Restorative Practices

A Caring Approach

At Villanova College we promote a high challenge to individuals and offer a high level of support. The Pastoral Care and Discipline systems encourage individuals to challenge themselves to be respectful and cooperative participants in College learning and activities.

A Student’s Perspective

When we share a connectedness with each other, share a love of learning with our teachers, and participate actively in the curricular and co-curricular activities of the College, we have a positive, challenging and rewarding experience at school. This positive experience depends upon all of us showing respect for the dignity of others, applying ourselves to our primary role as students, and meeting shared expectations that reinforce community values and maintain good order. When this does not occur, we need to consider the harm done to others and how we can make things right again.

When wrong-doing occurs, we should:
Discuss with others what happened in an honest and truthful manner

Consider how others have been affected, and in what way

Determine what needs to happen to make things right again

Decide how to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

At Villanova, we are encouraged to verbalise our wrong-doing and take ownership of our behaviour and its real consequences to others. In owning our behaviour and its effects on others, we can begin to understand how actions can affect others’ experiences at school.

Our College motto, ‘Vincit Veritas’, means ‘Truth Conquers’. When we are honest with ourselves and consider ways to repair the harm done to others, we learn from our wrong-doing and can make a sincere attempt to ensure it does not happen again.

While coming to appreciate the level of real consequences of behaviour on others, we must also understand that there are times when punitive consequences will be considered in repairing the harm done to the College community.


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