Principal's Welcome

Earlier this week a Year 12 student sat across from me, fearful and confused about his present, and unsure about his future.  He is facing a whole series of changes.  He, like his 160 Year 12 peers, is facing the end of the familiar – life at school – and the beginning of the unfamiliar – life after school.  He was grieving the loss of day-to-day contact with friends and he was unsure what lay ahead.  Some cannot wait to be out the gates while others are a little scared – both reactions are natural.

Someone once said that the only constant in life is ‘change’.  We are constantly changing.  Many changes are small, but some are bigger.  Every now and then, we go into a period of transition or significant change from one period or position to another.  When this happens, it is natural to grieve the letting go of that which we were used to, that which was familiar, that which was secure and often comfortable, and we venture out into the unknown.

This letting go involves risk and requires courage.  When we do not recognise or listen to the changes within us, we can be confused by our unexpected reactions and moods.  Change invites us to embrace it, to welcome it and to accept it, but change for change’s sake is of little value.  I often use the analogy of a journey; life is a journey and we are pilgrims on it.  No ship is ‘at home’ moored tight and secure to the harbour pier, just as no sandals worthy of the name are meant to sit in fireside comfort.  No, the ship is truly itself on the open sea as the sandals carry the pilgrim to vistas of which they could only dream.  As they complete assessment and head to the end of this part of their journey, our Year 12s can rest assured that they have done themselves and our community proud.

The boy who entered our gates in Year 5 or Year 8 has grown to love this place, knowing that each person they have played with or cheered for is one of them – a home grown talent. You do not cheer with passion the person whose core motivation is the sport itself – whether it is rugby, basketball, athletics or swimming – rather than the community that gives it meaning.

Our Seniors have done us proud and soon the time will come for us to let go and for them to go forth proudly, knowing that they will never, never walk alone. If we have done our job well they will know that their brothers walk with them, their family will always be at their side and their God of love will journey with them, hugging them deeply within.

Mr Steven Bremner, Acting Principal

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Head of Junior School

September 14 is “R U Ok?” Day and is a national day to recognise that face-to-face communication can be the defining difference to any human being.  Too often, we make polite social conversation with “How are you?” and the standard “Great thanks”.  We might be too busy thinking about our long list to tick off that day to really see the person in front of us.  We could be too distracted to notice that the eyes contradict the words we hear.  We tend to have high expectations that people can manage all day, every day.  Why is that?

The art of conversation is essential to our sense of worth and belonging and are crucial elements of any community.  Conversation goes beyond remembering the names of spouses and children, or even questions about the recent weekend escapades.  It is about the attention to another person’s soul – the raw reaction to a situation or the emotions that follow.  Giving somebody emotional space is one thing – but the following is worth considering as we head into the last week of Term 3 with our Junior School families.  Please consider visiting for further information about the key points below.

  1. Start a conversation. If you have a feeling that someone is not behaving as they normally might then trust your instinct. Be brave, find a moment (or make one) and act on it. You might begin with “I’ve noticed lately that…..” or “I was wondering if…..”  The simple act of being noticed can relieve the pressure or isolation that someone might be feeling.
  2. This can be hard.  Be patient.  Give the person time – even when they finish speaking.  Allow them the chance to keep going.  Eye contact is important.  Repeat back what you feel they have said – give them the chance to see that they are being heard.  They might feel some relief or look to give more detail.  You do not need to give opinions, judge their perceptions or try to empathize.  Just let their words let out some disappointment, hurt or sense of injustice, confusion or anger.  A voice in all the white noise around us can be crucial in healing.
  3. Encourage action. How can the situation improve?  What does the person want to happen to move forward?  Sometimes circumstances cannot be changed but we can focus on working out how to “let go” of emotions.  We can look at mediation over a difference of opinion.  If we can express ourselves then we can begin to make choices.  There might be a need for professional guidance.  Our College Counsellor, Adrian Hellwig, or College Psychologist, Tass Sakellariou are available for specific advice for all Villanova families.
  4. Make a plan to check in. Follow up the conversation in the near future.  The time in between gives your friend a chance to consider his/her options.  Knowing that their worry or concern is important should reinforce that they are valued and a part of the community.

We are at one of the most exhausting times of the year.  I am so pleased to see many examples of positive reinforcement around the Junior School.  Class doors have opened for class parties celebrating teamwork and communal talents in the kitchen.  The handball area during lunch breaks has proven boys taking turns and celebrating the fun in game situations.  We are having conversations about remembering how precious our mums and dads are – and asking the boys to think about how to do one helpful, thoughtful gesture to show love amidst the extra study and assessment.  Clear and calm expectations are being reinforced to manage tests and due dates for final assessment pieces, and flexibility is being given for boys who have been unwell.  Staff are really giving the social-emotional welfare of our students every priority possible during the last weeks of the third quarter of 2017.

Mr Stephen Rouhliadeff, Head of Junior School

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Head of Senior School

Exploring the misnomer of ‘Time Management’
One of recurring threads in conversations with Senior School students about their study habits and routines invariably leads to matters of ‘time’. According to leadership guru John Maxwell, there is no such thing as ‘time management’; in fact, it is an oxymoron – time cannot be managed or controlled in anyway. Everyone gets the same 24 hours each day. So, if you cannot manage time, what can you do? The third habit in Steven Covey’s Seven Habits of Highly Effective People provides us with some purposeful responses to this question.

Covey states that this habit involves both self-leadership and self-management: ‘Put First Things First’. Leadership decides what the ‘first things’ are and management is the discipline in executing your ‘self-management’ plan. A great tool that I recommend to all Senior School students is Covey’s Time Matrix. Please follow this link to a YouTube video, which aptly outlines the rationale and pragmatism associated with this self-management platform

Villanova Spirit

Last Saturday marked the last home game of the season for our Senior School basketball and tennis teams and for our Year 12s, their final sporting fixture in Goold Hall. There was an infectious Villanovan spirit in the hall as the First V took to the court with several Junior and Middle School students in attendance to compliment the strong Senior School army of supporters. I would like to congratulate the students for their excellent exhibition of College pride – especially the way in which our students responded to my challenge to be attired in academic uniform – and recognise the leadership of the Year 11 students who took responsibility for the organisation of the week so that the Year 12s could enjoy their final fixture. I am incredibly excited by the leadership capacity that is emerging throughout the Senior School student body.

“We do not remember days… we remember moments.” – Cesare Pavese

Mr Matt Levander, Head of Senior School

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Mass of Saint Augustine
The most memorable part of the Mass of Saint Augustine last Friday was at the very end when a spontaneous standing ovation was given to College Chaplain, Father Peter Wieneke OSA, for his 45 years of service as a priest. It said a great deal that the students all stood up to recognise the energy and heart that Father Pete pours into his work at the College. All of the students have experienced encouragement and welcome at the class and pastoral Masses celebrated in the College Chapel as well as the sheer passion that Father Pete brings to the Masses for the College community.

The big and the little liturgies are the heartbeat of Villanova. In the press, it seems like it is open season for attacking priests. Every adolescent therefore knows – even in a Catholic school – that the safe and popular position is to be cynical about faith.  The few priests who have been unworthy of their wonderful and challenging mission often blind the peanut gallery to the fact that the vast majority loyally serve people in their search for truth: their search for the road once dreamt of that leads to another country and another King. Newspapers cannot fulfil this legitimate longing of the human heart. Great liturgy can, even and especially when it lifts and challenges us to listen to what Abraham Lincoln called “our better angels.”

Even as I write, small groups of Middle School students are coming out from the crowd to help plan the Middle School House Masses over the next two weeks. Several Year 8 and Year 9 students made the Crane House “Men of Mateship Mass” a wonderful occasion this morning.

Ministry News
We received some amazing feedback after donating more than 30 care packs to domestic violence shelters. The woman who received them simply burst into tears: it meant a lot that a boys’ school would go to this trouble for the 16 – 25 year old women at a local shelter. The SVP group owes a warm thank you to Villanova parent, Victoria Lenton, who collected the items and explained to the group how they would be put to good use. The male hygiene packs, of which there are 50, will be delivered to Ozcare today.

Augustine would have called this action the proper “Amen” to a Mass celebrated in his name. However, other “Amens” also resounded round the campus last week. Every break time we had the coruscating energy of the YAYM boys selling items for Father’s Day. Behind the scenes, a cottage industry to pack the items was required in order to meet the growing demand. All profits will go to men’s cancer research and Beyond Blue.

On Saturday, AFAS students organised a successful car wash during the home basketball fixtures, raising a further $200 for their forthcoming mission in the Philippines. The students pay every single cent of their own expenses and every cent raised exerts prodigious leverage in a country in which a family sometimes survives on $2 a day.

Looking Ahead: The Seventh Fair Go Footy Carnival, Sunday 15 October at Villanova Park
Originally, the dream of two indigenous Villanova students, the Fair Go Footy Carnival exists to bring together the diverse students of Brisbane over a shared love of sport. In particular, students of indigenous background, students of refugee background and students who have fallen out of the regular schooling system are made welcome in friendly touch footy and five a side soccer tournaments. It is a privilege for us to share our superb facilities and lay on a free BBQ and entertainment.

Once again, parents and old boys are warmly invited to become involved:

  • Please feel free to volunteer on the day, e.g. as BBQ chef, referee or in the canteen.
  • Bring boots for a friendly game
  • If you work at a high school or have close connections with one, let them know they are welcome to register, through the tile on the website
  • If you would like to be a sponsor, the extra funds we raise will go directly to supporting the YourTown teams as well as paying for a free BBQ and indigenous entertainments.
  • If you wish to become involved or would like more information, please contact me at the email address below.

I would like to thank the small group of parents and staff who have been working behind the scenes to ensure the seventh Fair Go Footy Carnival bears the hallmark of a generous and joyful day in which young people come together whatever their school and background.

Mr John Holroyd, Vice Principal – Ministry, Mission and Evangelisation

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Rehearsals and Lessons
With our current program of performances in Term 4, all large ensembles and choirs will continue rehearsing through until the end of term.  Rehearsals will be scheduled after school during exam block; we look forward to all members attending.

Keith and Dawn Wieneke Music Bursary 2017

The finals for the Keith and Dawn Wieneke Music Bursary 2017 were held on Monday evening, 4 September in the Hanrahan Theatre.  We were very fortunate to have Mrs Laurinda Davidson, Head of Bands at Brisbane Girls’ Grammar School and recognised saxophone performer, adjudicate this very hotly contested competition.  All finalists performed extremely well and the quality of music shared with the audience was fantastic.  I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate our finalists for their efforts and preparation for this event.

Unfortunately, this is a contest and we cannot provide everyone with a prize.  I would like to commend the following students for their win and congratulate them on their exemplary performances:

Junior School – Kai Asnicar (Flute)

Middle School – Lachlan Beake (Guitar)

Senior School – Alexander Caulfield (Flute)

Co-Curricular Music Photos

Co-Curricular music photos are occurring on the first Thursday back next term Thursday 5 October.  Please make sure you have your shoes polished and hair-cut ready to go.  Schedules will be distributed with our re-enrolment packs.

Music Support Group and QCMF wrap-up

Our fantastic QCMF Organising Committee and Music Support Group are meeting next Monday, 11 September in the music classroom on the bottom level of the Augustine Centre at 7:30pm.  If you are interested in learning a little more about the music program and the inner workings of QCMF, I can highly recommend the company and the discussion.

So that you are pre-warned, our Music Support Group will be holding their Annual-General Meeting during Term 4.  Two fantastic members of our executive, Stephanie Carlson and Sharon Williams, will be “retiring” from the Music Support Group as their youngest sons graduate with the Class of 2017 at the end of the year.  We will most definitely miss them as valued members of our team.  With that in mind, the group is looking for goal-orientated individuals who are connected and active in both the Villanova and wider community, have industry, management or relevant experience and are prepared to make a significant positive difference to what is a busy and exciting music community.

If you would like more information and to discuss your possible involvement in the Music Support Group, I would welcome the opportunity to speak in person or approach our group through the Music Office.

Collection of Tupperware

A big vote of thanks must go to those who kindly donated cakes for sale over QCMF.  Now that the festival is over, we have a mountain of freshly cleaned and washed Tupperware ready for collection.  If you are missing some of your valuable kitchen plastics, please drop by the Music Office and collect them at your earliest convenience.

Date Claimers

We now look ahead to the end of the year with our currently scheduled events.  Please ensure these are marked in your diaries.

Term 3:

Dates Activity
Week 10 – Monday 11 September QCMF Debrief / Music Support Group meeting – A1.01 – 7:30pm.

Term 4

Dates Activity
Week 1 – Thursday 5 October Music Co-Curricular Photos – all ensembles
Week 2 – Sunday 15 October Live and Wired at Loreto College (Big Band and Irish 1)
Week 3 – Monday 16 October Combined Concert Band/Wind Ensemble (Friday morning rehearsal) performing at Prestige Music Fest – arrive 7:20pm at Iona College PAC
Week 3 – Wednesday 18 October String Sinfonia (Friday morning rehearsal) performing at Prestige Music Fest – arrive 6:20pm at Iona College PAC
Week 3 – Thursday 19 October Symphonic Band (Wednesday afternoon rehearsal) performing at Prestige Music Fest – bus from College, perform at 5:20pm at Iona College PAC
Week 3 – Friday 20 October String Consort (Thursday morning rehearsal) performing at Prestige Music Fest – arrive 7pm at Iona College PAC
Week 3 – Sunday 22 October Strings and Choir at The Cathedral (St Stephen’s)
Week 4 – Thursday 26 October Bands and Guitars Finale Concert
Week 4 – Friday 27 October Combined Orchestra performing at Loreto (arrive 5pm)

Jazz Ensemble performing at Prestige Music Fest – bus from school, perform at 4:50pm at Calamvale Community College

Week 4 – Saturday 28 October Big Band performing at Prestige Music Fest – arrive 4pm at Calamvale Community College.
Week 5 – Tuesday 31 October Celebration of Excellence – QPAC (ensembles TBC)
Week 5 – Friday 3 November Big Gig – International Guitar workshop/concert
Week 6 – Friday 10 November Senior Music Dinner
Week 7 – Thursday 16 November Graduation Mass

Mr Michael Jones, Director of Music

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As predicted, Villanova had a mixed round of results against St Peter’s Lutheran College on the weekend. Overall, Villanova won 32 from the 33 basketball games played. However, our fortunes in tennis were not as favourable with only three wins and one draw from the 17 games played.

The final round of AIC basketball and tennis will be played this weekend against Ashgrove. Our College trialled against Ashgrove in both basketball and tennis earlier in the season and from those results the Villanova boys can go into this round feeling confident of their abilities. I am pleased to report that our lead in the AIC basketball aggregate is very substantial heading into the final round. Although it seems we have the basketball aggregate in the bag, we still require all teams to finish the season off well this weekend.

Overall, we have 20 teams from a total of 33 who are on top of the table. In addition, we have a good number of teams who need to win this weekend as well as hope some other results go our way in order to take out a premiership. At the end of the day, we can only control what we do this weekend and hope things go our way elsewhere. Nevertheless, the expectation is the same for all students. We train hard, play hard and give our very best for our team and the College. I am sure that our boys will not take the opposition lightly as I know they have a hunger to come away with the silverware after this weekend.

I ask all boys to keep up their good efforts at track and field training. After this week, we can solely give track and field our full attention as the basketball and tennis programs will end. Commencing next term we have three AIC Track and Field Meets, two of which will be held on Thursday evening in Week 1 and 2 next term as per the schedule posted on the web in the AIC Track and Field section. Track and field training will continue next week on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons at SAF.

The Villanova swim program commenced this week with two sessions offered to all boys from Years 5 – 12. We had a reported 13 students in attendance on Tuesday morning (plus another eight or nine training with Jets) which is not a bad start. Traditionally, most of the current students (as well as those who are enrolled at the College in 2018) will commence training in Week 1 of Term 4.  At a total price of $150 for the season, it is certainly good value for money. I encourage as many students as possible to avail themselves of this program. One thing is for sure, if we want results, we must put the work in now!

As mentioned above, the final round of AIC fixtures this weekend will see Villanova up against Ashgrove. This will be the final time that our Year 12 students will play basketball and tennis for the green and gold. I thank these men for their contributions given over the years and wish them, as well as all other teams, the very best this weekend. Let’s go hard until the end boys and please enjoy!

AIC Tennis and Basketball Round 7 v Marist College Ashgrove, Friday 8 and Saturday 9 September – Times and Venues

All Year 5 and Year 6 basketball games are played on Friday afternoons. All Year 7 – 12 basketball and Year 5 – 12 tennis games are played on Saturday.  Please refer to the College’s website to view all times and venues for this weekend’s fixtures against Ashgrove.

Please find below the links to the photo schedule for both tennis and basketball games this Friday 8 and Saturday 9 September.

Tennis Photo Schedule:  Year 5 – 8 Teams

All tennis photos will be taken at the Morningside Tennis Centre before the matches commence. Please arrive 10 minutes before the scheduled photo time listed below in your tennis apparel.

Tennis Photo Schedule Saturday, 9 September.

Basketball Photo Schedule:  Year 5 and Middle School – Year 7, 8 and 9

All basketball photos will be taken in front of the Langlands building. Players and coaches are asked to arrive 10 minutes before the scheduled photo time dressed in their basketball apparel.  Some teams are scheduled to play at St. Martin’s and must make their way back to Villanova for the photo. Please do not be late.  The following teams will have their team photo taken after their game. (7A, 7C, 7D and 7 Green).

All Year 5 teams will have their photos taken after school on Friday 8 September as per schedule.

Basketball Photo Schedule Friday, 8 September and Saturday, 9 September.

Villanova Swimming 

Please be advised that the Villanova swim program has commenced for all students from Year 5-12. The numbers participating so far have been pleasing despite many of our students currently involved with basketball, tennis and the track and field training programs.

We are hoping many more students will join the program as of Week 1 next term. The cost of these sessions will be a one off fee of $150 per student for the entire season leading up to Week 1 of the school year in 2018. This is outstanding value for money as students can access up to three sessions per week for nearly four months plus the two sessions offered up until Week 1, Term 4. You can’t get better than that!

All students who are interested must complete a swimming rego/payment form that is available from the Sports Office and is found on the College website. We encourage as many boys as possible to participate. Our success in 2018 is dependent upon the work put in this year!

Villanova Swimming Training Schedule

Below is the initial training schedule from Tuesday 5 September 2017 – Thursday 28 September 2017.

Day All Students Years 5 – 12
Tuesday 7:00am – 8:00am
Thursday 7:00am – 8:00am

Below is the training schedule commencing Tuesday 3 October 2017 and onwards:

Day Students in Years 5 – 8 in 2018 Students in  Years 9 – 12 in 2018
Monday 6:30am – 8:00am
Tuesday 7:00am – 8:00am
Wednesday 6:30am – 8:00am
Thursday 7:00am – 8:00am
Friday 6:30am – 8:00am 6:30am – 8:00am

Flipper/Pool Buoy and Bag: All students are required to purchase their own flippers and pool buoy for training. Langlands Pool will supply your son with a training pack at a cost of $70. Please find an order form attached to the registration form found on the AIC website under AIC Swimming. The order form must be lodged with Langlands Pool (not Villanova College) in order to receive your training gear at a discounted price.

Special Welcome Breakfast: A breakfast will be held for all squad members on Friday 6 October at the Villanova College Pool (not Langlands Pool). This breakfast will replace the training session scheduled that day. All squad members are invited to join including the students entering the College in Year 5 and Year 7 in 2018. It is simply a meet and greet breakfast. All coaches and managers will attend. Breakfast will commence at 7.00am.

Please Note: All fees are to be made payable to Villanova College not Langlands Pool as per the ‘Villanova College Swimming – Registration Form’ found on the College’s website. Only the training pack is to be purchased through Langlands Pool.

AIC Tennis – Mrs Kath Underhill, AIC Tennis Coordinator

We had a number of closely contested games against St Peter’s last weekend. The opposition was certainly a force to be reckoned with, and the final scores are not a true reflection, as some games were close. Special mention of the mighty Seconds, who finished on three sets all and 31 games all – a clean tie.  The final round this weekend should be filled with great excitement as we face Ashgrove, and we see our Year 12 boys play their final AIC match ever. Many thanks to Ewan Anderson, Julian Mascadri, Damian Bergin, Kieran Dooley, Connor Wadsworth, Ollie Kendall, Pat Marrinan, Julian Rhodes, Ryan Northey  and Harry Verity  for your many years of dedication to Villanova tennis. The camaraderie amongst this group is admirable, and they have brought such life, energy and laughter to the courts.   In particular, huge congratulations to “Ewie”, who has been a member of the Open First team for three consecutive years.


Villanova College Open Tennis Championships 

Next Monday 11 September marks the final phase of the 2017 tennis season. A Year Level Champion has been decided in each of the AIC year groups. These boys will be required to enter into a competition on Monday to decide the overall College Champion. Good luck to all involved.   We welcome spectators to come along.

Venue – Morningside Tennis Centre – Monday 11 September 4:00 – 7:00 p.m. 

Year 5 Champion v Year 6 Champion:  Winner is Junior School Champion

Match 1:  Year 8 Champion v Year 9 Champion

Match 2:  Year 7 Champion v Year 10 Champion

Match 3:  Winner match 1 v Loser match 2

Match 4:  Winner match 2 v Loser match 1

Match 5:  Winner match 3 v Year 12 Champion

Match 6:  Winner match 4 v Year 11 Champion

Match 7:  Winner match 5 v Winner match 6

We also may play an optional doubles match:  Loser matches 3 and 6 v Loser Matches 4 and 5.

**Years 5 – 8 tennis players and coaches/managers are reminded to be on time for team photos on Saturday at Morningside Tennis Centre.  

AIC Tennis Results v St Peter’s

AIC Basketball – Mr Sean O’Neill, AIC Basketball Co-ordinator

Last Saturday saw a comprehensive weekend of basketball with us securing all but one win across Year 5 – 12. This was testament to the strength and depth of our program. Praise is often all heaped on the top teams in every year level but we are only ever as strong as those pushing them to perform.  It has been amazing to see how strong the depth in all of our teams has been and to watch   the great basketball they have been playing. This should serve as a reminder to all players to keep working at improving their skills to work for higher honours next year. This weekend is the final game against Ashgrove and it will determine a number of premiership chances. Good luck to all teams in what should be our toughest test all season. A quick reminder to all players and parents to ensure they thank the coaches after their final game for the hard work and commitment they have put in. Part of the strength of our program is the dedication of our talented coaching staff and I would like to thank them for all of their work throughout the season.

AIC Basketball Results v St Peter’s

AIC Track and Field

The first AIC Track and Field meet for the season will be held on the first Thursday back in Term 4. A complete season schedule for the AIC track and field season is found on the College’s web page under the AIC Track & Field section.

AIC Track and Field Meets – 2017

Date Host Venue
Thursday 5 October Invitational Carnival U.Q.  Sir Fred Schonell Drive, St Lucia
Thursday 12 October Invitational Carnival U.Q.   Sir Fred Schonell Drive, St Lucia
Friday 20 October Invitational Carnival S.A.F. Kessels Rd, Nathan
Tuesday 24 October Day 1 – AIC Track and Field Championships S.A.F. Kessels Rd, Nathan
Wednesday 25 October Day 2 – AIC Track and  Field Championships S.A.F. Kessels Rd, Nathan

First Volleyball Squad Trials

Volleyball trials will commence next week on Wednesday 13 Sept from 3.15 – 6.00pm for all students who are interested to trial for the First Volleyball Team in 2018 and who would like to be considered as a tour member to travel to Melbourne later in the year for the Volleyball Schools Cup.

Representative Sport 

Congratulations to Nic Elsey, Jaxon Paterson-Wright and Jacob Dimmick on their recent selection into the 13 – 19 years Met East Track and Field Team. These boys will compete at the Queensland State Championships at QSAC between 12 – 15 October.

Well done Jorge Makras and Mitchell Rieck who have made the 10 – 12 years Met East Track and Field Team and will compete at the State Championships at QAF between 10 – 11 October.

Mr Craig Stariha, Director of Sport

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Parent Information


Date: Saturday October 14, 6.30pm to midnight

Venue: Pop Up Room, Story Bridge Hotel, 200 Main Street, Kangaroo Point

RSVP: October 6 to Toni Honeyfield, 248 529

Payment: $36 per person for canapés, fork dish and a drink on arrival

Please book via the following link:

Year 9 Parent Reps


Saturday 7 October – 2pm

Late Lunch at Gemelli Italian Restaurant Broadbeach

$60 per person banquet (drinks to be purchased separately)

RSVP: 22nd September

Renae Stone –  0438 620 318,

Payment through Flexischools (Year 8 Mum’s lunch – Gemelli)

Unable to come for the whole weekend, why not join us for a late lunch on Saturday?  Catch up with some old friends and meet some new ones.

If you have any questions about the weekend, please contact one of your friendly Parent Representatives.

Amanda, Lucinda and Renae

Library Roster

Tuesday, 12 September

Cristina Palacios

Wednesday, 13 September

Donna Leahy

Thursday, 14 September

Melanie Pickering

Friday, 15 September

Anna Egert, Jaclyn O’Shea, Gina Avolio

Tuckshop Roster

Monday, 11 September

Michelle Dixon, Alicia Maunsell, Kyle-Ann Walsh, Heather Martin, Michelle Lewis, Leah Coogans, Jude Johannesen

Tuesday, 12 September

Kate Hartley, Jo Phillips, Lisa Meredith, Sally Wearne, Jilane Anderson, Deanne Perrier, Debbie McWilliam, Lisa Stone, Nicole Binney, Victoria Lenton, Nicky Rosso

Wednesday, 13 September

Lisa Prendergast, Jayne Solomon, Tina Taylor, Lisa Moroney, Clare Godwin, Paivi McIntosh, Jean Egan, Monica Curtis

Thursday, 14 September

Silvana Abraham, Christy Grigson, Wendy Wallis, Tracey Wells, Diana McGregor, Luisa Pigozzo-Brown, Janine Pugh, Natalie Beare, Maria Horton, Suzanne Littleton, Deanne Lawson

Friday, 15 September

Andrea Seymour, Lesley Stevens, Heather Cormack, Amanda Robinson – Ilka, Meeta Lal, Melissa Paterson, Louise Bukowski, Rachel Zanatta, Amy Nolan, Bridget Manning, Vicki Rossi, Patricia Tanks (Giannino), Kelly Rigby

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Calendar of Events

Stay up to date with the College events please proceed to the event calendar.

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Community Update

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