Principal's Welcome

Welcome back to all our boys and their families after a well-deserved Easter break. While the health and wellbeing challenges of the pandemic are not over it is at least relieving that we can look forward with at least a level of predictability to the term ahead. While there will continue to be inevitable challenges and outbreaks of illness, we have at least established a way forward, both at Villanova and more broadly across the community.

Across the Easter period I had an interesting conversation with a friend as we shared a family meal on Good Friday evening. She asked

“So, what is all this no meat deal today?” “Why is that, where does it come from?”

It was a question that as a Catholic I am rarely asked and so to answer it took some quick but careful thought. How do I put my Christian faith and practice forward in a way that explains ‘no meat on Fridays’? Because when you term it as she had it does seem quite ludicrous because how is it possible that not eating meat can have any significant effect on the ‘saving of one’s soul.’

So, in response (whether it fulfilled the intricacies of the catechism or not is questionable) but I chose to speak of the Lenten and Easter season, about it not being a ‘one day’ thing nor really a ‘no meat’ agenda. It was important to detail the real message – that this Easter period is a culmination event. That in the Christian calendar we take a period of time to consider our last twelve months, our failings, our intentions and our reflections on how we can truly be our best selves to others and make strong commitments to fulfilling those actions and attitudes. Good Friday is central to the story as that is the day we mark Jesus’ sacrifice and acknowledgement of our failings as humans, but Easter is the day in which we celebrate his resurrection, the idea for us of a renewal and a forgiveness and the first day of our commitment to becoming better people to ourselves, our families and those with whom we share our lives and have impact upon.

Our reflections across the Lenten period centre on the person of Christ, his teachings, message and sacrifice. The Easter story is a challenge to live faithful lives, to accept our mistakes and fallibilities but always strive to renew, forgive and reconcile moving forward in word and action that delivers to those around us care and compassion and leads to just and right relationships close by us and extended more broadly to society. Individual actions that shape a society that cares for each one other, challenges injustice, considers the earth and its environment and encourages love as the prevailing force that guides us and our decisions.

This is Easter for me anyway. To celebrate the gift of life and my part in that. To take time to consider where I can be better. How I have failed in my dealings, decisions and actions against others and searching for a way forward. To be the person I was born to be, made in the image and likeness of Christ and constantly challenged to live up to the person of love whom he was. While others, including my guest, was not of faith she was certainly accepting and encouraged that this then was a very special time of year. A time where a change in diet was a great way of reminding oneself to be better, be kinder, be forgiving. A time of year worthy to be embraced, cherished, and continued each year. I do hope that in your family you were able to use the Lenten and Easter period as a time of reflection, consideration, and renewal and that you and your family are feeling stronger and ready for the year ahead and the difficulties, challenges and triumphs that will inevitably befall you.

College Masterplan 2023 – 2030 Community Consultation
Across Term One the College Leadership Team and Board have been heavily involved in the process of generating and new College Masterplan that will respond to the changing needs of boys and education as well as addressing some of the current needs on campus for a growing and vital campus community.

We have reached the stage of community sharing and consultation and this will be published for comment and consideration by families in the next two weeks. More details will come but please be aware of this impending opportunity to be involved in developing the future of the College and the educational journey and facilities for your sons.

Student Behaviour Support Strategies and College Response to Bullying Framework
Our Pastoral Team has begun a process in Term One of reviewing the College Response to Bullying Framework and our College wide behaviour support strategies. We want to ensure a safe environment for all our boys, acknowledging that as boys and young men they do, and will continue to make mistakes, but equally ensure that there is a just, fair, reliable, and consistent process of managing classrooms, behaviour incidents and relationship challenges and breakdowns.

We have across Term One conducted a critique of practices and looked to identify gaps and inconsistencies and shared together a process of reimaging and rebuilding a positive behaviour response framework that incorporates as a cornerstone restorative practice and relational pedagogy. Staff consultation on the adjusted program begins next week with a sharing among the student body and the parent group for reflection and comment by mid-term.

ANZAC Day March
On Monday, our students are welcome to join the Villanova College contingent at 7:45am at Baragoola St, Coorparoo (opposite St James Church) for the ANZAC Day March commencing at 8:00am. Students attending are asked to dress in full academic uniform.

Rugby, Football and Cross-Country Season
The winter sport season always brings great enthusiasm and fervour to school life. It is strange phenomenon when one considers that various sport is conducted all year round and club sport is equally engaging for boys, however, the AIC school sport winter season is that something extra. As a parent I think I found the answer. It is the time when I could sit, watch and enjoy not only my son and his talent, but that of his friends, of other students in the school and enjoy it with others. In essence this winter sport season is a celebration of community.

Many a Mum and Dad enjoy not only their game but the next, and the next because they are chatting and sharing and building supports. It really is a time of building “Cor Unum” – One Heart. We share our stories together of the week past and the week ahead, of what is happening in our lives. In sharing we listen to others. This is what we want all our school sport, and music and cultural activities to be at Villanova College, opportunities for Cor Unum to occur. It is centre of our Augustinian heritage and attitude, One Mind, One Heart on the way toward God. This is for everyone, not just our boys. At Villanova, our parents are just as much a part of the belonging and loving community as our students, at least that should be our goal.

To be true to this I would encourage all parents then to;

  • Support with fervour but with positive intent toward our teams and the opposition.
  • Respect our coaches and their intent to improve and challenge your son and his talents.
  • Challenge your son to be his best, behave his best and take the disappointment with the If he has executed his skills to the best of his ability offer him praise, if not encouragement – but do not support his excuses; challenge them.
  • Respect our opposition and make them feel valued and welcome.
  • Support the referees and officials, without them there is no game.
  • Find opportunities to volunteer and support the community – in the canteen, as referees or officials, as coaches.
  • Where possible stay and support the Villanova teams.

Villanova Cares Concert – Friday April 29 2022
We are getting very close to our Villanova Cares concert on Friday evening April 29 on the Terraces at the College. Sponsored by Greg Cooley Wines and presenting former Australia’s Got Talent Winner David DeVito. It should be a wonderful night in which we get the opportunity to support and stand in solidarity with those who are affected by floods, have been displaced and are still awaiting housing solutions and of course our traditional AFAS partners in the Philippines I encourage you to get a table together and take the chance to share in community.

Villanova Carnival – Saturday July 23 2022
While it may be some time away, I would ask all to put into their diaries the Villanova Carnival, back after a COVID enforced hiatus. Our P&F president Mr Peter Roberts is certainly focused on putting together a great event and is certainly in need of parents and community members to assist.

While there will be more direct calls to arms in the future if you are keen to help you are most welcome to contact the Principals Office through via email at to offer any support and we can put you in touch with Peter and the P&F Organising Team.

It is with sadness I share of the passing of Mr Merv Gordon.

Merv’s four sons attended Villanova; Shiloh Gordon (1989), Lucas Gordon (1990), Craig Gordon (1991) and Liam Gordon (1993). His grandson Michael Gordon is currently a Year 12 student.  We share with the family our condolences on their loss.

“Eternal rest grant unto Merv, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon him. May his soul and the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace.”


Mr Paul Begg, Principal

In keeping with the spirit of Reconciliation, Villanova College acknowledges the Yuggera and Turrbal peoples, as the Traditional Custodians of this land on which we stand.  We pay our respects to Elders, past, present and emerging.  This has always been, and always will be, a place of teaching and learning connected to country, culture and community. 


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Junior School



Each week in the Junior School we have a different focus for personal and community development. This week we have had the focus of Be a team player.

On the surface level we are referencing the first round of rugby and football against Ashgrove this weekend. For some of our Year 5 students, this is their first opportunity to represent the College. We wish them luck as the experience competing in the Green and Gold for the first time. This round is still a trial period, so coaches are looking for individual skill, as well as an ability to be a team player.

On a deeper developmental level, being a team player is about collaboration, the common good and right relationships. Using the developmental relationship framework that we use in all our relationships, the elements of express care, challenge growth and  provide support are explored in our wellbeing lessons.

Our Year 6 Class Leaders are pivotal in promoting the focus of the week. Each week along with teachers, they give out gotchas for students who are demonstrating the qualities of the focus of the week. Each gotcha is worth five points in our Junior School House Competition.

This week we welcome our new Year 6 Class Leaders for Term Two.

6 Blue – Dominic Lewis

6 Red – Mitch Rigby

6 Green – Sammy Tesch

6 Gold – Hardy Watson

6 White – Charlie Campbell

6 Black – Charlie Caruso

These students work together to create and lead meaningful competitions for all Junior School boys to participate in and have fun. We look forward to an exciting term ahead.

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Middle School

In 2022 we sometimes forget.  We sometimes forget to tell our parents we love them. We sometimes forget our friends’ birthdays [even with Facebook or Insta reminding us]! We sometimes forget to put the bins out. We sometimes forget to hand that note from school to parents. We sometimes even honestly forget to do our homework because we did not write it down in our diary.

But as ANZAC Day 2022 approaches, and we down tools for the day, we must not allow ourselves to forget. ANZAC Day must not be allowed to become just another public holiday. ANZAC Day is set aside for a reason – to ensure that we never forget. Do not forget the sacrifice. Do not forget the suffering. Do not forget that war is a horror that no one should have inflicted upon them. Do not forget the sacrifice that others have made – for us – in the hope that we may never have to experience what they have.

For too many Australians “Lest We Forget” is a catchphrase that lies dormant for the rest of the year. For our young people, despite growing attendance numbers at ceremonies, it is becoming increasingly difficult to make emotional connections with the themes and values of ANZAC Day at other times of the year. As parents and teachers, we all have a responsibility to ensure that the message of ANZAC Day is not lost, forgotten, or just delegated to this one day of the year.

As with all learning, our young men need meaningful experiences in order to create long-lasting memories.

This week, our College community gathers for its annual ANZAC Ceremony. This moving assembly will undoubtedly capture the hearts and minds of our students as we remember and acknowledge the service of men and women who selflessly fought for this country and for those who still do.

On Monday, our students are welcome to join the Villanova College contingent at 7:45am at Baragoola St, Coorparoo (opposite St James Church) for the annual parade commencing at 8:00am. Students are asked to dress in full academic uniform.

I look forward to seeing as many Middle School boys there as can make it.

All the best for the week ahead.


Mr Greg O’Neill, Head of Middle School

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Senior School

Welcome back to all Senior School students and families for the commencement of Term 2. I hope that the holiday period, especially finishing with the Easter long weekend, was a source of great renewal and relaxation after the frenetic pace of the first term.

The consistent message by Church leaders in celebrating our holiest of weekends in the Christian calendar was that God is always present in our lives, even amidst the struggles and challenges associated with the pandemic and the devastation of war in Ukraine. Pope Francis in his Easter message proclaimed the following:

“Our eyes, too, are incredulous on this Easter of war. We have seen all too much blood, all too much violence. Our hearts, too, have been filled with fear and anguish, as so many of our brothers and sisters have had to lock themselves away in order to be safe from bombing. We struggle to believe that Jesus is truly risen, that he has truly triumphed over death. Could it be an illusion? A figment of our imagination? No, it is not an illusion! Today, more than ever, we hear echoing the Easter proclamation so dear to the Christian East: “Christ is risen! He is truly risen!” Today, more than ever, we need him, at the end of a Lent that has seemed endless. We need the crucified and risen Lord so that we can believe in the victory of love and hope for reconciliation. Today, more than ever, we need him to stand in our midst and repeat to us: “Peace be with you!”

With the placement of Easter at the conclusion of the holiday period and with the student-parent-teacher conferences this afternoon and tomorrow, this first week is incredibly short. In addition, we have two further long weekends which is why it is vitally important that students remain focused and disciplined in returning to their study routines.

During the holiday period, I hope that all Senior School students and parents unpacked the mid-semester report and purposefully reflected upon the feedback of teachers in relation to diligence towards learning, classroom behaviour and participation, study habits and overall progress. Following further feedback across the student-parent-teacher conferences, I expect that all Senior School students know what they need to do to in order to drive their individual improvement agenda this term.

Trimester Two Sport and Expectations
I am incredibly excited for the start of another trimester of AIC Sport this weekend with the final trial fixtures in Chess, Football and Rugby against Marist College Ashgrove before the commencement of Round 1 next weekend against Iona College.

I strongly encourage all Senior School students, whether you are playing or not, to engage in the strong community aspect of term two sport by supporting our teams this across the season, especially the First XI and First XV.

I have the highest expectations of all students regarding the conduct of both players and spectators. Whilst I encourage a competitive spirit and a strong will to win, students should never compromise our values- especially the importance of remaining humble in victory and showing grace when facing defeat; two pillars of true sportsmanship.

Our unity as a College community is also fortified when students wear their College uniform with pride. All Senior School students who are spectating must wear their full winter academic uniform including tie and blazer. This includes players who after finishing their games are expected to change into their academic uniform. Spectators for the First XI and First XV fixtures will all sit together in a sectioned off area. Students representing the College in Open Teams or A teams must also arrive before their game in full academic uniform before changing into their playing attire prior to warm-up.

ANZAC Day March
On Monday, our students are welcome to join the Villanova College contingent at 7:45am at Baragoola St, Coorparoo (opposite St James Church) for the ANZAC Day March commencing at 8:00am. Students attending are asked to dress in full academic uniform.

“Peace is possible; peace is a duty; peace is everyone’s primary responsibility!” – Pope Francis


Mr Matt Levander, Head of Senior School


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Ministry and Formation News

Ongoing Conversion – The Call of the Risen Christ!
We return to Term 2, fresh with the Easter story in our hearts.  This year with the invasion of Ukraine, floods and the reality of living with COVID, the story of Jesus’ suffering, death and resurrection may be resonating in new ways.  We invite you to take a couple of minutes to listen to the Easter message of the Provincial Leader of the Augustinians, Fr Peter Jones.

Year 12 Retreat – A Mountaintop Experience
Term 1 ended for our Year 12 students with two days away together at Mt Tamborine.  Despite the all too familiar experience of more flooding rains, and the imminent threat of COVID, our students, together with staff, prioritised this time together to step back, share stories, and reflect both on who we are becoming and where we experience the sacred in the midst of this.  This year the Senior’s theme “In Ourselves the Future Lies” provided an immensely powerful lens through which students were able to consider where they have been and what is most important as they move forward.  St Augustine, preaching so many hundreds of years ago captured the experience so aptly:

“In this world, two things are essential: life and friendship.

Both should be highly prized, and we must not undervalue them.

Life and friendship are nature’s gifts.

God created man that he might exist and live: this is life.

But if man is not to remain solitary, there must be friendship.” Sermon Denis 16, 1

Our students summarised the time away:

“Retreat was an amazing experience for our cohort. The vulnerability we felt and the connections we made were outstanding. The experience opened my eyes to how we should cherish the memories we have made and will continue to make and the gratitude we should show for the people we surround ourselves with considering the horrific events happening in Ukraine. The retreat will forever stay with me.”

Vinnies Easter Baskets
At the end of last term deliveries of Easter baskets containing food and treats were delivered to families in need in our local community.  A huge thank-you to all the students and families that brought in food and essential household items to their pastorals across the Lenten season, and to our YAYM students and Vinnies students who worked to put all the baskets together to respond to the individual needs of households.  Our students and staff making deliveries reported their deep appreciation for these baskets, and the children in one family had even prepared a homemade card to express their gratitude to our community wishing us a Happy Easter.

Villa Cares Flood Appeal – Tickets Available For Friday 29 April
Time for a night of music, good wines and great company?  Please consider coming along to the Villa Cares Flood Appeal, or perhaps even get together a whole table.  The Villa Cares Flood Benefit, presented by Greg Cooley Wines, featuring David De Vito and friends and will raise much needed funds for those affected by the recent devastating floods.  Tickets can be purchased through Trybooking:

ANZAC Day March
On Monday, our students are welcome to join the Villanova College contingent at 7:45am at Baragoola St, Coorparoo (opposite St James Church) for the ANZAC Day March commencing at 8:00am. Students attending are asked to dress in full academic uniform.


Ms Kate Garrone, Dean of Mission and Identity

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Teaching and Learning News

It is great to be back for Term 2. After what was another unpredictable term, the staff are certainly hoping that we return with some sense of normality, albeit still under the cloud of a virus that refuses to let up.

Term 1 finished with the majority of our students completing examinations and assignments. This week, and possibly into next week, a number of students will be completing catch up examinations after missing them through absence last term. Students have been reminded to attend the sessions on offer to complete this assessment as soon as possible.

Parent-Student-Teacher conferences are being held this week via Microsoft Teams. The College sees this an important opportunity for parents / guardians and students to meet online with teachers to discuss student progress across Term 1. Conferences are being held from 3.30 to 7.00pm today and 9.00am to 2.00pm tomorrow (Friday is a student-free day).

Health and Physical Education – Villanova Partners with the Queensland University of Technology
As part of a study into the effectiveness of different approached to learning physical skills, Villanova has joined with the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) in a research project.

Senior Physical Education teacher Ms Emily Want liaised extensively with QUTs Dr Brendan Moy to engage students in a range of learning activities focusing upon swimming and stroke correction. Students then reflected upon their level of involvement and attitude to the different approaches. The data will be used to help devise approaches that will help maximise involvement in a range of physical activities and hopefully lead to lifelong involvement in physical activity.

I would like to acknowledge Ms Want’s significant efforts in nurturing this relationship with QUT and we look forward to seeing the results of this project in the near future.


Mr John Christie, Dean of Teaching and Learning

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‘In our highly competitive world today, there are two types of success: One type is the lone ranger who outruns and overpowers everyone else to reach the summit and become the sole master. The other type is the one who is happy to be part of something great, win or lose, because success is measured by the joy of participation itself. The Villanova Wildcats show that a successful team is not measured by the number of wins alone, for every team will win and lose; rather, success is measured by the capacity to share joys and sorrows together, to love the good in the other.

Victory begins with a team that is united in heart and mind. Only when bonds of interdependence are stronger than bonds of individualism can team members rise above the raw emotions of a lost game or hurtful words hurled by an opponent or serious physical injuries.’

Quote taken from the article ‘Villanova Wildcats: a team inspired by St. Augustine’. Written by Ilia Delio, April 1, 2022

As we begin our biggest term of sport, in regard to student participation, the above quote stood out in the article and made me reflect on how we measure success. I hope that our players look to each other and offer encouragement and support, as our 59 rugby and football teams take the field for the trial against Ashgrove this week in preparation for the upcoming season. No team will win by individuals taking it upon themselves to go it alone but rather as a collective group, through good healthy communication and commitment to the cause, we might achieve the successes that come with teamwork.

I take this opportunity to welcome back all families to Villanova for what I hope was a restful and enjoyable time as a family over the Easter break. Looking ahead there is no doubt that Term 2 sport will be another action-packed adventure. During this term AIC chess, cross country, rugby and football will get into full swing. The annual AIC Golf Championship will also be played. This tournament has been moved from Term 4 to Term 2 this year. Our AIC Cross Country squads will continue with their preparations for the up-coming AIC Cross Country Championships held on Wednesday 1 June held at Curlew Park in Week 7.

This weekend Villanova will play a trial round of chess, rugby and football v Marist College Ashgrove (MAR). Matches at Villanova Park will begin at 7.30am and the day will conclude by 12.30pm. Given it is a long weekend, this arrangement is beneficial to both Colleges as I am no doubt aware many families may be looking to depart for a well-earned long weekend after the games. As from Round 1 the start times will revert to the normal 2.15pm kick off time for the 1st rugby and remain at 12.15pm for the 1st football.

Our 1st tennis development squad have begun their 2022 pre-season program which will be held each Wednesday evening at the Morningside Tennis Centre. On top of this, there will be many Lytton/Composite and Met East events held throughout the term as per the regional sports calendar.

As you can see there are plenty of opportunities for all students to become involved in the sports program. We expect that when a boy commits himself to a sporting team or squad, he follows through with that commitment until the end of season.

May I please ask parents to note this section – Prior to the commencement of each sports season the College requires all students to complete an ‘online sign–on form’. Both the student and the parent are required to check a box indicating that they are willing to commit to that sport for the whole season.

The Sports Office uses this information to determine how many teams the College will nominate in that sport in each year level into the AIC competition. Coaches are appointed and training schedules, equipment, refs etc. are then organised to ensure all students are catered for. We ask parents to support the College by ensuring their son attends all training sessions and is available to play each weekend. With two long weekends approaching it is important that all players make themselves available to play their allocated games on these weekends. If families are travelling away on these weekends, we ask that this be done after your son’s game is played. With the number of students who have registered to play rugby or football we have purposely submitted more teams into the competition with less reserves in each team to maximise every player’s playing time. If players do not attend the games on these long weekends, teams will be left short. This is not the Villanova way. Again, please consider your son’s commitment to the team before making travel plans.

As we approach the chess, rugby and football trial matches for the season this weekend may I please ask parents to be patient and understanding of the selection process. It is always a very short turnaround from season to season in the AIC calendar. The next two weeks both at training and during the trial games will be important for coaches in the selection process. Please attend all training sessions and games to make this process easier. We understand that Covid is still impacting families and that some boys will not be able to attend sessions. This will impact the selections of teams, but all players will be given the opportunity to state their case for selection upon return. With this in mind, it is very important that players inform coaches that they will not be attending training or matches and give them an explanation as to why they will be absent. This obviously saves confusion and allows for teams to adjust combinations and prepare appropriately.

Please note also that development squads will be selected at the conclusion of the AIC season and only students who play for the College can be considered for selection. It is our policy that we develop players who represent the College and that boys who choose to play club over school sport, can be developed by their club or association.

I wish everybody the very best this term and please remember to get involved, offer your talents to the College and enjoy and good times spent with your mates!

College uniform expectations at 1st XV and 1st XI matches

When our 1st XI and 1st XV teams run out on to the field each Saturday, we want to have as much support for them as possible and would hope that many students stay around or come from the away venue to watch them play. Students and families are encouraged to stay and watch the Firsts after their match has concluded. Year 5 – 8 students who want to attend the matches, will come from the away venue to watch. ALL students MUST change from their playing uniform into their academic uniform to spectate. Only players in the 2nds who will sit on the line for the Firsts may remain in their sports uniform.

Chess, Rugby  Football Trial Round v Marist College Ashgrove – Friday 22 and Saturday 23 April

Please go to the College’s website to view all times and venues for this weekend’s fixtures v MAR. Note that the weekly draw is found in the ‘Weekly Fixture’ section.

Villanova Park Canteen – Sports Club

The Sports Club requests the assistance of parents to help serve or cook at our canteens on the weekend. As players should arrive at least 30 minutes before their game for warm up we propose parents could assist in the canteen during this time. After the warmup period working in the canteen parents could then see their son’s game. If we all pitched in it would make the task less demanding for others and helps build the community spirit. Please help if you can.

Rugby/Football Canteen Roster

Villa Park – Trial v MAR – 23rd April

We kindly ask parents to assist when their son arrives for warm up 30 minutes before their scheduled game.

If all parents who can assist could please report to Robyn Gunning

Time Rugby Parents Football Parents
7.00am 9A, 9B, 9C
7.30am 4th XV, 10D, 9C
8.00am 10A, 10B, 9D
8.30am 3rd XV, 10C, 9B
9.00am 2nd XI, 4th XI, 10C
9.30am 2nd XV, 10B, 9A
10.00am 1st XI, 3rd XI, 5th XI
10.30am 1stt XV, 10A

AIC Rugby and Football

Please ensure you access the College’s website to view weekly team lists, coaches contact details, by-laws, training schedules and weekly fixture schedules.

Be reminded that we are still in the trial process stage. We are hopeful that the teams will settle down next week after the trials this weekend against Marist College Ashgrove leading into Round 1 of the season.

AIC Rugby – Mr Chris Everding, AIC Rugby Coordinator

The fields looked fantastic at training on Tuesday afternoon and there was some excitement bubbling around the fact that we will hopefully get a full season in.

This weekend sees the Year 5 – 8 boys away to Marist College Ashgrove and we especially look forward to seeing the Year 5 boys run around in what will be their first game of rugby for Villanova. The Ashgrove canteen for the rugby and football season will be cashless, if parents wish to purchase items.  The Year 9 – Open teams will be home to Ashgrove. Could I please ask that parents give a little bit of your time when you drop your boys off to assist in the Villanova canteen. You will be able to shoot off and watch your boys play and it is helping raise money for the Sports Club, who work tirelessly to provide equipment for ALL sports at Villanova. It is also a great way to meet other families at Villanova and helps build a great community.

A big thanks needs to go out to the coaches for their efforts in putting together teams in such a short timeframe and with so many disruptions. We still have another two training sessions and a trial game prior to Round 1 next week and it should also be pointed out that teams can change weekly because all the boys train together, injuries will become a factor in selections, as will Covid and many sides will play at the same venue each week. Please keep encouraging your sons if they believe they should be in a higher grade.  We have a great and experienced team of coaches, and they will move players around and promote players where it is warranted.  It is not just the playing ability that determines where a player ends up. His attitude at training and his commitment to the team that he has been chosen to represent, have a large bearing on the decisions that the selectors make.

Ballymore Cup

Over the holidays the Andrew Slack squad participated in the Ballymore Cup, a tournament played by schools across Southeast Queensland at Albany Creek Sports Complex. Our boys competed in two matches on both the first Saturday and Sunday of the holidays and then played a playoff match on the Monday. The coaches had the opportunity to play a lot of the boys and have a look at them in different positions and try different combinations as a way of fine-tuning the boys coming into the AIC competition.

Round 1          Villanova 17 – Somerset College 12

Round 2          Sunshine Coast Grammar 17 – Villanova 5

Round 3          Sunshine Coast Grammar 17 – Villanova 7

Round 4          Villanova 10 – Downlands College 7

Play off            Kings Christian College 33 – Villanova 5

Rugby Camp- Runaway Bay

Many thanks to Eddie Harris, Jon Winsbury and Matt Levander for their leadership in running the rugby camp at Runaway Bay for the Andrew Slack Squad. The highlight for me on the camp were the sessions in the Gold Room where many of the boys shared their hopes and dreams with each other and spoke about the way they needed to ‘act’ and ‘to be seen’ by the community when they represent the College.

They were also fortunate to have Andrew Slack attend one of the sessions to speak to the boys and he brought along Greg Cornelsen, a 25-test veteran from the late seventies. Greg scored four tries against the All Blacks in the third test at Eden Park in 1978 and is still the only forward to have achieved this feat. Greg and Andrew spoke of about handling wins and losses, preparing for games and what it meant to them to represent their school. It was well received by the boys and gave them a lot to think about as they prepare to play for Villa again.

 AIC Football – Mr Anthony Kemp, AIC Football Coordinator

This week saw the return of our football teams to training in what was definitely another unusual start to the season thanks mostly to the weather. As we are still in the trial process and sorting out teams with player movement, this weekend will serve as an important hit out for our boys. Our coaches have had a tough task so far with minimal training and trial games to get teams sorted and will use this weekend as another opportunity to work out their team lists. It is important to note that players will have the ability to move up and down teams throughout the season as well. I would like to thank our coaches for their hard work so far in getting the season underway.

Our Year 5-8 teams will be playing away this week at Marist College Ashgrove. This is no doubt an exciting occasion for all boys to get out there in a proper hit out and especially for our Year 5 boys playing in their first match for Villa. The Year 9-Open teams will be playing home this week at Villa Park and hosting Marist College Ashgrove. Could we please ask that boys arrive 30 minutes prior to their games to allow them sufficient time to get ready and allow the coaches to plan for the game. Also, if we would ask any parents who are available to help in the canteen whilst out at Villa Park on the weekends that would be greatly appreciated.

Please ensure that you check the College website for team lists and weekly schedules.

We are certainly looking forward to getting the football season started and here is hoping to no more disruptions!

NEW 2022 Villanova Rugby and Football Uniforms – 2022

ALL students from Years 5-12 in both rugby and football must purchase the Villanova rugby and football uniform in readiness for the up-coming season. This includes shorts, jersey and socks. The Uniform Shop will have all rugby and football gear available for purchase.

Note – we have a NEW line of rugby and football jerseys and shorts this year. We are asking all families to purchase the NEW uniforms as listed below EXCEPT the Year 6 cohort who must still wear their old-style Canterbury rugby and football jerseys (as these were only purchased last year).  We ask the Year 6 cohort not to buy the new gear as we would like all boys in Year 6 to wear the same gear for the games and team photos.

The new and old jerseys are very different.

IMPORTANT – all boys who sign up for rugby and football WILL make a team, therefore, parents can purchase these items of clothing now. We are expecting players to have their uniforms ready to wear on the Saturday 23 April trial against Marist College Ashgrove.

Villanova Rugby Uniform

  • New 2022 Villanova Rugby jersey (to be worn by all Year levels excluding the Year 6 cohort who must wear the old-style Canterbury jersey)
  • Villanova Rugby shorts (the new and old style are the same, that is plain green, both are acceptable)
  • NEW 2022 Villanova Rugby/Football socks (for all boys from Year 5-12, the old socks are not acceptable)
  • Mouthguards compulsory (not stocked in the Uniform Shop)
  • Head gear optional (not stocked in the Uniform Shop)

Villanova Football Uniform

  • NEW 2022 Villanova Football jersey (to be worn by all Year levels excluding the Year 6 cohort who must wear the old-style Canterbury jersey)
  • Villanova Football shorts (the football shorts are the same as the PE shorts, which is plain green. The Year 6 cohort may wear the plain green PE shorts too or the old-style Canterbury football shorts which match the old-style football jersey)
  • NEW 2022 Villanova Rugby/Football socks (all boys from Year 5-12, the old socks are not acceptable)
  • Shin-guards compulsory (not stocked in the Uniform Shop)

AIC Chess – Mrs Sally England and Mr Matt Conlan AIC Chess Co-ordinators

The AIC Chess season resumes in Term Two with our second trial round against Marist College Ashgrove at Villanova this Friday. While it is not compulsory to attend all training sessions, every player whose name is on a team list should make themselves available for at least one of these lunchtimes every week. These sessions are ideal to practise the ideas we have been looking at during morning training (forced check-mating patterns and opening principles). Please find team lists and training schedules on the College website.

Congratulations to the Junior Boys who have been chosen for the AIC Team.  Boys are expected to attend Friday for some coaching and final practice unless other arrangements have been made. See agenda below. Boys not in the team can attend for all or part of the practice day but due to Covid restrictions are not able to attend during the games.

Junior Chess Program: Friday 22 April 2022

  • 00am start, meeting at the Tolle Lege Library. A coaching session will be conducted for an hour until approx. 11.00am
  • Practice from 11.00am – 12.00pm
  • Break and lunch from 12.00pm – 1.00pm Pizza provided
  • Practice from 1.00pm – 3.00pm – short break at 2.00pm
  • Spectators can leave at any time as long as parents/carers arrive to pick up or a note is given to teacher about transport arrangements, but 3.00pm might be good if they are not playing Ashgrove.
  • break 3.00pm – 4.00pm approximately or when Ashgrove arrive.
  • Afternoon tea
  • Games start. Two rounds. Finish unclear, probably around 5 – 5.30 for the Junior boys, who may leave when they are finished, but are to be picked up at the Library by parents. They are not to go outside they must be picked up in the library after teachers are informed.

The Intermediate and Senior Teams will have a final trial day on Friday to finalise selections and by the end of the day the teams will be chosen. All boys in these two sections are expected to attend on the day unless prior arrangements have been made.

Intermediate and Senior

  • Day starts for the Intermediate and Senior teams at 9.00am with a coaching session until 10.00am (Tolle Lege Library)
  • Final trials will start and continue until 12.00 with short breaks where required.
  • Lunch 12.00pm – 1.00pm
  • Trials continue until 3.00pm
  • Break from 3.00pm until Ashgrove arrival
  • Games start in the Tolle Lege Library and finish approx. 6.00pm – 30pm

Boys can attend in ordinary clothes but must bring their formal uniform to change into for the games. Please bring morning tea, a pizza will be provided for lunch.

Please contact Mrs England: if there are any questions.

AIC Cross Country

The student participation in the Year7-12 program has been excellent. It is good to see that the solid numbers present at training last term have not dropped off this term. Please see below some reminders regarding the training schedules.

Year 5 and Year 6 Squad

Training will be held each Monday and Wednesday afternoon from 3.15pm – 4.30pm. Boys are to meet Miss Roberts at the Junior School play area after school, and she will walk the boys down to training. Boys who cannot train both afternoons are encouraged to attend the non-compulsory training session on Sunday afternoons at Whites Hill reserve run by Mr Tom Lonergan.

Enquiries: Tom Lonergan (Coach) 3349 0767

Year 7-12 Squad

Training will be held on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings from 6.45am. All students are to meet at the front of Goold Hall at 6.45am sharp (not at Little Langlands). Late comers must remain at the College.

IMPORTANT! – All Cross-Country runners should be participating in 2-3 training sessions per week, unless they are involved in another sport, in which case they should be completing at least 1 cross country session per week to be prepared sufficiently for the AIC Championship.

AIC Cross Country Meets

All the AIC meets listed below apply to both the Year 5&6 and Year 7-12 squads at the same venue on the same day.  Buses will be available to transport all runners to and from the venue.

  • Wednesday 11 May
  • AIC Meet at St Laurence’s College Playing Fields, Runcorn. Hosted by St Laurence’s, this will be held in the afternoon after school. Buses will transport the squad to the venue and back to Villanova at the completion of the meet.
  • Wednesday 18 May
  • AIC Meet at Curlew Park, Sandgate. Hosted by St Patrick’s, this will be held in the afternoon after school. Buses will transport the squad to the venue and back to Villanova at the completion of the meet.
  • Tuesday 1 June AIC Championships
  • AIC Championships at Curlew Park, Sandgate.

Year 5 and Year 6 AIC Cross Country – Mr Tom Lonergan

Wednesday has been the first opportunity to have a full cross country training session. Holiday disruptions will again occur for the next two Mondays. Training on these occasions will be held at Whites Hill Recreation Reserve, Boundary Rd, Camp Hill. Meet at cricket grounds. The time for the training session is 8.30-10 am and squad members are encouraged to come along.

Training will be held each Wednesday at Little Langlands from 3.15-4.30 pm.

21 Year 5 and eight Year 6 boys attended holiday training (one or more sessions). Those who attended at least half these sessions will have benefited from their hard work.

Lytton District Cross Country

The Lytton District Cross Country Trial will be held at Villanova Park on Thursday 5 May. Selections will be finalised by Mr Lonergan and Miss Roberts over the next week at training. Four students will be selected in each of the U10, U11 and U12 age groups.

Villanova will be running the canteen at the trial, and we will be looking for parents of the runners to assist with preparation and serving throughout the morning. A note will accompany the boys nominated regarding this request.

AIC Golf

The AIC Golf championships will be held at Indooroopilly Golf Club on 9 May. Any boy from Year 5-12 may submit their interest to play. A team of five players will be selected to represent the College. Students interested in nominating themselves to play must sign up at the Sports Office and submit their Golf Link number and their current AGU handicap. Nominations will not be accepted if students cannot supply these details.

Composite Sport

Please find below a list of composite trial and nomination dates. Paperwork for these trials is now available in the Sport Office.

Sport Age group Return to the Sports Office
Rugby Union 14-15 Years Wed 27 April

Representative Sport

Congratulations to:

  • Orson Ryan for winning a silver medal with the Brisbane Metro baseball team at the recent State titles. His team will now compete at the Nationals in Sydney from June 8-13.
  • Dante Febo, for his selection in the Met East U17-18 years rugby squad to contest the State Championships.
  • Ben Landers for his selection in the Met East AFL 10-12 years team.
  • Mitchell Rieck who came third in the U18 2000m steeplechase event at the Australian Track and Field championships in Sydney.
  • Boris Vukelic who won a gold medal at the U12 State Water Polo championships
  • Charley Hegarty and Harvey Thompson who won a silver medal at the U14 State Water Polo championships
  • Division 1 – Mitch Honeyman 3rd place, Division 2 – Cooper Long, Joshua Rheinberger, CJ Caulfield and Harry Wallwork, fourth place, who all competed in the U16 State Basketball Championships over the holidays on the Gold Coast. Old Boy Sam Korst coached the Division 2 side.


Easts Rugby League Games at Villanova Park
Villanova Park recently hosted two Easts Rugby League Hostplus Cup games and received fantastic feedback.   A big thank you to Mick Twaddell, Jeremy Meredith and Scott Patterson.

Hospitality students Sam Twaddell, Liam Meredith, Gabriel Armstrong and Josh Economidis manned the barbecue and supporters were served by two of our Year 10 students Luke Patterson and Luke Caffery. A huge thank you to a great team on the day!

We are currently seeking volunteers to help with canteen and barista duties at Villanova Park. Volunteering for half an hour before your son’s game enables the canteen to operate and raise funds for sport at Villanova College.

Please register your interest to volunteer here:

Any inquiries please contact: Sarah Patterson:


Mr Chris Everding, Acting Director of Sport

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Music News

Rehearsals and Lessons

We return from Easter holidays back to a semi-regular routine around the series of long-weekends at the commencement of term.  Rehearsals have returned for all ensembles at their Term 1 times, with the exception of Monday rehearsals for the next two weeks.  Concert Band will be meeting on Wednesday mornings in Week 2 (27 April) and 3 (4 May), and Chamber Winds will be meeting on Thursday afternoons in Week 2 (28 April) and 3 (5 May).

College Choir and Supernovan rehearsals have been moved to manage clashes with other College activities.  Choir now meets on Thursday morning, Supernovans now meet on Thursday afternoon.  I am extremely excited to share that our new treble voice choir – Secret Men’s Business – will be meeting every Friday morning with Mr Chalmers in the Playhouse.  We look forward to promoting this widely with you all.

Please ensure your enrolments are up to date.  Contact the Music Office should you have any concerns regarding your son’s music tuition here at the College.

A rehearsal schedule for the first three weeks of term has been included with this newsletter.  This has been distributed via email to participant families previously.

ANZAC Liturgy

Today the College came together to share in our Annual ANZAC Liturgy.  We were very honoured to welcome Old Boy Lieutenant Kyle Evans (2016), currently serving with the Australian Army previously Arts Captain at Villanova College, who came and shared his reflections of the occasion.  As per every year, our Symphonic Band and Liturgy Band cantors led the congregation through the service.  Special mention must go to Senior Alessandro Porreca who was our bugler for the day.  It was a wonderful occasion and a great opportunity for our students to give back to the College community.

Music Support Group and QCMF

Our Music Support Group and QCMF organising group met for the first time this term on Tuesday 19 April.  There was a good roll up with the team discussing plans around the first ‘in person’ QCMF for three years.

We are placing a call out for all previous volunteers to pencil into their diaries the dates for QCMF2022 – 11 – 14 August 2022.  We look forward to welcoming you all back to what is going to be a great celebration of music in Catholic Education.  For more information, please contact the organising group at

Playground Performances – Terms 2 – 4

Across the remainder of the school year, we will have ensembles from the performance music program playing in the playground in our new ‘mid-week melodies’ concert series.  This new initiative, driven by our Senior Music Leaders, will commence with our Chamber Brass ensemble during Week 3.  Stay tuned for the promotions coming from the Music Department for all the fantastic gigs we have planned!

Key Dates Term 2

As we look ahead across the term, please ensure we pencil the following dates into your diary:

Term 2
1 Friday 22 April Pupil  Free Day – Parent/Teacher Interviews
4 Monday 9 May Music Support Group / QCMF meeting – 7:30pm
6 Thursday 26 May Open Day – All MS/SS Ensembles performing – morning & evening
7 Tuesday 31 May Debut Concert – Year 5 Ensembles (time TBC).
8 Tuesday 7 June Grandparents Morning Tea (Year 5 Band and Orchestra)
8 7 and 9 June Winter Concert Season
9 Monday 13 June Music Support Group / QCMF meeting – 7:30pm

Villanova Camp Chairs and Wildcat Coolers

Our fantastic Music Support Group have organised an innovative fundraiser for Villanova College.  You may have heard the buzz about our Villanova Camp Chairs and Wildcat Coolers…  the MUST HAVE items for the beach/cricket/park/fishing/barbecue/etc. More information available here.

Villanova Branded Camp Chairs – $35; Wildcat Coolers – $30

All items can be purchased via Trybooking through the following link:

Purchases can be collected from the Music Office and all profits will go to the Music Support Group.

Entertainment Publications Memberships

Entertainment memberships are one of the Music Support Groups main fund-raisers.  Just click on the link to purchase a membership and obtain ongoing special deals throughout the year.

Thank you all for your ongoing support of Music at Villanova College.

Mr. Michael Jones, Director of Music


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Parent Information


Pupil Free Day & ANZAC Day Public Holiday

A reminder that Friday 22 April will be a Pupil Free Day. Monday 25 of April is the ANZAC Day Public Holiday

ANZAC Day March
On Monday, our students are welcome to join the Villanova College contingent at 7:45am at Baragoola St, Coorparoo (opposite St James Church) for the ANZAC Day March commencing at 8:00am. Students attending are asked to dress in full academic uniform.

Sports Lunch
The 8th Annual Villanova Sports Lunch is here and will be raising funds to support all sports at Villanova College. Fun, food and laughter all the way with your MC – Victoria Carthew. Ticket price includes special guest comedian Greg Ritchie and sensational guest panellists including Andrew Mehrtens, and other special guests to be announced. Also included is a two-course meal and a four hour drinks package (beer, wine, sparkling and soft drinks). Very limited tickets. Get yours now here:

Save the date: Mothers’ Night

Villanova Cares Flood Benefit

The Villanova Cares Flood Benefit featuring David De Vito and friends will raise much needed funds for those affected by the recent devastating floods.  Save the date: Friday 29 April 2022, for an evening of delicious food, wine and powerhouse vocals. Tickets through Trybooking here: ‘Villanova Cares Flood Benefit’ with David De Vito & Friends Tickets, Villanova College, Coorparoo | TryBooking Australia

Villa Community Carnival Save the Date


Team Socks are now in stock.  For notices and the latest information on Alinta Uniform Shop stock levels visit the Alinta website: Homepage | Alinta Apparel

As FACTS Management has now been introduced, school fee payments through BPay will no longer be an available payment option.  Please log into or phone FACTS on 1300 322 871 to arrange the payment of school fees.

Can parents please remind all students to bring their student card or cash to make Tuckshop purchases. Student numbers WILL NOT be accepted.

View the 2022 Tuckshop menu and price list here: Menu-and-Prices2022-1.pdf (

Calling current parents, Old Boys and past parents — promote your business or service to members of the Villa community for free with the Villanova College Business Directory. List your business today for free via the link:

Questions can be directed to

The Student Residential Address and Other Information Collection is an annual data collection performed by the Australian Government.  Approved authorities are required under the Australian Education Regulation to complete this collection.

To ensure Villanova College provides accurate details, parents are requested to login to Parent Lounge to ensure that their details are correct. Further information about the Collection can be found here.

Does your child have a verified disability that requires transport assistance to and from school?

Has your school’s learning support teacher assessed your child’s travel capability rating as ‘semi-independent’ or more dependent? Visit our website to see if you qualify for financial assistance to help with the cost of transport and apply at by May 31 2022. Late applications cannot be accepted after 31 May 2022. Students with Disability Travel Rebate (Non State Schools Transport Assistance Scheme) Semester 1 2022 (2

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