Principal's Welcome

Dear Members of the Villanova College Family,
On Monday 28 August, the College marked the occasion of St Augustine’s Feast Day. Tomorrow, commencing at 10.30 am, the College community will gather in Goold Hall to celebrate Mass in recognition of St Augustine.

Augustinian Spirituality reflects the actual life story of St Augustine. As a young man he was restless and without direction. He pursued a long and painful search for truth that he hoped would provide him with peace. In the drama of his conversion at the age of thirty-three years, he felt his innermost heart lovingly spoken to by the Word of God. He wrote, “The words of your Scripture knocked at the door of my heart.” (Prior General Alejandro Moral Anton)

Last week was a whirlwind of activity across all facets of College life. Beginning with the Year 5 and 6 students competing in Wakakirri last Wednesday where their performance was widely acclaimed. We have since received news that the Villanova College performance won the Best Science Fiction Story Award in Division One and our students will now perform in the Regional Finals. On Saturday Mr Nick Earls, Brisbane based author facilitated the 2017 Writers Festival held at the College. Over twenty students from the College enjoyed the opportunity to work with Nick Earls and develop their writing skills. The Writers Festival is an annual event held in conjunction with Book Week. Following on from these events, five teams competed in the Tournament of the Minds Competition and our teams performed extremely well. The Secondary English Literature team placed second in their competition and will now compete in the State Finals to be held next month.

Update on the Building Works

Negotiations have been completed with Hutchinson Builders and I am pleased to report that work will commence on completing the eastern facade wall on the Fr Michael Morahan Staff Centre at the end of this term. The building company has indicated there will be no further cost to the College. I am hopeful of having this project finalised by the December holidays. Work will commence in this area of the College during the upcoming September break and will continue over Term Four.

Year 12 QCS Test

Our Year 12 students admirably handled the demands of the Queensland Core Skills Test (QCS) held earlier this week. The students’ attitude, determination and persistence were commendable and I was extremely pleased with their efforts across the two days.

Finishing Well

Over the final weeks of Term Three all students will be undertaking assessment tasks as they complete units of work. At this time of the term, it is important all students are setting aside time to conduct regular revision and study. Leaving work to the last minute is not a wise approach to study. My advice to all students is to begin the revision and study of their work now in preparation for the busy final weeks of this term.


We keep in our prayers all members of our community who are battling illness at this time. We pray that our loving and compassionate God will continue to provide comfort to all.

You have made us for Yourself O Lord

And our hearts are restless until they rest in You.

God bless

Mr Mark Stower, Principal

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Head of Junior School

This Sunday is Father’s Day in Australia.  It is a day to acknowledge and celebrate the relationships between men and their children.  It is an opportunity to thank significant role models because these grandfathers, uncles, neighbours, godfathers or family friends are also helping shape our young boys.  Community members such as teachers, coaches, trainers and instructors are integral in mental and physical development of our sons as well.  There is a large network working together to build a sense of being a male in society and this weekend gives us a chance to show our gratitude.

Rituals between men and their sons take many forms.  It is when we are busy doing something – driving, playing sport, competing in video games, fishing, camping, watching movies – that conversation happens most naturally.  Teaching and learning together gives us the chance to let our minds wander and the words flow a little easier about life in general.  For me, it is when I am in the car driving my boys between commitments or when I am running them ragged on the basketball court that we talk – really talk.  In-between sharing our favourite songs and me desperately trying to stop these growing lads beating me to the basket, we touch base about friends, our family and what they think about the world around them.  What they say during these moments are some of the wisest, funniest things I have ever heard.  I will remember these conversations forever, even though they may never give it another thought as they run off to the next part of their day.

The reality is we do not ever stop needing a helping hand, whatever our age.  The recent renovations at home have seen my dad, who lives in Hobart, eager to hear from us about the updates.  He has never been shy of knocking down a wall, slapping together some mortar and bricks, building his own garage because a quote was too high – this man seems to combine guts and common sense in the blink of an eye.  Of course, this means he has had several opinions about the work we are doing and he will share them quite openly.  Being three states away can be a blessing!  However, there have been many moments where, out of frustration, I have wanted nothing more than for him to get on a plane, come, do his thing and finish the list of odd jobs that I know he could do with his eyes shut.  I wish I had listened all those times he tried to do such a thing when I was a grumpy teenager but it just did not seem relevant back then.  Nevertheless, dad is very proud of all we have achieved so far and after asking about his grandsons, he is thrilled to see our photos and in his own way, says, “It’s looking fantastic son”.  Those four words are all I need to find some motivation to get to the next job on the list.

Let us remember the dads who are absent – for work, travel, circumstances out of their control.  I will certainly be remembering my stepfather John this Sunday.  As patient and as kind as any man I’ve known – even when I was stubborn enough to think that lifting weights next to his prized red wine collection would never end badly.  When he returned home and saw the carnage after I had accidentally dropped the bar (that I had promised whole-heartedly would never happen), John simply looked to help me clean it up.  Not one word of “I told you so” nor a hint of annoyance.  Just acceptance, a little humour but above all it was love for his stepson.  John passed away many years ago but I know he would be so very proud that a long haired baseball pitcher might have just got his act together and made a great life for himself.  He would know that he had a helping hand in making that happen.

For the dads who get to sleep in, wear Lycra proudly, watch their favourite sport (College Football is on for anyone looking to fill the AFL void) and enjoy a substantial meal of their choice, I wish you every creature comfort this Sunday.  May the remote be yours!

Mr Stephen Rouhliadeff, Head of Junior School

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Head of Middle School

“We are creating rudderless, disconnected, bitter and resentful boys.”
When my alarm sounded and I reached for my phone on Monday morning, I commenced my morning ritual of checking the news of the world (via, yes disappointing, I know).

My attention quickly gravitated towards a confronting article by child psychologist and teen expert, Michael Carr-Gregg entitled, “Where We’re Going Wrong with Boys.” The article promoted his new book, “The Prince Boofhead Syndrome”.

While I am not convinced the overall picture is as bleak as Carr-Gregg paints, the article certainly challenges parents to reflect on their resolve to implement boundaries with their sons and follow through with consequences.

This challenge is real for both parents and teachers! As teenage boys begin to push boundaries and perhaps breach them, both parents and teachers need to find the right balance between holding boys to account for their behaviour, whilst also maintaining a working, respectful relationship, and this is undoubtedly a tricky balancing act.
Communication, trust, honesty, respect; all things that effective relationships require. They need to be prioritised when managing the conflicts that arise when teens behave outside our expectations.
On a daily basis, I see our young men manoeuvre their way through the expectations and boundaries that the College requires of them, both inside and outside of the classroom. Whilst some students occasionally struggle, the overwhelming majority of our young men thrive when the boundaries are clear and enforced.

Similarly, I often hear from a student that his parents are too strict with him, and never allow sufficient ‘freedom’ or independence.

Whilst it is sometimes difficult for our boys to see this, our collective boundaries and fair but enforceable expectations are what creates the climate for our young men to thrive.

It would be safe to say that without boundaries and expectations, Carr-Gregg’s doomsday scenario of “self-absorbed, lazy, entitled, spoiled brats” may well be a reality.

Here is the link to the article:  If for nothing else, this is worthy of sparking a bit of self-reflection about how and why we set expectations and boundaries.

Mr Greg O’Neill, Head of Middle School

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Head of Senior School

Year 12 QCS Test and September Block Exams
Congratulations to all Year 12 students who sat the Queensland Core Skills (QCS) Test this week. From my observations supervising the test coupled with my conversations with students, the cohort performed to the best of their ability and utilised the strategies and skillsets developed throughout the course of the preparatory program. Our collective hope is that the Year 12s will be rewarded with a strong test mean which will ultimately maximise their OP scores.

Following the culmination of their QCS journey, our Year 12s must now shift their focus immediately to the September examination block which commences next Tuesday. These exams will determine the rank order (R6) which will be submitted (along with samples of student work) to the QCAA panels for review and confirmation. All Year 12 students are encouraged to take full advantage of the Academic Care Program and attend tutorials to ensure they are well prepared.

A reminder to students and parents that whilst Year 12 students are more than welcome to study on campus during the examination block, they are not permitted to leave the campus to go to McDonald’s or neighbouring food establishments and return. Students will be reminded of these protocols prior to the commencement of the block.

Year 11 Academic Review Interviews

During last week’s Form Meeting, I previewed the Year 11 Academic Review Interviews that will take place in ISP classes. The purpose of these interviews is to engage students in a critical reflection of their academic performance and commitment to their learning pathway in light of their rank order position across their subjects and their first OP range indication. The intentional questions that I posed to all Year 11 students in my presentation were:

  • Did my Semester One Academic performance reflect my true potential? If not, what barriers are preventing my success?
  • Am I on the right learning pathway? If not, what are my options?

It is important that both students and parents realise the design nature of the current OP system, in which a student’s rank order position in their subjects has a significant impact in the calculation of their result. If students are experiencing reservations pertaining to their current learning pathway, I strongly encourage them to discuss their concerns with the following staff members – Pathways Program Leader, Mrs Dianne Martin, Year 11 Pastoral Area Leader, Mr Peter Meecham, Vice-Principal Teaching and Learning Mr Paul Mead, Director of Studies, Mr Peter Wall or myself. Alternative pathway options such as the opportunities offered through TAFE close soon, hence the importance of students engaging in purposeful reflections.

“Perfection is not attainable but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence.” – Vince Lombardi

Mr Matt Levander, Head of Senior School

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In my life I want to become better and do a little good. (Frédéric Ozanam)
The first thing that Ministry students wrote into the 2017 Calendar was the annual  sleep-out for a cause. It is impressive that 30 Villanova students along with 24 students from both Loreto and Lourdes Hill Colleges gave up their Better Homes and Gardens night to attend the sixth Villanova College homelessness conference.  The Villanova students then slept rough on the Quadrangle.

The first part of the evening involved drinking Milo and talking around the Rosies van. We also donated several blankets, sleeping bags and warm clothes, as well as copious supplies of tea, coffee, milk and Milo. The point is not the hot drinks, as Sarah and Gareth from Rosies explained, but more the conversation. Many of the Rosies patrons crave the human company more so than the food and drink. Sarah also shared with us that she feels she has become part of a “street” community after volunteering for Rosies for four years.

The second speakers were Kellie and Laurence from the Ozcare Hostel in South Brisbane. Finding himself homeless at the age of 17 after living in foster care, Laurence at first looked at other people in a cold, mistrustful way. Remarkably, he now sees the many challenges he faces as a way to develop a strong mental attitude, channelling his inner “Rocky.” He shared his story of living on the street and in hostels in such a humble way and reminded us all how much we can do by choosing a positive and outward-looking attitude each day.

Third up was Anthony Forshaw, a long-time friend of Villanova.  Anthony reminded us of the simple story of Frédéric Ozanam who as a 19-year-old student in post-revolutionary Paris (1831) could not close his eyes to the poverty he faced on his walk to university every day. Further challenged by a fellow student who said, “Hey Ozanam, what are you Christians doing for the poor?” he joined seven friends who were all determined to take action. They started very simply, by giving food and firewood to a widow in need. This simple, direct and humble approach remains the hallmark of the St Vincent de Paul Society, both worldwide and at Villanova College.

The students were then challenged to “work for the bowl.” If they packed 75 care and hygiene packs for the patrons of Rosies, the residents of OzCare and Share the Dignity who provide for women in domestic violence shelters they would then earn a bowl of soup or noodles. Expectations were exceeded and we produced approximately 100 care packs.

The conversation was also significant and perhaps some ideas will surface which honour the spirit of Frédérick Ozanam. One question raised was “How can Villa men be both gentle and brave?” We all felt that listening to the girls’ experiences at parties would help us grow that bit stronger in standing up against aggressive and sexist behaviour.

The care packs will be distributed this week and I would like to thank all parents and families who donated items to this working bee or assisted with the sleep-out.

As with all sleep-outs, the focus on the latter part of the evening was the fire and I was reminded of the strong metaphor with which Mr Mark Stower began his time at Villanova. He spoke of the importance of the hot coals of our faith. These must be kept burning to keep our unique culture alive at Villanova. It is getting harder to keep the flame burning in a wider culture, led by sections of the media, which sometimes belittle faith. On nights like the sleep-out, there is a strong and practical faith that by putting my body into discomfort, I will see and learn more than by just thinking in a chair.

Warm Invitation to the Mass of St Augustine: Goold Hall, Friday 1 September at 10.30 am

“Brother truth you warmly gave us/ On this rock our lives stand fast” (from the Villanova Anthem). All family members are welcome to join our community celebration of the Feast of St Augustine tomorrow.  This will end QCS week in thanksgiving and in referring back to the ultimate truths that guide us at the College.

Legacy Week

The collection for Legacy concludes tomorrow and due in no small way to the initiative and energy of Year 12 student Casey Kreutzer, a significant sum will be donated to Legacy. This money helps to provide community support for families hit hard by loss or injury of a loved one in service of Australia.

YAYM Father’s Day Stall

All this week YAYM has mobilised to sell gifts for Father’s Day. Proceeds will be directed to support research into prostate cancer and men’s mental health.

Mr John Holroyd, Vice Principal – Ministry, Mission and Evangelisation

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Rehearsals and Lessons
With our current program of performances in Term 4, all large ensembles and choirs will continue rehearsing through until the end of term.  Rehearsals will be scheduled after school during exam block; we look forward to all members attending.

Our re-enrolment packs and ensemble audition materials will be distributed before the end of term.  Please check your emails for this information.  We are seeking to finalise numbers for 2018 during the first two weeks of Term 4 so that staffing, timetabling, and rehearsal schedules may be finalised before the end of October.

To reduce the load on some of our students, we have ceased rehearsals for chamber ensembles until the commencement of Term 4.  This relates to the following groups only:

  • Amadeus Chamber Strings
  • Amati Chamber Strings
  • Brass Ensemble
  • Clarinet Choir
  • Con Vivo Chamber Strings
  • Corelli Chamber Ensemble
  • Flute Crew
  • Flute Crew Too

All other ensembles continue as per usual.  Let’s keep that enthusiasm through to the end!


Last week I thanked our fantastic volunteers and organising group for their work in ensuring this year’s QCMF was a success.  We continue to receive rave reviews from schools around our community – thank you again on their behalf!

This week I would like to recognise the efforts of our performers over the weekend.  May I personally congratulate all of our Villanova musicians on the manner in which we conducted ourselves both on and off stage.  Your conduct, musicianship, and community mindedness made this event such a positive one for our entire team and the broader community.  Well done and congratulations!

As always, we are interested in how our ensembles fared and I am pleased with our musicianship displayed.  No matter if gold, silver, or bronze, we all have opportunities for personal and musical development to explore.  This journey of growth and personal development is the most exciting part!  Here are the outcomes for our students across the festival in performance order:

Combined Symphony Orchestra Silver Blake Humphreys -1st Trumpet – Excellence Award
Guitar Ensemble 2 Gold
Guitar Ensemble 1 Gold
Concert Band Silver
Wind Ensemble Silver
Year 5 Strings Gold
Year 6 Strings Gold
String Sinfonia Gold
Year 5 Band Gold
Year 6 Band Gold
Flute Crew Too Silver
Con Vivo Gold
Corelli Chamber Ensemble Gold
Brass Ensemble Gold
Flute Crew Gold
Junior School Choir Silver
Junior Percussion Ensemble Silver
Senior Percussion Ensemble Gold
Big Band Gold
Jazz Ensemble Gold
Clarinet Choir Gold
Amadeus Chamber Strings Silver
Senior Choir Silver
Supernovans Silver
Symphonic Band Gold Blake Humphreys -1st Trumpet – Excellence Award
Strong Consort Gold
Irish 1 Gold
Irish 2 Gold

Special recognition must go to Blake Humphrey who is to be congratulated on receiving two awards of excellence across the weekend for his trumpet performances.  Well done!

Keith and Dawn Wieneke Music Bursary 2017

Heats for the Keith and Dawn Wieneke Music Bursary were held last week.  I would like to take this opportunity to recognise all entrants:  to nominate yourself for a performance competition, and then open your musical ability to scrutiny requires great fortitude and self-confidence.  Congratulations must go to you all for taking that first step, well done!

Unfortunately, this was a competition and we can only have five finalists per school.  As always, this was a very difficult decision to make.  Congratulations to our finalists for this year’s Keith and Dawn Wieneke Music Bursary:

Junior School Kai Asnicar
Ryan Buck
Charlie Corrigan
Hamish McCulloch
Alex Marsden
Alto Saxophone
Middle School Henry Barras
Lachlan Beake
Nic Chay
Andre Oberleuter
Max Shearer
Alto Saxophone
Senior School James Battersby
Xander Caulfield
Sam Chamberlain
Alexander Dang
Nick Halstead

I strongly recommend you come along and support our finalists as they perform for an external judge this coming Monday evening, 4 September, in the Hanrahan Theatre.  Big prizes are up for grabs!

Co-Curricular Music Photos

I apologise for a mix-up with our photo dates.  These are occurring on the first Thursday back next term, Thursday 5 October).  Schedules will be distributed before the end of this term.

Collection of Tupperware

A big vote of thanks must go to those who kindly donated cakes for sale over QCMF.  Now that the Festival is over, we have a mountain of freshly cleaned and washed Tupperware ready for collection.  If you are missing some of your valuable kitchen plastics, please drop by the Music Office and collect them at your earliest convenience.

Date Claimers

We now look ahead to the end of the year with our currently scheduled events.  Please ensure these are marked in your diaries.

Term 3:

Dates Availability
Week 9 – Monday 4 September Keith and Dawn Wieneke Music Bursary Final – from 6:30pm in the Hanrahan Theatre
Week 10 – Monday 11 September QCMF Debrief/Music Support Group meeting – A1.01-– 7:30pm.

Term 4:

Dates Availability
Week 1 – Thursday 5 October Music Co-Curricular Photos – all ensembles
Week 2 – Sunday 15 October Live and Wired at Loreto College (Big Band and Irish 1)
Week 3 – Monday 16 October Combined Concert Band/Wind Ensemble (Friday morning rehearsal) performing at Prestige Music Fest – arrive 7:20pm at Iona College PAC
Week 3 – Wednesday 18 October String Sinfonia (Friday morning rehearsal) performing at Prestige Music Fest – arrive 6:20pm at Iona College PAC
Week 3 – Thursday 19 October Symphonic Band (Wednesday afternoon rehearsal) performing at Prestige Music Fest – bus from College, perform at 5:20pm at Iona College PAC
Week 3 – Friday 20 October String Consort (Thursday morning rehearsal) performing at Prestige Music Fest – arrive 7pm at Iona College PAC
Week 3 – Sunday 22 October Strings and Choir at The Cathedral (St Stephen’s)
Week 4 – Thursday 26 October Bands and Guitars Finale Concert
Week 4 – Friday 27 October Combined Orchestra performing at Loreto (arrive 5pm)

Jazz Ensemble performing at Prestige Music Fest – bus from school, perform at 4:50pm at Calamvale Community College

Week 4 – Saturday 28 October Big Band performing at Prestige Music Fest – arrive 4pm at Calamvale Community College.
Week 5 – Tuesday 31 October Celebration of Excellence – QPAC (ensembles TBC)
Week 5 – Friday 3 November Big Gig – International Guitar workshop/concert
Week 6 – Friday 10 November Senior Music Dinner
Week 7 – Thursday 16 November Graduation Mass

Mr Michael Jones, Director of Music

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Villanova proved to be the dominant school last weekend against Iona winning the majority of basketball and tennis games played, including a tremendous win by our First V Basketball Team. 

The aggregate in basketball was given yet another big boost last weekend as we had 10 wins from the 12 aggregate games played. It is interesting to note that from the 33 Villanova basketball teams we have in competition, 20 teams are currently on top of the table and a further six teams have only lost one game and are still in premiership contention. Our tennis players are performing very well this year with some solid results. Unfortunately, the run home for the tennis boys will see Villanova up against two solid tennis schools. Given the skills and determination shown so far this season our boys will be ready for battle nonetheless.

In our quest to contest the aggregates and premierships in AIC tennis and basketball, all teams must continue to contribute and give their best each week and St Peter’s should not be taken lightly. As always, I ask the boys to give it a ‘good crack’ this weekend. Turn up on time, get your head in the game, give 100%, support your mates and enjoy! Please be mindful that the away venue for basketball against St Peter’s is at Centenary State High School not St Peter’s Lutheran College.

A reminder that the AIC Track and Field Training Program has begun. Unfortunately, we had to call training off early at Villanova Park last Thursday as lightning was in the air. It is pleasing to report that the coaches have been impressed with the overall attendance at training so far this season. Although we know there are many things happening within our sports program at the moment, we ask those boys who have been selected in the track and field squad to regularly attend training each week. The training schedule is posted on the web under the AIC Track and Field section.

As detailed below, the Villanova swim program will commence next week for those boys who are currently in Years 5 – 11. This program is open to anybody who wishes to become part of next year’s AIC swim squad or for those who simply want to improve their fitness.  Please read below for further details. I strongly encourage your son to get involved. In order to further develop Villanova Sport we must accept that a good work ethic and attendance to regular training (among other things) is a must. It is a fact that we must do the hard work pre-season in order to obtain good results in competition.

I wish us all the very best this weekend in basketball and tennis fixtures against St Peter’s Lutheran College. Please enjoy! 

AIC Tennis and Basketball Round 6 against St Peter’s Lutheran College, Friday 1 and Saturday 2 September – Times and Venues

All Year 5 and 6 basketball games are played on Friday afternoons. All Year 7 – 12 basketball and Year 5- 12 tennis games are played on Saturday.  Please refer to the College’s website to view all times and venues for this weekend’s fixtures against St Peter’s.

Tennis and Basketball Photo Schedule

Please find below information regarding the photo schedule for both tennis and basketball held this Friday 1 and Saturday 2 September. Please note that the remaining teams will have their photos taken next weekend when they play at home. 

Tennis Photo Schedule – Year 9 -12 Teams

All tennis photos will be taken at the Morningside Tennis Centre Courts before the matches commence. Please arrive 10 minutes before the scheduled photo time listed below in your tennis apparel.   Tennis Photo Schedule Saturday, 2 September.

Basketball Photo Schedule – Year 6 and Year 10 – 12 Teams

All basketball photos will be taken in front of the Langlands building. Players and coaches are asked to arrive 10 minutes before the schedule photo time dressed in their basketball apparel.  Some teams are scheduled to play at Loreto and must make their way back to Villanova for the photo. Please do not arrive late.  The following teams will have their team photo taken after their game (10A, 10B and 10D). Basketball Photo Schedule Friday, 1 September and Saturday, 2 September.

AIC Tennis – Mrs Kath Underhill, AIC Tennis Coordinator

Once again, our mighty green and gold players dominated last Saturday against Iona College.  Morningside Tennis Centre was abuzz with great play from the Years 5 – 8, while the remainder of teams played at Wynnum. Thanks to the parents who cooked the sausage sizzle to share with our visiting players from Iona. Once again many close matches were played, but our mighty Villanovan players stopped at nothing to ensure an almost clean sweep of winning matches. Overall, out of 17 matches, Villanova was victorious in 11, tied in one, with five losses. This week and next, the players will be playing off for Age Championships, Junior School Tennis Champion and overall College Champion.  The finals will be held on Monday 11 September from 4:00 – 7:00 p.m., so all are welcome to come along and cheer on the players. Tennis team photos will be taken this Saturday and next for home teams.  Please be sure to be on time, as the schedule is very tight and we do not want players to miss their shoot!

AIC Tennis Results v Iona

AIC Basketball – Mr Sean O’Neill, AIC Basketball Co-ordinator

With the QCMF break over, it was always going to be a difficult assignment to regain the momentum that we have gathered over the first four rounds and Iona is always a tough proposition. However, the players and coaches managed it well and we secured the much needed wins to maintain our lead in the aggregate. All up for the day we secured 10 wins and two losses and overall 23 wins, seven losses and one draw. What was especially pleasing was the continued success in tight games with so many of our teams holding their composure in the final minutes. The First V had a strong win in a highly anticipated match up. It was great to see the ball movement and the points being shared around by so many players.

This weekend sees us playing SPLC and the pressure is on to maintain our lead and hold on to the aggregate championship. For our Year 12 players, this will be their last home game of AIC sport and I encourage as many supporters as possible to come along to Goold Hall to cheer them on. I look forward to seeing everyone there.

AIC Basketball Results v Iona

AIC Track and Field 

Please refer to the College’s website to view a full list of students required to attend the weekly training sessions for track and field. It may be the case over the coming weeks that we will further reduce this squad in order to ensure we can supply a high level of coaching at a favourable staff/coach ratio. Students whose names do not appear on the list are not required for training. 

Volleyball – Open Squad and Schools Cup Melbourne Tour Trials

Volleyball trials will commence for all students who are interested in making the First Volleyball Team in 2018 and who would like to be considered as a tour member to travel to Melbourne later in the year for the Volleyball Schools Cup. These trials will be conducted in the last week of school. A schedule will be published in next week’s newsletter. We plan to announce those travelling to Melbourne by Week 4, Term 4.

Villanova Swimming

Please be advised that the Villanova swim program will commence next week for those students who are currently in Years 5 – 11 (that is, our 2017 AIC swimmers). All new students to the College in 2018 are invited to commence their training from Week 1, Term 4 as per days and times listed below.

The cost of these sessions will be a one off fee of $150 per student for the season leading up to Week 1 of the school year in 2018. From Week 1 next year only those boys who make the final cut for the AIC Swim Squad will be required for further training until the end of the AIC swim season. This program is heavily subsidised by the College and I am sure all would agree, it is very good value. We are hoping that students who currently swim with Jets are able to continue their training with their club and our school. We do not want to take away any business from Langlands.

All students who are interested must complete a swimming rego/payment form that is available from the Sports Office and is found on the College website later this week or early next week. We encourage as many boys as possible to participate. Our success in 2018 in dependent upon the work put in this year!

Below is the initial training schedule as from Tuesday 5 September 2017 – Thursday 28 September 2017:

Day All Students Years 5 – 12
Tuesday 7:00am – 8:00am
Thursday 7:00am – 8:00am

As from Week 1, Term 4, the training schedule listed below will be in place until the conclusion of the Villanova swim season in 2018. All Villanova students will compete in the AIC Competition from Year 5 -12. Training sessions will now be split, that is, Year 5 – 8 sessions and Year 9 – 12 sessions (year level based on which year the student will enter in 2018).

The training schedule commencing Tuesday 3 October 2017 onwards is below:

Day Students in Years 5 – 8 in 2018 Students in  Years 9 – 12 in 2018
Monday 6:30am – 8:00am
Tuesday 7:00am – 8:00am
Wednesday 6:30am – 8:00am
Thursday 7:00am – 8:00am
Friday 6:30am – 8:00am 6:30am – 8:00am

Flipper/Pool Buoy and Bag: All students are required to purchase their own flippers and pool buoy for training. Langlands Pool will supply your son with a training pack at a cost of $70 (the order form is found within the registration forms located on the web). This order form must be lodged with Langlands Pool (not Villanova College) in order to receive your training gear at a discounted price.

Please Note: All fees are to be made payable to Villanova College not Langlands Pool as per the ‘Villanova College Swimming – Registration Form’ found on the College’s website.

Special Welcome Breakfast: A breakfast will be held for all squad members on Friday 6 October at the Villanova College Pool (not Langlands Pool). This breakfast will replace the training session scheduled that day. All squad members are invited to join including the students entering the College in Year 5 and Year 7 in 2018. It is simply a meet and greet breakfast. All coaches and managers will attend. Breakfast will commence at 7.00am.

For those who wish to take advantage of this opportunity, please complete the forms found on the website and return them to the Junior School Office (Junior School students) or the Sports Office (Middle and Senior School students).  Late comers will be accepted, however, they will be required to pay the full fee.  Students entering Villanova College in 2018, particularly our new Year 5 and Year 7 students are asked to either deliver this form to the College’s Main Office or post it to: Director of Sport, Villanova College, PO Box 1166, COORPAROO DC 4151.

If you have any further queries please contact the Villanova College Swim Co-ordinator – Mrs Juanita Jacobs via email  Alternatively, please contact the Sports Office on 3394 5621.

Cricket Emerging Talent Squad, Andrew Slack and Ben Mowen Squads

Information packages regarding the abovementioned squads have been posted and emailed to all members. Please ensure all paperwork and payment is made by the due dates.

Representative Sport 

Well done to Mathew Conway who finished runner-up in the Under 18 Volleyball Qld State Championships held at the Gold Coast Sport and Leisure Centre, Carrara last weekend. A sensational effort!

Mr Craig Stariha, Director of Sport

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Parent Information


Date: Saturday October 14, 6.30pm to midnight

Venue: Pop Up Room, Story Bridge Hotel, 200 Main Street, Kangaroo Point

RSVP: October 6 to Toni Honeyfield, 248 529

Payment: $36 per person for canapés, fork dish and a drink on arrival

Please book via the following link:

Year 9 Parent Reps

Year 8 Mum’s Weekend Away 6 – 8 October 2017

Saturday 7 October – 2pm

Late Lunch at Gemelli Italian Restaurant Broadbeach

$60 per person banquet (drinks to be purchased separately)

RSVP: 22nd September

Renae Stone –  0438 620 318,

Payment through Flexischools (Year 8 Mum’s lunch – Gemelli)

Unable to come for the whole weekend, why not join us for a late lunch on Saturday?  Catch up with some old friends and meet some new ones.

If you have any questions about the weekend, please contact one of your friendly Parent Representatives.

Amanda, Lucinda and Renae



Monday, 4th September

Marnie Dalrymple (after Tuckshop)

Tuesday, 5th September

Cristina Palacios

Thursday, 7th September

Susana Greaves

Friday, 8th September

Sue Mulligan


Monday, 4th September

Shanne Harding, Anne Schenk, Kelly Roberts, Megan Stuart, Lauren Audet, Gina Avolio, Anna Stines, Belinda McPherson, Marnie Dalrymple, Melissa Young

Tuesday, 5th September

Gerda Odonnell, Lisa Gilhooley, Marina Ryan, Allison Holt, Kate Harrison, Peta Wadsworth, KLissa Reardon, Therese Staley, Sherry James

Wednesday, 6th September

Andrea Verner, Maree Challinor, Jenny Salpietro, Lily Fontana, Karen Blue, Fiona Jenkins, Katrina Theil, Connie Collins, Rebecca Shirdon

Thursday, 7th September

Michelle Boxall, Debbie Griffiths, Bernadette Perrier, Julie Frail, Monique Winn, Louise Wilson

Friday, 8th September

Jane Forster, Nicole Coffey, Sara Kays, Cathy Hampson, Therese Curran, Veronica Kennedy, Tracy Pereira-Trevethan, Nikki Reid, Caroline Caffery, Gregoria Makras, Lia Weston, Chelsea Akehurst, Toni Ware

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