Principal's Welcome

Dear Members of the Villanova College Family,
Last week we threw open the gates of Villanova College and almost 400 family groups took up the invitation to explore our campus and engage with our students and staff. The feedback from the tours around the College led by our students has been outstanding.

Our young people displayed confidence, courtesy and knowledge in answering questions about life at the College. To see the students lead the tours and engage with the families was fantastic and I was very proud of our young men.  A special thank you to our staff who went above and beyond to showcase our College, and to share with families all the aspects of school life that makes our place so special.

AIC Cross Country
Well done to the Villanova Cross Country team for placing second in the Year 5 /6 Aggregate and fourth overall in the 12 Years to Opens. The performances of our runners were very good across the ages and the coaches and managers can rightly be proud of the efforts of all runners. Cross country running is a demanding sport and even though the team results count towards the final points, each individual runner must perform on the day and achieve to their personal best. Well done to all involved with our Cross Country program.

Next week I am looking forward to spending time with our Year 12 students as they take some time out of their busy lives to stop and think about the future and their relationships. God will certainly be a key part of the discussions as our staff leaders share with the Year 12 students their own struggles and the place God plays in their lives. It is a privilege to share this time with our students as they explore who they are and where they are going.

Final Weeks of Term Two
We are now approaching the assessment period for most year levels, and it is now time for all students to take stock of their revision programs and to make sure they have allowed adequate time for assignments to be completed and to cover those topics studies some time in the past.

I strongly encourage all students to sit down with their parents to plan the next two weeks to ensure they allocate sufficient time for study, revision and completing schoolwork.

Please keep in your prayers our Year 12 students and staff as they experience the 2021 Year 12 Retreat.

You have made us for Yourself O Lord
And our hearts are restless until they rest in You.

Mr Mark Stower, Principal

In keeping with the spirit of Reconciliation, Villanova College acknowledges the Yuggera and Turrbal peoples, as the Traditional Custodians of this land on which we stand.  We pay our respects to Elders, past, present and emerging.  This has always been, and always will be, a place of teaching and learning connected to country, culture and community. 


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Teaching and Learning

Examination Timetables
Whilst assessment is regularly occurring across the College, the end of term is always a busy time for students completing examinations. The messages we deliver to the students on a regular basis is that a planned revision schedule that is part of consistent preparation is the most effective approach to achieving as highly as possible. Over the last few weeks, students have been made aware of their assessment schedules, more specifically their examination timetables. These are available to parents and students in the relevant portal (Parent Lounge and Student Café).

Multi-tasking – myth or reality?
With assessment ‘heating up’, there will be the need for the students to juggle their current assignment load with their examination preparation. Ask any student and they will tell you they can multi-task with ease. Complete homework and assignments, study for examinations, watch TV, listen to music and check their phone all at the same time, no problem. Ask the academic researchers though and a different story emerges.

Dr Larry Rosen, Professor of Psychology at California State University, explains that what is occurring in this ‘multi-tasking’ is ‘task switching’. Instead of doing two things at once, students are switching their focus from one task to another and back again, in a parallel fashion, at high speed, resulting in them staying on task for an average of only 65% of the time period and for a maximum of only three to five minutes at a time. Constant task-switching results in it taking much longer to complete the individual tasks not just due to the interruptions, but also because there are delays as the brain switches between tasks and refocuses.  This brief bottleneck in the prefrontal cortex delays the start of the next task and the more intense the distraction, the longer it will take the brain to react.

A study conducted by Dr Rosen’s team sent varying numbers of text messages to students in a lecture then tested the students on the content of the lecture. The results were surprising, it was not the number of interruptions that negatively impacted results, it was the time taken by the students to react to the interruptions. Students who responded immediately performed worst on the tests. Those who considered when to check the message and respond (i.e. in a part of a lecture they deemed less relevant) performed significantly better.

What we can learn from this is that students need to become more aware of their ‘task-switching’ and make conscious decisions as to when they choose to shift their focus – instead of being enslaved by their technology and at its constant beck and call. We need to teach students that this constant mental task shifting (even thinking about the technology has the same effect as checking the technology) takes oxygen and brain activity away from what they are learning. We need to convince our students that it is okay and even necessary to wait, that they do not have to respond immediately and do have the ability to delay their check-in with the cyber world. It is all about learning that we can control our selective attention and choose to ignore distractions.

We need to train the brain to stop thinking constantly about technology. However, resistance for too long can create anxiety and a fear of missing out, creating ‘continuous partial attention’ in students as oxygen is diverted to activate and maintain thoughts about social media at the expense of classroom material.

Dr Rosen’s team has determined the best approach for students who find it difficult to pull back from their technology devices is to set an alarm on their phone for short regular ‘tech breaks’. They may start with 15 minutes and gradually increase this amount over time to around 30 minutes. The phone will be face down on their desk on silent mode or off, and when the alarm rings they let themselves check messages and status updates for a minute or two, then set the alarm again. Dr Rosen’s studies found that knowing they can check in 15 minutes creates less anxiety, whereas depriving them of the phone completely did not stop them thinking or obsessing about possible e-communications which took away from their ability to focus fully on their homework. It all comes back to teaching the concept of focus.

Finally, Dr Rosen argues that we cannot simply remove technology and other distractions; they are too intricately woven into students’ daily lives. Instead, students should learn metacognitive skills to help them understand when and how to switch their attention between multiple tasks or technologies.

Student Feedback
Towards the end of Term 1 and earlier this term, students in a range of classes across Junior, Middle and Senior School had the opportunity to provide their teachers with feedback as part of the Pivot Student Perception Survey. The College has used its relationship with the Queensland Catholic Education Commission to engage with Pivot Professional Learning to measure the impact of teaching practice and student engagement inside the classrooms at Villanova College through student eyes.

What is certainly clear is that the students believe our teachers are highly capable and good at what they do on a daily basis. More specifically, they believe our teachers are highly knowledgeable in their subject areas and create an environment that promotes learning, while at the same time creating environments where there is respect and order.

Over the coming weeks, and into Semester 2, teachers will look to celebrate with their classes the positives from the survey as well as areas that could be improved.

Mr John Christie, Dean of Teaching and Learning


The Tolle Lege Library provides students with a wide range of support. This support includes the provision of research guides (called LibGuides) designed to specifically support the student’s research for a specific assignment. The Teacher Librarians have also worked closely with the various Core Curriculum Area Leaders to design a schedule for Years 7-10 students of information literacy lessons. These lessons are delivered at the time of need for students (that is, as they undertake a new research assignment) and address specific information literacy skills.

As part of this schedule of information lessons, our Year 8 students have recently been through a presentation of a series of important information literacy skills. These lessons were scheduled during their Mongols History unit. Students are now expected to practise and demonstrate these skills in each of their research-based units across all their subjects.

I would like to share the presentation delivered and the supporting resources with you so that you can support your sons at home:

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like any further information or need further elaboration.

Mrs Antonietta Neighbour, Director of Library and Information Services


Villanova places second at Year 9/10 Logan Division of Fuse Cup again 

Last Thursday Patrick Campbell, Will Godwin, James Naylor and Daniel Nolan travelled to St Johns Anglican College, Forest Lake, to participate in this term’s regional The FUSE Cup esports competition. Last term, Villanova College was awarded the runner-up medallion after Spencer Griffin and Daniel Nolan made it all the way to the Grand Final. Needless to say, we carried high expectations with us into only our second appearance in this esports tournament! This time, the Year 9/10 team were racing in multi-player Nintendo Mario Kart Grand Prix competitions against many regional schools and colleges.

Villanova performed exceptionally well with all four competitors finishing top two in their heats to proceed to the Quarter Finals. At this elimination stage Daniel Nolan raced ‘Metal Mario’ with tactics and precision to qualify for the ultimate event, the Grand Final. After a tense lunch break, Daniel performed with grit, determination and skill in an all-Metal Mario Grand Final in the Star Cup. He finished second overall behind last year’s state champion from Marsden SHS.

Congratulations to Daniel and the whole Villanova team – I was reminded once again how our students demonstrate such good values of sportsmanship, integrity and teamwork when they wear their Villanova College uniform in the wider school community.

Villanova College is becoming recognised as a team of skilled esports players and true gentlemen in The FUSE Cup. My congratulations to Patrick, Will, James and Daniel – well done, again!

Loot boxes – Gaming or gambling?
The FUSE Cup continues to be a great opportunity for students with common interests to come together in a structured, skilful and educational setting. The event is broken up with “tech free” recess breaks so students can chill out, relax and socialise with each other. The sessions reconvene with brief presentations highlighting the need for a young people to pursue a lifestyle balancing their interests in gaming with schoolwork, family and other hobbies.

One topic explored during these education sessions was “loot boxes” and their psychological links to pre-adulthood gambling. Loot boxes are a feature of computer games that allow users to obtain hidden goods that can help them get to higher levels or add features to their online character. But the contents of a loot box are unknown to the user until they open it. Some might call that a surprise, others call it gambling. It is interesting to note that most of the profits and revenue from gaming is not derived from the purchase of games, but from the in-game purchases young people make every day.

Students viewed the following video and considered the impact loot boxes may be having on their mental health, and pocket money. I highly recommend you share this video with your sons:

Mr Jason Lane, Elearning Pedagogy Leader


To Parents and Guardians of Year 11 Accounting, Business and Economics students,

As a ‘real life’ experience, students in Year 11 Accounting, Business and Economics are presented with an opportunity to participate in ECOMAN; a simulated business program which is held over a three-day period from Tuesday 22 June to Thursday 24 June at BDO, Level 10, 12 Creek Street. Please note that this program will be held on the first week of the June/July holidays. This ensures that time will not be lost from the Year 11 curriculum.

The main aims of the ECOMAN Program are to promote an understanding of business among senior students so that they may gain a clearer understanding of the operation of businesses and consider the private sector as a viable career choice. Villanova has been involved in the program for nearly ten years and has always received positive feedback from both students and parents. Further information on the program is included in the attached information.

The program is open to a maximum of 18 students. The cost of the program will be covered by the College. At this stage we require an expression of interest from students who would be willing to commit to the three-day program.

If your son is interested in participating in ECOMAN, please complete the form below and return to their Accounting, Business or Economics teacher by Wednesday 9 June. Specific details will be provided closer to the date. If you have any further questions, please contact Michelle Smith-Rowan on 3394 5530 or email at:


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Junior School

Playing team sports is simply one of the best ways to get to know ourselves and others.  Games require a combination of natural talent, timing, luck, and determination.  It’s a risk to walk onto a field or court.  We wear our House shirts – Goold, Crane, Murray or Heavey – or we proudly wear the gold and green Villanova sports uniform, and we throw, pass, kick and shoot our way to a win, draw or loss.  As parents, it can be a nerve-wracking, thrilling and exhausting emotional experience on the sidelines.  As coaches, we can be pleasantly surprised at how the boys perform – whether the score is in our favour or not.  Ultimately, it is the young men who have to make their best decisions, quickly and collaboratively, and show as much coordination and spirit as they can muster, under pressure.  It’s no easy feat, but it’s also an incredibly rich experience for a number of reasons.

Social interactions help us to build confidence in the way we handle ourselves.  Trainings mean there are routines – organising uniforms, gear, following a warm-up routine, listening to instructions, following rules in drills and learning to be proud when we succeed, as well as knowing what we need to keep working on to be our best.  An organised team sport means there are regular opportunities to be active which then lends the chance for our boys to get to know each other in a different environment, away from the books and screens.  They must rely on each other and build trust within their unit.  They must try to be that source of strength to help out in a game situation.  Sharing the experiences – changing before/after school, training, travelling to games, facing opposition (quite often with a few old school mates in those teams) and then continuing to work on improving each week brings an incredible amount of growth as a person over a couple of months.  Boys begin to branch out in break times to those friendships that form in teams.  Connections are fostered and the experiences they have had together are precious.

An individual’s character takes a lot of shaping in team sports.  There is the art of organising the sports kit bag – packing all that is needed can be an interesting experience for some.  There are few boys who can say they have never had to call home for help, borrow a spare set of socks or a tie from the JS Office, or simply wear their trainers for the day because the black leather shoes are under their beds at home.  Resilience comes from this responsibility, as does the art of problem solving and prioritising what we can do as plan b, c or d.  Life goes on whether we are dressed at our best or otherwise.  Setting an alarm and being on time for training and games also can take a little practice, especially when winter sports are on.  The cold weather, the shift in daylight and the timing of breakfast or dinners can mean the boys must dig deep and soldier on.  It’s also an exponential shift to go from the safe spaces of training with familiar faces and spaces to the games at Villanova Park or other AIC Colleges.  It takes courage to know the ball is coming at you and it’s time to show the team and spectators what you can do.  Hit or miss, our boys then need to keep their chin up and follow through that play and every other until the whistle blows.  They must manage substitutions (some love a break and others never want to come off the field/court) and stay enthusiastic on the sidelines.  Winning is always uplifting and reassuring that we are doing well.  Mustering the good nature and team spirit to acknowledge another team’s victory can be tough – but it’s also essential as life is exactly that – win some, lose some.  It shouldn’t necessarily be that we were not “good enough” but rather that others can simply be better on a given day.

Our community is all the better when our Junior School boys commit to team sports.  I know that when we walked onto the fields at Villanova Park last weekend, hand in hand with our Seniors, for the Firsts Rugby and Football, that those moments matter.  There are eight precious years to make memories that last a lifetime.  We watch as boys move up the levels over time, as they work on speed, endurance, and skills.  Bodies change, mindsets strengthen and the impossible becomes a reality.  I wish all our boys the very best for the last two weeks of sport – just know that the very best one, basketball, is next and this is when life just can’t get any better!

Mr Stephen Rouhliadeff, Head of Junior School

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Senior School

Widening our Perspective
One of my favourite subjects during my own Senior School studies was Study of Religion. The rich tapestry of content coupled with the inquiry and research skills developed provided a wonderful platform to enter tertiary studies. There is considerable wisdom to be gleaned from widening our world view and drinking from the well of different perspectives.

Recently, a colleague shared with me some thought-provoking insights from the ancient Chinese belief system of Confucianism. In particular, Confucius’ writings on the concept of ‘junzi’, which can be translated as either a gentlemen or exemplary person, resonated with me, especially the underpinning focus on character- one who conscientious, self-critical and co-human. According to Confucius, a ‘junzi’ has nine wishes:

  • That his vision be clear,
  • His listening sharp,
  • His appearance gentle,
  • His expression reverential,
  • He will be true to his word,
  • And conscientious in his affairs,
  • When in doubt, he will inquire,
  • When he loses his temper, he will regret it,
  • When he sees something he can attain, he will think first of what is right.

There are some profound takeaways from this list of character virtues for our young men at Villanova, especially regarding the application of a moral lens, the importance of social and emotional intelligence and an ongoing search for truth.

Year 12 Rites of Passage
The next fortnight is an exciting yet frenetic end to the second term for our Year 12 students as they are able to experience their rescheduled Retreat and Mentoring Breakfast next week and the traditional Staff Senior Banquet on the final night of the term. There is also the Senior Play, ‘Bad Gravy’ which has always been well supported by the Senior cohort being performed at the Queensland Multicultural Centre coupled with both internal and diagnostic assessments. I offer the following prayer to our young men in the white shirts as they experience the emotions of these important rites of passage in their Senior journey:

God, we ask that our Year 12 students especially feel your closeness during this time. Give them calm hearts and quiet confidence in the knowledge that you hold them in the palm of your hand.
Holy Spirit, send them your gifts of wisdom and knowledge.
We ask this through Christ Our Lord. Amen

 Senior School Assembly
Tomorrow we will conduct our second Senior School Assembly for the year when we gather in Goold Hall. Once again, the Student Leadership Team have worked diligently to prepare a variety of presentations including a particularly personal and courageous focus on supporting our mental health by College Captain Louis Henderson ahead of next week’s RuOK Round of sporting fixtures against Padua. I will share excerpts from Louis’ speech and my own remarks in next week’s Villa View.

“Wheresoever you go, go with all your heart.” – Confucius

Mr Matt Levander, Head of Senior School

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Ministry and Formation News


Thursday 3 June marks the end of Reconciliation Week.  During our Reconciliation assembly the College was presented with our symbol of Reconciliation – a tree.  Across the last few weeks all students have been asked to contribute their fingerprint as a leaf on the tree.  A symbol of their commitment to acting for Reconciliation.

Blake Stockton, a teacher here at Villanova, and a Wiradjuri man, painted our reconciliation tree and invited us to consider its meaning.  With his permission I share his powerful invitation from assembly.

It has been a week of action that had us consider our place in the world, our place in Australia and our place in Brisbane.

Our place is here and now. I know this is not a profound idea that you have yet to realise. But indulge me, and consider this Aboriginal proverb, “We are all visitors to this time, this place. We are just passing through. Our purpose here is to observe, to learn, to grow, to love… and then we return home.”

Our time is finite. We have a moment in history to make a difference. We choose how we use that time, whether for greed or love. Observe what is around you. Take a moment each day to notice this place you are present in and where you can have the greatest impact. Our ability to learn is our greatest freedom, and so much can be learnt from connecting with culture, community and Country. Growth is often slow, but the slowest growth builds the most robust roots, and reconciliation will take time but will endure. Finally, love. Every day, love. Love each other, love the present we are gifted with and love this beautiful country we inherit.

The tree represents these themes. It is here for a moment, observing changes in the environment around it. A tree learns to adapt and change over many hundreds of years. At the core of its being is growth, not rings, but an understanding that growth needs to be directed towards life-giving opportunities. Trees love, they support other trees in their surroundings, understanding that trees in a forest thrive more than they do in solitude. They use the land beneath to connect with all living organisms in its vicinity and appreciate that being grounded in the earth and humble in nature is key to survival.

If there is one thing I want you to take away from this Reconciliation Tree painting, it is to reconnect with Country, be grounded and humble in this time and place. We are all visitors here. We must observe, learn, grow, and above all, love. If we can at least love Country, we can all reconcile back to Mother Earth and our common home that will lead to the reconciliation of our peoples.

Mr Blake Stockton

Greening Finger Gully – a commitment to the ongoing legacy of caring for country
All our Ministry groups have been considering their commitment to action during Reconciliation week.  Our Green team and Student Council led an action of tree planting and Harry, Ben and Luke share the following about the experience.

Last Friday, 28 May, we had the pleasure of participating in a joint initiative between our Student Leadership Team, Green Team Ministry and Habitat Brisbane. We visited the Finger Gullies area near Majestic Park at Coorparoo, with the goal of planting 300 new trees. Not only did we achieve this, but we also managed to move about eight cubic metres of mulch to support the growth of these trees.

This project was an enjoyable way to give back to the community and commit to a sustainable future. Whilst we may never see the true benefits of our work, these trees will make a difference for hundreds of years, and many future generations. We built off the work of last year’s Green Team, which prepared the area for us by mulching the land. The Finger Gullies area is becoming a symbol of Villanova’s commitment to the environment and our constant commitment to a better future.

Additionally, this project is part of our college community’s response to Reconciliation Week 2021. Throughout the week, we have been told the following: ‘More than a word, Reconciliation takes action.’ It is important that we support the sustainability of our land and environment, as was a significant part of Indigenous culture. This activity is one way we can commit to common understanding between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians.

Thank you to Rob Jansen who facilitated the project on behalf of Habitat Brisbane, and to Fr Saldie, Miss Jones, Mrs Garrone, and all others who organised the activity. We are looking forward to being a further part of Villanova’s commitment to the environment and the development of the Finger Gullies area.

Harry Corrigan, Ben Sciacca and Luke Palmer.

Year 12 Retreat – Humble in Confidence, yet Courageous in Character
At the end of Term 1, our buses were full of our Year 12s ready to leave for retreat as lockdown was announced.  Next week we have ‘take two’.  On Monday and Tuesday our Year 12 students are away on their Retreat.  This is a significant part of our Year 12 program.  It is an opportunity for our seniors to leave the busyness and pressure of school to listen, to be affirmed, to build their friendships with their peers and to connect with the living source of his faith, hope, and life.

The ‘Ancient Words’ of St Augustine:
“In this world, two things are essential: life and friendship. Both should be highly prized, and we must not undervalue them. Life and friendship are nature’s gifts. God created man that he might exist and live: this is life.  But if man is not to remain solitary, there must be friendship.”   Sermon Denis 16, 1

Please can you keep our Year 12s and the staff who will be with them in your thoughts and prayers over Monday and Tuesday.

Sunday Readings at Home
Please use this link to access this week’s readings and commentaries.

Ms Kate Garrone, Dean of Mission and Identity

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Well done to our Cross Country team who yesterday competed at the annual AIC Cross Country Championships held at Curlew Park. The boys worked hard during pre-season and came away with a second place overall in the Year 5 and Year 6 Aggregate and a fourth place overall in the 12 years to Open Aggregate. Our Year 6 team took out first place in their age group division. Many thanks to our Cross Country Co-Ordinator – Mr Brian Pascoe as well as to the entire coaching staff including – Mr Jordan Roache, Mr David Barton, Mr Tom Lonergan and Ms Amy Roberts for all their time, effort and expertise in preparing the team. A full report will be published in next week’s edition of the Villa View.

It was another huge round of rugby, football and chess fixtures over the weekend as our boys took on St Laurence’s College. I was extremely proud of all the boys as we had many competitive games across the board in both rugby and football. Unfortunately, the opposition proved to be too strong on the day in chess.

For me, the game of the week was the First XI football match. Villanova were up against St Laurence’s and the eventual winner of this game would head to the ‘top of the ladder’ in the AIC competition, so there was lots to play for from both sides.

Our boys started the game a little shaky but survived an early onslaught from St Laurence’s in the first five – 10 minutes before they really came into the game. The intensity of the game was extremely high with great determination shown by both teams. The score was nil all up until the last seven minutes when Villanova booted a goal. The boys hung on for the remainder of the game to take out the win and to lead the competition with two rounds remaining. It was a great game of schoolboy football, played in good spirits. Well done, Villanova College! It is certainly the case that there is no easy game in First XI football anymore. Each school can win on the day if teams are not prepared to switch on and bring their best. With two rounds remaining, our boys must not get ahead of themselves and must be prepared to play with the same intensity for the remainder of the season. We take it one game at a time. Best wishes team!

The faithful supporters who made it out to the game on Tuesday afternoon/evening.

The mighty 1st XI team celebrating the win with supporters after the game.

I congratulate all members of our College community who did their part to ensure the round of fixtures was relatively trouble free against St Laurence’s over the weekend. It was certainly a different feel out at Runcorn on Saturday when the First XV and First XI games were not played that day. Again, both the First XV and First XI games were rescheduled as we had several boys absent as they were participating in either the State Rugby or Football Championships over the weekend.

I thank all members of the ‘Villanova Sports Club’ and their helpers, who do an outstanding job each home game to man the canteens at Villanova Park. These people provide such an important service to our own community as well as showing a sense of hospitality to our guest Colleges from week to week. I encourage as many Villanova parents as possible to spend some time serving in the canteen, as it is a great way to build community spirit and it is an ideal way to make new friends. At times, the canteen does need the help of parents to serve and cook as other parents must get away to watch their sons play, this can leave the canteen understaffed from time to time. If all families could lend a hand for 30 minutes prior to the commencement of their son’s game, it would be most helpful.

On behalf of the College, I thank the Sports Club for their organization of the annual Sports Club Luncheon held last Friday at the Greek Club. We thank the members of the organizing committee Leo Wallin, Eddie Harris, Damien Carter, Rob Abraham, Andrew Solomon, Brett Smyth and Jason Rasmussen as well as the Sports Club President Mick Twaddell for all their hard work. Not only is this a great community building event, but it is also a way to acknowledge Villanova’s sporting greats and to raise funds to improve and upgrade the College’s sporting facilities. The work and level of support the Sports Club offers the College is outstanding. Be assured that every cent raised from canteens, mega raffles, the luncheon etc. goes directly into these sporting facilities. Little things like assisting in the canteens for 30 minutes each week is a way that all parents can put their shoulder to the wheel and support the Sports Club in their fund-raising efforts.

 Much planning and preparation has been spent as we look ahead to the Trimester 3 sport program. Please read the relevant sections below which outline further information pertaining to the trial process in each of the AIC sports offered in Trimester 3. Please encourage your son/s to become involved in these trials and for him to show case his talents to our school. As College policy dictates, those with special gifts and talents are encouraged to represent our college, furthermore, please be aware that participation in school sport does take precedence over other sporting interests and commitments outside of school. As paraphrased by St Thomas of Villanova – our gifts and talents are not for us alone, they are to be shared with others for the good of our community.

Villanova Park will be used this weekend to host the Year 5 – 8 rugby and football and many other supp games. Best wishes to all involved this weekend as we play St Edmund’s College in the main round of chess, rugby and football. Determination, effort and pride will be the order of the day. Enjoy!

AIC Chess, Rugby and Football Fixtures, Friday 4 and Saturday 5 June – Times and Venues
All times and venues for this weekend’s fixtures against St Edmund’s College (and other supplementary games) are available on the College’s website.

Mr Leo Wallin

420 eager people attended the seventh annual Villanova Sports Lunch at The Greek Club on Friday 28 May and what a cracker of an afternoon was had! One could really sense the excitement of being able to get together for a fun afternoon albeit in a COVID safe world!

The very funny and much loved Jimeoin provided the comedic entertainment. We were very lucky to have great panel guests in Villanova Old Boys Christian Welch, Ben Mowen and Chris Simpson as well as the very talented and impressive NRLW Broncos player Ali Brigginshaw, and to top it off another Villanova Old Boy, Andrew Slack was our very capable MC. Our thanks are extended to all the guests for giving up their time to give us some insights into the world of professional sport.

Given we were unable to hold the lunch and raise any funds in 2020 and our numbers were restricted this year (565 in 2019) the early estimate of around $40,000 raised on Friday is a great result. Many thanks to all who dug deep and contributed on the day, not only it is appreciated by the organising committee it certainly is appreciated by the boys who are the direct beneficiaries.

Thanks to all the committee members and helpers on the day including Robyn Gunning, Sue Homann and Nat Davidson from the College.

There were just two raffles prizes that were not claimed on the day so, if you have these tickets in your possession contact the College on 3394 5690 so we can verify the ticket and present your prize to you.

  • Day 4 Ashes Cricket Outdoor Box – 4283
  • Villa Rugby Jersey Signed by Panel Guests – 4942

On that note that is me signing off my last lunch on the committee! I will see you all next year – as a guest!

Villanova Sports Club Canteen Roster – 5 June
Please support the Villanova Sport Club by assisting in the canteen as per roster below.

Rugby/Football Canteen Roster

We kindly ask parents to assist when their son arrives for warm up 30 minutes before their scheduled game.

Parents who can assist are asked to report to Sarah Patterson.

Time Rugby Parents Football Parents


5A, 5B, 6A, 6B, 8D
8.00am 5C, 5D, 6C, 7E, 8C 5C, 5D, 5F, 6C, 7A
9.00am 5A, 5B, 6A, 6B, 7C, 8B 7C, 8A, 8C
10.00am 7B, 8A, Fifth XV 7B, 9C, 9D, Fourth XI
11.00am 7A, Third XV, Fourth XV 8B, 10C, Fifth XI

Dogs at AIC Sporting Venues
**A reminder to all parents that due to Health and Safety requirements, ALL AIC Sporting venues are dog free venues**

 As is the case with Villanova College, all members of the AIC competition have the policy that their playing grounds are dog free.  I ask that all members of the Villanova Community to respect each College’s policy and not take their dog to any AIC playing fields. It is awkward for Villanova staff to remind dog owners of this policy each weekend.

 AIC Fixtures and Training – Absenteeism
As a matter of course, we would expect that if a player were unable to attend a game or training for any reason that he would notify the coach involved. This can be done directly through the Sports Office (during the week) or alternatively and preferably, parents can use the coaches contact details (email address) which is posted on the website under the individual sports sections.  The College requires all students to commit wholeheartedly to the entire season including all training and games where possible – it is the ‘Villanova Way’. May I please ask all parents to support the College regarding this matter.

Mr Nick Verity and Mr Jack Lamb, AIC Chess Co-ordinators

The chess men faced a tough opponent in St Laurence’s last week and although we were aware of their strength after being defeated by them in the first trial round, we unfortunately were not able to close the gap. While many of our players found themselves in losing positions, it was heartening to see that most of them played their games down to the last move, choosing not to resign. For this, they should be proud. This week we are taking the bus all the way out to Ipswich to play St Edmund’s College. As St Edmund’s do not have a Junior School, the Junior A and B teams are not required to play this week.

AIC Chess Results v St Laurence’s

Team 1 v IONA 2 v SPLC 3 v ASH 4 v SPC 5 V SLC
Open L 12-4 L 7-9 D 8-8 L 10-6 L 6-10
Senior A W 13-3 L 12-4 L 11-5 W 12-4 L 2-14
Senior B D 8-8 L 15-1 L 13-3 W 11-5 L 0-16
Intermediate A L 14-4 W 14-2 L 9-7 W 9-7 L 5-11
Intermediate B L 9-7 L 14-2 W 10-6 L 9-7 L 0-16
Junior A W 11-5 L 10-6 L 14-2 W 16-0 L 2-14
Junior B W 12-4 W 14-2 W 14-2 D 8-8 L 2-14


Fixtures against St. Laurence’s College in any sport, will give us a fair idea as to how we are progressing. In the rugby matches played on the weekend, Villanova was successful in 14 matches, while there was one draw and nine losses. If you look at the top teams in each age group Villa was victorious in the 5A, 6A and 7A by comfortable margins, while the 8As turned around a 60-point deficit last year into a hard fought 7-7 draw, which probably should have been a win as they finished strongly and narrowly missed scoring on a few occasions.

The 9A and 10A teams, both lost by 10 points and four points respectively in very physical and closer encounters, and the First XV loss last week was a lot closer than the scoreboard would suggest. Every week our players seem to rise to the challenge, and it is obvious that the scrummaging has been taught well. The defense is aiming up and our attack is improving with every match. Unfortunately, the same old scenario will hit us in two weeks when the short season comes to an end.

As we look towards Round 6 versus St Edmund’s College many of our rugby teams will be playing their last home game for the season, which is sure to generate plenty of atmosphere around the park.  There are photos on this week for our Year 5 – 8 teams, so please be aware of the time, as the boys will need to be at Villa Park earlier than their warmup time.

Parents are reminded that they are not to approach a coach, referee or any member of the opposing school. Any issues or concerns parents may have regarding rugby should be directed to the Rugby Coordinator or the Director of Sport.

Best of luck to all teams!

AIC Rugby Team Photos Years 5 – 8
Team photos will be taken to for Year 5 to 8 Rugby teams at Villanova Park this Saturday (see schedule below). Please arrive early and dressed in the correct playing uniform. Please arrive 10 minutes before the scheduled time. If you arrive LATE, sorry NO photo.

TIME Group
7:55am 8C Rugby
8:40am 8B Rugby
8:45am 7C Rugby
8:50am 6A Rugby
8:55am 6B Rugby
9:00am 5A Rugby
9:05am 5B Rugby
9:50am 8A Rugby
9:55am 7B Rugby
10:55am 7A Rugby

AIC Rugby Results after Round 5

Team 1 v IONA 2 v SPLC 3 v ASH 4 v SPC 5 V SLC
1st XV 18 – 20 L 21- 18 W 15 – 50 L 25 – 22 W 7 – 33 L
2nd XV 0 – 48 L 36 – 7 W 0 – 60 L 12 – 26 L 15 – 35 L
3rd XV 17 – 21 L V ATC 1st XV

5 – 38 L

19 – 29 L 29 – 12 W 19 – 14 W
4th XV 5 – 5 draw V ATC 2nd XV

17-12 W

0 – 62 L 27 – 26 W 23 – 12 W
5th XV 29 – 5 W V Ash 8th XV

24-22 W

22 – 5 W Internal 31 – 17 W
6th XV 10 – 12 L v Ash 9th XV V Iona 5th XV

21-15 W

V Pad 5th XV

17 – 15 W

internal No Game
10A 7 – 24 L 41-0 W 5 – 14 L 7 – 5 W 10 – 14 L
10B 10 – 24 L V ATC 10B

5 – 28 L

0 – 36 L BYE 5 – 36 L
10C 0 – 51 L V Padua 10C



19 – 27 L

7 – 12 L 10 – 35 L v Ash 10D
9A 19 – 25 L 22- 26 L 10 -33 L 24 – 7 W 10 – 20 L
9B 14 – 33L V ATC 9B

27- 33 L

0 – 55 L 17 – 28 L 12 – 5 W
9C 41 – 7 W BYE 7 – 43 L 34 – 15 W 62 – 20 W
9D 26 – 24 W V Ash 9E

29- 15 W

0 – 35 L Internal 17 -31 L v Padua 9D
9E 0 – 93 L v

Ash 9D

V Iona 9D

31- 29 W

V Padua 9D

5 – 56 L

internal No Game
8A 0 – 32 L V ATC 8A

20- 0 W

5 – 53 L 7 – 17 L 7 – 7 Draw
8B 5 – 26 L V SPLC 8A

5- 22 L

10 – 37 L W 10 – 32 L
8C 7 – 47 L V ATC 8C

21- 29 L

7 – 27 L 51 – 10 W 7 – 43 L
7A 15 – 17 L V ATC 7A

67- 0 W

29 – 7 W 88 – 0 W 36 – 0 W
7B 27 – 15 W V SPLC 7A

73-0 W

57 – 12 W 68 – 0 W 36 – 7 W
7C 34 – 5 W V ATC 7C

17- 5 W

12 – 21 L V Iona 7D

31 – 12 W

32 – 20 W
7D 29- 12 W V Ash 7E

65- 5 W

26 – 5 W Internal 70 – 5 W
7E 7 – 35 L V Iona 7D

20- 15 W

V Padua 7D

72 – 5 W

internal 35 – 22 W v Ash 7E
6A 32 – 0 W V ATC 6A

43 – 5 W

17 – 0 W 36 – 5 W 35 – 5 W
6B 15 – 0 W V ATC 6B

37 – 5 W

15 – 0 W 22 – 0 W 15 – 22 L
6C 5 – 32 L V SPLC 6A

46 – 5 W

10 – 12 L V Ash 6D

58 – 12 W

61 – 5 W
5A 24 – 5 W V ATC 5A

59 – 0 W

24 – 5 W W 19 – 0 W
5B 14 – 19 L V ATC 5B

49 – 0 W

24 – 24 D 56 – 0 W 10 – 24 L
5C 12 – 30 L V Iona 5C

27 – 5 W

5 – 12 L V SLC 5C

12 – 10 W

17 – 0 W
5D 12 – 28 L V Iona 5D

10 – 12 L

17 – 27 L V SLC 5D

55 – 5 W

75 – 17 W

Mr Anthony Kemp, AIC Football Coordinator

The latest round of football fixtures was played against our close rivals St Laurence’s in what is always a tough match up with both Colleges chasing the victory. Whilst the overall results were close, St Laurence’s, unfortunately for us won the day. Villanova had 11 wins, 14 losses and five draws. As we enter winter there is no doubt that the flu season will have some impact on our team numbers, however, it is important that all players communicate with their coaches if they are unavailable so that plans can be put in place. It was a shame to see several our teams low on numbers and no communication with the coach – this makes it difficult for the coach and players to be at our best and compete with the opposition.

The First XI boys lined up in a rescheduled fixture on Tuesday night under lights at Souths United. This was a crucial game for both sides as a win would see either team go to the top of the table with two rounds left. St Laurence’s came out strong from the start and had a few opportunities on goal but through some great efforts Villanova kept them scoreless through the early stages of the match. As the first half went on Villa began to turn the tide on field and ball position. Both sides went into halftime deadlocked at 0-0 as the pressure mounted on both sides to take the lead in the match. The second half saw Villa continue to dominant the overall play and create several chances without finding the back of the net. SLC were not going away and looked to counterattack with their limited chances in the second half. With about five minutes left Villa finally broke through from a corner kick where the ball was almost knocked in twice only to rebound out and for Nelson Rae to slot home the all-important goal to clinch victory and the overall lead on top of the table. Congratulations and good luck to the boys again this week against St Edmund’s.

With two games left in the football season we have a few teams who have worked themselves into contention for top spot come seasons end. Congratulations and good luck for this weekend go to the 5E, 6D, 8A, 9B and Fifth XI sides who remain undefeated so far which is a fantastic result. Other notable mentions must also go to the 5D, 5A, 6A and 8B sides who have all only had the one loss so far this season.

This weekend we play our fixtures against St Edmund’s College. Most Year 5 – 8 teams will be playing at Villanova Park this Saturday with several supplementary games organised for sides. Please check the schedule carefully for venue and times of fixtures and please note some Year 5 – 8 sides are playing away at different venues. Our 9 – Opens sides will be playing away this week in Ipswich, however, please check the schedule as there are 9 – Opens teams playing at Villanova Park this week as well. If travelling to Ipswich for your fixture, please factor in travel time to your journey to allow you to get there in time.

Good luck to all teams this week!

AIC Football Results v St Laurence’s

Team 1 v IONA 2 v SPLC 3 v ASH 4 v SPC 5 V SLC
1st XI W 4-2 D 2-2 W 4-3 L 3-2
2nd XI W 2-1 L 3-0 L 3-2 W 3-0 L 5-0
3rd XI L 2-1 L 1-0 W 2-1 W 1-0 D 2-2
4th XI L 3-1 L 3-1 L 12-0 L 3-0 L 4-1
5th XI W 6-0 D 2-2 W 3-2 W 4-1 W 3-1
10A L 9-4 L 3-0 W 2-0 W 2-0 L 2-1
10B L 4-1 L 4-0 W 3-1 L 3-1 L 3-1
10C L 2-1 L 3-1 W 1-0 Win on Forefit L 4-0
9A L 2-1 W 1-0 L 3-1 D 2-2 D 1-1
9B D 1-1 D 1-1 D 0-0 W 4-0 W 1-0
9C L 3-1 Win on Forfeit L 4-2 W 4-0 L 3-0
9D W 1-0 L 4-0 v ATC 9C L 6-0 Win on Forfeit L 5-1
8A W 7-0 W 3-2 D 0-0 W 5-1 W 3-1
8B W 2-0 W 5-1 L 5-1 W 6-1 D 1-1
8C W 3-2 L 3-2 v ASH 8C L 5-2 W 10-1 W 4-0
8D L 1-0 W 5-0 v ASH 8E L 3-1 W 4-2 v Padua 8E W 3-0
7A L 2-1 L 3-1 L 5-0 L 5-2 W 3-1
7B W 3-2 D 1-1 L 4-0 L 5-0 L 5-0
7C L 4-2 W 5-2  L 3-1 W 1-0 W 4-1
7D W 7-0 L 8-3 v ATC 7C L 4-0 L 3-2 L 7-1
6A L 3-1 W 12-1 W 4-2 W 10-0 W 5-4
6B D 1-1 W 7-0 L 2-1 W 8-0 W 4-1
6C L 3-1 W 6-0 L 2-1 W 4-1 L 4-2
6D W 3-1 W 6-0 v Iona 6D W 6-0 W 7-2 v SLC 6D W 4-3
6E L 6-0 v Gregory Terrace 6E L 6-0 v ASH 6D L 3-0 L 5-0 v SLC 6E L 4-1
5A W 3-2 W 9-0 L 2-1 W 2-0 D 0-0
5B L 1-0 W 13-0 W 3-0 L 2-0 L 8-1
5C D 1-1 W 2-0 D 1-1 L 4-0 D 2-2
5D W 2-1 W 3-0 W 2-0 L 5-0
5E W 7-0 W 3-1 v Villa 5F W 5-1 W 5-0 W 5-3
5F W 6-0 L 3-1 v Villa 5E L 1-0 v SLC 5F W 4-2 v SLC 5F L 2-1 v SPC 5E

Year 5 and Year 6 Basketball Managers Needed
Parents are reminded that the competition for Year 5 and Year 6 students is played on a Friday afternoon, and it is the parent’s responsibility to transport the students to their venues each week. Car-pooling has been very successful in the past and can be worked out with other parents when you find out if your son makes a team. We will need parents to manage their son’s team throughout the season. Managers will be responsible for getting messages to parents, sorting a roster for afternoon teas and organising carpooling for away games. Please contact Mr Chris Everding in the Sports Office if you can assist.

Year 6 students have been told if they have been successful and the Year 5 students will have two more sessions before teams are announced. It would be great for teams to have managers before the students go on holiday.

Again, this year, due to court availability, only four sides per age group can be entered the competition. Not all schools have the same number of team entries, which means that many of our sides will be travelling to different venues each week in a supplementary draw. An internal competition will be made available to all students who do not make a team, during sport next term on a Friday.


Boys from Year 5 – 12 who want to trial for the above-mentioned AIC teams must have completed a ‘Trimester 3 Online Sign-On Form’. The link has been advertised previously and is now closed. Any students who have not signed on to register their interest must now contact the Sports Office directly.

All trials will commence the very first week after the current rugby, football and chess season is complete, that is, the week beginning the 14 June. All season schedules for the up-coming basketball, tennis and rugby league season are now posted in the respective sections on the website. These schedules contain all training dates, times and venues as well as many other important information. Please find below some trial information.

Any boy wishing to make an AIC Tennis team must complete the ‘Trimester 3 Online Sign-on Form’ to register their interest. The link to the online form is now closed. Those who did not register must contact the Sports Office to register their interest

Villanova will submit the following teams into the AIC Tennis competition. Each team will consist of 4 players. We hope to carry up to 2 reserves per age group if they are needed to fill in for any injured or absent players. Please understand the reserves will not be guaranteed any games. We do encourage the reserves to attend training each week.

Teams Nominated into Competition:

1st IV, 2nd IV, 3rd IV, 11A, 11B, 10A, 10B, 9A, 9B, 8A, 8B, 7A, 7B, 6A, 6B, 5A, 5B

There will only be 1 week of tennis trials. Trial Week No 1 will commence on the week beginning Monday 14th June, this is the last week of term. All trials will be held at Morningside Tennis Centre. All times and dates are listed below in the – AIC Tennis Trial Schedule (also found on the website and listed below).

All players are required to attend the AIC Tennis Clinics held on Saturday 19th June. After these clinics, the coaches and managers will then finalise all team selections. Please note that some players may be cut after the 2 trial sessions held during the week and therefore will not be needed to attend the clinic on Saturday.

All interested students are to attend ALL trial sessions and the clinic held on Saturday to be considered for team selection. All teams are then to follow the – Term 3 Training Schedule, as outlined within the Season Schedule document (found on the website) commencing day 1 of Term 3, that is, Tuesday 13th July.

Please note that some managers may require more time to select teams, therefore, some players may be asked to attend one or two of the regular training sessions held in Term 3 before teams are finalised.

AIC Tennis Trial Schedule

Morningside Tennis Centre (Beverley St, Morningside)

  Monday  14th June Tuesday  15th June Wednesday 16th June Thursday  17th June Friday 18th June Saturday 19th June
6.30am-7.45am Trial Session 1

Yr7, 8, 9, 10, 11 & Opens

Trial Session 2

Yr7, 8, 9, 10, 11 & Opens

Year 5-12 Clinics

See schedule below




Trial Session 1


Trial Session 2


6.00pm-7.30pm Coach Session

1st IV

Coach Session

1st IV

Teams scheduled to train/trial at Morningside Tennis Centre (MTC) before school are to find their own way to the MTC. The College will supply bus transportation back to the College after training/trials. The bus will collect students at approx. 7.50am and return before the commencement of the school day. Should the bus arrive late the students are expected to sign in at Student Services.

AIC Tennis Clinics
All boys who are trialling for teams must attend the AIC Tennis Clinics. These clinics are held on Saturday 19th June and will form part of the selection process. The clinics will be conducted at the Morningside Tennis Centre. The times for each of these clinics are found below.

  • 7.00-8.30am        Years 5 & 6 (4 courts, 4 coaches)
  • 8.45-10.15am                Years 7 & 8 (4 courts, 4 coaches)
  • 10.30-12.00pm Years 9 & 10 (4 courts, 4 coaches)
  • 12.15-1.45pm                Years 11 & Opens (4 courts, 4 coaches)

AIC Tennis Training Schedule
Once selected, each player will be required to attend 2 training sessions per week as outlined in the training schedule found in the Season Schedule document on the website. This schedule will commence as of Term 3, Day 1, that is, Tuesday 13th July. One session will be conducted by our experienced tennis coaches. The other session will be conducted under the supervision of the assigned manager for that year group. All Year 5&6 teams will have both sessions conducted by an experienced coach and manager.

All training sessions will be held at the Morningside Tennis Centre, Beverley St. The College will only provide bus transportation back to the College after the Tuesday and Thursday morning sessions. Parents are responsible for transporting their son/s to and from all other sessions.

AIC Tennis – External Trial Schedule

1st IV Tennis Trial – Marist College Ashgrove

The 1st Tennis team will play a trial game v Marist College Ashgrove @ Marist College Ashgrove on Tuesday 13th July after school. Transportation to the venue will be supplied. Players are to find their own way home.

  • 4.00pm start

Year 5-12 AIC Tennis Trials v St Patrick’s College
Saturday 17th July – Full school tennis trial Year 5-12 v St Patrick’s College

AIC Tennis Uniform
All students who represent the College in tennis must wear the full College tennis uniform. All items are available from the College’s Uniform Shop. This includes:

  • Villa PE Shorts
  • Villa Squad Shirt (Please note – this is not the Villa PE shirt. The ‘Squad Shirt’ is the same shirt worn by all AIC Cross Country, Swimming & Track & Field squad members.
  • Villa Sports Socks
  • Villa Sport Cap (no other caps are permissible)

Any boy wishing to make an AIC Basketball team must complete the ‘Trimester 3 Online Sign-on Form’ to register their interest. The link to the online form is now closed. Those who did not register must contact the Sports Office to register their interest

 Year 5 & 6 Trials – will be conducted within school time.

Year 7 – Open Trials – There will be one week of trials only. All trials will be conducted in Goold Hall or at Clem Jones for all age groups. Boys trialling at Clem Jones must find their own way to the venue. The College will then organise bus transportation back to the College afterwards. ‘Trial Week’ will commence on the week beginning Monday 14th June. Within this trial week, all age groups will have two trial sessions as well as the clinic held on Saturday 19th June. All interested students are to attend ALL trial sessions as well as the clinic to be considered for selection to represent Villanova. After these trials and the clinic, the coaches will then select all teams within that age group. Once selected all teams will then follow the training schedule as outlined on page 1 of the Season Schedule document found on the website, commencing day 1 of Term 3.

Note – coaches may choose to make a first cut of players after the first two trial sessions. Therefore, those players not selected will not be required to attend the clinics held on Saturday 19th June.

AIC Basketball Trial Schedule

Goold Hall, Villanova College


14th June


15th June

Wednesday 16th June Thursday

17th June


18th June

6.30am-8.00am Yr. 11 Trial Sessions Opens Trial Sessions 1st V training as normal Yr. 7 Trial Sessions
3.15pm-5.00pm Yr. 11 Trial Sessions Opens Trial Sessions Yr. 8 Trial Sessions
5.00pm-7.00pm 1st V training as normal

Clem Jones – Carina

  Tuesday 15th June Thursday 17th June
6.30am-8.00am Court 1 Yr. 8 Trial Sessions Yr. 7 Trial Sessions
Court 2 Yr. 9 Trial Sessions Yr. 9 Trial Sessions
Court 3 Yr. 10 Trial Sessions Yr. 10 Trial Sessions

AIC Basketball Uniform
Any student who represents the College in basketball must wear the full College Basketball Uniform. Singlets will be issued by the staff from the Uniform Shop.  The College will notify all players regarding the collection of their singlet from the Uniform Shop; this will be done via morning notices. Note that all players must purchase the basketball shorts and hire the singlet from the

Uniform Shop at a cost of $20 for the season.

The uniform includes:

  • Villa Basketball Shorts (not PE shorts nor the Football shorts)
  • Villa Sports Socks
  • Villanova Basketball Singlet. This singlet is for hire and will be made available through the College Uniform Shop. Students will be required to collect their own singlet once the coaches have confirmed team selections. A complete list of all teams will be given to the staff at the Uniform Shop. The hire cost is $20 for the season.

AIC Basketball Clinics
Only those boys who have gained selection in a team or have made it through the first cut after the first week of trials must attend the AIC Basketball Clinic held on Saturday 19th June in Goold Hall. Coaches are asked to attend the Clinics.

  • Year 7:  7.00am – 8.30am
  • Year 8:  8.45am – 10.15am
  • Year 9:  10.30am – 12.00 Midday
  • Year 10:  12.15pm – 1.45pm

AIC Basketball – External Trial Games

Trial Game 1
Tuesday 13th July – Trial v Marist College Ashgrove (Year 7-12 ‘A&B’ teams only)

Venue – Villanova

  • 3:45pm- 11A (Goold Hall) and 10B (Outside)
  • 4:30pm- 2nds (Goold Hall) & 10A (Outside)
  • 5:15pm- 1sts

Venue – Marist College Ashgrove (All times below are to be confirmed)

  • 3:45pm – 9B and 7B
  • 4:30pm – 7A and 8B
  • 5:15pm – 9A and 8A

Bus transportation will be provided for those boys playing at Ashgrove. Parents are asked to collect their son/s afterwards.

Trial Game 2

  • Friday 16th July – Year 5 trial v St Patrick’s College at St Patrick’s College
  • Friday 16th July – Year 6 trial v St Patrick’s College at Villanova
  • Saturday 17th July – Year 7 – 9 at St Patrick’s College
  • Saturday 17th July – Year 10 – 12 trial v St Patrick’s College at Villanova College

Any boy wishing to make an AIC Rugby League team must have played AIC Rugby Union or Football in Term Two and must complete the ‘Trimester 3 Sign-on Form’ to register their interest. Those who did not register must contact the Sports Office to register their interest

Villanova will enter the maximum permissible number of teams into the AIC Rugby League competition. A list of all teams is found below.

Teams Entered into the AIC Competition (one team only per category below)

  • Year 5
  • Year 6
  • Year 7
  • Year 8
  • Year 9
  • Year 10
  • First XIII (combined Year 11 and 12)

All teams will have two weeks of trials commencing during the week beginning Monday 14 June as well as the week beginning Monday 21 June. Please note, the second week of trials will be conducted during the student’s first week of holidays.

Year 10 and Open trials will be conducted at Villanova Park after school. These boys will be bused out to Villanova Park on Monday 14 June and Wednesday 16 June. These boys will have to make their own way to Villanova Park on Monday 21 June and Wednesday 23 June as it is during their holiday. Please note that there is no return bus service from Villanova Park. Parents are asked to collect their son from all trials conducted at Villanova Park at 5:00pm.

Over two trial weeks, all age groups will have 4 trial sessions. All interested students are to attend ALL trial sessions to gain selection to represent Villanova. After these trials, the coaches will then select One team only within that age group.

  • Year 5 Team – 18 boys will be selected.
  • Year 6 to Year 10 Team – 20 boys will be selected.
  • 1stXIII Team – 22 boys will be selected.

AIC Rugby League Trial Schedule (14 June – 25 June)


14 June/21 June


15 June/22 June


16 June/23 June


17 June/24 June


18 June/25 June

Little Langlands
6.45am – 8.00am
Year 5 Year 8 Year 7 Year 9 Year 8
Little Langlands
3:15pm – 4.45pm
Year 6 Year 9 Year 5 Year 6 Year 7
Villanova Park
3:45pm – 5.15pm
Year 10, 11, 12 Year 10, 11, 12

Please Note – If players do not attend all allocated trial sessions, they may miss out on the chance to be selected.

Once the teams have been selected, each team will then have two training sessions/week held during Term 3. The complete training schedule is found within the Season Schedule document posted on the web. Term 3 Training Schedule will commence Day 1, Term 3, that is, on Tuesday 13 July.

AIC Rugby League – External Trial Game
AIC Rugby League Trial Game – Saturday 17 July – Year 5-12 Trial v St Patrick’s College at Villanova Park.  Times and venues to be advised.

AIC Rugby League Uniforms
After the teams have been selected, boys will be asked to purchase the Rugby League uniform.

Any student who represents the College in Rugby League must wear the full College Rugby League uniform. Jerseys will be issued by the staff from the Uniform Shop. These jerseys are for hire only. The College will notify all players regarding the collection of their jerseys from the Uniform Shop; this will be done via morning notices and will be conducted during Week 1, Term 3 before the trial game v St Patrick’s College. Note that all players must purchase the new rugby league shorts ($45 approx.). The hire cost of the jersey will be $20 for the season.

 The uniform includes:

 Villanova Rugby League shorts (not PE shorts nor the Football shorts)

  • Villanova Rugby socks (same as Rugby Union and Football socks)
  • Villanova Rugby League jersey. This jersey will be made available through the College Uniform Shop. Students will be required to collect their own jersey during Week 1, Term 3. This will be after the coaches have confirmed team selections. A complete list of all teams will be given to the staff at the Uniform Shop. The hire cost will be $20 for the season.

Mr Craig Stariha, Director of Sport

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Parent Information

Congratulations to Charlie Young,  a current parent, who was the winner of the Villanova Sports Club $10,000 Mega Raffle drawn at the Sports Lunch last Friday. The Sports Club thanks everyone who supported the Mega Raffle in 2021.

All class group and individual orders MUST be in before Monday 7 June to avoid a late fee of $9.  Please note that Silver Rose never place student images online to view before purchase due to security reasons. If you are not happy with the image provided, Silver Rose will refund upon return of the photos. Please click on the image below for ordering instructions.

All volunteers rostered on this week will be contacted directly by the Library.

All volunteers rostered on this week will be contacted directly by the Tuckshop.



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