Middle School Leadership

Each semester, Middle School students elect a House Vice-Captain from the Year 9 cohort. The role of the Middle School House Vice-Captain is to share responsibility for student participation and spirit within their House.

This leadership position lasts for one semester, giving two Year 9 students the opportunity to lead their respective Houses each year. They’ll work alongside the House Facilitator, House Captain and Senior School House Vice-Captain.

Senior School Leadership

At Villanova College, all Year 12 students are considered leaders and thus expected to strive for the following:

  • To be an example of Augustinian gateway values
  • To show initiative
  • To be well organised
  • To demonstrate responsibility
  • To have strength of character in the ability to live within school rules and display strong self-respect
  • To welcome and foster support from their own year level, while giving back whenever possible
  • To inspire others by example

There are also named positions as part of Senior School leadership at Villanova. Some leadership roles have greater levels of responsibility than others, but all students are expected to lead their community to the best of their ability.

Villanova College Captain

The role of the College Captain is to lead the student body and to represent the College community to the best of his ability.

It is an honour to be named Villanova College Captain and to work with other student leaders and Villanova staff to positively influence overall life within the College. An Office of Service to the school community, the College Captain has the most responsibility out of any student leadership position.

Villanova College Vice-Captain

The College Vice-Captain is tasked with assisting the College Captain in leading the student body and representing the College community.

An integral member of the Year 12 cohort, the Vice-Captain works with staff and fellow students to ensure Villanova moves forward with its community members, Augustinian values and overall aims at its heart. The role of College Vice-Captain is also seen as an Office of Service to the school community.

Villanova College House Captain

As a College House Captain, your responsibility is to lead your House and work primarily with the House Facilitator and House Vice-Captains in ensuring high student participation and spirit within the Houses.

Along with being an Office of Service to their respective Houses, House Captains also help promote the building of a community under Augustinian values.

Another aim is to promote school spirit within the three schools by organising supporters for all sporting events and assisting staff in the organisation of whole school events such as Aid Day. House Captains also work to create explicit links between the three schools, to better connect the Villanova community.

Student Council President

The Student Council President is responsible for the implementation of the Student Council Constitution at Villanova College; a role that is seen as an Office of Service to the school community.

Academic Captain

The Academic Captain’s responsibilities focus on raising the profile of academic pursuits within the College by running the Academic Committee and working to increase academic results across all three schools.

This position suits students who are keen on advancing the academic nature of the College through peer tutoring, workshops and various competitions. It’s an integral role to Villanova, as all three schools have the academic component at their core.

The Academic Captain also promotes the value of ‘personal best’ in academic pursuits across the College, ensuring that all successful and hardworking academics are rewarded accordingly.

Ministry Captain

The Ministry Captain is nominated to help foster the spirit of Augustinian education within Villanova and to liaise with staff and student representatives from the various ministry groups.

Communicating with students in other Augustinian schools, the Ministry Captain promotes the awareness of social justice and ministry needs within and outside the community.

The Ministry Captain needs to be active across Junior, Middle and Senior School, encouraging all students to become ‘other centred’.

Although the Ministry Captain heads the objectives and values of the ministries, there are also individual leaders from the various ministry groups. The Ministry Captain should thus be a role model to his fellow students and ministry representatives through expressions of faith and reverence.

Arts Captain

The Arts Captain’s main aim is generating interest in the Visual & Performing Arts among the Villanova community, along with providing opportunities for students, staff and parents to engage with the Visual & Performing Arts.

The Arts Captain is responsible for running the Arts Committee and helping fulfil its goal of “providing a service to the school and the community through the Visual & Performing Arts”.

Music Captain

The musical pursuits offered at Villanova cater to a wide range of interests and abilities. The Music Captain must be a role model for music and be involved in at least one ensemble. Impeccable leadership qualities, good communication skills, confidence and determination to succeed in his endeavours are also valued attributes.

The Music Captain should show imagination and a clear vision for the promotion of music at Villanova. An ability to work cooperatively, but assertively with other senior musicians, along with a willingness to delegate tasks to others where appropriate are also important facets of this leadership role.

He will be expected to represent the College at functions within and outside the Villanova community, such as compering concerts or giving speeches.

Sport Captain

The Sport Captain must have solid knowledge of and be heavily involved in College sport, while leading by example. He must show responsibility and display strength of character, as this position involves organising other students to get the most out of Villanova’s sporting pursuits.

The Sport Captain must show initiative and display an ability to live within the school rules. He should display excellent organisational skills and leadership qualities.