Principal's Welcome

Our Values and the Villanova Graduate

Last week we gathered together to celebrate the year and the achievements of our young men in the areas of academics, sport, culture and the arts. It was a wonderful night of sharing the Villanova spirit with community and all our awardees deserve notable mention. It was also on opportunity for me to reflect on the year that has gone and begin sharing the actions and pathways for the future.

As such I would like to share with you my address from the evening to further spread the word of our intent and focus as we move ahead into 2023:

“We come together tonight as community, to acknowledge the achievements of our students and staff. To take time, not to pat ourselves on the back but rather reflect and think about the journey travelled to get us here.

There is certainly a paradox in a night such as this. Does the event itself traverse the bounds of a school with the value of humility and how does that intersect and act in relationship with interiority, community, and the restless search for truth.

It is worthy debate and one which asks for considered balance. As Principal the answer lies in the Why and How of this celebration and its aftermath.

Gentlemen, if your acknowledgment tonight breeds rank, favour, or self-indulgent praise – encouraging individuals to laud their success over others and in so doing stagnate your pursuit of growth and knowledge – then tonight’s celebration should well be abandoned for this is not its purpose. However, if this evening encourages you to recognise your hard work, to develop considered pathways for tomorrow, to understand how your talents can benefit others and reinforces the habits and principles that led you here then we are on the right track. This is a night for our young men, and their peers, to acknowledge how each is investing in their God given talents and assess how they are stewarding these gifts of their creation. Developing them for the service of others. How they are taking their light from under the bushel and displaying it to the world, and more importantly for the world.

So, gentlemen of Villanova ask yourself what choices did you make that have placed you in these seats tonight, what friendships did you forge, or perhaps there were ones you had to break to reach this milestone? Is tonight’s acknowledgement a reflection on your best effort/ Is this your moment of excellence or is there more? Should we be challenging you to something extra?

Tonight, also gives light to our staff an opportunity to observe the outcomes of planning and preparation choices. It gives reinforcement and guidance in their coaching decisions that encourage each boy toward this point of accomplishment. There is also a larger question who is missing? Is there a child forgotten/ Is there a boy we didn’t reach? And, from tomorrow, how do we bring him to this celebration. We cannot forget our call to teach is a call to faith. Christ’s words in the parable of the lost sheep must echo in our thoughts as teachers this evening. While we celebrate the 200+ boys and their achievement in 2023 whom did we lose along the way?

Tonight, you are acknowledged for your effort in response to challenge across academics, sport, faith and service but please – do not make this the end of the road! St Augustine delivers us a message “The world is a book and those that do not travel read only a page.” Our minds, through learning and discovery, travel as equally as our bodies. The journey of intellect and reason is its own world and is the gateway to that restless search for truth. Our road to ongoing conversion. To sit and be satisfied with the achievements one makes as a schoolboy sits you most comfortably in the world of pride. A luxurious trope where your development will die with your dreams.

The year began in January, well actually February! First weeks were cancelled and then came the rain! But before too long the rhythm of the year began, slightly different but closer to normal than the previous two.

As a new Principal there was always going to be a time where the community, especially staff and students needed to get to know me. I thank you for your trust, your time and your commitment to our College and its intent. What was quickly realised was that 2022 was to be a year of re-focus, re-establishment, and growth. As a College Leadership Team, we committed to a set of actions centred on consolidating what was great at Villanova and to identify and challenge those things that were jaded or lacked clarity. Together we made a conscious choice to articulate clearly our College values of humility, interiority, community and the restless search for truth – each with one mind and one heart on our way toward God. To find a way to deliver these to the boys and families in a way that was accessible and understandable.

To do this the Pastoral team and Heads of School collaboratively developed our GREATS model and its expression toward the Villanova graduate.

To make positive education and behaviour a significant influence we have begun to explicitly teach and expect of our students a clear focus on Growth, Respect, Effort, Accountability, Teamwork and Service. It is through these we aim to develop men who can encounter in themselves and others hospitality, honesty, gentleness, care, and love. These may well seem like terms that are counter cultural in boys’ schools; the bastions of masculinity – of chest pumping, of swearing, of derision and intolerance, of ‘boys will be boys excuses’ without consideration of individual boys, their needs, and fragilities. But why? Honesty, care, gentleness, and love cannot be counter cultural at Villanova if we want young men of action and success as they graduate – it is and will be a place of robust challenge, intellectual and physical, of mistakes and successes, of relationship and restoration. In these experiences it must be a place that develops the social and emotional skills that lead our young men into broader success beyond the walls of Villanova and into a world of complexity, diversity, and rapid change. We want our boys to both participate and lead that society. We are a school of boys. We must be attuned to what that means and a clear understanding on the essence of masculinity; the value of the calm gentleness, the encouragement and celebration of our boys and their ability to oscillate between the risky and robust to the kind and careful. To allow them to each have an identity of their own unencumbered by unachievable or uncomfortable expectation and respectful of all. This responsibility falls on our staff and our community – encouraging and challenging each to connect, to share, to listen and appreciate, to contemplate, discern and value. These are just some of the actions connected to our values.

In 2022 each of you, my colleagues, asked and responded. In 2023 we will continue to ask the questions and answer them with reflective wisdom to ensure that Villanova is a place of action, not rhetoric or falsity! In 2022 we have done well, in 2023 we do better.

There are challenges that we must meet and respond to every year

  • Are we teaching well?
  • Are we balancing care with challenge; responsibility with accountability and action with consequence in a way that encourages making mistakes but discourages negativity and violence.
  • Are we welcoming?
  • Are we diverse?
  • In our words we speak of gateway values? Are these delivered in our actions?

Teachers and College staff I thank you for your commitment to understanding and enacting the principles and the model of Augustinian teaching practice. Our model of Relational Pedagogy is what makes the Villanova education different.

  1. Express concern to share a little of ourselves and get to know our students
  2. Challenge growth to not be accepting of a student’s underperformance and have high expectations for their growth
  3. Provide support to provide guided challenge and lead students toward pathways for success
  4. Share power to co-design strategies for the classroom and for learning.
  5. Expand possibilities to encourage our boys to think beyond the now and dream of a vital and vibrant future.

If we can achieve this for our boys, each day of each year, we can secure in them the skills, talents, integrity and character that will see them lead fulfilled lives, lives of transformation and conversion. Lives we hope are filled with love and faith.

2022 has been an amazing year of performance and reward in our classrooms, the band rooms and on our sports fields. Four Open premierships in AFL, Basketball, Football and Volleyball. While these achievements are worthy of praise the great joy is in the 1100 boys who participated in sport and activities for our College, the 450 students who enjoyed the music program and progressed in their skills, knowledge and understanding. It is the Saturday morning dew sweeping war cries, the twilight Rock performances that make the terraces tremble and the unforgettable partnership with Loreto College that delivered to us High School Musical that differentiate us from other places, which makes a Villanova education unique. To watch and be present at those in 2022 was exciting and fulfilling. It is what makes serving this community as Principal an honour and a privilege.

It is certainly an unusual ‘quirk’ of the system that on a night such as tonight we do not have our Seniors present. That said our acknowledgement of them isn’t to ‘pump up their tyres’ anyway. It is to lay down a mark of expectation and standards for others. Riley, Tom and Cameron have been outstanding in their support and leadership of the student body. Their commitment to the College, and each other, has been a hallmark of their leadership and a beacon to Mitchell, Charlie, Connor and Nicholas as they take their first steps in leadership. I would suggest though that we don’t get lost in the shadow of what was “You Are Not Alone” It was phenomenal and an amazing whole College event. But their leadership strength was not in the event, it was in the relationships that allowed the event to happen. They excelled through a simple notion. I will call it the 3 C’s of 2022 student leadership – communicate, commit and care. They took time for one another and listened, they asked questions, put their hand up when they needed direction and posed problems to be fixed and if they said they would do something, or be somewhere you knew they would. In a complex world they delivered through three very simple words – communicate, commit and care.

Tonight, is a night of acknowledgement, congratulations and thanks. As such I cannot conclude without thanking a beacon of service to Villanova College. Mr Peter Geraghty, since his graduation in 1967 has served the College community through involvement in the Old Boys Association or the College Board for each year of the 55 years since graduation. This includes 18 years of service on the College Board, eight of which were as chair. His tenure has seen the building of the Veritas building, The St Thomas of Villanova Building and the refurbishment of the Year 7 precinct to create our dynamic learning classrooms. It is with great thanks I ask you to please thank Mr Peter Geraghty.

We move now to 2023. Our 75th anniversary. It is a long time since Fathers Halloran, O’Donnell and O’Shea made their way from Ireland to Brisbane and set up house at Whinstanes with Louis Hanrahan and Ben O’Donnell founding Villanova College. Just like 1948 we have goals and emerging needs that have taken hold and will grow. We are at a place where this year we reimagined the master plan. Stage 1 is the development and construction of the STEM and Sports Science precinct. Through 2023 it will take further shape and develop from concept toward reality. Our pastoral team, with the Heads of School, will develop and have taken shape a vertical pastoral model across the 2023 year that will deliver to boys a level of care that is longitudinal and consistent across their time at the College. A place where a Head of House and a pastoral tutor will walk the journey with them, as guide, as challenger, as a tester of ideas.

So, 2023 and the 75th anniversary of our College’s foundation, if only Ben and Louis could see us now.”

Congratulations to our Dux and Proxime Accessit awardees in each Year Level 5 -11

Year 5 Dux: Hugo Wight
Year 5 Proxime Accessit: Coen Williams

Year 6 Dux: Lucas Colnaghi Krueger
Year 6 Proxime Accessit: Caeden Ford
Year 6 Proxime Accessit: William Robinson

Year 7 Dux: Archie Dickinson
Year 7 Proxime Accessit: Damian Ellis

Year 8 Dux: William Dolphin
Year 8 Proxime Accessit: Akshay Karthikeyan

Year 9 Dux: Dylan Fryga
Year 9 Dux: Isaac Lerato

Year 10 Dux: Charlie Hodgson-Day
Year 10 Proxime Accessit: Ronan Flaherty

Year 11 Dux: Mitchell Rieck
Year 11 Proxime Accessit: Thomas Winn




Mr Paul Begg, Principal

In keeping with the spirit of Reconciliation, Villanova College acknowledges the Yuggera and Turrbal peoples, as the Traditional Custodians of this land on which we stand.  We pay our respects to Elders, past, present and emerging.  This has always been, and always will be, a place of teaching and learning connected to country, culture and community. 


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Junior School News

It’s the minutes before a movie ends, or an amusement park ride comes to a stop, that the people involved start to think about the entirety of the story.  What joy was there for me in this experience – what do I remember as the highlights?  Your personal recount of characters, plot, music and scenery or special effects might be different to the person who was beside you in the movie theatre.  Your preference for speed, thrills and spills might also be varied to the person next to you on the rollercoaster.  None the less, everyone is making it to the end, safe and sound.

Looking back at 2022 we have a lot to be grateful for – the experiences of gathering together have almost returned to normal and I am very glad to have had that face-to-face time with our parents and community again.  Special events such as Mother/Son Evening, Father/Son Barbecue Breakfast, Junior School Disco and whole College assemblies to celebrate achievements with our big brothers to name a few.  We were able to compete in relatively undisturbed sporting seasons (with the exception of some rain clouds) and celebrate the victory of a win or resilience with a loss as a team.

In the classrooms we still continue to be very busy with assessment tasks, marking and moderating.  It can be a fine line for some boys to find the energy to keep their best efforts going to this point and I’m grateful to staff who find the energy to bring fun elements into the day such as treat walls, Secret Santa swaps, Circle Time games and even the chance for students to write up report cards about their teachers.  Keeping spirits high, balancing the work/play life of every Junior School student, and supporting relationships is always our priority.

I would like to congratulate every student who was able to cross the stage at QPAC last week – for achieving above and beyond over 2022.  It’s not just talent, it’s often an extraordinary commitment to using their teaching and learning time effectively, completing set homework tasks (and extra), as well as preparing carefully for assessment by paying close attention to the marking criteria.  It’s about the hours of extra skills, drills and competitive sporting games that mean success at a very high level.  It’s the dedication to practising an instrument and playing as part of many ensembles early before school to be exceptional in a performance.  Our Year 5 and 6 students have a great deal to be proud of – those nominated as well.

There are many students currently striving to achieve their own goals in certain areas of which I also am mindful.  Playing by rules on the playground, working towards improving grades in a subject area or perhaps having the courage to stand up and speak for a class oral – all very valid mountains for boys to climb.  I applaud your resilience, time and effort at home and at school, as you step closer towards making it happen.  These small steps towards what is particularly challenging for some people, are so very important for their growth and development.  Stay strong gentlemen!

Looking towards the holidays, I wish all Junior School families the safest and holiest of Christmas breaks.  May the Advent Season of anticipation and waiting for relatives and friends to come together be just as exciting as the 25 December itself.  There are many local families receiving the St Vincent de Paul Xmas hampers, generously filled with donations from you all and we are most grateful for your kindness and action towards being charitable.  For those Villanovans travelling overseas, safe travels.  Anyone who is camping, remember the sunscreen and may the sunshine brightly with a gentle breeze.  To the beach goers, may the waves be plentiful and the water crystal clear.  These holidays are so well deserved and a time of true rest and reflection after a busy year.

We look forward to seeing you all in 2023 – and our heartfelt best wishes to the Year 6s who transition to the Middle School for new adventures.


­Mr Stephen Rouhliadeff, Head of Junior School


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Middle School News

Next week’s Year 9 Transition Ceremony in the Hanrahan Theatre, has become an important rite of passage for these young men. The event acknowledges the significance of their transition from Middle School to Senior School and recognises and celebrates both their growth through their Middle School journey and the opportunities that lie ahead of them. Supported by Year 9 Pastoral Area Leader, Mr Alex Sullivan, our Year 9s have continued to impress their teachers throughout the year with their desire to learn, and their fun-loving approach to school. On behalf of all the Middle School teachers and support staff who worked with these boys over the past three years, we wish them all the very best for their Senior School journey.

With the end of the school year fast approaching, I would like to (on behalf of all Middle School teachers) extend our thanks to all parents, Year 7, 8 and 9 for their ongoing support throughout the year. Some years ago, a parent sent me the following quote as she came to terms with parenting a teenager for the first time. The quote read, “Raising a teenager is hard… but being a teenager is hard, too, which is why our kids need someone they trust to lean on, to come to for advice, and to share their lives – the good, the bad and the ugly. Having a front row seat in our kids’ lives is a far better place to be than sitting on the highest bleacher.” As we all know, these front row seats mean we get messy sometimes, however the journey of raising good young men, is one we all do together and with each other’s help. To that end, we look forward to walking the journey with those continuing in the Middle School again next year – as well as those who will join us for the first time.

I would like also to take this opportunity to acknowledge the wonderful work of all Middle School teachers whose passion and dedication are on display each and every day. Behind the scenes, our Middle School teachers have been supported by a wonderful team of Curriculum Area Leaders who rarely see the limelight but are the engine room for engaging pedagogy and curriculum. I want to particularly acknowledge the services of Mrs Hannah Elder (Science), Mrs Jo McConville (Maths), Mr Shawn Creamer (English), Ms Christianne Kemp (Religious Education), Mrs Sophie Studders (Social Sciences) Mrs Sally England (Learning Support), and the various staff who have ably replaced them over the past eight years of their appointments. I also wish to acknowledge the Middle School Pastoral Area Leaders, Mrs Sheridan Carey, Mr Ben Lynam, Mr Matthew McGrath and Mr Alex Sullivan who work tirelessly supporting the boys and their families, as they navigate these challenging adolescent years. The same must also be said for our counselling team, Mr Adrian Hellwig, Mr Tass Sakellariou and Dr Ashleigh Wright – their work often goes unseen but has been of a great benefit to so many of our students and their families.

Finally, on behalf of all students, parents and teachers, I would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to Mrs Vicki Lamb, our Middle School Student Services Officer. Vicki works behind the scenes ensuring the smooth running of our Middle School and her passion and diligence for her role is something we are truly grateful for.

As the festive season fast approaches, we wish our Middle School community a safe and happy Festive Season, and we look forward to seeing you in the new year for the start of a new adventure – 2023.

Mr Greg O’Neill, Head of Middle School



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Senior School News

Year 12 Formal
On Tuesday this week, the Year 12 students celebrated the first component of their end of year celebrations at the Senior Formal. It certainly was a memorable night. The sartorial choices by our young men are to be commended- they certainly looked incredibly stylish in their dinner jackets. The way in which these young men engaged with their partners, parents and teachers throughout the evening was also very impressive and reinforced the strength of our wonderful community. I would like to thank Year 12 Pastoral Area Leader Mr Tony Rolls for his meticulous organisation of the evening. This evening, the journey for the Class of 2022 ends with the Graduation Mass and Ceremony. May God bless and keep this group of young men safe next week at their Schoolies celebrations.

Celebration of Achievement
Last Tuesday evening, we affirmed the gifts and graces of our wonderful Villanovan students at the rebranded Celebration of Achievement Awards Night at the Concert Hall, QPAC. This year we recognised the outstanding achievements of our students in the fields of academics, culture, music and sport. Across the evening, the audience was privileged to witness performances from our Symphonic Band, Sinfonia String Orchestra, Big Band and Irish Ensemble. 2023 College Captain, Mitchell Rieck gave an inspired address outlining his philosophy underpinning the process to excellence. Mitch stated:

“First, we must recognise that excellence is not solely determined by natural ability. Throughout my time at Villanova, one characteristic has been instrumental to pursuing my goals. This key attribute wasn’t IQ, social intelligence, or sporting aptitude. It was grit. The daily discipline of trying to do things better than we did yesterday. So tonight, we celebrate the countless hours behind the scenes, day in day out, that these boys have devoted to their chosen field, and have since reaped the rewards.”

I would like to congratulate all Senior School students who received awards. I would also like to affirm the outstanding achievement of the Year 10 and 11 recipients of Dux and Proxime Accessit:

Year 10 Dux:                                                Charlie Hodgson-Day
Year 10 Proxime Accessit:                        Ronan Flaherty
Year 11 Dux:                                                Mitchell Rieck
Year 11 Proxime Accessit:                       Thomas Winn

Year 11 Road Safety Seminar
Last Wednesday, the Year 11 cohort participated in the RYDA Road Safety Education Program at Mt Gravatt TAFE.
Academic Committee Leader Christos Nicolaou wrote the following reflection about the value of the experience:

“This program illuminated the cohort’s understanding of the importance of keeping safe and making responsible decisions when getting behind the wheel. Activities such as learning how to manage stressful situations that could occur when driving and understanding the risks of driving irresponsibly were incredibly helpful in understanding the effect reckless actions can have on a whole community. In particular, there was a workshop where Villa students learnt about the rules and fines that are associated with driving on their L’s and P’s and how those rules are there to keep ourselves and others safe. Overall, it was a great experience that opened up everyone’s eyes to the responsibility that comes with driving.”

Happy Holidays
I would like to wish all Senior School students and their families every blessing for a wonderful festive season and summer holiday. After another massive year at the College, the need to fully relax and recharge is more important than ever. I would like to thank our wonderful Senior School teaching faculty for their work with our students this year as well as the care provided by the Pastoral Area Leaders- Mr Tony Rolls, Mr Blake McLauchlan, Mrs Sophie Kenny and Mr Sean O’Neill. I would also like to affirm our Senior School Student Services team of Mrs Helen Bullen and Mrs Liz Griffiths. May God Bless you all and please stay safe. I look forward to what promises to be a special 2023.

“Peace with God, peace with others, and peace in your own heart.” – Rick Warren


Mr Matt Levander, Head of Senior School





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Mission and Identity News

The end of school year for 2022 is just around the corner!  What a year it has been!  In the Ministry and Identity space we have had over 300 students in our Senior School serve over 1250 breakfasts this year at Emmanuel City Mission; our hospitality students have prepared over 400 frozen meals for people on the street; we’ve had 20 students from Year 10 look after little buddies on Head 2 Heart camps; we’ve cooked over 2500 sausages in fundraisers; we’ve collected over five Ute loads of plastics for Containers for change; we’ve had over 30 Vinnies hampers go out to families in need; we’ve had three zoom calls with our friends at Divino Amore Academy in the Philippines as part of Global VILLAge; we’ve mulched at Finger Gully and planted over 300 trees between there and Villa Park; over 80 students across Villanova and All Hallows participated in our Conversations of the Heart twilight retreat program.  This is not an exhausted list but makes the point that in working together much has been achieved in 2022.  A heartfelt thanks to all our staff who make this possible and our students who give so generously of their time, energy and creative ideas to make things happen.

If your family is looking for a way to make a difference in the lead up to Christmas, please consider assisting Emmanuel City Mission in their appeal through the QR code below.

This week has been the sign up for Ministries for 2023 and students are still welcome to access the following link to sign up .  Isaac Solomon, our Augustinian Community Service Captain and our Ministry leadership team for 2023 have been forging the way forward this week.

We congratulate the following students for their leadership in Ministry:
Vinnies President: Ben Johnston
Vice President: Tiarnan McNulty
AFAS President: Ryan Hegerty
Vice President: Heath McPherson
YCS Presidents: Griffin Cullen and Ronin Begley
Green Team President: Joaquin Wieczorek
Vice President: Adam Zanatta
YAYM President: Harvey Anderson

Our leaders did a fantastic job at the College assembly on Friday launching Ministry sign up for 2023.  The following is an extract from their speeches on assembly which were such a powerful testimony to the leadership our students demonstrate in leading ministries here at Villa.

Many of you know that Ministry at Villanova has a rich and deep history, which has connected us with the community for many years.

But what is the overarching, most important part of all these ministries? Is it with AFAS, founded by the pillars of solidarity and friendship? Or with YCS, aimed in acting out the ‘Three Schools, One College.’ Or is it with YAYM, connecting our younger students to develop a common goal of service?

Or what about Vinnies, who empower and dignify those who are marginalised and disadvantaged? Or how about the Green Team, playing their part in saving our environment?

Rather, it is a culmination of these aspects, as an act of service towards the community.

Yet, behind all the clean ups of Norman creek, or the delivery of the Vinnies Christmas hampers, Saint Augustine calls us to serve. He states, ‘The first thing good superiors must realize is that they are servants. They should not consider it beneath their dignity to be servants to many.’ It’s in our best interests that as Villa Men we must recognise that every one of us was created in the image and likeness of God.

Therefore, we will ensure that we always serve as an equal to others,  Many of you know that Ministry at Villanova has a rich and deep history, which has connected us with the community for many years.

But what is the overarching, most important part of all these ministries? Is it with AFAS, founded by the pillars of solidarity and friendship? Or with YCS, aimed in acting out the ‘Three Schools, One College.’ Or is it with YAYM, connecting our younger students to develop a common goal of service?

Or what about Vinnies, who empower and dignify those who are  o ultimately live out our College gateway values. Service calls for us to display leadership, which is not only beneficial for us, but valuable for the people who encounter it. By acting out in this way, we will become, the Villanova Graduate. After all, service is one of the core foundational values of our College.

If Augustine calls us to serve, how do we serve in such a way that it benefits all aspects of College life? Well, at Villanova we can live and act out the three pathways of service – service for, service towards, and outside service. Service for the school may be volunteering for QCMF, staying behind to watch the Firsts play, or wearing our uniform with pride. Outside service are programs such as Head2Heart, Rosies, and Emmanuel City Mission, where we branch out of the Villa ‘bubble’ and experience a disadvantaged life we otherwise didn’t know existed.

However, our focus in the coming week is service towards the school, which are the school-based Ministries that have the capacity to strengthen and nurture our Villanova College Community. Although service is much broader than just these ministries, Ministry at Villanova is a great way to get involved with and serve for your community.

Ministry at Villanova will play a vital role in uniting our community through positive actions towards others and enhancing our community spirit. In 2023, we will ensure the continued success of the 2022 Ministry, and we will also oversee the induction of two new ministries – Heart and Mind, and an Indigenous Reconciliation, which will be unpacked further, in the new year.

In our Ministry sign on week I challenge each and every one of you to act out and serve with pride, by signing up for a Ministry. Whether it be just going down to the Junior School for YCS, doing the Norman Creek clean-ups, or helping organise the Mother’s Day stall, your small contribution will make a huge difference. You don’t need to be fully committed to a Ministry to help and serve, however, by just rocking up to the big events, will be more than enough to make a significant impact. In conjunction with the ACS committee, Ministry in 2023 will have more action than ever before, which will push for a more positive change in our lives. For us as young men, it is imperative that we give back to the community, which has done so much for us already. Finally, to quote Gandhi, ‘the best way to find yourself, is to lose yourself in the service of others.’

Isaac Solomon – Augustinian Community Service Captain 2023

Green team
“The Green Team is passionate about the environment. As a result of this passion, Green Team regularly engages in acts of stewardship, cleaning up our local waterways and school environment is one of our regular initiatives. In the past, the Green team has created a Villa garden, planting vegetables and herbs as well as installing beehives as a result of the passion and dedication of Tom Price and the Green Team.

If you are passionate about the environment and enjoy getting your hands dirty in the garden, or cleaning up the local waterways, the Green Team is for you! Anyone from Year 7 – 12 is welcome to join.”

Joaquin Wieczorek

“AFAS as a Ministry that next year will be celebrating its 30th year of reaching out in solidarity and friendship to communities in the Philippines. These communities have been visited by staff and students for many years. Fundraising to support community projects in the Philippines, AFAS has funded projects that have given Filipino communities employment, education and healthcare. This year it is still not possible to visit the Philippines, however, we have launched the Global Village, a chance to communicating with our friends in the Philippines. Join AFAS today to be a part of this exciting new initiative and build new bridges of friendship.”

Ryan Hegerty

“St Vincent de Paul has traditionally been a vehicle for helping the poor and marginalised in our local community. Collecting groceries and gifting them to our neighbours, Vinnies has been a support to many families who have been struggling through COVID, grief and illness. Continuing the work of Vinnies founder Fredrick Ozanam who responded to local needs, Vinnies volunteers also support the work of Emmanuel City Mission through fundraising and collecting of grocery items. Next year Vinnies will look to hold a Sleepout to gain some empathy and understanding about homelessness. If you are interested in making a difference in your local community- Vinnies is for you! Come along to a meeting next week- everyone from Years 10 – 12 are welcome.”

Ben Johnston

“YCS is the Ministry that supports Villa students, reaching out to support our fellow Villanovan brothers in friendship, building connections and bringing three schools together to make one College. You may see the Senior School students venture into the Junior and Middle School Playground to engage in football, handball and more. But it’s not all about the lunchtime fun. There is an underlying aim here of supporting positive mental health in the student body. Positive mental health messages are encouraged through friendship forged on the handball court but also through the support of R U OK? Day. If you want an active Ministry that is based on friendship, fun and positive mental health initiatives, join YCS today. All Year 12s are welcome.”

Griffin Cullen and Ronin Begley

“YAYM is the main vehicle for Middle School students to suggest, plan and action projects that have benefits for the school, local and international community. If you have been to a Mothers’ or Fathers’ Day stall or soft drinks last year, you attended and supported a YAYM initiative that raised funds for a range of worthwhile causes such as Emmanuel City Mission and Rosies.

Other YAYM initiatives include the Social Minecraft Club, Colour for Cancer and a plogging race (a race to pick up as much rubbish as possible) to clean up our school environment as well as the pastoral noodle cup competition. If you have great ideas to support worthwhile causes, come along to a YAYM meeting and have your voice heard.”

Harvey Anderson

Happenings in the RE classroom
Year 11s Entertain the Year Fives
The Year 11 Religion and Ethics class have been studying different creation stories from all different religions. After researching a variety of creation stories in depth, we were assigned the task of choosing one, thoroughly familiarising ourselves with the story, then rehearsing the presentation of the creation story.

On Thursday, our class went down to a group of the Year Five students and one by one each group gave their rehearsed presentations of their creation story. These performances from the groups consisted of verbal communication, with different parts of the story acted out, props, such as a bald cap to impersonate Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and others with visual stimulus.

All performances brought engagement to the young crowd. The lesson was full of laughter and learning, an experience I would recommend.

Malachy Cox brings the ancient creation stories to life!

Visit of Imam Ahmed Azhari, 9 November
“Four Year 10 RE classes were privileged to hear Imam Ahmed Azhari from the local Islamic school share his insights into the Islamic religion. As a leader in the Brisbane Islamic community, he is a respected role model not only for Muslims, but also for people of all faiths as he exemplifies how we can live our best life not through wealth, status, or power for our own benefit, but through service to others and God. 

He spoke about how he tries to do this through observing the five Pillars of Islam. The first is Shahada or to proclaim complete faith in God, which is somewhat like the Apostles Creed professed at Catholic Masses. The second is Salat or prayers offered five times a day while facing Mecca, which could be compared to our Christian practice of prayer at set times, like at morning pastoral to start the day and before meals or going to bed at night. He spoke about how the third pillar of almsgiving or Zakat, which is doing charitable work, can make a profound difference in people’s lives. This enabled us to think about how we at Villanova could contribute to St Vincent De Paul hampers and other charities to assist the marginalised and disadvantaged in meeting basic needs like food, shelter, clothes, and education. He said that the fourth pillar, being fasting, helps him reflect on the daily hardships of the poor who regularly go without food and basic comforts. 

This gave us plenty to think about, like the things we could give up during Lent that remove us from our comfort zones.  He also shared his experience of the last pillar – the Hajj – or pilgrimage to Mecca, which helped him atone for sins and deepen his faith.  In some ways this is reminiscent of Christian pilgrimages like the Camino, which is an 800km walk that follows the journey of the apostle St James across the North of Spain to spread the gospel.  Ahmed’s presentation was very informative and thought provoking as it allowed us to appreciate that at a fundamental level Islam, like Christianity, promotes a life lived well in service to God and our community.” 

Daniel Egert, Year 10

Mrs Kate Garrone, Dean of Mission and Identity


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Sports News

It was great to have a ‘hit out’ against Iona in the volleyball, cricket and AFL last weekend. These trials were scheduled to give our coaches more opportunity to settle on their teams leading into the respective 2023 AIC sport seasons and for our players to prove themselves to their coaches.

This weekend we have our last set of trials against St Laurence’s in volleyball and for the Year 8 – Opens AFL teams. Last week I asked the students to refrain from attending the games in droves to support our teams as our intention was for those trials to be a ‘low key’ weekend with the focus purely placed on focusing on player performance. This weekend, the boys may return to support their fellow school mates, bearing in mind, it is still a trial weekend where we shouldn’t be too concerned with results as coaches are still experimenting with player combinations and getting thing right for next year. I ask our boys to be mindful of their behaviour and be positive supporters without the need to jeer the opposition please.

After this weekend, we will reset and repost all teams ready for the further trials we have planned for 2023.

As the Christmas holiday period is just around the corner, it would not be unreasonable to assume that the sports program at Villanova would be in ‘shut down’ mode. Not So! Please find listed below some of the sporting activities we have planned over the summer vacation period. I strongly encourage all players to attend their allocated trials and/or clinics organised. Those who are unable to make the events planned due to family circumstances must inform their respective coaches.

Villanova’s success in sport this year has been very pleasing. Success in sport comes through hard work and dedication from many people. The hard work and dedication needed to do well is often unseen and is generated by the efforts of many people spanning the entire season. This includes involvement in the lengthy pre-season programs. Currently we have many students involved in cricket, AFL, volleyball, swimming, football and rugby pre-season programs. I acknowledge the efforts these students and their coaches make towards these programs, and I congratulate them all for their ongoing commitment and dedication. Well done boys!

Unfortunately, hard work and dedication will not always guarantee premierships or first places. This is an unpleasant fact that we must accept. However, in my mind, there is no doubt that hard work and dedication is instrumental in building a positive school culture and builds character among our students. Sport at Villa is about getting involved, giving your best, pride in the jersey, enhancing school spirit and enjoying the challenges you face with your teammates.

I suppose the bigger picture here is not about winning or premierships, although we work for them. It is about giving it your best shot and accepting that things do not come easy and at times you must grit your teeth and get ‘stuck in’ in order reap the rewards. There are many life lessons to be learnt whilst participating in sport.

I thank the entire community for the efforts made this year. Again, there are many opportunities listed below for our students over the vacation period. Our success next year will be traced back to our hard work and commitment given by those involved in the activities such as those listed below. Keep up the good work boys!

AIC AFL and Volleyball Trial Games v SLC – Friday 18 and Saturday 19 November
Please be aware that a full set of volleyball trial games has been organized v SLC this Saturday 19 November as well as some Year 8 – Open AFL trial games on Friday 18 and Saturday 19 November. Please be aware that all members of the Year 7 – 9 volleyball teams will have a court duty before or after their match. Team lists can be found on the respective Parent Lounge and Students Café portals. Please visit the ‘Weekly Fixture’ section via the ‘Locker Room’ page on the website for all times and venues.

Villanova Summer Vacation Sport Program

Andrew Slack Squad and Ben Mowen Training

  • All start and finish dates are found within the ‘Program Calendar’ which was emailed to all members some time ago.

In 2022/23, the following cricket trials have been organised before Round 1 of the AIC Cricket season.

  • First XI, Second XI and Year 10 Development team Trial v GT at GT (venue TBC) – Wednesday 30 November
  • First XI Cricket Tour – Melbourne, 4 – 8 December
  • First XI Christian Brothers Cricket Tournament – Monday 9 – Friday 13 January
  • First XI T20 Tournament at Padua – Monday 16 and Tuesday 17 January
  • Annual Cricket Camp /Clinic at Villanova Park – Tuesday 17, Wednesday 18 and Thursday 19 January
  • 10A T20 Tournament at Ashgrove – Thursday 19 and Friday 20 January
  • First XI trial v JPC – Friday 20 January at Villanova Park
  • Year 6A, 6B, 7A, 7B, 8A, 8B, 9A, 9B, Third XI and Second XI will have internal trials at Villanova Park – Friday 20 January
  • Saturday 28 January – Year 6 – 12 cricket trials v Padua College, Year 5 will have internal trials. Times and dates TBA
  • Saturday 4 February – AIC Round 1 v Ashgrove

Villanova Cricket Clinic – 17 – 19 January 2023
The annual Villanova Cricket Camp will be held at Villanova Park on 17 – 19 January 2023. This camp is open to all Year 5 – 9 (2023) cricketers, including boys entering the College in 2023. We recommend all players attend the camp as a good way to bolster their skills before the AIC Cricket season.

Venue:  Villanova Park, Manly Road, Tingalpa
Ticket Price:  $210.00       Food and Drinks: BYO
Time: Three Day Camp – 8am – midday each da

AIC Cricket Trials – A and B Trials and First v JPC , Friday 20 January 2023 (Year 6 – 12 ‘A and B’ Team Trials)
Please find below the schedule for the cricket trials to be played on Friday 20 January. Team lists are in the Parent Lounge and Student Café portals. All players in these teams are required to attend, as these trials will form part of the trial process.

Most teams will play with up to 12 players per team. After these trials, teams will be reset and republished ready for the Year 6 – 12 cricket trials against Padua College on Saturday 28 January.

After the First XI/Second XI/10A trials against Gregory Terrace, the Oblate Tour and the Brisbane Schools Cricket Carnival Tournament, the College will repost the full school team lists on the web to advertise the First XI/Second XI and 10A teams in readiness for the trials against Padua next year. Please stay tuned for these updated team lists which will be  advertised via the respective Parent Lounge and Student Café portals.

If your son is unavailable for the trial below, please email Mr Chris Everding – so that alternative arrangements can be put in place.

Villanova College ‘A and B’ Cricket Team Trial Schedule, Friday 20 January

First XI 9am – 5pm Andrew Slack Oval 50
Second XI/ Third XI 12.30pm – 5pm Fr. John Seary Oval 35
9A/B 12.30pm – 5pm Villanova Park No. 3 35
8A/B 8am – 12.30pm Fr. John Seary Oval 30
7A/B 8am – 12.30pm Villanova Park No. 3 30
6A/B 8am -11.30am Villanova Park No. 4 25

AIC Volleyball
Volleyball Date Claimers

  • First VI, 11A and 10A Australian Schools Cup – Sunday 4 – Saturday 10 Dec
  • Saturday 19 November – AIC Volleyball Trials v SLC
  • Monday and Tuesday 16 and 17 January – AIC Volleyball Clinics
  • Saturday 28 January – Full school Volleyball trial v Padua College
  • Saturday 4 February – Round 1 v Ashgrove

Villanova Volleyball Clinic Schedule – 16 and 17 January 2023
Please be advised that volleyball clinics will be scheduled for Monday 16 January for all volleyball players from Years 7 – 12, and Tuesday 17 January for selected teams. Please see the schedule below for details.

Monday 16 January
Years 7 to Open

Venue:  Goold Hall, Villanova College, Eighth Avenue Coorparoo
Uniform:  Sports PE uniform or any suitable sports clothing

Time Court 1 – Goold Hall Court 2 – Goold Hall
6.30am – 8.00am Year 7 Year 7
8.00am – 9.30am Year 8 Year 8
9.30am – 11.00am Year 9 Year 9
11.00am – 12.30pm Year 10 Year 10
12.30pm – 2.00pm Year 11 Year 11
2.00pm – 3.30pm Second VI Third VI
3.30pm – 5.00pm First VI First VI

Tuesday 17 January
Years 7 to Open

Venue:  Goold Hall, Villanova College, Eighth Avenue Coorparoo
Uniform:  Sports PE uniform or any suitable sports clothing

Time Court 1 – Goold Hall Court 2 – Goold Hall
6.30am – 8.00am Year 7A Year 7B
8.00am – 9.30am Year 8A Year 8B
9.30am – 11.00am Year 9A Year 9B
11.00am – 12.30pm Year 10A Year 10B
12.30pm – 2.00pm Year 11A Second VI/Third VI
2.00pm – 3.30pm First VI First VI

AIC Swimming
Last day – Friday 16 December
Start back – Tuesday 3 January

  • A Swim Clinic will be conducted on Monday 16 January from 7.30-9.30am, all details below and within the AIC Swimming section on the web.

Villanova Swim Clinic Schedule – Monday 16 January 2023
Who: Open to all swimmers who have been training at Langlands Pool or for those serious swimmers training at other Clubs
Venue:  Langlands Pool
Date: Monday 16 January 2023
Time:  7.30 – 9.30am

Improve your performance in the water. Coaches will work on perfecting your body position in the water, stroke correction and core strength to achieve maximum efficiency in the water. Training will involve a combination of pool work, gym training and feedback of strokes. We will also begin to work on starts, turns, and finishes. Students must bring own morning tea and snacks, all swimming gear, running shoes, water bottles, hat and shirt for gym work.

Don’t miss this opportunity to improve your skills in the water and expand your knowledge about swimming. Please register your attendance with the Villanova Swim Co-ordinator – Mrs Juanita Jacobs email:

AFL Date Claimers

The College has organised trial matches on the following dates. All times and venues will be posted on the College’s website within the ‘Weekly Fixture’ section via the ‘Locker Room’ each week.

  • Friday 18 November First Trial match v St Laurence’s College
  • Saturday 19 November, Year 8A, 8B, 9A/B, 9/10 B Trial matches v St Laurence’s College
  • Friday 27/Saturday 28 January – Year 6 – 12 AFL trial v Padua College
  • Saturday 28 January – Year 5 Internal AFL trials
  • Friday 3/Saturday 4 February – Round 1 v Ashgrove

First XI/Second XI Football Trials
The College will conduct the final First XI football trial at Villanova Park next Thursday 24 November from 3.45 – 5.15pm.
Those who cannot make trials for any reason are required to inform Mr Kemp – AIC Football Co-ordinator

AIC AFL, Cricket and Volleyball Teams
The draft AFL, cricket and volleyball teams are now published on the respective Parent Lounge and Student Café portals. We aim to publish the volleyball teams and the Open AFL team again next week after the trials v St Laurence’s held this Friday 18 and Saturday 19 November. Volleyball teams will be graded A – C (D teams in Year 8 and 9) based on ability. Cricket teams will be graded A-C based on ability. All teams lower than a ‘C’ team will be referred to as a ‘coloured team’. These coloured teams are of equal ability, therefore a ‘gold’ team is no better than a ‘green’ or ‘blue’ team despite how the team lists are presented.

It is normal that some boys may feel disappointment. I ask all members of the community to be resilient and accepting of the coaches’ call. There has been much time, effort and communication amongst the coaches to get the selections correct. Inevitably, there will be a difference of opinion from some within the community. This happens in all teams at all levels right up to the national teams.


Mr Craig Stariha, Director of Sport

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Music News

Continuing Information for Performance Music Program
Thank you to everyone who has responded regarding involvement in the Instrumental Music Program for 2023.  I am very pleased to announce that we currently have the least number of outstanding documents in my time here at the school.  Your assistance in returning this paperwork is very much appreciated by our admin and teaching staff – thank you!

Music Support Group – Annual General Meeting
At our Music Support Group AGM on Monday evening, we congratulated Mr Mike Molloy on his ongoing presidency of the Music Support Group and QCMF Organising Group.  Due to work commitments, Jayedan Naidu is stepping back from MSG Vice President role; however, will retain this position with regards to the QCMF Organising Group.  We welcome Genevieve Lewis to the Executive as our new MSG and QCMF Treasurer.

Next year, Music Support Group will be meeting on the second Monday of every month from 6:30pm.  We have had some fantastic support from our Old Boys over the past couple of years; however, we require support from our parent body to ensure this group remains viable.  If you have considered attending, I strongly suggest to come along next year.  We need your help to make this program continue to grow and flourish for your sons.

JS Christmas Concert
Congratulations to our Year 5 musicians for their Christmas Concert on Tuesday afternoon.  It was an exuberant, energetic end to our musical year.  Thank you to all parents who were able to join us, and thank you to our musicians and their teachers for a job well done.

Christmas Concert – Goold Hall
During the final week of term, we will be convening our annual Christmas Extravaganza in Goold Hall.  The event is scheduled for Wednesday 23rd November and will commence at 6pm.  Gig sheets and event information have been distributed to all participant families.

If you would like to join us for a little carolling next week, just in time to get ready for the arrival of the Christmas Season, tickets are available via the following link:

We hope that you are able to join us and celebrate a great end to the musical year!

Key Dates Term 4
As we look ahead across the term, please ensure we pencil the following dates into your diary:

Term 4
7 Tues 15 Nov Loan instruments returned for servicing – OVERDUE!
8 Wed 23 Nov Christmas Concert – Goold Hall
8 Thur 24 Nov All rehearsals conclude

Villanova Camp Chairs and Wildcat Coolers
Our fantastic Music Support Group have organised an innovative fundraiser for Villanova College.  You may have heard the buzz about our Villanova Camp Chairs and Wildcat Coolers…  the MUST HAVE items for the beach/cricket/park/fishing/BBQ/etc. this Summer! (flyer attached).

Villanova Branded Camp Chairs – $35; Wildcat Coolers – $30
All items can be purchased via trybooking through the following link:
Purchases can be collected from the Music Office and all profits go to the Music Support Group.

Entertainment Publications Memberships
Entertainment memberships are one of the Music Support Groups main fund-raisers.  Just click on the link to purchase a membership and obtain ongoing special deals throughout the year.

Thank you all for your ongoing support of Music at Villanova College.


Mr Michael Jones, Director of Music

Salvation Army Carols | Mr. Bean Official – YouTube



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Parent Information

Please note that the last day of Tuckshop for the 2022 year will be Thursday 24 November.
The Tuckshop will be CLOSED on Friday 25 November.


Villanova College is conducting a survey to determine what matters most to families in our community. This will be used to inform strategy for the College. We would appreciate if you could take the time to complete this quick anonymous survey. For information and to complete the survey click here:

Villa Pulse 2023: What matters to families educating boys (

Thank you.

Did you know you can manage your subscriptions in the Villa College App? Subscribe to receive notifications about particular year levels and co-curricular activities. Tap “Settings” and then “Subscriptions” and make your selection. You can change your subscriptions at any time. Click here for more information: Promo Guide (

Next Wednesday 23 November, the Year 7s will receive the second dose of the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine.  If your son was administered the first dose at Ozcare’s school-based clinic in May, he will receive the second dose on Wednesday morning.   Please ensure your son has an adequate breakfast on the day and is aware that the clinic will operate at the College during Periods 1 and 2.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Ozcare directly on 3451 2060.


Giving back through volunteering is a great way to engage, meet new people and develop lasting relationships at Villanova College. We welcome parents, guardians, extended family, and community members to give back and play an active role in supporting our “Village”.

Ahead of 2023, we are asking volunteers to re-register their interest in areas of volunteering within the school (e.g. Music and Instrumental support, Library, Sports (AIC), Tuckshop and Creative Arts production and event support). For those expressing interest to volunteer in the Tuckshop and Tolle Lege Library, please register your interest by no later than Friday, 18 November 2022. This will enable our Library and Tuckshop staff to roster volunteers ahead of the commencement of the 2023 academic year.  By registering your interest, you will complete a short online Volunteer Induction which is only required to be completed once annually per person irrespective of how many roles/occasions you volunteer for.

The new online process enables our volunteers to:

  • input and update your contact details and provide the College with an emergency contact;
  • acknowledge our policies and Volunteer Agreement per the Australian National Standards for Volunteer Involvement; and
  • upload your Blue Card if it is required for the volunteering role (the online process will provide you with information and instruction as to whether you require a volunteer Blue Card).

 To register your interest and complete the annual induction, please go to: Volunteering at Villanova » Villanova College (
For any volunteer related queries, contact details are included in the above College link.
We thank you for the important role you play within our community.


Mothers of Villanova Old Boys Afternoon – NEW DATE

Date:                   Saturday 19 November
Time:                  1-4pm
Location:            Cassiciacum Gardens / Senior School Terrace – Villanova College 24 Sixth Avenue Coorparoo
Tickets:               $55 per head – includes canapes, drink on arrival and entertainment
Raffles, Lucky door prizes, an optional tour of the College and more! Cash Bar and EFTPOS will be available.
Tickets close:     Friday 18 November 2022
Tickets through Trybooking:

Mr Jordan Mullan, Community Engagement and Foundation Manager

Brisbane City Council will soon commence monitoring of parking compliance in the areas around school zones.
The below signs will be placed near the pick-up zones to serve as a reminder.
Please be vigilant and observe all parking signs and lines around the College, including being respectful of our neighbours and not parking over driveways.
For notices and the latest information on Alinta Uniform Shop stock levels visit the Alinta website: Homepage | Alinta Apparel

Calling current parents, Old Boys and past parents — promote your business or service to members of the Villa community for free with the Villanova College Business Directory. List your business today for free via the link:

Questions can be directed to

Planning for the Future
Villanova College has taken the next step towards the development of a new multi-purpose hall and Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (‘STEM’) building and the future delivery of a new café/ canteen, Learning Institute and refurbishment of Mendel Hall.

In accordance with Chapter 2, Part 5 of the Planning Act 2016, we have asked that the Minister for State Development, Manufacturing, Infrastructure and Planning approve an amendment to the existing education facilities designation of our campus located in Coorparoo.

To assist with future development of the College a Master Plan has been developed with Cox Architects which strives to provide an appropriate balance between the built form and open space areas while considering the impact of the proposal on adjoining residential development. The Master Plan will be delivered over two stages as follows:

Stage 1A + 1B

  • New approximately three storey building to accommodate multi-purpose hall and STEM facilities (located in the southern part of campus, south of Seventh Avenue)

Closure of Seventh Avenue to public access

Stage 2A + 2B

  • New single storey building to accommodate café/canteen and Learning Institute

Refurbishment of Mendel Hall

Ministerial Infrastructure Designation
To deliver on our commitment to the College community we will request that the Minister for State Development, Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning endorse this Master Plan and amend the current designation over the subject. The MID process provides an alternate assessment pathway to lodging a development application with Brisbane City Council and allows for the delivery of essential community infrastructure, including schools and hospitals.

Having your say
We are at the early stages of the project and encourage you to review and have your say about the College’s master planning activities and proposed MID amendment through the following website link:

Enquiries can also be submitted via email to, or if you would like to discuss with a member of our team, please contact Jordan Mullan, Community Engagement and Foundation Manager at Villanova College on 07 3394 5665. This early consultation period will be open for your comments until 3 November 2022.

It is important to note that formal community consultation will be undertaken should the proposal proceed through the MID process. This will provide neighbours, key stakeholders and residents with the opportunity to make a submission or learn more about our master planning activities.

For your information, the following letter has been sent to local residents click here

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