Principal's Welcome

I heard someone say that Lent was not a time for giving something up. It is a time for taking something on! What is it that you will take on this Lenten season? For me I have a special interest in the work of Caritas Australia and Project Compassion. In particular, I am inspired to do something through the personal stories of people assisted through the work of Caritas Australia.

Phany From Cambodia
Twenty-seven-year-old Phany, lives in a village in western Cambodia. Struggling to earn a living as a rice farmer, she was forced to leave her daughter behind in the village, to take up construction work in the city.

In 2016, Phany joined a Caritas supported program, learning more productive farming and irrigation techniques. Her community learned to work together for better water management, to combat drought. 

Over 70 percent of Cambodia’s population live in rural communities – and the farming families living in poverty are the most food insecure. Thirteen percent of Cambodians live below the poverty line, while 35 out of every 1000 babies die due to malnutrition.

Often the small amount of money we give to Project Compassion seems insignificant to us and yet it makes such a difference to those who have so little. Together we can spread compassion and love to those in need.

Update Coronavirus
At this point in time it is important that our community stays aware and not alarmed at the possibility of further spreading of the virus in Queensland. Good hygiene, staying home if unwell and seeking medical attention are the recommended actions.

The following website from the Australian Government provides all the relevant and up to date information.

AIC Swimming Carnival
Congratulations to our swimmers on a terrific showing at the 2020 AIC Swimming Carnival. Villanova College placed fourth overall. The younger swimmers excelled in their respective age groups with Villanova College winning the Primary School Aggregate Shield and placing second in the Year 5 age group and first in the Year 6 and 12 Years age groups. Across all age groups the swimmers represented the College with distinction.

The swimmers were admirably supported by our students who volunteered their time to be present at the event. The support was endless across the evening and I thank the students for their attendance.

Thank you to our Coaches and Managers for their work with the Swim team. We especially thank Mrs Juanita Jacobs, Mrs Theresa Henry, Mrs Terri Dillon, Ms Kirstina Dawson and the Villanova College Sports Office.

Mary Poppins Musical
The curtain has closed on the 2020 musical, Mary Poppins. I was fortunate to attend the musical on Opening Night and thoroughly enjoyed the show.  In fact, I would say this show was the best school production that I have seen. The cast and crew and production team produced a highly professional performance, and all associated with the production are to be congratulated.

In speaking with the students involved their common response has been how good it was to be involved and the overwhelming sense of achievement.

With the introduction of the new Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE), exam blocks will no longer occur at the end of term. Next week the Year 12 students will sit their exams for Unit 3. Students and parents have received a copy of the exam block by email and are aware that students will be studying at home on Monday and Tuesday next week.

Year 11 students will commence Exam Block in Week 8 – March 16 – 20  for Unit 1.  Students and parents will also receive a copy of the exam timetable and expectations for the exams.

Pastoral Outreach Forums
Members of our community have launched a number of Pastoral Outreach Forums for Old Boys of Villanova College and their families who may have been affected by past abuse at the College. This group, while independent of the College, have our full support. For further information regarding the forums please click here.

Prayers Please
We received the sad news last night of the death of Fr Joe Walsh OSA. Fr Joe arrived in Australia in December 1961 and taught at Villanova in 1962 and again from 1966 – 1976. Fr Joe also served as chaplain to Princess Alexandra Hospital and in our Augustinian parishes, including St James’ Coorparoo. Please keep Fr Joe in your prayers.

“You have made us for Yourself O Lord, And our hearts are restless until they rest in You.”

God bless
Mr Mark Stower, Principal

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Teaching and Learning

Book Week and Writers Festival
Next week (9 – 14 March 2020), the Villanova College Tolle Lege Library will be hosting Book Week.

The Library will be converted into a bookshop with Dymocks and The Book Warehouse supplying books for sale throughout the week, starting at a cost of $5.00. EFTPOS facilities will be available, and you are welcome to drop in and browse.

All Junior and Middle School students will have a class scheduled with our Authors-in-Residence, Mark Greenwood and Jack Heath. Jack will also be running the Writers Festival on Friday evening 13 March and Saturday 14 March. Please encourage your sons to come along and take advantage of this fabulous opportunity. The cost of the Festival will be $30.00 for both sessions or $15.00 for one day. Students will work closely with Jack as their writing mentor. Afternoon tea and dinner are supplied on Friday and morning tea and lunch will be provided on Saturday.

The Festival flyer and registration form are available via the links. Please telephone the Tolle Lege Library on 3394 5532 if you have any questions.

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Head of Junior School

Homework is always a topic that invokes strong opinion.  Too much, too little or what’s the point?  Parents and students have opinions that often react to one of these.  Teachers also have varying ideas and beliefs around what makes schoolwork completed at home effective.  Isn’t that the key word – effective?  Of course, it is as families are incredibly busy, I know that firsthand.  Our schedules require a mastermind to coordinate as there are dinners to prepare and at some stage, we need to find out who gets voted off in Australian Survivor!  So, what is the point of homework, what benefits are there, and how do we help our sons manage it?

Homework consolidates and gives boys the chance to truly know if they understand the teaching and learning from that day.  It’s that simple.  Think about going to a party and then the conversation in the car on the way home.  That’s when you really stop and think about the people, the conversations and the funny moments.  Homework is the same.  In the classroom, the busyness of learning goals, explicit teaching, hands on learning and peer interactions mean the boys are splitting their focus between 21st century skills (the doing), and the National Curriculum.

Together, these make for experiences that should be reflected upon as an individual within six – 12 hours.  If the Maths focus was the translation/reflection and rotation of images (Year 5 this week), then can your son define what the terms mean (in a way you can understand – “you know” does not count), complete examples in the text successfully, or even teach you without the use of any stimulus on a blank canvas?  As an individual, can they recall, demonstrate or engage you with their learning?  This matters a lot.  If successful, then that’s wonderful – your son is ready for the next concept the following day.  If unsuccessful, how can he possibly move forward on the continuum without your help or a teacher’s the next day?  Homework means we check in about our sons’ day – their mental and cognitive ability (which I know can change a lot depending on our schedules).

The benefits of homework are confidence, communication and the chance to reach your full potential in learning and/or assessment.  Anxiety is more common in today’s world than we ever had as children.  How can we help manage anxiety?  By taking small steps to build confidence and chunk the capacity to remember all that the boys take in across numerous subjects.  Some parents might say homework can lead to anxiety at home – that can be true if the timing isn’t right (then please don’t force it), the circumstances are not conducive to learning (overtired, an adult is not available to help, resources not accessible – then make another time to catch up), or emotions are high (then please give the wellbeing of you son priority).  The way we handle homework as adults is crucial – modelling organisation, giving support and bringing a positive focus (humour and rewards are always helpful) matters a great deal to our boys.

Homework provides a window into your son’s world.  Instead of asking “How was your day?” You can find out what was happening by working on a task.  Boys are notorious for meaningful conversations about the teacher or friends when they are actively doing something else.  This is also the time to gain an insight into what possible goals might be appropriate for your son – if he works hard to manage the basics then a C grade would be expected.  B or A levels are more likely when mastery occurs and this comes from a little natural talent, suitable revision and study habits for the individual, and a strong desire to succeed.  The most important thing is that your son realises there is a strong connection between work ethic and achievement.  It takes time and perseverance – and this includes homework.

Boys will manage homework at completely different levels, much like their learning and attitude towards tasks in class.  Finding what works is a constantly evolving process.  Consistency is key with routines, often being the best path for success.  Nights off are also important – breathing space for those late-night trainings, favourite tv show or the chance to go out for dinner with the family.  The reality is research proves that homework can be very helpful under the right supervision and with high support.  Long term, your son needs to be conscious of how he learns best in order to do his best.

So, we can start now, in the Junior School to figure things out.  Perfection is a myth, and our lives have more meaning than to spend every minute at home doing homework, revision or study.  But there is a balance to find.  Make the decisions that best help your son at this point in time – and we can help him be resilient and satisfied with his results.

Mr Stephen Rouhliadeff, Head of Junior School

Year 5 Art Enrichment
Year 5 students have been working industriously in their Art Enrichment Cycle on a study of MC Escher and his etchings. They have designed their own original insect drawing, etched this on to acetate and printed in black ink, using a printing press. They completed an edition of four prints and handed in their best black and white print with their hand coloured print and a reflective artist statement. Congratulations to 5 Black.


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Head of Senior School

College Musical
After seeing last Friday’s performance of the College Musical Mary Poppins, I must once again publicly acknowledge the magnificent cast, orchestra and crew of this outstanding production. The professionalism and commitment exhibited by our talented creative artists was truly inspiring and reinforces once again why we value this experience for our young men at Villanova College. I look forward to the next musical in two years.

AIC Swimming Championships
On Monday afternoon and early evening, the AIC Swimming Championships were held at the Sleeman Sports Complex at Chandler. The decision by the AIC Heads of College to move to a twilight meet in order to preserve teaching and learning time certainly created a different type of atmosphere for the event yet it was positive experience for both competitors and spectators alike. I would like to congratulate all Senior School swimmers for their efforts in contributing to the fourth overall place in the aggregate and to acknowledge the work of Swimming Co-ordinator Mrs Juanita Jacobs and her team for leading the squad to this result. Furthermore, I would like to affirm the service of those Senior School Students, particularly the strong Year 11 contingent, who conducted themselves superbly as members of the Cor Unum Spirit contingent. Their sacrifice of time showed wonderful school spirit and commitment to the Green and Gold. Well done gentlemen!

Senior School Assembly
Tomorrow, the first Senior School Assembly for the year will be conducted in Hanrahan Theatre, led by members of the Student Leadership Team. We will acknowledge the recipients of Cor Unum Spirit Committee badges as well as present the Senior School members of the Student Council.

With International Women’s Day being celebrated this Sunday, there will also be an intentional focus at the beginning of the assembly on celebrating the wonderful women in our lives. We are very fortunate that the Hon. Di Farmer, Minister for Child Safety, Youth and Women and Minister for the Prevention of Domestic and Family Violence will address the assembly.

In addition, International Women’s Day also invites exploration on the topic of how our young men positively interact with women. In the formation program this week, we have engaged all our Senior School students in conversations about what it means to be a good man and what actions they can take to ensure they cultivate and sustain respectful relationships. I would like to thank the SLT for their work in preparing this assembly. Next week, I will share aspects of my closing Head of School address.

“And one day she discovered that she was fierce and strong and full of fire, and that not even she could hold herself back, because her passion burned brighter than her fears.” –Mark Antony

Mr Matt Levander, Head of Senior School

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Ministry News

From the start of the academic year, Ministry Captain Isaak Collie has been very clear about aiming for excellence in Ministry, in 2020. In particular, he wanted to see more boys than ever involved in Ministry, sought to ensure the successful creation of an environmental ministry, and promised a listening ear linked to targeted action.

These aims are being fulfilled even as I write. 56 students crammed the room at our YCS meeting last week. The Green Team is up and running and home-made see-through bins are revitalising the recycling program. Thirteen staff and students helped to clean up Norman Creek for last Sunday’s Clean-Up Australia Day. In a similar way, Jesus began his public ministry in a local synagogue (church), and announced that what he would bring would be good news – for the poor, for prisoners, for the blind, the lonely, the sick, and those left at the edge of a fast-moving society. Jesus then said to his listeners – local people who had known him for thirty years – “these words are being fulfilled, even as you listen.” There is something electric about naming ambitious goals and then taking small steps towards them. This is what is happening in the Villanova Ministries. All students are welcome to be involved, even if just for Lent. And all families are humbly asked to offer their generous support.

How can families help in Lent?
Students in Junior and Middle School have received a small Project Compassion box. It may be that you can have a conversation with your son about some of the good things in his life that he is grateful for. It could be as simple as the weekly magnum or rice pudding from the Tuck Shop, or the time you spend taking him to co-curricular – or the support you give him with homework and other school activities. Maybe each week he would like to donate something small to the Project Compassion box because the money goes to families in remote parts of Australia and other parts of the world who don’t enjoy these simple things. There is also a large box in the classroom of each RE Class. I couldn’t help but notice that two Year 5 classes had already collected $94. I think this is a sign of the Villa man. The Villanova man is a man of gratitude, and of generosity.

With Senior School, parents are the crucial link in the chain. Villanova has become a mighty machine of generosity when it comes to donating to both local families in need – via special hampers we put together – and to local people who are homeless, via Emmanuel City Drop-in centre and Rosies.

This next week we are going to focus on non-perishable food, like pasta, rice and breakfast cereals. In particular, Rosies and Emmanuel City are crying out for:

  • Baked beans (or spaghetti)
  • Chunky soup
  • Pot noodles
  • Muesli bars
  • Long-life milk

Please send your Senior School student in with a small contribution this week and you will also be doubly supporting the enthusiasm of the Ministry boys.

Norman Creek Clean-Up (a report by Year 12 student, Theodore Day)
On Sunday, March 1, seven committed Year 12’s and one Year 11 boy (Harrison White), along with five staff members all set out on the quest to clean up Norman creek. After applying the all-important mosquito repellent, we ventured into the mangroves. The litter was expansive. You couldn’t walk a metre without finding a piece of Styrofoam or plastic wrapping. Over the two hours the mighty ‘Green Team’ was down there, it was evident the positive impact we had had on the Norman Creek area. Along the bank there was nearly no plastic left with literally no stone left unturned. It was an amazing feeling knowing that we had made such an impact on the community and hopefully more students can join us for next clean-up on Friday, 13  March 2020, from 3.15pm.

We Came, We Saw, We Plogged: YAYM Report
YAYM – Middle School Ministry’s second event of the year was a plogging race. This is a jogging race with a “brother” to pick up litter. Tied at the wrist with house colour ribbon, the plogging pairs were armed with gloves, litter-pickers, and two bin bags – one for recycling and one for other rubbish. At the end of ten minutes’ racing, two large Toblerone’s were awarded: one for most rubbish collected, and the other for the most accurate recycling.

A great deal of excitement was caused in Ostia Square (the Quadrangle), and the main point was of course to bring attention to the need to put rubbish in the right bins. Our passionately committed cleaning supervisor, Erica, was the judge. For one day, she was the plogging queen, sitting at a table being served her favourite Subway lunch (chicken teriyaki).

Here is one Lenten commitment we can all stick at, namely, to create a tidier campus.

Certainly, the Green Team – under the creative leadership of Campus Minister, Fr Saldie Resolado, has made it easier to do the right thing by placing specially made “net” bins for the recycling items, and even a basketball hoop for boys to throw the bottles and cans through.

A prayer for Lent

Almighty and ever living God,
you invite us deeper into your world, your people, your Lent.
May this time be one of outward focus;
seeking you in those we often ignore.
Help us live a Lent focused on freedom, generosity, and encounter.
Give us hearts hungry to serve you
and those who need what we have to give.

We make this prayer through Christ Our Lord, Amen

Mr John Holroyd, Dean of Mission and Identity

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Well done to the Villanova Swim Team!
Villanova College – AIC Primary (Year 5 and Year 6) Aggregate Champions
Villanova College – Year 6 AIC Age Champions
Villanova College – 12 Years AIC Age Champions

I must commend the entire AIC swim squad on their great performance at the annual AIC Swim Championships held at Chandler Pool on Monday. I was very impressed with the efforts of our years 5 and 6 team who gained one position higher this year to take out the 2020 AIC Primary Aggregate Championship in great fashion. This is an outstanding achievement by our team. With regards to the 12 years-Opens team, we have been battling it out with St Laurence’s for fourth position overall for the last few years and finally our team managed to overtake St Laurence’s to gain fourth position in the 12yrs – Open aggregate. Again, another outstanding achievement. On top of this Villanova College secured the Year 6 and 12 Years Age Champion trophy.

The AIC Swim Championship this year saw great performances from many schools across all year levels. Villanova’s performance on Monday drew many positive comments from other Colleges and it was great to see the boys perform well on the big stage. Huge thanks is given to all coaches, swim managers and to our Swim Coordinator, Mrs Juanita Jacobs, for their efforts over the entire season to get our team ready for this event. Our team looked and performed like seasoned swimmers and they did us proud. Well done boys!  A more detailed swim report is found below.

I commend all spectators and their parents, firstly for attending the carnival and secondly for their level of support shown for our team on the day. It was good to see the boys kept up their enthusiasm throughout the event despite the very hot and humid conditions within the swimming complex.

Term 2 Sign-On forms for Rugby, Football, Cross Country and Chess were due on Wednesday of this week. By our estimation it seems that some online forms have not been completed by families yet. If students are keen to represent Villanova in these sports and activities, I ask that they access the online registration link and register their interest as soon as possible. Coaching allocations are currently being finalised based on team numbers. Details are found below.

Well done to all those who competed in the swimming, AFL, cricket and volleyball over the weekend. The College enjoyed much success. In such a tight competition our boys must aim up each week to post good results. With good results in the last three rounds, Villanova is in a good position to take out a good number of premierships and achieve a credible position in both the cricket and volleyball aggregates. In fact, our aim in cricket and AFL is to take out the aggregate.

Please note cricket photos will be taken again this weekend at Villanova Park. Please consult the schedules found on the web and ensure your son is dressed accordingly. Volleyball photos will be taken during the last two rounds. Year 5 and Year 6 AFL photos will be taken next weekend in Round 6.

As we enter the back half of the AFL, cricket and volleyball season I ask all to keep up the efforts both at training and on game day. It is not uncommon for teams to lose some focus around this stage of the season. We have three rounds remaining, the boys are going well, let’s keep up the good work until the end.  Best wishes to all involved and enjoy!

Round 5 Fixtures
Friday 6 and Saturday 7 March, AIC AFL, Cricket and Volleyball v Ashgrove and St Laurence’s

Please refer to the College’s website to view all times and venues for this weekend’s fixtures v Ashgrove and St Laurence’s. Simply scroll down on the College’s home page to the ‘Latest News’ section and click the ‘Weekly Fixtures’ section.

AIC Swimming Report
Mrs Juanita Jacobs, AIC Swim Co-ordinator

The 2020 swimming season was one of the most successful years that Villanova swimming has seen in many years, with the depth of talent in our squad ensuring continued success in the pool.

The 2020 swimming season started at the end of 2019 at the Villanova Pool while Langlands completed their redevelopment.  Once again, we had a group of talented and determined young men join the squad in Year 5 and we started with over 60 swimmers joining the Year 5 swim squad, As a result we had to form an A and B squad to be able to cater for the boys.  Only 10 of those boys swam on Monday at AIC, but each and every boy who trained and participated played his part in the team.  Riley Gaffney and Will Dolphin, from Year 6 and Ryan Bellinger in Year 9 pushed and pushed to improve and be competitive, and their efforts epitomise what the Villanova swim squad is all about and their team spirit is just as important as the talent of the swimmers who made it to the starting blocks at the AIC Championships.

The Villanova swim squad is proving to everyone, that they are as good as anybody else.  When each and every swimmer in our squad trains, works hard, and competes to the best of their ability,  they are doing their job.  They are part of the whole, and when everyone is working together, we can achieve great things.  This was certainly proven true for 2020.

Our team efforts were rewarded at the AIC Swimming Championships.  After many years of  working to build the depth across each of the age groups, the Villanova team finally achieved fourth place in the overall aggregate for the senior competition.  This is no mean feat against the domination of St Peter’s and Ashgrove in the pool.  Our main rivals for a top four finish as always were St Laurence’s and Iona, and we narrowly defeated St Laurence’s in a very close competition.  The 12 years age group won their division.  Villanova needed to win the final medley relay to overtake Ashgrove for the premiership. Charley Hegarty brought the team within reach, in the third leg, and in an amazing effort and determined swim,  Will Rogers touched out Ashgrove to finish 0.16 seconds ahead on the wall.  The 12 year old competed in 14 events, with seven first placings, four second placings, one third placing and two fourth placings.

The Junior Year 5 and Year 6 competition was fought between Iona and Villanova for most of the evening.  With exceptional performances from Harvey Thompson and Darcy Kerr, the Year 6 swim squad also won their age group premiership.  The Year 5’s led by Tyler Schafer and Luis Stagg, had podium finishes in every single race, but finished a very close second, close enough to secure the Aggregate trophy for the Junior Competition.  In a few of the races, the boys  broke the AIC record, but still finished second behind Iona.  Overall there were 36 events in the Junior competition.  Villanova placed first in  13 events , second in 18 races and third in three others.  They placed in 34 out of 36 events.  The  Div. 2 Freestyle Relay team of Ben Mackey, Ben Landers, Ethan Haywood and Jacob Short  set a new AIC record along with Wade Wildin Powell in Div. 2 50m Backstroke.

The quality of racing in the older age groups is not to be underestimated. Our boys were competing against both international and nationally ranked swimmers.  Caden Clelland finished mid field in his races on the touch to the wall, but the swimmers were stretched across the pool in a close finish of less than two seconds from first to sixth. It was a pleasure to watch our boys swim so competitively and so passionately.  Across all the age groups, the Villanova swimmers were challenging for positions and finishing strongly.  Their technique was excellent, and they looked well drilled and prepared.  Strong performances from Wade Wildin Powell, Thomas de Brito, Will Vig, Cohen Stewart, Jack Hewitt spear headed a strong and determined team.

To finish in fourth place, the Villanova squad, achieved 24 first places (19 individual and five relays), 25 second places (22 individual and three relays) and 13 third places (12 individual and one relay).  That is a podium finish in over half of the AIC races.  Congratulations to each and every swimmer for their efforts at training and for giving 100% in the pool on the day.

As we continue to develop our depth in the squad and work to ensure that the swimmers are prepared and experienced competitors, we hope to maintain fourth place or even go one better in 2021 and overtake Iona.  I am confident that the boys will continue to train hard in preparation for the Villanova swimming season next year.

I would like to acknowledge the support of Ms Dawson, Ms Dillon and Ms Henry for their work with the squads, Ms Kerry Lapish for coordinating the Swim Breakfasts and BBQ’s and the sports office for all their assistance.  A special thanks to our super coaches Kerry Holland, Guilly Santos and Toca, and old boys Nic Elsey and Andy Vick.   The boys very much appreciate the time and efforts that each of you put into the squad and are enjoying the rewards of many hours spent poolside during the year. The expertise of our coaching staff is consistently building the competitiveness of the squad and we are certainly seeing the rewards from the commitment of the coaches and swimmers.  Finally,  to the parents who bring the boys to training and carnivals and to the supporters in the stands, I wish to say thank you on behalf of the boys.  The squad would not be able to compete as well as they do without your support and encouragement.  Thank you to everyone for their part in a very successful season, with very well-deserved results.

AIC Cricket
Villanova had another solid performance over the weekend against SPLC. Overall Villanova came away with 19 wins and 10 losses and secured a 9 – 1 win/loss in the aggregate games. The Year 5 to 8 teams turned things around after a number of tough games last week and should be better prepared to take on Ashgrove in the Round 5 clash this week. There is no denying that this weekend will be one of the toughest for our cricket teams and the results may decide which College takes out the AIC cricket aggregate at the end of the season. It is essential that all cricketers arrive well before their start time to commence preparations and to get their head in the game. If there was a weekend to stand up and be counted, it’s this weekend!

Off the back of many outstanding results over the last two rounds, all teams from Years 5 – 12 can be confident of themselves and their team’s ability this weekend. Every result matters, every ball matters, every bat matters, everything that all players do this weekend matters. I encourage every boy to do their bit this weekend.  I’m backing the boys in Green and Gold all the way, best wishes to all!

Cricket Team Photos – Round 5, Saturday 7 March
Please be aware that some cricket photos will be taken this weekend before the scheduled cricket games played at Villanova Park. We ask all players to arrive 10 minutes before the scheduled photo time listed below dressed in their full and correct cricket uniform. The photos will be taken near the large score board. A full photo schedule is posted under the AIC Cricket section on the website.

10A 7:10am
10B 7:15am
First XI 7:45am
6 Gold 10:30am
Second XI 12:15pm
Third XI 12.20pm

Cricket Equipment On Sale – please access the following link for sale items which include bats, pads, gloves etc – flyer attached

AIC Cricket Results v St Peter’s

Team 1 v SEC 2 v PAD 3 v IONA 4 v SPLC
First XI Wash Out Wash Out W
9/192- 96
151- 133
Second XI Wash Out Wash Out W
3/131- 6/130
218- 180
Third XI Wash Out Wash Out W
7/225- 98
Fourth XI Wash Out Wash Out W v Ash 5hts
9/86- 8/83
L v Ash 5ths
68- 7/69
Fifth XI Wash Out Wash Out L
6/103- 4/106
L v SLC 4ths
7/134- 2/135
10A Wash Out Wash Out W
4/134- 9/102
8-185- 38
10B Wash Out Wash Out W
6/227- 74
6/185- 78
10C Wash Out Wash Out BYE L v SLC 10B

7/123-  6/125

10 Gold Wash Out Wash Out L
9/90- 97
9A Wash Out Wash Out W
5/182- 8/69
1/69- 69
9B Wash Out Wash Out W
2/95 (20)-
9/119 (35)
6/149- 73
9C Wash Out Wash Out W
5/135- 108
W v Ash Gold
5/82- 9/81
9 Gold Wash Out Wash Out L
9/53- 5/123
L v Iona 9C
9/32- 3/38
8A Wash Out Wash Out L

69- 7/131


65- 5/66

8B Wash Out Wash Out W
6/106- 78
5/134- 91
8C Wash Out Wash Out W
3/64- 9/63
W v Iona 8C
6/111- 7/79
8 Gold Wash Out Wash Out W v Ash Gr
4/88- 38
L V Ash White
4/102- 6/103
7A Wash Out Wash Out L
108- 5/156
2/68- 7/67
7B Wash Out Wash Out W
7/96- 8/81
W v Ash 7B
7/133- 65
7C Wash Out Wash Out L
5/67- 5/115
2/124- 4/76
7 Gold Wash Out Wash Out L
49- 80
L v Ash 7 Gold
44- 116
6A Wash Out Wash Out L
78- 165
5/77- 8/76
6B Wash Out Wash Out L
4/67- 1/68
3/104- 33
6C Wash Out Wash Out L
5/79- 2/85
W v Villa Gold
6/113- 7/73
6 Gold Wash Out Wash Out L
7/92- 1/99
L v Villa 6C
7/73- 6/113
6 White Wash Out Wash Out L
5/64- 5-67
52- 5/62
6 Green Wash Out Wash Out L
31- 5/99
6 Blue Wash Out Wash Out W
3/43- 19
W v Iona Gr
4/97- 4/75
5A Wash Out Wash Out L
1/188- 78
5B Wash Out Wash Out L
5/83- 5/94
5/95- 94
5C Wash Out Wash Out L
7/77- 9/90
W v Villa Gold
8/108- 7/52
5 Gold Wash Out Wash Out L
5/38- 2/66
L v Villa 5C
7/52- 8/108
5 White Wash Out Wash Out L
79- 80
L v Ash 5 Gr
3/96- 4/124

AIC Volleyball
Mr Todd Kropp, AIC Volleyball Co-ordinator

Villanova found great success last weekend against SPLC with four of our teams holding on to their undefeated streak and a few finding their feet for the first win of the season. In all games, SPLC showed that you can never underestimate your opposition. In observing games played at SPLC, players displayed some good skills and mental tenacity to overcome the might of SPLC who were out in force! SPLC played host to some nail-biting matches with many going to a deciding set. When things get tough, for example a deciding set, I encourage players to trust their process and stick to the style that got them to this position. Embrace the challenge and focus on the positive outcome and not the negative error.

This Friday we will host the first Volleyball Muster for the season. This involves all Villanova Volleyball players from 7 Gold through to the Firsts’ meeting in Goold Hall at second break. Here we will discuss some focus points for the weekend and deliver any messages or information.

This weekend the Villa Cats do battle with the Ashgrove Bumblebees in around that sees our Senior teams at home and our Junior teams on Ashgrove turf. Can I please remind players to check the duty/linesman roster on the noticeboard and on the Villanova Sport webpage.

AIC Volleyball Results v St Peter’s

Team 1 v SEC 2 v PAD 3 v IONA 4 v SPLC
First XI L 3-1 L 3-0 L 3-1 W 3-0
Second XI W 2-0 L 2-0 W 2-1 W 2-0
Third XI W 3-0 L 2-0 L 2-0 L 2-0
11 A L 2-1 L 2-0 L 2-0 L 2-0
11 B W 2-1


L 2-0 L 2-0 W 2-0
10A L 2-0 L 2-0 W 2-0 W 2-1
10B L 2-0 L 2-0 W 2-1 L 2-1
10C W 2-1 W 2-0 W 2-0 W 2-0
9A W 2-1 L 2-1 W 2-1 L 3-0
9B W 2-1 W 3-0 W 3-0 W 2-1
9C W 2-1 W 2-1 W 3-0 W 3-0
8A W 2-1 W 3-0 L 3-0 L 2-1
8B L 2-1 L 2-1 L 3-0 L 3-0
8C W 3-0 L 2-1 L 3-0 W 3-0
8 Gold Wash Out L 3-0 L 2-1 W 3-0
7A W 2-1 W 2-1 L 2-1 L 2-1
7B W 2-1 W 2-1 W 3-0 W 3-0
7C L 2-1 W 3-0 W 2-1 W 3-0
7 Gold Wash Out W 3-0 L 3-0 W 3-0

Goold Hall Canteen Roster

Time Parents to assist
7.30am 11B
8.30am 3rd VI, 10C
9.30am 11A, 10B
10.30am 10A, 2nd VI
11.30am 1st VI
12.30pm Any parent willing to assist

Mr Adam Fry, AIC AFL Co-ordinator

What another fantastic weekend on the footy field with five games and five wins. It was a super effort by all teams competing last weekend with a special mention to our Year 8/9 boys who put on a huge score while keeping St Peters scoreless. It is important you don’t rest on your laurels and you keep up the great start you have made to the season.

This weekend we are back to all teams playing with our Seniors up against Ashgrove and our Juniors against archrivals St Laurence’s. Please be aware that our Year 8/9 and Open teams will be playing the later time slots this Friday and our Year 7’s will be playing at Coorparoo instead of Runcorn. It would be fantastic to see a huge Villanova fan base on Friday night at Coorparoo to cheer on our Seniors. It is a fantastic atmosphere when we have the Villanova Army loud and proud!

Remember to continue to put in on the training track and play the game in good spirit. When out of the field you are representing the Villanova community so always play the game hard but fair. Good luck to all teams this weekend and we look forward to another successful weekend.

AFL On Field Behaviour – Message from the Director of Sport
Over the past two rounds the College has experienced and witnessed a number of ‘on field’ behaviour incidences at the AIC AFL games. Like all AIC Colleges, Villanova College has clear expectations of all its students with regards to how players should conduct themselves both on and off the field. I write this message as a timely reminder to all about how we should play the game – hard and fair with the highest level of sportsmanship at the very forefront. A number of ‘one week’ suspensions have been given already across the AIC Competition including some from Villanova College. May I please ask parents to reiterate to their son/s the expectations we all share with our boys when they represent the College and their families on field. I have no doubt we are all on the same page. Enjoy the remainder of the season!

AIC AFL Results v St Peter’s/Padua College

Opens – BYE
Year 8/9 Villanova 26-15-171 def St Peters 0-0-0
Year 7 – BYE
6A – Villanova 11-7-73 def Padua 5-7-37
6B – Villanova 12-7-79 def Padua 1-3-9
5A – Villanova 5-6-36 def Padua 2-10-22
5B – Villanova 8-5-53 def Padua 3-2-20

Team Photo
The Year 7 team photo will be taken next to field 2 at Coorparoo JAFC at 7.20am this Saturday morning. We ask all players to arrive 10 minutes beforehand in their full and correct AFL uniform please.

AIC Chess
Mrs Sally England, AIC Chess Co-ordinator

Chess Club and trials for the AIC teams have commenced this week in all three schools. The Senior and Intermediate teams are competing for positions in T10 every morning tea, under the guidance of Mrs Warren and Mrs England. The Junior players have two days of competition or fun in T12 under the guidance of Mr Kent Morley-Buchanan on Wednesday and Thursday morning tea. Boys are encouraged to get to the rooms quickly so that a good game can ensue if they are playing trials. Junior boys can play for fun every other day in the library if they wish.

On Friday27 March, there will be a trial game against the St Laurence’s’ teams and the boys are encouraged to play that night if available. Permissions forms will be sent home over the coming weeks. Again, I reiterate that the boys must be available to play Friday nights in Term 2 to be eligible for selection.  Coaching will commence soon, and parents will be notified of the days, but it will only be available for those boys who are in the teams. If your son has applied on-line and has not attended any of the previous meeting that have been called, then they must see Mrs England in T10 and make sure that they start playing.

If you have any queries, please contact Mrs England via email

AIC Rugby and Football Training/Trials
The first training/trial session will occur the very first week after Round 7 of Cricket, AFL and Volleyball. That is, the week beginning Monday 23 March.

Training times and venues for all Year 5 – 12 Rugby and Football teams are listed on the College’s website and below. All Year 5 and Year 6 teams will train at Little Langlands or Whinstanes. Year 7-12 teams will train at Villanova Park. The College will provide bus transportation to Villanova Park for all teams. Parents are required to collect their son promptly from Villanova Park after training as there will be no return bus service from Villanova Park.

Please see the divisions below. Note in each division the players will be graded from A, B, C etc. Opens will be graded from Firsts, Seconds, Thirds etc.

Football – Year 5, Year 6, Year 7, Year 8, Year 9, Year 10 and Opens
Rugby – Year 5, Year 6, Year 7, Year 8, Year 9, Year 10, Opens

AIC Rugby and Football Trial Games – Date Claimers 

Monday 23 March – (Rugby and Football training/trials begins at Villanova Park for all Year 7-12 teams, Year 5and Year 6 teams will trial at Little Langlands)

Saturday 28 March –  Internal Years 5 – 12 AIC Rugby and Football Trials (Firsts, Seconds Rugby and Football v SLC only, all other teams will trial internally at Villanova Park)

Saturday 25 April (ANZAC DAY) – AIC Rugby and Football v SPC (full school trial) NOTE:  As these trials will occur on ANZAC Day, all games will take place from 12 midday onwards.  Most games will be played at Villanova Park with some games being played at Curlew Park. A special ceremony will be held at Villanova Park before the Firsts games to commemorate the day.

Saturday 2 May Round 1 – Saturday 13 June Round 7 as per College calendar

AIC Rugby and Football Training/Trial Schedule

The below schedules will be applied all season:

Rugby Training

  • Year 7, Year 8, Year 9, Year 10, Year 11 and Opens at Villanova Park 4.00 – 5.15pm, Tuesday and Thursday afternoons
  • Year 5 at Little Langlands, Tuesday afternoon 3.15pm – 4.30pm and Thursday mornings 6.45 -8.00am
  • Year 6 at Little Langlands, Tuesday mornings 6.45am – 8.00am and Thursday afternoons 3.15pm – 4.30pm

 Football Training

  • Year 7, Year 8, Year 9, Year 10, Thirds, Fourths and Fifths at Villanova Park 4.00 – 5.15pm, Monday and Wednesday afternoons
  • Firsts and Seconds at Villanova Park 4.00 – 5.30pm Tuesday and Thursday afternoons
  • Year 5 at Little Langlands, Monday afternoon 3.15pm – 4.30pm and Wednesday mornings 6.45 -8.00am
  • Year 6 at Little Langlands, Monday mornings 6.45am – 8.00am and Wednesday afternoons 3.15pm – 4.30pm

Mouth Guards – Please find attached a flyer regarding the purchase of SISU Mouthguards (mouthguards are compulsory for all Years 5 – 12 players at training and on game day)

Villanova Rugby and Football Uniforms – 2020

ALL students from Years 5 – 12  in both Rugby and Football must purchase the Villanova rugby and football uniform in readiness for the up-coming season. This includes shorts, jersey and socks. The Uniform Shop will have all rugby and football gear available for purchase.

IMPORTANT – all boys who sign up for rugby and football WILL make a team, therefore, parents can purchase these items of clothing.

Villanova Rugby Uniform

  • Villanova rugby jersey
  • Villanova rugby shorts
  • Villanova rugby/football socks
  • Mouthguards compulsory (not stocked in the Villanova College Uniform Shop)
  • Head gear optional (not stocked in the Villanova College Uniform Shop)
  • Villanova green zip jacket or Villanova track suit optional (no other jackets /jumpers are permitted)

Villanova Football Uniform

  • Villanova football jersey
  • Villanova football shorts (not the PE shorts/ not the basketball shorts)
  • Villanova rugby/football socks
  • Shin guards compulsory (not stocked in the Villanova College Uniform Shop)
  • Villanova green zip Jacket or Villanova track suit optional (no other jackets/jumpers are permitted)

Please note:

  • Football players must wear the Villanova football shorts not the Villanova basketball shorts, which do look similar.
  • The Canterbury rugby and football socks are the same.
  • What to wear at training? – It is acceptable for both the rugby and football players to wear any coloured/club or other old clothes to training. Boys are not encouraged to wear their Villanova playing uniform to training but may do so if they wish. We certainly would not recommend rugby players to wear their PE uniform or any shirt that will get ripped and torn. The Uniform Shop has some old stock in limited sizes (jerseys and shorts) which would be prefect for training but not to wear on game days. Old stock prices start at $8.

Rugby and Football – Coaches/Referees
As the winter football season is fast approaching, the Sports Department is asking all parents and old boys who indicated last year they wished to assist in these two sports in 2020 to confirm that they still wish to do so. If you have an interest in refereeing or coaching, please contact:

Year 5 – 12 Football – Anthony Kemp email:
Year 5 – 12 Rugby – Chris Everding email:

AIC Rugby, Football, Cross Country and Chess Sign-Ons – Now Overdue!
Please be advised that all boys from Years 5 – 12 have been given the opportunity to sign-on for the up-coming Villanova Rugby, Football, Cross Country and Chess season. These forms were due yesterday on Wednesday 4 March. If your son has failed to complete an online form, please have him complete the online registration ASAP please. A link to this form is found below.

Online Registration Form Link

We ask that all parents to complete this online registration alongside their son. Information regarding the student’s ID number, email address, parent’s email address, DOB and sport selection is required.

AIC Cross Country
The Cross-Country program is split into two squads – The Year 5 and Year 6 squad and the Year 7-Opens squad. Both squads will be trained separately by different coaches and managers. The AIC Cross Country Championships will take place on Tuesday 2 June, that is, Week 7 of Term 2.

We are aware that many boys will have lots of different activities going on. We encourage our best runners to represent Villa on the day of the championships. It may be the case that a student may not be able to attend all training sessions due to other commitments. If this is the case, we simply need students to communicate this to the coaches and managers involved. We are open to negotiating alternative training schedules with those who have lots on.

Year 5 and Year 6 Squad
The Year 5 and Year 6 training squad will officially begin on Monday 9 March, that is, Week 7 of Term 1.  Training will be held each Monday and Wednesday afternoon from 3.15pm – 4.30pm. Boys are to meet Miss Roberts outside Goold Hall after school and she will walk the boys down to training at Little Langlands. Boys who cannot train both afternoons are encouraged to attend the non-compulsory training session on Sunday afternoons (see Villanova Runners Club information below). The boys can wear their sports uniform or any other running gear for training.

Junior School Cross Country Run Tomorrow Afternoon
The Junior School will have a cross country run around the College tomorrow afternoon. This run is just to identify any boys who may strengthen our squad. It is NOT a trial for Lytton District. These boys will be selected by our Cross Country Coach, Tom Lonergan early next term depending on training attendance, commitment and ability. ALL AFL players are reminded that they need to attend training for at least one session per week.

Years 7 – 12 Squad
The Years 7 – 12 training squad will officially begin on Monday 9 March, that is, week 7 of Term 1. Training will be held on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday mornings from 6.45am. All students are to meet at the front of Goold Hall at 6.45am sharp (not at Little Langlands). Late comers must stay at the College.

IMPORTANT:  All Cross Country runners should be participating in two – three training sessions per week, unless they are involved in another sport, in which case they should be completing at least one Cross Country session per week to be prepared sufficiently for the AIC Championship.

Villanova Runners Club (VRC)
Recommenced – Sunday 1 March 2020, No VRC on Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday 2020.

The VRC meets on Sunday afternoons 4pm – 5pm at Whites Hill Reserve. (Cricket Ovals, Boundary Rd, Camp Hill) This is an opportunity for Villanova College athletes to maintain/build up their Aerobic fitness as part of their training for the coming Cross-Country season.  There will be training on the Monday, Wednesday and Friday during the school holidays.

An open invitation is extended to families of the boys and in fact any people interested in improving their fitness. There will be no minimum standard of fitness required and all levels of fitness will be catered for during the session. Assemble on the Cricket Oval # 3 where a Tabata session will be held, followed by aerobic running on the surrounding bushland trails.

Holiday Rugby Clinic
A pre-season holiday rugby clinic will operate from Easts Rugby Club on 6 and 7 April. Two programs will operate for the 7 – 10 and 11 – 14 age groups. The program incorporates recent rugby trends and professional training. Each program covers the essential skills for that age group.

Former Wallabies captain and Villanova Old Boy – Ben Mowen will also be involved.

We encourage all Villanova Rugby players to attend this camp over the Easter break. Special rates apply to Villanova College students. Please see the flyer attached.

Composite Sport
Please find below a list of composite trial and nomination dates. Paperwork for these trials is now available in the Sport Office.

Sport Age-group Trial date Forms due to Sport Office
Surfing 13-18 years Friday, 20 March Thursday, 5 March
Touch Football 16-18 years Thursday, 19 March Wednesday, 11 March
Hockey 13-19 years Paper nomination Thursday, 12 March

Representative Sport
Well done to Charley Hegarty who was recently chosen in the Queensland Regional team to compete at the National Aquathlon Championships at the end of March. Best wishes Charley!

Congratulations to Henry Wright who was recently selected to represent Met East at the Queensland State Golf Championship in late April.  Well done Henry!

Mr Craig Stariha, Director of Sport

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Rehearsals and Lessons
All lessons and rehearsals have now commenced.  Please ensure you check emails for messages from teachers and ensemble directors.  If you are unsure, do not hesitate to contact us through the Music Office for further clarification.

Enrolment changes for Term 2
Please note that the census date for all alterations to Instrumental Music Enrolments for Term 2 will be Monday 16 March.  Any changes after this date will not be made until Term 3; charges and fees will stand for Term 2.

If you would like to adjust or change your son’s enrolment, please contact the Music Office for an enrolment form.  Complete and submit the form to before 4pm on Monday 16 March.

Jump Start Day – Year 5 Musicians
I would like to extend a congratulations to all students who participated in the Year 5 Jump Start Day on Tuesday.  It was a great afternoon of music where our students were able to come down to the Augustine Centre and complete almost four weeks of rehearsal in one day.  The boys did a great job engaging and focussing during their rehearsal time; all of this was evidenced during their final concert for parents.

Thank you to all those who have shared their positive feedback both immediately after the concert and via email.  I would also like to thank the Junior School staff for allowing us time with the students at this busy time of year – it was greatly appreciated.  Thank you to the staff who worked so diligently with the students across the afternoon assisting with both rehearsals and the break times.  Thanks also to all families who came and celebrated this milestone with our students.  Finally, congratulations to the students for their efforts.

Please remember that all Year 5 ensemble rehearsals commence next week.  These sessions run from 7.00am on Tuesday mornings (starting 10 March) with strings in the string room and band on stage.  We look forward to seeing you all there next week!

Mary Poppins Musical
I know that there will be several mentions regarding this production, but I would like to state – WOW!  Congratulations to all students and staff involved – this was an incredible show to view and a fantastic production all round.  However, the greatest measure of an activity is the engagement and buy-in of those involved.  The positive emotion and ‘vibe’ around our building during rehearsal and production was quite incredible and it is a testament to what was achieved in terms of bringing young people together to celebrate life – through music and drama.

Thank you all – you have made quite an impression on this community.  Well done!

Music Support Group
Our fantastic Music Support Group are meeting next Monday evening in the Chapter Room in the Augustine Centre.  The meeting commences at 7.30pm – we look forward to seeing you all there.

Debut Concert Series
Debut Concerts will be convened during Week 8.  Program of performances will be communicated home before the weekend.  Please keep an eye on your email inbox – these will be sent via the Optimo system.

Entertainment Books
Every year, our Music Support Group participates in the Entertainment Book drive.  This year, Entertainment Books are selling their digital format only.  Information will be distributed to students involved in the music performance program at Villanova over the coming fortnight.

Entertainment Memberships can start anytime and are packed with thousands of substantial savings on dining, travel and fun family activities. The digital membership is easy to download to start using instantly. New offers are added weekly for ongoing value all year round. Ordering information is available here.

Date Claimers
As is tradition, we look forward to the fantastic events we have planned in the near future:

Term 1
Week Date Activity
7 9 March Music Support Group meeting – 7:30pm
8 17 March Debut Concert 1
8 19 March Debut Concert 2

Thank you all for your continued support of Villanova Music.

Mr Michael Jones, Director of Music

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Villa Events

Villanova International Carnival

Villanova’s annual International Carnival is just around the corner! The Carnival newsletter outlines everything you need to know about the P&F’s major fundraising event for the year – including how to sign up as a volunteer. Details of how your son’s year level can assist is also included. We urge all parents to get involved to support the Carnival and Villanova College.

Click here for Edition 1.

Jamie Whitlock, Carnival Convener

Year 6 Dads Get-Together

Date: Saturday 14 March
Venue: Brewdog, 77 Metroplex Avenue, Murarrie
Time:  Commencing at 4.00pm

We have reserved an area at Brewdog, no ticket required,  just turn up and order your own drinks and/or food.  Come for a few drinks (or make a night of it) and catch up with some of the Villanova Dads. It promises to be a great afternoon!!  No need for RSVPs.

Mary Poppins
Last week saw 107 students from Villanova and Loreto Colleges produce absolute magic as they performed the Broadway hit, Mary Poppins to four sold out audiences. In a very condensed rehearsal time, our onstage cast learnt intricate dance routines, countless lines of dialogue and perfected the vocal songs for the show whilst our backstage crew pulled all the set pieces, props and lighting cues together and made the show look seamless. The members of the orchestra have not only risen to the challenge of this immensely tricky orchestration but surpassed all our expectations with absolute ‘Precision and Order’. The devotion and enthusiasm that our students have displayed has been incredible. I know I speak for the entire production team when I say that we are all grateful to have shared this journey with them.

Sincere thanks must go to the talented and creative staff from Loreto, Mrs Stephanie Tudor (Director), Mr Ben Langford (Music Director), Mrs Libby Stockdale (Vocal Coach) and Ms Kelsey Taylor (Stage Manager) for their expert guidance and mentoring throughout the process. We were also blessed to have Ms Bronte Devine as our chief choreographer who was professionally supported by the talented team at SUPERSTARS.

To the Villanova staff who so willingly gave their time to support the show, we can’t thank you enough. I’d like to acknowledge Mr Vince Scuderi and Mr Alex Williams (technical support) Ms Janet Akenson (props and costumes), Mr Neil Roche-Kelly (vocal coaching), Ms Kath Underhill (Front of House) and Mr Gordon Hughes (Bar Manager). I would also like to extend my thanks to Ms Sallyanne Freney, Mrs Belinda Tucker, Mrs Sophie Kenny and the army of volunteer parents who supported, mentored, cooked for, and transported all the students involved in the show.

We are incredibly grateful for everyone’s contribution and the show could not have happened without your continued support, expertise and assistance.

To every student involved in the show, keep reaching for the stars and as we have learnt throughout this journey, ‘Anything Can Happen’ if you let it. We hope the magic of Mary Poppins stays with you for the rest of your lives. You are all ‘Practically Perfect’ in the eyes of the production team and we thank you for sharing your talents with the community. Congratulations!

Mrs Justine Silk, Musical Producer

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Parent Information

Helping Hands – School Holiday Program
Helping Hands offers care for children in Year 5, Year 6 and Year 7 at Villanova College. Enrolling is easy and there are no fees for registering. Families can enrol online via our website or call the Helping Hands service on 0437 784 379 for further information.

Helping Hands is excited to announce that bookings for the Term 1 school holiday period are now open! Our program has been tailored especially for the Villanova boys with great activities planned every day. From a trip to the Workshops Rail Museum to a visit from the Brisbane Roar Active Program, there really is something for everyone.

These sessions will run across the holiday break on weekdays from Monday 6 April until Monday 20  April, from 6.30am to 6.00pm. Please note that we will be closed on Good Friday (10 April) and Easter Monday (13 April). For more information please see the attached brochure.

Anthony Tizzone, Villanova Helping Hands Co-ordinator

Flexischools Update
Parents of new students who are receiving an ‘Unknown User’ message while attempting to make purchases at the Tuckshop are reminded to contact Flexischools on 1300 361 769 to resolve the problem.

Sacrament of Confirmation
A Sacrament of Confirmation program will be run for Villanova College students in conjunction with St James, Coorparoo. St James Parish Priest, Fr Francis OSA  recommends any parents who are considering the Sacrament of Confirmation for their son/s to contact their respective School Offices.  Confirmation will take place on Pentecost Sunday, May 31 2020.

Library Roster

Monday 9 March
Emma Banaghan

Tuesday 10 March
Cristina Palacios

Wednesday 11 March
Jenni Robinson
Katia Sukkar

Thursday 12 March
Sue Mulligan
Maryanne Bingham

Friday 13 March
Gina Avolio
Madhu Kalaimannan


Tuckshop Menu 
Our 2020 Tuckshop menu is available by clicking here.


Monday 9 March
Lauren Audet
Gina Avolio
Anna Stines
Marnie Dalrymple
Melissa Young
Gladess Karam
Victoria Zdraveski

 Tuesday 10 March
Gerda Odonnell
Allison Holt
Sherry James
Mary-Anne Peralta
Ellen Greer
Therese Staley
Ann O’Brien
Belinda Taylor
Robyn Dickie
Keryn Prove

 Wednesday 11 March
Karen Blue
Katrina Theil
Connie Collins
Deb Griffiths
Anastasia Bailey
Angie Browne
Zoe Rohloff
Kobi O’Toole

 Thursday 12 March
Bernadette Perrier
Louise Wilson
Lisa Kelly
Belinda McPherson
Flora Di Stasi
Michelle Thomson
Annetta Cayas
Jenny Kwok

Friday 13 March
Tracy Pereira-Trevethan
Nikki Reid
Caroline Caffery
Gregoria Makras
Sally Grigson
Nakeeta Sturgess
Natasha Dredge
Allan Greig
Angela Kristenson
Kelli Kielenniva



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Community News

All Hallows’ Dance
Years 7 and 8 students are invited to attend the All Hallows’ Dance on Friday 6 March from 7.00pm to 9.00pm at Loreto Hall, All Hallows’ School. Cost of entry is $10.00 (current student school ID is required).

Loreto College Dance
Years 9 – 12 students are invited to attend the Loreto College ‘Bring Back the 90s’ Dance on Friday 13 March from 7.00pm to 9.00pm. Cost of entry is $15.00 (current student school ID is required). Further details here.

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Archive Anecdotes

The College uniform has always been important to the public presentation of Villanova College.

Naturally, the uniform has changed over the 70+ years reflecting both new fabrics and style trends.  Particular items have been deleted altogether for a variety of reasons, including the coveted Honour Blazer for outstanding Year 11 and Year 12 students which ceased to be awarded in 1978.  However, the constant thread over the years has always been the College badge, the green and gold colours, and the green tie with gold stripes.

New students arriving in 1948 were given the following “Outfit List” and expected to wear the College grey school suit daily. T.C. BEIRNE Ltd, in The  Valley were the local suppliers for all uniform requirements!

A selection of old uniform items are displayed in the Villanova College Archives.

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