Principal's Welcome

Is the chocolate in Easter eggs better than the chocolate in a block of Cadbury chocolate? I am not sure of the answer to this question – I am always happy to do the research! Hopefully for most of us the term “Easter” means more than just chocolate eggs.

On Wednesday March 6 we began a journey of reflection and renewal that culminates on Easter Sunday. The Easter period, Holy Thursday evening until Easter Sunday evening, is known as the Triduum (a Latin word meaning ‘three days’). During these three holy days the Church remembers Jesus’ suffering, death and resurrection. The celebrations of Easter Sunday bring the Lenten Season to a joyful conclusion.

Pope Francis said, “…Christ’s resurrection is the true hope of the world, the hope that does not disappoint.”

This Easter we pray the light of the risen Christ illuminates a world that has too often been plunged into darkness through fear, hate, intolerance and extreme ideals.

Last week we threw open the gates to over 350 families who joined with our staff and students to tour Villanova College. Our students acted as the tour guides and did a most impressive job of explaining the working of Villanova College. Feedback from our visitors was very positive and complimentary of the welcome received from all students and staff.

TERM 2, 2019
Term 2 will commence on Wednesday 24 April. Students are expected to be in winter uniform including ties for all students in Years 5 to 12. Senior School students (Years 10-12) are required to have a blazer and to wear the blazer when travelling to and from the College and to all formal assemblies held during the school day. Senior School students are also required to wear long trousers for Term Two and Three. Younger students have the option of wearing long trousers if they wish.

In the cold weather the College jumper may also be worn. I remind all students the Sports jacket, Senior Jersey or Senior hoodie are not to be worn with the formal uniform. These items of clothing may be worn only with the sports uniform.

To start Term 2, the College teaching staff will be holding Parent-Teacher Conferences to provide feedback to parents and students on Tuesday 23 April. Students are most welcome and strongly encouraged to attend. If students are attending, I ask please that they attend in school uniform. The Parent-Teacher Conferences are a great opportunity to check in and meet your son’s teachers and to hear how your son is handling the challenges of the new year.

Tuesday April 23 – Parent-teacher Conferences (Student-Free Day)
Wednesday April 24 – All classes Years 5-12 resume
Thursday April 25 – ANZAC Day – Public Holiday – ANZAC March
Friday April 26 – normal classes
Monday 6 May – Labour Day Public Holiday

This Friday, the Open Rugby and Football teams will depart for their respective tours to New Zealand and Japan. These tours are a fantastic opportunity for our students to develop their skills and explore different cultures and regions of the world. Thank you to the staff, coaches and managers who are accompanying the students and providing this opportunity.

You have made us for Yourself O Lord
And our hearts are restless until they rest in You.

God Bless

Mr Mark Stower, Principal

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Head of Junior School

Hands up who is ready for a holiday?

Over the past few weeks your son will have brought home numerous examples of his achievements within the National Curriculum.  For the first time, our Year 5 students are realising that natural talents might get them to a certain point in achievement, and that new goals for homework and study in Term 2 might need improved planning.  In Year 6, the higher expectations may have proven challenging, but not out of reach for those boys who pay close attention to the criteria set.  Either way, our staff have been giving effective feedback, and sending home these results for you to peruse, sign, and return to class assessment folders.  It is important we keep these examples safe at school until the end of each semester.

Each parent would no doubt refer to their own primary experience when seeing their son’s effort in an exam.  We all had our strengths (usually where our interests were), and challenges (there’s always a subject that’s our nemesis) “back in the day”.  My favourite subjects at school were Geography and PE – English was the lowest of my priorities (writing in particular).  It’s fair to say that even today, as parents, we can hold different values to each subject area. Our boys pick up on this when we talk about their achievements.  Do we excuse poor planning or organisation depending on the subject?  Do we compensate results because of outside circumstances?  Calvin and Hobbes, one of my all-time favourite cartoons is renowned for the interpretations of a young boy about his school and family life.  Calvin relishes in his overactive imagination and often comes up meeting different outcomes in the education system.  Reading these comic strips keeps me grounded in how our young boys need our support to do well.  We should never forget how to look at the world through the eyes of our boys.  There is a fine balance between focus and fun.

Making the time to go over these assessment tasks is important.  Showing our sons that their work matters, means a great deal.  They have spent time and effort trying to make sense of their understanding of the National Curriculum.  Those students who are brave enough to make changes and follow teacher suggestions, often improve their overall grades.  Sometimes our praise can come easily with the higher marks.  How do we manage the results that are lower than our expectations?  Do we remember to focus on the effort that was put in leading up to the task?  This is where our conversation starts.

We are never striving for perfection in learning, or if we are, I am not there yet!  Life is about learning all the time.  We need goals to stay motivated.  Doing our best is more than enough.  But do we know what our best is?  Some of our students might be beginning to figure that out.  I think deep down we know when we have given something “our all”.  It takes a lot of practice to do our best work – it takes time, dedication and energy.  If our sons can say they are happy with their work this term, then that’s wonderful.  Equally impressive, will be the boys that admit they could do more – and will use this as motivation after the break with their school work.

I am really looking forward to the holidays.  The weather is cooling down and it’s perfect for bike riding out to the bay and around the river loop.  There is basketball to watch – the March Madness will be wrapping up (my favourite team Duke is out) on TV.  Adam Fry (Year 5 class teacher) is particularly excited as he is marrying Emma this Saturday on the Sunshine Coast.  Our very best wishes and congratulations to the happy couple.  Anthony Kemp will be spending some valuable time with his newest addition to the family – Rosie Florence who was born just over a week ago, so Kait will enjoy having him home to help with the three children for a few weeks.

Holidays are definitely about family time, and I do hope that everyone gets a pyjama morning or two, sees a movie, plays a board game, makes something new for dinner and sleeps in occasionally.  All parents, students and staff deserve a wonderful holiday – may your Lenten season finish  strongly, and your Easter break be a celebration with loved ones.

Mr Stephen Rouhliadeff, Head of Junior School

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Head of Middle School

When recently tweeted: “Why do some people seem to breeze through their careers? They have probably mastered these seven universal skills”, my interest immediately spiked.

For some unknown reason, I’ve always been attracted to a Top 5 or a Top 10 list, or a new revelation about “soft skills” in the world of work and their relevance to education.

Some of the best professional development sessions I’ve attended have also concluded with a handful of “takeaways” that are memorable, easily digestible and can be somewhat implemented into my practice the following day.

When the College invited Nathan Wallis, renown neuroscience educator, to present to the staff I vividly remember one of his key messages. He had set the scene by asking the staff that if they had magic powers that could gift one quality to their students (or their own children) that would set them up for life, what would it be.

Initially we all joked “one billion dollars”, but we all knew that no psychologist/neuroscientist was going to tell us that money bought happiness! So, then we strategised…

  • happiness?
  • empathy?
  • to love and be loved?
  • communication?
  • peace?

As the room fell silent, he lent into his microphone and spoke the words, “self-control”.

Whilst the theatre of his revelation has remained in my memory, his message has too. The need for self-control manifests itself in so many contexts. But what does it look like?  It is seen in discipline, focus, restraint, composure, mindfulness, grit and willpower. All amazing qualities that we would want to see in our young people.

So as my Twitter link took me to my new list, this time a Top 7, what were “Seek’s” universal skills?

  1. Communication Skills
  2. Flexibility, adaptability, innovation
  3. Creativity and problem-solving
  4. Results focused
  5. Interpersonal skills
  6. Computer skills
  7. Ability to research

From my lens, I like the list. In fact, I hope that, as teachers and parents, we model these qualities for our young men on a daily basis.

However, Nathan Wallis’ golden gift, “self-control” is notably absent from this Seek list.

Again, as teachers and parents, this is something that should be role-modelled, developed and explicitly taught by us too. This might be a challenge for many of us, but a challenge worth the golden reward.

Mr Greg O’Neill, Head of Middle School

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Head of Senior School

Every Sunday night, I receive my weekly email of Brain Food from my favourite aforementioned blog Farnham Street and came across a great article pertaining to the advantages of buying into a long game philosophy. Of course, this is somewhat counter cultural to our young men who often see much more value in the short game- why do that extra bit of study when the exam is ten weeks away?

In the new QCE system of assessment, the value of the long game cannot be understated. A philosophy of disciplined, regular study to ensure knowledge and understanding is deeply embedded is absolutely essential. According to the author, the long game means paying a small price today to make tomorrow’s tomorrow easier. If we can do this long enough to see the results, it feeds on itself:

“The first step to the long game is the hardest. The first step is visibly negative. You have to be willing to suffer today in order to not suffer tomorrow. This is why the long game is hard to play. People rarely see the small steps when they’re looking for enormous outcomes, but deserving enormous outcomes is mostly the result of a series of small steps that culminate into something visible.”   

We will continue to work with our Senior School students, especially in ACP, to encourage the best possible study habits to meet the demands of the new system.

Reflecting upon the first quarter of the 2019 academic year, it has been a dynamic and pleasing start in the Senior School.

The Senior class has established a solid platform on which to build upon in all areas of College life. Inspired by their motto of Where Passion Lies, Success Follows, the Year 12s have all worked diligently in their academic studies and following the example of the Student Leadership Team, have led the College well. I would like to congratulate College Captain Matthew Rolls, the SLT and all Year 12 students for the positivity and commitment exhibited thus far.

The Year 11s have faced the challenges of their first unit of the new Queensland Certificate of Education with great determination, armed with the support of their teachers. Furthermore, the grade has answered the Cor Unum spirit call of their Year 12 brothers and have bolstered the ranks of the Villanova Army in support of many events throughout the term.

The Year 10 Form has made a conscientious start to their Senior schooling journey. Whilst there have been some transitional challenges associated with the increase in workload and expectations, there has been a real preparedness by the students to learn from their new experiences.

The Senior School Formation program has continued to focus upon providing students with an awareness of the inherent risks (health and legal implications) associated with an engagement with alcohol, drugs and social media with presentations from both Paul Dillon and Brett Lee. In addition, there has been a continuing emphasis placed on challenging toxic constructions of masculinity and reinforcing the values and virtues of the Villa Man.

I thank the Senior School teaching faculty, Pastoral Area Leaders, Pathway and Learning Enrichment Teams and Counselling staff for their work with the Senior School students throughout this term. The mental health and wellbeing of our students continues to be our most significant priority, especially with the impending pressure that the new QCE external exams will no doubt create.

As we move into next term and the formalities of the winter academic uniform (such as blazer, tie and trousers), I would like to remind all students of the value of pride in their personal appearance and I expect that all students are appropriately attired for the commencement of classes as outlined in my earlier correspondence. The support of parents in working collaboratively to sustain a culture of high expectations is always much appreciated.

Looking forward and the second term is always punctuated with the importance of either consolidating a strong academic start or bringing about change to address issues which limited success in the first term. I encourage all parents to have a conversation with their son regarding their interim report, which following changes, provides a greater scope of feedback.

I wish all families a relaxing and rejuvenating holiday period and may you have a Holy Easter.

“Jesus said to him, ‘I am the way, the truth and the life.  No one comes to the Father except through Me’.” – John 14:6

Mr Matt Levander, Head of Senior School

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Ministry News

After a surge in donations, we have been able to pack and prepare 23 brimming hampers for delivery to neighbours in need. Students have been working every break time to complete the preparation of the hampers, ensuring the gifts inside fit the profile of the recipients. Four Year 11 students have been especially committed: Ashtan Edser, Connor Leahy, Nathan Farrelly and Isaak Collie. Some Pastorals have walked the extra mile by giving money as well as food and hygiene products. For this reason, we have been able to top all the baskets up with Easter eggs.

The first wave of hampers was delivered on Friday afternoon. It is a credit to the Villanova staff that we even had “reserve” drivers. Two more delivery evenings will have completed the Lenten Appeal by the time this Villa View is released. The College has received some lovely messages of thanks from the people to whom we deliver. One local woman simply said, “Thank you for all that you have done for me.”

The other main achievements of the St Vincent de Paul group this term have been the prompt and impressive flood response, and the spearheading of a change in culture which has led to a completely full bottle and can recycling bin. Co-ex United Scrap Metal Traders (northside business with shark in the roof) have kindly emptied the bin for us. (The same organisation sponsored Red Frogs at Schoolies last year). With the more than $500 generated, we are looking to make our second purchase: green and gold wildcat basketballs, to go with the first purchase of Villanova keyring teddies (in the Uniform Shop).

Following the $2,400 raised for the Vinnies Flood Relief Appeal, we received a warm letter of appreciation from Dennis Innes (President SVDP, Queensland). Here is an extract from the letter explaining where our donation went:

Your much appreciated contribution will help to provide essential white goods and furniture for a family returning home to get their lives back together…. it is a shattering experience to be so powerless in the face of nature, but knowing that others care, really comforts those affected.

This last sentence also perfectly describes the impact of the Easter hampers.

On Tuesday, Reece Jansen (Ministry Captain) and Nickolas Sofios (Student Council President) delivered a beautiful green and gold flower arrangement, along with a letter of solidarity and support which has been signed by the majority of the teachers and students. Imam Uzair expressed how grateful the Muslim community are, and also asked for our prayers. We met Said, a member of the community originally from Lebanon, who spoke about the warmth of support he has always found in Australia. Another letter with signatures will be delivered to Buranda Mosque.

Planning is well underway for Mission Day 2019, and a number of changes are on the table. Chiefly, the desire is to consume less, and instead concentrate on students being creative agents, either in service of others, or in enhancing community. The aim is to take seriously the idea that Mission Day must allow opportunities for each boy to grow towards being a fine young man who makes a difference to the community. “Aspire not to have more, but to be more,” is the way Archbishop Oscar Romero put it.

A number of students and staff are working on the remodelled, 2019 version of Mission Day. One challenge is selling the fact that this year we will not be encouraging whole-scale consumption of donuts and pizza. Instead, the burden will be put back on the students to help to lead fun activities for the community. Year 12 students, for example, will work with the Year 5 students on an “Amazing Race” around the College campus. Year 10 will be given the responsibility to provide the main activities and food stalls.

WATCH THIS SPACE: Alpha at Villa in Term 2
Alpha, is coming to the Villanova community.  Alpha is more than a program, it builds a culture where it is safe for people to explore and discuss the claims of Christianity.  It includes a shared meal followed by a video which is then discussed in a small group.  There will be parallel groups for adults and senior students running on Sunday evenings at the college. The course is free, and people are most welcome to simply try out the first one. Come along to the opening night BBQ to experience Alpha.  The hosts are an interested group of parents, recent students and staff. Register here for catering purposes:

Mr John Holroyd, Dean of Mission and Identity

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The three main avenues of communication to parents regarding sport at Villanova are listed below:

  • The Villa View (College Newsletter)
  • Access to the College website. The ‘Locker Room’ contains all the important weekly sports messages and announcements, links from the ‘Locker Room’ will take you to the ‘Weekly Fixture’ section and to the individual sports sections, including the ‘AIC Rugby’, ‘AIC Chess’ and ‘AIC Football’ sections (as well as any other sport)
  • The Villanova College App. Go to the App store and search for – Villanova College. Download the free app. Important messages will be given via the app from time to time. These messages are mainly used for the confirmation or cancellation of training and games.

The students also receive sports messages via the daily morning notices in their pastoral as well as information given out at assemblies.

It was interesting to note the College received a number of inquiries last week regarding training times and venues for rugby and football. This information has been posted on the web and published in the College newsletter for many weeks. Please use the avenues listed above as all pertinent information regarding sport is posted and updated regularly.

ANNUAL VILLANOVA SPORTS LUNCH – Mr Leo Wallin, Sports Lunch Committee Member
Please be advised that the sixth annual Villanova Sports Lunch will be held this year on Friday 31 May, and, in a change to tradition, it is on the move! With a cracking line of guest speakers and expected increase in attendees, the organising committee has decided to move to a larger venue where everyone can be accommodated comfortably. So, we are heading to The Greek Club on Edmonstone Street, South Brisbane.

As usual, it will be a fun-filled afternoon with plenty of laughs and a great opportunity to catch up with old friends. Greg ‘Marto’ Martin will be the MC with a bit of fun provided by ex-Australian Cricket player Greg ‘Fat Cat’ Ritchie. Current Melbourne Storm and ex NSW Origin coach, Craig Bellamy and ex Bronco, QLD and Kangaroo legend Darren Lockyer will provide plenty of interstate banter in their rugby league panel discussion just six days out from Origin 1.

Tickets are $160.00 each with an early bird price of $150 if you book before April 30; this includes canapés on arrival, a magnificent two-course meal and premium drinks package until 4.00p.m. Our new venue will also host the traditional ‘after party’ in a private bar downstairs with finger food provided!

All money raised will be used by the Sports Club to improve sporting facilities. This is an excellent event and I strongly encourage as many people as possible to ask their friends and families along and enjoy an afternoon of fun, food, drink and entertainment. Not to be missed!

To book your tickets please head straight to

Please be aware that rugby and football training will commence on the first day of Term 2 as per the ‘Term 2 Training Schedule’. This schedule is posted on the College’s website under AIC Rugby, Chess, Cross Country and Football sections.

Date Claimers (as per College Calendar)

  • AIC Rugby and Football trial v SPC Saturday 27th April (all teams, schedule to be posted within the ‘Weekly Fixture’ section found via the ‘Locker Room’)
  • Term 2 training
  • Year 7 – Year 12 rugby and First and Second football commences on Tuesday 23 April, this is the day of parent/teacher interviews. All players must find their own way to and from Villanova Park for training on that day. Training will commence at 4.00pm and concludes at 5.15pm. No bus transportation will be offered on this day.
  • All other training will commence on Wednesday 24 April as per ‘Term 2 Training Schedule’ found in the AIC rugby, football and chess section.

Many of our top tennis players have been invited to attend a First IV pre-season tennis training program which was to commence last week but was unfortunately cancelled due to the wet weather. This program will continue throughout the Easter vacation period as per documentation.

Villanova Junior Tennis Aces Program
All students who represented Villanova either as a reserve or player throughout the 2018 season in Year 5, Year 6, Year 7 or Year 8 have been invited to participate in the Junior Tennis Aces program this year.

These students will participate in a pre-season training program to develop the necessary skills and techniques for the season ahead. To that end, we will have four qualified tennis coaches on hand who will work with a squad of no more than 20 students for a one-hour training session each week for a total of eight weeks in the lead up to the AIC tennis season. These sessions will focus on the development of skills rather than game play.

Please note that these sessions will commence on Friday 26 April and will continue every Friday evening until Friday 14 June. These sessions run throughout Term 2 and are strategically placed to enable all students to participate in this program as well as any AIC football, rugby and cross-country programs on offer at the College. Only those students who participate in AIC chess will be unable to participate in this program as both will occur on the Friday evenings.

The expectation will be that those who are invited and participate in the program are prepared to play AIC Tennis if selected.

Where:  Churchie Tennis Courts
Time:  5.00pm – 6.00pm (Year 6 and Year 7) 6.00pm – 7.00pm (Year 8 and Year 9)
When:  Every Friday evening commencing 26 April – 14 June (eight sessions in total)
Who:  By invitation only, all Year 5, Year 6, Year 7 and Year 8 AIC tennis players in 2018 who are now in Year 6, Year 7, Year 8 and Year 9 in 2019 have been invited

AIC CROSS COUNTRY – Mr Brian Pascoe, AIC Cross Country Co-ordinator

Year 7 – Open Squad – Cross Country Holiday Training Program
Good numbers and hard work have epitomised training at the start of the 2019 cross country season.

Members of the cross country squad are strongly encouraged to continue their training during the Easter holidays to maintain the fitness developed through some excellent training during Term 1.

The squad will meet to have two opportunities for race practise on Saturday 6 and 13 April at the Stones Corner Parkrun. The details for these events are:

  • 6.20 am – Meet at Villanova College
  • 6.30 am – Leave Villanova College to run to Stones Corner and warm-up
  • 7.00 am – Parkrun Start
  • 7.40 am – Assemble near Parkrun finish line and either be dismissed to parents or join teachers jogging back to Villanova College.
  • Pick-up options, either – 7.40 am at Stones Corner Parkrun or 8.00 am at the Eighth Avenue entrance to Villanova College

Coach Barton will be also racing at these events as part of his training and has offered a pizza lunch to any student who finishes before him. Mr Roache has increased his training in anticipation, Game on!

The recommended Cross-Country training each week should incorporate (using the table below):

  • One session from List 4, with the Parkrun being the preferred option.
  • Two sessions from Option 1, 2 or 3.

Warm – up for all sessions 10 minutes Jog + Drills/Run throughs (high knees, butt flicks etc) the usual warm-up completed before each cross-country session.

Villanova College Cross-Country Easter Training Program

Option List 1

Speed Sessions

List 2

Fartlek Sessions

List 3

Hill Sessions/


List 4

Long Run/ Park Run


1 4-5 x 800m Reps, 2min rest

(Goal time 2.30)

3 x 9min Fartlek,

3min Rest

(4min on, 1min off, 2min on, 1min off, 1min on)

2 sets (4 x 30sec Hills, 1.30min rest) 3min Rest b/sets

(I.E 30sec uphill, 1.30min recovery downhill)

Park Run

(numerous convenient locations)

2 4- 5 x 3min Reps, 2min Rest 4 x 4min Fartlek, 3min Rest

(4x (30sec easy, 20sec hard 10sec harder)

Beach session

2 sets (4 x 15sec Sand Dune Hills, 1.30min rest) 3min Rest b/sets

(I.E 15sec uphill, 1.30min recovery downhill)

15min Threshold Run

(15min non-stop at race pace)

3 2 sets

(4x 200m Reps, 1.30 Rest)

(3min Rest b/sets)

(Goal time < 40sec)

20 min Fartlek

(2 x 90 sec on/off) + (4 x 60 sec on/off) + (4 x 30 sec on/off) + (4 x 15 sec on/off)

Beach session

2 sets (4x 150m Reps, 1.30 Rest) 3min Rest b/sets)

(Goal time 30sec – 40sec)

35min – 45min long Run

Please speak to any of the coaches if you have any questions or concerns about the cross-country holiday training program.

The Thompson’s Estate Athletics Club have kindly offered the opportunity for members of the Villanova cross-country squad to join them for training over the Easter holidays. Training times are 6.00 – 7.30 pm on Monday and Thursday evenings. The clubhouse and running track are situated at the Clem Jones Centre, 391 Stanley Road, Carina. Please wear full Villanova sports uniform if you attend, parents are also welcoming to participate.

‘Running well is having the patience to persevere when we are tired and not expect instant results.’ Rob de Castella

We look forward to having each runner in the team, become the best runner he can be. Dedication to training especially when no one is watching, is a key habit that enable a team, and an individual, to grow in character.  Challenge yourself boys, because we are confident that this season the squad can achieve higher than it ever has before!

Junior Cross-Country Training – Mr Tom Lonergan, Year 5 and Year 6 Cross Country Coach
Mr Lonergan will be offering cross country training sessions during the school holidays. These sessions are open to any runners who want to participate.

Training will be held from 8.30am – 10:00am at Whites Hill Reserve, Boundary Road Camp Hill. We assemble at the gate to Eastern Districts Cricket Ovals. Training will be held on the following dates:

Monday 8, 15 and 22 April. Wednesday 10 and 17 April and Friday 12 April. There will be no training on Good Friday or Easter Sunday.

Anyone wanting to prepare for the upcoming cross country competitions is invited to attend. Enquiries or telephone 3349 0767.

AIC CHESS – Mrs Sally England, AIC Chess Co-ordinator
The trials for participation in the 2019 AIC Chess Competition have come to an end, and as usual it has been an enthusiastic time, especially for the 40 juniors who originally signed up. Last Friday, the teams played against St Laurence’s at home, fielding C teams as well. It was an enjoyable night with many wins in the intermediate and senior groups. The object of the night was to trial students in positions to make those final decisions for teams, and this was very successful as it cemented places in all teams. However, apart from the Open team which is now decided, the boys will continue to play against each other to decide final placements in those three groups, which will remain fluid throughout the season, as strategy is decided against opponents as well as availability of players on the night.

The Open Team will be Alex Ilka, William Ilka, Sam Stenson, Max Eberhardt and Alex Wang, Reserve. Congratulations to those boys who are a formidable team. The senior group A and B will comprise of Year 12 students Jake Perrier, Alex Wang and Ethan Bell; Year 11 students Aidan Lee, Mason Luu, Tom Stenson, Mitchell Droop and Alex McDougall and Year 10 – Isaac Langford.

The Intermediate teams will include the following students in the A, B and C teams with the final make up being determined before the season starts. Year 9 Students – Harry Blaser, Tom Hoctor, Daniel Waugh, Connor Whitby, Christian Dang, Patrick Bryant and Blake Waugh; Year 8 students Alex Hulme, Tom Winn and Lachlan Sturgess and Year 7 – Harry Bryant, Oliver Wills, Nicholas Humphries, Max Blaser, Fionn Rossi, Seb Wilson and Oscar Comino. This is a formidable group of players with many of the boys only being able to play in the C team due to the proliferation of very good players.

It is important that those boys keep playing as they will be the basis of the intermediate team next year as the top players move up in to the senior ranks.

Finally, the Junior team where, as usual there was enormous enthusiasm. Unfortunately, we had to cull that to a small group of players. These boys will be in the A, and C teams and again will continue also to play for those final positions in the teams. They are Year 6 – Jack Neate, Adam Kielenniva, Eli Dunstan, Jess Livotto, Jordan Barry and Turlough O’Neill. Year 5 – Joshua Carroll, Reuben Wagels, Ryan Thomas, Riley Gaffney, Yianni Katsanevas, William Dolphin and Ben Lestani. Congratulations to all the boys and a reminder that they must continue to play during breaks for those final positions.

The first round will be against St Edmund’s at Ipswich but Juniors will not attend as there are no junior teams at St Edmund’s. There may be a further trial for the boys before the season starts on 26 April but that is yet to be confirmed. A notice will come home if that is to occur.

Good luck to all the teams in the upcoming season. I will not be available at this time, but the teams will be supervised and coached by Mrs Mylan Warren, Mr Greg O’Neill and two old boys Theo Samios a previous Captain, Tom Balshaw last year’s Vice Captain and Alex Ilka. All players are to be available every Friday night in Term 2 until the end of the season and parents are asked to contact Mrs Warren or Mr O’Neill ahead of time if a night is not available, or the boys are sick on the day so that arrangements can be made for the team.

Boys are to wear their formal uniform with ties. Home games will be played in the Library and away games will see the boys bussed to the venue and returned to Villa for your pick up. Ian information letter has been distributed this week so please check with your sons if they have not produced it for you. Each week the team information will be on the Sports page so please check it and the team will be honoured at an Assembly in Term 2.

Good luck for the season but most importantly, have fun!

Mr Craig Stariha, Director of Sport

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I would like to take this opportunity to thank our students, staff and families for a successful term.  The outcomes we are witnessing in rehearsal and lessons are effective and I believe that the program is in great shape for the year ahead.  I am looking forward to next term and the wonderful opportunities we have planned for our students.

Every second year, Villanova College and Loreto College combine their theatrical and musical expertise to present the highly-anticipated combined schools’ musical.  We are currently sourcing musical rights and are preparing to audition and cast our next musical at the beginning of Term 4, 2019.  This year, rehearsals will begin in November and will continue until the end of Term 4.  Rehearsals will resume during the student-free days from January 20 – 24, 2020.  A detailed rehearsal schedule will be published prior to audition so families can plan their availability.  The performance dates are February 27, 28, 29 February in the Hanrahan Theatre.

As a means of motivation over the Easter holidays, I would like to draw your attention to our date claimers for Term 2 (below).  The Keith and Dawn Wieneke Bursary has been moved from our regular Term 3 spot to mid-way through Term 2.  This move was made to alleviate pressures on assessment periods for the Senior School and lighten the load around QCMF.

Information regarding entry into this event, sign-up forms, and timing of heats will be communicated early next term.  I encourage you all to enter this competition as a means of focussing practice and receiving feedback over the coming 8-week period.  Look forward to hearing you all in the heats.

An email was sent home to our ‘tourists’ earlier this week regarding flights and the requirement for a College spray jacket on tour.  Please check your inbox and ensure this arrived safely.  Further information regarding our itinerary and performance dates/times on the road will be available over the coming fortnight.  As soon as this is received, they will be forwarded through.

A schedule of rehearsals and timeline of requirements for the trip will be sent home over the holidays.  Please note these dates in your planners to assist us in helping you make this tour a memorable one for all the right reasons!

In 2018, Villanova College Music Support Group were again the top selling fundraiser in Queensland for Entertainment Book!  This would not have been possible without our community’s ongoing support for this wonderful group and initiative.

All students in the music program are encouraged to participate in the Entertainment Book drive in order to raise ‘tour credits’ toward tours planned by the Music Department.  It is a great way for families to reduce the cost of these ‘large items’ over time as tour credits remain with the student until they are used or the student graduates.

All of our Year 5 students have been handed an entertainment book to assist their participation in this fundraising opportunity.  Books are to be returned at the end of Week 1 next term.

Thank you all very much for your continued support of this initiative.  We look forward to being one of Entertainments biggest contributors again!

The brand NEW 2019 | 2020 Entertainment Memberships
Order online NOW

As is tradition, we look forward to the fantastic events we have planned in the near future:

Term 2
2 29 April – 3 May Instrumental Music Task 1 Due (wind/brass/strings/percussion)
3 6 – 10 May Instrumental Music Task 2 Distributed (wind/brass/strings/perc.)
4 Monday 13 May Music Support Group / QCMF meeting – 7.30pm
4 Thursday 16 May Upper Intermediate String Festival – BGS – 3.30-5.30pm
5 Monday 20 May Upper Intermediate String Festival – BGS – 3.30-5.30pm
5 20 – 24 May Wieneke Music Bursary Heats – during school time across week
5 Thursday 23 May Upper Intermediate String Festival – BGS – 3.30-5.30pm Concert 6pm
6 Tuesday 28 May Wieneke Family Bursary Finals – Hanrahan Theatre

Thank you all for your continued support of Villanova Music.

Mr Michael Jones, Director of Music

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Parent Information

Silver Rose Photography will be taking class groups, individual and sibling photos on the following days:

  • Year 11 class groups and individual photos and Year 12 cohort and individual photos – Thursday May 2
  • Year 5 to Year 10 class groups, individual photos and all sibling orders – Thursday May 9

Sibling packages MUST be ordered before Tuesday 7 May (the sibling package will not be available to purchase as of Wednesday 8 May via the Silver Rose website).

All class group and individual orders MUST be in before Thursday 16 May to avoid the late fee of $9 (all orders placed on 17 May onwards will incur the late fee).

Please note that Silver Rose Photography never place student images online to view before purchase due to security reasons.  If you are not happy with the image provided Silver Rose will refund upon return of the photos.

Please click here for ordering instructions.

Tickets are now on sale via Trybooking.  This year, we dedicate the lunch to the memory of Mr Nick Simpson, an avid supporter of sport at Villanova College. What a fantastic afternoon it promises to be at our new venue – The Greek Club. Check out the line-up of speakers:

  • MC – former Wallaby and current Triple M Breakfast host and Fox Sports Presenter, Greg ‘Marto’ Martin
  • Laughs – former Australian Cricketer and famous raconteur, Greg ‘Fat Cat’ Ritchie
  • Special guest panellists who will talk all things Origin and Rugby League – current Melbourne Storm premiership-winning coach and former NSW Blues coach – Craig Bellamy and former Broncos, Queensland Origin and Kangaroos legend, and current Channel Nine presenter – Darren Lockyer

All details are attached on the invite. Do not miss out!

YEAR 7 MOTHERS’ WEEKEND – save the date
Date: 27 July, 2019
Venue: The Island Resort, Gold Coast
Cost: $140 superior twin; $160 twin suite, $40 deposit
Includes: accommodation, Saturday lunch and Sunday breakfast
Further details, including payment, will be advised.

Date: 2 June, 2019
Venue: Karingal Scout Camp, Mt Cotton
Cost: $30 per person
Includes: four games of skirmish and light refreshments
Further details, including payment, will be advised.

The 6th Annual Derby Day for Ladies (presented by the Villanova Sports Club)
Date: Saturday 2 November, 2019
Time: 1.00pm – 4.00pm
Venue: Blackbird Bar and Grill

Join the Villanova Derby Day for Ladies Facebook group to stay up-to-date.

MOTHER’S DAY STALL – it’s on again!
YAYM (Young Augustinian Youth Ministry) invites fellow Villanovans to visit the 2019 Mother’s Day Stall! High quality gifts, beautifully wrapped (including a gift card) will be available.

Prices of gifts are $5, $10 and $20, and there is something for everyone. This stall is dedicated to women with the proceeds going to Breast Cancer Research and the Adult Learning Program in the Philippines. The stall will be open daily at first break, beginning on Tuesday 30 April  through to Tuesday 7 May or until stocks run out!

To all Mothers, Grandmothers and Godmothers, we wish you a wonderful Mother’s Day on Sunday 12 May.

You should be known for the beauty that comes from within, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet Spirit, which is so precious to God. ~ 1 Peter 3:4

Kath Underhill, John Holroyd and YAYM students

To view our current tuckshop menu: Tuckshop Menu Price List – 2019

Monday 22 April
Easter Monday holiday

Tuesday 23 April
Pupil Free Day – Parent/Teacher interviews

Wednesday 24 April
Tina McCaul
Peta Gomersall
Kathy McCaul
Maria Corones
Lena Bazzo
Lisa Gorry
Denise Smith
Fiona Jenkins
Eleni Diakos

Thursday 25 April

Friday 26 April
Caroline Agnew
Louise Pertnikovs
Jacki Wilson
Pauline Vasta
Adriana Sofios
Gerry Ternel
Maria Nicolaou
Kim Creevey
Naomi Jansen
Jelena Duskovic
Olivia Becar
Rita D’Amore
Kathy Lerato


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Community News

This year Loreto College commissioned playwright Suzie Miller to write an original play for  Drama students to perform.  Time After Time will be presented at the Ron Hurley Theatre, Seven Hills on May 23, 24 and 25.

Villanova College students were given the opportunity to audition for the production with Joshua Smith, Dylan Crouch and Jacob Keay successful in securing roles.

Suzie Miller is a graduate of the NIDA Playwrights’ Studio, has a Masters degree in Theatre and a Masters degree in Law. Her plays have been performed all over the world, most recently in Edinburgh to wide acclaim. It is an honour to have Suzie in the audience on May 25 to see her magical realism play come to life on stage.  The script sensitively depicts the relationship between three generations of women and explores how we often walk in our mother’s footsteps.  Tickets on sale soon.


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Archive Anecdotes


The Crest has been an essential element of the uniform since the College foundation in 1948, and documented to be on the blazer pocket and hat band of the first “Outfit List”.  The Crest consists of three “V”s, and an open book with a large heart crossing both pages.

The large central V signifies “Villanova” and the two smaller ones represent the motto “Vincit Veritas” – Latin words for truth conquers.  These words were inscribed in the stained glass at the house, Whinstanes where Villanova College first began in 1948.  This window is now located as a feature in the Foyer of the Hanrahan Theatre.

Vincit Veritas was adopted as the College moto since St Augustine’s teachings stressed the importance of knowledge and truth.  “Nothing conquers except truth” –Sermon 358.

The book and the heart are taken from the coat of arms of the Augustinian order.  The open book illustrates the quest for truth so ardently pursued by the Augustinians – “Lord, that I may know myself, that I may know Thee”.  The heart is the symbol of the love which inflamed Augustine’s whole being, and urged him to continue the quest until he was secure in the possession of Truth itself.

In 2019 our students proudly display the College Crest on the pocket of their blazer, knitted jumper, both hats, tie and all sporting team outfits.

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