Principal's Welcome

Dear Members of the Villanova College Family
Welcome back to the final term of the year. The students have returned refreshed and ready for another busy and exciting term. For our senior students the time remaining in formal classes is a matter of only weeks. Each year we tell the students not to make the mistake of just focusing on the end. Rather we advise the students to live each day of this last term. To enjoy the time with their classmates and teachers and to appreciate the journey that is coming to an end as they move closer to concluding their time at Villanova College. We continue to challenge, encourage and support the students through the demands of Term Four.

Update on Fire at Villanova Park

The event of last week has once again shown the strength of our community. Following news of the fire at Villanova Park and the destruction of the Cor Unum Centre, I have received many phone calls, text messages and emails from our community offering their support.  We are grateful for the support and offers of help from so many people.

The next stage of the process for dealing with the loss of the Cor Unum Centre is the demolition of the building and cleaning of the site to ensure it is safe and secure. The insurance company takes responsibility for this work and demolition will occur this week.

We will begin the process for the rebuilding of the Cor Unum Centre as quickly as possible. There are a number of changes that we would like to make to the previous design and we will be consulting with our architect to develop the new design in the very near future.

The loss of the Cor Unum Centre as a meeting place for our community will require some adjustments to programs that have traditionally been held at the centre. The sporting program for Term Four will not be affected and I expect all events to continue as normal.

Master Plan Presentation

Next Monday, 9 October, the Parents and Friends Association will be hosting a special presentation from Mr Peter Dawson, Director – Architectus who has been formulating the College Master Plan. Mr Dawson will present the “big ideas” for the Coorparoo campus and would like to hear feedback from our parents. The presentation will commence at 6.00 pm and will be held on the mezzanine level of the Tolle Lege Library. All are most welcome to attend.

Following the presentation the Parents and Friends Association will be holding their Annual General Meeting and all parents are most welcome to attend.

Year 11 Leadership

Next week, Year 11 students begin their preparation for the roles of senior leaders of the College in 2018. As part of the preparation, the students will be attending the Year 11 Leadership Camp from Wednesday 11 October to Friday 13 October at Camp Kokoda, Maroon Dam, Maroon. Over the three days, the students will face a number of challenges and will need to work together supporting each other to achieve the set goals. I am confident our Year 11 students will respond positively to the challenges.


We congratulate Mr Matthew Wilson who became engaged to Miss Linka Jenner during the school holidays.


Please keep in your prayers Mr Charlie Fisher and his family. At this time, Charlie is in hospital under palliative care and we keep him in our prayers and thoughts.

You have made us for yourself O Lord

And our hearts are restless until they rest in You

God bless

Mr Mark Stower, Principal

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Head of Junior School

The holidays have given us all a mental, physical and spiritual boost.  I can see it on the faces around me in the Junior School.  Smiles are wider, eyes are shining and there are jovial stories being shared about holiday adventures and the recent grand final results.  There is an aura of wisdom surrounding the Year 5 boys.  Three terms of Villanovan life now come to fruition and I wish them all the best in finishing their first year successfully.  Our Year 6 students now anticipate Middle School life.  They are getting ready to transition and they will no doubt treasure Term 4 in the Junior School precinct.

At a family celebration on the weekend, my mother-in-law urged me to read an article she had seen.   Being a grandmother to three boys, she is always interested in how males can be perceived in our society.  Teressa is one of five daughters and had two girls herself so she enjoys talking to our sons and hearing about life at Villanova.  The article was inspired by a journalist who reflected upon a work colleague’s relationship with his son and she delved deeper into some research about the trends concerning boys and the impact of gaming.  The author researches several long-term trends of our young males moving into adolescence and beyond – leaving home career choices and misuse of medications.  The article then comes back to the significance of parents and mates.  The essence at the end of the piece was how crucial it is for our sons to be present and available for each other.  “Society needs good men” is what Kathleen Noonan (Boy, do we have a problem – Courier Mail 30/9/2017) and I certainly agree upon.  So how do we action this?

Boys need to explicitly hear and see what “good relationships” mean.  This is right from birth when positive times with family and friends build a sense of respect in voice, in personal space and in sharing resources.  Kindness should be shown without expecting immediate feedback or reward.  Kindness is about giving to others because you can.  It’s selfless and one of the most divine acts.  Kindness through a smile can make a person feel valued when they might otherwise feel invisible.  It can relax someone who is nervous or anxious about what the school or work day might bring.  Words can show kindness, specifically using someone’s name, giving a compliment or asking about a previous conversation matters to another human being.  Conversations can teach our sons a lot about life.  How we speak to people face to face, and then what we might say out of ear shot is a huge lesson to kids.  Do we mean what we say?  Do we show genuine respect, understanding and appreciation for people having differences to our own?  Modelling acceptance and living it in a community is some of the best grounding a young man can have.  He will copy what he sees and hears.  He will follow your lead if you explain, model and reflect upon the kindness you show.

Friendships are the crucial phase of belonging and feeling valued in the Junior School.  Common interests are important initially as this is where the boys can offer insightful conversations and contribute to jokes and share exciting ideas.  Over a longer term, friendships require consistency and trust.  Paying attention to likes and dislikes, using patience and understanding when one friend is in need and always bringing new life into friendships is important to see them grow.  Some friendships are shorter than others – human beings need changes to feel happy and sustained.  Resilience in young boys is important.

“Liking yourself” – strengths, weaknesses and all that is in-between – happens at different stages.  Understanding that relationships require voluntary commitment rather than forced is a steep learning curve.  Everyone can learn to show respect.  Not everyone will be the best of mates.  Yet some incredible boys can show kindness to help those that might struggle with friendships, because they see a fellow Villanovan and they step up.  They use the social concepts we explore with our Focus of the Week, Circle Time and Restorative Practice philosophy.  Strength is found internally as they remember what their parents have shown them or Jesus has taught them, and our community strengthens.

Term 4 will see the Junior School encourage our boys to be their best selves.  With organisation, sleep and nutrition, the highest support for learning and opportunities for co-curricular we will aim to foster meaningful relationships so that our society is indeed with the best of men.

Mr Stephen Rouhliadeff, Head of Junior School

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Head of Middle School

Welcome Back
Welcome back everyone! I hope your holidays, if you were lucky enough to have some, were relaxing and refreshing. In a sporting context, the fourth quarter is where games are won or lost, so we must make Term 4 count.  This final term is an opportunity to showcase the knowledge, skills and understanding that has been built up throughout the year. My hope is that Term 4 is the term where all Middle School students see their hard work during the year come to fruition.

7 Blue

As Mr Roland Camilleri embarks on his well-earned long service leave this term, we extend a warm welcome to Ms Richelle Staley. Ms Staley is no stranger to Villanova, having completed a number of contracts in Middle and Senior schools; and is married to Villanova Old Boy, Dan (’95). I am confident the outstanding young men of 7 Blue will work well with Ms Staley and I know she is looking forward to the challenges of Term 4.


At the conclusion of Term 3, I did not get the opportunity to congratulate the efforts of Middle School basketball and tennis teams. Each Saturday at the basketball, I witnessed the incredible spirit and sportsmanship that the boys displayed. Although I was not there to witness the tennis players’ efforts first-hand, I did hear the same from many who did. I congratulate all players on their successful seasons and I thank the coaches for their up-skilling and mentoring of our young men.


Next Friday, 13 October, Villanova will be hosting a Middle School dance at Carina PCYC. Funds generated from ticket sales will help continue the work of both AFAS (Australian Filipino Augustinian Solidarity) and our very own Middle School YAYM (Young Augustinian Youth Ministry). Local girl schools have been invited (including Lourdes Hill, Loreto, San Sisto, All Hallows’, Our Lady’s and Moreton Bay Girls), but I implore all boys to play their part and encourage their friends from these schools to attend. The dance commences at 7pm and concludes at 10pm sharp. Tickets are $15, available at the door.

Mr Greg O’Neill, Head of Middle School

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Head of Senior School

Term 4 and Finishing Well
Welcome back for the final term of the academic year. I trust that all Senior School students and their families were able to spend quality together and all are energised and ready to finish the year extremely well. I know that my time in Sydney soaking in the serenity of Bondi and Manly beaches served me well and I look forward to working with all Senior School students throughout the course of the next eight weeks.

This fourth term is especially important for several reasons. For our Year 12 students, this term is the final leg of their Villanova journey. The intentional message that was emphasised in yesterday’s Form Meeting was the reality that graduation is still seven weeks away and there is still work to be completed which most certainly contributes towards their final results. Furthermore, the way in which the seniors conduct themselves in these final weeks should reflect the gentlemanly values that have been instilled in them throughout their years at the College.

The Year 11 students will engage in the final phase of their leadership program before the voting and selection process for the 2018 student leadership term. The expedition camping experience in Week 2 coupled with the Leadership Conference in Week 3 will provide the students with a firm foundation in considering their peer nominations. I am confident that the Year 11s will embrace these experiences and select strong and dynamic leaders who will serve the College well next year. In addition, the Year 10 students will also select House Vice Captains who will play a more significant role in 2018.

Overall, the central focus of this week must be settling back into the routine of focused academic study both in the classroom and at home. I look forward to affirming the academic success within the Senior School at our Celebration of Excellence evening later this term.

The Kaizen Approach to Continuous Improvement

During the holiday period, I was listening to one of my favourite podcasts- The Art of Manliness, and came across an incredibly purposeful approach to self-improvement which I believe a number of students could benefit from. The title of the podcast episode was ‘The Kaizen Method – Get 1% Better Each Day’.

Often when I speak to Senior School students about their goals and ambitions, they speak of a desire for large and significant improvements – for example, to raise their GPA a whole grade. The barrier to achieving this goal, however, is that it often looks like staring at the summit of Mount Everest from base camp and the journey to the peak, with its challenges, often looks insurmountable.

Instead of looking immediately at the summit or the end game, engaging in the journey, taking small steps and getting one percent better each day, can prove to be a more effective way of achieving goals and strengthening mindsets. It is called the Kaizen Method, an approach to continuous, incremental improvement. It originated in Japan and the word translates to mean change (kai) for the good (zen). For example, if the goal is to study for longer- from 30 minutes to 90 minutes – it is more realistic to build this up over time so that it becomes habitual and routine rather than to increase immediately.

This is the link to the podcast, which explores the origins and philosophy of Kaizen Method in more detail –

Have a wonderful final term.

A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.”- Colin Powell

Mr Matt Levander, Head of Senior School

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AFAS Exchange:
The 18 students and eight staff members who returned from the Philippines last weekend have radiated enthusiasm and gratitude after the exchange. Many stories are surfacing of how amazingly the boys conducted themselves as individuals and as a group. One thing I have been impressed by is their wisdom in spending extra funds on local projects. In this regard, on the day when the boys built a new toilet block for a squatter community, they noticed a Year 3 boy, “Muscles”, who loved working hard mixing cement, but who was not attending school. It transpired that after his father had passed away, his mother could not afford to pay for books and uniforms. The Villanova students left $1000 with the family to get him back to school. There are many more stories like this that will be shared with the community over the coming weeks, including a breakdown of where donated funds have been spent.

Below are some comments about the Exchange experience from the students:

“What a truly incredible and life changing experience for me in all aspects of my life”

“Seeing what the people over here have to experience has truly given me the understanding of how lucky I truly am”

“The Exchange has opened my eyes to how fortunate I am”

“The Exchange has truly been the most influential event and journey of my life that I will never forget”

Please note that any profit made from the upcoming Middle School Dance, on Friday 13 October at the Carindale PCYC will go to AFAS.

Fair Go Footy Carnival – Sunday 15 October – 9.30 am to 2.30 pm

Family members are warmly invited to pop out to Villanova Park on Sunday 15 October for a great community event. Through running a five-a-side soccer and a touch footy competition, Villanova students reach out the hand of friendship to the diverse range of young people in Brisbane. We are fortunate that a number of “Deadly Sports” ambassadors will join us on the day to run activities and share their stories. These ambassadors will include Michael De Vere (ex Bronco) and Kelly McKellar-Nathan (Australian softballer) while Jarrod Wallace (Titans) will be there to assist at the Waddi Springs coffee wagon and the Hon. Mick de Brenni MP, Minister for Sport and Recreation will also be in attendance.

We have room for a few more teams. If you have a connection to a school that may wish to send a school, then please let me know. This year for the first time, we are running a sidelight competition for Year 6 and Year 7 students. This competition will include about 10 young people from the St Vincent de Paul “Soccer Stars” program whose families cannot afford sports club fees, so this tournament allows them to experience team competition and mateship.  I thank Toby Weston (Year 7) for his leadership in setting this up. I would also like to thank Carter Farquar Lawyers for their generous sponsorship of the free BBQ to be held at the end of the day.

Mr John Holroyd, Vice Principal – Ministry, Mission and Evangelisation

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State Honours Ensemble Program 2017 – Queensland Conservatorium of Music
From 28 September to 1 October, 17 students from Villanova College had the fantastic opportunity of attending the State Honours Ensemble Program at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music.  Our fine musicians joined over 900 talented students from Queensland to work with world-class conductors from across Australia and the Globe.

I had the opportunity to attend all of the concerts on the final day and work with some of the students and clinicians over weekend.  It was a wonderful celebration of music and music education and a great opportunity for our students.

Well done to all involved!

Student Name Year Instrument
Rowan Aukes Year 12 Clarinet
Seán Aukes Year 9 Trumpet
James Battersby Year 10 Trumpet
Xander Caulfield Year 11 Flute/Piccolo
Jack Challinor Year 11 Voice
Sam Chamberlain Year 11 Flute
Timothy Girard Year 12 Cello
Nicholas Halstead Year 11 Voice
Liam Hartley Year 11 Cello
Blake Humphrey Year 12 Trumpet
Callum Moses Year 9 Violin
Simon Mungarrieta Year 12 Percussion
Mackenzie Osborne Year 11 Clarinet
Sebastian Phelan Year 11 Euphonium
Joseph Roberts Year 11 Trumpet
Nelson Thorpe Year 11 Oboe
Alexander Williams Year 12 Clarinet

Music Support Group

Our Music Support Group will be holding their Annual General Meeting during Term 4.  Two fantastic members of our executive, Stephanie Carlson and Sharon Williams, will be graduating from the Music Support Group as their sons graduate the College at the end of the year.  We will most definitely miss them as valued members of our team.  With that in mind, the group is looking for goal-orientated individuals who are connected and active in both the Villanova and wider community, have industry, management or relevant experience and are prepared to make a significant positive difference to what is a busy and exciting music community.

If you would like to discuss the operations of our Music Support Group and your possible involvement, I would welcome the opportunity to speak in person or approach our group through the Music Office.

Date Claimers

We now look ahead to the end of the year with our currently scheduled events.  Please ensure these are marked in your diaries:

Dates Activity
Week 2 – Sunday 15 October Live and Wired at Loreto (Big Band and Irish 1)
Week 3 – Monday 16 October Combined Concert Band/Wind Ensemble (Friday morning rehearsal) performing at Prestige Music Fest – arrive 7:20pm at Iona College PAC
Week 3 – Wednesday 18 October String Sinfonia (Friday morning rehearsal) performing at Prestige Music Fest – arrive 6:20pm at Iona College PAC
Week 3 – Thursday 19 October Symphonic Band (Wednesday afternoon rehearsal) performing at Prestige Music Fest – bus from College, perform at 5:20pm at Iona College PAC
Week 3 – Friday 20 October String Consort (Thursday morning rehearsal) performing at Prestige Music Fest – arrive 7pm at Iona College PAC
Week 3 – Sunday 22 October Strings and Choir at The Cathedral (St Stephen’s)

Big Band performance at St Laurence’s College – River City Clippers concert

Week 4 – Thursday 26 October Bands and Guitars Finale Concert
Week 4 – Friday 27 October Combined Orchestra performing at Loreto (arrive 5pm)

Jazz Ensemble performing at Prestige Music Fest – bus from school, perform at 4:50pm at Calamvale Community College

Week 4 – Saturday 28 October Big Band performing at Prestige Music Fest – arrive 4pm at Calamvale Community College.
Week 5 – Tuesday 31 October Celebration of Excellence – QPAC (ensembles to be confirmed)
Week 5 – Friday 3 November Big Gig – International Guitar workshop/concert
Week 6 – Friday 10 November Senior Music Dinner
Week 7 – Thursday 16 November Graduation Mass

Mr Michael Jones, Director of Music

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As I write this column it is hard to believe that it is the first week back after vacation and we are on the ‘run home’ to Christmas. With only eight weeks remaining in the term, there is no doubt that it will be a busy time ahead for Villanova sport.

Our swim program continues this week with the addition of the new 2018 students into our program. An official welcome breakfast for all swimmers will be held this Friday at the College pool (not Langlands) at 7am.

The AIC Track and Field Championships will commence on Tuesday 24 October and continue on Wednesday 25 October (Week 4).  I encourage squad members to keep up the efforts at training and I wish all athletes the very best as we prepare for our first meet held this Thursday at UQ.

The volleyball program continues this week with Villanova entering two squads into the Provence Volleyball Cup being played each Wednesday evening throughout Term 4. The College has also entered a Year 7 and Year 8 team into the Queensland Volleyball Schools Cup, which will be played over a three-day period commencing next Friday at the Gold Coast. Best wishes to all these teams!

Villanova’s ‘Emerging Cricket Talent Squad’ resume their cricket training program this week and by all reports, our coaches are very happy with the start and attitude shown by all players.

The rugby squads will commence their strength and conditioning programs next week followed by the introduction of field sessions later in the term. The football squad will commence their training towards the end of term. More information regarding the football squad will be given in the weeks to come.

During Week 5 of this term, we will commence all cricket and volleyball trials in the hope of getting all teams selected before we break for Christmas. After the trial week, we have organised a number of internal and external trial games to assist further with team selections. Please see below for important dates.

A sign-on form will be made available to all students next week who wish to participate in the 2018 Term 1 AIC sporting program. Please see below for further information.

As always, we encourage all students to get involved in the sports program and to enjoy the experience along the way.

AIC AFL (for Year 5 and Year 6 only)

In Term 1 2018, AFL will be offered to students in Year 5 and 6. This provides our Junior School boys with the option to choose between either cricket or AFL (and swimming). Only two teams from each year level will be entered into the AFL competition with 15 students in each team and 12 players taking to the field with three substitutions. This is a fantastic opportunity for our Junior School boys and we look forward to seeing Villanova backing up on the results achieved by our teams this season. The AIC AFL Competition will be played on Saturday mornings throughout Term 1.

2018 Villanova Cricket, AFL, Swimming and Volleyball Sign On and Trials

All students from Year 5 – 12 who are interested in representing Villanova in AIC cricket, AFL (Year 5 and Year 6 only) and volleyball (Year 7 – 12 only) in 2018 must complete an ‘AIC Sport Sign On Form’. These forms will be available to all students from Year 5 – 11 next week through their Pastoral classes. Students entering the College in 2018 were sent the sign-on information during the September holidays.

Please note:

  • All students from Year 5 – 12 will play in the AIC Sport Competition
  • All cricket, AFL and volleyball teams will be selected in year levels in 2018 not in age groups. Therefore, boys in Year 8 will play in the 8 A – D teams (not the 13 A – D teams)
  • Students must attend all trials as listed below
  • Cricket is open to all students from Year 5 – 12
  • AFL is open to students in Year 5 and 6 (2018) only
  • Volleyball is open to students in Year 7 – 12 (2018) only

Date Claimers

  • AFL and cricket trials for students entering Year 6 in 2018 will take place during school time on Friday afternoons throughout Term 4
  • Trials for Years 7 – 12 students (2018) will commence on the week beginning Monday 30 October (Week 5) as per schedule below
  • Further internal cricket games/trials will be held on Sunday 5 November for all teams from Year 7- 12 (2018)
  • Further Internal volleyball trials will be held on Saturday 4 November for all teams from Year 7 – 12 (2018)
  • Volleyball trial matches v Iona will be held on 11 November
  • Volleyball trial matches v SLC will be held on 18 November
  • All specific times and venues will be advised

Initial Cricket and Volleyball Trial Schedule – Week 5

Monday 30  October Tuesday 31  October Wednesday 1   November Thursday 2  November
6:30am – 8.00am Cricket

Year 11 and Year 12 at Little Langlands


Year 11 and 12 in Goold Hall

 CricketYear 10 at Little Langlands


Year 10 in Goold Hall


Year 9 at Little Langlands


Year 9 in Goold Hall

Year 11 and 12 in Goold Hall
3.30pm – 5.00pm Cricket

Year 8 at Little Langlands


Year 8 in Goold Hall


Year 7 at Little Langlands


Year 7 in Goold Hall

Villanova Swimming – Mrs Juanita Jacobs, AIC Swimming Co-ordinator

The swimming preseason has commenced with a reasonable group 15 – 20 of swimmers in the pool each morning.  We will certainly be looking at building on those numbers as quickly as possible in preparation for the season.  It is important that training begin as early as possible, so we have the fitness and technique to finish strongly.  If there are any problems with attending  training, please email Mrs Jacobs and discuss these concerns at  We encourage all swimmers to be present on Friday mornings each week, so that we can unite as a team and build success together.

Training session times are as below:

Day Students in Years 5 – 8 in 2018 Students in  Years 9 – 12 in 2018
Monday 6:30am – 8:00am
Tuesday 7:00am – 8:00am
Wednesday 6:30am – 8:00am
Thursday 7:00am – 8:00am
Friday 6:30am – 8:00am 6:30am – 8:00am

It is important that students are present at the pool and have their names recorded at least 10 minutes prior to starting training.  This way we can ensure that we finish the sets and are able to be changed and back to school in time.

Welcome Breakfast

This Friday, 6 October there will be a welcome breakfast for all swimmers in the 2018 swimming squad instead of the normal swimming session.  It will begin at 7am at the Villanova College pool.  

Andrew Slack and Ben Mowen Squads

Both the ‘Andrew Slack’ and ‘Ben Mowen’ rugby squads will commence their pre-season strength and conditioning program next week as per the times outlined in the information package. I believe the hard work put in now will pay dividends later in the regular season. This is a great opportunity for all squad members, we encourage all boys to take up the challenge and push themselves to achieve greatness throughout the season.

AIC Golf Championship

The annual AIC Golf Championship will be contested on Monday 23 October at the Indooroopilly Golf Course.  We are currently seeking nominations from students in Years 7 – 12 who have a club handicap. Each College must submit a team of five players. Players will be escorted by a staff member on the day of competition and transport to and from the venue will be arranged by the College. All interested students are to see Mr Stariha to register. The final team will be selected based on handicaps.

Volleyball – Ms Barbara Dewis, AIC Volleyball Coordinator

This week is the beginning of the Provence Cup Tournament with the Firsts and U/16 teams competing. These teams will be competing against Nudgee at Nudgee College. The U/16 team will play at 6pm and the Firsts play at 7pm. Training is conducted on Monday afternoons with competitive games being played on Wednesday evenings. From these games, a squad of nine will be chosen to represent Villanova at the National Schools Volleyball Cup in Melbourne early December.   All players selected will be emailed an ‘expression of interest form’. If you would like to observe volleyball at its best, get along to the different venues to support the boys.

Provence Cup fixtures for the next two weeks:-

11 October – Villanova BYE round

18 October – Villanova College hosting games in Goold Hall against Gregory Terrace

An addition to the volleyball calendar this year is the Junior Schools Cup for Year 7 and Year 8.  Teams have been selected and have been training on a Wednesday (Year 8) and Friday (Year 7) morning to ensure teams are competitive for the 13 – 15 October.  If you would like to support these teams the Year 7 competition is at Carrara Indoor Sports Centre (next door to Metricon Stadium) and Year 8 will compete at Coomera Indoor Sports and Leisure Centre (near Dreamworld).

Twelve boys in total from Year 7 and Year 8 attended a Referee’s Course on Monday to prepare them for the season ahead.  This course will allow the boys to referee at the upcoming Junior Schools Cup Tournament.  Thank you to all who attended and to Mr McLauchlan who organised the day.

Internal trials for volleyball will begin in Week 5.

AIC Track and Field – Training and Meet in Term 4

Three weeks of training to go before the AIC Championships!

Villanova’s track and field program will continue this term with training every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon together with three AIC Track and Field Meets as listed below.

We require all boys to commit fully to the track and field program as there are only three weeks of training before the AIC Championships, which are held in Week 4.

Buses have been organised to transport boys to and from each training sessions as per normal returning at approx. 5.40pm. Buses will also transport students to and from the AIC Meets.

Date Claimers

Thursday 5 October – AIC Track and Field Meet at UQ

Tuesday 10 October – Training at Villanova Park 3.45-5.10pm

Thursday 12 October – AIC Track and Field Meet at UQ

Tuesday 17 October – Training at SAF 3.45 – 5.10pm

Thursday 19 October – Training at SAF 3.45 -5.10pm

Friday 20 October – AIC Track and Field Meet at SAF

Tuesday 24 and Wednesday 25 October AIC Track and Field Championships

Track and Field – AIC Invitational Meet

Please see details below for the first AIC Track and Field Meet to be held today.  These details will be the same for the second meet next Thursday 12 October at UQ.

Date:  Thursday October 5

Venue:  UQ, St Lucia

Year 5 and Year 6 students:  Bus departs Villanova at 2pm, returning at approx. 5:50pm

Year 7 to Open students:  Bus depart Villanova at 3:10pm, returning at approx. 8:20pm

Parents are welcome to collect their son from the venue.


Information regarding the second meet for the season is available on the website. This meet will also be held at UQ next Thursday 12 Oct. Bus departure times will be the same as scheduled this week.

Representative Sport

During the first week of the holidays in Toowoomba Rhys Lansky won the Silver Medal in the PCA National Championships in Tetrathlon (running 2km, swimming 200m, shooting and show jumping/cross-country jumping (on horse). During the second week at the Queensland State Championships, he finished top 10 in formal gymkhana and camp drafting and top five in sporting gymkhana in a field of 40+ competitors. On Monday, Rhys was awarded the Queensland State Champion at Pentathlon! A great result, well done Rhys!

Mr Craig Stariha, Director of Sport

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AFAS Exchange

AFAS Exchange 2017
Following over 12 months of planning, 26 staff and students departed on the 2017 AFAS Exchange at the end of last term, 25 years after the first exchange in 1993. To say the exchange was an amazing experience for all is an understatement. All boys excelled themselves and exceeded our expectations as they extended the hand of friendship and solidarity to our fellow Filipino Augustinian friends. Whether concreting the foundations for an extension to the community centre built by AFAS in 2015 or concreting the path for a covered walkway, all boys put in one hundred percent.  There were numerous great moments of Villanova pride and all on tour certainly lived out the Villanova spirit.  The Augustinian spirit was also very much alive as we shared meals, played games and sang together, as well as interacting with each other.

A big “thank you” to the Villanova Community – you have made a difference to the lives of our Filipino friends.

Please see below how each community has been assisted:

Divino Amore Academy -Talisay City – Cebu Colegio San Agustin -Bacolod La Consolacion College -Murcia
*Academic  Scholarships

  • Gina Canopin,
  • Elyza Dorimon,
  • Raquel Alforque,
  • Krystal Bolo,
  • Sam Rabado,
  • Cherry Mae Plagtiosa

*Project-cementing path for the covered walkway

*Donation towards feeding program(for those who come to school without food)

*Donation towards purchase of music and sports equipment

*Donation towards a present scholar’s schooling expenses for Senior High in 2018 (after he leaves DAA)




*Academic  Scholarships

  • Reyanne Magbanua,
  • Rica Madrenino,
  • Cheza Mae Villanueva,
  • Alfred Alegia,
  • Khaye Sharlene Isidro,
  • Jolina Garcia

*Project – assisting in the construction to the extension (toilet and kitchen) to the community centre constructed by AFAS 2015

*Donation by YAYM to assist in Alternative Learning System- (night school for those who didn’t get the chance to finish their education)

*Donation by Villa Visions towards purchasing art materials for pre-school children at I. Makilan Elementary School

*Donation from the Villanova Hospitality Department for feeding program for preschool children

*Donation to cover medical expenses for a baby with cleft palate

*Donation towards schooling expenses for child in outreach community – (we nicknamed him Muscles)

*Academic  Scholarships-

  • Lea Rubica,
  • John Rey Cartalla
  • Ace Demetillo
  • Klaudyia Gatuslao

*Donation towards feeding program for children in outreach area

*Donation towards a “Women Health program”-assisting mothers with new born babies to access healthy food – by the Villanova Hospitality Department

*Donation for the re-roofing project

*Donation towards medical expenses for scholar’s family

*Donation towards ophthalmologist to visit LCC to assess and assist students at risk

*Donation towards purchase of music and sports equipment






Planning is now underway for the 2018 AFAS Elders Exchange to Kinatarcan Island. This exchange differs from the AFAS Exchange in that it is open to staff, parents and Villanova Old Boys (Elders) – no school age students are able to participate. The group travels to Kinatarcan Island and undertakes a building/construction project, which is totally funded by Villanova Old Boys. In 2016, the group constructed the drying hut (hothouse) for the use of drying the moringa leaf for all the island community.

The Elders Exchange will take place during the first two weeks of the 2018 December school holidays and will cost $2500.

If you are interested in attending and would like more information or would like to enquire about making a donation towards the project, please email Tony Hindmarsh at

Mr Tony Hindmarsh, on behalf of AFAS

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Parent Information

Musical 2018

At the end of Term 3, we launched the 2018 Villanova and Loreto College Musical to the student body. We are very excited to be presenting Footloose next year and work and preparation has already begun to get the show up and running.

Students currently in Year 8 – 11 at Villanova and 9 – 11 at Loreto have all received an email at the end of last term, outlining the rehearsal schedule, student expectations, background about the show and the requirements for the upcoming auditions.   Any student interested in participating in Footloose is required to register their interest via the link in this email.

All expressions of interest are required by Monday 9 October so we can organise the auditions in Week 4 of this term. If you have any questions, please direct them to me at

Mrs Justine Silk, Musical Producer


Term 4 School Fees

Term 4 fee statements were emailed to families over the holiday break.  Please contact the Finance Office on 3394 5552 if you did not receive your statement.

School fees are due for payment by 6 October 2017.

Mrs Agi Waloszek, Business Manager


Non State School Transport Assistance Scheme

Library Roster

Monday, 9th October

Susanna Greaves

Tuesday, 10th October

Cristina Palacios

Wednesday, 11th October

Donna Leahy, Sharon Vecchi

Thursday, 12th October

Maritsa Malanos, Sue Mulligan


Tuckshop Roster

Monday, 9th October

Michelle Boxall, Debbie Griffiths, Bernadette Perrier, Julie Frail, Taryn Byrne, Monique Winn, Louise Wilson

Tuesday, 10th October

Kate Hartley, Jo Phillips, Lisa Meredith, Sally Wearne, Jilane Anderson, Deanne Perrier, Debbie McWilliam, Lisa Stone, Nicole Binney, Victoria Lenton, Nicky Rosso, Cheryl Mathieson

Wednesday, 11th October

Lisa Prendergast, Jayne Solomon, Tina Taylor, Lisa Moroney, Clare Godwin, Paivi McIntosh, Jean Egan, Monica Curtis

Thursday, 12th October

Silvana Abraham, Christy Grigson, Wendy Wallis, Tracey Wells, Diana McGregor, Luisa Pigozzo-Brown, Janine Pugh, Natalie Beare, Maria Horton, Deanne Lawson

Friday, 13th October

Andrea Seymour, Lesley Stevens, Heather Cormack, Amanda Robinson – Ilka, Meeta Lal, Melissa Paterson, Louise Bukowski, Amy Nolan, Bridget Manning, Vicki Rossi, Patricia Tanks (Giannino)

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Calendar of Events

Stay up to date with the College events please proceed to the event calendar.

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Community Update

ST JAMES PARISH COORPAROO (date-claimer for 2017)

Term 4: Year 5 children (or older) who wish to continue their Sacramental Program with Reconciliation: begins 22 October and continues with child sessions on Mondays October 23 / 30, November 6concluding with Sacrament of Reconciliation on Thursday, 9 November.  Please email St James Parish for more information:

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