Principal's Welcome

Dear Members of the Villanova College Family,
Next Wednesday, 26 May is my mum’s birthday. Mum passed away on Christmas Day, 2016 and she would have been 95 this year. I am confident she would not have enjoyed the past twelve months with lockdowns and the scare of COVID.

Mum was the matriarch of the family. While dad was always the threat of further discipline, it was mum who provided the glue that held the family together.

I recall one day on the school holidays when I was in my teens, the four Stower brothers were at home while mum and dad went to work. Someone decided it was a good idea to buy a carton of beer and to have a table tennis competition with the local kids in the neighbourhood. When mum got home from work, she already knew all about the raucous games, foul language, smoking and drinking. To say I learnt my lesson would be an understatement.

Parents play such an important role in setting the standards for their children. Our young people learn so much from home including good manners, respect and how to treat others fairly and compassionately.

Outside in society, our young people have so many different influences that will slowly try to chip away at the standards that we set for our children. To build a strong armour against all the influences that chip away at our standards, we need to keep in communication with our children and to work really hard at keeping the conversations open and honest to know what is happening in their lives. At times having these difficult conversations can be hard and uncomfortable. However, we, as parents need to be brave and sit down with our kids to discuss those difficult topics when the opportunity presents.

When I reflect on my youth, I am so glad mum and dad were strict with me. Without standards, I know I would have lost my way and floundered through my early years.

Open Day
Next Wednesday the College Open Day will be held and we have thrown open the grounds and classrooms to our visitors. Three tours of the College will occur with the first tour commencing at 8.30am followed by tours at 10.30am and again at 4.00pm in the afternoon. Please be aware the Open Day activities will increase traffic around our surrounding streets.

We are looking forward to welcoming our Open Day visitors to the College and I am confident our visitors will experience a vibrant and enthusiastic community of staff and students working together with families to develop fine young men.

Music Concert
Last Friday our Year 12 Music class had their musical compositions performed by an internationally recognised, Brisbane based ensemble, Topology. Three of the pieces composed by Sebastian Allen, Joe Timms and Max Shearer were performed on assembly to an audience spellbound by the quality of each piece of music. On Friday evening the students and staff worked with Topology to perform the pieces composed by the students. Everyone who was present applauded the performances and the excellent standard of the music compositions. Well done to our Year 12 Music students and their teacher Mrs Belinda Tucker.

You have made us for Yourself O Lord
And our hearts are restless until they rest in You.

Mr Mark Stower, Principal

In keeping with the spirit of Reconciliation, Villanova College acknowledges the Yuggera and Turrbal peoples, as the Traditional Custodians of this land on which we stand.  We pay our respects to Elders, past, present and emerging.  This has always been, and always will be, a place of teaching and learning connected to country, culture and community. 


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Teaching and Learning

Senior Economics
During the month of May, Economic students have been involved in a number of activities to support their learning. Year 11 students visited the Cross River Rail Information Centre to gain insight into factors affecting government decision-making. Year 12 Economic students participated in a Reserve Bank of Australia zoom presentation on Monetary Policy and Australia’s Economic Performance.

Mrs Theresa Henry, Senior Economics Teacher

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Junior School

On Monday, the St Thomas of Villanova Learning Centre was blessed with a smoking ceremony – a traditional Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander ritual promoting the protection and wellbeing of all visitors to the site.  Smoking ceremonies are used in burials, celebrations, clearances, and healings.  “It should be accepted – it is a gift and also healing – waft it around you that’s thousands of years old.  Cleansing an area so people can get on – and live in harmony,” Uncle Max Harrison (Yuin Elder in Smoking Ceremony – Deadly Storyexplains.  In our Junior School Agora, Elder Eric lit gathered local branches in a wooden dish, and Ms Barbara Dewis invited Junior School Staff, together with key College leaders, in embracing the gift of smoke – the gift of peace and good spirituality in this place, on the land of Yuggera and Turrbal peoples, Traditional Custodians.  Along the Year 5 corridors and through the Year 6 teaching spaces, the smoke was carried – where we walk, talk, learn and play – may it be blessed with the peace and harmony of all good spirits, old and new.  Father Peter Jones blessed the St Thomas of Villanova Learning Centre with water from Norman Creek – known traditionally as Koolpuroom.  The entire ceremony was grounding and significant.  How blessed Monday morning was for us. 

This moment in time was filmed for our Mass of  St Thomas – tomorrow in Period 1 in Goold Hall – where students, in full grey academic uniform (changing into PE gear in Period 2) will celebrate our patron saint.  He was born in 1488 and died in 1555 and was an incredible source of inspiration.  Think he’s too old, outdated or obsolete to help us in 2021?  Think again.  I couldn’t find more strength in St Thomas this week even if March Madness were to become May Madness by some strange twist of fate.   

St Thomas was from Castile in Spain and from a young age he followed his parent’s example of giving to others.  He had role models that demonstrated actions spoke louder than words – always an incredible start to any great individual in my opinion.  Walking the walk.  He watched his mother and father put other people first.  Service.  Looking for those who had no voice, no power, no possessions.  Available when there was a crisis, or when times were tough.  Thomas was privileged to study at the University of Alcala and became a professor there.  His father passed away and his inheritance went to unmarried women.  At the time, these women were socially rejected, scorned and alone.  Thomas was there.  He gave what he had and expected nothing in return.  It was right.  It was just.   

Ordained as a priest in 1518, Thomas was chosen to be Archbishop of Granada, but he turned it down.  Ostentatious.  Unnecessary.  Yet, within his Order, and out of obedience, he accepted the position of Bishop of Valencia (is anyone else thinking oranges at this point?).  Thomas founded colleges and a hospital – adamant that money was best spent on those who needed it – the poor, destitute, cold, hungry and alone. Anyone can find themselves in a place where options seem limited at best. 

Thomas is thought to have worn the same habit, washed periodically, and given away his furniture.  Possessions were of no value nor meaning when people turned up asking for help. “My duty is to assist and relieve those who come to my door.”  Thomas was criticized for refusing to be harsh or quick to judge those who sinned – but he denied them the right to diminish the absolute truth of the Word of God – hate the sin, not the sinner.  The problem is the problem, the person is not the problem.  St Thomas lay dying and still commanded his resources and money go to the poor.  Mass was celebrated as he said the words “Into your hands O Lord, I commend my spirit”.  Divine.  St Thomas of Villanova – the Father of the Poor.  This week, my hero and inspiration.  My strength.  St Thomas, almsgiver and even though born into privilege, had the priorities of humanity first and foremost. 

May our sons know that they are indeed privileged, and that we will always work towards harmony and humility, together.  St Thomas, we honour you and all you stood for, in this place.

Mr Stephen Rouhliadeff, Head of Junior School


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Middle School

The Scientific American Journal recently published an article, “Adolescent Brains are Wired to Want Status and Respect: That’s an Opportunity for Teachers and Parents”. The article seeks to shed further light on factors that influence our young people’s motivations and actions.  

Over the past decades we have learnt through neuroscience that adolescents undergo significant changes to their brain’s structure and activity. As we know, these changes can manifest themselves in each individual differently, but there are common characteristics that parents and teachers often observe. These include:  

  • acting without thought of consequences, 
  • risk taking behaviour, 
  • prioritising friendships over family or school, and, 
  • greater sensitivity to social reward 

For many of these reasons, working with and parenting teenagers can be seen as a challenging or even a negative experience. This article however, written by Lydia Denworth, in consultation with member of America’s National Scientific Council on Adolescence, reminds us that this period of development should rather be seen as a period of great opportunity.  

Throughout the years of adolescence, the brain is specifically wired to learn. It is determining which neural pathways the adolescent will need for their upcoming independent adulthood, and which neural pathways require pruning. In particular, it is primed for social and emotional learning, to explore, to interact, to take chances so they can learn,” says psychologist Andrew Fuligni of the University of California. He continues, “part of what the brain is designed to do during the teenage years is to learn how to contribute to the social world. 

But as with almost all social constructs in the adult world, connectedness, status and respect are intrinsically linked. For teenagers, these three aspects of social interaction are also linked to their neural development and engagement with learning. We all feel a desire to feel connected to someone and/or something. This connection gives us purpose; and purpose gives us status. Purpose is a pretty powerful form of identity capital because it’s not just an answer to the question of who you are, but it’s an answer to the question of who you’re going to be and the direction you’re heading in,” says developmental psychologist Anthony Burrow of Cornell University 

The final study mentioned in the article features a group of adolescents who are all offered a teaspoon of vegemite. Please note that the subjects were all American and were repulsed by the thought of eating vegemite. One group of adolescents were instructed to consume the vegemite in an abrupt and condescending way, the other group we calmly and respectfully offered the substance. As expected, the second group displayed a higher rate of compliance. What I found interesting arose from the levels of testosterone [also monitored]. The higher levels of testosterone in the first group resulted in a stronger adverse reaction to the vegemite demand. But interestingly, the higher the levels of testosterone in the second ground resulted in greater the levels of compliance.  

The article certainly prompted me to reflect on the following questions, as both parent and an educator: 

  • How do we evoke purpose in our young people? How much responsibility do we and should we afford them? 
  • How well do we celebrate the good things that they do? Is there a co-relative balance with correcting them for their mistakes? 
  • When we want teachable moments, do we consistently meet them where they are actually at, or do we start our conversations where we expect them to be? 
  • How often do we approach the ‘vegemite chat’ with an abrupt tone and threat of consequences? How do we model respect, and acknowledge the importance of status for a developing adolescent? 

Food for thought. 

Mr Greg O’Neill, Head of Middle School

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Senior School

Year 12 Music Recital
Last Friday night I had the great pleasure in attending the Year 12 IA2 Composition Assessment Evening which was held in the St Thomas of Villanova Learning Centre Auditorium. Earlier in the day, we had a magnificent preview of the evening with an Assembly performance by ARIA nominated group Topology, which have been our Artists in Residence working with our Year 12 Music class. Topology has assisted our talented young musicians with their compositions and performed them on the evening with the assistance of Ms Bastos and Mr Hughes. I was so incredibly proud of the Year 12 Music class and would like to pay tribute to the outstanding tutelage of the class teacher Mrs Tucker. As Mr Stower affirmed at the assembly, these young artists are at the top of their game and we should afford our musicians the same kudos that we bestow upon our sportsmen.

Mobile Phones
Last Friday at the conclusion of the College Assembly which celebrated the wonderful talent of our Year 12 musicians, I addressed all students from Years 7-12 about our growing concerns and frustrations regarding our students failing to comply with our Mobile Phone Policy and Social Networking and Social Media Policy which are both outlined on pages 12 and 13 of the Student Diary. Through the Social Media App Snapchat, we know that our students have been on their phones during the school day which is in violation of our policies. All Senior School students are issued with a locker and lock for a reason – to keep their valuables including their mobile phone secured in their lockers during the school day. I ask for parental support in speaking with your sons regarding their obligations as students to follow the student policies of this College.

Podcast of the Week
 I return this week to sharing a thought-provoking podcast from my favourite show – The Art of Manliness, especially given my remarks regarding the obsession a number of our young men possess for their mobile phones and how this is suppressing the opportunities to generate quality conversation. The episode, entitled ‘The Art of Conversation – A Guided Tour of a Neglected Pleasure’ explores the reflections of speaking and voice coach and author Judy Apps as she explains how to bring the kind of energy to a conversation that creates connection – the foundation of meaningful relationships which is so important for our young men to cultivate. Here are some of the talking points explored in the episode:

  • Where do most people falter when it comes to conversation?
  • How is conversation like a dance?
  • How should you approach conversation with someone new?
  • Why you need to embrace small talk
  • Thinking vs feeling in conversation
  • Progressing through levels of conversation to get deeper and more intimate
  • Conversational experiments to try out
  • What should you do when you get anxious before or during a conversation?
  • The benefits of thinking of conversation as a game
  • How much tone and body language matters when conversing with people

You can access the podcast here: How to Get Better at Conversation | Art of Manliness

“The art of conversation is the art of hearing as well as of being heard.” – William Hazlitt

Mr Matt Levander, Head of Senior School

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Ministry and Formation News

Living Gratefully and Walking Humbly!
This Friday our community comes together for the Mass of St Thomas and to officially bless our St Thomas of Villanova Learning Centre.  St Thomas was dedicated to the poor, and he also had a passion for learning.  It is our intention that the young men who graduate from Villanova will leave with a love of learning and also ingrained within an attentiveness and ability to respond to those who are struggling most in our community.  In Catholic Social Teaching this is a preferential option for the poor.  St Thomas was well known for the way he listened to, befriended, advocated for, and took action to change the conditions of the poor in his midst.  Our blessing of the St Thomas of Villanova Learning Centre included an Indigenous smoking ceremony and a water blessing led by Fr Peter Jones, the province leader of the Augustinians.  In this ceremony we acknowledge our school stands on the traditional lands of the Yuggera and Turrbal people and we have an ongoing commitment that Villanova will be a place of teaching and learning connected to country, culture and community.  Fr Peter Jones, was joined by Mr Stower, Mr Peter Geraghty, Fr Peter Weineke, Fr Saldie Resolado, Louis Henderson and James Reid in a blessing:

May our St Thomas of Villanova Learning centre be
A place of gathering and community
A place of unity and learning
A place of laughter and wellbeing
A place of symbol and story
A place of spirit and celebration
A place of mystery and encounter.

May students and staff who use this Centre, and parents and friends who support the many and varied events that will occur here, find life in this space.

May we always attend and depart this space uplifted by a sense of community.

May the Learning Centre be a place where we search for truth with active inquiry, curiosity and questioning.

May we take the spirit and energy shared here out into the world as God’s joy, courage, justice, and compassion.

Bless the St Thomas of Villanova building and make it holy as we dedicate it to the educational service of the Villanova community.

May your light ever dwell within these buildings to guide all who teach or study in them.

Green Team in Action: Clean up of Norman Creek
There is a certain quality to the young men who willingly gave time and energy on a Sunday morning to trudge through the mangroves and mud of Norman Creek seeking out rubbish!  Three things struck me as I spent time with them:

  1. They have a spirit of adventure
  2. They care about our environment, our world
  3. They are young men of action

It is surprising and concerning what is found in our waterways.  Plastics, bottles, coffee cups, balls, styrofoam, a plastic chair, a disguarded crab pot and all sorts of fragments of plastic.  All the team returned with full bags of rubbish in just over an hour!  In amongst the conversation was a commitment to thinking about our own practices with rubbish, and a desire to reduce our waste!  I couldn’t help but think we would all benefit from an experience like this.  A big thank-you to our students and staff who were there.

There is one more opportunity to get involved on Sunday 6 June.  Please see or email Ms Jones, Fr Saldie or the Green Team for more information.

Staff and students serving at Emmanuel City Mission
It was a busy weekend for Villa in service to our community.  Thanks to the fundraising efforts of our community, staff and students were able gather at Emmanuel City Mission to make lunch for about 80 people.  We served up hamburgers that would give Grill’d a run for their money, and most people were keen for the lot which included beef, bacon, egg, cheese, tomato, lettuce and sauce.  There was time for stories and connecting with some of the people who dropped in seeking friendship, a good meal and a welcoming space.  Many thanks to the staff and students involved.  A special acknowledgement too, for Harrison White who volunteers every couple of weeks at Emmanuel City Mission.  He certainly know how the place operates and was well known by the regular volunteers who keep the place running.

We hope that in the months ahead Villanova can establish a regular routine of visiting with staff and students.

Vinnies Winter Sleepout
Sometimes the most powerful way to understand the experience of others is to spend some time immersed in their situation.  This year we have places for 20 senior students to experience a Winter Sleepout facilitated by staff from St Vincent de Paul on Friday 4 June.  Students will be learning about homelessness and then head out to experience Brisbane CBD at night time and to sleep outside overnight in the Vinnies carpark at South Brisbane.  There will be an opportunity to hear the stories of people who have experienced homelessness and those who work with them.

Please contact Ms Jones for further information

Sunday Readings at Home
Please use this link to access this week’s readings and commentaries.

Ms Kate Garrone, Dean of Mission and Identity

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Well done to the Villanova Golf team who took out the AIC Golf Championship (best net score) for the second consecutive year. We certainly do have a good number of students across the College who are keen golfers and play with very low handicaps. The team gelled well together last Monday at the Indooroopilly Golf Course for a combined dominant performance. Special mention is given to Thomas Winn who took out the best individual net score of 69 on the day, 3 below parr on a tough course. Wow! Please find below a full report of the day. Well done team.

Next Friday 28 May, the Villa Sports Club will host the annual Sports Lunch at The Greek Club. We’re looking forward to a great afternoon with special guests; Ben Mowen (former Wallabies Captain and Villa Old Boy), Ali Brigginshaw (NRLW Bronco, Maroon and Kangaroo), Christian Welch (NRL Storm, Maroon and Villanova Old Boy) and Jimeoin (international comedian) with the event hosted by Andrew Slack (former Wallabies Captain). The Sports Lunch is a great opportunity for our community to get together, have a few laughs and enjoy lunch with friends. All proceeds of this event are directed towards major projects that help all sporting areas across the College. With this event now sold out, thanks to all those who have supported the luncheon, I am sure you will have a great time!

At present, the annual mega-raffle is coming along very well. This is another annual Sports Club fundraiser. Only 200 tickets will be sold with a chance to win $10,000. Buy a ticket individually or form a syndicate, perhaps with your son’s football or rugby team and then cross your fingers for the draw. Tickets are available for purchase at the Villa Park canteen on the weekend and look to be drawn at the Sports Lunch next Friday.

Overall, round 3 proved to be a tough weekend for our Rugby, Football and Chess teams. With some mixed results all over the park, I am pleased to announce our First XI Football recorded a win over Ashgrove 4-3. This result adds to their pursuit of the AIC Premiership having now recorded 2 wins and a draw. Best of luck to the players and coaches against St Patrick’s this weekend.

Our First XV faced a tough opponent in Ashgrove. Unfortunately, our boys saw the scoreboard tip quite heavily against us with the match finishing 50 – 15 in favour of Ashgrove, whilst many will say the score was not a true or accurate representation of the match. The Villa boys gave their all and while there were numerous opportunities to put points on Ashgrove, we just didn’t finish off the phases and turned the ball over, finding ourselves defending 60m back up the field. I know the team will be busy preparing this week in search of their second win of the season.

The First IV Chess game would follow suit in what would be a tough challenge against Ashgrove. After a hard-fought afternoon, the Villa team came away with an 8-8 draw. Again, I know the boys and coaches will be busy preparing for another tough encounter with St Patrick’s College.

There is absolutely no room for any player in our first teams (football, rugby and chess) to doubt themselves and their abilities nor their ambition to go all the way this season (or to finish off the season well). If a small doubt exists, the belief and dream will fade away. Belief and work ethic at training and during the game is crucial. I’m already looking forward to seeing our boys play entertaining football/rugby/chess again this weekend. Best wishes teams!

Villanova is fortunate to have many coaches on board who are willing and eager to see our boys participate, develop and enjoy their rugby and football. The College has in place many initiatives ranging from development squads, strength and conditioning programs, a rugby and football coaching and skills director, many highly qualified coaches as well as a bi-annual New Zealand Rugby Tour and a Japan Football Tour (which are both currently on hold due to Covid). Opportunities exist in our program for boys to be equipped with the necessary skills and conditioning to do well. The boys must now take these opportunities and play with the necessary grit and determination each week. We only ask the boys to try their best during training and on game day with a strong sense of pride and commitment. Our Ben Mowen and Andrew Slack squads target the 1st, 2nd and 10As. The football development squads do the same.

Again, I thank all involved over the weekend at the various sports grounds. The College is supportive of those who are prepared to assist our students by taking on various coaching, managerial and official roles within the sports program. Due care and concern for our students is shown in all areas to ensure we do our best to produce good Christian men with integrity and values in all that we do including our efforts on the sports field.

I must commend all coaches (and parents) who have insisted that their team chants the College war-cry and ensures that their team stays around after the game to form a run-on tunnel for the next Villa team to take the field. School spirit and pride is so important for a variety of different reasons. Please support and encourage your son to be involved in activities such as these.

The number of boys dressed in academic uniform who were able to stay behind at on the weekend to watch the Firsts teams was outstanding. This could not have happened without parental support of the College’s expectations. Thank you, parents!

I implore our boys to dust off last weekend, particularly those who did not perform as well as they would have liked. Villanova has enjoyed much success overall in our sports program. As part of the ‘sporting deal’ we must be prepared to take our wins and losses graciously and I believe we do that. Looking through the results, Ashgrove have managed to put similar score lines on every college, it is no excuse, but it highlights their success and strength, just as Villanova have had the same success and strength against most Colleges in cricket and basketball, among other sports. Showing courage to dust off disappointment and turn up again to improve, participate and have fun is the way we should move forward. Although we are keen to do well, sometimes we must be reminded, it’s only a game – win or loss.

Please be reminded that the Trimester 3 online sign-ons are due next Monday 24 May. Information regarding each of the sports as well as the online link is found below.

This weekend will see our College play against St Patrick’s College. Do not take them lightly. I ask all boys to stand up and give their best. Get out there and have fun boys!

1st Rugby & Football Games v St Laurence’s – Rescheduled
As Villanova has several Firsts players competing at the 17-18 State Rugby Championships and the 13-16 State Football Championships during the weekend of Round 5 AIC fixtures v. St Laurence’s, both Firsts games for that weekend have been rescheduled to a mutually agreeable time.

Please note the 1st XV game has been rescheduled as per details below. At this point the 1st XI game details are not yet known.

1st XV – Villa v SLC, Chipsy Wood Oval, Souths Rugby Club on 25 May, 5:30pm kick off.

All students and their families are invited to attend and support the boys in their Round 5 clash. SLC will have many students present and it would be great to have as many people from our community attend to support the boys. We will conclude training early at Villanova Park to allow the students time to get from Tingalpa to Yeronga. Please get out to support the boys.

1st XI Football – Villa v SLC, time and venue TBC

Pack Your Bag
(An article from Dwayne Nestor – Mindset Coach, Rugby Coach)

As an athlete, one of the simplest strategies to ensure we are ready to perform, is to pack our bag.

The simple act of making sure our kit and equipment is in our bag, ready to go to training or a match, is a great way to help our performance.

Every disorganised, untidy athlete is scoffing at these comments, because they have been able to function in their messy existence. BUT, have they actually thought, that by being better organised they may help their performance? Does this really make a difference? To be honest, it would be quite difficult to argue that everyone would improve performance if they packed their bag every night, ready for the next day’s performance. Why? Because it is an individual thing. But it’s not really about the kit in our bag, it’s about the discipline to make sure we prepare as best we can every single day. This consistent preparation isn’t just on field, with warmups, drills or match play. Our preparation in other areas of our lives, that have an impact on our ability to ensure we are mentally and physically ready to perform, are also key to our success.

Some people call them ‘one percenters, others, ‘marginal gains’. Whatever we want to call them, they are all the same, they are the little things that add up when we are looking for improved performance.

These rituals create confidence and develop constructive comfort. They allow us to direct energy to other areas of our preparation because we know that our kit and equipment is ready to go. We are confident that part of our preparation is sorted. We have no anxiety or undue stress related to that area of our preparation, so we can feel comfortable we will have all our equipment ready to go. Our energy can then be directed into areas of preparation such as our focus points or game plan.

So, if you really want to take your preparation to the next level, Pack Your Bag!

Another key factor here is to make sure you place everything in your bag, so when you have finished training you can take EVERYTHING home with you. There has been many items of lost property left behind at Villa Park and Langlands – some large items like blazers and laptops. Be organised and keep everything together, that way you’ll have it when you need it and mum and dad don’t have to drive back to Villa Park in the dark looking for your gear!

Term 2 is a busy schedule. Probably the busiest of them all. Being prepared and planned will be very important to having a happy and successful term at school. It is also vitally important if you are juggling various commitments. The same can be said for students who forget to pack their HPE clothes when they are due to have a class.

Round 4 AIC Chess, Rugby & Football Fixtures, Friday 21 & Saturday 22 May – Times & Venues
All times and venues for this weekend’s fixtures v St Patrick’s College are available on the College’s website.

AIC Football, Rugby & Chess Team Photos – Friday 21 & Saturday 22 May
Team photos will be taken to for all teams playing at Villa Park this Saturday 22 May and all Chess teams on Friday 21 May. Please go to the Locker Room page or respective ‘AIC Football’ and ‘AIC Rugby’ to view the photo schedule.

Click here for the photo schedule.

AIC Cross Country Meet #2 – 26 May @ Curlew Park
On Wednesday 26 May, The Villanova cross country runners will compete at the AIC meet held at Curlew Park, Shorncliffe. The College will offer a bus to and from the venue for all runners. The bus will leave the College at 2.45pm for all runners and return to the College after the last race. The bus will be expected back approximately 6pm. Please see the website for Meet times. This will be the last opportunity for the boys to state their case for selection in the team as it will be announced to the College on assembly next Friday 28 May in readiness for the AIC Cross Country Championships on June 2.



                                    St Patrick’s College

Invitational AIC Cross Country Trial Wednesday May 26, 2021



Invitation Cross Country meet Year 5 – 12


Curlew Park, Curlew St, Sandgate


Warm up from 3:30pm

First race from 4:00pm (late arrivals can compete in any race as the course is loops of 1.5 or 2 km)


4.00pm Year 5 2km
4:10pm Year 6, 12 Yrs & 13 Yrs 3km
4:25pm 14 Yrs & 15 Yrs 4km
4:45pm 16 Yrs & Opens 6km

Sports Club – Canteen Roster
On behalf of the Sports Club, we would like to thank all those who have been kind enough to assist in the canteens. The assistance has been fantastic. Please see canteen roster below.

Villa Park Rugby/Football Canteen Roster – 22 May

We kindly ask parents to assist when their son arrives for warm up 30 minutes before their scheduled game.

If all parents who can assist could please report to Sarah Patterson

Time Rugby Parents Football Parents
7.00am 9B, 5F, 6D, 9D
8.00am 9A, 9C, 10C
8.30am 6C, 5D, 9D, 9E
9.00am 10A, 10B, 5th XI
9.30am 5th XV, 6th XV, 5C, 9C
10.00am 4th XI
10.30am 4th XV, 7D, 7E, 9B, 2nd XI
11.30am 3rd XV, 10C, 9A 1st XI, 3rd XI
12.30pm 2nd XV, 10A
1.00pm 1st XV
1.30pm Any parents who can assist

Mr Chris Everding, AIC Rugby Co-ordinator

Round 3 proved to be a tough fight against Marist College Ashgrove as we came up against many quality sides. It was pleasing to see that our boys did their best to muscle up against the Ashgrove boys and they made the opposition fight hard for the ball.

Overall, we had a total of 9 wins and 19 losses. It seemed to be a tale of two stories as the Year 5 to 7 teams really dominated Ashgrove with all of the A and B teams having five wins, a draw and no losses. The Cs and Ds are continuing to improve and are pushing for a spot in higher teams and all pushed Ashgrove to the end.

The same can be said about the First XV who fought hard and really gave it to Ashgrove. You wouldn’t have thought the gap in the scoreboard was as big as it was the way the two teams went at each other and the phases of play they both produced. At the end of the day, Ashgrove counter attacked more effectively than Villanova and made us pay for errors, quickly turning defence into attack. This was a common talking point across all of the games played at Villanova Park last Saturday. I’m sure the teams with two good sessions this week will be well prepared for their games at home against SPC this Saturday.

We look like we may have to withdraw some teams from the competition. I’d like to say this is due to injuries alone but unfortunately players are just not turning up or don’t bother staying around to support the following team/s and then the Firsts. Players may not get a run in the next game played on a Saturday, but we would expect them to stay and support their friends and be ready in case they get called up. Coaches are getting very frustrated at the lack of commitment being showed by a number of players just not showing up for training and then taking off straight away after their games on a weekend. Please be mindful of the time they are giving to assist you with your rugby journey and turn up to training and on Saturdays ready to play possibly more than one game.

Good luck to all teams for Round 4.

Team of the Week – Round 3

Name Position Team
Milan Cvetkovic Prop 6B
Eli Capra Hooker 6C
Tom Neale Prop 7D
Tom Davies Lock 7B
Tom Twaddell Lock 1st XV
Tom Lawrance Flanker 1st XV
Luis Stagg Flanker 6A
Max Rakatovszky No. 8 7A
Frankie Gagan Halfback 6B
Will Reed Flyhalf 3rd XV
Beau Poustie Wing 7A
Jackson Connor Centre 9A
Preston Wells Centre 6th XV
Jake Walker Wing 7B
Kiedis Lyons Fullback 6B
Larry Clark 10A  
Tate Seefeld 9A  
Lachlan Reardon 1st XV  
Lachlan Friedman 2nd XV retired  
Fraser Stone 4th XV  
James Sullivan 10A  
Daniel Walding 9E  

Rugby Results v Marist College Ashgrove

Team 1 v IONA 2 v SPLC 3 v ASH
1st XV 18 – 20 L 21- 18 W 15 – 50 L
2nd XV 0 – 48 L 36 – 7 W 0 – 60 L
3rd XV 17 – 21 L V ATC 1st XV

5 – 38 L

19 – 29 L
4th XV 5 – 5 draw V ATC 2nd XV

17-12 W

0 – 62 L
5th XV 29 – 5 W V Ash 8th XV

24-22 W

22 – 5 W
6th XV 10 – 12 L v Ash 9th XV V Iona 5th XV

21-15 W

V Pad 5th XV

17 – 15 W

10A 7 – 24 L 41-0 W 5 – 14 L
10B 10 – 24 L V ATC 10B

5 – 28 L

0 – 36 L
10C 0 – 51 L V Padua 10C



19 – 27 L

9A 19 – 25 L 22- 26 L 10 -33 L
9B 14 – 33L V ATC 9B

27- 33 L

0 – 55 L
9C 41 – 7 W BYE 7 – 43 L
9D 26 – 24 W V Ash 9E

29- 15 W

0 – 35 L
9E 0 – 93 L v

Ash 9D

V Iona 9D

31- 29 W

V Padua 9D

5 – 56 L

8A 0 – 32 L V ATC 8A

20- 0 W

5 – 53 L
8B 5 – 26 L V SPLC 8A

5- 22 L

10 – 37 L
8C 7 – 47 L V ATC 8C

21- 29 L

7 – 27 L
7A 15 – 17 L V ATC 7A

67- 0 W

29 – 7 W
7B 27 – 15 W V SPLC 7A

73-0 W

57 – 12 W
7C 34 – 5 W V ATC 7C

17- 5 W

12 – 21 L
7D 29- 12 W V Ash 7E

65- 5 W

26 – 5 W
7E 7 – 35 L V Iona 7D

20- 15 W

V Padua 7D

72 – 5 W

6A 32 – 0 W V ATC 6A

43 – 5 W

17 – 0 W
6B 15 – 0 W V ATC 6B

37 – 5 W

15 – 0 W
6C 5 – 32 L V SPLC 6A

46 – 5 W

10 – 12 L
5A 24 – 5 W V ATC 5A

59 – 0 W

24 – 5 W
5B 14 – 19 L V ATC 5B

49 – 0 W

24 – 24 D
5C 12 – 30 L V Iona 5C

27 – 5 W

5 – 12 L
5D 12 – 28 L V Iona 5D

10 – 12 L

17 – 27 L

Mr Anthony Kemp, AIC Football Co-ordinator

Last Saturday, Villanova played Marist College Ashgrove in Round 3 action of AIC Football. Ashgrove always prove to be a tough opponent to play against and this weekend was no exception. Having said that, I think that our teams played some great football and came close in many matches. The opportunity to have two training sessions last week (albeit short on Wednesday thanks to the storm) was important for team cohesion and hopefully we can improve on that again this week with another solid week of training. Overall, on the weekend we had 11 wins, 17 losses and 3 draws.

Our First XI side continue to lead from the front with another win on the board. Villa managed to hang on to a 4-3 victory with Ashgrove finishing fast and looking to take the game away from us. It was a dominant display by our boys in the opening minutes that saw captain Terry Solomon find the back of the net in the first five minutes. Jared Cosep was rock solid once again in goals for Villa and kept Ashgrove scoreless in the first half with a number of crucial saves. Villanova continued to press, and with some great passing skills, found some open space for Zac Vedelago to once again go around the keeper and make it 2-0 to Villa. The second half started off just as dominant for Villa with Terry Solomon scoring from the spot to make it a comfortable lead of 3-0. It was at this stage that Ashgrove started their comeback and quickly put two goals on the board to make it 3-2. A stunning goal from Caelan Campbell outside the 18-yard box extended the lead back to 4-2 but Ashgrove weren’t finished yet, closing in again with another goal of their own to make it 4-3. Villa managed to hang on in a thrilling finish, doing it harder than they would have liked in the end but remain undefeated moving into the next round.

A special mention must go to the 10Cs who managed to fight out a 1-0 victory with only nine players. The attitude the boys displayed throughout the entire match was unbelievable and the belief they showed in each other was fantastic. The boys showed some true Villa spirit and played for one another till the end. Well done boys!

It has been an unusual season so far with many interruptions due to the weather, Covid and public holidays playing havoc on our training and weekend fixtures. Hopefully, with those interruptions out of the way we can now have plain sailing till the end of the season. With that in mind, it is extremely important that all boys are at training to ensure that they are working hard on their game so that they can play as best they can as a team on the Saturday. Attendance at training is important and so is how we train. It is important that all boys turn up to training focused and ready to listen, learn and work with their teammates to improve their overall game. If we are not training in the correct manner this is unfortunately how we will play on the weekend. Communication with the coach/es is important so that they can plan worthwhile sessions for the team. Coaches contact details can be found on the website. Another reminder as well that school sport is given priority over club sport.

This weekend we will be playing against St Patrick’s with our Years 9-Opens team at home at Villa Park and our Years 5-8 teams playing away. Please check the schedule carefully as St Patrick’s don’t have the same number of football teams as Villa and there are some Year 5-8 teams playing at different venues or at Villa Park. For teams playing at Villa Park this weekend you will have your team photos where you will need to be present, dressed in your playing gear and on time. If you are late, you will unfortunately miss out. For teams not playing at Villa Park this weekend, your team photo will be taken in the coming weeks and advertised. Please check the photo schedule on the website.

Good luck to all teams playing this week!

Football Results v Marist College Ashgrove

Team 1 v IONA 2 v SPLC 3 v ASH
1st XI W 4-2 D 2-2 W 4-3
2nd XI W 2-1 L 3-0 L 3-2
3rd XI L 2-1 L 1-0 W 2-1
4th XI L 3-1 L 3-1 L 12-0
5th XI W 6-0 D 2-2 W 3-2
10A L 9-4 L 3-0 W 2-0
10B L 4-1 L 4-0 W 3-1
10C L 2-1 L 3-1 W 1-0
9A L 2-1 W 1-0 L 3-1
9B D 1-1 D 1-1 D 0-0
9C L 3-1 Win on Forefit L 4-2
9D W 1-0 L 4-0 v ATC 9C L 6-0
8A W 7-0 W 3-2 D 0-0
8B W 2-0 W 5-1 L 5-1
8C W 3-2 L 3-2 v ASH 8C L 5-2
8D L 1-0 W 5-0 v ASH 8E L 3-1
7A L 2-1 L 3-1 L 5-0
7B W 3-2 D 1-1 L 4-0
7C L 4-2 W 5-2  L 3-1
7D W 7-0 L 8-3 v ATC 7C L 4-0
6A L 3-1 W 12-1 W 4-2
6B D 1-1 W 7-0 L 2-1
6C L 3-1 W 6-0 L 2-1
6D W 3-1 W 6-0 v Iona 6D W 6-0
6E L 6-0 v Gregory Terrace 6E L 6-0 v ASH 6D L 3-0
5A W 3-2 W 9-0 L 2-1
5B L 1-0 W 13-0 W 3-0
5C D 1-1 W 2-0 D 1-1
5D W 2-1 W 3-0
5E W 7-0 W 3-1 v Villa 5F W 5-1
5F W 6-0 L 3-1 v Villa 5E L 1-0 v SLC 5F

Mr Nick Verity and Mr Jack Lamb, AIC Chess Co-ordinators

Round three versus Marist College Ashgrove began with the closest results recorded so far this season; four out of five AIC Chess teams were drawn on points after the first games and Marist led by one win overall at the changeover. Marist played solidly with the white pieces in their second games tipping the scales in their favour despite a valiant effort from our Open and Intermediate B teams. Notable performances this week include a comeback win from Samuel Carroll, a stalemate escape by Tom Sturgeon and a nail-biting endgame from Blake Waugh. We have another home game this week when we face St Patrick’s. They were very strong when we played them in the second trial round, so we are looking to see if our training has paid off. See you all at training.

Chess Results v Marist College Ashgrove

Team 1 v IONA 2 v SPLC 3 v ASH
Open L 12-4 L 7-9 D 8-8
Senior A W 13-3 L 12-4 L 11-5
Senior B D 8-8 L 15-1 L 13-3
Intermediate A L 14-4 W 14-2 L 9-7
Intermediate B L 9-7 L 14-2 W 10-6
Junior A W 11-5 L 10-6 L 14-2
Junior B W 12-4 W 14-2 W 14-2

Mr Brian Pascoe 

Villanova’s cross country squad, the ‘Running Wildcats’ competed in the first trial for the year with many excellent performances at the St Laurence’s playing fields.

The challenge at training is to do the training at 4 minutes per kilometre or quicker. This is a significant pace to run at, but it is the challenge set. There were many boys who in the trial were able to maintain the challenging pace for their entire race. This reflects the effort and intent they have applied to their training and a very positive indication that the training performances has transferred to the racetrack.

The following ‘Running Wildcats’ maintained an average pace of 4 minutes per kilometre in St Laurence’s cross country trial:

Under 12: Nate Lobegeiger and Tom Longland

Under 13: Jack Fidge, Charley Hegarty, Malachy Griffin, Patrick Holmes, Luke Judge, Oscar McCoola and Henry Wright.

Under 14: Jake Brogan, Max Carson, Jackson Dalrymple, Joe Grigson, Mitch Millard and Henry Oberhardt.

Under 15: Isaac Greenwood, Alex Holmes, Sam Mathews, Kyan Simpson, Daniel White and Heath MacPherson

Under 16: Charlie Corrigan, Jack Saunders, Luke Schaumburg and Joaquin Wieczorek

Open: Michael Anderson, Jesse Dickson, Jacob Dimmick, Daniel Gagliarde, Patrick Grigson, Thomas Halligan, Alex Jenkins, James Reid and Fiachra Richards.

Congratulations to all the Running Wildcats who competed yesterday. The final cross country trial will be at the playing fields of St Patrick’s College at Curlew Park, Sandgate next Wednesday afternoon. I challenge all Running Wildcats to attend to compete for a place in the team competing at the AIC Championships on June 2.

Mr Matt Conlon

Five of Villanova’s best golfers competed in the annual AIC Golf Championships on Monday 10 May. Once again, the competition was held at the challenging Indooroopilly Golf Course where the two major trophies on offer were the Best Team Gross Shield (overall score) and The Balharry Shield (nett/handicap score). Our team of young men were determined to repeat their success of 2020 on a course where hazards litter the fairways and rolling greens are difficult to read. The course has a reputation for being one of the best in Queensland and has brought some of the best golfers in Brisbane undone. Incredibly, it did not pose too many problems for our team.

Jordy McGarry (Year 12), Michael Gordon (Year 11) Thomas Winn (Year 10), Henry Wright (Year 8) and Tate Ramsay (Year 7) recorded some impressive results, and in doing so, retained the Best Team Gross Shield after the scores were totalled. Playing superbly throughout the morning, Thomas carded a very impressive 69 (3 under par) and Jordy carded a very respectable 77 off the stick. He also took out the longest drive award. Henry’s impressive short game was on show, winning one of the closest to the pin awards on the 7th hole. Finally, Tate Ramsay’s first appearance for Villa was also noteworthy as he recorded a nett score of 68.

The award winners were:

Competition Winner
Balharry Shield

(Team Nett Aggregate)

Iona College


Best Team Gross Villanova College (325)


AIC Individual Champion

(Gross Aggregate)

Thomas Winn (Villa) 3 under 69


Nearest the Pin – 7th hole


Henry Wright (Villa)
Longest Drive – 5th hole Jordie McGarry (Villa)


Once again, our team showed great sportsmanship and were exceptional representatives of the College throughout the day.  There is no doubt that we will be back again in 2022 to hopefully secure another win. Congratulations, gentlemen.

AIC Basketball Trials – Years 5 and 6
Year 6 basketball trials will conclude tomorrow afternoon during sport. The boys have had five trial sessions this term and I know the selection of teams is a difficult task, especially when you have to cut a large number of boys. The Year 6 students will be informed about selections next week.

Year 5 students will begin their five week trials next Friday during sport. All students who wish to trial must have signed on using jotform and should have done so by now. The boys will have trials during class sport time each Friday and as there will be large numbers trialling, this is the best time to look at them. Five sessions should be adequate, particularly if students are carrying injuries or are sick.

36 boys will be selected to represent Villanova in the Term 3 basketball competition.  Eight boys will be selected in each of the A and B teams, while the C and D teams will carry 10 players each. For parents new to Year 5 and 6 AIC basketball, the competition will be played on Friday afternoons and games are played at either 4.00pm or 4.45pm. Boys still playing club football or rugby generally make it back in time for training, but they may be a little late for a 6pm start if they play in the second game.

For away games, parents are asked to transport the boys to the venue. There are many that would still be working at 3pm, so carpooling needs to be organised to get the boys to and from games.

Managers needed – managers for basketball teams are very important for the smooth running of the season. The organisation of carpooling is the highest priority and making sure each player has a lift to the away games. There are other small roles to be played and these will be explained if your son is selected in a basketball team. Please contact the Sports Office if you can take on this role.

All successful students will be required to purchase the basketball shorts by the end of the term. All singlets will be distributed on a hire basis and handed out prior to the June holidays.

With rugby league and tennis being played on a Saturday, boys in Year 5 and 6 may try out for and play in both sports.

Trimester 3 Sign-Ons – Rugby League, Tennis, Basketball and Track & Field
Trimester 3 Sign-Ons are now open – For those wishing to play AIC Rugby League, AIC Tennis, AIC Basketball and AIC Track & Field please register your interest via the online sign-on form. The link will close on Monday 24 June –

A copy of this sign-on link is found on the College’s website in the ‘Locker Room’ section.

Please note:


  • Year 5 and 6 Basketball is played on Friday afternoons. Year 5 and 6 students can play basketball on Friday as well as either Tennis or Rugby League on Saturday
  • Year 7-12 students will play basketball on Saturday and cannot play Tennis or Rugby League as they are played at the same time.
  • There will be approx. four teams per year level


  • Year 5-12 students will play tennis Saturday mornings. These students cannot play Rugby League or Year 7-12 Basketball as they are played at the same time.
  • There will be two teams per year level

Rugby League

  • Students can only play AIC Rugby League if they have played AIC Rugby Union or AIC Football. Rugby League coaches will view a number of Rugby Union games to commence the trial process. This will not determine the teams as some may be playing AIC Football but will give the coaches a guide as to the quality of players we have as the majority will be playing rugby.
  • There will only be one team per year level in Rugby League. The teams will be – Year 5, Year 6, Year 7, Year 8, Year 9, Year 10, 1st Rugby League (combined Year11&12 team), probably around 20 players per age group
  • Rugby League Players cannot play Year 7-12 Basketball or Tennis

Track & Field

  • Students can participate in any other sport as well as Track & Field. Track & Field training will commence halfway through Term 3.

Mr Craig Stariha, Director of Sport

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Augustine Centre Update
Works have commenced within the Augustine Centre with ceiling tiles of affected spaces removed, and steps towards remediation of our air conditioning systems to start shortly.  Further information regarding the cleaning of the building will be forthcoming as contractors are confirmed and engaged.

Lessons and Rehearsals – attendance and effort
Ensembles are preparing for performances toward the end of this term, and we are all preparing for the filming of QCMF videos very soon.  Can I please remind everyone that attendance at rehearsal is vital in ensuring your ensemble can collectively prepare for these important opportunities.  We will continue to communicate with home regarding ensemble absentees – please assist the Music Department in communicating any known absences via the College absentee line (music option).

Upcoming Events
Our Guitar Ensembles 1 and 2 will be performing with Loreto Guitar Ensemble 1 and the Riverside Guitar Ensemble on 31 May at the Qld Multicultural Centre, Kangaroo Point.  This will be our first concert for the year for our Guitar groups and it will be a fantastic opportunity to play with some world-class musicians here in Brisbane.

Tickets will be available through trybooking via the following link:

Orava String Quartet, another world-class ensemble, will be performing with our Sinfonia and Camerata String Orchestras on Wednesday 2 June at the Queensland Multicultural Centre, Kangaroo Point.  The students have been working with this fine ensemble across Terms 1 and 2, and have a fantastic program of works available to share with you all.  Tickets will be available through the following Trybooking  link:

The music uniforms list is available here.

Communication re Lesson Absences
As the department remains dispersed due to the Augustine Centre challenges, the routine of attending lessons can become problematic.  From this week forward, we will be sending a proforma to parents and students who miss a lesson without explanation.  Please understand that this is merely an opportunity to open the lines of communication and an invitation to communicate with your son’s teacher or the music office regarding the absence.

The following wording will be sent.  Please note, this is a proforma used for all students – it is not a personal communication, more an opportunity to open a dialogue:

“Unfortunately, your son did attend his instrumental music lesson today.   Please ensure he is aware of the time and date of his next lesson via the timetable previously distributed; it is attached for your reference. To assist with our records, please contact the Music Office regarding your son’s absence – or 3394 5691.”

We look forward to our continued partnership in the musical education of your son.

Entertainment Publications Memberships
Entertainment memberships are one of the Music Support Groups main fundraisers.  Just click on the images below this newsletter article to purchase a membership and obtain ongoing special deals throughout the year.

Villanova Camp Chairs and Wildcat Coolers
Our fantastic Music Support Group have organised an innovative fundraiser for Villanova College.  You may have heard the buzz about our Villanova Camp Chairs and Wildcat Coolers…  the MUST HAVE items for the beach/cricket/park/fishing or barbecue.

  • Villanova Branded Camp Chairs – $35
  • Wildcat Coolers – $30

Purchases can be collected from the Music Office and all profits will go to the Music Support Group. All items can be purchased via Trybooking through the following link:

Opportunity to Participate
The Music community at Villanova welcomes all students interested in participating in ensemble or instrument/vocal tuition.  If your son would like to take lessons on an instrument this year, please contact the Music Office on 3394 5691 or via email at for further information.

Date Claimers
It gives me great pleasure to share our future events.  I look forward to sharing music with our community again!

Term 2
7 Mon 31 May Guitar Concert – Karin Schaupp & Riverside Ensemble – QMC
7 Orava String Quartet attend String Orchestra Rehearsals this week
7 Thur 3 June Strings Concert with Orava String Quartet – 6:30pm – QMC
8 Thur 10 June Bands Winter Concert – Hanrahan Theatre
9 Mon 14 June Music Support Group / QCMF meeting – 7:30pm
Term 3
1 Mon 12 July Music Support Group / QCMF Meeting – 7:30pm
2 Scheduled across week Queensland Catholic Colleges’ and Schools’ Music Festival

30th Anniversary Festival video recordings

5 Mon 9 Aug Music Support Group / QCMF meeting – 7:30pm
5 Mon 10 & Tue 11 Chamber Ensemble Evening – Hanrahan Theatre – Year 6-12 – from 6pm – Instrumental Assessment Task 2 Due
5 12-15 Aug Queensland Catholic Colleges’ and Schools’ Music Festival

30th Anniversary Festival

Thank you all for your ongoing support of Music at Villanova College.

Michael Jones, Director of Music

The Villanova Music Support Group receives 20% of the purchase.

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Parent Information

We have a huge number of prospective families joining us on Wednesday 26 May. If you’re able to help cook and serve a barbecue for our visitors anytime from 2.30pm – 5.30pm we’d love to hear from you. Please email if you can offer an hour or so.  It would be great to show the great Villanova College community in action.

Monday 24 May – Year 5 to Year 10 class groups and individual photos, times will be advised by teachers.

If you require sibling photos, these will be taken in Goold Hall on this day from 8am until start of school; and at morning tea and lunch break.

Please wear full winter academic uniform, including tie (and long trousers and blazer for all Year 10 students).

Orders for Sibling photos close TODAY! 

All class group and individual orders MUST be in before Monday 7 June to avoid a late fee of $9.  Please note that Silver Rose never place student images online to view before purchase due to security reasons. If you are not happy with the image provided, Silver Rose will refund upon return of the photos.

Please click here for ordering instructions.

All volunteers rostered on this week will be contacted directly by the Library.

All volunteers rostered on this week will be contacted directly by the Tuckshop.

The Non State Schools Transport Assistance Scheme provides financial assistance for families transporting students to non-state schools in Queensland. To find out more about eligibility requirements visit:  Applications for the Non State Schools Transport Assistance Scheme are now open and must be submitted by 31 May, 2021.


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