Welcome to Villanova College

The aim of this page is to provide our new families commencing at Villanova in 2020 with a one-stop shop to all information regarding your son’s start. We hope this is a helpful resource as we understand the volume of information you receive can be a little overwhelming. Please don’t hesitate to contact us enrolments@vnc.qld.edu.au should you require clarification on any matter.


Term 1:      Wednesday 29 January – Friday 3 April (Years 5, 7 and 12 will commence on Wednesday 29 January.  Years 6, 8, 9, 10 and 11 return on Thursday 30 January)
Term 2:      Tuesday 21 April – Friday 19 June
Term 3:      Tuesday 14 July – Friday 18 September
Term 4:      Tuesday 6 October – Friday 27 November

NB: It is imperative that families adhere to term times. Early departure for, or late return from vacation periods are neither encouraged nor endorsed.

Junior, Middle and Senior: commence at 8:25am and conclude at 3:00pm (It is recommended that boys arrive 5 – 10 minutes before the commencement time.)

Monday to Friday              8:00am to 4:00pm


Office Telephone Email
Principal’s Office 3394 5690 principal@vnc.qld.edu.au
Junior School Office 3394 5692 junior@vnc.qld.edu.au
Middle School Office 3394 5524 middle@vnc.qld.edu.au
Senior School Office 3394 5525 senior@vnc.qld.edu.au
Curriculum Office 3394 5521 curriculum@vnc.qld.edu.au
Music Office 3394 5691 music@vnc.qld.edu.au
Sports Office 3394 5621 sportsoffice@vnc.qld.edu.au
College Reception/Finance Office 3394 5690 finance@vnc.qld.edu.au

The College’s preferred notification for student absentees is through Parent Lounge or the College App. An alternative number to report an absentee is 3394 5699.


Parent Lounge
Parent Lounge is the College’s main communication tool to provide parents with up-to-date information from the College on events, notices and various activities.   Parent login details are emailed to new families at the beginning of the commencement year which will remain the same for the duration of your son(s) time at Villanova College.  Parent Lounge is accessible from the College website www.vnc.qld.edu.au.au and the College App and has a number of features that allow parents to change personal details and update student medical details.  Official school reports are available on Parent Lounge at the end of each semester (June and December) and interim reports are available to parents in April and September.

Villanova College has its own customised App to communicate directly to both parents and students.  The app is free and accessible for Android and Apple devices via the Google Plan Store and the Apple App store.  To install the College app search for Villanova College.  The app is a handy option to report absentees, receive important notifications (for example training cancellations), log into Parent Lounge and access College web links like the Weekly Sports Draw.

For information on downloading the App click here.

Parents are able to set up an account using Flexischools which allow students to use their student ID cards as debit cards to pay for purchases at the Tuckshop, Uniform Shop and Tolle Lege Library for printing.  Full details on how to set up a Flexischools account will be given once your son is provided with this student ID card early in 2020 and can be found on the College website.

For information on setting up your Flexischool account, click here.

Social Media
The Villanova College official Facebook and Instagram pages along with the separate sub-school Instagram pages keep current students, parents, Old Boys and prospective parents up to date with College news and events. The year level Facebook groups are often a great information source in those first few months (even if most posts tend to be about lost uniform items). Please note that membership of our Facebook groups comes with responsibilities and guidelines. To find your son’s year level Facebook group, search the relevant group (an Admin will approve you after verifying eligibility).

Villanova College
Villanova Year 5 2020 – 2027
Villanova Year 6 2019 – 2026
Villanova Year 7 2018 – 2025
Villanova Year 8 2017 – 2024
Villanova Year 9 2016 – 2023
Villanova Year 10 2015 – 2022
Villanova Year 11 2014 – 2021

Official: villanova.college
Junior School: vnc_junior_school
Middle School: vnc_middle_school
Senior School: vnc_senior_school

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Villanova College is pleased to announce the commencement of an Outside School Hours Care service in 2020 for the convenience of parents. The College will partner with Helping Hands Network to deliver on site Outside School Hours Care – before and after school as well as during holiday periods and staff development days to our community.  They are currently working with the Department to licence the service and are aiming to commence on Wednesday 29 January 2020.

The Helping Hands Network has a philosophy of building brighter futures together through the provision of quality childcare in partnership with students, families and colleges.  They tailor their programs to meet the individual college community needs.  More information on the company can be found at www.helpinghandsnetwork.com.au.

It is a licencing requirement that any student using the service must be enrolled.  As there is no fee to enrol with Helping Hands, it is recommended that all students in Years 5, 6 and 7 are enrolled so that the service is available for your family, even if only required on an emergency needs or last-minute basis.

You can enrol online through the parent portal as of Monday 25 November at www.helpinghandsnetwork.com.au.  A Parent Handbook, Key Information Sheet and Enrolment Guide will be emailed to families.  Hard copies will be available from the Villanova College Junior School Office and from the Uniform Shop during the uniform fitting weeks.

As a College we look forward to welcoming Helping Hands and know that they will add significant value to our families and local community.  In the interim, if you have any questions about Helping Hands and the service they will be providing, please contact the Helping Hands Help Desk on 1300 612 462.

2020 Schedule of Fees – click here
Direct Debit Request Form – click here
School Fee Payment Options – click here

To view prices and requirements – please refer to our Uniform Lookbook
Parents are required to book a uniform fitting appointment. The online booking system opens at 9.00am on Monday 28 October. Fittings will be conducted between Monday 2 December to Friday 6 December, 2019 and Monday 13 January and Friday 17 January, 2020.

To book a uniform fitting appointment, please click here.

Until the Junior School Learning Centre opens in Term 2, parents of students in Years 5 – 7 should use the designated Fifth or Eighth Avenue loading zones. Please move to the front of the line to avoid further congestion in peak periods. Please be aware that Brisbane City Council officers often patrol the area and fine parents who don’t use designated loading zones.

Both sides of Sixth Avenue and the front of the College are reserved as Bus Zones, with No Standing signs at both ends of the zones. Please note traffic restrictions in place on Fifth and Sixth Avenues between 2 – 4pm.

  • Please do not drive onto the College grounds, driveways or staff parking areas to drop off or pick up your son. A safe waiting area for boys who finish after-school training/rehearsals late, is inside the security gates at the Sixth Avenue entrance.
  • Please do not double park or block driveways – this includes the Sixth and Eighth Avenue entrances.
  • Please remember the 40km/h school zones.

To view bus routes and transport options click here

Family members are invited to join us for a special barbecue breakfast on the Junior School Terraces from 7.30am on the first day of school (Wednesday 29 January).


Forms to complete
Year 5 Camp – click here
Year 6 Camp – click here
Music Information – click here
House Allocation – click here
Family Participation – click here
Permission to Administer Student Medication – click here
Student Asthma Record – click here

Stationery Lists
Year 5 stationery list – ordering information
Year 6 stationery list – ordering information
Year 7 stationery list – ordering information
Year 8 stationery list – ordering information
Year 9 stationery list – ordering information
Year 10 stationery list – ordering information
Years 11 and 12 stationery list – ordering information

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)
Information and Specification Recommendations

Music at Villanova
Villanova College Music

Sports Information 
Sports Pack for New Students in Years 5, 6 and 7, 2020 (includes sign-on forms) click here
Villanova College Sport


Action items for incoming Year 5, 2020 students

Action items for incoming Year 6, 2020 students

Action items for incoming Year 7, 2020 students

Action items for incoming Years 8 – 12 students

Welcome again! Please don’t hesitate to contact the College should you have any questions.