Principal's Welcome

Dear Members of the Villanova College Family
Following the 2017 review of the AIC Sporting program, two major outcomes have recently been announced- the publication of the AIC Sport Charter and the introduction of two new sports to the existing program from 2019. Next year Australian Rules Football will be played in Term One and Rugby League in Term Three. The addition of the two new sports will be trialled over the next two years.

The new charter for AIC Sport aligns the sporting program with the Vision and Mission Statements of each member College. Sport develops young men mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually and is a key component of the curriculum offered in our College. The values and beliefs of Sport must align with the values and beliefs of the College. To have a disconnect between the two simply does not make sense. What we value and believe to be important as an Augustinian College must be the same values reflected in our sports program.

The expansion of AFL beyond the Junior teams in Term One will provide another opportunity for our students to represent the College. We have many students who currently play in club teams and I am confident we will be a strong force in AFL. With the introduction of rugby league in Term Three I have indicated to the AIC Management Committee, Villanova College will assess the feasibility of entering teams. Basketball is one of our premier sports at the College in Term Three and our program offers our students opportunities to represent the College. At this stage, I have indicated Villanova College will certainly field Junior – Year 5 and Year 6 Rugby League teams in the first year.

70th Year Celebration

Don’t miss out on attending a wonderful concert about love, loss and liberation! Book your tickets now for the Brisbane Theatre Concert of the Year – Augustine The Way. Tickets are on sale now -simply click on the link below to reserve your tickets. At $25 per person tickets are selling fast.

Mission Day

Friday 25 May is Mission Day where we come together as the community of Villanova College to raise funds to support the work of AFAS in the Philippines. Either today or tomorrow, families will receive a red candle pack. In a show of solidarity, I ask all families to take time during next week in the lead up to Mission Day to light the candle each evening and to prayer as a family remembering the many families in the Philippines who have so little and life is a daily struggle. The images below show our students visiting the candle factory in the Philippines and assisting with the making of the candles.


Each year the debate about NAPLAN and the need for testing appears in the media at this time. For our students most take the days of testing in their stride and do their best. NAPLAN is designed to provide data on the progress of each child in numeracy and literacy. This data is beneficial to both families and schools to help determine future needs for each child and to identify specific areas of need. NAPLAN data is only one measure we use to determine the progress of the students.

Overall, I have been very pleased to see the students attack the test papers in a confident and mature manner.


We keep in our prayers the Kearney family following the recent death of Gerald Kearney, grandfather of Patrick (’09), Dominic (’12) and Oliver Kearney (Year 12).

May his soul and the souls of all the faithful departed rest in peace, Amen

God bless



Mr Mark Stower

College Principal



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Head of Junior School

Professional reading and development is vital for educators to stay informed on how to be leaders in learning.  The world in which our young men are growing up in is vastly different to the one we experienced.  As much as we personally might favour stories from “back in the day” we must simply focus on what is happening “today”.  Statistics and research and reports that range from the physical self to the mental health of young people are readily available.  Through online study portals to collaborative small group pods, our Junior School staff are constantly referring to information that is current and relevant to the relationships they are building in each classroom.

Currently, there are a few staff studying an online course at Yale University in America.  It is through the Psychology Department and is titled “The Science of Well Being”.  It uses psychological science to explore the concept of happiness and the strategies to make the most of such a positive emotion.  There are lectures, quizzes, readings, surveys and journaling to complete for assessment.  It is an incredible opportunity to get some insight into an Ivy League school.  Each week, I am taken into a study room on campus where the lecturer, Professor Laurie Santos, sits and teaches – imagine a lounge room style setting.  The camera shifts between lecturer and students as the content is unpacked.  It is remarkable that learning in 2018 can connect experienced staff in Australia with Yale undergraduates in America through technology.

I am a big believer in well-being.  A sense of pride, esteem and belonging make for a great life.  I am learning that generally, our sense of self is around 50% genetic, 40% mindset and 10% life circumstances.  The mind is a powerful medium for controlling or influencing our outlook on ourselves and the world.  There is evidence in many studies that money, a big house, fancy car, great job and relationships do make us happy, but lasts only for a period of time.  Our brain is wired to seek more and constantly move the goal posts in our world.  This course aims to give its students some conscious sense of our brains and the impact they have on our emotions.

What does my study in this course mean for our young men?  In the last three weeks I have had to focus specifically on some areas for my course.  I have watched carefully as boys open their lunch boxes at breaks.  Their reactions about what is on the menu each day – and how it impacts their conversation in small groups.  The differences that a hot pie can make on a cold, windy day – the sense of satisfaction for those students is so notable.  Food brings about a sense of well-being in young men.  We can consider the anticipation of assessment results in class.  Studies show that the expectation of getting great marks impacts us more than the actual result itself.  Our brains create the sensation that just one mark can have a huge psychological impact – yet when the time comes, the resilience in us means there is little variance in our overall reactions.  We are so much more capable of managing situations than we will ever realise.  In an Olympic swimming race, it is often the silver medal winner that is “happy enough”, but disappointed to miss out on the gold medal.  Meanwhile, the bronze winner is thrilled to get a medal at all.  Could that mean we need to reassess who feels a sense of disappointment in exams, rather than only those who are not meeting year level expectations?

Access to social media also impacts our sons.  There is a perception of what a “normal” life is – and it is strongly connected to celebrities – where an abundance of talent, money and possessions leads our brains to think it is a possible outcome for us.  Dad ironing or Mum cooking does not quite have the same impact as Ben Simmons’ latest contract and social life.  How do we help the boys be happy with what they see around them every day?  How do we appreciate our reality and the simplest things in life (e.g. health, safety, friends)?

Participating in this study provides some clarity and new perspective in my work.  I am thinking more purposefully about the “why factor” for our choices and actions here in the Junior School.  We all want to be happy, so we say things, do things and react in situations to achieve it.  As adults, we might be more conscious of what is important.  We have the life experience to know better, but even we can struggle with well-being.  We all have rough days.  Our boys know what happiness feels like, which is so fortunate, and they are indeed blessed.  It is their well-being we need to educate them on.  How to manage success, challenges and embrace the differences between us all.  How to be content, be proud of what others achieve, and be happy for the lives we lead.  I am looking forward to Professor Laurie Santos giving me some ideas in his upcoming lectures.

Mr Stephen Rouhliadeff, Head of Junior School

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Head of Senior School

At last Friday’s College Assembly hosted by the Student Leadership Team, College Vice Captain Hunter Gapes passionately addressed the student body about the Senior cohort’s 2018 theme- Where there is unity, there is victory. In shaping his message, Hunter shared the following allegory and subsequent question:

A father had a family of sons who were perpetually quarrelling among themselves. When he failed to heal their disputes by his exhortations, he determined to give them a practical illustration of the evils of disunion.

One day he told his sons to bring him a bundle of sticks. When they had done so, he placed the bunch into the hands of each of them in succession and ordered them to break it in pieces. They tried with all their strength and were not able to do it.

He next opened the bundle, took the sticks separately, one by one, and again put them into his sons’ hands, upon which they broke them easily. He then addressed them in these words:  

“My sons, if you are of one mind, and unite to assist each other, you will be as strong as this bundle, uninjured by all the attempts of your enemies, but if you are divided among yourselves, you will be broken as easily as these sticks.”

Now I’d like you to ask yourself a question. Which one are you? Are you a member of the bundle of sticks, bound together with strength and unified by the spirit of your Villanova brothers? Or are you perhaps the lone stick, who without the support and oneness of the bundle, can be broken far more easily… When we march together, side by side and in the arms of our brothers, we are bound by the love we have for our college. The undying support for your fellow comrades, and the burning desire to give our all for the three V’s on our chest. This is our recipe for unity.

Hunter’s excellent speech illuminated two key aspects in my intentions for every student within the Senior School. They are engagement in the co-curricular life of the College and pride in appearance.

One of the questions asked of Senior School students by their academic mentors in ISP and in the transition to Senior School interview pertains to what College activities they intend to participate in this year. My expectation is that all students engage in at least one College program over the course of the academic year. Saint Thomas of Villanova taught us that “we are not born for ourselves and the natural gifts and graces we receive are not for ourselves alone, but we have received them for the benefit of all.” The opportunities to play music and sport, serve in ministry groups and embrace culture at our College enable you to join the bundle of sticks, strengthened by the unity and brotherhood of any group experience. In addition, from my experience in pastoral care and mentoring senior students, those who combine a healthy balance of cocurricular involvement with their program of studies tend to achieve stronger academic results.

My role also necessitates those conversations with students regarding their uniform and appearance. It is timely to remind all students and parents that to sustain a culture of high expectations within the Senior School, it is important to place an emphasis on doing the small things well. Please continue to challenge your sons to arrive to school every morning on time for Pastoral, attired in full academic uniform (including the Akubra). Don’t be the lone stick in this regard!

Round 4 Rugby and Football fixtures against Iona College 

This weekend, Senior School students will play their football and rugby fixtures away against Iona College. Similar to the atmosphere and build up associated with our round against St Laurence’s College, this round is also highly anticipated with Iona College designating this weekend their Old Boys Round. I would like to emphasise the importance of the upholding the highest standards of conduct both on and off the field. Both the First XI and First XV teams need your strong support, however, the expectation regarding spectators being attired in full academic uniform needs to be followed. This directive has again been reinforced during Form Meetings throughout the week and I insist that Year 12 students lead by example in this regard. 

Year 10 Day of Reflection  

On Monday of this week, Year 10 students gathered in the Hanrahan Theatre for their Day of Reflection. Facilitated by Michael Fitzpatrick, this experience offers our young men with a rare opportunity within the busy nature of our calendar to stop and reflect not only on their journey as young men but as a member of their cohort. Our students were challenged but showed courage in sharing their thoughts and opinions on a range of issues concerning their personal welfare and that of their peers.

The Day of Reflection is an important part of the curriculum offered at Villanova College and reflects our gateway value of interiority. Saint Augustine expresses this value in the following way- ‘do not go outside yourself, but enter into yourself, for truth dwells in the interior self.’ There were many truths shared and exposed throughout the day which is healthy in the social, emotional and spiritual development of our young me. I would like to thank Year 10 Pastoral Area Leader Mr Sean O’Neill for his leadership in coordinating the day as well as the staff who attended in support of the student.

‘Lord, let me know myself, and let me know You.’- Saint Augustine

Mr Matt Levander, Head of Senior School

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What is Mission Day?
Mission Day will be an exceptional day in which all three schools come together to create community, to learn with the heart about our sister schools in the Philippines, and to raise much needed funds for them.

For those new to the College community, Mission Day is a day set aside each year where we come off timetable – for part of the day – to learn more about service, to celebrate community, and to raise funds for our sister schools in the Philippines.

The vision above was thought up by the students for 2018 Mission Day. The first aim of the day involves the “Cor Unum” spirit (one in heart and mind) that means so much to our student body. What really creates and accelerates the growth of this spirit is when boys from each of the three schools stand side by side united in purpose. Even more, the students love it when they are respected with the role of organising a day with the teachers as part of the same planning team.

The structure of the day is that we have three lessons, then a morning tea of hot food served by parent and student volunteers. After morning tea there is a special learning activity for each of the three schools. The aim is for students to learn in their hearts what it means not to have the advantages they normally enjoy.

To this end, Junior School will have an amazing Filipino shanty hut building activity to understand a little more what it feels like to be one of the families we donate to each year. The Middle School have a student-led assembly based on the theme of homelessness. The Senior School will experience “Filipino World.” The Veritas building and precinct will be transformed into “Filipino World” so that the students can, in small part, experience the barrage of sights, sounds and flavours that greet us when we travel to the Philippines. There will also be the opportunity to learn more deeply about Filipino culture and the wonderful work that AFAS does.

The final part of the day is a carnival. Students are urged to be generous in spending their AFAS bucks on treats, such as pizza and Krispy Kreme’s as well as fun activities – teacher dunker, basketball shoot-out and teacher v student showdowns (netball, touch footy and debating).

The role of parents: We would absolutely welcome parent involvement on the day. This can take the form of:

  • Volunteering to be a tong turner and/or sausage sizzle server, between 9 am and midday. This could be the whole shift or part thereof. Please email Melissa Wilson – if you would like to help in this way.
  • Donate a small prize to the AFAS raffle. Students like to spend all their AFAS tickets and the raffle is a good way to use up the last ones.
  • Buy $15 or $20 worth of AFAS tickets for your son. These tickets are the currency for the day. Most of what your son spends becomes a donation to the families and students we support in our Filipino sister schools. (We keep costs as low as possible, through wheeler-dealing).

I would like to thank the Villanova College P and F for their wholehearted support. They have volunteered to pay for the teacher dunker (always very popular) and the surf-rider activity. (These have been provided at a special price by ABC Rides, who also provide good service at the annual International Carnival).

Red Candle Week – Mission Week

The students who visit the Philippines on the AFAS Exchanges get to see the making of devotional red candles by the Augustinians in Cebu. At the end of the trip, the boys give away their work clothes and their joggers, thus making room to bring back lots of these red candles. Your family will receive one of these at the end of this week, along with a prayer ritual and an explanation of who AFAS are and what they do. You will be invited on your bill to pay $5 for this candle, and are of course, welcome to politely decline this request.

The leverage of AFAS

When I went on the AFAS Exchange two years ago, there were a few experiences that shocked me out of my comfort zone. One was visiting the house of one of our “scholars.” (The scholars are the sixteen students whom we pay for through high school – otherwise they would drop out, as many Filipino teenagers do.) What struck me, and the five students I was with, was the graciousness of the welcome we received into a tiny house, where there was almost nothing: no fridge; no beds; just a mud floor, plastic chairs, a table and a small tv. We all learned so much in a few instants.

The second was when we were in Bacolod. After a day in this more rural city, I realised that we were being followed – and at times joined – by a young street kid, maybe eleven years old. As a dad, I knew instinctively that this boy needed a parent. I was struck – and still am – by my powerlessness. I still sometimes think about that boy.

It is truly a privilege for us to raise a little money to support the families and communities of our sister schools. I am sure this must be what ‘salvation’ means.

The Ministry Week:

There are many over-achievers in student ministry: Year 7 YAYM boys who never stop selling, e.g. the $2,500 raised through the Mother’s Day Stall; Year 9 YAYM leaders (Luke Palmer and Isaac Langford) who politely show me what organisation in the C21st looks like; Year 11 students selling chocolate for AFAS every break….and so the list goes on. The good thing is that any boy is welcome to join in. No talent or grading is needed, except willingness to put in for others

NB There will be a free dress day for Mission Day, Friday 25th May with a gold coin donation to AFAS.

John Holroyd, Dean of Mission & Identity

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Brigham Young University Wind Symphony
Tomorrow, Friday 18 May, we will be hosting the Brigham Young University Wind Symphony at Villanova College.  This ensemble is one of the best College or University level bands in the United States of America, and they are concluding their Australian tour with a workshop and performance at Villanova College.  This is a great opportunity; akin to having the Villanova University Basketball Team visit to give a display and play our First V in Goold Hall.

I would encourage all musicians to make the most of this opportunity by coming along to the concert with their family.  Tickets are selling quickly within our community; they are being made available to the wider public today and will be more broadly promoted.  The reputation of this ensemble is such that they will not last long.

Tickets are available from the following link and are very reasonable for an evening’s entertainment – $10 Adult, $5 Concession/ Child.  Please follow the link below to access the Try booking page for this event.

To pique your interest, please take a look at the video links below:

Junior School Chamber Evening – Cassiciacum Gardens (Senior School Terraces) – Tuesday 22 May
Our Year 6 students will be participating in the JS Chamber Ensemble evening next Tuesday 22 May outdoors, overlooking the city lights of Brisbane.  To go with this awesome backdrop, will be some fantastic music provided by our talented Year 6 Instrumental musicians.  Year 6 students who take group lessons as part of our Year 6 program are involved.  There are some private students who have been directed to attend.  A reminder email has been sent this morning.

The boys have been preparing for this evening all term with their teachers.  The event is an opportunity for our students to play in their small lesson groups and share the work they have been preparing in the studio and the practice rooms at home.  We hope you are looking forward to this event as much as our students are.

Students are to arrive at 6pm, meeting outside the Tuckshop in the Veritas undercroft.  The event will commence at 6:30pm.  Should the weather require an adjustment to venue, this will be advertised through email and Skoolbag App.  Bring your picnic blankets and chairs and a small hamper.  The Music Support Group will be providing refreshments over the evening and some small snacks.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Aldo Rodriguez Delgado – Workshop and Concert
Our Guitar Ensembles and String Sinfonia will be performing with Cuban Guitar Legend, Aldo Rodriguez Delgado on Thursday 24 May in the Hanrahan Theatre.  The concert commences at 7pm and will also feature students from Loreto College and Anglican Church Grammar School.  Tickets are currently on sale and available through the link below.  I strongly encourage you coming along to witness this fine musician in person – it will be a fantastic opportunity.

Again, please acquaint yourself with Aldo’s music via the following film clips:

Further information has been distributed to families regarding workshops and preparation for the Concert.  If you have not received this and your son is involved, please contact the Music Office urgently on 3394 5691.

Entertainment Books
All Year 5 students are asked to return any unsold Entertainment Books to the Music Office in the book’s original envelope.  This envelope allows us to identify whose book has been returned and therefore avoid confusion when completing our stocktake.

If you have purchased books, these are available for collection from the Music Office.  Books and digital memberships are still available for purchase either online or through the Music Office.  Please contact Alison on 3394 5691 or email for further information.

Year 6 Mothers Evening
I would like to take this opportunity to thank Ms Raquel Bastos and our Chamber String Ensemble for accepting the chance to provide music for our Year 6 Mother’s Evening last week.  I have it on good authority that the boys did a great job!  Please join me in congratulating Oliver Timms, Travis Graham, Jack Ransom, Joshua Mitchell, Blake Waugh, Ms Bastos, Digby Timms and William Bland.  Well done and thank you.

Date Claimers
As per tradition, we cast our eyes over the coming term.  Please note the following in your diaries:

Term 2
Week Date Activity
5 Friday 18 May Brigham Young University Wind Symphony (U.S. College) visiting Villanova – Concert with Symphonic Band
6 Tuesday 22 May Junior School Chamber Evening – SS Terraces
6 Tuesday 22 May Aldo Rodriguez Delgado – Guitar Workshop
6 Thursday 24 May Aldo Rodriguez Delgado – International Guitar Concert
7 1 – 2 June Tony MacPherson – Augustine: The Way Concert
8 Monday 4 June Music Supporter’s Group/ QCMF Meeting – 7:30pm
8 Tuesday 5 June Grandparent’s Morning Tea (Year 5 Ensembles)

Mr Michael Jones, Director of Music

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Next Friday, the Villanova Sports Club will hold their annual Sports Luncheon in the Legends Room at the ‘Gabba Cricket Ground. The organising committee has gone to great lengths to secure quality guest speakers as well as many prizes. This event is a great opportunity for our community to get together, have a few laughs and enjoy a lunch with friends. All proceeds of this event are directed towards major projects that help all sporting areas across the College.

At this stage, around 350 seats have been sold. Although the support for this function has been outstanding, the Sports Club are keen to sell more tickets, so it is not too late. Those interested in purchasing a ticket are asked to log on to  and search Villanova in the events box. More seats at the Sports Luncheon converts to more money and more resources for our students. Thanks to all those who have supported the luncheon, I am sure you will have a great time!

At present, sales for the annual Mega-Raffle is coming along very well. This is another annual Sports Club fundraiser. Only 200 tickets will be sold with a chance to win $10 000. Buy a ticket individually or form a syndicate, perhaps with your son’s football or rugby team and then cross your fingers for the draw on the day of Round 6 against St Peter’s College at Villanova Park. With only another 46 tickets available be sure to purchase a ticket for your chance to win. Tickets are available for purchase at the Villanova Park canteen on the weekend or via the College’s Finance Office.

Overall, I was very pleased with the results posted by the boys last weekend. Although not every team won, most of our teams performed extremely well and we took out the day overall in chess, rugby and football against St Edmund’s College.

Villanova is fortunate to have many coaches on board who are willing and eager to see our boys participate, develop and enjoy their rugby and football. The College has in place many initiatives ranging from development squads, strength and conditioning programs, rugby and football coaching and skills director, many highly qualified coaches as well as a bi-annual New Zealand rugby tour and now a football tour to Japan. Opportunities exist in our program for boys to be equipped with the necessary skills and conditioning to do well. The boys must now take these opportunities and play with the necessary grit and determination each week. We only ask the boys to try their best during training and on game day with a strong sense of pride and commitment.

Again, I thank all involved over the weekend at the various sports grounds. The College is supportive of those who are prepared to assist our students by taking on various coaching, managerial and official roles within the sports program. The care and concern for our students is shown in all areas to ensure we do our best to produce good Christian men with integrity and values in all that we do including our efforts on the sports field.

I must commend all coaches (and parents) who have insisted that their team chants the school war and ensures that their team is able to stay around after the game to form a run on tunnel for the next Villanova team to take the field. School spirit and pride is so important for a variety of different reasons. Please support and encourage your son to be involved in activities such as these.

The number of boys who were able to stay behind at St Edmund’s to watch the first teams dressed in academic uniform was outstanding. This could not have happened without parental support of the College’s expectations. Thank you, parents!

This weekend will see Villanova College play against Iona College. I ask all boys to stand up and give their best. Enjoy!

Round 4 AIC Chess, Rugby and Football Fixtures, Friday 18 and Saturday 19 May – Times and Venues

All times and venues for this weekend’s fixtures against Iona College are available on the College’s website.

Sports Club – Canteen Roster

On behalf of the Sports Club, we would like to thank all those who have been kind enough to assist in the canteens. The assistance has been fantastic. This weekend Villanova will host most of the Year 5 –  Year 8 games at Villanova Park. Please see canteen roster below:

Rugby/Football Canteen Roster

Villanova Park – Round 4 v Iona – 19 May

We kindly ask parents to assist when their son arrives for warm up 30 minutes before their scheduled game.

All parents who can assist are asked to report to Mrs Robyn Gunning on arrival.

Time Rugby Parents Football Parents
7.00am 7A, 7B, 8C, 6A, 5A
7.30am 5C, 6 Gold
8.00am 8A, 7C, 8 Gold, 6B, 5B
8.30am 7C, 5B, 6C 6C, 5C
9.00am 8B, 7 Gold
9.30am 7B, 5A, 6B 6 Gold, 5 Gold
10.00am 9 White
10.30am 7A, 8B, 6A 6 White, 5 White
11.30am 8A
12.00 midday Any parents who can assist


AIC Rugby – Mr Blake McLauchlan, AIC Rugby Co-ordinator

Villanova had a great weekend of results against St Edmund’s College. Overall, we had 11 wins, one draw and seven losses. The First XV managed to secure their second win for the season which is sure to give them an enormous amount of confidence as we look towards Round 4 against Iona College this weekend. Congratulations to our Second XV who continue to dominate the open division of the AIC competition. They continue to post big scores every week and we are hoping that this weekend will be no different.  I would like to give a special mention to our 6 Gold team for their win against Ashgrove on Saturday. The boys were under the pump on their own try line for the majority of the second half but managed to hold Ashgrove out until the full-time whistle. Any win against Ashgrove deserves a massive shout out, so well done to our 6 Gold team.

After Round 3 against St Edmund’s College our Second XV, 9B’s, 9C’s, 7A’s, 6B’s, 6C’s, 6 Gold and 5B teams remain undefeated. This weekend we come up against our local rivals Iona College. Year 5 to Year 8 will be playing at home and Year 9 to Year 12 will be playing at Iona College. Iona College have their Old Boy’s Day scheduled for this Saturday which is sure to generate plenty of atmosphere around the grounds. It is important that our boys are well rested and prepared for the big occasion.

Best wishes to all teams!

Rugby Results v St Edmund’s 

Rugby Results – Round 3 V SEC
Team Opposition Results Villanova Opposition
First XV SEC W 24 0
Second XV SEC W 66 0
Third XV BYE
Fourth XV ASH Fourth XV L 0 34
10A SEC L 5 21
10B SEC L 5 17
9A SEC W 52 0
9B SEC W 48 7
8A SEC L 0 54
8B SEC L 10 25
7A SEC W 24 19
7B SEC W 53 5
7C SEC L 5 12
6A ATC W 57 5
6B ATC W 55 0
6C ASH D 15 15
6 Gold ASH W 14 12
5A ATC W 19 7
5B ATC W 29 5
5C SLC Gold L 14 17


AIC Football – Mr Anthony Kemp, AIC Football Co-ordinator

Villanova enjoyed a successful weekend against SEC in football managing 11 wins, one draw and four losses overall. Junior School teams also enjoyed the last round with many positive results against their opposition, Ambrose Treacy College. Last weekend’s results have put many teams back in contention for their respective premiership and I urge all players to continue to train hard and chase the win.

The First XI boys continued to build on their great season getting back-to-back wins and taking out the top of the table clash 3 – 1. It is great to see that the hard work and dedication to improving as a team has led to these boys getting the results they deserve, and I would like to wish them all the best again this weekend.

This weekend sees Villanova take on Iona in what will no doubt be another spectacular round of football. Year 5 – Year 8 teams playing at Villanova Park this weekend will have their team photos taken. Please check the photo schedule carefully and ensure that you are there in plenty of time. As always good luck to all Villanova football teams taking the field in green and gold this round.

Football Results v St Edmund’s

Villanova College – Football Results – Round 3 v SEC





First XI SEC W 3 1
Second XI SEC L 2 4
Third XI SEC L 0 1
Fourth XI SEC W 1 0
Fifth XI SEC L 1 3
Sixth XI PAD Seventh XI W 8 0
10A SEC W 4 1
10B SEC W 1 0
10C ATC W 10 0
10 Gold ASH 10C L 0 4
9A SEC W 2 1
9B SEC W 2 1
9C SLC Gold W 8 0
9 Gold Iona Green D 1 1
9 White Iona Gold D 2 2
8A SEC L 0 1
8B SEC W 6 0
8C SEC W 3 0
8 Gold 8 White L 1 10
8 White 8 Gold W 10 1
7A SEC W 4 2
7B SEC D 2 2
7C SEC W 2 1
7 Gold SEC W 4 3
6A ATC L 2 3
6B ATC L 2 4
6C ATC W 7 0
6 Gold ASH Gold L 1 3
6 White SLC Gold L 0 5
5 A ATC W 10 0
5 B ATC W 12 0
5C ATC W 3 0
5 Gold ASH Gold W 2 1
5 White Iona Green W 3 0


Football Photos (plus 7B rugby photo)

All Year 5 – Year 8 football teams (as well as the 7B rugby team) playing at Villanova Park this Saturday will be required for their team photo. We ask all players to attend their allocated photo time 10 minutes prior to the scheduled time. Players are to wear the full and correct uniforms including football boots.  Those who attend late will miss out on their photo. Photos will be taken next to the scoreboard on the main field.

                                  Round 4 – Saturday 19 May 2018
Please arrive 10 minutes before the scheduled time, dressed in the correct sporting apparel including boots.  If you are LATE, sorry NO photo!
6:30am 8C 8:20am 6C
6:35am 7B 8:30am 5C
6:40am 7A 8:40am 8B
6:45am 6A 8:50am 7 Gold
6:50am 5A 9:00am (Rugby) 7 B (Rugby)
7:10am 6B 9:10am 6 Gold
7:20am 5B 9:20am 5 Gold
7:30am 8A 10:00am 6 White
7:40am 8 Gold 10:10am 5 White
7:50am 7C

Please note there are five teams who will kick off at 7:30am

All teams are required to start warming up 30 minutes prior to their game.

Football: Due to a bye, the 8 White football photo will be taken at a later date.

Rugby:  The 7B rugby photo will be retaken at 9:00am.

AIC Chess – Mrs Sally England, AIC Chess Co-ordinator

Last Friday, we started the night with the team photos, followed by another successful night of chess for Round 3 against St Edmunds.  As St Edmund’s does not have a Junior School, the team was a smaller group but still very focused and enthusiastic.

All teams had a win except for the Senior B Team who had a narrow loss, so a great night overall. The Junior teams, while not part of the competition, played each other with a view to eventually having a Junior School Champion.

This week we play Iona away and members of the C Team are welcome to attend. As usual practice is again available every day at Morning Tea in in T10 and Wednesday and Friday morning at 7.30am with the coach.

As we now seem to be getting lots of illness amongst the boys, please contact Mrs Warren or myself ahead of Friday if they cannot attend, so reserves can be alerted. Team listings are placed on the website.

Please note the correct information for the remainder of the Chess season:

Round 4 against Iona –  an away game Friday 18 May

Round 5 against Padua –  an away game Friday 25 May (also Mission day)

Round 6 against St Peters –  a home game Friday 1 June

Round 7 against Ashgrove – an away game Friday 8 June (final round)

Good luck to all teams at Iona.

Chess Results v St Edmund’s

TEAM Opposition Villanova Score Opposition Score Result


Villanova Cross Country

AIC Cross Country Camp:  All AIC squad members should have received an ‘AIC Cross Country Camp Expression of Interest Form’. Those interested in attending the annual camp at Currimundi should have returned their form to the Sport Office YESTERDAY.  At least 23 are needed for the camp to proceed. A decision regarding the camp will be made by the end of this week.

AIC Cross Country Program:  A complete program of the AIC season is posted on the web, which outlines the dates of all lead-up meets etc. Please continue to use the website to access all the latest information.

AIC Cross Country Training Years 7 – 12

Training has commenced and will continue every Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings from 6.45am. The invitation to join is for everybody, although I do hope those who have been targeted will take up the challenge. It is a privilege to wear the Villanova singlet and represent our College on the day of the championship. Good luck to all!

AIC Cross Country Training Years 5 and 6

Training is open to all interested students who can commit to training on both Monday and Wednesday afternoons.  Please speak with Mr Matt Conlan or Mr Tom Lonergan if there is a clash with other training. The boys are to meet Mr Conlan outside Goold Hall, who will then walk the squad down to training.

AIC Basketball Trials – Year 5 and Year 6

Students who wish to trial for an AIC basketball team in Year 5 or 6, began their trials last Friday during class sport time. The trials will continue until the end of the term, when 36 boys will be selected to represent Villanova in the Term 3 basketball competition.  Eight boys will be selected in each of the A and B teams, while the C and D teams will carry 10 players each.

For parents new to Year 5 and Year 6 AIC basketball, the competition is played on Friday afternoons and games are played at either 4.00pm or 4.45pm. Boys still playing club football or rugby generally make it back for training, but they may be a little late for a 6pm start. Parents will be asked to transport the students to away venues on Fridays and will need to car pool to assist all families.

At this stage, we have about 90 boys in both Year 5 and Year 6 trialling. Unfortunately, this will mean quite a few boys will miss out on selection.  However, an internal competition will run during sport in Term 3 to allow those students unsuccessful in making a team to upskill and learn how to better play the game, if they choose to participate.

All successful students will be required to purchase the basketball shorts by the end of the term. All singlets will be distributed on a hire basis.

St Augustine’s Tour

Invitations and information forms were distributed and emailed to all participants on Monday.  We ask all invited students to indicate to the Sports Office whether they will be attending by TOMORROW, 18 May, as this will ensure the Sports Office has enough time to find replacements. Further information regarding the tour, particularly the itinerary and game schedule, will be emailed as soon as it becomes available.

Representative Sport

Best wishes to Rhys Lanskey who is heading to Thailand next Thursday to represent Australia in Under 19 Pentathlon Asia/Oceania Championships.  A great achievement!


Mr Craig Stariha, Director of Sport

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Parent Information

Library Roster; Tuckshop Roster; Villa Park Canteen

Library Roster

Monday 21 May

Beth Reid

Tuesday 22 May

Anastasia Bailey

Thursday 24 May

Melanie Pickering

Friday 25 May

Jane Whipps


Tuckshop Roster





































































































Villa Park Canteen

On behalf of the Villa Sports club, I would like to extend a huge thank everyone who helped at the canteen & BBQ over the last 2 weeks. The weekend of Lauries was to some, very hectic but to our long-standing helpers a typical day of trade. We managed to sell out of every bit of food we had prepared as well as some backup stock & our chiller which was packed to the top in the morning stood at the end of the day with 1 very lonely carton of coke. This is when we know we have had a great day. Your assistance in the canteen is something which is required to make this work week in week out. So I ask, can you please look at the roster for the game this weekend & assist in the canteen for the half hour prior to your sons game.

Mrs Robyn Gunning, Villa Park Canteen Co-ordinator


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Calendar of Events

All Hallow’s – Student Dance

All Hallow’s are holding a dance for Years 7 & 8 students on Friday 25th May from 7pm to 9pm. 

The venue is Loretto Hall (access via Kemp Place or Dodge Lane).

Entry cost is $10 + current school ID.


Yr 9 Families – Barefoot Bowls

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Community Update

Flu Season
Schools play an important role in advising parents and staff about how they can keep students safe and healthy so that they can make every school day count.

We encourage all staff and parents/guardians to be informed, prepared and proactive as we enter this influenza season. See and

Important flu facts from Queensland Health:

  1. Flu is dangerous for everyone, but particularly for children.
  2. Flu strains change each year
  3. Flu spreads easily between people, particularly children
  4. If you (or your child) are unwell, stay home until better
  5. Remember it is not ‘just the flu’, it is a serious disease. Having an annual flu vaccine will help keep you, your family and the community healthy this flu season.

In 2018, Queensland Health is offering free influenza vaccine to children aged 6 months to less than five years.



Students with Disability Travel Rebate


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Archives Anecdote

The Associated Schools

In 1950, the Metropolitan Secondary School Sports Association (MSSSA) was founded as a boys’ sporting association.  This association was the forerunner to “The Associated Schools” (TAS) and included Villanova, Marist College Ashgrove, St Peter’s Lutheran College Indooroopilly, Marist Brothers Rosalie, St Columban’s Christian Brothers College Albion, Industrial State High, Commercial State High and Wynnum State High.  Cavendish Road State High joined in 1952.

Two other schools joined in 1953 and 1954 – St Laurence’s Christian Brothers College South Brisbane and St Patrick’s Christian Brothers College Shorncliffe.  In 1955, the State High schools withdrew and the MSSSA was disbanded.  In the following year The Associated Schools was formed with Villanova and the other independent schools from MSSSA being the founding members.  Fr. Brian Mahoney OSA continued his supportive role in the running of TAS in this early period.  Villanova parent Mr Jack Roche was secretary from 1965 until 1970.

At the 1956 Speech Night, Fr Ben O’Donnell OSA (Rector 1948 – 1958) took the opportunity to reflect on the role of sport in the life of Christians.  “The body should not be subjected to inhuman strain by physically ruinous exertions, or use made of dangerously harmful agents, such as strong stimulants in order to win at any cost”.  His address continued with some ideals for Villanovans: “the spirit of self-renunciation in order that the interests of the team may be furthered, fidelity to obligations undertaken, modesty in victory, serenity in adverse fortune, and patience towards spectators who are not always moderate.”  The growth of the individual was clearly the underlying reason for the College involvement in sport.

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