Principals' Welcome

Dear Members of the Villanova College Family
The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse is currently conducting hearings into the Catholic Church. Archbishop Mark Coleridge in his address to congregations in the Archdiocese of Brisbane, spoke about the need for a cultural change and the work that has been carried out in the Catholic Church and all Catholic education institutions to ensure children are safe.

“Through these three weeks there will be some grim moments and there will be some shocks, inevitably. But there will also be a chance to tell a better story of what has been done and what is being done now and what will be done in the future to ensure that the future is very much better than the past.”   Archbishop Mark Coleridge

Francis Sullivan, CEO – Truth Justice and Healing Council in addressing the Royal Commission spoke about the key changes made over the past four years to address the issue of abuse and to respond to abuse survivors.

The most significant and far reaching change is the establishment in November last year of a new independent body to set standards within the Church for child safety.

The company, Catholic Professional Standards Limited, will audit and report on the compliance by bishops and religious leaders with the standards.

The Company will audit the performance of bishops and religious leaders on how their services comply with standards. The audit report will be made public. In this way the leaders will be held accountable.

Over the past four years many dioceses and religious orders have also committed to revisiting past claims, making adjustments to payments and other compensations provided to abuse survivors.

From the early days of the Royal Commission, the Church, through the Council, has been one of the most consistent voices calling for the adoption of a national, independent child sexual abuse redress scheme…”     Francis Sullivan – CEO

We keep in our prayers all those who have suffered and continue to suffer.  May the mercy of Jesus Christ and his loving compassion be with you.

International Carnival

Planning for the 2017 International Carnival is well underway and the excitement within our community is building. This year we are planning a wonderful evening of food, entertainment and community spirit. We are currently seeking Convenors for the following stalls:

  • Indian
  • Tombola
  • Silent Auction

If you are able to assist with these important roles, please contact Mr Cameron Clelland,  International Carnival Convenor –

The College will work with the International Carnival Committee to determine the best strategies to ensure all students remain inside College grounds when attending the Carnival and are not leaving to wander the surrounding streets. The support of all parents is required to ensure students understand these requirements to provide a safe and supervised environment during the Carnival.

Year 6 Camp

I had the pleasure of visiting the Year 6 students at Lake Moogerah last Thursday on a hot and dry afternoon. The boys were thoroughly enjoying their activities and the challenges of the camp and were grateful there were water activities available. The warm conditions made the night time sleeping difficult at times but the students quickly found a solution by relocating their sleeping materials to the air-conditioned spaces. It was great to share the evening meal with the students and to witness some very healthy appetites.

Traffic Management

The Parents and Friends Association have assisted the College to complete a Traffic Management Plan for Brisbane City Council to deal with traffic problems around the College during the busy times of the day. The following strategies will be put in place.

  • Investigations to determine if a 40km/hour school speed zone could be introduced to Main Avenue.
  • Traffic congestion on Sixth Avenue – the trialing of No Left Turn and No Right Turn restrictions from Fifth Avenue between 2 – 4pm on school days.
  • Continued presence of Officers from Council Suburban Safety and Parking Control to police illegal parking in streets around the College.

I will continue to keep our parents and families updated on the actions being taken to ensure our students are safe when entering and departing the College.

You have made us for Yourself O Lord,

And our hearts are restless until they rest in you.

God bless

Mr Mark Stower, Principal

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Head of Junior School

Our first Year 6 camp at Lake Moogerah was a huge success thanks to the organisation of Mr Mike Lubans and all staff involved.  The boys were full of Villanova Spirit by the time they got off the bus and were quick to unpack their gear in their dormitories.  Smothering ourselves in the 50+ sunscreen was a necessity as the thermometer reached 36 degrees by lunchtime!

The activities were challenging and the boys managed to push themselves beyond what they thought were their comfort zones.  Whether on top of crates in a harness, tubing with a partner around the lake or bush walking and exploring the dam, the boys were full of enthusiasm and wonder at what was around them, be it turtles or fish.  Our free time was well spent with basketball, cricket, nerf balls, table tennis and a pool table, absolute boy heaven!  Meal times were very appealing as appetites were at peak levels.  Sausages, roast meat and plenty of vegetables and salad with chips kept our fuel gauges at full.  Hearty breakfasts with cereal and hot options like eggs, bacon and beans gave us energy for each day.

Attending Year 6 camp is vastly different to Year 5 camp.  Relationships are mostly familiar and there is more confidence in joining up with people we’ve often seen but perhaps don’t know quite so well. There is a real willingness to trust each other based on our understanding that we are part of the College family, we are brothers in a spiritual sense.  It was easy to identify the comradery that was formed during Year 5.  However, new Year 6 students were gathered up warmly in this experience and I was very glad to see these boys making new friends and getting to know staff so that the next few weeks might be a little less overwhelming.  Our class teachers were able to spend quality time not only with their class but the entire cohort.  This is invaluable in terms of knowing the student’s strengths and where their limits may reside.  Playground duties are now more interactive as names and faces begin to mean something more than just a surname on the back of a green hat.

I would like to thank the Junior School boys, staff and parents for their commitment to these camps over the past fortnight.  We are building trust and faith within each other which is essential to care genuinely and work collaboratively over the next nine months.  Our willingness to allow each boy the room to grow in self-management, confidence and develop his sense of belonging to Villanova is crucial in the first few weeks.  We can say “community” but we must show the boys first-hand what that means.  It is the action of working as a team, trusting each other in fun times and in moments of uncertainty, and it is the way we speak to each other with respect and honesty.  We are all here to give these young men the platform for which to be the most loyal of mates – reaching his full potential might just very well be much more then what we first imagine for them.

Last night we held our Junior School Parent Information night and I thank parents who made the time and effort to ensure that they are receiving the most up to date information of how things will run in 2017.  I was very pleased to hear from class teachers that their individual sessions in classrooms were positive and informative about behavioural expectations, homework tasks and the Term One curriculum overview.

For Year 5 parents there will be a lot of changes in terms of how to notify absent students, how to catch up on missed days of classwork and just how to best navigate the College Website for all those essential dates, times and notifications.  Please ensure you have downloaded the Skoolbag App as it can make a huge difference to arranging drop off and pick up times for all College events.

Year 6 parents now have new teachers to work with and this may mean a shift in what occurred in 2016.  There is also the “step up” in curriculum objectives, responsibility with assessment tasks and management of homework that you need to accommodate within the first term.  Above all, we must always remember that we are to find that delicate balance of support and nurture with our boys. There is a time to guide firmly, a time to praise and sometimes we need to just stop and take a breather.  Balance is key, mentally, physically and spiritually, for students, parents and staff alike.

Mr Stephen Rouhliadeff, Head of Junior School


Wakakirri 2017

An email was sent to all Junior School parents on Monday, seeking expressions of interest for boys wanting to be involved in Wakakirri 2017. Just a reminder these forms are due back by tomorrow, 17 February.   If you have any questions about Wakakirri 2017, please contact Mrs Gina Ellis at

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Head of Middle School

Last week our Year 8 students attended their annual camp at Dicky Beach and this week Year 7 students are at Currimundi enjoying their turn on our beautiful Sunshine Coast.

The Villanova camp program offers boys the opportunity to be away from home, building on their relationships with classmates and teachers.  Camp activities are designed to challenge the boys within a safe environment in the context of encouraging and supportive peers.

On the first night of Year 8 camp the boys gathered for a beach-side Liturgy and reflection, during which I posed these three questions:

  1. What have I done today to help someone else?
  2. What deliberate action can I take tomorrow to make this camp experience more comfortable for someone else?
  3. When can I put someone else’s need before mine and what might that look like?

As educators and parents we need to look at when and how we teach empathy? It’s important for us to provide opportunities for our adolescent students and sons to see the world from someone else’s perspective, and then reach out and support them in their time of need. It is also an integral part of a person’s social emotional development (SEL). As Atticus Finch said in To Kill a Mockingbird, “You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view… until you climb into his skin and walk around in it.”

I would like to publicly congratulate our Year 7 and Year 8 students for displaying so many acts of kindness and selflessness over the past two weeks and for supporting one another through their many camp experiences.

I also thank Mr McGrath and Mr Lynam for coordinating the camps, and the many staff who were away from their own family and friends to be with the boys over the past two weeks.

If you would like to find out more about SEL, the following links provide some very useful insights:

Empathy is tough to teach but is one of the most important life lessons

4 Proven strategies to for teaching empathy

Mr Greg O’Neill, Head of Middle School

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Head of Senior School

The Senior School Parent Information Nights have now concluded after Monday night’s presentation to Year 10 parents. Thank you to all parents who were able to attend these evenings. The intentional message that was consistently reinforced by all presenters was the importance of the collaborative working partnership that exists between students, parents and staff in ensuring that your son maximises his academic potential at Villanova College.

In order to sustain a culture of academic excellence within the Senior School, we require an environment of high expectations regarding student conduct and engagement in the classroom and an appreciation of the importance of the student-teacher relationship as the fundamental catalyst for learning. The academic and pastoral presentations delivered to parents certainly illuminated both these aspects.

Within my presentation, I shared a vision of the journey that I would like your son to experience throughout his three years in the Senior School. This journey is shaped by the three Augustinian values of Interiority, Search for Truth and Community and reflects a philosophy of holistic education whereby the heart (personal and spiritual formation) and the head (love of learning) are both nurtured. Over the course of the term, I would like to share with you the key pillars of this Senior School vision, beginning with the importance of your son achieving his full potential.

‘There is no value in playing small, in settling for a life that is less than one you are capable of living.’ This powerful quote by Nelson Mandela underlines my message to all students in striving for excellence in all their endeavours. At Villanova College, we want all students to be intrinsically motivated to realise their potential to become young men of significance.

Continue to have regular conversations with your son about his academic and personal goals for this year and the way in which he wants to improve, whether that be in the classroom, on the sporting field, on the artistic stage or in becoming a more compassionate and empathetic member of this wonderful community.

Paul Dillon Drug Education Sessions

On Monday, all Senior School students had the privilege of listening to renowned alcohol and drug education expert Mr Paul Dillon. Paul’s engaging presentation style certainly resonated with the students I spoke to,

especially the important takeaways he shared about how our young men can avoid some of the dangerous consequences related to underage drinking. I strongly encourage you to continue the conversations at home regarding what your son took out of these sessions.

“The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential… these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence.” Confucius

Mr Matthew Levander, Head of Senior School

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What a kick off to the year!

Following the first combined Villanova Music and Ministry Assembly last Friday, it is clear Ministry is going to experience a spectacular year at Villanova College and in the local community in 2017.

Ministry is only as good as the individuals who help our cause, and I would like to thank all students who took the time to attend the Ministry Sign On Expo yesterday.  Joining a Ministry group is a great opportunity for students to get involved in the organisations that Villanova participates in, with other schools, to help ‘at risk’ members of our community, including Augustinians overseas in the Philippines.  Such organisations include:

  • Rosies, a group of people who drive out weekly to serve the homeless while adding a layer of friendship and conversation to an otherwise cold Brisbane night;
  • St Vincent De Paul, an organisation which aims to tackle poverty and help at risk families;
  • Young Christian Students (YCS), a group of senior students who seek to create an enjoyable learning environment for younger students in the Junior School;
  • Australian-Filipino Augustinian Solidarity (AFAS), a group which seeks to aid Villanova’s three sister schools overseas and fund the construction of village projects in impoverished areas through the physical means of a student immersion every two years. (An AFAS Exchange which will be happening this year);
  • Young Augustine Youth Ministries has, for the last several years, provided support to the College and greater community, holding sausage sizzles and other fundraising events for worthy causes.
  • Music and Eucharistic Ministry: serving our community through making Liturgies more engaging.

We have already started planning for Mission Day which is our big day to get all the students motivated and involved to raise money for young Filipino students to attend the three sister schools in the Philippines. As Michelle Obama said on leaving the White House, education is the greatest way to make a difference to society.

Good luck to all Ministry groups on what should be a productive 2017.

Fabrice Ragoo, Villanova College Ministry Captain

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In order for Villanova’s sports program to run effectively we rely on many people within our community to assist. These people include students, staff, parents, old boys, friends of Villa and outside bodies.

Ideally it would be favourable to appoint staff members to coach all teams, or perhaps appoint coaches who are ‘independent’ and have no connection at all to the players in a particular year level. This would perhaps go some way to resolve the perception that certain members in our community have regarding ‘biased team selections’ and ‘favouritism’. An on-going goal for the College is to provide opportunities for students to participate and enjoy the experience of playing sport. It is pleasing to see our students are making the most of these opportunities to participate, as testified by the large number of teams Villanova produces in AIC competition each year.

There is a common problem which all schools and clubs face with regards to coaching.  If there isn’t enough staff to take on all teams or if there aren’t enough outside independent coaches available, who coaches? The reality is our College relies on all community members to assist with coaching, referring and officiating in order for our boys to participate, and this includes the involvement of parents. Parents coaching at a club or school level can at times raise concern from others, with concerns generally surrounding biased team selections, favouritism and a lack of positive re-enforcement given to players.

At the commencement of each season the Sports Office calls upon those within our community to fulfil the various roles needed for the up-coming sports season, including coaches. We endeavour, where possible to appoint coaches to best fit the needs of the College.  The coaches are briefed by the College and we try as much as possible to take some of the selection issues out of their hands initially, however, ultimately the coach will have a say in selections.

It is a timely reminder to all that we are dealing with volunteers who give freely of their time to coach a school boy team not the Australian cricket team or the like. The College asks parents to be supportive of the coach and refrain from getting involved with, or instigating any negative behaviour which undermines the role of the coach or poisons the mind of a child within a team against the coach. If there are major issues other than team selection issues, batting or bowling orders, please make contact with a member of the Sports Office to discuss these issues in the correct manner. The invitation to apply for a coaching role at Villanova is open to all, perhaps those who speak the loudest or instigate ‘car park’ talk should apply.

This year, we have only three staff and 11 parents who volunteered to coach our cricket sides.  All   other teams have enthusiastically been taken by Old Boys, for which we are most grateful, otherwise your son would be unable to play.  We ask you to support the coaches rather than destroy their coaching aspirations and a willingness to give back to the College. Please speak to your son about his behaviour at training as it appears some boys are taking advantage of the fact that a teacher is not taking their side. If players choose to misbehave, their place in the team will be forfeited.

I take this opportunity early in the season to thank all coaches and managers of our cricket, AFL, swimming and volleyball teams, for making a substantial contribution to the Villanova sports program in order for our students to enjoy all the benefits of sport. Our scorers, umpires, referees, canteen helpers, parents who cook and serve at our weekly swimmers breakfast, members of the Villanova Sports Club and many others also deserve our thanks as they all go about their duties in order to help others.

Even though we are only part way through Trimester 1, the Sports Office is currently looking to cement plans for the up-coming AIC chess, cross country, rugby and football season for all students from Years 5 – 12. Please visit the College’s website to view training days, times and venues for all rugby and football teams from Years 5 – 12 as well as other key dates. Once again, we are in need of parents and old boys to fulfil the many coaching and refereeing roles. If you are able to assist, please contact Mr Blake McLauchlan ( or Mr Chris Everding (

A ‘Sport Sign on Form’ for those interested in representing Villa in AIC rugby, football, cross country and chess from Years 5 – 12 has been distributed this week to all students during Pastoral. This form is also available on the College website.

Due to the extreme weather conditions last weekend’s fixtures were cancelled. This weekend Villanova College plays St Edmund’s College in Round 3 of competition. Let’s keep up the great work ethic and remember to enjoy the challenges and time spent with your mates along the way.

Round 3 Fixtures – Saturday 18 February, AIC Cricket and Volleyball v SEC, AIC AFL v Padua.

Please refer to the College’s website to view all times and venues for this weekend’s fixtures against SEC/Padua. Simply scroll down on the College’s home page to the ‘Latest News’ section and click the ‘Weekly Fixtures’ section.

AIC Volleyball – AIC Volleyball – Ms Barbara Dewis, Volleyball Co-ordinator

Although no games were played last week there are still plenty of games left for all teams to continue to give of their best.  Players are once again reminded to check the website for information of game times and venues, and be dressed in the appropriate attire.

AIC Swimming – Mrs Kate Alexander, Swimming Co-ordinator 

Last Friday saw another successful swim meet for the AIC swim squad against Iona College. Many students backed up after a very hot week at camp and came along to support the team and post times.

This Friday the boys will attend a swim meet at St Peter’s Lutheran College, Indooroopilly. There will be two buses leaving the College at 3.15pm, returning to Villanova (Sixth Avenue entrance) at approximately 7.10pm.

Date:      Friday, February 17 – St Peter’s Lutheran College Invitational Meet

Venue:  St Peter’s Lutheran College, entry off Harts Rd, Indooroopilly

Time:    Warm-up – 4.15pm

Carnival commences at 4.30pm and concludes at 6.30/45pm

Bus:         Departs Villanova College at 3.15pm and returns to Villanova College at approximately 7.10pm

Please keep in mind we only have three meets left to get times from the boys.  These times are used to determine the boys who will swim at the AIC swimming championships at Chandler. The competition is tight in many of the year levels so it is important the boys are training hard and as often as possible.

Note – If you are unable to attend the carnival this Friday for any reason, please contact myself or the relevant swim manager.

Friday Breakfast

Our famous Friday morning breakfasts have started again for the remainder of the season. If your son trains on a Friday morning, they are welcome to join us at the Villa pool after training for a hot breakfast before school. Please ensure your son returns his form (available on the website) and money to the sports office this week.

AIC Swimming Championships – Spectators

To show our support for the Villanova College 2017 Swim Team we will be sending out the following groups of students to act as spectators, supporters and cheer squad. We expect all students to attend school on this day and be in full academic uniform. Students will be transported to and from the venue by bus.

AIC Championship Spectators – All Year 7, 10 and 12 students

Lytton District Swimming Report

Please read below a report written by Ms Kerry Holland, our Year 5 – 12 Swim Coach who attended the Lytton District Swim Trials last Friday. It is always pleasing to hear about how well our boys performed and behaved.

A quick introduction for those who don’t know me, I’m Kerry Holland the Swim Coach for the Villanova College Junior Swim program, this being my fourth year with the College. I have enjoyed my time with the many boys I’ve been fortunate enough to work with over the years. As I watch the boys in the Villa Squad each morning I feel proud of the progress we’ve made given the humble beginnings we’ve had. A big thank you to all the parents and boys who have supported me and the Villa Swimming program for the past few years, we really look like swimmers now. My hope is that these boys will continue helping to inspire a swimming culture at the College for years to come.

I was prompted to put pen to paper after spending Friday, 10 February at the Lytton District Trials with the Year 5, 6 and 7 boys who were talented enough to have made the qualifying times. The boys displayed outstanding swimming with Cohen Stewart leading the way with his wonderful wins in the 50m and 100m freestyles, Tyler Clelland fastest in the 50m and 100m breaststroke and Adam Zanatta fastest in the 50m and 100m breaststroke. Caden Griffiths, Charles Kerr, William Vig, Jack Johannesen, Benjamin Lawrance, Mitchell Rieck, Thomas Rieck and James Eustance swam multiple events and swam amazingly well, with nearly everyone in the top five in the district and making it through to the upcoming Met East trials. A remarkable result!

Even though the swimming was exceptional, what made the day such a great success for our Villanova team was a comment made by one of the spectators. She enquired what school the boys attended, saying how proud we should be of them all and how impressed she was with the good manners, team spirit and great swimming technique shown by all the boys.

This being my 41st year of coaching swimming I have many fond memories. However, February 10 2017 will now hold a special place in my heart, so very proud of you all.   Thank you boys, the spirit of Villa is in safe hands!

AIC AFL – Mr Adam Fry, AIC AFL Co-ordinator

This week will see us up against Padua College back at the earlier time of 8 am for both Year 5 and Year 6 B teams, followed by both the A teams at 9:15 am. A reminder that it is a requirement of all players to arrive a half hour before the game in order to warm up appropriately and get positions sorted.  Thank you to all parents for your support at both training and games, it is very much appreciated. Training will continue at our usual time on a Tuesday and Thursday afternoon so if your son cannot make a session please advise one of the coaches.  I look forward to seeing you all out there on Saturday for what shapes to be a great fixture for Villanova AFL.

Round 3 v Padua

Grade 5 Grade 6
B Team v


8:00 am

Field 3

B Team v


8:00 am

Field 4

A Team v


9:15 am

Field 3

A Team v


9:15 am

Field 4

AIC Rugby and Football Training/Trials

The first training/trial session will occur the very first week after Round 7 of cricket, AFL and volleyball. That is, the week beginning Monday, 20 March.

All Year 5 and Year 6 students will be involved in some skill and drill sessions during Friday sport commencing on 10 March. All players must have boots, mouthguards and a suitable jersey (this does not have to be a Villanova Jersey). Staff will notify boys when they will be doing contact drills and require extra protective gear.

All training times and venues for all Year7 – 12 teams are listed on the College’s website. All Year 5 and Year 6 teams will train at Langlands or Whinstanes, specific days and times will be advised.

AIC Rugby and Football Trial Games – Date Claimers

Monday 20 March, 1stXV and 1stXI Football trial v Iona (after school)

Saturday 25 March AIC Rugby and Football v SLC (full school trial)

Saturday 22 April AIC Rugby and Football v SPLC (full school trial)

Rugby and Football – Coaches/Referees

As the winter football season is fast approaching, the Sports Office at Villanova is asking all parents and old boys who indicated last year they wished to assist in 2017 to confirm that they still wish to do so. If you have an interest in refereeing or coaching, please contact:

 Year 5 – 12 Football – Chris Everding email:

Year 5 – 12 Rugby – Blake McLauchlan email:

AIC Rugby, Football and Chess Sign-On

Please be advised that all boys from Years 5 – 12 will be given the opportunity to sign-on for the up-coming Villanova rugby, football and chess season. We expect that when a boy commits to a team he follows that commitment through until the end of season.  Both parents and players are to sign off on the ‘Sign on Form’ indicating they are aware of the College’s policies and expectations with regards to school sport. The College’s Selection Guidelines and Code of Conduct are found overleaf on the sign–on form. Please note that school sport is given priority over club sport as written in the College diary. The sign on-forms have been distributed during Pastoral as well as being up-loaded on the web page.

We hope to provide all teams from Years 5 – 12, two training sessions weekly. Year 5 and Year 6 teams will train at various times before and after school at Little Langlands and Whinstanes.  All games are played on Saturdays as per College Calendar. Please refer to the Colleges’ website under AIC Rugby and AIC Football to view further details including training times.

AIC Chess – Mrs Sally England, Chess Co-ordinator

The AIC chess competition runs in conjunction with the AIC rugby and Football season during Term 2, however, chess will be played on Friday evenings as per the College calendar, beginning with two trial matches. In an effort to provide our students with the necessary skills and training, the College has opened up a Chess Club for all interested players.  This term the before school sessions will be open to all players while teams are being chosen. These sessions commence next week in Week 5 and will be conducted on the mezzanine level of the Tolle Lege Library:

  • Year 5 – 12 students 7.30 – 8.30am Wednesday morning
  • Year 5 – 12 students 7.30 – 8.30am Friday morning

The chess sessions will be conducted by an experienced outside coach as well as a number of Villanova College staff members. At Morning Tea (first break), the Tolle Lege Library will be open for boys to have a game of chess and you do not have to be in the competition to join this group. Students wanting more information are to contact Mrs England on

Please note – Boys can compete in both chess and rugby or chess and football.

Representative Sport

Well done to Harrison Vig who recently competed at the Brisbane Sprint Championships. Harrison swam the 14 years 50m fly for his classification (S9) and set a new state record!  The old record was 35.00sec and Harrison’s new record was 32.21. An outstanding achievement, well done Harrison!

Mr Craig Stariha, Director of Sport

Sport Club News: Mega Raffle

Would you like to win $10,000……you have a chance to win when you buy a Megaraffle ticket and even better, there are only 200 tickets printed.

The Megaraffle is one of the main fundraising events organised by the Villanova Sports Club.The Sports Club is a voluntary group of parents, old boys and friends who provide support  for the development of sport at Villanova by fundraising.

Megaraffle tickets will be ready for purchase from the 6th February. The money raised by buying your Megaraffle ticket has built the Villa Park cricket nets, has helped renovate the Outdoor Basketball Courts and paid for specialist coaching in recent years.

Tickets can be bought individually or you will be able to purchase through your son’s sports team in a syndicate to make it more affordable.

To buy a ticket call Jeremy Meredith Mob 0407895207, Robyn Gunning from Tuckshop and Allyson Smith in the Finance Department

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Lessons and Rehearsals

Thank you to all students who have been attending lessons and rehearsals.  Our students are particularly busy at the start of year with camps and new co-curricular commitments, however in the main I believe we have negotiated our way around these issues.  For those students who continue to have sporting clashes, the current arrangement with our sporting colleagues is if a student has one training session per week they are to alternate week on/ week off with their rehearsal.

The current rehearsal schedule (unchanged) is attached to this week’s Villa View for your information.

Junior School Music

Our Year 5 instrument allocations are almost complete.  I am happy to say that next week, students will be placed into their groups and will receive the first lesson on their allocated instrument.  Loan agreement forms will be distributed to students at this lesson and these must be returned to instrumental teachers in Week 5.  Please note that instruments will not be released home unless a signed loan agreement has been returned to the Music Office.

A reminder that Year 6 Ensembles have commenced rehearsals.  Band meets on the Hanrahan Theatre Stage, String Ensemble rehearses in the String Room on Level one of the Augustine Centre.  Students are to arrive for a 7am start.

Senior Musicians and Music Leaders

At our College Assembly last Friday, we had the wonderful opportunity to recognise those Year 12 students currently involved in Music and those students who have accepted leadership positions within our department.  I would like to take the opportunity to thank those parents and friends that were able to make the occasion.  I would also like to recognise the leadership demonstrated by our Music Captain, Jonty Carlson, and our Cultural Captain (Senior Percussionist) Finn Pol Bodetto, through the development of our presentation and for leading our Senior Vocalists through a rendition of ‘Brother’s Keeper’ to conclude the assembly.

Please take a moment to recognise our Music Leaders and Senior Musicians for 2017:

  • Rowan Aukes – Woodwind Captain
  • Tyler Bouwhuis – Senior Guitarist
  • Ben Campbell – Senior Guitarist
  • Jonty Carlson – Music Captain
  • James Dowling – Senior Trumpeter
  • Timothy Girard – Guitar Captain
  • Cristian Gutierrez – Senior Violinist
  • Mitch Hughes – Senior Vocalist/ Guitarist
  • Blake Humphrey – Music Vice Captain
  • Lachlan Kearney – Brass Captain
  • Tom Keating – Senior Trumpeter
  • Samuel Korst – Senior Vocalist
  • Casey Kreutzer – Senior Trombonist
  • Mitchell Lockett – Vocal Captain
  • Julian Mascadri – Strings Captain
  • Ramzi Matta – Senior Trombonist
  • Simon Mungarrieta – Percussion Captain
  • Finn Pol Bodetto – Senior Percussionist
  • Fabrice Ragoo – Senior Guitarist
  • Jack Riley – Production Captain
  • Theo Samios – Senior Clarinettist
  • Christian Shema – Senior Guitarist
  • Ben Slater – Senior Percussionist
  • Jamie Stevens – Senior Percussionist
  • James Tran – Senior Violinist
  • Harry Verity – Senior Guitarist
  • Alex Williams – Production Captain

Music Ministry Group to the Cathedral

Our fantastic Music Ministry Group have been invited to assist in providing the music for the Mass celebrating the launch of Project Compassion for 2017.  This Mass is to be convened on the 28 February in St Stephen’s Cathedral.  Students will need to be available before school for early travel so that we may sound-check prior to the Mass.  We will return to the College during morning tea in preparation for the remainder of the day.

Further information will be sent home via email this week.  If you are available, please come and join us.

New Students to the College

New students enrolled at Villanova College in the Middle and Senior Schools are most welcome to join our co-curricular Music program.  All other interested students are encouraged to come down to the Music Office to introduce yourselves or alternatively contact us during business hours on 3394 5691 or via email at

There is opportunity to learn all brass and orchestral string instruments as well as guitar, piano and voice at Villanova College.  Information regarding our program is available from the College website, on Parent Lounge or through the Music Office.  Please don’t hesitate to make contact!


As per 2016, information regarding the general running of the program and upcoming events will be communicated through the College newsletter, Villa View.   Information relating directly to your son’s ensemble involvement in a performance will be communicated via email and or a letter sent home at rehearsal times.  Emergent matters relating to urgent changes to routine will be communicated via the Skoolbag App.

Mr Michael Jones, Director of Music

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Elearning Update

This week teachers will be checking that all students and families have read and signed pages 12 and 13 of the College Diary. The Acceptable Use of Computer Network Resources document is an important set of guidelines outlining safe, acceptable and fair use of the College network. Please read these pages of the diary with your son this week and sign the bottom of the pages together. I would encourage discussion regarding the intent of the document and why it is important to use network facilities responsibly and equitably. Students who fail to have pages 12 – 13 of their diary signed may face loss of network access until this important task is resolved. Therefore, the importance of signing the guidelines and its inherit implications cannot be understated.

Finally, this week, I would like to name and identify some of the BYOD and online services your sons may be talking about:

  1. Villa Moodle – first, the name is not of our choosing! If you Google ‘Moodle’ you will see it is one of the leading, freely available learning management systems (LMS) on the planet. Hence its widespread use across schools, colleges, some universities and RTOs. Villa Moodle contains course materials and resources for all the subjects your son studies. Moodle also has links to all BYOD software, IT help for students, form meeting programs and so on. It remains the central place for a majority of the content your son is required to access based on his core and elective subjects.
  2. Papercut – this is the BYOD print server. Students click a link at the top of Moodle, sign in and send files to the “Web Print” server. Students then sign in at any printer in the College to retrieve their prints. All students have a small print balance which is reset each term. When the balance is zero, students may top up their balance with the Library staff.
  3. Google Drive – all students store their working files (documents, etc.) on Google Drive folders. These folders are synced to the Google Drive Cloud, allowing students access to their school files at school and home. Using Google Drive ensures student files are never lost. “The dog” will never eat your homework if it is stored on Google Drive.
  4. Office 365 – did you know all students can install up to five copies of the latest Office 2016 software? The Office 2016 software is downloaded from the Office 365 “portal”.  This portal is the “space” where Office applications and OneNote, OneNote Class Notebooks, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other Microsoft cloud services are integrated. Access to the portal is via the Office 365 link at the top of Villa Moodle. After signing in students can either work online, access files, collaborate with others, or download the 2016 suite of Office software on up to five devices – this could be the BYOD laptop, 1 – 2 home PCs, etc. This extended license feature ensures students always have access to the latest desktop software to enhance the quality of their work and productivity.

I trust the above information gives parents clearer insight into some of the key applications and services students use routinely at the College. If you need to install any of these services/software please view the instructions on the BYOD page of the College website.

Mr Jason Lane, Elearning Pedagogy Leader

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Parent Information

Tuckshop Roster

Monday 20 February

Shanne Harding, Anne Schenk, Kelly Roberts, Megan Stuart, Lauren Audet, Gina Avolio, Anna Stines, Belinda McPherson, Marnie Dalrymple

Tuesday 21 February

Gerda Odonnell, Lisa Gilhooley, Marina Ryan, Allison Holt, Kate Harrison, Peta Wadsworth, KLissa Reardon, Annette Jeanne Siebel, Therese Staley, Sherry James, Mary-Anne Peralta

Wednesday 22 February

Andrea Verner, Maree Challinor, Jenny Salpietro, Lily Fontana, Karen Blue, Fiona Jenkins, Katrina Theil, Meagan Lane, Connie Collins, Rebecca Shirdon

Thursday 23 February

Michelle Boxall, Debbie Griffiths, Bernadette Perrier, Julie Frail, Taryn Byrne, Monique Winn, Louise Wilson, Cecilia Pouhila

Friday 24 February

Jane Forster, Nicole Coffey, Sara Kays, Cathy Hampson, Therese Curran, Veronica Kennedy, Tracy Pereira-Trevethan, Nikki Reid, Caroline Caffery, Gregoria Makras, Sally Grigson, Lia Weston, Chelsea Akehurst, Patricia Sukkar, Natasha Chan, Nakeeta Sturgess, Toni Ware

Tuckshop menu and price list


Library Roster

Monday 20 February

Lauren Audet (after tuckshop)

Tuesday 21 February

Loretta Jordan-Vieira

Wednesday 22 February

Sue Mulligan, Donna Leahy, Melanie Higgins

Friday 24 February

Jaclyn O’Shea, Patricia Sukkar (after tuckshop)

Year 12 Parents

Please join us on Saturday March 11 at Barcadia Kitchen and Bar, 136 Oxford Street, Bulimba from 6-9pm, $20 p/person for canapés. Payment details will be provided in the emailed invitation.

Year 12 Parent Representatives

Grade 6 Welcome Drinks

Let’s celebrate our Grade 6 year with welcome drinks. It’ll be a casual afternoon/night, pop in anytime from 4pm. Stay for 1hr or stay for 6, the choice is yours! For those off to the Adele concert it’ll be perfect for pre-concert drinks.

Where: Carindale Hotel Lounge Bar

When: Saturday 4 March

Time: from 4pm

RSVP: Wednesday 1 March to Fiona Cootes:

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Calendar of Events

Stay up to date with the College events please proceed to the event calendar.

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International Carnival

The Villanova International Carnival is now just four weeks away and volunteers and stall convenors are ramping up their efforts to deliver another fantastic event for 2017. A big thank you to everyone who has agreed to take up a position at the Carnival, without you this great event would not be possible.

The International Carnival is Villanova’s biggest P & F fundraiser for the year and injects funds raised back into the College to improve the day-to-day experiences of our boys and support programs to improve the College.

Some of the more recent initiatives funded through the P&F include:

  • Fans to Goold Hall
  • Water coolers around the College
  • Upgrades to Goold Hall Canteen
  • Shade structures and seating to the lower basketball courts

In 2017, the P & F are hoping to allocate funds raised to improvements to the Tolle Lege Library.

We currently have three key vacancies for stall convenors that we need to fill as soon as possible. These are for the Tombola Stall, the Indian Food Stall and the Silent Auction.

Each of these roles will be supported by the Carnival Committee and the previous stall convenors are willing and able to provide information and guidance about how each stall operates.

The Carnival also requires volunteers to assist on the night, at the Saturday setup, Sunday pull down or with equipment that can be used at the Carnival.

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact:

Cameron Clelland | 0402 522 943 |

The next Carnival Committee Meeting will be held on 20 February at 6pm in the Tolle Lege Library.

The next P & F Meeting is scheduled for 13 March at 6pm in the Tolle Lege Library.


As we are all aware, the Villa International Carnival is fast approaching! My name is Andrea Avraam (Lucas) and I am the convenor of the Greek Food Stall.  At the last fete meeting, Year 9 was allocated to help out with preparations for the Greek Food Stall.

As many of the items we require are ordered through suppliers in bulk, and most require refrigeration, we felt that the logistics of asking for groceries items was very complicated. So, this year, in order for our stall to be as profitable as possible for our school, we are asking for cash donations to put toward the cost of our supplies.

If you are happy to make a donation – of ANY amount, please place your money in an envelope with your child’s name and ‘Greek Food Stall’ clearly written on the front. The envelope must be handed to Mrs Vicki Lamb in the Middle School Student Services Office.

Thank you in anticipation of your support. We look forward to this year being the most successful one yet!


Welcome to the sweet stall for 2017! We would love to hear from any of our fabulous home cooks who are keen to help make our sweet stall a success again this year!  We are able to supply our tried and tested recipes or you are welcome to use any recipes you have.  Please contact us if you are able to cook so that we can provide you with bags and ribbons via your son.

If cooking is not your thing then perhaps you may be interested in donating any of the following ingredients – wrapped lollies (Minties, Fantales, Redskins, Milkos, Sherbies or Chuppa Chups etc.) or salted nuts (peanuts, cashews and macadamias).  Please deliver your donations to the Junior School Office.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Grace and Michelle

Grace Civitarese | E:

Michelle Daly | M: 0421 217 645


Calling all Year 11 families for donations of tinned tomatoes, tomato paste, tinned pineapple pieces and tinned sliced black olives.  (We also need supplies of sliced ham and details for delivery will be provided closer to the time.)

Do you love making Italian sweets?  We are also looking for donations of crostoli, pasta mandorla and biscotti.

“Make sure to visit the Italian stall this year – offering a variety of delicious freshly cooked pastas and pizzas and a selection of amazing handmade sweets including our all-time favourite – cannoli!

Ornella | M: 0409 120 501 | E:


Think tortillas, taco’s, salsa, guacamole and spices!  We need your help to assist with this new stall.  If you are happy to cook, we will provide the recipes.

Simon Mungarrieta | M:  0412 750 157 | E:


Be in the running to Win a Pizza Party for your class.  Start bringing in your Chocolates NOW.  Deliver your wrapped chocolate to the Lob-A-Choc Basket in your classroom each week.   THE CLASS WHO BRINGS IN THE MOST CHOCOLATE WINS A PIZZA PARTY!

Amanda Smith | E:

Louise Bukowski |E:


Can you help us or do you know someone that can?  We are seeking donations and sponsorships of any kind (including cash, product or otherwise for all stalls). Do you have a contact for equipment for our food stalls such as   bain-marie’s, commercial BBQ’s for the Greek stall, deep fryers for hot chips etc.?   Do you have a business or know of one that could provide meat trays for the Lucky Wheel and BBQ, onions, tomatoes, lettuce and bread rolls?   Donations of any kind for all stalls (food and otherwise) are needed and will be greatly appreciated!

 Carnival Convenor: Cameron Clelland | 0402 522 943 |

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AFAS Update

During the first two weeks of the Christmas holidays, eight members of the extended Villanova community ventured to Kinatarcan Island (off northern Cebu) to assist with the construction of a hot house for the drying of the moringa leaf. This facility, funded by the Villa community will benefit all families on the island wishing to access it and provide them with some financial support.

Upon our arrival we discovered that the construction of the building had not progressed as far as we had hoped. Starting construction with our filipino friends turned out to be a great learning curve for us modern day construction workers.

Whether it be trying to communicate with Jose-the foreman, carrying  building materials from it’s drop off point (the beach approximately 30 minutes away), carrying 20 litre containers to fetch water for concreting (30 minute round trip), mixing concrete by shovel, clearing the way for vehicular access once we were able to access one, all construction work was  undertaken with “gutso” and lots of murmuring “if only we had this, if only we had that!”

Construction work on the hot house was suspended on December 23, 2016 for the Holidays and Sinulog festivities and with the ongoing increment weather. Construction work will recommence on 18 February. 

Stay tuned for further updates.

Mr Tony Hindmarsh, AFAS Elder


Students participating in the AFAS Exchange to the Philippines during the September holidays are reminded that the second instalment of $700.00 is due next Friday, February 24. All payments are to be made through Flexischools.

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