Principal's Welcome

The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse strongly advocated for the implementation of the Child Safe Standards. These national standards represent ‘best practice’ and serve as a minimal standard for the protection of children.

The Child Safe Standards are:

  1. Child safety is embedded in institutional leadership, governance and culture.
  2. Children participate in decisions affecting them and are taken seriously.
  3. Families and communities are informed and involved.
  4. Equity is upheld, and diverse needs are taken into account.
  5. People working with children are suitable and supported.
  6. Processes to respond to complaints of child sexual abuse are child focused.
  7. Staff are equipped with the knowledge, skills and awareness to keep children safe through continual education and training.
  8. Physical and online environments minimise the opportunity for abuse to occur.
  9. Implementation of the Child Safe Standards is continuously reviewed and improved.
  10. Policies and procedures document how the institution is child safe.

The standards guide the College and its staff, leadership and governance in ensuring Villanova College is taking all the appropriate steps to provide a child safe environment.

This Saturday the 2019 International Carnival will be held on the College grounds. The campus will come alive with families, young people and guests enjoying the wonderful music, games, food and entertainment. The International Carnival is a family-oriented event and I encourage all to wholeheartedly embrace this occasion.

As a College event our high expectations around behaviour are required of our students and their guests. If you invite a guest, you are responsible for looking after your guest and informing them of our expectations.

The Parents and Friends Association has poured countless hours into the preparations for the International Carnival. It is extremely helpful if families and our young people take full advantage of the food and drinks on offer at the carnival. All the funds raised will be used to support initiatives at the College. So please do not eat outside the grounds at other venues. Come and enjoy the great food on offer.

Over the coming week all students will be facing end of term assessment tasks and exams. I once sat a multiple-choice test and failed as I did not prepare well enough and took the easy road, leaving my study until the last moment. On my second attempt I took the test seriously and studied hard and passed with distinction. For our young people preparation is the key. If we leave our study to the last minute, we give ourselves little chance for success.  As the saying goes, “Success comes before work only in the dictionary.”

We keep in our prayers and thoughts Sean Kearns Year 11, Mr Edmund Kearns and family following the recent death of Mrs Kerry Kearns following a battle with illness. We also remember in our prayers the family of Mr Tony Papapavlou following the death of his mother Tsambika last Thursday.

May their souls and the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen

God bless

Mr Mark Stower, Principal

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Teaching and Learning

I would like to congratulate our Year 12 cohort on the way that they have approached their studies so far. This time next week, this group of young men will enter their first examination block for the year and will be looking to produce excellent results. I have been impressed with the group’s ‘team ‘ attitude, with many students looking for opportunities to collaborate on assignments and preparation for the QCS tests. Two weeks ago, the cohort undertook a Writing Task practice and we hope to provide them with specific feedback on how they can improve their performance across the next 5 months in order to improve not only their results but the cohort’s results. Students and parents are reminded that the Year 12 cohort will complete a full day of QCS practice on Thursday 4th April. This is a compulsory day of practice testing for all OP-eligible students and should not be taken as an opportunity to commence holidays early.

Although we are well and truly ensconced in the term, the new Senior Assessment and Tertiary Entrance system has thrown up a few firsts recently.

  • Our Year 11 Design cohort were our first group of students to submit an assignment in the new system. The picture below shows some of the students displaying their work in the classroom around the time of submission. From all reports, the students have worked diligently and produced fantastic work.

  • Our first examinations have also been held over the past two weeks. Teachers have been very complimentary of our Year 11 students with regards to their preparation and their general approach to the new system.

A highlight of the new system is the renewed focus on preparing and administering quality assessment. There will be three (3) important stages that schools will now be involved in to ensure that there is transparency and consistency across schools.

In the new system, summative internal assessment instruments for all General and General (Extension) subjects, and Essential English and Essential Mathematics, must be endorsed (approved) by QCAA before they are administered with students.

Students should be confident that this endorsed internal assessment:

  • provides a suitable setting for learners to complete the assessment
  • is accessible to all learners
  • meets subject-specific syllabus requirements
  • provides teachers the opportunity to collect valid evidence for each student
  • follows standardised assessment conventions so that there is further consistency
  • is comparable across schools

The endorsement process also provides the College’s teachers with the opportunity to refine their skills in quality assessment design.

In the new system, comparability of student results is achieved through a process called confirmation. Teachers mark internal assessments using an instrument-specific marking guide (ISMG) provided by QCAA.

After schools complete marking and internal quality assurance, all student results are submitted to the QCAA’s online confirmation application to enable selection of student samples. Schools are then asked to submit the relevant individual student assessment responses. The QCAA will allocate the sample student responses to trained QCAA assessors who review student responses to ensure appropriate alignment between schools’ judgments and the ISMGs.

The confirmation process is informed by the attribute of reliability. Schools should be confident that confirmation ensures:

  • student work is judged using the ISMG
  • judgments are valid and reliable
  • students’ final subject results are credible
  • judgments are comparable across schools and the state.

( )

Mr John Christie, Dean of Teaching and Learning

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Head of Junior School

I love March, in the world of College basketball it is affectionately known as ‘March Madness’ – this is heaven on earth for me.  This is a NCAA Tournament where 68 University Basketball teams are selected into ‘The Bracket’, competing to make it to the ‘Final Four’, for a chance to be the national champions.  It is four weeks of non-stop basketball and it is the ultimate crown for the last team standing.  Last year Villanova University (Philadelphia, USA) beat North Carolina, and in 80 years of competition only 35 schools have ever tasted victory.  March Madness is at the perfect time to keep me motivated, in high spirits and reminds me there is fun galore happening in the world around us.

This week the Junior School is giving personal organisation as the Focus of the Week.  It’s time to sort the stationery, put the Assessment Calendar prominently on the fridge, and plan (with somebody) how to break down the next three weeks into manageable pieces.  We all need the security of being ready on time with a clear head, and being organised means our head space can focus on the task at hand.  No distractions and no drama = smiles on all faces.

Week 8 brings its own challenges.  Let’s forget the wild weather we are having, the semi-trailer parked in the Fifth Avenue pick up zone on Monday afternoon and my Lenten Pledge entering the third week.  Our boys are beginning their assessment period and for a lot of students this is a big deal.  In Year 5 they are learning that assessment benefits from preparation and striving for one’s best takes organisation, preparation and time.  In Year 6 the boys are wiser and stronger from last year’s experiences, yet they have increased expectations to meet their standards, so it’s completely relative that they must dig deep and persevere.  Teachers are working very hard to ensure all boys have the best lead up in class, but also their homework.  Tasks given are purposeful for ensuring that after a break, away from their classmates, boys can use their individual understanding to work with core content and skills.  Students who commit to homework are more likely to feel “on top of things”.  They have feedback provided on their homework and build a sense of belief and confidence about their ability.

Revising and studying is all about what works best for each person.  How we learn best may not be the same as our son, and that can be challenging.  Boys often need short, regular sessions that are fun, competitive and maximise time on task.  Each subject needs to be given time – and really, it’s the ones we are not good at, or necessarily fond of, that should be given more time.  Our young men need support for this, they need us to model different ways to learn content and master skills (such as answering at an A, B or C level).

Pepsi Challenge: not bad Mr Rouhliadeff – first and last name, and correct pronunciation of 154 of 166 Year 5 boys in only seven weeks. 

We also need conversations about what our “best” is – that for some, at this point in time, getting the expected achievement – C – is perfectly appropriate.  We need to reassure the boys that if they really have worked to capacity, then their best is good enough for us, teachers and parents, and for themselves.  Seeing what works for your son may mean learning first hand whether their habit of choice is effective or not.  Luckily, not many marriages depend on a Year 5 or Year 6 exam result.

The two words “Hello Brother”, said out loud by a religious and peaceful New Zealander last Friday still resonate with me.  We stand in solidarity with Jacinda Ardern, the Christchurch community and the families and friends who show the world that love wins.  Jacinda’s leadership amidst such media attention remains genuinely focused on how Christchurch will comfort, support and use their energy for healing and unity.  May she continue to show the world how New Zealand can set the example for how human beings can be unanimous in living together in harmony.

Mr Stephen Rouhliadeff, Head of Junior School

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Head of Middle School

As an AFL fan, I always get excited about the start of a new season. This year is no different as the 2019 season commenced this week with my beloved Blues taking on recent premiers, the Richmond Tigers.

As a “sports tragic” in general, my excitement for the start of a season applies to all sports. I typically can’t miss an opportunity at these times to highlight for the boys the parallels between sport and their adolescent journey.

For AFL players, this weekend will be the first time they will get to test whether the results of their gruelling pre-season training are matched by results on the field. During the off-season each team will have established new standards, developed new game tactics and set goals and success criteria for the season ahead.

This week in 8PD we have been talking about the importance of goal setting and its alignment to values. I have asked the Year 8 students to reflect on who and what is important in their lives, and the values they possess or want to possess as they commence their transition to manhood.

A clip used in my presentation featured the story of two-time NBA MVP Steph Curry from the Golden State Warriors, and it promoted a message we could all do worse than remember: Success is Not an Accident.

Curry’s dedication to his goals and his diligence to his training and practice have undoubtedly paved his way into the NBA’s record books as one of the greatest players of all time. Like most professional athletes, his success was not accidental. It was born out of his desire to create excellent habits that assisted in the achievement of his goals and dreams.

So, my challenge to the Year 8 cohort, and indeed all Middle School students is:

  • What habits do you need to develop to achieve success in your life?
  • Do your habits of today, align with your dreams of tomorrow?

In PD we address the importance of setting goals and developing successful habits in all aspects of life; academic, family, social, music/cultural, sporting and financial.

To draw once again on the footy analogy, we all need standards and values, game tactics, goals and success criteria. They give us purpose and direction, something that is relevant at all times throughout our school year, and not just at the start of a season.

Go the Blues!

Mr Greg O’Neill, Head of Middle School

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Head of Senior School

As we enter the final phase of the first term, the focus of all Senior School students should be on how they are preparing for strong performances in their examinations. One of the key messages which has been consistently reinforced by teachers is the importance of students establishing a solid platform in Term 1 which they can continue to build on throughout the rest of the academic year.

If students have been consistently engaging in purposeful study throughout the course of the term and checking their understanding of content through regular dialogue with their teachers, they should be able to enter this examination period with confidence. Alternatively, if students are anxiously cramming in the final days, it reflects poor study habits which can result in underperformance. If your son is experiencing the latter, I strongly encourage you to ask him to discuss these concerns with either his Academic Coach (in Year 11 and Year 12) and/or Pastoral Area Leader or myself.

Just a reminder regarding protocols for examinations, particularly for Year 12 who commence their block next week. Students are to be dressed in full academic uniform and be present for their exams at least 15 minutes before the commencement time, with all necessary items of equipment. With a number of Year 11 exams commencing at 8.30am, it is essential that students are conscious of their transportation choices to school to ensure they are not late.

I wish all Senior School students every success in these exams. When you work to your full capacity throughout the term and record strong academic results reflective of your ability, the rest and relaxation of the upcoming holiday period is a fitting reward.

This weekend marks the conclusion of AFL, cricket and volleyball fixtures for this trimester. Congratulations to all students who have participated in these sporting programs. Cultivating an effective balance between academic achievement and engagement in cocurricular activities is the hallmark of a diligent Senior School student.

The First XI Cricket Team enters their fixture against St Laurence’s College with the undefeated premiership trophy the ultimate prize if we are victorious. These opportunities do not present themselves too often, so I implore as many Senior School students as possible to support our First XI at Villanova Park this Saturday. Let’s bring home the undefeated premiership in the Firsts as well as in other Open age groups.

Finally, the traditional derby round against St Laurence’s College always brings with it a heightened sense of anticipation throughout the week. Tomorrow’s Spirit Rally will no doubt be well supported. It is important, especially in light of the Cor Unum Spirit Credos launched at the Senior School Assembly, that the main focus of the weekend is the healthy competition on the pitch and court and that the spirit of the occasion is one driven by positivity and good sportsmanship. It would be great to see a large crowd supporting the Wildcats to victory this weekend. Best wishes to all Senior School teams.

“You are never really playing an opponent. You are playing yourself, your own highest standards, and when you reach your limits, that is real joy.” – Arthur Ashe

Mr Matt Levander, Head of Senior School

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Ministry News

Last Friday, 15 March, was Anti-Bullying Day. The Middle and Senior Schools followed the energetic lead provided by the Junior School to set up stalls and sell wrist bands and ribbons. All the proceeds went to Kids’ Helpline, and we were fortunate that a generous and enterprising parent donated the ribbons and wrist bands to the College.

The support of YAYM for this initiative was absolutely outstanding, with over forty boys in Year 9 alone stepping up to sell the merchandise whilst being ambassadors for the cause of “Standing together” against bullying. Their enthusiasm set the tone in the Middle School. Some students proudly purchased ten wrist bands – as if to say I am 100 per cent behind this initiative!

The College’s YCS group took the lead in reaching out to the Senior School. One of their main aims in 2019 is to take little steps in order to more deeply understand any causes of student stress, and also to act upon that information.

As Year 11 students Isaak Collie noted, from this point “every week must be anti-bullying week at Villanova.” Both YAYM and YCS are keen to keep listening, in order to create the happiest and most welcoming culture possible on our shared campus.

Also, last Friday, Fr Saldie conceived and led a very creative Lenten Liturgy for the College.  The liturgy began with a number of students asking “Google” (aka Matthew Rolls, College Captain), factual questions, e.g. how many books are there in the Tolle Lege Library? We then moved to more existential questions, like “Why can we not see God? What does He/ She look like?” Google could not answer. The stage curtains swung back at this cue to reveal the Villanova version of the Last Supper, with Year 12 Student Louis Caltabiano breaking up bread, and washing the feet of Year 6 student, Leon Tom.   Also present at the table were women, and students from different year levels. This was, of course, an image of what the church is at Villanova College. I would say that the vast majority of students engage with the challenge to form St Augustine’s “cor unum” community, where every person is made to feel welcome.

Many voices would reduce education to standardised testing and league tables. Such voices often also say that the classroom is a box with 28 desks in it, with a white board and a projector, and with the government’s latest syllabus to follow to every comma. At Villanova College, there is another viewpoint that quietly points to a more welcoming and liberating truth, namely that the relationships and learning across the whole campus are what create the Villanova graduate. These are men whose character and friendships endure long after their exit result is tucked into the bottom of a cupboard. This proposition is easy to test. Ask any young old boy you bump into, “Is there something distinctive about the Villanova graduate?”

The dedication to the values that were kneaded into the College by the first Villanova staff members and families was re-created at the Villanova Last Supper, especially in the symbolic acts of breaking bread, pouring out the wine of one’s own self, and washing the feet of others.

YAYM students have once again volunteered to man a stall at the Carnival. Our aims are three-fold:

  • To collect the refundable cans and bottles so as to donate to our Project Compassion Appeal, and our St Vincent de Paul Easter hamper appeal.
  • To display our persistence with bottle and can recycling as a sign of wider commitment to making Villanova a sustainable campus. This seems especially timely in the light of the student protests last Friday, urging the adult generation to pay more attention to climate change.
  • To advertise the importance we place upon our Lenten collections. There will be collection boxes – if you would like to donate some small change.

We also hope to sell bottles of water ($1), and the new Villanova mascot teddies (see image below) at $15 each, with all proceeds to go to Project Compassion and our St Vincent de Paul hampers.

A large group of about 20 students met on Monday to discuss some responses to the terrible mosque attacks in Christchurch. As a result, we will:

  • Fly the Villanova College flag at half-mast this week
  • Write a letter of condolence to two local Muslim schools and mosques
  • Co-ordinate with the two schools whom our rugby players visit in Christchurch in April to leave an appropriate symbol of respect and condolence at the two mosques attacked.
  • Have a prayer service on Friday at first break

Please feel free to make any further suggestions.

Mr John Holroyd, Dean of Mission and Identity

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Opportunities to compete for a First premiership do not come lightly for any school. After last weekend’s washed out round against St Patrick’s, our First XI secured the 2019 AIC First XI cricket premiership. This weekend our First XI team will have the opportunity to play to ensure that this premiership will be won outright (not shared). Our boys are ready to go as we take the home town advantage playing this showdown at Villanova Park against our old rivals – St Laurence’s. Spectators are encouraged to attend. Our cricketers are having a great season as many teams are playing this week for a premiership and to contribute towards the College’s overall aggregate position. Please read the cricket report below for more details. Best wishes go to all players and especially our First XI team.

I wish all teams the very best this weekend as we approach the final round of AIC cricket, AFL and volleyball. All AFL and cricket players are having a good season with great results produced most weeks. The results in volleyball probably don’t look good on paper, however, I don’t believe the set scores are indicative of how close many games have been.

The positive culture we create within the College goes a long way to enhancing our sports program. Supporting our team mates and other teams, showing good work ethic at training and respecting the coach, wanting to be involved and improve, being resilient and shrugging off setbacks which comes everyone’s way from time to time, having 100% pride in oneself, the school and the jersey, to mention a few, are all positive attributes we are looking to instil in our boys. Building and maintaining this type of culture within our students may give them the confidence to back themselves and to put in that extra needed when the going gets tough. Well done to all involved.

Rugby and football training/trials commence next week. All students should know their training times and venues, if not, please visit the College’s website to view all information. All teams training at Villa Park will be bussed to the venue after school. Busses will depart from the front of the school. Parents are responsible for collecting their son after training from all venues.

In preparation for the up-coming rugby and football season, I ask all parents to assist the College by reiterating the points listed below with your son regarding the College’s approach to footy training. It will make a difference if you do.

‘The Villanova Way – How We Approach Training’

  • Make sure you turn up to training well before the start time. If it is a 7am start, we get there at 6.45am to start at 7am.
  • Eat the correct foods before training
  • Bring and wear all safety equipment including mouthguards (compulsory for rugby), shin guards, head gear and boots. This allows all players to participate in all activities planned
  • Bring a water bottle, have it filled with water and place it nearby when training for quick and easy access. Having boys run off to join a lengthy line at a tap for water, breaks the momentum of training and wastes valuable time
  • Be attentive to coaches – listen, learn and try to improve. Do not kick balls or throw passes when a coach speaks
  • Be respectful to coaches and do your part to ensure the team does likewise. If you have an issue. Speak to the coach about it
  • Be a team player and think what’s best for the team. You may be a good second rower but if it’s better for the team to play you at flanker – then play there
  • Always thank the coach after training with a hand shake
  • Enjoy playing for Villanova and always have pride in the jersey

Please take the time to read the information about rugby and football trials commencing next week as found in an article further on. By this time all should be aware that there is no hire system in place for jerseys. All players must purchase their own kit.

We hope to finish the AFL, cricket and volleyball seasons off well this weekend. This will be the final time many of our Year 12 students will play their respective sport representing Villanova. I thank them for their efforts and wish them all the best as they look to bow out of schoolboy AFL, cricket and volleyball on a high regardless of the score. Enjoy the last round all!

Round 7 Fixtures – Friday 22 and Saturday 23 March, AIC AFL, Cricket and Volleyball v St Laurence’s College and Iona College

Please refer to the College’s website to view all times and venues for this weekend’s fixtures v St Laurence’s and Iona College. Click here for the ‘Weekly Fixtures’ section.

AIC CRICKET – Round 7 v St Patrick’s College
Wet weather plagued last weekend’s round scheduled against St Patrick’s College. Due to the slippery conditions most games were cancelled around Brisbane. The state of Villanova’s grounds afforded some of our teams the opportunity to get on and play. As a result, only six games were completed over the weekend.

The State of Play – aggregate is still on the line
There is no doubt our College has enjoyed much success in cricket this season. The win/loss statistics are interesting after Round 6 of competition. Of the 84 aggregate games played, Villanova have won 70 games, lost eight with a further six games washed out.

These stats read well, and it shows that all players and coaches are training and playing extremely well which is good to see. One would think that our overall position in the aggregate would be well ahead – NOT SO!

I have not done the overall win-loss stats on Ashgrove, but the win/loss results would be very similar, with Villanova having a slight advantage as we won more aggregate games against them in Round 5 (8 – 4).

The aggregate is certainly not in the bag. At present, we do enjoy a relatively slender lead.  By my calculations, it is very possible for Villanova to lose the aggregate if we do not have a good round this weekend. Therefore, I encourage all players to arrive at their ground this weekend knowing they have a job to do. Every win or loss can account for between a one – two-point turnaround in the aggregate points ladder, other results around the AIC Competition will also play a difference in where our teams end up.

Those who read this article will have varying opinions about the use of the words ‘winning’ and ‘aggregates’. I would agree that we need to have a balanced view surrounding why we play school boy sport and we must continue to place a very strong emphasis on participation and enjoyment as key fundamentals – without doubt. At Villanova College we will continue to give that strong message to the boys.

It is common for boys to be naturally competitive. We encourage this competitiveness at Villanova College, knowing that a high degree of sportsmanship and our College’s strong faith values can still be upheld. When it comes to premierships and aggregates, I would expect the boys to ‘go for it’ and give their very best. If we achieve success, I hope we celebrate with a strong sense of humility, if we lose, we can hold our heads high knowing we gave our best.

I wish all the teams playing this weekend the very best and I hope all players enjoy the time spent with their mates. Good luck boys and enjoy!

Villanova College – Cricket Results – Round 6 v SPC






First XI SPC Wash out
Second XI SPC Wash out
Third XI SPC Wash out
Fourth XI ASH Fifth XI Wash out
Fifth XI Gold ASH Sixth XI Wash out
Fifth XI White SLC Fourth XI Wash out
10A SPC Wash out
10B SPC Wash out
10C SLC 10C Wash out
9A SPC Win 6/106 3/105
9B SPC Win 1/22 21
9C SPC Wash out
9 Gold SLC 9 Gold Wash out
9 White ASH 9 Gold Wash out
8A SPC Win 2/60 9/58
8B SPC Win 1/128 6/89
8C SPC Wash out
8 Gold SLC 8C Wash out
8 White BYE Wash out
8 Green SLC 8 Gold Wash out
7A SPC Win 8/122 56
7B SPC Win 3/118 38
7C ASH Gold Wash out
7 Gold ASH Green Wash out
7 White ASH Black Wash out
6A SPC Wash out
6B SPC Wash out
6C SPC Wash out
6 Gold Villa 6 White Wash out
6 White Villa 6 Gold Wash out
5 A SPC Wash out
5 B SPC Wash out
5C SPC Wash out
5 Gold SPC Wash out
5 White SLC 5 Gold Wash out
5 Green IONA 5 Blue Wash out

AIC VOLLEYBALL- Ms Barbara Dewis, AIC Volleyball Co-ordinator
Wow! What a round of volleyball games played by Villanova teams on the weekend.  St Pat’s has been a tough opponent in the last few years and over the weekend we stood up and made each point count.  Well done to all teams and coaches who had a win on the weekend. In moving forward to this last round of AIC volleyball against the old foe – St Laurence’s, all teams will need to display ‘toughness’ mentally and physically on the court.  Teams will need to be focussed and ready to go when they step onto the court this weekend against this tough opponent.

As a final gesture to the volleyball players in Year 12 (Third VI, Second VI and First VI), it would be fitting to have as many supporters to farewell this group at their final game for Villanova as they take on the might of St Laurence’s. As always, C’arn the Cats!

Volleyball Team Photos – Round 7, Saturday 23 March
Photos will be taken this weekend for all Year 10, Year 11 and Opens teams (excluding First VI). Please check website for the schedule and ensure that all players are on time and dressed in the full and correct volleyball uniform. Could we please ask all players to wear plain white socks or the Villanova socks for the photo?

Please arrive 10 minutes before the scheduled photo time. All photos will be taken at the front of Langlands Building.

Volleyball Results – Round 6 V SPC

Team Opposition Results Villanova Opposition
First VI SPC W 3 1
Second VI SPC W 2 0
Third VI SPC L 1 2
11A SPC W 2 0
11B SPC W 2 0
10A SPC W 2 0
10B SPC L 0 2
10C SPC W 2 1
9A SPC W 3 0
9B SPC W 3 0
9C SPC W 2 1
8A SPC W 2 1
8B SPC W 2 1
8C SPC W 3 0
8 Gold SPC Wash Out
7A SPC L 0 3
7B SPC L 0 3
7C SPC L 1 2
7 Gold SPC Wash Out

 AIC AFL – Mr Adam Fry, AIC AFL Co-ordinator
It has come that time of term where we have our last round of games for the 2019 AFL season and what a season it has been. Unfortunately, due to last week’s inclement weather all fixtures were washed-out. This ultimately has cost some teams a chance of a premiership. It is important however we finish off the season well and end it the right way with a final victory over our rivals – St Laurence’s in the seniors and Iona in the juniors. A special mention must go to our Year 5A boys who, if they win this week, will secure a well-deserved premiership. Good luck boys!

I want to take the time to say a huge thank you to all parents, supporters and especially players for this season. It has been a fantastic year from all involved and certainly would not have been possible without the help of all our coaches, and truly shows the passion and dedication to Villanova AFL that so many of our great coaches have.

On behalf of all coaches and myself we would like to thank each one of you who has supported, driven and encouraged us throughout the season, it truly is appreciated. Thank you for a fantastic AFL season.

AIC CHESS – Mrs Sally England, AIC Chess Co-ordinator
We are coming to the end of our training sessions and Chess has been gaining momentum before our first trial match against St Laurence’s in Week 9. Coaching/playing sessions have been continuing during breaks with the final teams to be chosen in week 10. The next two weeks will see the boys play in the Library for a spot in the teams. Tomorrow, all boys who can attend will play against each other from 3.15pm to 6.00pm. This will be followed by a trail game against St Laurence’s on Friday 29 March here at the College and in the Tolle Lege Library. This hopefully will finish by 6.00pm but it is an estimate only. If students have special dietary needs, please inform me of this as afternoon tea will be provided.

For new parents of any boys chosen in the teams, they are transported to away games by bus to the venue and then returned to school where you will be able to meet them. This is usually finished by about 7.00pm at the latest. Any queries please contact Mrs England or Mrs Warren.

The complete Year 5 – Year 12 rugby and football training schedule has been published. This schedule is posted on the College’s website under the AIC Rugby and the AIC Football sections.

For teams training at Villanova Park please be aware that the buses will leave straight after school outside the front of the College in Sixth Avenue.  Players are asked to get changed into their training gear at Villanova Park. A teacher will escort groups onto the buses. Students are asked not to wear boots on the bus. Parents are asked to collect players between 5.15pm and 5.30pm from Villanova Park – no later please.

Villanova Rugby and Football Uniforms – 2019
ALL students from Years 5 – Year 12 in both rugby and football must purchase the Villanova rugby and football uniform in readiness for the up-coming season. This includes shorts, jersey and socks. The Villanova College Uniform Shop will have all rugby and football gear available for purchase.

IMPORTANT:  All boys who sign up for rugby and football WILL make a team, therefore, parents can purchase these items of clothing.

Villanova Rugby Uniform

  • Villanova rugby jersey
  • Villanova rugby shorts
  • Villanova rugby/football socks
  • Mouthguards compulsory
  • Head gear optional
  • Villanova green zip jacket or Villanova tracksuit optional (no other jackets /jumpers are permitted)

Villanova Football Uniform

  • Villanova football jersey
  • Villanova football shorts (not the PE shorts/ not the basketball shorts)
  • Villanova rugby/football socks
  • Shin guards are compulsory
  • Villanova green zip jacket or Villanova tracksuit optional (no other jackets/jumpers are permitted)

Please Note

  • Football players must wear the Villanova football shorts not the Villanova basketball shorts, which do look similar.
  • The Canterbury rugby and football socks are the same.
  • What to wear at training? – It is acceptable for both the rugby and football players to wear any coloured/club clothes to training. Boys are not encouraged to wear their Villanova playing uniform to training but may do so if they wish. We certainly would not recommend rugby players to wear their PE uniform or any shirt that will get damaged and torn. The Uniform Shop has some old stock in limited sizes (jerseys and shorts) which would be prefect for training but not to wear on game days. Old stock prices start at $8.

AIC Rugby and Football Training/Trials
The first training/trial session will occur the very first week after Round 7 of cricket, AFL and volleyball. That is, the week beginning Monday 25 March.

All training times and venues for all Year 5 – Year 12 teams are listed on the College’s website. All Year 5 and Year 6 teams will train at Little Langlands or Whinstanes. All Year 7 – Year 12 teams will train at Villanova Park.

AIC Rugby and Football Trial Games – Date Claimers

  • Monday 25 – 28 March (rugby and football training begins for all Year 5 – Year 12 teams)
  • Saturday 30 March AIC Rugby and Football Internal Trials (only First and Seconds rugby and football teams will trial against SLC)
  • Saturday 27 April AIC rugby and football against SPC (full school trial)

Many our top tennis players will be issued with an invitation to attend a First IV pre-season tennis training program which commences next Wednesday 27 March. Those who have been invited are asked to complete and hand back their ‘statement of player commitment’ form to the Sports Office by Monday 25 March.

AIC CROSS COUNTRY – Year 5 – Year 12
All information regarding the AIC Cross Country season is posted in the AIC Cross Country section on the website. This information includes the times and venues for training, coaches contact details and much more. We encourage all boys to attend.

Villanova Runners Club
Where:  Whites Hill Reserve, Boundary Road, Camp Hill. Open to all students/parents/siblings/friends etc.

This activity is an initiative of the AIC Juniors Cross Country Coach Mr Tom Lonergan. It is an opportunity for all aspiring AIC cross country runners to complete an extra training session each week. Parents, siblings and friends of the athletes are invited to participate in the training. One of the training activities will be a Tabata session. Tabata is an anaerobic activity which complements fitness for running. Another component of this session is a Bush Run which utilises the many trails in the Whites Hill bushland area. Further information about this program is available by contacting Mr Lonergan email:

Villa Runners Club will be offered every Sunday (4.00pm – 5.00pm) from Sunday 17 March through to Sunday 13 October.

First Basketball Trials – Mr Sean O’Neill, AIC Basketball Co-ordinator
The Villanova Basketball Program is up and running with our Wildcat High-Performance squad beginning their skills training in Term 1. The Cubs and Sabres will begin their sessions in Term 2. The players are very lucky to have Jordan Mullen take over as the Head of High Performance. Jordan is a very experienced coach within the Queensland basketball system and has begun to really push the players in our quest for success over the coming years.

The First V selection trials will be occurring next week to allow additional players the opportunity to trial for selection in the team.

We are looking forward to another big year in basketball at the College and the use of the High-Performance Programs will certainly aid us.

Congratulations to Peter Klaassen who was selected in the 17 – 19 years Met East Football Team. Peter will compete in the State Championships at Northgate in mid-May. Well done Peter!

Best wishes to Matthew Conway on his selection into the 16 – 19years Met East Volleyball Team that will compete in the State Championships in Townsville in early June. Great effort Matthew!

Well done to Kai Summerfield who has been selected in the 10 – 12years Met East Basketball Team that will compete at the State Basketball Championships in Caloundra later in the year. Best wishes Kai!

On Sunday 10 March Rhys Lanskey (‘18) competed in the Modern Pentathlon Nationals in his first Open competition in his bid for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. He placed a very convincing first in the event with a perfect show jumping round, some great fencing, a PB for his swim and a PB 12.40 for his run/shoot. He also achieved the qualifying times required for a chance at selection to compete at the Asia/Oceania Championships in November which is the Olympic qualifier for the region.

Since leaving school last year Rhys has been taken on by Queensland Academy of Sport in their Prospecting for Gold Program and is in full training with a group of fantastic coaches. In the lead up to the Asia/Oceania Championships Rhys will head to Europe in July for some competitions including the Under 19 World Youth Championships. A great effort Rhys, and the Villanova community is behind you in your quest to reach the Olympics!

Mr Craig Stariha, Director of Sport

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Instrumental music is beneficial for students on so many levels.  From the neuro stimulation that primes the brain for learning, all the way through to the development of ‘soft skills’ so useful in the workforce of today (and tomorrow), learning an instrument and playing in ensemble is the best way for students to enhance their academic and emotional well-being.  This year, as part of our strategic direction for 2019, the Villanova College Music Department will be focussing on teaching and learning.  Part of this focus requires us to develop a collaborative environment where we may share best practice in the interests of enhancing student learning outcomes.

The process of reflection is vital in developing our students’ metacognition – thinking about thinking, or more appropriately ‘thinking about how I learn.’  Whilst there are elements of reflection in all musical activity, we are going to be working on making this more apparent to the student and our broader community.

Across this year, our Instrumental Music teachers will be rolling out the use of Flip Grid.  This is a safe, web-based program where students share video of a performance task directly with their teacher.  The teacher may then respond with the option of sharing their feedback with the student’s parents as well as the student directly.

I encourage you to ask your son about flip grid.  If you see email notifications regarding this program, please do not delete the email.  Take a moment to view your son’s video, read the feedback, then celebrate his progress with him.  Your encouragement will make all the difference to your son’s engagement.

To ensure your son gains maximum benefit from playing an instrument this year in terms of neural development, he needs to practice his instrument five times across the week for at least 10 minutes each time.  This allocation is based on peer-reviewed research and includes participation in a 30-minute instrumental lesson and one-hour ensemble rehearsal per week.  Currently, we ask the students to complete at least four x 10-minute sessions across the week.

When your son received his instrument and tutor book, he also received a practice ‘bubble’ sheet from his teacher to aid in tracking his practice habits over the term.  For each session he completes, he needs to ask you to date and initial a bubble.  We are looking for at least 24 bubbles filled by the end of term (from Week 3 – 9 when sheets are collected).

We are tracking every student’s progress in Year 5 in terms of practice habits and are keeping a tally for each class.  The class who has the most diligent ‘practitioners’ will receive a prize during Week 10!  To help students stay on top of this requirement, Year 5 classroom teachers have included practice for instrumental music on their OneNote page for home work.

I would like to thank both you and our Junior School staff for assisting us with this venture.

We have a number of students involved in the Co-Curricular Music Program performing in ‘side projects’ across the International Carnival this Saturday.  The music commences from approx. 5.30pm on the main stage with the Villanova College Big Band.  The social hub under Veritas will also be in full swing with a number of contemporary ensembles performing some great covers from 7.30pm.

I hope that you are able to come along, support these musicians, and support the College’s Parents and Friends Association major fundraising event for 2019.

The second Music Support Group and the first QCMF organising group meeting will be convened on Monday 1 April, commencing at 7.30pm.  We are changing the venue this time to the College Chapter Room – situated at the front of the Hanrahan Theatre.

I look forward to seeing some familiar faces and some new friends interested in learning a little more about music at Villanova.

We have now come to the assessment period of term.  As per all previous years, students are required to attend rehearsal during block exam sessions.  We look forward to seeing our Senior musicians in and around the building and wish them all the best of luck with assessment.

The Villanova College Open Day is scheduled for next Tuesday, 26 March.  As part of the event, we will be providing a little light entertainment for gathering visitors.  The Symphonic Band and Sinfonia String Orchestra will be sharing their music from 8.15am – 8.30am and again from 10.15am -10.30am.

Once logistics have been confirmed, I will forward information home directly to families of students directly involved.  We will not require performance uniform; students will be wearing academic uniform for this event.

Our Sydney Tour team are now meeting to rehearse every Tuesday fortnight after school.  Our next session will be held on Tuesday 2 April commencing at 3.15pm on stage in the Hanrahan Theatre.  This rehearsal will conclude at 4.45pm.  If your son is participating in this tour, he will be required to attend these sessions.  Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact Mr Jones through the Music Office on 3394 5691.

If your son was absent from rehearsal this week, please ensure he drops by the Music Office to be sized for a Tour Shirt.  We need to send this order off before the holidays commence.  Please remember, we are using the College spray jacket as our tour jacket for this event.  Ensure you have ordered yours before the Easter break through the Villanova College Uniform Shop if you have not done so already.

In 2018, Villanova College Music Support Group were again the top selling fundraiser in Queensland for Entertainment Book!  This would not have been possible without our community’s ongoing support for this wonderful group and initiative.  March is upon us and, like the looming Australian Rules season, Entertainment Book season is here!

All students in the music program are encouraged to participate in the Entertainment Book drive in order to raise ‘tour credits’ toward tours planned by the Music Department.  It is a great way for families to reduce the cost of these ‘large items’ over time as tour credits remain with the student until they are used or the student graduates.

The 2019 Entertainment Book pre-sale drive commences next week; however, you may begin purchasing books or online subscriptions via the link below.  Thank you to those who have purchased Entertainment Books through the music office previously – we look forward to your continued support!

The brand NEW 2019 | 2020 Entertainment Memberships
Order online NOW

As is tradition, we look forward to the fantastic events we have planned in the near future:

Term 1    
Week Date Activity
7 Thursday 14 March Debut Concert 2
9 Tuesday 26 March Open Day – tours from 8.30am and 10.30am
10 Monday 1 April Music Support Group / QCMF meeting – 7.30pm
Term 2
2 29 April – 3 May Instrumental Music Task 1 due (wind/brass/strings/percussion)
3 6 – 10 May Instrumental Music Task 2 distributed (wind/brass/strings/perc.)
4 Monday 13 May Music Support Group / QCMF meeting – 7.30pm
4 Thursday 16 May Upper Intermediate String Festival – BGS – 3.30 – 5.30pm
5 Monday 20 May Upper Intermediate String Festival – BGS – 3.30 – 5.30pm
5 20 – 24 May Wieneke Music Bursary Heats – during school time across week
5 Thursday 23 May Upper Intermediate String Festival – BGS – 3.30 – 5.30pm Concert 6pm
6 Tuesday 28 May Wieneke Family Bursary Finals – Hanrahan Theatre

Thank you all for your continued support of Villanova Music.

Mr Michael Jones, Director of Music

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Parent Information

Parents are reminded that Fifth Avenue remains a loading zone between 7.00am to 9.00am and 2.00pm to 4.00pm on school days. As you are aware, traffic builds up very quickly during these times. To assist the flow of traffic, please ensure that you drive to the front of the loading zone rather than stopping outside the new entrance. Thank you for your co-operation.

Date: Sunday 31 March – 2.00pm to 5.00pm
Venue: Perth Street Park, Camp Hill
BYO: drinks, chairs and a plate to share

Date: Sunday 31 March – 3.00pm to 6.00pm
Venue: Camp Hill Bowls Club, Ferguson Road, Camp Hill
Cost: $16 adult / $5 child (includes Thai finger food for adults and child-friendly snacks , lawn bowls for all)
RSVP: Tuesday 26 March
To book: go to Parent Lounge > Make a Payment > Tours and Excursions (login password required)

To view our current tuckshop menu: Tuckshop Menu Price List – 2019

Monday 25 March
Narelle Rieck
Julie Stokes
Sally Caltabiano
Maria Woodger
Sylvia Wright
Mary Brady
Stephanie Sullivan
Sam Stafford
Katrina Hermiston

Tuesday 26 March
Donna Perkins
Melissa Davidson
Lisa Forsyth
Nicole Webb
Leanne McMahon
Sonia Ballen
Susan White
Tricia Allen
Keri Campbell

Wednesday 27 March
Tina McCaul
Peta Gomersall
Kathy McCaul
Maria Corones
Lena Bazzo
Lisa Gorry
Denise Smith
Fiona Jenkins
Eleni Diakos

Thursday 28 March
Tina McCaul
Peta Gomersall
Kathy McCaul
Maria Corones
Lena Bazzo
Lisa Gorry
Denise Smith
Fiona Jenkins
Eleni Diakos

Friday 29 March

Caroline Agnew
Louise Pertnikovs
Jacki Wilson
Pauline Vasta
Adriana Sofios
Gerry Ternel
Maria Nicolaou
Kim Creevey
Naomi Jansen
Jelena Duskovic
Olivia Becar
Rita D’Amore
Kathy Lerato

Tuesday 26 March
Cristina Palacios

Wednesday 27 March
Denise Smith

Thursday 28 March
Sue Mulligan
Maryanne Bingham
Kelly Stassi

The Brisbane Archdiocesan P&F Council invites all parents to this event on Thursday 28 March from 6.00pm – 8.30pm at St Martin’s Catholic Primary School, Carina. Guest speaker, Br. Damien Price, will address the topic, “How to Stay Connected to Your Children, School and Church”. The program for the evening can be found by clicking here.

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It's Carnival Time!

Please click here to view Issue 6 of the Villanova International Carnival newsletter. Your organising committee would love to hear from volunteers able to assist with the set-up and pack-down of the Carnival  on Saturday and Sunday. We look forward to the support of the Villanova community to ensure this year’s Carnival is the biggest and most successful yet. Thank you to our wonderful organising committee, stall convenors, sponsors and donors. See you at the Carnival.


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