Mission Week at Villanova College is an annual event that is taking place from Monday 20 May. It is a week-long initiative designed to celebrate our partnerships formed with Augustinian schools and ministries in the Philippines.  This year we celebrate 31 years of AFAS partnerships with Augustinian schools and ministries in the Philippines. Joining us for the Week are key representative partners on tour from the Philippines: Judith Fe Pilongo, Altha Diopido and Des Diel. Together with our visitors, we have a unique opportunity to illuminate our annual immersion experience alongside the College’s commitment to numerous projects and scholarships. 

Mission Week fosters a sense of social responsibility and increases awareness of how we can contribute and make a difference in the lives of others. Throughout the week, a series of activities and events are organised to engage the students and promote awareness and encourage action in both local and global projects. These initiatives aim to inspire students to make a positive impact in their community and develop a lifelong commitment to service.  

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Friday 17 May

Drumline and official welcome in the Junior school of our AFAS partners who are joining us for Mission Week

Class visits by AFAS partners in Junior and Senior school

All families are given their Red Candle packages in preparation for the week ahead when we ask all families to find at least one night to light the candle and share the prayer and stories given.

Monday 20 May
Staff briefing to introduce our AFAS partners from the Philippines

Junior School classes

Staff ‘Meet 2 Learn’ about our AFAS partnership and how we can enliven these Augustinian connections.

Tuesday 21 May
College Mass for St Thomas and St Rita’s Feast Days. Join us live at 8.45am at: https://youtube.com/live/1e5-tRxYUpY?feature=share

Wednesday 22 May
Chapel Mass at 8am

Our AFAS partners will visit classrooms to engage with learning and interaction together.

AFAS Immersion 2024 Preparation Session for students and parents 5.30PM – 7PM 

Thursday 23 May
Emmanuel City Mission Immersion 6.30 – 9AM
Our AFAS partners will visit classrooms to engage with learning and interaction together.

Friday 24 May – MISSION DAY*
Morning classes Period 1 & 2
Mission Day festivities
House Choir competition
Mission Day Stalls & Activities:
Students have planned and are running stalls to celebrate and raise funds.  Please bring plenty of coins to join the fun and assist with projects AFAS supports.
  • Lob-a-choc
  • Rowing Machine Comp
  • Dodge ball
  • Soccer Goalies/Basketball shoot out
  • Water walking challenge
  • Ping pong beat the teacher
  • Side show alley
  • Cornhole
  • Lollies and Guess the jelly beans
  • Slush puppies
  • Crisps and garlic bread
  • Sari sari stall
  • E-sports comp
  • Dunk the teacher
*Mission Day Dress Code: House shirts.
All students receive lunch on Mission Day with our Year 10 students cooking up Hamburgers and serving drinks and Krispy Kremes 


Giving Day 2024 (1)


More information about your Red Candles can be found on this document: https://www.vnc.qld.edu.au/wp-content/uploads/2024/05/2024-Red-Candle-Family-table-pack.pdf

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