competitions that players are able to hone their skills and to develop as team players for their respective teams.

The Provence Cup is a tough competition, however Villanova gains valuable court time in preparation for the long season ahead.  Although, Provence Cup is for Year 10 and Year 11 players, the competition provides the platform for coaches to gauge the players performance leading into National Schools Cup.  The National Schools Cup will no longer be held in Melbourne – it has been moved to Coomera and Carrara.  Both these venues are excellent for volleyball.

Finally, I would like to say thank you to all coaches for their time and patience in sharing their knowledge of the game to the players.  A special mention must go to David Dixon (7B) and Alex Poulsen (10C) for putting their hand up to coach teams at the very end of the season to fill the void that was left by previous coaches who had to attend to unexpected family matters. Thanks must also go to the players and their parents especially, who attend each game to give support and encouragement during games each week of the season. There is a number of parents who helped in the canteen, cooked on the barbecue, as well as preparing other foods to feed the hordes of people who attended the games.

An extra special thanks goes to Suzi Korander-Matheson, Robyn Gunning and Simone Cole for their tireless effort to ensure the canteen is up and running each home game, Rob Abraham and Mick Twaddell for firing up the BBQ each week during the season, Anthony Kemp for overseeing the home games for Year 7, Year 8 and Year 9, Blake McLauchlan for co-ordinating scorers, referees and duty roster for players each week.  Villanova volleyball is grateful and appreciative of the time given by staff members, coaches and parents to ensuring each home game is running smoothly.

Volleyball Results – Round 7 v SLC
First VI SLC W 3 0
Second VI SLC L 1 2
Third VI SLC L 0 2
11A SLC L 1 2
11B SLC L 0 2
10A SLC L 1 2
10B SLC W 2 1
10C SLC L 0 2
9A SLC W 2 1
9B SLC W 2 1
9C SLC L 1 2
8A SLC L 0 2
8B SLC L 1 2
8C SLC W 2 0
8Gold SLC W 2 1
7A SLC W 2 1
7B SLC L 1 2
7C SLC L 0 3
7Gold SLC L 1 2

AIC AFL – Mr Adam Fry, AIC AFL Co-ordinator
What a fantastic year for Villanova AFL.  We had over 140 players don the green and gold for what was a terrific season of footy. It was fantastic to see from the very first trials back in 2018 the eagerness and determination to do well and compete amongst some of the bigger AIC schools. With the introduction of our senior teams from Year 7 – Open it was outstanding to see the potential of the AFL program here at Villanova. It was evident from the very first weekend the fight in these boys across all grades and that never let up until our last games on Friday and Saturday.

The hard work that these boys demonstrated provided Villanova with a second placing in the Overall Aggregate. This is a fantastic achievement for boys who have never played the game before and show that when we have another preseason under our belt we can achieve something special. A very special mention must go to the Year 5A team on a terrific premiership season, it was incredible to watch your skill, teamwork and of course sportsmanship across the whole competition.

Being the first year Villanova has had a First XVIII, it must be said how well these boys developed as a team from week One to Seven. To finish the season with three wins, two losses and a draw is a huge achievement considering half our squad had never played Aussie Rules before. Isaac Lynch and his entire leadership group should be commended on a terrific effort to compete and never give up regardless of the score. To only get beaten in the last 15 minutes of each game to schools who have been playing AFL for many years is a huge upside for Villanova. With a strong contingent of Year 11s our first program in 2020 is looking very promising.

I would like to say a big thank you to all parents for your continual support to ensure that we had such a successful season. Thank you to Craig, Erika, Blake and Chris in the Sports Office for all your work behind the scenes to ensure a fantastic season. Finally, I would like to say thank you to all coaches – Brian, Jared, Darren, Scott, Joe, Terry and Matt for your hard work and dedication to these players throughout the season.

It has been an unforgettable season of Villanova AFL which would not have been possible without all our players putting in 100 per cent week in, week out. I look forward to trials and training commencing getting underway at the end of 2019, ready for Round 1 in 2020.

Villanova College – AFL Results – Round 7 v Iona/SLC
5A IONA Win 66 29
5B IONA Win 89 12
6A IONA Win 47 18
6B IONA Win 36 35
7 SLC Loss 6 45
8/9 SLC Win 82 25
10/11/12 SLC Loss 21 59

AIC CHESS – Mrs Sally England, AIC Chess Co-ordinator
Tomorrow, we will be competing in the only trial game for the season against St Laurence’s at home. All three levels will compete – Junior, Intermediate and Senior, including the C teams.   These games will commence as soon as the players from St Laurence’s arrive and Afternoon Tea will be provided. Two games will be played, and we expect to be finished sometime around 5.30 pm, hopefully 6.00 pm at the latest. The boys play in their formal uniform not sports uniform.

The first week back the AIC teams will NOT have a trial on April 26.   We should have all teams ready for the first away game against St Edmunds. Junior teams DO NOT play St Edmunds as they do not have a Junior School. More information will come home before the end of term when the teams will be announced.  There will be A, B and C teams for each group level.

Practice is still ongoing in T10 at every first break

Good luck to the boys on Friday but enjoyment for the night is the main priority.

Information regarding the up-coming AIC Cross Country season has been posted on the website under the AIC Cross Country section.

Lytton District Cross Country
Our Villanova boys competed against the best athletes from the State Schools, GPS and AIC Schools in the Lytton Trial on Wednesday 20 March. The boys competed in age groups 10, 11 and 12 years and were drawn from Year 5, Year 6 and Year 7. The boys who finished top ten qualified for the Met East Trial, which leads to the Qld State Championship. Given that cross country training commenced one week earlier, this is a fantastic effort by all boys nominated.


Boys 10 Years 2k Run CC
  9   William White 7:20
31   Charlie Farmer 8:08
35   Nate Lobegeiger 8:13
69   Xavier Wilkie 8:54
76   Thomas Longland 9:19
Boys 11 Years 3k Run CC
  2   Patrick Holmes 10:57
  6   Zac Moir 11:04
  8 Will Rogers 11:11
17 Jay Gill 11:45
21 Will Colqhuhoun 12:05
47 Jack Fidge 13:16
Boys 12 Years 3k Run CC
  1 Ryan Siebel 10:18
  6 Mitchell Millard 11:04
  9 Henry Oberhardt 11:15
 15 Gianni Laurito 11:56
 26 Mitchell Francis 12:49

AIC Rugby and Football Training/Trials
The complete Year 5 – Year 12 rugby and football trial schedule is posted on the College’s website under the AIC Rugby and AIC Football sections. Training/trials have begun and will continue next week as per schedule up until next Wednesday 3 April for all Year 7 -12 rugby and First and Second football and up until and including next Thursday 4 April for Year 5 and Year 6 rugby and Year 5 – Year 12 football.

Parents are asked to be patient regarding selections for both football and rugby teams. The process of placing boys into teams is a difficult one and will take quite a long period of time before coaches start to settle on teams. There is a trial this Saturday, training next week and the first week back followed by another trial against SPC. The coaches will not know the final make-up of their teams until after this final trial on the 27 April. If students are away for any period of the trial process it may influence the team selections. Many coaches will not know all players at this early stage. Coaches are guided by who attends each session. If a face is missing, they can be easily forgotten within this process.

The Sports Office has received many emails from parents regarding students being absent from trials. I assure you that these names are collated and have been passed on to coaches. The reality is that it is hard to select players for teams when they are not present. Attendance during the trial process is important.

All students who have signed up will make a team though – guaranteed. As we have said on many occasions, we want to get as many boys playing for Villa as possible, regardless of what team they make.

Please note: 

  • Rugby and football trials will continue next week (up until next Wednesday 3 April for all Year 7 – Year 12 rugby, First and Second football and up until next Thursday 4 April for Year 5 and Year rugby and Year 5 – Year 12 football. (This is the last week of Term 1).
  • All teams training at Villanova Park will be transported by bus to the venue. Parents are responsible for collecting their son/s after training from all venues. Please ensure you collect your son/s on time so that staff do not have to wait until after dark to get home to their own families
  • Please note finishing times differ for Year 5 and Year 6 students.  Once again, we ask all parents to ensure they arrive at the training venues on time to collect their son.

Date Claimers (as per College Calendar)

  • AIC rugby and football internal trials (all teams from Year 5 – Year 12). Only First and Second rugby and football teams will trial against SLC on Saturday 30 March.  All trials will be held at Villanova Park. Players are asked to wear their full Villanova rugby and football uniform at trials this week. Players may be asked to turn their jerseys inside out on the day to differentiate them when playing games and bibs may also be used.
  • AIC rugby and football trial against SPC Saturday 27 April (all teams)

Football/Rugby Referees
With the growing number of teams and with split venues, we are in desperate need of football and rugby referees. If you can assist with refereeing games, please contact:

Mr Craig Stariha, Director of Sport

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I would like to take this opportunity to thank the staff and students involved in providing performances for our visitors.  I must also thank those staff and students who assisted in meeting parents and students at our information session.  It was a wonderful opportunity for us to share a little of what happens down in the Music Department with the broader community. I appreciate you taking the time to assist us in that mission.

As a means of motivation over the Easter holidays, I would like to draw your attention to our date claimers for Term 2 (below).  The Keith and Dawn Wieneke Bursary has been moved from our regular Term 3 spot to mid-way through Term 2.  This move was made to alleviate pressures on assessment periods for the Senior School and lighten the load around QCMF.

Information regarding entry into this event, sign-up forms, and timing of heats will be communicated early next term.  I encourage you all to enter this competition as a means of focussing practice and receiving feedback over the coming eight-week period.  Look forward to hearing you all in the heats.

The second Music Support Group and the first QCMF organising group meeting will be convened on Monday 1 April, commencing at 7.30pm.  We are changing the venue this time to the College Chapter Room – situated at the front of the Hanrahan Theatre.

I look forward to seeing some familiar faces and some new friends interested in learning a little more about music at Villanova.

We have now come to the assessment period of term.  As per all previous years, students are required to attend rehearsal during block exam sessions.  We look forward to seeing our Senior musicians in and around the building and wish them all the best of luck with assessment.

Our Sydney Tour team are now meeting to rehearse every Tuesday fortnight after school.  Our next session will be held on Tuesday 2 April commencing at 3.15pm on stage in the Hanrahan Theatre.  This rehearsal will conclude at 4.45pm.  If your son is participating in this tour, he will be required to attend these sessions.  Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact Mr Jones through the Music Office on 3394 5691.

If your son was absent from rehearsal this week, please ensure he drops by the Music Office to be sized for a tour shirt.  We need to send this order off before the holidays commence.  Please remember, we are using the College spray jacket as our tour jacket for this event.  Ensure you have ordered yours before the Easter break through the Villanova College Uniform Shop if you have not already.

In 2018, the Villanova College Music Support Group were again the top selling fundraiser in Queensland for Entertainment Book!  This would not have been possible without our community’s ongoing support for this wonderful group and initiative.  March is upon us and, like the looming Australian Rules season, Entertainment Book season is here!

All students in the Music program are encouraged to participate in the Entertainment Book drive in order to raise ‘tour credits’ toward tours planned by the Music Department.  It is a great way for families to reduce the cost of these ‘large items’ over time as tour credits remain with the student until they are used or the student graduates.

All of our Year 5 students will be handed an entertainment book to assist their participation in this fundraising opportunity.  Books are to be returned at the end of Week 1 next term.

Thank you all very much for your continued support of this initiative.  We look forward to being one of Entertainments biggest contributors again!

The brand NEW 2019 | 2020 Entertainment Memberships
Order online NOW


As is tradition, we look forward to the fantastic events we have planned in the near future:

Term 1
Week Date Activity
10 Monday 1 April Music Support Group / QCMF meeting – 7.30pm
Term 2
2 29 April – 3 May Instrumental Music Task 1 Due (wind/brass/strings/percussion)
3 6 – 10 May Instrumental Music Task 2 Distributed (wind/brass/strings/perc.)
4 Monday 13 May Music Support Group / QCMF meeting – 7.30pm
4 Thursday 16 May Upper Intermediate String Festival – BGS – 3.30-5.30pm
5 Monday 20 May Upper Intermediate String Festival – BGS – 3.30-5.30pm
5 20 – 24 May Wieneke Music Bursary Heats – during school time across week
5 Thursday 23 May Upper Intermediate String Festival – BGS – 3.30-5.30pm Concert 6pm
6 Tuesday 28 May Wieneke Family Bursary Finals – Hanrahan Theatre

Thank you all for your continued support of Villanova Music.

Mr Michael Jones, Director of Music

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Parent Information

YEAR 7 MOTHERS’ WEEKEND – save the date
Date: 27 July, 2019
Venue: The Island Resort, Gold Coast
Cost: $140 superior twin; $160 twin suite, $40 deposit
Includes: accommodation, Saturday lunch and Sunday breakfast
Further details, including payment, will be advised.

Date: Sunday 31 March – 2.00pm to 5.00pm
Venue: Perth Street Park, Camp Hill
BYO: drinks, chairs and a plate to share

Date: Sunday 31 March – 3.00pm to 6.00pm
Venue: Camp Hill Bowls Club, Ferguson Road, Camp Hill
Cost: $16 adult / $5 child (includes Thai finger food for adults and child-friendly snacks , lawn bowls for all)
RSVP: Tuesday 26 March
To book: go to Parent Lounge > Make a Payment > Tours and Excursions (login password required)

To view our current tuckshop menu: Tuckshop Menu Price List – 2019

Monday 1 April
Lauren Audet
Gina Avolio
Anna Stines
Marnie Dalrymple
Melissa Young
Monica Curtis
Charmaine Lum

Tuesday 2 April
Marina Ryan
Allison Holt
Sherry James
Mary-Anne Peralta
Ellen Greer
Rajni Chopra
Ann O’Brien
Leanne Roulant

Wednesday 3 April
Lily Fontana
Katrina Theil
Connie Collins
Deb Griffiths
Angie Browne

Thursday 4 April
Michelle Boxall
Bernadette Perrier
Taryn Byrne
Louise Wilson
Belinda McPherson
Flora Di Stasi
Rachel Jones
Michelle Thomson
Annetta Cayas
Mandy Tong

Friday 5 April
Veronica Kennedy
Nikki Reid
Caroline Caffery
Gregoria Makras
Sally Grigson
Nakeeta Sturgess
Natasha Dredge
Allan Greig
Michelle MacKenzie
Dale Barnes

Monday 1 April
Luisa Snell
Jaclyn O’Shea

Tuesday 2 April
Cristina Palacios

Wednesday 3 April
Madhu Kalaimannan

Thursday 4 April
Melanie Pickering

Friday 5 April
Gina Avolio
Gab Byrne


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Community News

Please find below the 2019 Sacramental Program for children conducted by St James Catholic  Parish.

Please email: if interested or for further enquiries.

Term 2: Year 4 children who wish to continue their Sacramental Program with First Holy Communion: from May 13th
Term 3: Year 3 children who wish to begin their Sacramental Program with Confirmation: from July 29th
Term 4: Year 5 (or older) children who wish to conclude their Sacramental Program with Penance: from October 14th

The Brisbane Archdiocesan P&F Council invites all parents to this event on Thursday 28 March from 6.00pm – 8.30pm at St Martin’s Catholic Primary School, Carina. Guest speaker, Br. Damien Price, will address the topic, “How to Stay Connected to Your Children, School and Church”. The program for the evening can be found by clicking here.

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Villanova International Carnival

Please click here to view Issue 7 (the very last for 2019) of the Villanova International Carnival newsletter. Congratulations to all involved.


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