Welcome to Villanova College. I warmly invite you to become part of our vision for excellence in boys’ education.

We are proud of our story of Catholic education in the Augustinian Tradition since our humble beginnings in 1948. In those early days the teaching staff was comprised of Augustinian Fathers who had aspirations for high standards in academic, cultural and sporting activities, as well as building a lively community in which members are “one heart and mind on the way towards God.”

Our challenge today is to creatively respond to the new demands of future education while upholding the values of our tradition.

Today Villanova College caters for more than 1,200 boys from Year 5 to 12 across three distinctive precincts. The Three Schools, One College structure recognises the developmental journey of our students as they move from pre-adolescence to adulthood. Each school is designed to cater for the educational, social and emotional needs of each student through age-specific programs.

Students have access to a rich variety of cultural, sporting and social justice programs at Villanova. In developing the ‘whole person’, the College staff recognises the need to provide opportunities for students to develop their gifts and talents, and to explore new horizons that challenge them to excel beyond expectation.

A distinct feature of our Augustinian charism is the strong sense of welcome and community that unites staff, parents and students. We treasure open, friendly and caring relationships between teachers and students. As an educator himself, St Augustine considered this an essential element for both good teaching and learning.

We teach boys about life and quality relationships, modelled to us by Jesus. We teach about the interior journey, spiritual reflections and choosing the right actions. We welcome people of all faiths and denominations to share our story of hope.

In this way we continue to forge our reputation as a Catholic college “striving for excellence in boys’ education as an Augustinian community, one in mind and heart on the way towards God.”

Mr Mark Stower

College Principal



The recent Royal Commission into Sexual Abuse of Children in Institutional Care has brought to focus the harm that has been done in institutional settings including within the Catholic community.While many people regularly express their gratitude for the benefits they have received from the pastoral care of Augustinians, this message today has a different purpose.

On behalf of my brother Augustinians, I express sorrow for the distress caused to any child or young person because of the harmful actions of members of our Augustinian Order. The consequences of such harm are deep and enduring. There are those who suffer harm directly, their families and faith communities.

The Augustinians will endeavour to approach the dignity of each person, most especially the young, with respect and integrity. Along with the whole Australian Church we commit ourselves to policies and programmes which are consistent with such respect and integrity.

I also wish to extend an invitation to anyone who has suffered harm as a young person because of the actions of members of our Augustinian Order to seek to have the Order listen to their story.In all of this we pray together for all concerned but most especially for those whose lives have been wounded by harm. For all we pray for healing that restores hope.

Fr Peter Jones OSA Prior Provincial Order of St Augustine
Province of Australasia


Fr Peter Jones OSA Prior Provincial Order of St Augustine, Province of Australasia issued this letter to the Villanova College community, Old Boys and families on Saturday 16 March, 2019. Click here to read.


I hope you will accept our invitation to become a part of this special community where we ‘strive for excellence in boys’ education as an Augustinian community, one in mind and heart on the way towards God.’ (Vision Statement 2015)