Principal's Welcome

Dear Members of the Villanova College Family
Thank you to the many families who participated in the recent survey conducted by MMG Education Services. The feedback to the College will form a significant component of our review of the effectiveness of the Strategic Plan that has been in operation for the past five years and provides direction for the future.

The survey instrument has also been completed by staff and students resulting in a wealth of feedback. Once a summary has been provided to the College there will be presentations held to share with families the major outcomes and key findings from the survey.

Over the past fortnight the Year 11 students have been engaged in preparation for their senior leadership responsibilities in 2019. Through a process of nomination, voting and confirmation I am pleased to announce the following leadership appointments for 2019:

College Captain – Matthew Rolls
College Vice Captain – William Barwick
Student Council President – Nickolas Sofios

We congratulate these young men for accepting the challenges of leadership and I have assured them of our support during the coming year.

Each of the students nominated for College Captain are exceptional young men and were outstanding in their presentations and interviews. I am confident we will see a very strong and united senior cohort in 2019 to build upon the work of the senior class of 2018.

I am pleased to inform our community that the target for the project on Kinatarcan Island in the Philippines -$8000 has been reached through the generosity of our community. The residents will benefit enormously from the project to build a mat weaving and community centre for the community. The AFAS Elders will arrive on the island on Monday 3 December and will spend 10 days working with the locals to build the centre. During the 10 days there will be time to interact with the local community and build upon the strong bond established between the Kinatarcan Island peoples and Villanova College.

Next week the Year 12 students will conclude their secondary education on Thursday evening 15 November with a Graduation Mass and Ceremony held in Goold Hall. On Thursday morning at 10.15 am the final assembly for our Year 12 students will be held in Goold Hall where the College community will farewell this group of young men.

As these young men leave our community we say thank you for their contribution and leadership during 2018 and wish them God’s continuing protection and blessing.

May the road rise up to meet you.
May the wind be always at your back.
May the sun shine warm upon your face;
the rains fall soft upon your fields
and until we meet again,
may God hold you in the palm of His hand.


God bless

Mr Mark Stower, College Principal

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Head of Junior School

The Junior School Parent End of Year Function is on tomorrow at Cloudland, Fortitude Valley.  It is an invitation to celebrate our Year 5 parents, who have successfully managed and navigated the family through the academic, co-curricular and social commitments of 2018.  What an achievement!  For our Year 6 parents, it is a time of reflecting upon the highlights of being in the Junior School, and how quickly the last two years have passed as the excitement of the Middle School is on the horizon.  This is an evening for parents and staff to share stories and recall the best moments about our boys, knowing that there is still so much to look forward to in the years ahead.  I extend my gratitude to the parents involved in planning and hosting this special occasion.  We are blessed as staff to be included as special guests, and I know many are looking forward to seeing you there.

Tomorrow is the Year Five Day of Reflection at Bottomley Park, Coorparoo.  Our theme is “Becoming Brothers,” and it is an important time for the students to step away from the bells, to spend time consciously retracing their steps over 2018.  They have grown physically, mentally and emotionally – and this is to be acknowledged and respected.  Friendships have been made, nurtured, and relationships fostered in class groups – and these deserve our attention.  Our connections as a cohort, our time at Villanova in 2018, has made history and memories that will be remembered by these future Old Boys well after their graduation in 2025.  Staff have especially prepared activities that will provide moments of interiority – one of our College values.  The chance to really think about “who” we are – that our presence is valued, and our contributions really do matter.

Year 5 students will wear free dress, including closed in shoes and a broad brimmed hat. A large water bottle is essential in this hot weather, along with a pencil case and any personal items including sunscreen if needed.  My thanks in advance for the shared plates brought for Morning Tea.  I know that our students will experience several moments during the day that will remind them how far they have come since their first steps through the College gates on the 23 January.  They are wiser and more confident now, than they probably realise.  Each boy will certainly get the opportunity to befriend the new Year 5 students for 2019 through the buddy letters that begin on this day.

Our Focus of the Week is about showing patience, “letting the small things go,” and finding the positives in each other.  We are aware that with illness, with commitments to trials before and after school, with the warmer weather, and with the last serious focus to assessment tasks, that we need all the smiles and support we can manage.  Both staff and students have demands that exceed the 8.30am to 3pm timetable, and so we dig deeper and with more intention to praise each other.  We give compliments, perform random acts of kindness, and find the fun factor when we can.  Our time remaining together in the Junior School is now at three weeks and I am striving to make the days memorable for the boys.

The Junior School is aiming for the boys to “finish strongly”.  Our organisation needs to be thorough, our stationery supplies need to remain stocked, and our attention in classes must be solid.  Routines and procedures should be familiar by now, so this is when boys can truly make informed decisions about their learning and achievement.  As parents, we can show interest in helping with homework and breaking study into manageable parts that keep a young student’s brain in the green zone for retention and purpose.  The lunch boxes might need a little treat here and there – even a note of cheer and love – it might mean the world of difference to what could be an ordinary day.  The spontaneous moments will have great impact at this stage of the year.  The College’s high expectations need the highest support from all of us, for fruition to take place.  Let us gather around each other and look to appreciate this special time together.

Stephen Rouhliadeff, Head of Junior School

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Head of Middle School

When the recently released report commissioned by Cricket Australia and prepared by the Ethics Centre was released, I decided to make time to sit, read and digest the findings. Whilst I do love my sport, including cricket, my eagerness lay mostly in the report’s commentary around organisational culture, governance and the alignment of values and practice.

The 147-page report, entitled “A Matter of Balance” is effectively a review of Cricket Australia, benchmarked solely against itself; it own standards, values and mission statement.

Whilst born mostly from the widely reported ‘ball-tampering’ incident in South Africa that cost three high-profile players, including captain Steve Smith, their reputations, the report highlights underlying tensions that existed throughout the organisation.

For all businesses and organisations, Villanova College included, there are plenty of great learnings that can gleaned from such a report. These include the importance of leadership in establishing culture, the significant role that stakeholders – employees and customers/consumers, have in upholding culture, and the need for an alignment of values, mission and practice.

As an educator, I was particularly scanning for takeaway messages relevant for our young men. For a 21st century adolescent, the lines between the acceptable and the unacceptable can sometimes be indistinct. This problem is exacerbated by with the influence of peers, popular culture and social media. It is for this reason that the report’s use of the term “ethical restraint” caught my attention.

The Ethics Centre defines ethical restraint as “the capacity to discern and especially to act on, the difference between what can be done and what ought to be done.”

This eloquently describes the turmoil faced by so many of our young men – friends/society say yes, parents/school say no. This is more than just “right vs wrong”, which is far too simplistic a description of the type of adolescent confusion I am describing.

For our young men, ‘what can be done’ is almost limitless. In our fast-paced, often chaotic, technology-dependant society, most things are accessible to our youth. They have knowledge, information, entertainment and their social life with the press of a thumb. They can also all too easily access drugs, pornography and popular culture mediums that promote hate, intolerance and anarchy.

So how do we best support our young men as they attempt to navigate this uncertainty? And what can we learn from the Ethics Centre report?

In my humble view, the alignment between values and practice is key. Our young men need to be grounded by their values. As parents and educators, we must promote values such as tolerance, honesty, love for one another, integrity and forgiveness and, above all, kindness, and align them to skills such as decision making, relationship building and self-management.

When our young men are challenged by decisions of ‘what they can do’ and ‘what they ought to do’, we want them to be able to call upon their own values framework. They need to be affirmed for making good decisions and be ready and willing to have the difficult conversations that arise when they fall short of our, and hopefully, their expectations.

Greg O’Neill, Head of Middle School

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Head of Senior School

Student Leadership
The executive for the 2019 Student Leadership Team was confirmed last week with the appointments of Matthew Rolls as 2019 College Captain (Elect), Will Barwick as 2019 Vice-Captain (Elect) and Nickolas Sofios as 2019 Student Council President (Elect). I would like to congratulate these fine young men for accepting the call to serve and the significant responsibilities placed upon them. I am confident they will lead the College with distinction next year and I look forward to mentoring and supporting them in their roles. The quality of the candidate field for these positions was extraordinary which reinforces the maturity of the Year 11 cohort in deciding their nominations as well as the exceptional calibre of fine young men within the grade.

Prior to the election for College Captain, each candidate was asked to address their peers about their leadership vision and how they would mobilise the support of the cohort in 2019. Matthew Rolls articulated a vision of pride and passion for the green and gold:

So, I challenge each and every one of you to find your passion for the green and gold in 2019, whether it be for music, the arts, sport, leadership, ministry, academics or even just a passion for the three Vs generally- find something you are passionate about at this College and strive to make it better. Because boys, we are the Seniors of 2019, we are the ones who can make a difference, we’ve all got to step up and come together as a tight knit unit.

The Portfolio and House Captains voting took place earlier this afternoon and we will notify the community of those appointments in next week’s Villa Voice.

Turning to the leadership book ‘Ten Leadership Lessons you must Teach your Teenager’ introduced earlier this term, Dr Tim Hawke’s second lesson pertains to ‘learning discipline’. Within this chapter, Hawkes contends that leaders need to take command and control of themselves before they can lead others. Achieving something special and striving for excellence requires both sacrifice and discipline, however, the blueprint is the combination of high expectations, parental support and purposeful practice.

Year 12
Last Friday, the Year 12s completed their final day of classes prior to the commencement of their examinations taking place this week. There is an old maxim- ‘they don’t remember how you start but they remember how you finish’. All Year 12 students should be congratulated on how they conducted themselves in finishing- their example to the rest of the student body is one to be remembered for the years to come. The greatest highlight was their passionate signing of Ancient Words during the Gospel Procession at the All Saints Mass. It was a memory that once again spoke of their Senior motto of ‘Where there is unity, there is Victory’. Well done gentlemen!

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.” – Henry David Thoreau

Mr Matt Levander, Head of Senior School

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Curriculum Update

OfficeMaxSchools is the College’s preferred stationery supplier for the supply of your son’s stationery in 2019. As the school year slowly comes to a close, I would ask parents to consider the stationery requirements for each of their son’s subjects.

Please find below instructions for ordering:

How to Order
Visit and follow these easy steps:

  • Search for your school Villanova College, Coorparoo, QLD and enter your school access key 2XU6Q if required.
  • Complete the student’s details and select Year level.  Simply select all relevant subjects.
  • Review your requirements list and make changes (if required).
  • If you need additional items, top up from our Back to School special range, and checkout.

Please note: some list items have been denoted by your school as a requisite for the subject or year.

Year 5 List           Year 6 List           Year 7 List           Year 8 List           Year 9 List        Year 10 List        Year 11/12 List

Please note: For home deliveries only, if you have more than one student at the same school repeat above steps.

Once completed, an order confirmation will be sent to your email address.

Please note: Any technology items you order will be sent separately to the rest of your items.

Order Deadlines and Delivery Information
Home Delivery
Your order will be delivered to your nominated address.

  • Orders placed on or before 2 December 2018 will be delivered free of charge before the end of December 2018.
  • Orders placed between 3 December 2018 and 9 December 2018 will be delivered free of charge before the beginning of Term 1, 2019
  • Orders placed between 10 December 2018 and 31 December 2018 will incur a delivery fee of $12.95, and be delivered before the beginning of Term 1, 2019
  • Orders placed after 31 December 2018 will incur a delivery fee of $12.95 and cannot be guaranteed before the start of Term 1, 2019

Australia Post – Orders are delivered via Australia Post’s eParcel service. As soon as your order is dispatched an email will be sent to let you know the Australia Post tracking ID Number. Your order can be tracked at  Note: PO Box addresses are not accepted by Australia Post.

John Christie, Dean of Teaching and Learning

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Orange Sky Laundry Ping Pong (The Gillis Conway Cup)
There was a wonderful response from Junior and Middle School students – and their families – to participate in a fun event on behalf of Orange Sky at the weekend. With Villanova families like the Crawfords integrally involved in the conception, organisation and delivery of a lively table tennis tournament to raise funds and awareness for Orange Sky, it seemed the perfect opportunity to invite the Villanova community to get involved.

Essentially, it was through that Villa engagement that the Junior Table Tennis event was created for this year. Approximately 25 Under 15s entered, and of those, 15 were students of Villanova College.   The students ranged from Year 5 to Year 9, and I think they all humbly enjoyed being part of a vibrant community event. Fittingly, Arden Kruysmulder-Forsyth (Year 9) took out the trophy.

The vibe on the day was one that was full of energy, and also a little retro. With vinyl DJs, a local brewing company and many adults dressed as 70s tennis stars, it felt like the Hi-Viz spirit of Orange Sky was being honoured appropriately. The Whitlocks, a Villanova family who run Brubecks Boutique Foods, provided all the catering (delicious pizzas) out of goodwill.

I will report on the full total raised, but the Villanova registrations made a big difference to the Junior Cup. It was a privilege to be involved, to see so many Villa families out on a Sunday, and to put something back into Orange Sky, who bring dignity to people who may temporarily be on the streets.

Blind Eye Calendars
Many students come forward with wonderful ideas for fund-raisers, but it is in the direct encounter with people who may seem to have very little that a powerful education occurs. This is what Blind Eye give. This year, many staff, students and parents have been privileged to experience the safe space that is Blind Eye, on Merivale Street: a welcoming and spirited drop-in centre for people who feel the need for support. A handful of Year 10s did their community service there (highly recommended), one Year 12 house did a sponsored walk for Blind Eye, including a memorable visit, and we were humbly proud to support the Blind Eye “View from the Street” photography competition. Roby Curtis of Blind Eye writes:

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your school support!  Without this support we would not have been able to host this project and reach and inspire the number of lives reached and continued to be reached each day!

 The exhibition is on display at Blind Eye [19 Merivale Street] in the front room.  Feel free to visit any Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Saturday between 9am and 3pm if you haven’t already viewed these images.

Blind Eye have made a 2019 calendar out of 13 of the photos taken by photographers on the street (i.e. homeless or at risk).  The calendars are $20 –  please let me know by email at if you would like to purchase one for your family by the close of business on Monday 12 November and I will then place a Villanova order.  All the proceeds will go to the food and practical products available at Blind Eye as well as running another photography competition next year.

St Vincent de Paul Christmas Hampers
The SVP students are organising the creation of Christmas hampers for 20 local families doing it tough. The idea is that each of the 20 co-pastorals (the senior and its partner middle school pastoral from the same house) will be assigned a particular family. We would like the boys to think carefully about giving in a humble Christ-is-born spirit. Each hamper/ basket needs to be filled with good staples – e.g. pasta, tinned food, hygiene products – but also some treats, e.g. chocolate! As ever, this project will rely on the quiet leadership of the first boys who have the energy and initiative to put items in their pastoral basket. To cross the white space at the front of the pastoral and put the items in, this action speaks far louder than words, and this is what truly creates school spirit.

Chapel Mass: Every Tuesday and Thursday at 8 am
Speaking of what truly creates Villanova spirit, the Chapel masses remain the heart-beat of the College. This morning’s Mass saw 6 Gold come together, with a small group of parents and teachers, as well as our wonderful Work and Welcome worker, Eric Mugemba. Also present as one of the newly instituted Eucharistic Ministers was Year 11 student Will Stevens. Likewise, to be thanked for having recently undertaken this course – run by Mr Adrian Hellwig – are Jack Scully, Matthew Rolls, Reece Jansen and David Nabeel (All Year 11) and Mrs Leanne Addley (staff). All community members are most welcome to attend these Masses.

John Holroyd, Dean of Mission and Identity

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Big Band – Prestige Music Festival
The Villanova College Big Band performed extremely well last Friday evening in their section of the Prestige Music Festival.  With a time-slot reminiscent of professional ‘jazz’ gigs, the students took to the stage just after 9pm and wowed both audience members and adjudicator alike.  Ending the set with the vocal stylings of Nick Eadie and ‘Feelin Good,’ the students sauntered off stage with a Gold award for their efforts.

I would like to commend Mr McKechie for his work with the group this year and congratulate the ensemble for their continued efforts across the year.  This was the final performance for some of our Senior musicians in their schooling career at Villanova – I would like to congratulate them and thank them all for their service.  Well done gentlemen!

Preparation for 2019
We have been inundated with enrolment forms for 2019 – thank you to everyone who has completed and submitted paperwork for next year, it is greatly appreciated.  We do, however, have a number of students yet to communicate their intentions for the new year.  If these documents could be returned as a matter of priority, we would be most grateful.

Our department requires time to plan teaching loads so that we can confirm allocations for our part-time staff.  Your prompt return of paperwork will assist us in ensuring our communication and planning across the department is accurate and transparent.

As always, should you have any questions or queries regarding our program and the opportunities available to your son, please do not hesitate to contact me through the Music Office – I am more than happy to speak with you in person or over the phone.

Senior Musician’s Dinner
This year, our Senior Musicians will be celebrating the culmination of their time in our department enjoying the city lights from Camp Hill Bowls Club.  Information regarding the Senior Musician’s function has been sent direct to families and students involved.

Should you wish to join us pre-function and share in the joy of some bare-foot bowls and live music from our Irish Ensembles, please come along to the Camp Hill Bowls club from 4:30pm on Friday 9 November.  I look forward to seeing you all there!

Music Support Group AGM
Our Music Support Group have held their Annual General Meeting on Monday 5 November, and it gives me great pleasure to announce the new executive for 2019:
President                            Mr Ken Hartley
Vice President                  Mrs Anjali Henders
Secretary                             Mrs Maria O’Leary-Chay
Treasurer                            Mrs Laura Palmer

The executive of the QCMF Organising Group has also been elected as part of this meeting, and I thank the following people for their assistance in planning next year’s event:
President                            Mr Ken Hartley
Vice President                  Mrs Anjali Henders
Secretary                             Mrs Paula Roberts
Treasurer                            Mrs Laura Palmer

I look forward to working with our new executive team and the wonderful members of our Music Support Group and QCMF Organising Committee.

Date Claimers
As per tradition, we cast our eyes over the coming term.  Please note the following in your diaries:

Term 4
Week 5 Friday 9 November Senior Musicians’ Dinner
Week 7 Tuesday 20 November Christmas Extravaganza – Junior School and Middle School Ensembles – information to be distributed.
Week 7 All rehearsals conclude

Michael Jones, Director of Music

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The official trials for the up-coming AIC AFL, cricket and volleyball season have commenced this week. I thank the many families who were able to complete and submit their sign-on forms to the Sports Office on time. This certainly assists our office with the huge task of organising and selecting teams for the respective season ahead.

May I please ask all concerned to carefully read the section below regarding the trial schedule planned for the up-coming weeks. It is extremely important to have those students who have been asked to attend the trials this weekend be present.

Those who are unable to attend the trials will be considered, however, they will most likely be selected in a lower graded team. Please understand that it is impossible to appraise a student’s ability and select him in a team when they are not present. Students who are unable to make trials due to their selection in representative teams must see Mr Stariha, so this information can be passed to the coaches involved.

I wish everyone all the best over the trial period. Our aim will be to publish all teams in AFL, cricket and volleyball by the end of year.

AIC Cricket and Volleyball Trial Information – Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 November
As well as cricket and volleyball trials held this week, the College has organised further trial games to take place this weekend. AIC volleyball trials will be played this Saturday 10 November in Goold Hall (at the Villanova College Campus). Further AIC cricket trials will be played this Sunday 11 November at Villanova Park (Manly Road, Tingalpa).

Please note the trial games for cricket this weekend are for selected teams/students only. NOT ALL BOYS WILL BE REQUIRED. We ask all students to check the College’s website for the team/squad lists for this weekend –

This information will be posted by 3pm today (as the last trial was on this morning).

Please note that all students who have signed up for volleyball trials will be expected to be at the trials on Saturday 10 November. After these volleyball trials, all coaches will then select their volleyball teams/squads. These squads will be posted on the web by Monday 12 November. If a boy fails to make a volleyball team/squad, they are welcome to join a cricket team, if this is the case please contact the Sports Office to advise – Please contact the Sports Office during school hours for any queries or questions on 3394 5621.

Volleyball team list and information –

AIC VOLLEYBALL TRIALS – Date: Saturday 10 November
Venue:                 Court 1 – Goold Hall, Nearest Main Entrance; Court 2 – Goold Hall, Near Stage
Uniform:             Sports PE uniform or any suitable sports clothing


Time Court 1 Court 2
8.00am – 9.30am Year 8 Year 7
9.30am – 11.00am Year 10 Year 9
11.00am – 12.30pm Open Year 11

AIC CRICKET TRIALS – Date: Sunday 11 November
Venue:                 Villanova Park, Manly Road, Tingalpa
Uniform:             Villa cricket whites or any suitable sports clothing

Time Andrew Slack John Seary Villanova Park no 3 Villanova Park no 4
8.15am –  12.30pm Year 9 A/B

35 Overs

Year 7A/B

30 Overs

Year 9C

30 Overs

Year 7C

30 Overs

12.45pm -5.15pm Year 10 A/B

35 Overs

Year 8 A/B

30 Overs

Year 10C

30 Overs

Year 8C

30 Overs

 * All players need to be at their respective venues 30 minutes prior to the commencement of their game.
Date Claimers – Further Trial Dates

  • Internal cricket games/trials will be held on Sunday 11 November for all teams from Year 7 -Year 12 (2019)
  • Internal volleyball trials will be held on Saturday 10 November for all teams from Year 7 – Year 12 (2019)
  • Volleyball trial matches against Iona on 17 November
  • Volleyball trial matches against SLC on 24 November
  • All specific times and venues TBA

Year 7 – Year 12 Villanova College Cricket Selection Process
This article aims to clarify the selection process, so all members of the Villanova community understand how players are graded and teams are selected.

The purpose of the Villanova cricket selection trials is to provide each student with an equal opportunity to display their batting and bowling skills over a 90-minute net session. External coaches are used to grade the players for teams to be selected.

The initial trials will take place at the Little Langlands cricket nets. After the trials, four teams from each age group from Year 7 – Year 10 only, will be chosen to play each other at an internal cricket trial game on Sunday 11 November at Villanova Park. The best 22/24 players will play in an internal A/B trial; the next best 22/24 players will play each other in a C trial.

After the game we hope to choose the A, B and C teams. Note – This will only involve 2019 teams for Year 7, Year 8, Year 9 and Year 10 students. Students who are not selected to attend these trials will automatically make a ‘coloured cricket team’. All coloured teams are of equal ability and those who make a coloured team will not be required to play a game at Villanova Park on Sunday. Students who attend the trial game on Sunday and do not make an A, B or C team will be automatically placed in a ‘coloured team’.

Some students may not be able to make the Sunday trial game due to other cricket commitments. Please understand that selection into any club representative team/s does not guarantee a player’s selection into any Villanova team. Cricketers who are unavailable to play on the Sunday due to representative club cricket commitments will be considered for team selection, however, only their grading at the initial net session will be used.

Selection guidelines are as follows:

  • There will be no more than six students at each cricket net
  • A Villanova staff member (either the Director of Sport or an AIC Sport Co-ordinator) will administrate and conduct the entire session and coordinate times for the duration of the session
  • There will be externally sourced and qualified cricket coaches located at each cricket net
  • Each student will have the opportunity to bat for 10 minutes
  • Each student will have the opportunity to bowl a minimum of 30 deliveries
  • The external cricket selectors will assess and personally rank each student based on performance displayed at the cricket net session in both batting and bowling. Each student will be given a tentative ranking in batting and bowling of either an A, B, C or D
  • In addition to the physical fundamental skill set that each player displays, head coach Nathan Dufty and fellow qualified coaches will be monitoring how each student interacts and conducts themselves in the presence of fellow players on a social level i.e. is the student supportive of other team members? Is he a good “team player”? Does the student show leadership capabilities? Does the student lack confidence? etc.
  • Based on the initial tentative rankings, the head coach Nathan Dufty will liaise with the Villanova College Director of Sport and/or the AIC Sport Co-ordinators to select a combined A/B cricket squad and a combined C cricket squad
  • Once these tentative squads are agreed upon and selected, those selected will play an internal trial game at Villanova Park on Sunday 11 November. This will provide an opportunity for each student to display their skill set in a game situation
  • Upon completion of the internal trial game, the students as a collective will be divided into final team rankings of A, B, C or a coloured team to represent Villanova College in the season ahead. Note that current representative players who are unable to make the trial game will be considered. Their ranking from the initial net session will be used
  • Further trials have been organised against Churchie and St Patrick’s College before Round 1. The College reserves the right to change the make up of all teams depending upon attitude, performances and attendance. Therefore, teams can and will change before Round 1.
  • Students entering Year 5 must have attended the cricket trials held on Orientation Day
  • Students entering Year 6 will have their cricket trials conducted by Villanova staff members within school time.

PLEASE NOTE – All parents are to support this process and not engage in any undesirable conversations that may contribute towards a negative experience for all involved including the coach, other parents and players.

The ultimate aim of school boy sport is to ensure all students are engaged in sport and enjoy the experience of competition with their mates.

First XI and combined 10A/Second XI Cricket Trial Matches
Villanova will play a trial match against Iona on the date listed below. Mr Nathan Dufty will select the two teams to play in the week leading up to the game and will notify those involved at the Emerging Cricket Talent training sessions. Players are to provide their own lunch.

Saturday 17 November against Iona at Villanova Park

  • First XI 9am 50 overs
  • Combined 10A/Second XI 1pm   35 overs


First XI/Second XI Football Trials (including all members of the 2019 Japan Football Tour)
The College commenced the First XI/Second XI football program this week at the Coorparoo AFL grounds and will continue for another two weeks as listed below:

  • Wednesday 14 November from 3.30pm – 5.00pm
  • Wednesday 21 November from 3.30pm – 5.00pm

As part of our preparations for the Japan Football Tour we require all members of the tour to be involved. Currently we have a list of students who we require to attend the trials posted on the website under the AIC Football section (this list includes all tour members plus others). Any other student who isn’t listed and would like the opportunity to trial is welcome to attend.

A full pre-season schedule outlining all trial and training dates in Term 4, 2018 and Term 1, 2019 is also posted on the web within the AIC Football section. It is our plan to have a First XI and Second XI football squad selected and involved in a pre-season program. In any case, all Japan tourists will be kept in these pre-season squads as part of their preparation.

2019 Coaches/Managers and Officials Needed – OUR BOYS NEED YOUR HELP!
The Villanova Sports Department is currently seeking coaches, managers and officials for the AIC Sports Program in 2019.  In particular, we require the assistance of staff, parents, Old Boys and friends of the College to take on the many duties needed to ensure that every student can participate and enjoy all the benefits that playing sport provides as well as ensuring the ongoing growth and development of our sports programs.

Villanova’s success in sport is dependent upon many factors, one being the generosity of members within our community to give of their time and efforts to serve our students by taking on specific roles. These roles include coach, manager, referee, umpire, scorer etc. If you can help in any way, could you please complete the ‘2019 Coach, Manager and Officiating – Nomination Form’ available on the College Website and from the Sports Office and return it to the College’s Sports Office as soon as possible.

All forms received will be compiled into a database. Before each season commences a member of the Sports Office will contact those who have expressed an interest to assist. A final confirmation of commitment will be asked, and further details will be given.
I thank all those who were able to assist throughout 2018 and I invite those who would like to assist in 2019 to become involved for the benefit of our students and the College. I am sure you will find it a rewarding venture.

Swimming/Volleyball and Cricket Clinics – 2019
The College has organised specialised clinics, which are open to all students from Year 5 – Year 12 in 2019. These are great opportunities for our student athletes to develop their skills before the commencement of the 2019 AIC sport season. Please check the website under the various sports for more information.

  • Cricket Clinic – 21, 22 and 23 January 2019 at Villanova Park
  • Swim Clinic – 21 January 2019 at Langlands Pool
  • Volleyball Clinic – 18 and 19 January 2019 at Clem Jones (flyer not available yet)

Villanova College Swimming – Langlands Pool
The last day for Villanova Swimming in 2018 will be Friday 21 December.  Villanova Swimming will resume on Monday 7 January 2019.  However, we certainly hope all our swimmers will continue their training throughout the Christmas holiday period.

Craig Stariha, Director of Sport

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Parent Information

If you have pre-ordered one of our amazing cookbooks, it/they will be sent home with your son next week unless other arrangements have been made.

It is not too late to purchase your very own copy of a piece of Villanova history for either yourself, your son or a loved family member. To make sure you don’t miss out on your copy of this special 70th Anniversary keepsake, order your copy (or copies) on Flexischools asap.

The cookbook is a wonderful memento of the College, not only for your son but for other family members as well.

In the past the book has popped up on many an occasion:

* A memento for when your Year 12 boy graduates – either at the end of this year or in the   future

* A great Christmas gift for family and friends

* A gift for host families for those boys who travel representing the College

* A great recipe book for anyone leaving home

* A treasured keepsake for many Old Boys

The book not only contains recipes and food images reflecting our Villanovan tastes and flavours but also encompasses images of the school and its surroundings along with a brief history of a number of its buildings.

All proceeds from the sale of the cookbook will go to the Villanova College Parents and Friends Association and we look forward to you enjoying your copy of the The Villa Kitchen.

Purchases can be made thru flexischools via the cookbook option.

If you have any queries regarding the cookbook please contact Megan Stuart – or Jacqui Steendyk –


A huge thank you to the Villanova community for making Derby Day 2018 a SOLD OUT fundraising event as over 360 women attended.

Due to the generosity of our sponsors and all who attended, we were able to raise over $20,000, which will be distributed to the touring sports teams of 2019.

Thanks again for your continuing support Derby Day Committee and the Villanova College Sports Club Committee.


Monday 12 November
Michelle Dixon
Alicia Maunsell
Kyle-Ann Walsh
Heather Martin
Michelle Lewis
Leah Coogans
Jude Johannesen
Kathy Lerato
Maria Scalvos
Sylvia Vitsas

Tuesday 13 November
Kate Hartley
Jo Phillips
Lisa Meredith
Sally Wearne
Jilane Anderson
Deanne Perrier
Debbie McWilliam
Lisa Stone
Nicole Binney
Victoria Lenton
Nicky Rosso

Wednesday 14 November
Sharron Genrich
Clare Godwin
Jean Egan
Peta Diedrichs

Thursday 15 November
Christy Grigson
Wendy Wallis
Tracey Wells
Diana McGregor
Luisa Pigozzo-Brown
Janine Pugh
Maria Horton
Suzanne Littleton
Deanne Lawson
Tanya Harper
Kerry Lapish

Friday 16 November
Lesley Stevens
Amanda Robinson – Ilka
Melissa Paterson
Louise Bukowski
Amy Nolan
Bridget Manning


Wednesday 14 November
Donna Leahy

Friday 16 November
Gina Avolio

ISCA Homestay Families Wanted

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Calendar of Events

St Aidan’s Anglican Girls School – Term 4 Dance – Saturday 10 November
St Aidan’s Anglican Girls School are hosting their Term 4 Dance on Saturday November 10  – venue – Christine Hartland Centre.  The dance is open to students from years 7 – 10.  Entry is $15 + ID.  Tickets can be purchased via Flexischools.  Log on to Flexischools, scroll down to bottom and click on as a Guest.  Enter school name as St Aidan’s Anglican Girls School.  A menu will appear with a red dance icon. Proceed to purchase.

Invitation to Youth Mass – Parish of Sts Peter and Pauls – Sunday 18 November

Year 11 Parent End of Year Function – Friday 23rd November

Year 8 Parent End of Year Function – Saturday 24th November

Year 6 End of Year Family Fun Day – Sunday 25 November

Year 5 End of School Break Up Pool Party – Friday 30 November


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Community Update


On behalf of the residents on Kinatarcan Island, Sto. Niño de Cebu Augustinian Social Development Foundation, FairTrade Philippines and AFAS Elders, I would like to thank all the generous people who have contributed towards the construction of the mat weaving facility.

Recent donations from Mark Ryan, R and C Watson, L. Dunbar, Programmed Property Services and an anonymous donation have seen us reach our target of $8000.

As seen in last week’s Villa View, the design has been modified to suit the Elders budget. Ordering of materials has commenced with the plan to start construction soon. The mat weaving facility/community centre should be well underway when the Elders arrive on Kinatarcan on Monday December 3 to spend 10 days working with the Filipinos to complete this facility.

Many thanks to those all those who contributed towards making this project possible.

AFAS Elders


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