Principal's Welcome

Welcome back to all of our families for the start of the second semester. The frantic start to the year and associated floods has meant that the first portion of the year disappeared quickly. There was much to learn and much to do; which is a theme that has not changed as we enter Semester Two, but I cannot be more thankful for the quality of the staff, students and parents of the College. It is a pleasure to be involved in such a community and to share just as small piece of the educational and growth journey of the boys here.

I would like to congratulate those students who performed at a high standard last semester. On analysis of Semester One we had both boys achieving at a high standard and boys who have improved their GPAs significantly from last years end of year data. This commitment to learning and personal growth is not just admirable but an important part in the development of our young men into the Villanova graduate. Next week will be an academic assembly where we present students who have achieved at the highest of standards.

The Villa Carnival is on again next Saturday evening and the work being done by the P&F and stall convenors is absolutely amazing. The passion and humble service of each is truly inspiring and I am very much looking forward to sharing in the occasion. I would certainly encourage all families to attend and partake in this important community building activity and enjoy the company of one another. This year we also return to a live concert for our older students “Villa Vibes” with Old Boy artists Mashd N Kutcher the headline act.

Our Year 11 Semi Formal is being held at Victoria Park on Friday night I do think it is important to share with all parents our College expectations and give insight into the reason for such an event. Below is a small portion of a letter sent to all Year 11 parents’ last term.

The Year 11 Semi-Formal is an event that all students, and their partners from other schools, look forward to. In all honesty College staff look forward to it as well. It is an opportunity for boys to display in a public setting what they have learned about respectful conduct, manners, self-discipline, communication and expected standards of social behaviour. My experience has seen at that these are wonderful ‘coming of age’ events but, at times, can be misconstrued by boys and parents as non-school party event where the values and expectations of the school are sidelined simply because it is deemed ‘special’ or different.

Our standards and values still apply, before the event, at the event and after the event. As parents and carers, you chose Villanova College to develop your son into a man of strength, character, and integrity. The Semi-Formal is actually a test of his development and maturity. It is not a reason for him to sideline the values taught moreover it is an opportunity to challenge himself to be a man of respect, humility, and thoughtfulness. To show he is growing into a gentle man. We want to get that first glimpse into his future successes in life and relationships as he interacts with his partner and his friends.

Such events are also important occasions and celebrations for parents so small, friendship based, pre-event gatherings are common, and enjoyable. For both my children my wife and I went to such events with our children and their friends. Unfortunately, post event functions are also common, and out of our realms College responsibility or control. These are not however, out of the realms of responsibility and expectations of parent supervision and control. Large scale events should not be considered nor held.

I do hope that as broad Villanova Community of boys from 10 years of age to 18 years of age you are aligned with my, and our College, approach to formal and semi-formal functions.

Trimester Three sport begins with trials against Padua this weekend in rugby league, tennis and basketball with the track and field season closing in quickly. I thank our coaches and volunteers for their offer of support and guidance and wish all of our boys the absolute best for the season ahead.


Mr Paul Begg, Principal

In keeping with the spirit of Reconciliation, Villanova College acknowledges the Yuggera and Turrbal peoples, as the Traditional Custodians of this land on which we stand.  We pay our respects to Elders, past, present and emerging.  This has always been, and always will be, a place of teaching and learning connected to country, culture and community. 


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Junior School News

Term 3 is my favourite – the Premiership Quarter; because I was born in an AFL state, Western Australia, the notion of coming out of the ‘sheds’ and giving it your all, to set up a winning final quarter, was instilled in me early on. Using our Semester 1 Report Cards, knowledge about our learning strengths and challenges, united with parent and teacher support – this is the time to set goals and make concerted efforts for change.

Changes need time, planning and regular check-ins.  Everybody needs a support network to move forward.  How do we break down the next 10 weeks of learning into manageable pieces – where do we start?

  1. Be honest with yourself. Looking in the mirror and getting “real” about what you can do better can feel unsettling.  Having a trusted person next to you helps.  Sharing any worries or fears together really does remind us that we are not alone.  Everybody has something to work on.  Mums, Dads and teachers have areas to improve on and sharing these with our sons can go a long way with fostering a growth mindset in a Year 5 or Year 6 student.
  2. Write down your goals – visuals keep the challenge as a reminder – display it somewhere that it can be seen. Keep the targets simple, short term to start.  If it is an academic goal, then consider the homework or revision strategies each week.  Make plans about the best times to work on your vocabulary, textbook responses and then look to work on problem solving or real-world situations that use such information.  Watch videos, talk about concepts with an adult, make a list of new information, construct flash cards to use in the car.
  3. Reward yourself for sticking to a plan each week. Negotiate the “carrot” that allows you to feel great about meeting your goals.  You deserve to celebrate the small wins that should ultimately get you to that goal post.  Hit a road bump?  Do not panic.  Life happens.  Work out how to avoid these bumps (if possible) in the future.  Be kind to yourself but do not let excuses become a pattern.  If you need to change your plan for the next week then do so, keeping a trusted adult informed.
  4. After a month, test yourself. Put together the last four weeks of learning and create a simple exam, set the clock, and give your best responses.  Talk into a FlipGrid, draw/label a diagram, make a list, mix and match vocabulary, show different ways to share an idea.  Share this with your parents or teacher – be proud of your “half-time” achievement.  Celebrate the top of the mountain and know that there is still work to do.  Do not give up now.
  5. A solid preparation means you now enter the busiest time of the term with confidence. You will be amazed how much this changes your sense of wellbeing.  As learning tasks and pressure starts to build, you will hold your head up higher and face the challenges knowing you have done your best.  Focus on stress relievers – sleep patterns, eating well, exercise, organised times to have fun with music, movies, gaming, catch ups with mates.  Balance your work and socializing to keep you happy.  Your best is good enough.

The possibilities this term are yours to create.  A helping hand is available.  There are so many ways to make this premiership quarter the success that 2022 needs.  Take charge of one aspect of your schooling – jump into that driver seat and move from first gear to second and find third!

With the West Coast Eagles having a less than inspiring season, I am excited to celebrate the  mighty maroons winning at Suncorp Stadium and then it is my all-time highlight with AIC basketball beginning this Friday afternoon.  I know our debating teams have their palm cards ready for Thursday evening and rugby league lads have their mouthguards in place for Saturday.  At last, the sun is shining so gentlemen, staff and parents – let the magic of Term 3 rain down on us all!


­­­Mr Stephen Rouhliadeff, Head of Junior School

The Villanova Community Carnival is fast approaching on Saturday 23 July and Year 5 and Year 6 are convening the immensely popular Lob-a-Choc stall and are looking forward to another action-packed night to raise funds for the P & F. This stall is the responsibility of the Junior School which means we rely solely on the generous chocolate donations from our Year 5 and Year 6 families to help make the stall a huge success. Baskets will be placed in your son’s classrooms from Monday 11 July, the first day of Term 3 and we would be extremely appreciative of chocolates of any shape or size – family blocks, individual bars or fun packs – as long as they are individually wrapped.

As an incentive and a long-standing tradition in the Junior School, the class that donates the most chocolate (in weight) wins a Pizza and Soft Drink Party. This is a highly acclaimed and sought-after prize, and it does get extremely competitive!

We will be collecting Wednesday and Friday mornings from the baskets in the classrooms.

We are also calling out for volunteers on the night so we will be in touch again shortly. View volunteer timeslots and sign up here:

Thanks so much for helping make the Lob-a-Choc stall a success. We are so grateful for your contributions.

Your Lob-a-Choc Convenors


Year 6 Father and Son Go-Kart Championship

Hello parents and carers of Year 6 Students,

Bookings are now open for the Year 6 Father and Son Go-Kart Championship at Kingston Park Raceway on Sunday 11 September.
This will be an action-packed morning of racing and gaming just for the boys – fathers (or a significant other male adult) and sons will have a blast together!
DATE: Sunday 11 September
TIME: 9am to 12pm – participants are asked to arrive 45 minutes early to allow for processing time [depending on the number of participants we may be able to extend our booking to 2pm]
COST: $100 for father and son – this includes a minimum of two races [total number of races will depend on final numbers], gloves and a balaclava, and a 30-min iPlay gaming session
WHERE: Kingston Park Raceway, 20 Mudgee St, Kingston [approximately 30 minutes from Brisbane] Directions –
WHAT TO WEAR: Closed shoes are a must – otherwise just dress comfortably. Gloves and balaclavas are required but will be provided on the day – BYO if you prefer.
HOW TO BOOK: Payment is via the Parent Portal. Bookings will close Saturday 23 July.
There is a large kiosk on site with plenty of food and drink options to purchase.

You will be racing in the Formula Fun Karts which are for ages 10+ and zipping around on the Monte Carlo Track at speeds of up to 40km per hour. The track has tight turns and lots of opportunities for passing to take out the top spot!
Still have questions? Email

Your Year 6 Class Convenors

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Middle School News

Welcome back to Term Three.  I trust everyone in our Middle School family had an enjoyable holiday break. As it was colder than in previous years, my family was able to spend more time together inside playing board games and reading books. This was a welcome change from the usual hustle and bustle of a school holiday. More than anything, it reminded me of the need to ensure we do have those moments of quiet [particularly as a family] so that we can both reconnect with each other and recharge our batteries.

As a lover of AFL, it is often spoken about that the third quarter is the premiership quarter. The first two quarters are usually spent evaluating the opposition and trying to get ahead but rarely being able to stretch them [and often ourselves] too far. It is in the third quarter where one team makes their move, puts their stamp on the game and improves or at least holds on in the fourth and final. In our conversations in PD this week, we have had similar conversations regarding Term 3. It is the time where students should make their move and push through the barriers to ensure they finish on top.

To enable this process, the students have begun setting their goals for Semester Two. During the holidays, many families engage in constructive conversations regarding the Semester One report card, focussing on results, but also on the application comments by teachers. These conversations should form the basis of a student’s goals for this semester.

At Villanova, we stress the importance of writing down these goals – keeping them visible  helps students to keep on track with what needs to be done, and also serves to make them accountable. Accountable to themselves, to their parents and to their teachers. Teenagers cannot be expected to be able to maintain that drive at all times which is why a support network of school and home working together in concert needs to reinvigorate those goals when they start to wane. I would encourage all parents to engage in that ongoing conversation and work with their sons’ in shaping the goals they themselves have set. This action to build upon the home-school relationship that Villanova College has always sought to foster.

Enjoy the thrill of the third quarter of school and know that if you achieve your goals in this term, you will be coming out on top. Hopefully, my beloved Western Bulldogs can do the same!

Sean O’Neill,  Acting Head of Middle School


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Senior School News

Welcome back all Senior School families to Term 3.
I hope all students had the opportunity to re-energise and maximise their mid-year holiday break and that all have returned ready to work towards new learning and personal goals and continue to build a mindset geared towards striving for excellence in both the classroom and how they conduct themselves as young men.

Next week’s parent-student-teacher conferences will provide another opportunity for students to receive feedback and feedforward ahead of their new term’s work. I certainly would expect that all students have engaged in some honest introspection and reflected upon their academic performance and progress last semester and as such are determined to improve and tackle new challenges with purpose.

As I communicated to all Senior School students and parents last week, this third term is incredibly busy, with several key events and processes punctuating the College calendar. This Friday, the Year 11 students will no doubt enjoy their Semi-Formal occasion. Such events are important in the social development of our young men, and I am confident that they will prove to be most generous and chivalrous in their care of their partners throughout the evening. I appreciate the efforts of Year 11 Pastoral Area Leader, Mr Blake McLauchlan in his organisation of this event.

You Are Not Alone Fun Run
In my last Villa View article, I shared with you the vision of Student Council President and Founder of the You Are Not Alone initiative, Tom Price for the inaugural Fun Run that was conducted on June 25. This vision was magnificently realised in what I can proudly proclaim to be the most successful student led initiative that I have witnessed in my career. As has been shared across social media channels, over $37 000 was raised for Lifeline crisis support services. The atmosphere around the Botanical Gardens fortified the community sentiment and support for this wonderful event- it truly represented our College values in a poignant way.

Snapchat Guide for Parents
I am an email subscriber to Safe on Social, which provides pertinent advice and information pertaining to the various social media platforms that young people engage with on a daily basis. eSafety HQ is Safe on Social’s online learning program. It offers access to the most current cyber safety information year-round in easy bite-size video, audio, and written content.

One of their most recent offerings is a Snapchat Guide for Parents. This platform continues to be one of the most popular amongst young people and is also one which can often lead to negative social media behaviours. Parents can access the guide by following this link:

“The foundation of every state is the education of its youth.” – Diogenes

Mr Matt Levander, Head of Senior School

Villa Vibes – Concert at Villa Community Carnival
The Villa Community Carnival will be held on College grounds on Saturday 23 July from 5pm – 10pm.  The Carnival will offer a range of rides, events, activities and stalls for the whole family and we welcome all our community to attend the festivities.

For the first time ever, we will be introducing Villa Vibes, a concert for Year 10, Year 11 and Year 12 students showcasing two bands featuring current and former Villanova students. Shamps band and Mashd N Kutcher will feature from 6.30pm – 9pm in Goold Hall.

Attendance of this event will be limited to Villanova College students and students from selected local girls’ schools with only a limited number of tickets available.
Tickets can be purchased via the link :   
Limited Early Bird tickets are available for $25.00 until Friday 15 July or until sold out.
General tickets will be available from 5.01pm on Friday 15 July or once Early Bird Tickets are sold out for $30.00.
All students will require Student ID for entry and no tickets will be available for purchase on  the night.

Jordan Mullan, Community Engagement and Foundation Manager



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Teaching and Learning News

Welcome back to the new semester. After a three-week break, it was good to see the students back on campus on Monday. Term 2 is always a busy term, not necessarily for the amount of work to be done but because it is only nine weeks long. Term 3 on the other hand is a 10-week term, however, with the number of disruptions, it gives the sense of a short term. Whilst we are only at the end of Week 1, I would encourage all of our students to work hard on their planning and time management early on.

I trust by now that parents/guardians have had an opportunity to check their son’s report. I was able to have a look over most students’ reports before they were made available to parent/guardians. The results achieved by our students were exceptional. Our teachers have also provided feedback on all students’ assessment tasks, and this can be found online via Parent Lounge / Student Café.

Parent-Student-Teacher conferences are being held next Thursday afternoon and evening, commencing at 3.30pm, with the last conference starting at 7.50pm. Bookings have been open since last week. The conferences are being held as a face-to-face event in Goold Hall (Middle and Senior School teachers) and St Thomas of Villanova building (Junior School teachers).

Yesterday afternoon, the College hosted the Year 10, 11 and 12 Careers Expo in the St Thomas of Villanova Learning Centre. Many of the main universities – University of Queensland, Queensland University of Technology, Griffith University and Australian Catholic University were represented along with representatives from the Defence Forces and School Community Industry Partnership Service (SCIPS). It was a great opportunity for our Senior School students to discuss post-schooling pathways.

Subject Selection for all students in Years 7 to 10 will occur over the coming six weeks. Parent/guardians will receive information by email in the next few weeks with more detail about subject information evenings and due dates for subject selection. I would like to draw the attention of Year 10 parents to information about their son’s forthcoming SET Plan interview which will be forwarded at the end of this week. This is an important time for our Year 10 students as they choose their subjects for Year 11 and 12 and embark on their final years at the College.

Nationally Consistent Collection of Data
The Nationally Consistent Collection of Data (NCCD) on School Students with Disability takes place every year.
The NCCD is a collection that counts:

  • the number of school students receiving an adjustment or ‘help’ due to disability
  • the level of adjustment they are receiving to access education on the same basis as other students.

Students are counted in the NCCD if they receive ongoing adjustments at school due to disability. This ‘help’ allows them to access education on the same basis as a child without disability. The NCCD uses the definition of disability in the Disability Discrimination Act 1992. Schools provide this information to education authorities.
For more information on the NCCD, please use the following : LINK

Over the next week, parents of students identified on the College’s NCCD will be contacted by the respective sub-school’s Head of Learning Enhancement.


Mr John Christie, Dean of Teaching and Learning


Focus on the Classroom
Middle School Health and Physical Education

As part of the Drug Education unit, students progressed through an interactive website developed by Griffith University called “Blurred Minds”. The unit uses game-based activities to encourage students to make informed and considered choices concerning drug use. Representatives from the organisation came to Villanova to video and interview students concerning their impressions of the program. This footage will be used to help encourage other schools to take up the program and assist in further refining meaningful and consistent Drug Education in school.

Year 10 Physical Education
As part of the Year 10 Physical Education program, students attended “Cross-Fit Coorparoo” as part of their unit on training and energy production. The instructors took the boys through a range of bike, rower, bar and body weight activities aimed at identifying the body’s response to various training activities. The issues of recovery and intensity were key elements discussed that links to the assessment task.

A number of boys are already considering how they might incorporate cross-fit into their training in preparation for their AIC sports seasons next year.

Certificate III in Fitness
The Certificate III in Fitness requires students to assess and construct a training program for a “mature’ client. The students set about recruiting mums, dads, other relatives, friends and even staff to be their clients for an afternoon. After taking part in an induction, clients undertook a fitness assessment followed by a fitness session designed by the students to help meet the clients’ goals. So many adults spoke glowingly about the experience, and I would like to thank all the volunteers for giving so generously of their time to allow the students to complete this challenging and “real-world” task.

Mr Patrick Atkinson, Curriculum Area Leader – Health and Physical Education

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ESports News

Esports is not a trend or phenomena. It is a competitive, structured alternative to traditional field sports… and it is here to stay.

In recent years, many schools and communities have adopted and embraced a new breed of sports, esports. Esports is best understood as people playing electronic video games against each other. In some cases, these games require teamwork, leadership, delegation, problem solving and quick thinking. Other versions of esports celebrate the precision, skills mastery, concentration and sustained focus of the individual. In this sense, esports provides a competitive platform for a very wide, inclusive demographic of students to communicate, collaborate, compete and celebrate their love of gaming together.

What is happening in schools at the moment? An increasing number of schools are competing in local and national esports competitions such as The FUSE Cup, QUT Esports, and UQ Esports. The FUSE Cup has experienced exponential growth in recent years by providing a safe, competitive and highly structured esports program for students of all ages. These competitions run all year round and involve popular Nintendo console games such as Just Dance and Mario Kart. For our older students, esports competitions are organised by universities such as QUT and UQ, and a number of professional organisations. Typically, these upper high school esports competitions involve age restricted video games such as Valorant, Overwatch, Rocket League and League of Legends. Interestingly, these upper high school competitions provide university scholarship opportunities for exceptional esports players.

And then there is Minecraft. Whilst Minecraft is one of the most widely known and used games in the world, it takes up a very small footprint in the esports industry. Popular amongst our younger students, Minecraft has a wide range of game modes; from survival (virtually ‘living off the land’ to survive) through to creative (creating and exploring virtual worlds like Lego cities). Minecraft Education Edition is used in the curriculum to visualise learning experiences differently. Using Minecraft students can visit the International Space Station, learn about history, mathematics, chemistry, art and design. Therefore, Minecraft is already in schools – just not in an esports context, until now.

In October of this year, Villanova College will be hosting the first live Minecraft Esports competition in Australia. This event will bring together student teams from within the AIC organisation namely Iona College, Marist College Ashgrove, Padua College, St Laurence’s College, St Patrick’s College, St Edmund’s College, St Peter’s Lutheran College and Villanova College.

The inclusion of Minecraft esports symbolises a new era of inclusiveness and diversity, encouraging our younger skilled Minecraft gamers to compete in teams against students from similar independent Christian colleges. It will be interesting to see the rivalry and sportsmanship that exists on the rugby, football and cricket playing fields of these colleges play out in a very different type of sporting arena.

Supported by Microsoft Education Australia and led by Global Minecraft Mentor, Jason Lane (Villanova College Elearning Director), this esports competition is based on a “capture the flag” game environment. Each team of players starts the game in its own fort where a flag is situated in open ground. Teams must defend their own flag whilst storming and attacking the opposition’s fort to capture and retrieve their flag. In teams of five, students consider attack and defence strategies in real-time against an equally skilled opposition. Players need to be highly skilled in the gameplay of Minecraft – how to move quickly and skilfully, how to use Minecraft swords and armour to attack and defend. Importantly, players need to be able to communicate with other team members to work towards a group objective. Hence the collaborative, competitive and skilful attributes required to be successful in esports!

It is hoped that this upcoming event is the start of future esports opportunities in the community.

Mr Jason Lane, Esports Coordinator

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Sports News

Welcome back to all for what will be another busy term of sport. It is only Week 1 and already we have many sporting opportunities on offer for all students from Year 5 – 12.

AIC tennis, basketball and rugby league training for all teams from Year 5 – 12 has now commenced. Please note that there are ‘Season Schedule’ documents found on the website under the respective AIC tennis, basketball and rugby league sections which contain the complete training schedule, coaches contact details, uniform expectations, home and away schedule, games times and much more for each of those sports. If you are requiring information regarding your respective sport, I believe all answers should be found within these documents.

Some selected teams have already had a trial against Ashgrove on Tuesday afternoon.  A full set of Year 5 – 12 trials will be held this weekend against Padua College for all teams.

Rugby league training is now in full swing. All teams will train at Little Langlands throughout the season. Again, all training times and venues are posted in the respective sport section within the College’s website.

Weekly Team List
The College has moved to a permanent place to post the weekly team lists.  We cannot post these lists in the ‘Locker Room’ as we have done in the past as this has caused privacy issues. The lists are posted in the Parent Lounge and Student Café portals as these places are password protected. Please read the section below regarding accessing these documents. This system is designed for easy access for those parents using the College App.

The AIC Track & Field program will commence in Week 6 of this term – please be on the lookout for further details via next week’s Villa View and over the coming weeks.

In my opinion, to boost or better a school’s sports program we must firstly look at ‘school spirit’. I feel fortunate to be involved in a community where many people often exhibit enormous amounts of school spirit.  Our boys show spirit through participation, enjoyment and support of their mates and the College. I ask parents to assist the College in its quest to further develop school spirit by strongly encouraging your boy/s to get involved and to support others when asked.

Over the coming weeks, I will be personally asking some of our talented student athletes to join the AIC Track & Field training program. There is no doubt that our College community gives greatly to each of its students. From time to time, I believe, it is a fair request that the College asks something in return. If a student is good enough and talented enough to represent his college – then he should. It would be a great shame to see our best athletes, musicians or perhaps academic students not use their gifts to benefit the College and to better themselves. We understand the need for a balanced education, and we do not want to over-burden our students, but we want Villanova’s best to shine. If there are issues surrounding a student’s workload which impedes him from participating, please contact the Sports Office. The Sports Office is reasonable in its approach when working with families and students to produce solutions and alternative programs which are beneficial for all. Again, I urge all students and parents to support this process. If you have a gift, please use it to benefit others.

This weekend we have basketball, rugby league and tennis trials against Padua College. This will be a further opportunity for coaches to assess players and adjust teams. I would expect some movement of players between teams in readiness for next weekend’s Round 1 fixture against Iona College. Coaches are instructed to choose their teams each week based on attendance, player performance and attitude.

As always, I urge all students to get involved in the sports program and enjoy the challenges you face along the way. Enjoy the term ahead boys!

AIC Tennis, Rugby League and Basketball Trial Round v Padua College, Friday 15 and Saturday 16 July – Times and Venues
All Year 5 and Year 6 basketball games are played on Friday afternoons. Note – the College will supply bus transportation to the playing venue each Friday afternoon for all Year 5 and Year 6 teams. Parents must collect their sons from the venue promptly after the game. All Year 7 – 12 basketball and Year 5 -12 tennis and rugby league games are played on Saturday.  Please go to the College’s website to view all times and venues for this weekend’s fixtures against Padua College.

AIC Tennis, Rugby League and Basketball Teams
All internal AIC tennis, rugby league and basketball trials are complete and are posted within the Teacher Kiosk and Student Café sections. We hope to re-publish all teams on the web by Thursday of each week. Please note that these teams may change throughout the season depending upon player performance, attendance at training and attitude. In fact, we expect further changes to teams after we play the trials against Padua this weekend. These trials will assist our coaches to finalise their teams before Round 1.

All information regarding the season schedule for tennis, rugby league and basketball is posted on the College’s webpage including bus arrangements for those teams training at Morningside Tennis Centre and Clem Jones Basketball Centre before school. It is only the team lists (and the weekly fixture schedule) which from now on will be placed within the Parent Lounge and Student Café  portals. See instruction below for access

Team Lists – Published in the Parent Lounge and Student Café Portals
All weekly Team Lists, can be accessed via the College App.  Simply go to the Villanova College App, click the ‘Sports’ tile. From here select ‘Team Lists and Weekly Schedule’ from the options given. Please note that you will be required to enter your Parent Lounge username and password initially. The system will remember this password on subsequent logins.

The College will send an App alert when these documents are updated weekly.

Students may access the team lists via their Student Café portal. They simply log in as usual and select the ‘Links’ button on the top toolbar of the home page. A drop-down box will appear. The boys then select the ‘Team Lists and Weekly Schedule’ button. This will reveal the team lists and weekly schedule documents which will be updated and reposted each week.

The College no longer publishes the team lists on the web via the ‘Locker Room’ due to privacy issues. Please note that the ‘Locker Room’ will still be the main place where all sports information is given, including the weekly schedule which will now be published in the Parent Lounge next to the team lists for your convenience.

AIC Tennis, Rugby League and Basketball Uniform
Any student who represents the College in AIC tennis, rugby league and basketball must wear the full and correct College uniform. Students who are not dressed correctly will not be permitted to take to the court or field. Uniform standards will be kept and maintained at a high level. The College requires the support of the parent body to ensure these standards are met.

By today all players should have collected their Villanova rugby league jersey or Villanova basketball singlet for hire from the uniform shop in readiness for the trials this weekend (Year 5 and Year 6 boys were given theirs by Mr Everding). Basketball and rugby league players must also wear the correct shorts from the Uniform Shop.
Please note that the College has introduced a new line of sports uniforms which are different from previous years. The rugby league and basketball jerseys/singlets are ‘for hire’ only and must be collected from the Uniform Shop as per times posted in the ‘Locker Room’ page on the College’s website.

Tennis Uniform

  • Villanova PE shorts
  • NEW Villanova squad shirt (Please note – this is not the Villanova PE shirt. The ‘squad shirt’ is the same shirt worn by all cross country, swimming and track & field squad members)
  • NEW Villanova sports socks
  • NEW Villanova sports cap (green)

Rugby League Uniform

  • Villanova league shorts (same as the rugby union shorts – plain green)
  • Villanova rugby socks (same as rugby union and football socks)
  • NEW Villanova rugby league jersey. This jersey is for hire and will be made available through the College Uniform Shop. These jerseys should have already been collected by Year 7 – 12 students. Mr Everding has distributed all Year 5 and Year 6 jerseys. The hire cost is $22 for the season and will be charged to your son’s next school fees account.

Basketball Uniform

  • Villanova PE shorts or the NEW Villanova basketball shorts (these are both plain green in colour)
  • Villanova sports socks
  • Villanova basketball singlet. This singlet is for hire and will be made available through the College Uniform Shop. These singlets should have been collected by the Year7-12 students already. Mr Everding has distributed all Year 5 and Year 6 singlets. The hire cost is $22 for the season and will be charged to your son’s next school fees account.

 AIC Basketball – Mr Sean O’Neill, AIC Basketball Coordinator
The Villanova basketball program had an excellent trial week with numbers across all year levels being extremely high. It was a difficult decision for the coaches to make and it was so pleasing to see how professional and diligent they were in the selection process. For those students that missed selection this year, please continue to work on your skills. Avenues such as the Basketball Academy on a Sunday, basketball camps or playing club at your local organisation will continue to strengthen your game.

Training began this week and A and B teams have the opportunity to trial twice this week. This should help prepare our teams in the best possible way before Round 1 against Iona next Saturday. I ask that all players give their all at training and be listening to their coaches to ensure we are all ready to go.

The 1st V basketball team travelled to Sydney on the holiday break to play St Augustine’s. We came away with an 83 – 68 win and was the first time we were able to beat them since 2004. This was a great achievement, and the entire squad should be congratulated for the hard work they have completed during the preseason. They are certainly looking ready for next weekend, and I would encourage all members of the Villanova community to come along and support the team and watch a fast, energetic and fun brand of basketball.

Good luck for the season ahead to all members of the Villanova College basketball program.

AIC Rugby League – Mr Blake McLauchlan, AIC Rugby League Coordinator
AIC rugby League has continued to gain an enormous amount of momentum since the inaugural 2019 trial year. Many of our boys display a real talent for the game and with rugby league affirming its place on the AIC calendar, several boys have now gone on to play club rugby league. Having boys signing up for club not only helps our students continue to develop the fundamentals of the game, but also helps with strengthening the level of competition within AIC across the Colleges.

We are incredibly lucky to have many experienced new and returning coaches on board for this year. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our coaches for their time and effort so far in developing and getting the best out of our boys during the trials at the end of Term Two. It was an exceedingly difficult task to select 20 players over the three trial sessions and I commend our coaches for their hard work, dedication and time in having to make difficult selection decisions.

The 1st XIII squad trialled against St James College at the end of Term Two. Although it was only a trial, it was pleasing to see our boys put on a credible performance against a division three confraternity side. I would like to take this opportunity to thank our Year 10 coach, Mr Andrew Ebrington for giving us the opportunity to trial against his St James College team. The trial match gave our coaches a great opportunity to assess players in different positions in defence and attack as many of our players made the quick transition from rugby union to rugby league.

This Saturday, all teams will trial against Padua College and Iona College in their first rugby league game of the 2022 season. Most teams will be participating in a 3-way trial. Please check the draw posted on the website for the time and the field that our teams have been allocated to. Please allow enough travel time to ensure you arrive at Padua College playing fields at least 30 minutes before your scheduled kick off time unless you have been told to arrive earlier by your coach.

I wish all teams the best of luck for the trials this weekend.

AIC Rugby Union and Football
The Sports Office is looking to finalise the return of all rugby and football kit bags and equipment. We ask all coaches who still have the kits at home or in the boot of their car to please return them to the Sports Office as soon as possible.

Ben Mowen and Andrew Slack Squad
We hope to publish the 2023 Ben Mowen and Andrew Slack squads within the next 4 – 6 weeks. Those who accept invitation are required to participate in the College’s Track & Field program if asked.

AIC Track and Field Training
AIC Track & Field training officially commences the week beginning Monday 15 August, which is the week after Ekka week. This year all students from Year 5 – 12 will train on Tuesday and Thursday afternoon at Villanova Park. A bus will transport all athletes to and from each training session. We hope to commence training at 3.45pm and conclude by 5.15pm. The bus should return to the College around 5.40pm.

The coaches will cover all track and field disciplines across all age groups at these sessions. Training as a Year 5 – 12 squad will increase team spirit and ensure our athletes are able to attend the various sessions we have on offer.

A full program will be available on the College’s website within the next three – four weeks.

St. Augustine’s College Tour- Captains Reports
During the first week of the Term 2 holidays, the Senior A Debating team was given the opportunity to venture into St Augustine’s territory down in Sydney to reclaim the disputed Fr Peter Wieneke Shield. Arriving on the Monday alongside the first rugby, soccer and basketball teams, debating was the first of many sports to be played with a tough opposition having claimed the trophy back in 2019. The topic was “social media is detrimental to society” with Villanova having to argue against the topic. This proved to be a challenging but rewarding fight with Villanova being declared the winners of the debate. The crowd was incredible and created an atmosphere filled with laughs and was a true testament of the brotherhood between the two schools.

Following each day, we stayed with a billeting family who all were extraordinarily nice and made the little time away from Brisbane feel like home. Serving up delicious food and even providing lunch the following days, it really felt like a home away from home. On the final evening, all the different sporting teams from both schools celebrated with an awards ceremony and a final feast together with Tiarnan McNulty being awarded best speaker for Villanova. As a whole, the experience is certainly one of the most memorable highlights of our schooling journey travelling with all of our mates, experiencing another school and household environment whilst creating lasting memories for years to come.

Alessandro Porreca- Debating Captain

To start the Term 2 holidays Villa took the first debating, basketball, rugby and Football on the annual St Augustine’s tour down in Sydney. Located in Brookvale, on the Northern beaches of Sydney, the St Augustine’s families welcomed us into their homes for two nights. After the commencement of day one, both schools had won a game each, Villa taking the debating and St Augustine’s narrowly winning the rugby. After convincingly winning the basketball on Day 2, football was the last game of the tour. Going into the game we were missing two key forwards, Zac Vedelago and Ben Hermiston so changes to both the formation and the starting line-up were made. Dubbed the “Home of Football” on the Northern Beaches, we were lucky enough to get to play at the newly renovated Comer park.

To say the least we started the game very poorly, conceding three goals in the first 15 minutes. However due to thunder and lightning the game was put off for half an hour which no doubt changed the dynamic of the game. Once the half an hour waiting period was over the boys put in a solid effort scoring two goals in the second half, however it was not enough in the end as the final result read 3 – 2 to St Augustine’s. Although we did not get the result we wanted in the end, it was an overall great experience for all the lads, and we thank all the staff, coaches and billeting families for making this tour possible.

Angus Nicholson- Football Captain

These holidays the rugby, chess, football and debating boys went down to Sydney to participate in the annual Villanova St Augustine’s friendly rivalry. Over three days and two nights the two schools competed against each other in thrilling matchups that did not fail to entertain. Under lights at Manly Oval, our Rugby men competed against harsh competition that made for an excellent watch. With hard runs and massive line breaks from both teams, the game was in close quarters for either side. Unfortunately, St Augustine’s came away with the win, 14 – 10. Nonetheless, the game was hard fought, and our men put their best foot forward.  This will be a treasured memory for all players.

Throughout the trip, all players were billeted with assigned families of their respective sports. Their hospitality and kindness allowed for a warm and welcomed trip that brightened the experience. After all sports were completed, both schools combined to present one another the trophies and give thanks to the staff and brother school. The players also were able to explore the sights of Manly Corso and Sydney Harbour to finish off our time down south. With great thanks to the staff and families who accommodated the students, the 2022 St Augustine’s College tour made for a great time.

George Binney- Rugby Captain

The SAC tour of 2022 was an enjoyable experience for all involved. After the commencement of Day 1 both schools had one win each with Villanova winning in the debating and St Augustine’s in the rugby. Basketball was the next event and in a tightly packed Brimson centre the game lived up to its hype. Villanova started strong by busting out to a double-digit lead during the second quarter. The crowd became involved as Villanova’s new addition, Amarco Doyle, started throwing down some huge dunks with Mason Honeyman knocking down some big 3’s. Just as quickly as the lead stretched out however, St Augustine’s brought it back to under 10 points going into the fourth quarter, setting up an epic final quarter. Villanova’s reliable defence and solid offence proved to be the difference in the end as Villanova beat St Augustine’s with an end score of 88 – 63. Villanova’s 1stt V game vs St Augustine’s was just a taste of what is expected to come in the AIC season on the quest to bring back the 1st V premiership for two years running.

Joseph Wilson- Basketball Captain

Mr Craig Stariha, Director of Sport

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Music News

Rehearsals Commence Week 1, Term 3
Rehearsals have recommenced, and we are in full production with preparations for QCMF in only four short weeks.  Due to the short timeline leading into our first in-person festival for three years, all students will be required at rehearsal to ensure adequate preparation for this important event.

The Music Schedule for Term 3 has been included with this week’s Villa View for your information.

Co-Curricular Music Photos
Instrumental music photos for all ensembles and programs at the College are scheduled for next Tuesday, 19 July.  The schedule has been included with the newsletter this week for your information.  Year 5 and Junior School ensembles will have their photo taken before school; all other ensemble members will be required to arrive in H3 (upper theatre) at least 10 minutes before their photo shoot.

Students in Year 5 will have their photo in academic uniform regardless of the ensemble in which they are involved.  All other musicians are encouraged to wear their performance uniform to school and change into their academic uniform once their final photo has been taken.

Please ensure your shoes and polished, uniform fits correctly (you may have grown since Term 2!), and you have the correct items ready to go.  If you have any questions regarding uniform requirements, please contact the Music Office on 3394 5691.

QCMF 2022
With a return to the first in-person festival in three years, we are welcoming 90 schools participating, bringing 344 ensembles, sharing almost 10,300 student performances.  Although we have limited the number of sections and venues in our return festival, this festival will be approx. 70% of the size of our 2019 event – the last physical festival hosted by the College.

QCMF is a great celebration of music and youth achievement in Catholic Education.  We encourage you all to come and share in this community building event.  More information regarding how you can engage with QCMF through volunteering will be distributed very shortly.

Here is a link to a short video, sharing the important role QCMF plays in Catholic Education:

Bringing Joy – Celebrating Music Education. – YouTube

We look forward to seeing you ‘on the hill’ in August!

Villanova College Performance Times at QCMF
We are pleased to be able to share our Villanova College Performance times for all ensembles participating in this years QCMF. Please make sure the arrival times are noted in your diaries. Students are required on Level 1 of the Augustine Centre by the arrival time to prepare for their performance in the festival. We hope this allows you to plan your volunteering shifts around your sons performance at QCMF 2022.

Please note:  Friday 12 August is a pupil-free day for Villanova College.  Performers will only be provided supervision from their scheduled arrival time through until the conclusion of their section.  Students will require support arriving and departing school around these times on this day.

QCMF 11-14 AUGUST, 2022
CB1C(1) Michael Jones Concert Band THURSDAY 11 AUGUST 3:15 PM 4:15 PM Goold Hall
GE1B(2) Russell Neville Guitar Ensemble 2 THURSDAY 11 AUGUST 6:15 PM 7:16 PM Tolle Lege
GE1A Russell Neville Guitar Ensemble 1 THURSDAY 11 AUGUST 7:20 PM 8:20 PM Augustine Centre
CBC(1) Claire Petherick Beginner Band FRIDAY 12 AUGUST TBA AM TBA AM Goold Hall
SOC(2) Kristen Duncan Year 5 String Orchestra FRIDAY 12 AUGUST 9:35 AM 10:39 AM Augustine Centre
SO2B(1) Issy Young Junior Orchestra FRIDAY 12 AUGUST 11:05 AM 12:09 PM Augustine Centre
CB2B(2) Nicholas Cavallaro Junior School Band FRIDAY 12 AUGUST 1:00 PM 2:00 PM Goold Hall
SO1C(1) Kristen Duncan Camerata SATURDAY 13 AUGUST 8:10 AM 9:09 AM Augustine Centre
CH1B(4) Melissa Gill College Choir SATURDAY 13 AUGUST 12:40 PM 1:41 PM St Thomas of Villanova
SO1B(2) Kristen Duncan Sinfonia SATURDAY 13 AUGUST 2:10 PM 3:08 PM Augustine Centre
CB1B(4) Carl Harvoe Wind Ensemble SUNDAY 14 AUGUST 9:30 AM 10:29 AM Goold Hall
CH1A(3) Melissa Gill Supernovans SUNDAY 14 AUGUST 11:00 AM NOON St Thomas of Villanova
CH1A(4) Melissa Gill Combined Choir SUNDAY 14 AUGUST 1:05 PM 2:05 PM St Thomas of Villanova
CB1A(3) Michael Jones Symphonic Band SUNDAY 14 AUGUST 2:50 PM 3:51 PM Augustine Centre

Key Dates Term 3
As we look ahead across the term, please ensure we pencil the following dates into your diary:

Term 3
2 Tuesday 19 July Instrumental Music Co-Curricular Photos
2 Thursday 21 July Lunchtime Performance (first break) – Choir – Library
2 Thursday 21 July Lunchtime Performance (second break) – Sinfonia SO – Veritas Undercroft
2 Friday 22 July MS Music Workshop and Activity (after School/evening)
2 Saturday 23 July Open Basketball in Goold Hall – Pep Band (Iona)
2 Saturday 23 July Villanova Carnival – Rock Bands & Irish Ensemble
3 Thursday 28 July Lunchtime Performance (first break) – Camerata SO – Veritas Undercroft
3 Thursday 28 July Lunchtime Performance (second break) – Supernovans – Junior School
4 Monday 1 August Lunchtime Performance (first break) – Concert Band – Junior School
4 Thursday 4 August Lunchtime Performance (second break) – Jazz Combo – Library
4 Saturday 6 August Open Basketball in Goold Hall – Pep Band (Ashgrove)
4 Sunday 7 August Our Lady of Mt Carmel Fete (Big Band)
5 Monday 8 August Music Support Group / QCMF meeting – 7:30pm
5 11 – 14 August Queensland Catholic Colleges’ and Schools’ Music Festival
6 Continuing Information packs distributed to Year 5, 2022 Families
6 Audition Materials Distributed – all MS/SS students (not Year 12)
6 Thursday 18 August Lunchtime Performance (first break) – Irish Ensemble – Veritas Undercroft
6 Thursday 18 August Lunchtime Performance (second break) – Rock Bands – Veritas Undercroft
6 Saturday 20 August Open Basketball in Goold Hall – Pep Band (St Peter’s)
7 Wednesday 24 August Lunchtime Performance (first break) – Junior School Wind Band – Junior School
7 Wednesday 24 August Lunchtime Performance (second break) – Junior School String Orchestra – Junior School
7 Sunday 28 August Live and Wired Festival – Loreto College  (Big Band)
8 Audition Video Submission Deadline
8 Friday 2 Sept Orientation Day – new Year 5, 2023 demonstrations and testing – 8am-1pm
8 Monday 29 August 2023 Enrolments due for continuing students – Year 6-12
9 2023 Ensembles posted outside Music Office
9 Instrumental Music Assessment Task 3 Due (Year 12 only)
9 6/9 & 8/9 2022 Music Finale Gala Concert Series (all ensembles)
9 Saturday 10 September Open Basketball in Goold Hall – Pep Band (Padua)
9 Sunday 11 September St Catherine’s School Fete (Big Band)
10 Monday 12 September 2023 Enrolments due for Year 5
10 Monday 12 September Wieneke Music Bursary Entries Due
10 Monday 12 September Music Support Group meeting – 7:30pm
10 Tuesday 13 September Year 5 Gala Concert and Information Session (lesson 1 – Morning Tea)

Villanova Camp Chairs and Wildcat Coolers
Our fantastic Music Support Group have organised an innovative fundraiser for Villanova College.  You may have heard the buzz about our Villanova Camp Chairs and Wildcat Coolers…  the MUST HAVE items for the beach/cricket/park/fishing/barbecue etc.

Villanova Branded Camp Chairs – $35; Wildcat Coolers – $30
All items can be purchased via Trybooking through the following link:
Purchases can be collected from the Music Office and all profits will go to the Music Support Group.

Entertainment Publications Memberships
Entertainment memberships are one of the Music Support Groups main fund-raisers.  Just click on the link to purchase a membership and obtain ongoing special deals throughout the year.

Thank you all for your ongoing support of Music at Villanova College.


Mr. Michael Jones, Director of Music


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Mission and Identity News

Ongoing conversion – Serving in our community
“He departed from our sight that we might return to our hearts and find Him there!”
Augustine of Hippo

As Semester 2 begins, we face the ongoing challenge of sickness from COVID and other viruses, the reality of the ongoing invasion of Ukraine by Russia, the instability of Sri Lanka, ongoing unusual weather patterns and the change of government in Australia.  Our community and society definitely needs informed, initiative-taking, ethical, innovative and spirit filled young people to assist in facing the challenges and opportunities before us.  In the identity and mission at Villanova, we know that our core work is in developing principled young people who can respond to the signs of our times. Pope Francis, like Augustine before him, continually invites us to ‘encounter – to meet Christ’ as Saint Teresa of Kolkata reminds us, “in the distress and the disguise of the poor!”

Our students and staff this year have been exploring this through our theme of Ongoing Conversion.  Conversion, those moments that move our hearts and change our thinking often happen through our encounter with others.

Our Ministry teams are active each week serving others and caring for our environment.  Our Year 12s have been attending Emmanuel City Mission every Thursday morning to feed and spend time with people experiencing homelessness.  Our whole Year 10 cohort have engaged in 10 hours each of service in our community – that is over 2000 hours of community service by this year level alone!  At our staff Spirituality Day on the last day of Term 2 our staff broke open the Encounter Cycle that closely reflects the Augustinian values of community, search for truth, humility and interiority. Doing this leads us in a process of ongoing conversion and change.  All our staff then headed off into workshop experiences to learn from and with others in our local community.  These workshops included:

Micah – Acting justly, loving tenderly and walking humbly in our City
Join CEO Karyn Walsh who has been with Micah since its inception to hear the journey, the learnings and the experience and insight gained along the way.  See the projects, get a feel for the people, hear the stories, see the transformation!
Ngutana-Lui Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultural Studies Centre
Immerse yourself in the richness and diversity of Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures.
Moving from charity to justice
This session, facilitated by Vinnies Youth Staff Members Dan Ingledew (Villa Senior Class of 2013) and Eliza Shepherd, will take an empathy-based approach to social justice issues like homelessness and poverty. We will be breaking down stereotypes and taking a real-world look at social justice. We will also provide a background on Vinnies and how Vinnies helps at a local, national, and international scale.
Lunch that changes lives!
Come and experience delicious Eritrean food and a coffee ritual and hear the stories of refugee women and consider the experience of people seeking asylum and refuge in our community.
I am with you!
This is a chance to get in and serve at Emmanuel City Mission for a couple of hours doing what needs to be done.  If your happy to clean up, wipe benches, mop floors, chat to people, engage with the art exhibition that is on this week then this is the experience for you.
Art Gang
You will get to hear about the art gang, learn some Indigenous culture stories and painting techniques from Duane, a Jimena man from Carnarvon Gorge country, and then have the opportunity to paint your own small canvas!  You will also leave with more insights into the life of an Indigenous art gang artist.
Participants will have an immersive wheelchair-based disability experience, hear the story of program mentor Tracey Jackson and experience the learning framework, founded on the doctoral research of Damien Price, which underpins the program.
Be the Change!
Dave, Peter and Nora will be sharing stories of how they have worked together building community in West End with a particular focus of how they have welcomed refugees and how they have engaged in interfaith dialogue.  They make the dream of how our lives might be a reality through their living of it.Peter Branjerdporn will share about their approach to people seeking refuge. Nora Amath will share about their approach to interfaith engagement. Dave Andrews is a community worker, social activist, author and founder of the Waiters’ Union, an inner-city Christian community network intentionally building community.
Non-violent communication
Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP) is an independent, international network of trained volunteers offering experiential workshops that empower individuals to liberate themselves from the burden of violence. In this brief ‘taster’ of AVP on June 24th we will experience some of the experiential learning that typically occurs in an AVP workshop.
Crossing Boundaries
‘Crossing Boundaries’ provides an opportunity to explore the history of Boundaries/ exclusion zones and how First Nations people have been excluded and marginalized in Queensland. It includes listening to local Aboriginal workers and how they are working to support people who are excluded and to educate non-Indigenous using Story as part of Truth Telling.  Participants will hear some stories, connect with places and history differently than they have perhaps done before.  In short, it is a chance to see differently.

It was a fantastic experience for our staff and provided the opportunity for time together, connecting with people who are doing work directly with those who experience the most marginalisation in our society.  Certainly, like our students who engage in service, it was an informative experience and encounter that opened our hearts and stretched our thinking.

Below are photos from the Vinnies Sleepout and in Community Service.  The pictures tell a thousand words about the experience and what has been both given and received in these encounters.  Congratulations to all involved and a big thank-you to our staff and parents who support these experiences for our students.

Ignite Conference 2022 – ’The Moment’. Your life can change in a moment. Moments can impact us, change us, shape us and define us. Our whole lives are made up of moments. The moment we were born, the moment we started school, or that moment we encountered Jesus in that friend, event or sitting alone in our room. Our Catholic faith is made up of moments that altered history forever – the moment Jesus breathed his last, the moment the Spirit entered his lifeless body, the moment he spoke hope to the woman at the well and shot dazzling sight into the body of a blind man, the moment he broke bread in his hands and flames of fire burst into an upper room. Fast forward 2000 years.
Now it is time for THIS MOMENT. Ignite Conference 2022 is one of those moments you will not want to miss!

For more information and tickets please use the following links.  We would love to have a group from Villanova College attend.  Please drop into my office or email if you are interested to attend

Ignite Conference 22 – Australia’s Premier Ticketing System For Organisations







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Parent Information

Volunteers Needed – Villa Community Carnival
We need your help! The P and F is currently asking for volunteers to assist at the Villa Community Carnival on Saturday 23 July 2022, from 5pm – 10pm.
Volunteers are required to help with stalls, logistics, set up and pack down. Even a couple of hours would be greatly appreciated. Register now here:

📣 Calling all bakers and sweet treat enthusiasts 🧁 🍪 The Villa Community Carnival is taking place on Saturday 23 July and the Cakes and Sweets Stall needs your help!
We are looking for:
🧁 Donations of all things sweet to be sold at the Villa Community Carnival – think cakes, slices and biscuits.
💪🏼 Volunteers to staff the Cakes and Sweets Stall on the night.
If you can help please contact Nicole via phone: 0412 197 355 or email:

Cash Donations Needed – Villa Community Carnival Stalls
The Villa Community Carnival will be held on College grounds on Saturday 23 July, from 5pm – 10pm.
All year levels are adopting a stall to support, and we are now asking for cash donations to enable these stalls to purchase ingredients and consumables.
Year 7 – Latin Quarter
Year 8 – Footy Throw Stall
Year 9 – Footy Throw Stall
Year 10 – French Food Stall
Year 11 – Greek Food Stall
Year 12 – French and Greek Food Stalls
Donations can be made via bank transfer to the P&F account:
Account Name: Villanova College P&F
BSB: 064-786
Account Number: 019 232 103
Reference: name of stall + your son’s first initial and surname. For example: Greek, P Begg.

Year 10 Meningococcal ACWY strain vaccination
Next term on Monday 18 July, the nurses from Ozcare will be visiting the College to administer the Meningococcal ACWY strain vaccination to students in Year 10 who returned the consent form. If your son is receiving the vaccination, please ensure he has an adequate breakfast before arriving at school.  It is important that your son is feeling well on the day of the vaccination.

If you wish to change your consent decision or have further questions, please contact Ozcare directly either by emailing or by phoning 3451 2060.

Year 5 2024 Applications Open Now

A reminder to families with older siblings at Villa, applications for Year 5, 2024 are now open.
Applications close tomorrow (Friday 15 July 2022).
All families who submit an enrolment application will be required to attend an interview at Villanova College. You will be emailed details of how to book your interview. Offers will be emailed on 12 September. Offer acceptances close 7 October.
Please do not hesitate to contact our Enrolments Officer, Clare Bass on (07) 3394 5593 or if you have any further questions.

Applications can be lodged here:

For notices and the latest information on Alinta Uniform Shop stock levels visit the Alinta website: Homepage | Alinta Apparel

View the 2022 Tuckshop menu and price list here: Menu-and-Prices2022-1.pdf (

For more information on the Commonwealth School Data Collection please click on link (INSERT LINK)

Calling current parents, Old Boys and past parents — promote your business or service to members of the Villa community for free with the Villanova College Business Directory. List your business today for free via the link:

Questions can be directed to

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