Principal's Welcome

We are currently deep into the cycle of enrolments for Year 5 in 2024. At such a time, as we discuss Villanova College with prospective families we are forced into the realm of interiority and asked to fully consider what are the underlying values and purposes of Villanova as a Catholic school with a distinctly Augustinian identity?

What does it mean to teach and work in such a place?

What should prospective parents, and students, know about the College to ensure that they fit our identity and can grow and mature in a way that accepts and grows that identity in the graduate?

In my interviews I certainly found myself in that space. Explaining to parents that as a Catholic school religion and faith is an important part of our identity. That as an Augustinian school academic rigour and focus is an important and key focus of our work and our student expectations. That regardless of the pathway through school, whether that be ATAR or non-ATAR, whether your area of extra skill and expertise be sporting, cultural or music there is a clear expectation of developing that ability to its ultimate end and understanding that learning and growth is ongoing. That is the Villanova way. Your academic pathway does not predetermine required effort or expectation. The character required to develop into an expert tradesman, a peak artist, a creative and forward-thinking entrepreneur or a skilled practitioner of law, engineering, science, or medicine. Of course we call a person of that character the Augustinian, or Villanovan graduate. For those who would like to examine more closely the unpinning philosophy and theology of this I would direct you to our College website. An Augustinian Graduate » Villanova College (

In recent times we have begun distilling our values into a simple set of expected behaviours that, when encouraged and practiced we will move our young men toward the development of the character and ideals of the graduate. Each week we are looking in our pastoral and wellbeing approaches to focus and detail these attributes. I share with you this week’s area of focus; Accountability.

In our practice we highlight what “Accountability” looks like and what is expected of boys across the breadth of our community and relationships:

Classroom Accountability
I will make sure I am well prepared for class with all appropriate materials.
When I make a mistake, I take responsibility and complete follow up activities to improve.
I ask for assistance when I feel unsure.
I know my learning is determined by my effort and my positive collaboration with my peers.
I will accept responsibility for how I create classroom relationships with my teacher and my peers.

Playground Accountability
I will not be a bystander to poor behaviour, bullying or violence. I commit to speaking out.
I will respond to fair and reasonable teacher directions when I am not following College expectations.

Online Accountability
In groups and forums I will look to encourage responsible actions with my groups.
When appropriate I will look to use social media groups to form learning teams and support my friends.

Sport and Activities Accountability
I will always attend training to support and build the team.
I will always communicate with my coach if I am going to be absent.
I understand my effort is integral to the success of our team.

Public Accountability
I will look to support my friends and College by reminding them of Villanova’s expectations when in public.

Queensland Catholic Colleges Music Festival
QCMF has kicked off live on the grounds again after a two-year hiatus. This is an enormous event and a wonderful gift that the Villanova College community gives to the Catholic Church and Catholic Education in Queensland. We are very much the centre of Catholic Education for these four days.

I thank all of our wonderful volunteers, the fantastic QCMF organising committee and of course our Director of Music Mr Michael Jones for all of the amazing work being done to make this event a reality again.

It’s not too late to volunteer at QCMF or donate to the bake sale. See details in the Parent Information section below.

Sunday’s Gala Concert and close is certainly looking like it will be an exceptional event.


Mr Paul Begg, Principal

In keeping with the spirit of Reconciliation, Villanova College acknowledges the Yuggera and Turrbal peoples, as the Traditional Custodians of this land on which we stand.  We pay our respects to Elders, past, present and emerging.  This has always been, and always will be, a place of teaching and learning connected to country, culture and community. 


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Junior School News

Week 5 of Term 3 is one of the busiest with special events in our Villanova Community.  Two precious days of Curriculum time in classrooms where class teachers and students are working to consolidate knowledge and skills.  A public holiday to celebrate the achievements of rural Queensland at the Exhibition and I know many boys who have been busy researching the Show Bags on offer as well as their plan of attack on the thrilling rides at Sideshow Alley.  Our Track and Field Carnival has what appears to be the perfect weather forecast for supersonic race times, jumps, throws and cheering at Villanova Park on Thursday.  Wrapping up the week is our Queensland College Music Festival, hosted by the entire Music Department Team with thousands of visitors and volunteers on College grounds until Sunday afternoon.

Could our Villanova House Bishops – Martin Crane, John Heavey, James Murray and James Goold be any prouder of what is going on this week?  Catholic Education immersed fully with achievements across all learning platforms is nothing short of a miracle – but it is what our Irish Augustinians wanted for us all those years ago.

I would like to thank all Junior School students and their families for their attendance, participation and support of the Inter-House Track and Field Carnival today.  Today, although a  compulsory school day, had a focus on FUN in the outdoors, with mates, celebrating our strengths and challenges just like we do in the classroom.  We show up.  We learn a little more about ourselves – bodies grow and change all the time so what was hard in previous years might be a little easier, and what we never knew we were good at is suddenly the chance to surprise ourselves.

Volunteering is a part of our service at Villanova College, and QCMF provides the perfect opportunity for our youngest Villanovans to meet, greet, direct, serve food/drinks or just have a casual conversation with in between musical numbers.  This can be a perfect way for working parents to keep their sons busy around the Year 5/6 performances too.  It is an opportunity for the boys to realise just how much they know about Villanova as for each newcomer through the College gates, there are many simple questions our boys can get right.  Grab a few mates and volunteer for the same timeslots to ensure that there are some laughs as well.  Please use the following link to look at the options that might indeed suit your family www. – it all starts this afternoon and goes right through until Sunday afternoon.

If you do get to the EKKA this week, then gentlemen, I would love for you to email me a photo with the biggest dagwood dog, bag of fairy floss, strawberry ice cream, from the top of the Ferris wheel, with your favourite animal or watching the fireworks – I think there should be a prize given for a student showing the country people our full support for all that we depend on.  If you are there with Villa mates, then it will have to be a prize for everybody in the best photo!


­­­Mr Stephen Rouhliadeff, Head of Junior School


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Middle School News

I always look forward to the Ekka week, more because it marks the halfway point of the term than because of the Ekka itself. The class shortened week, provides all of us with the opportunity to pause and take a few days away from the College business to refresh the batteries. It also allows the College to be transformed into the Queensland Catholic Schools and Colleges Music Festival. For our musicians, this is their grand final and we wish them all the best over this prestigious four-day event.

One of my favourite days on the school calendar – even going back to when I was a student here – also occurs at this time, the Inter-House Athletics Carnival. The opportunity to be out at the immaculate Villanova Park grounds in the sunshine (fingers crossed), enjoying the events and the fun and smiles that come with it. It is also the chance to acknowledge our top athletes across the various disciplines. With every year level unable to attend the AIC Athletics carnival, this is the chance for those athletes that train so hard to highlight their talents to their peers, and for those whose prowess is not at such heights to enjoy a run around in the sun.

Finally, last week we held our first Middle School assembly of the semester, and a great celebration of the many facets of school life it was. The opening prayer and theme of the assembly was Accountability. The students led the prayer and tied it to the responsibility we all have to uphold the values that we preach on a daily basis, and also, that we need to be accountable to ourselves and the academic goals we set. We were able to hear from the Student Council about their Noodle Drive initiative for Rosie’s and we celebrated the achievements of the best-and-fairest and most-improved for rugby, football and chess. Finally, we heard from one of our Year 9 students, Dylan, who challenged the Middle School to be accountable. Two of his lines that stuck with me the most were “Accountability is the responsibility for the actions you take and the decisions you make” and “Accountability is  the glue that ties commitment to results.” I think that hearing such things from one of their own really makes a difference. There is no better way to challenge and engage than through student voice.

Finally, we launched Middle School Master Chef. This initiative was also created by a committed group of Year 9 students who want to showcase their [and others] varying talents in the kitchen. One of the real benefits of the job is being able to be a judge! I cannot be more excited to taste the many culinary delights that will be produced. Good luck to all our aspiring chefs out there!

Mr Sean O’Neill, Acting Head of Middle School



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Senior School News

It certainly has been an eclectic past fortnight for our Senior School with a dynamic calendar of important events shaping the journey of our young men.

Our Year 10 cohort attended their camp experience at Emu Gully. The Challenge Program that our students engaged in is a leadership and team building program based on the character values of Courage, Mateship, Sacrifice and Perseverance. Such activities underpinning the program, including the much-revered mud pit challenge, provides our young men with an environment which takes them out of their comfort zone and illuminates their character and level of resilience. I would like to thank Acting Year 10 Pastoral Area Leader Mrs Sophie Kenny for her organisation of the camp and for the generosity of staff for their support and attendance.

Our Year 11 students continued to engage in our Term 3 Leadership Program, punctuated with the inaugural formation afternoon and cohort Mass and dinner on Thursday and a series of talks and 2022 Student Leadership Executive panel discussions on the Friday. I would like to thank the Ministry Team, led by Dean of Identity and Mission, Mrs Kate Garrone, Acting Year 11 Pastoral Area Leader, Mr Blake McLauchlan, the staff who attended and the speakers for their energy and support of the program. The week culminated in the first round of voting for the Student Leadership Team. The calibre of applicants within the Year 11 cohort is exceptional and I wish them every success as the cohort continues the process of discernment as we move forward in the selection process.

The Year 12 cohort returned to campus this week following their Week 4 examination block. They have now completed all Internal Assessment and now pivot towards their preparations for their mock examinations in Weeks 8 and 9. We continue to hold our Seniors in our prayers as they move towards the final path of their Villanova journey.

I wish all our musicians every success as they perform at the Queensland Catholic Schools and Colleges Music Festival over the weekend. It is wonderful that our talented students can perform live again at this wonderful event.

Fine-tuning your Emotional Intelligence
Following on from my article last fortnight on the pillars of positive mental health, I focus this week on the skill of emotional intelligence- the ability to recognise your feelings and understand how you are responding to them. According to Harvard Medical School’s Dr Susan David, building emotional intelligence helps you relate to others better; you develop empathy, the ability to listen to others without judgment and an aptitude for responding to others in a thoughtful way. These attributes are essential in the cultivation of relationships which is the hallmark of our Augustinian philosophy.

According to the author, you can increase your emotional intelligence in these ways:

  1. Stop Hustling Your Emotions Away- especially difficult ones. Accept that you will face these emotions.
  2. See Emotions as Data- after you ID a feeling, ask yourself what it might be telling you?
  3. Be Specific- the clearer you are about describing your emotions, the clearer it will be in addressing them.

Next fortnight will focus on tapping into your vulnerability.

“When awareness is brought to an emotion, power is brought to your life.” – Tara Meyer Robson


Mr Matt Levander, Head of Senior School

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Sports News

Many thanks to the families who supported the College to ensure their son participated in today’s annual Interhouse Track & Field Carnival.
A full list of results will be posted in next week’s Villa View.
Due to the shortened week, there is no AIC sport scheduled for this weekend. Enjoy the weekend off!

Based on the results from this week’s Inter-house Track & Field Carnival, many boys will be asked to join the AIC Track & Field Squad which commences training as from next week at Villanova Park. Middle distance will train back here at the College.

A full season schedule is now posted on the Villanova website which includes a complete training schedule, list of coaches, list of all AIC meets and much more. All Track and Field coaches will monitor student attendance at all training sessions. Students will be contacted by either their coach or a member of the Sports Office to explain any absenteeism. We encourage all students to contact their coach if they are unable to make training. Rolls will be taken each week to ensure that those who have been identified as our best athletes attend the sessions and follow through with their commitment as this not only builds character but also the College’s Track & Field program. Parental support on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

AIC Track & Field
All interested students are invited to participate in the pre-season training program with the Villanova Track and Field Squad in 2022.

In preparation for the AIC Track and Field Championships, training will commence next week beginning Monday 15 August. Training sessions will be held every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon throughout the entire season leading up to the AIC Track and Field Championships which are held in Week 1 of Term 4, Thursday 6 and Friday 7 October.

This year we intend on training our entire AIC Track and Field squad from Year 5 – 12 in all disciplines/events on the same two afternoons each week, excluding the middle-distance athletes. The entire squad will be transported by bus to and from Villanova Park to use our newly constructed Track & Field facility. The boys will train from 3.45pm to 5.15pm. The bus will then return all athletes back to the College for collection by approx. 5.40pm. Please find listed below a complete list of our 2022 Track and Field coaches.

Villanova Training Schedule
Includes all students from Year 5 – 12 in all disciplines excluding middle distance
When –         Tuesday and Thursday afternoons
Where –        Villanova Park
Time –          Bus departs Villanova at 3.10pm and returns at 5.40pm

Middle distance athletes will train at Little Langlands (Year 5 and Year 6) or Coorparoo AFC (Year 7 – 12) on the days listed below.

  • Year 5 and Year 6 – Monday and Wednesday afternoon at Little Langlands 3.15-4.45pm. Coach – Miss Amy Roberts
  • Year 7 – 12 – Monday and Wednesday mornings 6.45 – 8.00 am. Please meet in front of Goold Hall at 6.45am. Coach – Mr Brian Pasco

Villanova College Track & Field Coaching Staff – 2022

  • Sprints (400m) and Hurdles – Mr Chris Everding, Mr Ben Valentine and Mr Michael Garske (plus external qualified coach – Bill McKenny)
  • Middle Distance (800m/1500m and 3000m) – Mr Brian Pascoe and Miss Amy Roberts
  • High Jump – Mr Craig Stariha (plus external qualified coach, Karolina Rosloniec)
  • Long Jump and Triple Jump – Mrs Terri Dillon, Mrs Margaret Carabetta (plus external qualified coach, Yevgeniy Tkachenko)
  • Shot Put – Mr Anthony Kemp
  • Discus – Mr Paul Schiavo (plus external qualified coach, Michael Criticos)
  • Javelin – Mr Tony Rolls (plus external qualified coach, Matt Hesse)

If for any reason a student is unable to attend his allocated training session, he must contact his coach and notify them as a matter of courtesy. The Track & Field coaching staff is comprised of experienced members of staff from Villanova, as well as several external professionally qualified coaches.

I encourage all students who are keen to represent Villanova College in Track and Field this season to take advantage of all training sessions offered.  Following the annual Inter-House Track and Field Carnival, an official train-on squad will be announced. We are hopeful all boys listed will accept the offer and train weekly with the squad.

We do understand that many of our athletes will have other co-curricular commitments including AIC Rugby League, AIC Tennis or AIC Basketball. The Sports Office at Villanova College is keen to negotiate an individual training schedule with these students for them to participate and represent the College in Track and Field.  This is important to our program as it ensures our best athletes are representing Villanova on the day of the Championships.

All Track and Field athletes are required to purchase the items below from the College Uniform Shop and wear them to all AIC Track and Field meets as well as on the day of the Championships. Please note, these items are not for loan or hire, each student must purchase their own items.

We recommend that the Year 5 students hold off buying any clothing until their place in the squad is confirmed by their coach. In the meantime, these boys can wear their PE uniform until further notice.

Villanova College Track & Field Uniform

  • NEW Villanova squad shirt (same shirt worn by the AIC swimmers/cross country runners)
  • NEW Villanova T&F singlet (used for Cross and Country and Track and Field)
  • NEW Villanova T&F shorts or rugby shorts (green)
  • Villanova sports cap (green)
  • NEW Villanova black sports socks

*Parents may want to wait until the squad is announced until purchasing T&F singlet.

AIC Track & Field Training Dates & Venues

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
16 August 18 August AIC T&F Meet at SAF
23 August 25 August
30 August 1 September
6 September 8 September

AIC T&F Meet at SAF

13 September 14 September

AIC T&F Meet at SAF

15 September
27 September

8:00am-9:30am at Villanova Park

4 October 6 October

Day 1 AIC T&F Champs at QSAC

7 October

Day 2 AIC T&F Champs at QSAC

AIC Track & Field Meets – 2022

Date Host Venue
Thursday 18 August Invitational Carnival S.A.F Kessels Rd, Nathan
Thursday 8 September Invitational Carnival S.A.F Kessels Rd, Nathan
Wednesday 14 September Invitational Carnival S.A.F Kessels Rd, Nathan
Thursday 6 October Day 1 – AIC Track and Field Championships QSAC, Kessels Rd, Nathan
Friday 7 October Day 2 – AIC Track and Field Championships QSAC, Kessels Rd, Nathan

AIC Track & Field Training Timetable – 2022

Year 5 – 12 Track & Field Training Timetable – 2022

Tuesday & Thursday Afternoons

Time Discipline Age Groups Villanova Staff External Qualified Coaches
3.40PM Arrive
3.45PM – 4.30PM Sprints Year 5 – 8 Chris Everding
Ben Valentine
Bill McKenny
  Hurdles Year 5 – 8 Mick Garske
  High Jump Year 9 – 12 Craig Stariha Karolina Rosloniec
Tuesday Triple Jump

Long Jump

Year 11- 12

Year 9- 10

Terri Dillon
Margaret Carabetta
Yevgeniy Tkachenko
Thursday Triple Jump

Long Jump

Year 9- 10

Year 11- 12

  Shot Put Year 5-8  

Year 5 and Year 6, 12 and 13 Years

Anthony Kemp 14yrs-Opens

Michael Criticos
Tuesday Shot Put Year 7-9
Thursday Shot Put Year 10- 12
Tuesday Discus Year 10 – 12 Paul Schiavo Michael Criticos
Thursday Discus Year 7- 9
  Javelin Year 7 – 9 Tony Rolls Matt Hesse
4.30PM – 5.15PM Sprints Year 9 – 12 Chris Everding
Ben Valentine
Bill McKenny
  Hurdles Year 9 – 12 Mick Garske
  High Jump Year 5 – 8 Craig Stariha Karolina Rosloniec
  Shot Put Year 5 – 12  

Anthony Kemp

Michael Criticos


Triple Jump

Long Jump

Year 7- 8

Year 5- 6

Terri Dillon
Margaret Carabetta
Yevgeniy Tkachenko
Thursday Long Jump Year 5- 8
  Discus Year 7 – 9 Paul Schiavo Michael Criticos
  Javelin Year 10 – 12 Tony Rolls Matt Hesse
5.20PM Depart

Please assist the coaches by ensuring your son is available to attend all meets.  A bus will transport all athletes to and from these meets. A complete event schedule for these meets will be posted on the College’s website in the week’s leading up to the event.

Assistance with timekeeping and officiating at the Thursday night carnivals would be greatly appreciated. Please contact a member of the Sports Office or the coaches if you can help at any of the lead-up carnivals.

I look forward to an enjoyable and successful season. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me on ph. 3394 5611 or particularly if your son has  other co-curricular commitments and a negotiated training schedule needs to be organized.

Commitment, dedication and effort are needed by all to produce strong results on the days of the AIC Championship. I thank you in advance for your support and wish the boys all the best in their preparations for the AIC Track & Field season.

AIC Basketball Coordinator – Mr Sean O’Neill
Round 3 against Ashgrove was always going to be a tough assignment and so many of the games were closely fought contents. What was really pleasing to see was the clean sweep of wins across Year 5, 6, and 7. It really shows a promising future for Villanova basketball.

The 1st V were certainly favourites having beaten Ashgrove in the trial and despite a closer first quarter, the players remained patient to the game plan and finally began to stretch the lead in the second half. The final score was 110 – 46 and again, our crowd played such an important role in keeping the energy and enthusiasm flowing throughout the game.

A reminder that this weekend is the bye round due to QCMF. Please continue to check the Locker Room for updates regarding training. We are certainly in a really strong position after three rounds and should enter the second half of the season with some real momentum.

AIC Basketball Results v Ashgrove

TEAM Round 1


Round 2


Round 3


Round 4


Round 5


Round 6


Round 7



1st V W 82-59 W 104-73 W 110 – 46
2nd V W 42-38 W 56-34 W 32-29
3rd V W 44-37 L 29-43 L 30-34
4th V W 30-26 L 21-30 (V ASH) D 31-31
11A W 79-32 W 46-32 W 41-33
11B W 58-38 W 74-24 W 51-32
11C W 46-20 BYE W 20-16
10A L 52-18 W 73-18 W 44-34
10B W 33-32 W 52-14 L 21-33
10C W 35-28 W 67-10 WASH OUT
10D BYE L 35-46 L 29-49
9A W 49-27 W 59-41 W 62-34
9B L 40-28 W 64-21 L 23-43
9C L 68-25 W 44-23 D 36-36
9D L 43-21 BYE W 29-26
8A L 23-14 L 35-36 L 32-48
8B W 55-24 W 63-2 W 46-18
8C W 55-15 W 80-5 W 37-24
8D W 47-14 BYE L 31-15
7A L 32-23 W 42-19 W 37-35
7B W 35-30 W 27-16 W 42-21
7C W 37-14 W 74-5 W 31-29
7D W 22-12 BYE W 32-10
6A W 32-24 W 51-16 W 55-14
6B W 29-26 W 92-10 W 43-19
6C WASHOUT W 33-17 (V ASH) W 48-14
6D WASHOUT W 28-22 (V ASH) W 25-22
5A W 61-10 W 54-8 W 52-10
5B W 42-8 W 102-4 W 77-12
5C W 70-6 W 30-7 (V ASH) W 27-10
5D W 25-9 W 19-11 (VASH) W 17-9

 AIC Tennis Coordinator – Mr Todd Kropp
It was another tough encounter on the tennis court for AIC Round 3 against a very well-trained Ashgrove team. Whilst the matches played on court were certainly tough, I commend our boys on their ability to fight for each rally. I would also like to thank our entire Tennis community for their patience and understanding as we deal with the fallout of COVID. There were many reserves called upon this week, even in different grades, to help fill our tennis absences for those suffering from illness.

Our First team had another good effort on court but unfortunately fell short on the scoreboard losing on games count back. Coach Bo was pleased with the performance of the First IV on Saturday and he and the team will return to the training court in readiness for the next match.

A reminder that this weekend is the bye round due to QCMF. I hope all our families have an enjoyable Saturday morning off and we look forward to getting them back onto the court once more for AIC Round 4!

AIC Tennis Results v Ashgrove

TEAM Round 1


Round 2


Round 3


Round 4


Round 5


Round 6


Round 7


1st IV 3-5 L 1-7 L L 4 (59) – 4 (50)
2nd IV 5-3 W 3-5 L L 2-6
3rd IV 7-1 W 5-3 W W 4 (30) – 4 (26)
4th IV BYE 6-2 W W 7-1
10A 4 (24) – 4 (24) D 0-8 L L 3-5
10B 8-0 W 4 (31) – 4 (33) W L 1-7
9A 4 (36) – 4 (38) L 1-7 L L 1-7
9B 2-6 L 1-7 L L 1-7
8A 1-7 L L 2-6
8B 7-1 W 2-6 L L 2-6
7A 4 (24) – 4 (29) L 0-8 L L 0-8
7B 2-6 L 5-3 W L 4 (29) – 4 (30)
6A 0-8 L 7-1 W W 6-2
6B 1-7 L 3-5 L L 4 (24) – 4 (31)
5A 7-1 W 4 (29) – 4 (30) L Wash Out
5B 7-1 W 8-0 W Wash Out

AIC Rugby League Coordinator – Mr Blake McLauchlan
Round 3 versus Marist Ashgrove was always going to be a tough round and several games showed how strong an opposition they are. We finished the weekend with one draw and six losses. Congratulations to our Year 5 team for drawing their game, 24 – 24. It was certainly an entertaining start to the day with both teams scoring some impressive tries. Our Year 5 team are the only team that remain undefeated for the 2022 season, and we wish them the best of luck for the remaining four rounds.

Unfortunately, the 1st XIII had another loss for the season. It would be fair to say that our 1st XIII looked to be the better side in patches of the second half but were just unable to capitalise on rare chances in the opposition half. Ashgrove were able to take their chances and opened the scoring up through some tired defenders around the ruck. Ashgrove then stretched the lead, taking advantage of a few simple errors.

This week all teams will have a bye round and the competition will resume next Saturday 20 August for Round 4 against St Patrick’s College.  Having the bye round gives our teams an opportunity to regroup and improve on the fundamentals at training and allows our injured players to rest and recover. I urge all boys to continue to remain focussed and train hard over the next two weeks to give us every chance to take out the win. All teams will be playing at Padua College playing fields for Round 4. Please check the draw posted on the website for the time and the field that teams have been allocated to. Please allow enough travel time to ensure you arrive at Banyo at least 30 minutes before your scheduled kick off time unless you have been told to arrive earlier by your coach.

I wish all teams the best of luck next weekend at Banyo.

AIC Rugby League Results v Ashgrove

TEAM Round 1


Round 2


Round 3


Round 4


Round 5


Round 6


Round 7


1st XIII 34 – 4 L L 16-28  
YEAR 10 28 – 10 L L 6-40  
YEAR 9 14 – 0 L L 26-8  
YEAR 8 16 – 8 L L 24-14  
YEAR 7 24 – 8 L L 10-4  
YEAR 6 16 – 12 L L 12-28  
YEAR 5 24 – 0 W 20 – 12 W v Ash D 24-24  

 Representative Sport
Trial paperwork for the following sports is now available from the Sports Office.

Sport Forms due back to Sports Office
13 – 14 Years Futsal Wednesday 17 August
Met East Triathlon Nominations close – Friday 14 October

Well done to Mitchell Rieck who recently competed in the Queensland Cross Country Championships on 30 July. As a result of finishing in the top 10, Mitchell was selected in the Queensland Team for the 2022 Australian Cross Country Championships to be held in Adelaide on 27 August.

Mitchell also competed at the Queensland School Sport Cross Country Championships on  17 July, coming top ten in the 18yrs age group and getting a silver in the team relay event. A great effort Mitchell!


Mr Craig Stariha, Director of Sport

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Music News

QCMF 2022
We have limited the number of sections and venues in our return festival, the first in-person festival in three years.  This festival will be approx. 70% of the size of our 2019 event – the last physical festival hosted by the College.

However, we are still welcoming 90 participating schools, bringing 344 ensembles and sharing almost 10,300 student performances.

QCMF is a great celebration of music and youth achievement in Catholic Education.  We encourage you all to come and share in this community building event.

Here is a link to a short video, sharing the important role QCMF plays in Catholic Education:

Bringing Joy – Celebrating Music Education. – YouTube

We look forward to seeing you ‘on the hill’ this weekend!

Volunteer at QCMF
On behalf of the QCMF Organising Group, I would like to thank all of you who have volunteered for this year’s festival.  We appreciate all the assistance that you will afford our visitors and participants.  An event of this magnitude would not be possible with out your willingness to contribute to our community – THANK YOU!

If you are at a loose end for something to do over the weekend, I encourage you to sign up to our volunteer portal and join other like-minded community members in supporting student musicians from all over Australia.

Further information can be found on our QCMF website – – or to access our volunteering portal directly, please go to  If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact our music office on 3394 5691.

We look forward to you joining us!

Villanova College Performance Times at QCMF
As previously communicated, our Villanova Ensemble performance times are outlined below.  Please make sure the arrival times are noted in your diaries.  Students are required on level 1 of the Augustine Centre by the arrival time to prepare for their performance in the festival.  We hope this allows you to plan your volunteering shifts around your son’s performance at QCMF 2022.

Please note:  Friday 12 August is a pupil-free day for Villanova College.  Performers will only be provided supervision from their scheduled arrival time through until the conclusion of their section.  Students will require support arriving and departing the College around these times on this day.

Key Dates Term 3
As we look ahead across the term, please ensure we pencil the following dates into your diary:

Term 3
5 11 – 14 Aug Queensland Catholic Colleges’ and Schools’ Music Festival
6 Continuing Information packs distributed to Year 5, 2022 Families
6 Audition Materials Distributed – all MS/SS students (not Yr12)
6 Thursday 18 August Lunchtime Performance (1st break) – Irish Ensemble – Veritas Undercroft
6 Thursday 18 August Lunchtime Performance (2nd break) – Rock Bands – Veritas Undercroft
6 Saturday 20 August Open Basketball in Goold Hall – Pep Band (St Peter’s)
7 Wednesday 24 August Lunchtime Performance (1st break) – JS Wind Band – Junior School
7 Wednesday 24 August Lunchtime Performance (2nd break) – JS String Orchestra – Junior School
7 Sunday 28 August Live and Wired Festival – Loreto College  (Big Band)
8 Audition Video Submission Deadline
8 Friday 2 September Orientation Day – new Year 5, 2023 demonstrations and testing – 8am-1pm
8 Monday 29 August 2023 Enrolments due for continuing students – Year 6 – 12
9 2023 Ensembles posted outside Music Office
9 Instrumental Music Assessment Task 3 Due (Year 12 only)
9 6/9 & 8/9 2022 Music Finale Gala Concert Series (all ensembles)
9 Saturday 10 September Open Basketball in Goold Hall – Pep Band (Padua)
9 Sunday 11 September St Catherine’s School Fete (Big Band)
10 Monday 12 September 2023 Enrolments due for Year 5
10 Monday 12 September Wieneke Music Bursary Entries Due
10 Tuesday 13 September Year 5 Gala Concert and Information Session (lesson 1 – Morning Tea)
10 Monday 12 September Music Support Group meeting – 7:30pm


QCMF 11 – 14 AUGUST, 2022
GE1A Russell Neville Guitar Ensemble 1 THUR 11 AUG 7:20 PM 8:20 PM Augustine Centre
CB1C(1) Michael Jones Concert Band THUR 11 AUG 3:15 PM 4:15 PM Goold Hall
GE1B(2) Russell Neville Guitar Ensemble 2 THUR 11 AUG 6:15 PM 7:16 PM Tolle Lege
SOC(1) Kristen Duncan Year 5 String Orchestra FRI 12 AUG 7:41 AM 8:41 AM Augustine Centre
SO2B(1) Issy Young Junior Orchestra FRI 12 AUG 11:05 AM 12:09 PM Augustine Centre
CBC(1) Claire Petherick Beginner Band FRI 12 AUG 8:22 AM 9:22 AM Goold Hall
CB2B(2) Nicholas Cavallaro Junior School Band FRI 12 AUG 1:00 PM 2:00 PM Goold Hall
SO1C(1) Kristen Duncan Camerata SAT 13 AUG 8:10 AM 9:09 AM Augustine Centre
SO1B(2) Kristen Duncan Sinfonia SAT 13 AUG 2:10 PM 3:08 PM Augustine Centre
CH1B(4) Melissa Gill College Choir SAT 13 AUG 12:40 PM 1:41 PM St Thomas of Villanova
CB1A(3) Michael Jones Symphonic Band SUN 14 AUG 2:50 PM 3:51 PM Augustine Centre
CB1B(4) Carl Harvoe Wind Ensemble SUN 14 AUG 9:30 AM 10:29 AM Goold Hall
CH1A(3) Melissa Gill Supernovans SUN 14 AUG 11:00 AM 12:00 PM St Thomas of Villanova
CH1A(4) Melissa Gill Combined Choir SUN 14 AUG 1:05 PM 2:05 PM St Thomas of Villanova

Villanova Camp Chairs and Wildcat Coolers
Our fantastic Music Support Group have organised an innovative fundraiser for Villanova College.  You may have heard the buzz about our Villanova Camp Chairs and Wildcat Coolers…  the MUST HAVE items for the beach/cricket/park/fishing/barbecue/etc. this Summer!
Villanova Branded Camp Chairs – $35; Wildcat Coolers – $30

All items can be purchased via Trybooking through the following link:

Purchases can be collected from the Music Office and all profits go to the Music Support Group.

Identity Entertainment Publications Memberships
Entertainment memberships are one of the Music Support Groups main fund-raisers.  Just click on the link to purchase a membership and obtain ongoing special deals throughout the year.


Thank you all for your ongoing support of Music at Villanova College.

Mr Michael Jones, Director of Music


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Mission and Identity News

Life to the full in Mission and Identity
Life has been full and busy in Mission and Identity over recent weeks.  We’ve had several new initiatives running: the Conversations of the Heart Program running in partnership with All Hallows School; building our Global VILLAge in AFAS through Team meetings with our partner school, Divino Amore Academy in the Philippines;  and all our Year 11 students have participated in an afternoon of encounter with people and organisations working for justice and to develop community and belonging for those most vulnerable in our city as part of their preparation to lead as our senior students in the College.  I have quite honestly been in awe of our Villanova College students in these events.  They have participated with genuine openness and been prepared to give their all while sharing and interacting.

Conversations of the Heart – Year 9 and 12 Twilight Retreat Series with All Hallows’ School
Having conversations about the things that matter is an essential skill for life, and in recent years with the spotlight on issues of consent, respect and domestic violence, schools are responding by ensuring that proper education is provided to young people on the importance of respect in relationships. At Villanova we are embedding consent and respectful relationships into our curriculum and looking for additional opportunities for our students to explore and connect around these important topics in meaningful and proactive ways.

Last year after partnering with All Hallows’ School to participate in an online consent forum hosted by Brisbane Catholic Education, students at both schools decided it was not enough to discuss respect in our single-sex school bubbles but rather, it was a conversation that needed to be had across schools and across genders.  Out of this Conversations of Heart came into being.

The program involved a small group of Year 11/12 students from each school participating in a Twilight Retreat facilitated by Br Damien Price. These students then became the creators and facilitators of a larger Twilight Retreat for our Year 9 students. Again, Br Damien was the chief facilitator, but the small group discussions were led by the senior students. This successful formula worked because the younger students were comfortable talking to their older peers about issues such as self-esteem, pressure to be someone other than themselves, consent, safe partying and self-respect.

The retreat program entitled ‘Respect-filled Relationships – Conversations of the heart’ was grounded in the belief that we are all made in God’s image and that we are deserving of respect because of our innate human dignity. Br Damien successfully led the students into a safe space to share ideas and perspectives on topics that are rarely aired in this way. Students left feeling heard and some even had their preconceptions of what the other sex believed about a number of issues, challenged.

The success of this optional retreat program lay in the willingness of our Senior students and past pupils, Harry Corrigan and Thanasi Keskinidis, willingly sharing their stories and experiences.  Certainly, students engaged so respectfully and asked questions freely.  It was an experience of encounter and an immensely powerful way of sharing wisdom.  A huge thank-you to all students and staff involved.

Global VILLAge – zooming with students at Divino Amore Academy in the Philippines
On Friday 28 July our AFAS group had our second video conferencing session with our partners at Divino Amore Academy.  Our Ministries Captain, Jose Sibi made the following reflections on the experience:

The AFAS Global Village event that I was involved with was such a profound experience for me. For me as a Year 12 student who now has such a limited time left at the college, it has never been more important to grasp onto every opportunity to make the most out of the time left. Hence, I was so glad that I was able to partake in this event, where we did a zoom conference to students from the Divino Amore Academy in the Philippines. It was interesting to be able to learn more about how these students go about their day-to-day lives in a vastly different environment and climate to us. A topic discussed that was popular was climate change and our response to it in both countries; a topic that we as young people seem to be strongly passionate about. For students who materially are less privileged than we are, it was also quite inspiring to see their positive outlook on life and their humble personalities. Yet, what stood out the most for me was the gratitude they expressed for being able to talk to them, and the funding that Villanova provides for the student’s education over there. This just goes to show the importance of maintaining strong connections to communities in the Philippines, and how this inter-cultural connection is a significant part of our identity.

Date Claimer – Mission Week 22 – 26 August 2022
Mission week is fast approaching!  This is the week when we celebrate our Villanova College community, and we reach out through this to support others.  It is a week where we celebrate the ongoing relationship that as a community has spanned 29 years with communities in the Philippines.  Over all these years there has been a continual flow of friendships between students and staff at Villanova and those in schools and community projects we have connected with in the Philippines.

Mission Week 2022 has the following events planned:
Monday 22 August
Launch of Red Candle week with extended Pastoral and then the opportunity for families to gather and share stories and reflect with the resources each family will receive.

Tuesday 23 August
Mass of St Augustine
Fun activities to build community and raise money across breaks throughout the week run by our Ministry groups, including Filipino World run by our Senior students.

Friday 26 August  
Free dress day – gold coin donation
Dare to Donate Day – fun dares issued by students to our teachers to raise funds
Sausage sizzle lunch
Dare to Donate Concert

This week is our only AFAS fundraiser, and we ask for your support for the dares and barbecue.

Ignite Conference 2022 – ’The Moment’.
Your life can change in a moment. Moments can impact us, change us, shape us and define us. Our whole lives are made up of moments. The moment we were born, the moment we started school, or that moment we encountered Jesus in that friend, event or sitting alone in our room. Our Catholic faith is made up of moments that altered history forever – the moment Jesus breathed his last, the moment the Spirit entered his lifeless body, the moment he spoke hope to the woman at the well and shot dazzling sight into the body of a blind man, the moment he broke bread in his hands and flames of fire burst into an upper room. Fast forward 2000 years.

Now it is time for THIS MOMENT. Ignite Conference 2022 is one of those moments you will not want to miss!

For more information and tickets please use the following links.  We would love to have a group from Villa attend.  Please drop into my office or email if you are interested in attending:

Ignite Conference 22 – Australia’s Premier Ticketing System For Organisations


Mrs Kate Garrone, Dean of Mission and Identity


Alpha Youth Series
What is Alpha?
Alpha is a series of interactive sessions that explore life faith and meaning. The program promotes connection with people who want answer to life’s questions; provides content that explores the big issues of life and faith and unpacks the basics of Christian belief; and encourages conversation, the chance to share thoughts and ideas on the topic and discuss in small groups.

What is Alpha- Youth series?
The Alpha Youth Series has been totally reimagined for today’s youth culture. Through 13 sessions filmed in Vancouver, London, Paris, Rome, Israel, and many other incredible locations, the Alpha Youth Series explores timeless questions about life and faith from a Christian perspective. There are nine weekly episodes and four episodes for the Alpha Weekend/Day.

For more information click on the link. Alpha Youth Promo_For Newsletters

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Parent Information

Calling all Villanova College Bakers  The Home Bake Stall is always very popular at QCMF for kids, parents and staff. To make sure that it continues to be a success we are asking each family at Villa for their help in providing donations of baked goods to support this event. We ask that each family provide just one batch of goodies; savoury or sweet, over the course of the festival.

If you are happy to make something, then let your creativity flow as we will very grateful. If you are time poor or don’t fancy yourself as a baker then we would also love to receive donations of bought goodies such as biscuits, cakes and slices. There are also  many requests for gluten free and dairy free options. With spring around the corner, we are hoping to make this year’s stall as colourful as possible. If you are decorating, please be as colourful as you can.

Please remember those in our community with food allergies, so a list of ingredients with your donations must be included to aid those with allergies and intolerances.

Donations can be dropped to the Villanova College Tuckshop at the following times:

Fri: 8am – 3pm

Sat: 8am – 3pm

Sun: 8.30am-9.30am.

If you have any questions, please contact the stall convenor:

Anjali Henders (Ph: 0402 838 922)

QCMF is back and needing volunteers! There are a range of volunteer positions available. Even a couple of hours of your time would be greatly appreciated. For information and to sign up visit:

For notices and the latest information on Alinta Uniform Shop stock levels visit the Alinta website: Homepage | Alinta Apparel

View the 2022 Tuckshop menu and price list here: Menu-and-Prices2022-1.pdf (

New Tuckshop Volunteers – We Need You
We are putting a call out to all parents who have ever considered volunteering at the Villanova College Tuckshop – NOW IS THE TIME!
The Tuckshop is a modern, commercial area of the College that provides an affordable and nourishing breakfast, morning tea and lunch service for the boys. Breakfast preparations begin from 7.00am and morning tea and lunch preparations beginning at 8.30am with the day concluding at 1.30pm.

We run a self-service system, with a diverse menu consisting of both freshly prepared and pre-packaged items.
The Tuckshop is managed by a paid convenor but could not exist without its dedicated volunteer helpers. We welcome help from Mums, Dads, grandparents, other caregivers, friends, etc.

You would be rostered on one day every four weeks generally from 8.30am to 1.30 pm but for those of you who can accommodate or prefer an earlier start and/or finish, you can be rostered on the breakfast shift from 7.00am.

Even if you can only give just an hour or two – we can make use of any time you are able to give us. Our helpers are provided with a cuppa and cake for morning tea, a delicious lunch, lots of laughs and an opportunity to see their sons in their school environment.

If you are a little nervous about volunteering alone, why not join with a friend! Current volunteers have mentioned the following reasons as to why they enjoy working at the Tuckshop:

  • it helps our boys and the College community
  • it is great opportunity to meet other parents and chat to others with similar interests
  • boys enjoy seeing their parents at school (even though they will not always admit it)
  • it is a chance to get to meet your son’s friends and their teachers
  • it is a great way to seek advice from parents who have “been there, done that”
  • it is a lot of funPlease consider volunteering. WE NEED YOU!
    Please refer to the College website –
    or email Dot Blair – for further details.

Dot Blair, Tuckshop Convenor

Have your say on what matters regarding the wellbeing and learning of your child.
For example, has COVID or your partnership with the school affected your child’s wellbeing and learning?
If you are a parent or carer with a child in a Catholic school, CSPA would love to hear from you.

Click on the survey link and share your feedback to assist CSPA in reporting to the Federal Government and Catholic education.
Your feedback will remain anonymous. Click here for CSPA Parent Survey

For more information on the Commonwealth School Data Collection please click on link (INSERT LINK)

Calling current parents, Old Boys and past parents — promote your business or service to members of the Villa community for free with the Villanova College Business Directory. List your business today for free via the link:

Questions can be directed to

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